Priscilla Presley denies quitting Scientology after reports she’d ‘had enough’

Lisa Marie Presley reportedly broke from Scientology sometime in 2014, although that’s hard to verify as she only made vague references to it in an interview around 2012. (The quotes they’re using from her “They were taking my soul, my money, my everything” don’t explicitly reference Scientology and are from 2012.) Regardless it’s known that Lisa Marie is no longer involved with the cult. She also split from her husband, Michael Lockwood, in the summer of 2016, after which her mom, Priscilla Presley stepped in to help care for her now 9-year-old twin daughters. Priscilla, 72, brought Lisa Marie into Scientology as a child and was thought to still be involved with Scientology in some capacity. Only the Daily Mail announced this weekend that she told friends she’d had enough and was done with it.

Presley, 72, who has been a member of the religious sect which counts Tom Cruise and John Travolta as members, told friends she had quit the religion after nearly four decades.

‘I’ve had enough. I’m done,’ said Presley, who recently dated singer Tom Jones. She is believed to have joined Scientology after the death of husband Elvis.

‘Priscilla reached out to John Travolta after Elvis died in 1977 and that’s how she ended up in the church,’ a source said. ‘She has been in it ever since and she raised her daughter Lisa Marie in it.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Those are all the original quotes which The Mail has and the rest of the article is filler. They do note that “A spokesman for Priscilla Presley declined to comment.” Only now Priscilla’s PR people are telling outlets that she hasn’t quit Scientology after all. E! News simply has the detail from her rep that Priscilla is still in the cult. There are no further quotes or an explanation. People has the quote “She remains a member of the church.” So who got to Priscilla and is Scientology just trying to stick their finger in the dam of celebrities defecting? Did multiple people visit Priscilla at her home and remind her just how much dirt they have on her and how much she stands to lose if she leaves?




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  1. whatWHAT? says:

    Joker mask…


    • Imqrious2 says:

      She looks better than she used to. It was really hideous before. Why would anyone have a “House Party” and let a quack inject anything into your FACE??

      Good for her for leaving (if true). The more the better. This cult needs to go down in flames. Sadly, I read they just opened a new center in Britain.

      • Penelope says:

        Eh, they’re very big on opening new centers, most of which have been empty or barely staffed for years. They’re very into appearances but meanwhile they’re losing adherents left and right. Thankfully.

      • holly hobby says:

        Yep this is an improvement. She looked much worse after the car fluid injections (not a joke).

    • serena says:

      She looks like Madonna.

  2. Annabelle Bronstein says:

    I believe she did leave C$, but obviously she didn’t want to be public like Leah Remini.

  3. Christin says:

    For someone so diligent to make her ex-husband’s estate profitable, it’s amazing she stayed with them this long. Elvis was apparently approached by them, and realized they just wanted his money.

  4. Adele Dazeem says:

    Her jacked up face makes me so sad. Back in the day I always found her to be so beautiful. Really a distinctive beauty and now this. So sad. I wonder if she regrets all the work or if she honestly thinks it looks good.

    • Christin says:

      Add to that how genetics were likely on her side (her mother aged well). She does look better now, but what would a few lines have hurt? She had a lovely face and features.

  5. koko says:

    Forgive me, I’m not up to date on all the rules but if LMP left in 2014, wouldn’t she and her children be off limits to their mother/grandmother? They would be submersives…is that right?

    • KiddVicious says:

      Normally, yes. They seem to bend the rules for those who’ve given a lot of money. Plus, there was always the chance they could get Lisa Marie back in if there was still communication between her and her mother. Lisa Marie has all of the Elvis money, I believe, and I’m sure the cult is still trying to get their hands on more.

    • Denise says:

      Someone who speaks negatively about Scientology is called an “SP” (Suppressive Person). Yes, it can divide families because those who stay in Scientology are encouraged to shun those family members who got out.

  6. Nacho_friend says:

    Wait a second – she recently dated tom jones? As in the singer tom jones???? OMG

  7. mk says:

    Tony Ortega says neither Pricilla or Lisa Marie can publically admit they have left the church because Riley is still in and if they cross that line, they won’t have a relationship with Riley anymore.

    (scroll down to see 2nd article regarding the Pressleys)

  8. Mannori says:

    there has been a lot of turmoil in the celebrity side of Scientology because the stink and side eye they get for belonging to this scam. Is not good for their career and image and this translates into less money to the cult. So there have been a lot of people lately who said to have left the cult or denied to be a member but in all trueness if you dig on their instagrams and social media they still very much interact with very loud and proud members of the cult and their families. And I know celebrities are allowed to a totally different set of rules from the lesser members of the cult, but still, if they had truly left they would be so close to very hardcore scientologists. Cases in point: Juliette Lewis, Jason lee, Giovanni Ribisi’s daughter, Jada Pinkett…among others, all have denied being a member or have said to had left the cult but all of them are still very much into the cult. I think those auditing sessions might have a lot of juicy stuff. Recently regarding Jim Carrey and his ex gf who died nobody mentions that she was a Scientologist. Those notes from a psychologist that have “leaked” are not from a legit psychotherapist, which Scientology has an open war against, but those are Cathriona’s auditing sessions. They’re blackmailing Carrey (who was a POS with the poor woman, but still, Scientology is leaking those notes)

    In short: they will do anything to get a hold on that celebrity money.