Harvey Weinstein thought one week of fake sex-rehab was good enough

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In the immediate wake of the New York Times and New Yorker articles detailing Harvey Weinstein’s decades of harassment, abuse, assault and rape, Weinstein “hid out” in LA for a few days, mostly staying with his adult daughter in her home. Eventually, he flew to Arizona, where we were supposed to believe he was undergoing some kind of sex-rehab. Mostly, he was just hanging out in a hotel, occasionally falling asleep at group therapy sessions and hallucinating about how he could totally have a comeback, that he is only “momentarily toxic.” The whole idea of “sex-rehab” for a sexual predator means nothing, and it means less than nothing if the predator is only there for a matter of days before he pays someone to declare him cured.

Harvey Weinstein is leaving Arizona Saturday after completing a one-week program treating various psychological issues, and Weinstein’s psychologist tells TMZ the fallen mogul took it seriously. Weinstein gave his treating psychologist permission to speak with TMZ. The psychologist asked us not to use his name, but he was a key member of the team treating Weinstein. The psychologist says Weinstin’s program lasted 1 week, and involved “intensive therapy” on an outpatient basis.

The psychologist says he helped Weinstein focus on “dealing with his anger, his attitude toward others, boundary work and the beginnings of work on empathy.” He says Weinstein was “invested in the program.” He disputes reports that Weinstein didn’t take his sessions seriously and that he ranted that there was a conspiracy to get him. The psychologist says Weinstein “was able to focus on his therapy despite a ton of distractions,” adding, “He showed up for all the meetings and was fully engaged.”

We’re told Weinstein had only one group session at the beginning of his treatment but doctors quickly decided there were confidentiality concerns, so every other session was individual and private. As for reports that Weinstein was angry, the psychologist says there was anger that manifested itself, but other patients at the facility wouldn’t have been privy to it so reports of Weinstein spinning out of control were “just not true.”

The psychologist says, “There were things that triggered [Weinstein's] anger and our job was to help him recognize where it was coming from and how to control it. But he was not venting about some conspiracy to get him. It was an appropriate display of anger.” Weinstein will leave Arizona Saturday and begin “significant outpatient therapy” when he returns home. As for whether he’s made progress, the psychologist hedged, saying, “Time will tell.”

Update: A Weinstein rep just called to say the plan has now changed. Weinstein will stay in Arizona for another month or so because he doesn’t want excessive distractions and wants to continue working with his doctors. The outpatient program which Weinstein entered still ends Saturday.

[From TMZ]

The pre-updated article was something Weinstein floated to his buddy Harvey Levin to see if anyone was buying the idea of “one week of intensive therapy” being good enough for a comeback narrative. It was not. One month of intensive therapy won’t be good enough either, but that’s beside the point because good God, what self-respecting and/or licensed psychologist would go to TMZ and talk about this sh-t with a straight face? This whole Weinstein-promoted narrative is ridiculous and shows just how delusional he is and how he’s not taking any of this seriously.

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  1. Mia4s says:

    Deluded, and still dangerous. Anyone in Hollywood who gives him the time of day is suspect…or being blackmailed by him. I only expect this to get uglier.

    • Alix says:

      One week? That’s how long the usual admissions process takes, for God’s sake. Would be hilarious if not so pathetic and disingenuous.

      • Blinkbanana says:

        To undo such deeply ingrained and normalised patterns of behaviour, and his thought processes, would take months (If not years). You don’t change something like this in a week. The way his approaches and responses to the women involved was described is really disturbing, mostly because of how frequently he interacted with women in this way and how casual he seemed about it. He sounds like a sociopath. I doubt he has much empathy. Powerful bullying men like him rarely do, he’s so focused on being the best and being on top he’ll do whatever it takes and abuse everyone along the way. He’s so broken.

      • Nicole says:

        I’m sure at a place like this intake was sped up but you are right. I do intakes that take a week or longer just to get the info I need.
        Also what self respecting therapist is talking to news outlets about treatment. Yikes. I mean I assume he consented but I still wouldn’t talk treatment to TMZ.

      • bettyrose says:

        Maybe I don’t really understand what this rehab is. He’s a controlling narcissist who uses sex to assert power over women. Predatory sexual behavior is definitely the manifestation of his mental illness, but is this rehab treating the underlying causes? I get that his treatment is private so it’s not like we’re going to read in depth details on it, but “sex rehab” seems like a superficial analysis of a deeper need to control and humiliate others.

        By contrast, there are people (usually men) who are addicted to porn and unable to function in normal sexual relations, but they aren’t motivated by hurting others. I can see how something called “sex rehab” might help someone like that transition into healthier sexual behaviors.

      • Amy says:

        And notice how this was anger management therapy having nothing to do with sexual assault and power dynamics and how to treat women like!e human beings and not toys. One week of therapy to deal with anger and “begin to work on empathy.” Therapy that was interrupted by continual distractions with a psychologist who wkmt even release his name even though Harvey agreed to let him speak with media bc either this psychologist doesn’t exist or is too embarrassed to let his colleagues and other patients see him acting as a HW mouthpiece.

    • Megan says:

      He is as “momentarily toxic” as nuclear waste.

      • Boodiba says:

        Well said.

      • Megan2 says:

        I feel like he’ll probably end up with a job at Fox News, tbh. I want to believe he’s over, but I am afraid I have no faith left that justice exists for women in this world. He’s probably working on a project with Bill O’Reilly as we speak, to be bankrolled by the Fox Network.

  2. crogirl says:

    This pathetic loser singled out Lupita, among all accusers he specifically denied her story. I really hope he faces criminal charges for all he’s done.

    • Snowflake says:

      Ikr?! Gee, I wonder why?! Not really. He wants everyone to know he’s not into black women. In his fucked up head, he probably thinks he’s the man for hitting on all these women and sees nothing wrong with it. Like the bum, who says they let you grab em by the pussy. Well, yeah, they are afraid they will lose their job or suffer retaliation if they complain. No woman wants either one of these fat, nasty slobs. But in their heads, they are winning because the women let them do it.

      • frisbee says:

        I don’t really believe women let them do it at all, I think a lot of women in the industry were coerced by either implicit or implied threats. The power imbalance has been so huge for so long the abuse has become normalised as part of the business. I agree with posters yesterday who suggested he messed with Lupita’s career, as he would. People like him gained and retained control by making examples of those who wouldn’t comply.

      • Enough Already says:

        Have to disagree here. I doubt very much that Weinstein would care that Nyong’O is black. Her story is extremely damning because his young children were at home when this took place. Remember, eventually this was also the final straw for Anthony Weiner in the court of public opinion. Weinstein would have been aware of this.

      • crogirl says:

        He probably thinks that her being black makes her less credible with some people. Unfortunately he is right. Disgusting.

      • Megan says:

        I think part of the issue is that Lupita is recognized as an extremely intelligent and serious actress. She can’t be dismissed as a starlette who was looking for her big break. Weinstein has to try to attack her credibility because no one is going to question her.

      • Annabelle Bronstein says:

        I think he is an equal opportunity offender, and like @enough said, he denied this due to it being in his own home with his children present. He is denying this for Georgina’s sake. The story I read on the DF today (don’t judge me) from his old chauffeur was even more sickening. He had sex (possibly rape?) in the back of a limo outside of his hotel in Cannes while pregnant Georgina was inside the hotel, resting. The chauffeur said the woman was begging him not to hurt her. I hope France prosecutes and he can never go to Cannes again. Disgusting.

      • Enough Already says:

        Sickening and heartbreaking. I want to turn away from all of this but I can’t. These women suffered in silence for so many years. Someone has to hear them now and I can’t fight unless I know how bad it can truly get in this world.

      • Moon Beam says:

        Lupita’s account was incredibly damning and the fact his children were home cannot be easily explained away, nor does it make Georgina look as unaware as she claims. Not saying Georgina knew what was going on, but the optics are terrible.

    • pwal says:

      TBH, 2017 has been the Year of Tryin’ Black Folk, especially high-profile Black folk. Moonlight didn’t get their full Oscar Best Picture moment, the Jenner sisters Pepsi ad/hip-hop (and rock) cultural appropriating T-shirts, Kim K. caping for known racist makeup YouTuber Jeffree Starr while snubbing Jackie Aina, Venus Williams’ car accident and that family’s attempt to paint her as the responsible party, the possibility of Taylor Swift scheduling her record release on the anniversary of Kanye’s mama’s death, Maria Scharapova’s constant trolling of Serena Williams and many other examples, including non-famous Black folk, including last week’s Trump’s recent fcukery with a gold-star family.

      Nevermind that the so-called invite was to a public event, not her apartment/home. Nevermind that what he was invited to a production he didn’t have his fingerprints all over. Nevermind that it was likely a mic drop, letting him know that she has a place that she defined for herself.

      • Shambles says:

        Damn. It’s so stark when you put it in perspective that way. You truly said it all.

      • Megan says:

        @pwal This makes my heart hurt and inspires me to keep fighting.

      • Radley says:

        I agree. It’s a sign of the times. But it didn’t work in the past and it won’t work now. It’s a another painful era of American history but I still believe at the end of the day America will be the better for it. Growing pains.

      • pwal says:

        I didn’t mean to sound stark, but I’m really irritated that the momentum for outing these perpetrators is seemingly slowing down. Sure, the APA dropped that shady agent after they lost the Stranger Things actor and it’s incredibly annoying that it took that for APA to do anything.

    • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

      Yes she’s so far the only Black woman to come forward and it’s true our credibility is always seen as more vulnerable to being attacked. However in this case I personally think her story broke through to even the mini-van conservatives, those who are still using meetings in a hotel room as an excuse to *blame the victims*. It was the only story that occurred in his home, it involved using his own innocent children, his bedroom. Lupita has had no involvement in his films nor he in her career and finally her most significant association in popular culture is heartbreakingly playing a raped and abused victim of a white man. He crossed every single remaining line of decency and her story also reflects poorly on his wife who has said her sole focus was on her children with no knowledge of her husband’s behavior. Although grossly unfair, the mini-van majority will side-eye her veracity as well as question her parenting skills when even her her young children were pawns.

      Furthermore her essay was so well written (almost like a movie…a horror movie) that anyone reading the story, male or female, becomes quickly engrossed and can easily place themselves in her position. So for all those reason’s her story is the most damaging to Harvey’s reputation or any potential comeback amongst the general public who pay to see his films. It’s like Anthony Weiner posing for d!ck pics with his young child laying next to him. You can’t unsee it.

      • MellyMel says:

        Actually one of the first women to speak out was Lucia Evans, who is black. Lupita is just more high profile. I think her saying he was acting like this with his children in the next room is why he’s denying it.

      • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

        Thanks for the correction @Mellymel.

        Totally agree. Letting the public know his children were exposed to his perverted sociopathic behavior is why he is pushing back at Lupita. He can lose custody of them. He maybe delusional about a comeback but he’s sane enough to know that family court will come down heavy on him. Any supporters he has will now back away. Also now his wife may face questioning.

      • FF says:

        @ Mellymel

        Lucia Evans nee Stoller is white. They were using her married name and getting her mixed up with an African artist but no, she’s white actually, and Lupita is still the only black woman so far to share her account.

  3. lower case lois says:

    In order to go into a rehab situation voluntarily ,Weinstein has to actually realize that he has a problem first! He probably justified in his twisted brain he was cured or their is nothing wrong or he has to get back to work because Hollywood needs him.

  4. Dragonlady Sakura says:

    Maybe he’ll take it seriously when he’s behind bars

    • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

      I really want him to do time in jail. He is a sociopath.

      • jwoolman says:

        One thing that intensive therapy might do is convince him that he has to stop illegal behavior for his own sake. If a judge orders months, years, whatever of appropriate therapy, it may be enough to defang him at least. Sociopaths lack empathy and important inhibitions, but usually they avoid criminal activity because they realize it may take away their freedom if they get caught.

        The only reasonable purpose of prison is to keep dangerous people away from the rest of us. As in other cases, there may be other ways to accomplish this besides locking everybody up. Not sure if it will work in his case, but he may be becoming alarmed about the prospect of prison since at least three police departments are investigating charges against him now.

        On the other hand, prison would be a good warning to others. I’m just not sure someone with his resources is sure to end up in prison. Someone else would, but possibly not him. He can afford the best lawyers and also can pay for any therapy ordered. Plus he can make monetary restitution to victims, for what it’s worth. This would give him other options in court, especially since the statute of limitations works against many of his targets.

        Why am I fantasizing about an electronic bracelet that will go off whenever he has an erection?!? Maybe also word-activated, perhaps when someone in the vicinity says “no”…. He really should be monitored in some way, though, long-term until he’s too feeble to be much of a problem. I just don’t know if the technology is up to it in cases like this. Usually it’s just aimed to greatly restrict movements on a certain schedule. Maybe that would work if everyone must be warned to never be alone with him. Maybe he could be required to have a human monitor present at all times.

  5. monette says:

    He displayed “an appropriate amount of anger”…oh, really! He needs to go to prison, not rehab. He will test the waters and keep trying to comeback till the day he dies. We must not give in!

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, I thought that comment was odd. At least the therapist didn’t try to claim he’d seen improvement or rehabilitation. Weinstein might need therapy but he needs prison first and foremost.

    • damejudi says:

      It’s the narc bully having a tantrum b/c he’s been caught out.

      Appropriate amount of anger, FFS.

      One week of sex-addiction therapy IS enough. Now it’s time to get this sexual predator and assailant off the streets.

      • Vizia says:

        As a therapist who’s worked for 30 years with sexual, emotional and physical abuse survivors–let him get all the treatment he wants. In prison. ASAP.

      • Pinetree13 says:

        Yeah what about his victims anger!!!!!! Wth his anger….a normal human would be crying with guilt and remorse. Sociopaths don’t, they just get mad and consider themselves the victims.

  6. frisbee says:

    It shouldn’t really surprise me at all that despite the vast amount of first hand accounts of his abuse appearing daily, he is still denying it all. Delusional doesn’t even cover it, narcissistic and psychopathic might just do it though. Really the constant denial even now shows just how all powerful he was and how that power has corrupted him irrevocably. He is an utterly repugnant human being who still believes he’s smarter than anybody else and that he can outsmart and out think everyone around him even which is just what a narcissist would believe.

  7. Hola says:

    Doesn’t anyone else think the whole shit show is just odd? Like why did he out himself so publicly to begin with, as a precursor to so many women coming forward? Was it blackmail? Is he the scapegoat for a larger problem in the industry, a decoy to take attention off of someone else? I mean he isn’t the first or worst or only power drunk sexual predator in show business. Many women have made accusations about him and other men since the days of silent films. Not to mention this happens in every other kind of industry as well as in education. Why the sudden takedown? There’s more to the story.

    • Serene Wolf says:

      Are you serious, Hola?

    • Enough Already says:

      I think it was sheer, delusional arrogance that prevented him from lawyering up and staying silent in the beginning. His damning, incriminating and frankly bizarre reaction to the NYT piece stoked the flames and public interest was overwhelming. McGowan never took her foot off the gas and so the #metoo accounts began to leak, then trickle and finally gush – more coverage, more outrage, more reactions from the press and Hollywood and here we are.

      On the one hand Weinstein’s own hubris and ego was a part of his own undoing – more subdued assailants would have released carefully worded statements and gone to ground, holing up with lawyers and keeping quiet. Not Weinstein, though. Everything he did after the story broke was an epic fail and could only have been the results of refusing wise counsel. Also you have to see that Weinstein went down so hard because he did the unpardonable – seriously pissed off other men in Hollywood. His ego, ruthless business practices, greed and verbal/psychological rampages were more consequential, in the long run, than decades of sexual harassment and abuse. Luckily all of this converged in a perfect storm for Weinstein and his takedown has been epic. I’m not holding my breath for Hollywood just yet because there are other, and probably worse, monsters out there.

      • Sixer says:

        Yes. It was he himself who instigated the domino topple, by sheer force of delusional levels of entitlement. Hoist by his own petard.

      • Enough Already says:

        Agree! To me it also highlights how very much he’s been up his own arse since the ’70s.

      • Sixer says:

        And this article seems to suggest that his delusion is such that he still doesn’t even recognise that a self-instigated domino topple has taken place!

        And of course, he’ll never make a comeback because he’ll be used as the “uniquely” evil human shield against structural change by the rest of the fat old dirty pervs who still have power…

        … and we’re back to the fact that it actually shouldn’t be about him. Which he will also never grasp!

      • Wren says:

        People constantly forget how powerful he was for how long. He was almost literally infallible and most certainly untouchable. What else was he going to do? Listen to someone else? Pfft! He’d been running the show for decades, so of course he was going to run this too. He didn’t realize (and arguably has yet to realize) the scope of the thing and just how he’s bringing about and has brought about his own ruin.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      Come on. There might be a lot more to the story but it won’t change things for him, the story still stands. He did do all those things and while I’m all for a good conspiracy theory, this is just what it appears to be. A criminal and sociopath who got his comeuppance after decades. You seriously need more? For now this is what we’re dealing with and my God, isn’t it enough? Nobody orchestrated him abusing all those women, this is not some soap opera long con.

    • Snowflake says:

      The payouts to victims was becoming too expensive for the company so they had to get him out, imo

    • Ann says:

      I get what your saying. HW’s actions are horrendous but he can’t be the only one. All of these stories coming out specifically about him when there has to be others that people are well aware of but won’t talk about. He isn’t a scapegoat because he’s guilty, but I’m getting tip-of-the-iceberg feelings about all of it.

    • Purplehazeforever says:

      Weinstein tried to shut down both articles but couldn’t. He threatened Ronan Farrow with a lawsuit but Ronan refused to back down. It could be why NBC news passed on the story & he took it to the New Yorker. So he did try but was unsuccessful. I also think his power was diminishing. His movies haven’t been as successful as years past & the company was actually losing money. I also think his ego also played a huge role in this too. He still thinks he can make a comeback but he’s angered too many powerful people & he’s not coming back.

    • blogdis says:

      @ Hola
      I get what you are saying but. I can see where your intent may be misconstrued.
      Weinstein is a pig and deserves exactly what is coming to him but this has been Hollywoods worse kept secret and frankly he is far from the only one.
      IT seems the taking down of Weimstien is someone finally doing the right thing for their own agenda. They are some that will argue that it s to deflect from a larger Hollywod problem of pedophilia and preying on young boys and girls

      Similarly Cosby is another pig whose exploits were well known they are some that will argue that his final taking down was very coincidentally timed to deflect from Revived interest in Woody Allen child abuse claims. I vividly remember thinking it odd than within a few days of Dylan’s piece about her Dads abuse the news cycle quickly pivoted to ” what about Cosby “. And the rest as they say is history IMO Dylans story should have had more dogged traction than it did

      Both men are pigs but its not hard for me to believe the power brokers that finally pulled the trigger on thier takedown after so many decades of looking the other way did do because both men were now considered expendable or for some other agenda than somenewly found concern for thier victims.
      Anyway whatever the reason I am glad these predators are being exposed. EXPOSE them ALL!

      • Holly Wouldn't says:

        I agree with you and Hola.
        Expose them all.
        Expose ALL the child rapists, too – ephebophiles and pedophiles!

      • Nicole Savannah, GA says:

        I concur. And now today, this director accused. One by one. Let them all fall.

    • FF says:

      @ Hola

      Literally because he is that arrogant and used to having his bs believed.

      Having Lisa Bloom defend him was meant cover the ‘I can’t possibly be a predator – look a woman’s defending me!’ angle.

      And in the business white guys get forgiven for doing the absolute minimum (and non-apologizing all while throwing their weight around. So he seriously assumed it would be over in a few days.

      No one was blackmailing him: that kind of pageantry has worked for plenty of others.

  8. Sixer says:

    “I used to buy and bully actresses but now I’m doing it to doctors instead. Step in the right direction, don’t you think?”

    Gold-plated tosser.

    • grabbyhands says:

      Unfortunately, I think it is giving the “doctors” too much credit to assume they were bullied in any way. I’m sure whoever gave this statement did so willingly and probably has a nice chunk of change sitting in their bank account right now for their troubles. I mean, I know that doesn’t preclude him from having bullied his doctors, but anyone arrogant enough to have floated the absurd idea that he was done with intensive therapy in just one week isn’t likely to have checked himself into anywhere they were really going to challenge him anyway.

      But gold plated tosser? Indeed.

    • Shambles says:

      “Gold-plated tosser.“
      Is that another name for Donald Trump’s toilet? If so, yes.

  9. swak says:

    “Weinstein gave his treating psychologist permission to speak with TMZ. The psychologist asked us not to use his name. . .” First – if given permission, why not use your name? Second, according to the article Weinstein had a team of psychologists, did he give the whole team permission to speak or just this one? Doesn’t make sense. Agree with others that he is totally delusional. I hope no one ever hires him again but honestly until the good old boy system is destroyed he has a chance to work again. What I am hoping though, if he is hired again, that no actor or actress will work with him.

    • Ann says:

      If an actual psychiatrist did give this interview I’m sure remaining anonymous is an attempt to prevent investigation (and likely punishment) for ethics violations. Praising a known rapist to a sleazy tabloid doesn’t jive with the Hippocratic oath so this “doctor” either got a super sweet payout or all of this is made up and the quotes came from someone on HW’s PR team; I suspect the later to be what actually happened.

    • Shirurusu says:

      This whole article and this whole story is almost beyond belief for me, and it pisses me off to no end that he still thinks he can get away with it. I love movies and have always watched a lot, but honestly, if this decrepit assh*le is allowed back in Hollywood, I’m going to take down the names of every single person who works with him/ finances him/ supports him, and I’m going to blacklist their movies for myself. I can never ever ever support this bastard again with my money.

      Enough is enough Sweinstein (•̀o•́)ง

  10. Radley says:

    What kind of a psychologist talks to TM effin’ Z, permission or not?? That’s ridiculous. Weinstein and TMZ are unethical trash. I’m still hoping that somewhere Weinstein can be charged and be made to face the criminal justice system.

    Also, from what I’ve heard, TMZ has done very unethical, possibly illegal things in their pursuit of gossip. When will celebs start talking about the gossip wars and what really goes on?

    • Sky says:

      Exactly and the fact that the psychologist won’t give his name also has me question their credibility.

      I can only guess that ether this is not a real psychologist hence why we have no name so they can not be looked up. Or the “psychologist” is getting paid off and they don’t want to tarnished their reputation by giving their name.

    • IlsaLund says:

      So true. No reputable psychologist would talk to TMZ or anyone else. And I pray for the day that TMZ is taken down. TMZ is culpable for their reprehensible support and enabling of male toxicity and sexual predation.

    • AmyB says:

      What credible psychologist or psychiatrist would treat this POS and then talk to TMZ about it????? And sorry, not buying this idea he has a sex addiction. He is giving real sex addicts a bad name. He is a sexual predator and rapist; that is something entirely different like a pedophile! Rapists and pedophiles are NOT sexual addicts, for Christ’s sake. Not that there isn’t a pathology behind his actions, but I think there is little hope of some “recovery”…..he belongs in a jail cell. Period.

    • minx says:

      That was my first reaction…TMZ?!

    • Shambles says:

      Yes, this “psychologist” is obviously a quack or made up. And Harvey Levin should be tarred and feathered and left for dead for the way TMZ is ALWAYS on the side of the abuser. Always. Misogynistic garbage.

    • Nic919 says:

      Any psychologist speaking to TMZ is breaching their professional ethics code. This is just a further exercise in PR and spin. Harvey doesn’t get that he can’t spin out of this one… at least for many months. He has been surrounded by enablers and still seems to be so this train wreck is going to continue.

  11. Liberty says:

    an older woman I know through an LA arts organization laughed about where he spent his week. Says in her (very upper end) world, that’s where people go over and over for soft pampering pats on the head for their issues. Throw some cash, say you sought treatment for issues, feel virtuous, go home, rinse, repeat. A few of her family members (uncles and aunts) were regulars. She said, perfect for people who think they are fine but need to hide out off the social circuit for a bit, or appease a spouse. I don’t know, but she was very dismissive, and said his behavior was well known in her circles so he was blocked from private Bel-Air parties of a certain level.

    Based on our conversation, this one week miracle cure announcement doesn’t surprise me.

    • Sixer says:

      Ewww. But completely credible.

    • Enough Already says:

      You always bring the tea!

    • emma33 says:

      Well, that would explain the psychologist’ s comments. I mean, what professional organisation would allow a psychologist in this position to speak publically about a client? Absurd. And don’t get me started on ‘appropriate amount of anger’…that is some advanced level gaslighting.

    • Wren says:

      Well that explains that.

    • Cintra.C says:

      Thanks for the info.

    • Artemis says:

      Of course. These people have their own team accessible only if you have truckloads of money. They can afford the ‘best of the best’ but not always to improve their lives. These doctors are getting paid because they have the credentials to back up their words which makes them credible but not in this case. Money and professionals cannot help Weinstein in this case. It’s clear that he’s ousted from high society, he wields no power among his peers or colleagues. The public quickly forgets but once you’re kicked out of high society, it’s game over. He can’t do anything for anybody so people don’t care anymore.

  12. Bananapanda says:

    Have you seen the Time magazine issue? This is his Cosby moment. He’s out of the Academy and so he can’t wield the prospect of an Oscar in front of people anymore.

    • minx says:

      Agree. He’s a pariah. I think people have been waiting years for him to get his comeuppance and they will be gleefully twisting the knife. He has no power anymore.

  13. crazydaisy says:

    Come on. If you don’t mind if your therapist talks to a tabloid, there’s no way you are doing anything close to deep, honest work in therapy! Dead giveaway right there.

    • Shambles says:

      Amen. And if your therapist doesn’t mind talking to a tabloid, they’re obviously not a therapist.

      • Lady D says:

        I’ve had two therapists, both brilliant women. Me asking either of them to say something publicly would give them such a good laugh.
        I do feel bad for people who don’t have experience with therapists or psychologists. You don’t know what kind of help you’re getting when start looking. You could end up with a tool like Harvey’s, or you could get really lucky and end up with the kind I’ve had.

  14. Eleonor says:

    GO AWAY you delusional human being.
    I was going to write pig, but I did not want to insult them.
    Yesterday I was thinking two things:
    first one: it will be faster to count all the women who WEREN’T raped by this perv.
    second one: all these ladies should start thinking to a class action. Seriously.

    • monette says:

      Spot on…unfortunately. I asked this question on another HW thread: when did this creep have time to do any work??
      It’s exhausting just to keep track of all the women he harassed, when did he have time for all the planning, stalking, lying, covering his tracks, etc.

  15. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    There is no therapy. Maybe I’m jaded. Maybe I’m a horribly cynical pessimist, but there is no help for him. How old is he again? Sixty-five? His kind of damage needs jail. His kind of dangerous disposition needs sexual attention found within a prison gang. He needs to want his wanker lopped off with some pruning sheers simply to make it stop.

    • IlsaLund says:

      Just like the sexual predator in the White House, he’s a toxic seventy year old white privileged male who has done whatever he pleased his entire life. His behavior will not change. What’s the expression? A leopard can’t change its spots?

      • Shambles says:

        God, that’s so true and SO depressing. Think about the tell-all we’re eventually going to get from the 3 women working in the White House right now.

  16. TurkeyLurkey says:

    He probably thought it would all be fine for him based on what happened with trump. Even with audio proof he was elected to President. I will never understand that, Billy Bush lost his job and trump won the highest job in the land.

    Maybe that made Weinstein feel it would all work out okay for him too. I always find that fascinating how one person can be destroyed and another can do the same or worse and skate off with no problem.

    • IlsaLund says:

      I read an article that said while people believe the allegations against Weinstein, most don’t believe the allegations against Trump. “ After all boys will be boys” was the attitude folks had about Trump’s accusers.

      • Jay (the Canadian one) says:

        The thing about the Trump tape is, taken on its own, he’s known to be a blow hard that speaks in hyperbole. So like the “border wall isn’t meant to be taken literally” contingent there’s a contingent that would maintain he wasn’t speaking literally there.

        Now that doesn’t at all explain why the 17-or-so accusations of sexual harassment that came forward after that tape didn’t get any traction.

    • Shambles says:

      I think there are a few reasons it’s easier to for some people to believe the worst of Harvey Weinstein but not Donald Trump.

      1. There are obviously a LOT of people who hated/were disgusted by Harvey Weinstein, people who were just waiting for the moment that they could be a part of taking this man down. Conversely, there were obviously a LOT of people (several with Russian-sounding names) that were extremely, suspiciously invested in keeping Donald Trump insulated and ensuring his success. I’m sure there are just as many people who want to dish on Donald Trump as they have on Harvey Weinstein, but Trump had the benefit of a shady, Russian-linked mafia trying to ensure that he won the election at all costs. Plus, I think there’s even more hush money involved with Trump than there was with Weinstein, and Trump is actively being blackmailed so it’s harder for people to talk.

      2. The stakes are lower. With Weinstein, there hasn’t been the same insane false equvalence set up like there was during the election. Last year, the logic (supported by Facebook ads purchased by Russian trolls) was that if you believed Donald Trump was a sexual predator and terrible person, that meant you automatically supported Killery and her secret murders and child sex ring and EMAILS, god forbid. With Weinstein, believing that he is a sexual predator and terrible person doesn’t come with the same kind of very-intentionally-placed baggage that it did with Trump. Of course, there are still people who take Weinstein’s side because they are misogynistic assholes, but that’s a whole separate issue.

      3. Layers and layers of misogny/racism/nativism/etc. People were willing to turn a blind eye to literally everything Donald Trump did if it meant they could have an old, conservative, racist, sexist white man in the White House and breathe easily again. Kind of like I said in my last point, the stakes were higher when it came to Trump. Taking his side meant that angry white boy conservatism would rule the day, not supporting him meant that you might hand the white house to *GASP* a woman. A nasty woman. The cognitive dissonance required in the Trump case was so intense that I think most people who voted for him have probably fried their brains beyond repair. With Weinstein, none of that is at play. It’s easier for most people to digest the fact that Harvey Weinstein is, indeed, a trash person, and they get to sit in their comfort zones and keep pointing their fingers at the “Hollywood bubble.” Yes, that’s the problem. That’s it. They have nothing to do with THAT sexual predator, don’t you see?

    • Enough Already says:

      To add to Shambles excellent take, a lot of Trump stans are positively bursting with glee because the liberal, Hollywood elitist, Clinton buddy, Obama daughter intern director, Trump bashing Streep friend, Democratic fundraiser Weinstein has been taken down. They say he reps everything wrong with the hypocritical, family values hating, anti-NRA left.

  17. dodgy says:

    It takes at least twenty-one days to make/break a habit… and he’s getting over such depravities in a week? Okay…

    • Jan says:

      Actually I’m a Psychologist and it takes 3 months to overcome a habit. Three weeks is all insurance companies will usually pay for. That is why people rarely do well even after rehab. And sexual predators are considered “uncurable”. The rate of doing it again is 99%

      • Purplehazeforever says:

        That’s why we need longer prison sentences for sexual predators.

      • Artemis says:

        Yeah so many of these 30-days to change your life (ranging from diet to sleep habits etc) are bull because people want quick fixes and not the cold hard truth. Research has shown over and over again that it’s at least 66 days to change anything and stay consistent. And in that time, you have to work hard to reach the goal that you set for yourself. It’s why addiction is so hard to beat. After a certain amount of time you are also in maintenance mode which is dull as you’ll maintain results thus not seeing yourself change at that point and then people tend to fall back into old patterns. Some people are addicted to that cycle too (see Ben Affleck). It’s why it’s easier to not put in the work and the stay the same, humans are inclined to be lazy after all (no shade, just sharing what I’ve read).

        So Weinstein thinking he’s cured after 1 week is to prove a point to others with the least amount of effort and no sense of guilt for his actions. He’s a sociopath and should be in jail. I don’t know why they just don’t do it because he’s clearly unstable and evil incarnate and there’s enough accounts to get the ball rolling.

  18. Enough Already says:

    I hope he tries to rehab his image by making good on his promise to use his money take down the NRA. I hope it works and then he realizes that no one will still work with him ha ha.

    • IlsaLund says:

      The NRA needs to be taken down badly. I believe there was an article where the NRA blamed Hollywood for the rise of gun violence and should be held accountable. Yet, I think the NRA has an office that works with Hollywood to ensure/supply the right type of weapons used in films. Pot meet kettle.

    • Holly Wouldn't says:

      Harvey contributed greatly to Hollywood’s glamorous gun violence by really helping out people like Quentin Tarrantino, whose movies are orgies of violence. Also, according to an expose on the Disney machine I read a while back, Harvey loved watching grindhouse-type films in the seventies. So this would just be more hypocrisy from him.

    • Artemis says:

      He rationalizes his actions by pointing a greater evil than himself while still thinking he’s a ‘good guy’. He thinks he’s so all-powerful that he’s looking for an enemy to defeat so he can big himself up even more. He feeds of feeling powerful and making others feel small, he’s not concerned with his actions at all and cannot empathize how it hurt others. Whatever he does next, is only to re-establish him in Hollywood and I wouldn’t want to see him succeed because you know that town would take him back in a heartbeat if they think the audience has forgiven him too! Best to leave that door closed and let him rot in misery, alone.

  19. Louise177 says:

    I stopped reading when I read Weinstein gave his psychologist permission to speak to TMZ. A week of “therapy” is bad enough but to run to tabloids is another level of I don’t care. Besides he thinks he’s a “sex addict” not a criminal.

    • Freddy Spaghetti says:

      X A million. He’s a horror show who should be in jail. I’m so sick of privileged white male predators who have too much power and no conscience.

  20. Reliy says:

    Is he pressuring these doctors to speak with tmz?
    Tmz is trying to stay on Harvey’s side so they can get any gossip on his targets. If you think about it why has tmz not lead the take down of Harvey.

  21. Serene Wolf says:

    Harvey’s personal driver from France also has some gross stories to tell. HW is also into orgies!! Lol.

  22. IlsaLund says:

    My pain is everyday’: After Weinstein’s fall, Trump accusers wonder: Why not him?
    The latest scandal has renewed the frustrations of women who claim the man who now occupies the Oval Office harassed them.


  23. Ebon says:

    The arrogance. ..

  24. hmmm says:

    No ethical, self-respecting psychologist would speak out about someone’s therapy. This is all made of lies. That rehab centre certainly sounds bogus. I’m sure Harvey knows all the best of society’s sleazy underbelly.

    More importantly, I’m guessing Harvey discovered that his plea for sympathy over his “addiction” was a failing strategy, so he dumped it tout de suite. Now he’s onto manipulating a comeback by nefarious means, I”m sure. A psychopath by any other name.

  25. ANOTHER DAY says:

    I once worked for a HWesque character in of course a smaller pond. He was well known in an industry and a fixture in the movers and shakers in our home town which was a very large city. He was something of a legend (no one you would have heard of unless you were in the industry or lived in the city).

    He was loved as a good guy to most, who didn’t see behind closed door ego issues and the manipulation of others to do for him so he looked pristine. Well he stepped in some shit of self dealing, misrepresentations to the Board, and just crazy ego centric activities. (Not sexual, just manufactured situations where he would be forever lauded and worshipped he hoped).

    My point….when busted, it was hysterical. The lies about others out to get him, the misrepresentations of what happened, the intimidation of others to try and fix this for him (we didn’t), and the theatre of faux attempts at redemption . (He never admitted wrong doing, he just tried to palm off his wrong doing as the incompetence of those around him.

    His mental block and complete unacceptance of the reality was mind boggling. He truly thought he coukd control it and everyone the way he always had. When it didn’t work, he doubled down. No dice. Of course, he couldn’t.

    The HW spectacle from the get go…going to Europe, not, left for rehab, not yet, he’d dobe after a week, nope, etc etc etc…….is such a hoot to watch. And a similar pattern to what I saw in my ex boss.

    Narcissism in the extreme is a mental illness.

  26. SM says:

    Well he is deluded so I have no problrm buying he does not understand the severoty of his situation or how to act as if he is sorry and atone. I mean this is a guy who got away with multiple crimes in public and kept on getting thqnked from one of the most prestigious platforms (I heard he got thanked more than God at Academy Awards) for three decades. I am sure he is deluded and thinks this comeback is somewhere around the corner.

    And the phrases treating various psychological issues like anger and lack of empathy should not go in one sentence with one week.

  27. Kiki says:

    Harvey Weinstein’s sex addition problem is whole lot of bulls***. This man is a sick predator and the only treatment he needs is incarcerated for the State Prison. Also, don’t his crocodile tears fool you, he is a complete psychopath. He will squeal like a pig when he takes the fall he will bring more people with him, and that includes people who have worked with him. So actors, directors even the crew people on his produced films better get lawyers because if Harvey Weinstein is going down, all of them going down.

  28. Jan says:

    Have been a Psychologist for over 35 years. There is not a licensed Psychologist working at a treatment center on this planet that would talk to TMZ EVEN with Harvey’s permission. It’s a flat out lie or they talked to the janitor. That is a firable offense for anyone on the treatment team and no one is going to risk their license for a few thousand. They may have talked to some flunky nursing assistant but NOT his Psychologist.

  29. Veronica says:

    His “psychologist,” huh? Is that what we’re calling the local secretary who transcribed the notes Weistein gave him over the phone drunkenly at 2am and sent in TMZ?

  30. Jan says:

    What are the chances of a complaint being lodged with the medical board against that supposed psychologist and the treatment facility? Including but not limited to:

    - talking to the media, even with permission
    - allowing a high-profile patient to do group therapy given the obvious confidentiality risks
    - the message they’re sending about sexual assault and treatment for offenders, that it only needs one week of therapy
    - the message they’re sending that sexual assault is sexual addiction
    - their acceptance of sexual addiction as a diagnosis
    - whatever amount of money they’re charging for their bogus treatment

    How are they allowed to practise?

  31. Jaded says:

    The only thing that will work is therapy for the rest of his life and I think he should also be castrated.

  32. Electric Tuba says:

    One can not rehab what is wrong with this man and others like him. Rehab for any one like this is a sham. It’s like saying your going to teach someone common sense when their actual affliction is a personality disorder. Or saying your pup keeps running out into the street so you’re going to teach it to read stop signs

  33. magnoliarose says:

    HW is staying because a story in the LA Times finally outed his other hunting ground, the fashion industry. I wondered if they would go there, but models are beginning to speak out, Christy Turlington and Amber Valletta, Cara D and then Ambra who taped him and tried to prosecute in 2015. He blocked her career and then smeared her in the papers to discredit her rape case. Remember the story about the model in Cannes and Angie Everhart. He used his many connections and started Project Runway specifically to have access to models not to promote fashion.
    The LA Times talked about his obsession with models, and it is because a predator like him knows young models have even less recourse than actresses. In the article, it mentions his behavior with underage girls in Europe, but I know he did it in America too. He used the same tactics he did Hollywood by threatening and promising work. I hope the agencies he had relationships with are named, designers, fashion editors, and enablers.
    They brought up his connection to the reboot of the Halston brand with Sara Jessica Parker, his production of Tom Ford’s movie and I think they may have outed his association with Terry Richardson.
    It could be Harvey’s scandal exposes others in the fashion industry and the level of participants in his exploitation so some changes can take place. Hopefully, some victims of his widespread rape and assaults come forward to add to his convictions.

    • Nicole Savannah, GA says:

      Yep, the fashion industry is next. Good. Sarah Ziff documentary is very good on the depravities of that world.

    • AnneC says:

      Read that story today. Glad that project runway has removed his name, I still love the show and hate that he may have preyed on some of the models. Ugh. Also reminded me of a story about Trump modeling agency and his creepy interaction with some of those girls. Weinstein and trump are exactly the same kind of creepy predators. Brothers from another mother.

      LAPD opened up an investigation this week of an incident from 2015. Fingers crossed this guy’s in jail very soon.

    • Elaine says:

      Yes. Remember model Karen Mulder?

      And her allegations of repeated sexual assaults by many many men who operated in elite circles?
      No one believed her. Everyone characterized her as ‘insane’ and ‘unstable’. Maybe now she, and the many others like her, will get the justice they deserve.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I hope so too. The victims deserve to see that something has changed. Unfortunately, some stories are never even discussed because the girls never became famous, but there have been suicides, drug overdoses, severe ED, mental illness, kidnapping-rape, and addiction.
        Karen Mulder looks good now and is an example of a woman who was naturally built to model and seems to have pulled her life together. She looks healthy and happy now.

      • Nicole Savannah, GA says:

        Karen Mulder was a favorite for me as a kid and I was so heartbroken to hear and read her story. I completely believed her. Even more after she got so much flack.

    • Trump Hater says:

      @Magnoliarose, it becomes a little harder to believe Georgina when she says that She didn’t know anything about Harvey abusing scores of women, especially now that it’s coming out that Harvey also preyed on models and other vulnerable young women in the fashion industry. Which is Georgina’s industry! Wonder how many of Marchesa’s models Georgina offered up to her husband on a platter as a “gift”!? Wouldn’t it be surprised if Georgina played the part of pimp and procured her husband young women. That’s why she got out of that marriage as soon as this news came out, so that her potential crimes do not come out.

  34. Tulsi 2020 says:

    So he rapes women because of sex addiction? I don’t accept that. If a heroin addict had ample access to heroin without having to resort to crime to get it they wouldn’t. Weinstein had ample access to sex without having to resort to rape. Yet he still raped. His actions weren’t about sex and having a good time. They were about him wanting to have power over women and wanting to hurt them. Society needs to be protected from rapists. He needs to be locked up.

  35. Pinetree13 says:

    Did anyone else trip over the line “stayed with his adult daughter”. He has an adult daughter?!?!? That poor, poor woman. I imagine he told her the stories were lies and that she hasn’t been reading them but man she’s got to find out eventually. So disturbing.

  36. Sandy says:

    I don’t understand why he isn’t in jail now?!! It has been proven he is a dangerous, sex offender who has broken the law by ( in some cases) sexually assaulting women.

  37. Ellis says:

    All the symptoms of a psychopath are evident in Weinstein, including charm, narcissism, lack of guilt, etc. Cured in one week? Wow. Rapists can be cured in one week? Hallelujah, a cure has been found! That miracle worker/psychologist should be sent to all the prisons to cure all of them. One week per prison, couple of years, the U.S. is psychopath-clear.


  38. shouldawoulda says:

    It’s nice to know that hw is getting all the medical and psychological help he needs, a RAPIST. And what about the victims and their care? Oh right, they were all called whores and liars, no care or support at all.

    Prison is the kindness place I can think of for the human piece of shit.

  39. Fleurucci says:


  40. Jayna says:

    Sex rehab wasn’t going to help him anyway. His issues have nothing to do with some guy that continually cheats on his wife or is addicted to porn, etc.

    This guy is a criminal, an abuser of women either through sexual harassment, molestation, rape, a violent man, someone who is fulfilled by and gets off on power. He deserves jail. He needs long-term therapy to even make him less or a horrible human being. I doubt he will ever seriously commit to that. He will be obsessed with getting back into the movie business and power and staying out of jail as far as these investigations.

  41. ONE WEEK???? As a couple of people have said, intakes generally take longer. I don’t even believe a year’s worth of therapy will help this man. He’s simply not invested.

  42. Mina says:

    One week therapy. No wonder that “psychologist” doesn’t want to be named, it’s an embarrassment to the profession.

  43. Jennifer says:

    Wow. All I have is a little depression and panic attacks and my therapy has taken longer than his.