LeBron James’ awesome Pennywise and more celebrity Halloween costumes


How was everyone’s Halloween? I noticed there wasn’t enough Halloween music on the radio this year so I had to create my own play list. As a result, I’ve had This is Halloween from Nightmare before Christmas in my head for two days – I think it’s stuck on loop in my brain. So who dressed up and if so, what were you? I’m always looking for new costume ideas. Unfortunately, y’all have some stiff completion for the Halloween costume title. One of the top contenders is LeBron James who dressed up as Pennywise from It:

Georgie!! Georgie!! #HappyHalloweenFolks 🎈🎈

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Think about it, LeBron is 6’8” so if he, unbeknownst to some poor unsuspecting party guest, was standing behind them and they turned around? Drink – meet floor. It turns out, that’s a mask he’s wearing. I’m not dinging LeBron, he still gets all the points, just that I originally thought it was makeup and wanted to give someone a huge ‘holla’ for their talent. LeBron leaned into to his inner demonic clown (don’t we all have one inside us) and terrorized the partygoers:

But then he did this and that’s why he wins:

Pennywise. #lebron #lebronjames #kingjames

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Winning in the family category this year are reigning champs the Burtka-Harrises. The fact that they stage these shots each year is just so next level. I am both shamed and dazzled by their dedication:

Look at Gideon and Harper – LOOK AT THEM!. #facegamegoals Jay-sus – David is terrifying. I would keep that getup and bring it out every once in a while to keep my kids on their toes.

In couples costumes, first up, we have newlyweds(ish) Anna Camp and Skylar Astin as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World:

Party on Wayne. Party on Garth. ✌🏻🎸🥁@skylarastin 🎃

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I must take away points due to degree of difficulty but their commitment to character is impressive. Next we have country singer Lauren Alania and her boyfriend Alex Hopkins dressed as Foxxy Cleopatra and Austin Powers from Austin Powers in Goldmember.

I was feeling pretty FOXXY last night, and my man had all the POWERS. #yeahbabyyeah #FoxxyCleopatra #AustinPowers @_alex_hopkins

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I like it, it’s a cute interpretation. Plus, they have a history of dressing up together so they’re fellow costume enthusiasts – +4 nepotism points

Jaime King dressed as Joyce Byers from Stranger Things for Just Jared’s party. She looked great and her expression in the photo is spot on. Next to her is Westworld actress Angela Sarafyan dressed as generic medieval woman

I’m sorry, I don’ know who the man with them is. Would it be too shallow to give them an additional five points because he’s so pretty? You should check out Jared’s GoT Night King costume – it’s so good, all his guests get three proximity points.

Jennifer Garner was ‘super cute’ dressing as a catnap:

I'll be looking for one of these today. #icrackmyselfup

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Get it, she’s a cat and napping. Ha haha ha. Fortunately for Jen, I love punny costumes so she’ll get the base amount of points. But that shirt she’s wearing really is super-cute so she can have a couple more points for that.

January Jones went as the Black Dahlia and whoa – it’s chillingly accurate:

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Any guesses as to who I am tonight?!?

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Big points for January, especially for being frightening without being disrespectful to the victim.

Obligatory Paris Hilton as Sexy (Fill in the Blank). This year, she went with Princess Jasmine. It’s not much of a stretch to make Jasmine sexy:

Princess Jasmine & her sexy Gladiator. ✨🤴🏼👸🏼✨

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I actually kind of like her costume. But she doesn’t get extra points because it didn’t make me laugh, which “sexy” costumes usually do. However, she and ‘The One’ Chris Zylka were eliminated from couples category because I can’t figure out why Jasmine would be anywhere near a gladiator. And he’s not ‘sexy’, he’s just gladitator-y.

And last but never least is America Ferrera. She looks awesome as the late singer Selena but I’m deducting points only because this was for her show Superstore’s Halloween episode. But the episode was really good so I’m giving her back some points. And I love her, so she can have them all back. And *grabs some points from Paris* she can have these too:

Basically twins. It's Halloween on @nbcsuperstore tonight and I am v. excited about Amy's costume choice. #Selena #Halloween

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Honorable mention goes to Robert Downey, Jr. for whatever this is because it makes for a great picture.

Photo credit: WENN Photos, Instagram and Twitter

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  1. MI6 says:

    LOVE LeBron!! 🤣

  2. V4Real says:

    King James got some moves.
    My husky is named after him

  3. Nicole says:

    LeBron scared me when I saw it. Demi actually did a good Selena as well. I believe Jamie was Joyce and Eleven this year. Jens was cute and punny

  4. Lucy2 says:

    The carnival kids are my favorite!
    The Superstore episode was great.

  5. swak says:

    I get why LeBron wore a mask instead of make up. An old boyfriend and I (when I was in college) went as clowns to a Halloween Party. We put on the white face make up and he had a beard. While fun trying to get it out, it was not easy. Can’t imagine professional makeup (which I would assume LeBron would have used) being that easy to get out of a beard. Love the Burtka-Harris costumes!

  6. skyblue says:

    I actually think January Jones looks like she’s channeling Lara Flynn Boyle “the Jack Nicholson years”

  7. Lucy says:

    IT’s director and producer loved LeBron’s costume!! They posted some really nice things about it on Instagram.

  8. M. says:

    Lebron as pennywise is scarier than the movie

  9. Esmom says:

    These were so fun to look at, thanks. Although it was a needle scratch when I got to Paris Hilton because I always forget she’s dating Zylka, who I just loved in The Leftovers.

    The best costume among my friends this weekend was a couple who went as Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs from Battle of the Sexes. It was a perfect couples costume.

    The best costume I saw on Twitter was a messed-up looking Uncle Sam and Statue of Liberty. Liberty was complete with a disembodied hand grabbing her crotch. So sad.

  10. Betsy says:

    Can you imagine seeing a 6’8″ clown? I’ve never even seen or read It, and I still thin I might soil myself. I’m afraid of mascots and clown and anything where I can’t see a face but there’s a creepy smile plastered on.

  11. wood dragon says:

    I have both versions of the Disney land Haunted Mansion ride through soundtrack and I play them for the fun of it.

  12. SallyS says:

    Looked nothing even REMOTELY LIKE Pennywise. It actually looks like the Chucky doll with the hair.