Soccer star Alex Morgan got kicked out of Disney World for being utterly wasted

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I’ve been to Disney World and Disneyland, both visits in my childhood. I guess I’m missing the “enjoying amusement parks as an adult” gene, or maybe it’s because I don’t have kids, or maybe it’s because I actually hate roller coasters, but I’ve never been to one of these major amusement parks as an adult. True (and funny) story: I have such a strong dislike of amusement park rides that I almost barfed on THE TEACUPS. Completely true. Anyway, if I visited Disney World today, I would probably shop and eat. And possibly have a few drinks. I doubt it would be a lot of fun to get completely hammered at Disney World, but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Goofy, Mickey and Minnie wouldn’t look like terrifying nightmares while day-drunk and hot and sticky. I’m not judging soccer star, Olympic gold medalist and FIFA World Cup champion Alex Morgan and her friends. I guess I’m just questioning… why Disney World?

Team USA soccer star Alex Morgan was told by police to leave Disney World in Florida on Sunday after an incident at a bar in Epcot Center, TMZ Sports has learned. Morgan was part of a group that included several MLS stars including Giles Barnes and Donny Toia, who were also 86’d from the park.

We’re working on details from the cops — but witnesses tell us the group had been partying at a pub in the U.K. section of Epcot Center when things got rowdy inside. Our witnesses say Morgan and her group were arguing with another group — and ultimately the Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. got involved and told everyone to leave.

In total, 4 people were booted — including Donny’s wife, Courtney. The OCSD tells TMZ Sports, “These are the individuals that were trespassed from Disney on Oct. 1st.”

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According to the Orlando Sentinel, this is what a deputy wrote of the incident:

“As we passed Spaceship Earth, I observed several people being escorted to the front,” a deputy wrote. “They were all being very loud and belligerent toward staff around guests. I observed a white female, who was later identified as Alexandria Morgan yelling, screaming and taken (sic) video and possibly pictures. She appeared to be highly impaired.”

The report goes on to say a deputy heard Morgan “make a loud verbal statement” that she knows the Orlando SWAT team.

[Via the Orlando Sentinel]

“I know the Orlando SWAT team”
is possibly the greatest drunk-brag EVER. I mean, yes, THINK OF THE CHILDREN and all of that, but seriously, this story is just funny to me. They were annoying drunks and they did it all at the happiest place on earth. They got sh-thoused in the “UK section of Epcot Center” and Alex Morgan screamed “I know the Orlando SWAT team!” It sounds like a really fun day, all in all. But did they go to Disney World just to get hammered, or did they go on rides and then get hammered? Either way, I bet that was a really expensive day for them. Hey, at least they didn’t get arrested. They just got kicked out of Disney World. Orlando SWAT wasn’t even called!

Annual around the world in 8 hours. No big.

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  1. Miss b says:

    I’ve never been to Disney World, but I dream of the day i’m wealthy enough to pay $100 for admission to get wasted at a bar.

  2. aang says:

    I love Disney World….Disneyland is another story. I avoid the Tea Cups, they are truly vomit inducing. I’m guessing they were “drinking around the world”. It’s a popular and extremely obnoxious pass time at Epcot. Start at Mexico and then go clockwise around World Showcase. By the time they got to UK, second last country, they would have been 9 drinks in. I’ve seen adults vomiting, trying to do the “worm”, and staggering around like fools by the time they reach Canada. Not cool.

  3. Nicole says:

    I’ve grown up not far from disney (a few hours) so I know disney like the back of my hand now. Food and wine festival is one of the best events held at disney. Its actually a ton of fun to drink and eat around the world. There’s always some idiot that cannot handle it but its actually a ton of fun.

    • It'sJustBlanche says:

      Agreed. My job has me in those parks at least once a month and Epcot is a huge draw for alcohol and food. It’s actually a lot of fun.

    • Mophita121 says:

      Yep I went to Disney for the first time in my 30’s with a friend, just the two of us, we had a blast “drinking around the world” at Epcot for part of the day and saw lots of bachelorette parties and groups of adults. I see this incident not as an issue with drinking at Disney World but an issue with people who don’t know how to act or drink around others generally. Sidenote – this is also why I don’t go out on St. Patrick’s Day – it’s like amateur hour and people suck and don’t know their limits

      • peanut says:


        So fun to do as a couple or with a group – Epcot has really put a lot of time/effort into the events, they seem to get more & more locally sources products every year too.

  4. Skylark says:

    I would have to be very drunk to go there in the first place so yeah, going there and getting drunk to make it more bearable sounds reasonable enough to me.

  5. Alleycat says:

    Idk, I read that they tried to cut in front of people at this bar and then tried to start a fight when the others got upset. They sound really annoying in this story.

    • Surely Wolfbeak says:

      That sounds about right. I’ve seen a lot of incredibly drunken walking embarrassments at Epcot, particularly during the Food and Wine Festival, and it takes extreme bad behavior before Disney will kick them out. You would have to be a danger to yourself or someone else before Disney would take that step, so it must have been really bad.

    • Gemma13 says:

      That wouldn’t surprise me at all. Disney World passholder here. Disney doesn’t tolerate drunk belligerent fools. If you’re a little tipsy, sure no problem, but the moment you start affecting others with your antics-you’re out. They must have been pissing off numerous guests and acting a mess in order to be kicked out. It’s easy enough to get drunk in the Florida heat and that’s fine. I’m all for getting a little tipsy going on Soarin’ and enjoying your time there, but don’t act as if you’re the only group there.

  6. Shambles says:

    The only theme park that’s fun to go to as an adult is Universal Studios, and only for Harry Potter.

  7. JC says:

    Minor incident in the scheme of things. But Disney and Epcot are places for kids and families—and nobody–even in a bar— wants to be around a bunch of obnoxious drunks.

  8. Tig says:

    I love Epcot! Agreed with earlier poster-that would be an expensive place to get that drunk. Team USA will weigh in soon no doubt. Still gotta love “I know Orlando SWAT team”!

  9. JenB says:

    I heard that there aren’t many places that serve alcohol in the magic kingdom. Maybe it’s more readily available than I thought. When we finally take our kiddos to Disney I’ll need an adult beverage at the end of the day, guaranteed.

    • M4lificent says:

      The Magic Kingdom itself is more geared towards kids, but you can get a beer or drink at some of the restaurants. But the international part of Epcot is more geared towards retail for adults and maybe teens. They have some rides and exhibits for kids, but it’s mostly shops and restaurants. I’m thinking that this group’s “annual around the world” is probably a progressive where they drink in a pub in every “country”. By the time they made it to the UK, they were probably totally schnockered by going through 3 or 4 other continents….

    • Nicole says:

      Epcot is the most adult of all the parks. You can drink around the world year round but from Sept to Nov is the food and wine festival. It’s a good time where you can “travel” to different countries and try small plates from each country and drinks. The workers speak the language of the country you are in and it’s generally a fun experience. I just went a few weeks ago myself with my friends (we are in our 20s).
      For her to be kicked out she had to been particularly bad.

  10. Chinoiserie says:

    I got sick and teacups as a 6 years old and never have been one since.

    • Lady D says:

      I’m scared of heights, so the teacups are my favorite ride:) To my credit, I did ride the giant wooden (yes, wooden) roller coaster at the PNE in Vancouver when I was 13. You wouldn’t believe how that thing rattles and shakes. My friend and I were in the last car of the train, and every time we went over a hill, our car would rise 3-4 inches into the air so we were actually looking down on the lead car. Utterly terrifying. That was over 40 years ago and it’s still running.

  11. Lindy says:

    I’m also missing the theme park gene. Even as a kid I hated the one Disney trip we did and begged my parents never to take us again. I hate crowds and long lines. I can think of a thousand other places I’d rather go to tie one on.

  12. B says:

    I was in the Walt Disney World College Program then a Cast Member many years ago. We had “park passes” and called it “drinking around the world at Epcot.”

    We would have one drink, and food, in each country. It was great fun at the time, the last drink was in the UK and then the fireworks, which I’m sure were very blurry…could I do it now? No, but fun memories…

  13. Angela82 says:

    “I have such a strong dislike of amusement park rides that I almost barfed on THE TEACUPS.”

    Same. I can’t stand rides, especially roller coasters. I almost got sick on the strawberry ride at a county fair once. Its very much like the tea cups. Everyone was laughing at me lol. If I ever run out of a vacation ideas and heaven forbid find myself at Disney World I would probably spend my day eating and getting toasty. And making sure to stay far away from the rides so no one could trick me into getting on one.

    Also, this is still less messy than Hope Solo.

  14. Huckle says:

    Is nobody upset by this chick’s behavior? She’s ridiculous. An embarrassment to her team. Sure, get drunk be stupid if you want but keep it out of the public eye. From this story, she sounds like a huge a-hole.

  15. MTC says:

    Epcot is basically geared more for adults than kids in my experience! You can basically drink around the word… beer in Germany, sake in Japan, wine in France, etc. I went as an adult a few years ago and ended up pretty hammered myself. Though have never been to the rest of Disney, but if she was in Epcot, I’m not surprised she got plastered.

  16. Erica_V says:

    I only went to Disney once as a kid and honestly had no idea they even served alcohol. I guess Epcot is more for adults than kids but still. Seems like a weird place to want to go get drunk.

  17. I was at Epcot center a few years back, and if you’re gonna just “drink and eat” at an amusement park, Run like hell from a Disney park. Perhaps if you spent some coin and went to one of those fancier places that are hidden around the parks you might fare better, but the food in general at Disney is ATROCIOUS. Plus, as an adult, once you’ve traveled the REAL world, doing the Epcot world is just kinda creepy. Maybe I just feel that way because Im an expat and love in Scotland and going to “Scotland” at Epcot made me cringe.

    As for drinking – the beer isn’t terrible at Epcot. Just mind where you sit. You can easily get stranded next to some overheated parent desperately trying to quick down that second beer to take the edge off of the disillusionment of the stark reality of family vacations. I ended up next to Nihlistic Dad from Omaha and after one beer, I (a normally cheerful and funloving person) was contemplating throwing myself on the tracks of those little old-timey cars that you always see at these amusement parks.

    All kidding aside, yeah, you can tie one on at Epcot.

  18. Ladyhands says:

    I love the food and wine festival! I’m going in two weeks. I may have vomited once, but at least it was in the American Showcase. Several Disney employees have told us you only get kicked out if you fight.