Kris Jenner’s main focus for Kylie is the cosmetics company, and all that money

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Kylie Jenner posted this Instagram ^^ on Monday. Some sites went with “Kylie debuts her bump on Instagram,” but I don’t see much of a bump (unless she’s carrying the baby in her butt). Still, I believe that Kylie Jenner is pregnant. I do not believe this all some kind of “fake pregnancy” scheme for ratings, nor do I believe that Kylie is Kim and Kanye’s surrogate. Occam’s razor: a dumb 20-year-old didn’t use birth control and got pregnant very quickly with a new boyfriend. It really is that simple.

Now, I’m here for all the conspiracies about how this pregnancy was announced in the early evening of a Friday, which isn’t the typical Kardashian-Jenner M.O. The Kardash-Jenners don’t typically drop their big news on Friday evenings, when few people are paying attention to celebrity gossip. So what happened? As I said, I have some theories. Judging solely from the post-announcement leaks to People Magazine, and Kris Jenner’s direct quotes to The Cut, I have to say… I think Kylie leaked the news about her pregnancy on her own. I think she didn’t give her mom a heads up and that’s why Kris has been scrambling a little bit. Here’s the question though: will Kris be able to bring Kylie back into the fold? I think Kris is trying. Ryan Seacrest was taping Like with Kelly and Ryan on Monday, and they made a big deal about waiting to get a text from Kris about Kylie’s pregnancy. The result? Ryan told the audience: “Kris says Kylie’s not confirming anything. That’s the news from the family this morning. Kylie is not confirming anything.” Bullsh-t. Kylie’s “not confirming” anything because she already leaked it to People and TMZ on Friday. Kris is trying to bring her wayward, pregnant daughter back under her thumb. This family, I’ll tell you.

And finally, here’s another strategic leak from People Mag:

Kylie Jenner is pregnant — and her mom Kris is doing whatever she can to make sure her 20-year-old daughter’s extremely lucrative cosmetics empire remains a top priority.

“Kris is just trying to control what she can and make sure no one forgets Kylie is also a businesswoman,” an insider says of Kris’ reaction to the news that Kylie is expecting her first child — a girl! — with her rapper boyfriend Travis Scott in February, which multiple sources confirmed to PEOPLE on Friday. “She wants to set Kylie Cosmetics up to sell,” adds the source of the company, which Kylie launched in 2015.

“Kylie has worked so hard to build that empire,” the source says. “Kris doesn’t want to see the pregnancy affect how that is perceived. Of course, Kris will support Kylie being a mom,” the source adds. “But she is still adjusting to the surprise news.”

The source also shares that Kylie’s sisters — Kourtney, Kim, Khloé and Kendall — are “all really happy for Kylie. Kylie has always talked about being a mom at some point sooner rather than later. Aside from being cautiously optimistic because of the situation with Travis — since they’ve only been together a short time — they’re being supportive.”

[From People]

It was just last month that Kylie and Kris covered Women’s Wear Daily in promotion for Kylie’s Lip Kits. Kylie’s company has raked in $420 million in sales in 18 months, and Kris had big plans to grow the business into a billion-dollar empire over the course of the next 5 years. Of course, Kris and Kylie could still grow the “lip kit” empire with Kylie’s pregnancy and baby. But I wonder… “She wants to set Kylie Cosmetics up to sell” – that’s interesting. Was that the plan all along, or is that the new plan now that Kylie is pregnant and Kris worries that Kylie is already bored with the cosmetics line? Also: Kris is “still adjusting to the surprise news.” Now I’m wondering if Kris wasn’t just surprised with Kylie leaking the news of the pregnancy, but with the pregnancy itself. Like, did Kylie even tell her mom that she’s pregnant?

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  1. Barrett says:

    For all that $ I would rather be me a middle class than a member of that family…,

    • Alisha says:

      I agree. I feel sorry for Kylie. I believe she is not happy and craves a more normal life but I do not believe she has the gumption to get out on her own. That whole family is terrible and I would not trade places with them for any amount of money.

  2. detritus says:

    “Kris doesn’t want to see the pregnancy affect how that is perceived. ”
    Kris doesn’t want her audience of teens to change, because adults have tried more than one brand of drugstore makeup before.
    And yeah, my gut says she didn’t tell Kris until recently.

    • willow85 says:

      i wouldn’t call her brand drugstore or even near it, it’s pretty middle range and popular with a lot more people than teens.

      • Heat says:

        That’s true, but the main target audience is teens and young women (and young men). This pregnancy changes her entire dynamic.
        Kylie’s brand is: ‘Carefree teenager (now early 20′s) who makes millions off of putting on make-up and taking selfies’
        What’s the new brand going to be? ‘Stupid idiot who didn’t consider birth control with a guy she just met, leaving baby with nannies while putting on make-up and taking selfies’

  3. swak says:

    What bothers me most about this whole thing is that she only knew this guy a month or two before she became pregnant. How long will this relationship last? She will be paying the child support, not him.

    • FUBAR says:

      I was thinking the same thing. This young girl got pregnant within a few months of knowing this guy. He was a stranger. (before you chop off my head, I believe it takes months sometimes years to really get to know a person. Co-parenting keep you connected to a person for life. Is this a man she want to be connected to life?) I also understand that lots of money will change her situation from other young woman who get pregnant from a man they hardly know. But she is still very young. I fear for all of the young girls who look up to her. I don’t know these people and have never watched their shows but I am guessing that for a 20 year old, having a baby is about dressing the baby up in cool clothes and taking cute pictures. I gave birth at 35 and didn’t have a clue what motherhood was really like. There are no words to describe the exhaustion, the worry and stress, the lack of sleep, PPD, the changes to your body, Oh I am being silly, she will have hired help to deal with most of these problems and can have plastic surgery to repair any changes to her body.

      • swak says:

        Love your name (it was the name of a bowling team I was on)! Even having all the money in the world is not going to keep her from having to co-parent with him unless she gets him to sign away his rights. This is going to be a mess and I’m sure the K’s will cash in on it somehow.

      • Lady D says:

        My ball team was called FBI. It stood for Forever Bruised & Injured.

    • Cafecito says:

      This ^^
      Her personal brand will change, my guess is that mom is still figuring out how to spin it. Baby lotions?? Fashion diapers!

    • Veronica says:

      She has money. Rich people don’t need to worry about those kind of details. They’ll always be cared for.

  4. grabbyhands says:

    “Kylie has worked so hard to build that empire,”

    PLEASE. Kylie didn’t do anything to build that empire except put her lucrative last name and plastic face on a cosmetic line that, short of being filled with skin eating bacteria, was going to sell because unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there that will buy anything with the Kardashian name on it.

    They need to stop insulting people who actually work hard doing something that is contributing to the planet while making a fraction of that money. All anyone in that family does in the name of “hard work” is plaster their name and image to various items, or shill for whoever is willing to pay for it. That’s not working hard.

    • Mrs. WelenMelon says:

      Their definition of “work” isn’t the ordinary one.

      Taking selfies, making appearances at nightclubs, getting procedures/waxing/manicures, being filmed going to lunch with your sisters and sitting around mom’s kitchen with your sisters = work

    • Serene Wolf says:


    • Rachel in August says:

      I was thinking exactly that, lol. “Work” my ass.

    • Wren says:

      I don’t know, actually. I think she has worked hard. Not work as you and I know it, but what is work after all? She has to be certain places at certain times, do certain activities dictated for her, follow certain directions, and produce a certain product. Remember that her product is herself and her image. There’s a lot of behind the scenes effort that goes into looking like a plastic doll on camera, not to mention the lack of true freedom since every little thing is public.

      An office job seems cushy and not “real work” to a ditch digger. You sit down all day, how hard could that be! I think that’s how we see what Kylie does. You sit around taking selfies all day and slap your name on some lipstick, how hard could that be! I wouldn’t want her life, that’s for damn sure.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      You can’t leave out stealing images and designs from people of color. That takes a LOT of effort!

  5. MeowuiRose says:

    What a mess. Kylie is vapid and simple. Kris is controlling and greedy. That whole family is nothing but dysfunction, weaves and lip fillers. I suspect Kris will figure out a way to spin it and more importantly profit from it. I give her credit for being a smart business woman. It’s just too bad it’s at the expense of her own children.

    Also does anyone else remember when Kendall was supposed to be like the main attraction and Kris seemed to promote her over Kylie? Wonder what made her do a 180 and move Kylie to the front of the line…..other than money of course.

    • HadToChangeMyName says:

      Kylie was average, at best, until she turned into Kim 2.0 and started getting a lot of attention. That’s when Satan’s homegirl went into overdrive to promote her. Say what you want about Kim, she’s the main attraction in that stable of women.

    • jwoolman says:

      Maybe Kendall tried to push mom away? She hasn’t really been an asset hanging around fashion shows after the first flurry of free publicity. Kendall might think she no longer needs mom’s connections, although I think she actually does. She’s not very dynamic on her own. I don’t foresee a long career for her.

    • tback says:

      Kylie (and Kendall) were not blessed with Kris’ brains…they were cursed with Bruce’s lack thereof.

    • Veronica says:

      Haha, my favorite comment off of Twitter when this news broke was something along the lines of, “The devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder!”

  6. marc kile says:

    She truly is a worthless, soulless pimp.

  7. Brittney B says:

    “Now I’m wondering if Kris wasn’t just surprised with Kylie leaking the news of the pregnancy, but with the pregnancy itself. Like, did Kylie even tell her mom that she’s pregnant?”

    My theory: Kris was pressuring her to get an abortion. She knew if she leaked the news, that would become the story and there would be no turning back.

    • Alix says:

      Interesting theory! I can’t help wondering if there’s a tiny glimmer of hope for Kylie, seeing as she went and did/announced something without PMK’s say-so? Is there the tiniest spark of independence there?

      • Olive says:

        the theory ignores the fact that all the news says she’s 5 months along, aka way too long for an elective abortion.

    • Annabelle Bronstein says:

      Interesting theory.. Don’t many people think she’s around 5 months pregnant? 20 weeks is the cutoff point for elective abortion in most states. Obviously a girl of her means could probably get around that, but she is fast approaching the point of viability, after which most people believe abortions should be limited, or not done at all except in very rare cases of fetal abnormalities or health of the mother. I think you’re right.

    • tback says:

      The news was dropped Friday, right before the Kardashian 10th anniversary special on Sunday…so that tells me everything I need to know.

      • UmYeah says:

        Yeah the timing makes me think PMK 100% orchestrated at least the initial rumour which came from her official mouthpiece TMZ

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I agree. This wasn’t done to spite Kris, this was done per Kris’s instructions.

        There is nothing they won’t use for self promotion. The timing of the announcement was for their show. The vague non-confirmation was to drag it out.

    • Erica_V says:

      Ohh good theory! Or maybe Kylie wanted the control over how to announce it and Kris was pushing back to do it a different way and so Kylie did it on her own.

      The fact that Kris was out of the country at one of Kendull’s shows when the announcement was made is also telling to me. She knew Kris wouldn’t be physically near her… and possibly in public.

    • Wren says:

      Whatever happened, this sure does read as a big “eff you” to her mother, doesn’t it?

  8. Nicole says:

    Lol of course she’s focused on the money. That’s always been her #1 motivator. It’s why the kids in that family don’t stand a chance.
    The interesting thing is that many are placing conception in April. And she was with both guys back to back in April. So that should be interesting

  9. Mar says:

    When will they go away?

    Why do we care about these people again?

    • Nancy says:

      Never and we don’t care. When a fly is buzzing around your face, you swat it, but it usually gets away. NorthWest and Penelope had a girls meeting yesterday trying to figure out how they will deal with their new competition. They will never go away, they keep multiplying. If PMK wasn’t so old, she’d make a perfect partner for king Joffrey.

      • RBC says:

        Consider this… PMK is still young enough that she could be managing her grandchildren’s careers in fifteen years and more horrifying overseeing any future great grandchild’s career

      • Nancy says:

        She is in her sixties. In fifteen years, she may not even be here. At some point, they will all fade away.

  10. CharlieBouquet says:

    If PMK was a dog she would have eaten her puppies.

  11. Bobbymilly says:

    Yup. What a mess.

  12. RBC says:

    I wonder what dirt Kris has on Ryan Seacrest and others to make this family such a social phenomenon? Being a good manager only goes so far, she still has to convince people to take a chance. No one in that family has any talent or skills

  13. Lynnie says:

    I don’t think the plan was to sell. At least not so soon. That brand has at least 2 years of moneymaking if they delayed product releases for things like they have already, because they already accomplished the hard part of getting faithful dupes conned into it. Now though, selling might be her best option, because I can already see the parents of the 12-15 year olds saying no to anymore Kylie purchases and the older ones will eventually discover other (cheaper) brands if they haven’t already.

    Plus, I can so see insta and Twitter clowning her if she tries to push a launch with comments as “Don’t you have a baby to take care of…” Accounts have already floated the whole “your money for the lip kits is going to pay for baby food” which I admit does take the glamour out of the whole thing quite a bit. Once that narrative is set it’s hard to get out of.

    That being said, I would not be surprised if part of having the baby was a way at getting back at her mom. She hates her that much is clear from body language. If that’s sadly the case though Kylie is even more immature and unfit for parenthood than previously thought. I also think she really has no clue what this will do to her brand, because once the timeline gets out on top of everything else it’s gonna be a turnoff to sponsors as well as fans. Kylie is very dependent on that attention and she’s not gonna handle the loss well. What a mesS.

    Goes without saying PMK wins the worst mother of the century award. That “she won’t confirm anything” line is laughable. You can bet if my mom find out I was unexpectedly pregnant, asked to confirm, and I said “lol maybe 😉” I’d be deAD.

    • SoulSPA says:

      I’ve seen PMK before but don’t know what it means. Mind sharing? Thank you.:)

    • Wren says:

      This sounds very plausible. Kim and Kourtney already have the “mom” storylines, while Kylie is supposed to the “young and hip” one who’s “in touch with the kidz”. Having a baby will change that.

      And I’ve encountered the “maybe I’ll get pregnant (or some self destructive thing) to get back at my mom because she’s evil and I hate her and then she’ll be sorry!” attitude in real life, so it’s not all that far fetched to believe that some of that might be going on here.

    • Olive says:

      ‘You can bet if my mom find out I was unexpectedly pregnant, asked to confirm, and I said “lol maybe 😉” I’d be deAD.”

      i doubt her mom doesn’t know. she declined to confirm PUBLICLY, on a talk show, not just in general.

  14. Beth says:

    Would Kylie have made hundreds of millions of dollars selling these “lip kits,” if her big sister had never made that sex tape? This family is ridiculously rich and famous because of Kim’s amateur porn video.

  15. MrsPanda says:

    I agree, I don’t think Kylie told Kris (she’s scared of her) and also this may be her form of rebellion and getting out from under her thumb. Kris is a total narcissist and only cares to the degree it impacts her image and money stream.

  16. Reef says:

    I truly don’t understand how her cosmetic line is so popular. It’s hot garbage quality wise. Make up is a lot of trial and error and if you’re a just starting out, I can see falling for it, but you’re better off using drug store brands first than spending $30 on awful lip kits.

    She probably didn’t tell her mom, because I have a strong feeling PMK would’ve tried to convince her to abort the baby. Travis Scott is no Kanye and there are enough adorable babies in that family at the moment that it’s hard to really exploit this angle.

    • jwoolman says:

      Especially if Mama Ten Percent already convinced her to abort earlier. Kylie has been sexually active for several years and is young enough to be more prone to making some mistakes about contraceptive measures, so that’s a possibility.

      In any case, it does make sense for Kylie to wait until much later in a pregnancy before letting Mama Ten Percent in on it, just to avoid all sorts of confrontation. I think Kylie really does want this baby and she wants to be a mother.

  17. monette says:

    Of course Kris is mad. Kylie is the golden goose right now. She had juat started to bank in the money. She had at least 10 years before a pregnancy was necessary for money and attention.
    First she had to switch a few boyfriends, than a few engagements and weddings ( cough cough Kimmy).
    The pregnancy is a disaster for the mighty family business Plan.
    I think Kylie leaked it so her mommy dearest would stop pressuring her to have an abortion.
    I wish her a well pregnancy and a healthy baby and to get far away from this family and life as she can.

  18. UmYeah says:

    I totally think this pregnancy was planned by PMK, how convienent that this huge rumour comes to light 2 days before their 10th anniversary special. This family needs storey lines to perpetuate their show, who are they going yo focus on in the coming seasons?? This pregnancy just gave them at least 3 seasons of story lines.

    • SoulSPA says:

      Hahahaha! Hahahaha! I kind of believe it’s true, in a way. LOL!

    • Alexandria says:

      As for me, I don’t think the pregnancy was specifically planned as a surrogacy nor for ratings. But, I believe the timing of the leak was planned for the special. A planned pregnancy doesn’t gel to me because Kylie has more years to sell stuff. However, since she got pregnant anyway, PMK will think, ok so it’s done, now how do I leverage on this? First step was to leak it before a special. I have no qualms believing they can cook up several weddings as a plot but a planned pregnancy has too much liability. You can’t just get rid of a baby or kid when it’s no longer an asset. Also, child support is an issue. Hence, I don’t think the pregnancy was plotted. Birth control simply failed or was non-existent or at most it was planned by Kylie only but for different reasons i.e wanting to be a young mother. Since a baby is coming, the Kardashians will do what they do best. Leverage. And I doubt PMK told her to abort. Scold her maybe, but not abort. This baby will not affect their ‘reputation’. The Kardashians have been criticised left right and centre and have had several controversies, but they dont care. It keeps them alive. They love it.

  19. TheOtherOne says:

    I think Kylie will be happy if she pulls away from her family and just raises her child in a simple, non-public life. But if Kris gets her claws back into Kylie, I just don’t see this ending well. That girl looks like walking sadness everytime I see her.

    • HK9 says:

      If only. Lucifer’s Homegirl never took her claws out of that girl so I don’t think that’s going to happen. And yes-she looks like sadness personified but I don’t think she knows what to do about it. It’s going to be even harder for her to focus on developing herself when she’s got a baby to raise. I wish the best for her and her baby but I can’t help but feel sorry for them.

    • jwoolman says:

      If Kylie is smart, she will fend off Mama Ten Percent simply by taking her own sweet time shedding the baby weight. That will drive Mama mad. And be much healthier for Kylie.

      • Alexandria says:

        Problem is she hasn’t shown much intelligence or maturity. Since she is also insecure, she may succumb to fixing her body again. Her root problem is insecurity (not that I blame her).

  20. JustJen says:

    Everyone but Kylie in that pic is wearing a long robe, her’s barely covers her ass.

    • GiBee says:

      You know what’s crazy though? You can almost – ALMOST – see a hint of her original face in that photo.

      • Erica_V says:

        You know why? Because she can’t do all the enhancements and fillers when preggo. Hair covering the jawline she can’t slim out anymore. That OG top lip coming back too…

  21. i don't know her says:

    @Kaiser “Like with Kelly and Ryan”

    this is what I will refer to that craptastic show from now on. thank you!

    • jwoolman says:

      At first I thought that really was the name, since they sprinkle their conversation with so many “like’s”. But then I figured that it had to be Life….

  22. my3cents says:

    Well with Rihanna’s beauty line getting such rave reviews I think she would be smart to cash her chips now.
    I can see girls admiring Rihanna’s babyfree lifestyle not Kylie’s.

    • Clare says:

      I think Rihanna’s product as well as target demographic are completely different – I mean I don’t know how this pregnancy will ply out in terms of impact on her cosmetics line, but I don’t think Rihanna is out to sell to Kylie’s customers. She is selling legit make up in legit stores alongside serious insist players like tarte etc…kylie has a completely different business model. Women lookin for a long lasting foundation or great quality gloss are not looking to kylie.

      • jwoolman says:

        I don’t use makeup myself but have seen some interesting reviews of her lip kits on YouTube. She did have a quality control problem that might have have been fixed. But a big problem was that there were cheaper equivalents that were just as good and in one case might actually be manufactured by the same people. Something called Colour Pop, I think. Kids who are Kylie fans and adults interested in experimenting with new brands may not be the steadiest consumer base.

  23. AnnaKist says:

    “Now I’m wondering if Kris wasn’t just surprised with Kylie leaking the news of the pregnancy, but with the pregnancy itself. Like, did Kylie even tell her mom that she’s pregnant?”. Phew. Thanks for that last bit, Kaiser. I was starting to think my confusion was a sign of being a thicko.

    Wow. Who’d have thought that the baby would be the one to have Kris running around like a chook with its head cut off?

  24. Dee says:

    This girl never stood a chance. And now, neither does her baby. This family flat out sucks. PMK is going to go down as the worst mother in history. My mother would hang me from a clothesline if I paraded around like that starting the age of 15/16, was full of surgery and getting knocked up by some dude 2 months out. Kylie could have done much better for herself than this fake Malibu barbie inflated lip baby mama look.

  25. Savasana Lotus says:

    I have said the big baggie clothes are to cover more butt work. Kim uses jackets. The slowly debut the butt so people get used to it before they realize it’s bigger. It looks here like I was right. Because Kylie transferred so much fat from her middle to her hips and behind, if pregnant, more fat will be added there so there’s the issue of becoming very disproportionate like Kim did. At least she’s a bit taller. As far as ANY OF THEIR COMPANIES go, THEY USE CHEAP, SUB-PAR PRODUCTS AND RIP PEOPLE OFF. They have a definite pattern of backing out of deals and being in breach and fraudulent. Buyer beware. Anyone who buys from these crooks deserve what they get.

    • jwoolman says:

      People really do need to be careful about cosmetics. Quality control is extremely important and contamination can cause a user a lot of trouble. Even good quality cosmetics can cause problems if someone has an individual sensitivity to an ingredient, but poor quality cosmetics just increase the odds of a reaction. The stuff is on your skin for long periods.

      I wouldn’t trust Mama Ten Percent’s crew to be careful about quality either. As you say, they have a track record in the wrong direction.

  26. Brittney B. says:


  27. Dttimes2 says:

    And TMZ is reporting Khloe is 3 months pregnant….3 for 3 just like blind gossip reported

  28. Beth says:

    People magazine says Khloe is pregnant. Will Kims, Khloes, and Kylies babies all be born on the same day? They must’ve planned these pregnancies to make people interested in their show again

  29. LittlefishMom says:

    Maybe she wants a kid. It’s not that complicated.

  30. LaBlah says:

    Maybe they could pivot the company that Kylie totally controls to baby makeup? If anyone was to go for that it would be this plastic ass family.

  31. SM says:

    That would be so funny though. If Kylie did not tell the devil the news and she had to read that only when the news of pregnancy leaked? I believe that would be a real act of rebelion in that family. To actually doing against Kris and around her. The equivalent of getting drunk and tattoos or dating someone your parents dissaprove in a typical family