David Harbour: ‘I want to bring love handles and eating sandwiches back’


Next week brings us the return of Stranger Things. I know a bunch of people that are more excited for that than Halloween. I think CB is counting down the hours. One of the best things about the show for me is the cast, most of whom are people I quite like. That includes sheriff Jim Hopper, who is played by David Harbour. David always has a Brian Cox feel for me: he pops up in a bunch of things but it’s always a solid performance. He also has that everyman quality that makes me think he’d have a cup of coffee with me if he had the time. David recently gave an interview to Women’s Health in what I assume was promotion for Stranger Things. The interview is quite charming and sort of reinforces my idea of relatability to David. Because it’s Women’s Health, they spoke of body ideals and his idea of sexy.

ON HOLLYWOOD’S BODY IDEALS: I auditioned to play the Blob in a Wolverine X-Men movie, and at the end of the audition, I squeezed my stomach and was like, ‘I got your Blob right here!’ Then I met with the director and he said, ‘David, you’re a wonderful actor, but we’re worried about your health.’ I was like, ‘What do you mean, man?’ And he was like, ‘We saw you had some fat, and we’re worried you’re not healthy enough to carry the suit.’ I was like, ‘Dude, you’re telling me I’m too fat to play the Blob?’ The irony was priceless.

ON WHAT’S SEXY: I think about the sexuality of various generations, and I feel like we’re getting less sexy. I look back to the ’70s and ’80s and of course we always want to see a beautiful body, but there’s something about showing the sexuality of someone who lives their life, somebody who knows how to eat a sandwich, who occasionally lets this kind of demon out of them—I want more of that. Those are the people I find sexy. I want to bring love handles and eating sandwiches back.

ON LOOKING FOR LOVE: I’m easily swept away, but I’m trying not to be as much. I’m better at the fantasy of relationships than I am at the daily real life, but I’m trying to steer myself into a realist. What I find most exciting now is sharp, intelligent, insightful women. People who are deep thinkers, who have sort of a weird way of looking at the universe, are wildly attractive to me. So if I can find one of those gals who can stand me, then maybe I might have something.

[From Women’s Health]

I think that Blob story is funny. I mean, obviously, it’s kind of sad but I could picture him laughing when he told the interviewer he was too fat to play The Blob. And what the heck? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him as big, big. Sometimes a little chubby but never “we’re worried about you” weight. Like I said, I think David seems like a good guy but I won’t take bets on him showing up with a sharp, sandwich eating woman any time too soon. Actors always say this and then walk a 20+ model down the red carpet. But, until that happens, I want to believe this is what David is looking for. Plus, I don’t think enough people extoll the virtues of sandwiches. I’m a huge sandwich enthusiast so if David is campaigning for more sandwich visibility – sign me up.

As for the love-handles being sexy thing, again, I’m skeptical. I love what he said about someone who shows they live life. It does seem, though, that men are given allowances and even praise for love-handles and wrinkles but women aren’t. I want to believe it’s because women are more forgiving and value the person over their appearance, but it doesn’t make it any more fair to us. I dug his comments about deep thinkers having “sort of a weird way of looking at the universe,” though. According to some light Googling, it looks like David was engaged to actress Maria Thayer but I couldn’t find anything else on him romantically. So I don’t know if he was just answering the questions or putting his availability out there in the universe. It could be, however, that a relationship is not his first priority right now. I think whomever he ends up dating will be lucky. A life of sandwiches and weird world view sounds pretty cool.




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  1. edith says:

    he seems like a nice guy but I really despise men talking about what a woman should look like, in any way . its that typical “real woman look like …” talk that turns me off. women come in different shapes. if he likes a kind of body type, okay, but the whole discussion is so…unnecessary

  2. island_girl says:

    Big, chubby dudes have always been accepted. Always. Now go talk to the incredible amount of fuller figured women have NOT been accepted.

  3. Imqrious2 says:

    Yeah, I’ll believe this when I see a chubby, unbotoxed woman on his arm. Until then, please. Men are allowed to age, gain, and wrinkle in Hollywood; women are to be “frozen”, literally (with Botox and surgeries) in their 20s…EARLY 20s at that.

    • ichsi says:

      Exactly. I was ready to believe that he MAYBE means what he’s saying, but then the “deep thinker” thing came along and yeah… I had reddit manbaby war flashbacks.

  4. perplexed says:

    Only if I as a woman am allowed to have love handles too…

  5. Megalater says:

    Good Grief, knock off the negativity and pessimistic attitude. He seems like a genuinely nice guy just replying to the questions asked. He’s a lovehandle sporting sandwich eating weirdo sexpot and I would totally challenge him to a sandwich eating contest. Plus he’s adorable and dorky!

  6. amilu says:

    (He was also in a serious relationship with Julia Stiles, who is on the “normal” end of the spectrum. If random articles on the internet are to be believed, they dated from 2011-2015. They broke up, and she got engaged to someone else in 2016.)

    I love him; and I LOVE HOPPER. Can’t stop; won’t stop.

    • INeedANap says:

      Oh wow, that’s…age appropriate (6 year gap).

      That I am near shocked at that fact is certainly telling.

      • amilu says:

        Maria Thayer is 41 to his 42.

        We shall see if he ends up being a caricature of a middle-aged Hollywood actor (and possible megastar if Hellboy does well), but I want to believe he’s a good guy who will fall for an appropriate partner.

        If that ends up being Winona Ryder, I won’t be sad!

    • Ladidah says:

      wow I just looked it up and Julia Stiles is a size 2! She is teeny, and weird that is considered normal sized when the average dress size is 10/12. For hollywood I guess?

      • amilu says:

        I take those celebrity measurements sites with a grain of salt. Not to say that she isn’t or was never a size 2, but this is the same internet that tries to tell us that Tom Cruise is 5’7″.

        I’m just saying that in paparazzi photos, she looks like a “normal” person as opposed to a barely legal model. Sometimes “normal” people are a size 2. I meant it more as a response to the author saying that actors say these things then trot a 20-year-old model down the red carpet.

      • Andrea says:

        Doesn’t matter that size 10-12 is “average”. It is still fat. All it means that now we have more fat people than before.

  7. ravynrobyn says:

    David Harbour was in a “Law & Order”, and he was absolutely STUNNING. To this day I can’t even remember the plot, nor his role in it, but I would recognize a description. He blew my mind!

    I’ve seen him in lots of other things, and I’m always excited to sre him or his name in the credits. Like Philip Seymour Hoffman when he first started out.

  8. a reader says:

    I literally just ate a sandwich before seeing this post. And I’d hit it. His self deprecating sense of humor is a huge turn on to me… LOL

  9. Lis says:

    can I leave my number here? will you guys get it to him for me? thank you! I’ll be baking him a coconut raspberry cake and cueing up Netflixxxxx

  10. Izzy says:

    I will squeeze his love handles ANY TIME