‘Stupid Girl’ Paris Hilton wants to move to Madrid, be more famous

Shocking no one, some etiquette-book writer is complaining about the effects of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan on society. Jordan Christy, master of the obvious and author of How To Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World, claims in a chapter titled “Stupid Girls” that “we can’t rely on the girls splashed across Page Six to hold up their feminine honor and reputation.” Page Six has the basics of the etiquette lesson:

PARIS Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are dissed big-time in a new etiquette book, “How To Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World,” out in August.

In a chapter called “Stupid Girls,” author Jordan Christy laments how “smart, classy and successful ladies’ slots on the local news have been supplanted with a play-by-play of Paris’ clinkworthy antics and Lindsay’s spiral into rehab.”

She urges society to embrace “real women with brains, beauty and self-respect” because, “we can’t rely on the girls splashed across Page Six to hold up their feminine honor and reputation.”

[From Page Six]

Good advice, I suppose. Girls should not look at Paris or Lindsay as any kind of role model. But what about the guys who think Paris and Lindsay are some kind of quality girlfriend? Last week, Jaybird gave a word of warning to Paris Hilton’s newest guy, Real Madrid soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, saying “rampant syphilis can knock any man off his game.” I think Jaybird should stitch that on a pillow and hand it out to Paris Hilton’s prospective boyfriends. Perhaps Ronaldo was already warned, though, because he seems to be done with Paris after a particularly disturbing night in which Paris threatened to move to Madrid with Ronaldo just so they could be the younger, cooler, more famous version of Posh and Becks. Of course, this is according to News of the World – but I tend to think it’s in line with what I already think of Paris, and anyone dumb enough to be seen in public with her:

Paris, 28-who spent Wednesday and Thursday night with Ronaldo-wants to kick-start her flagging career by moving back to Madrid with him. The fame-hungry professional party-girl has designs of them becoming the new Posh and Becks.

She dumped her US TV star and baseball ace boyfriend Doug Reinhardt on Tuesday, when she heard mega-bucks Ronaldo was in LA, we can reveal.

Then she brazenly pursued her goal of scoring with the footballer by telling him within a few hours of meeting him: “We could be great together, you know.”

“We’re both so famous we’d become even bigger than David Beckham and Posh Spice. We’re way hotter and younger than them anyway!” She was overheard at her sister Nicky’s house, where the pair spent the night.

Afterwards Paris giggled to a friend: “I told him I’m going to move to Madrid to be with him. I promised.”

The pal told us: “Doug was just a washed-up reality TV star. All of a sudden there wasn’t as much interest in Paris, and her appearance fees were cut dramatically. She was working like a dog to make the same amount of money as before. She knows if she wins over Ronaldo she’ll be one of the hottest properties again.”

Don’t put money on that just yet . . .

[From News of the World]

So, was Paris really attracted to Ronaldo, or was she just a fame-seeking whore-missile after her “relationship” with Doug “Budget Ryan Reynolds” Reinhardt ended? I’d never really thought of Paris as the girl who was even conscious of upgrading and downgrading guys, I’ve always thought she was just happy to spread her legs for whatever guy was around. Her dating history doesn’t really read like a Who’s Who of “catches” but maybe there’s some method to Paris’s madness. Or maybe she’s just ridiculously stupid, and we’re the ones over thinking this.

Paris is shown outside Mr. Chow with her family on 6/12/09. She looks like she’s going figure skating. Credit: Horizonpix/Fame Pictures

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31 Responses to “‘Stupid Girl’ Paris Hilton wants to move to Madrid, be more famous”

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  1. alin azmi says:

    in your dreams paris..in your dreams..! so sick of you!

  2. Linda says:

    I really wish the Center for Disease Control would do something about her…

  3. audrey says:

    She went out like that to have dinner with her parents?!! God, they should be punished for creating her and encouraging her behavior. What a stupid, vapid…. *sigh*

  4. Roni says:

    I WISH she would move to either Mars or Pluto and STAY there!

  5. Enonymous says:

    Paris Hilton and Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest ‘hook-up’ was nothing but a publicity boost for the both of them, especially for Paris. From the videos and photos taken of the two of them together, it was pretty obvious that they were playing all of us for fools and enjoying every minute of it. Paris managed to extent her already over stretched 15 minutes of fame by 5 more minutes and as for Ronaldo, god knows what he wanted out of this but we all know he ain’t very bright.

  6. BamaGuy says:

    It speaks volumes that we are fed endless media reports of what this trashy porno-rich bitch princess does. She is a moronic self-possessed fame whore. Emblematic of the fall of the American Empire. Very apt that the author of this book is asking what has happened when mere decades ago we revered women like Audrey Hepburn who was educated, talented and after a REAL career dedicated herself to doing charitable work.

  7. javagirl1 says:

    Does she really have herpes, syphillis, etc? Or is she just being slammed for being promiscuous? Are there any links that say she actually has STDs that someone can post.

  8. BEEBEEC says:

    She’s doing exactly what grannie and mommy told her to do to make a bundle of money and get to the top of society by nailing a good one.. she just has these added undesirable heiress problems that she can’t control like out of control temper tantrums, no talents, cruelty, excessive narcissism, lying, cheating, stealing, stinginess, drugs and booze and Std’s that makes the male conquest more short term.

  9. RydEmCowboy says:

    To javagirl1: Remember when her storage unit inventory was auctioned off because she forgot to pay her bill? Well they found lots of Valtrex Rx in there…and yes, they had her name on the bottles…can you think of another reson she’d need a good amount of genital herpes medication? And no, there is nothing else Valtrex treats except for herpes.

  10. Green Is Good says:

    Here’s another link for the crap in Wonky’s storage container. She used a fake ID to get the Valtrex prescription.

    If you Google “paris hilton storage” you get a bunch of links.


  11. danielle says:

    I don’t have any links, but quite a few years ago when the contents of her storage unit were sold a prescription of Valtrex was found in her name. So very likely she has herpes.

  12. Dani says:

    Enonymous is probably right. Especially since this article has come out (my apologies for linking but we’ve got to make sense of this nonsense!):


    “‘Ronaldo was the talk of the club because everyone had read about his nights out with Paris,’ an onlooker told the People.”

  13. ! says:

    oooh fame seeking whore missile. that should go on a pillow too. then we can throw it at her

  14. Bobby the K says:


    She does what she does because it’s fun for her and her ego. She also makes a great deal of money.

    So who’s the stupid one here?

  15. the original kate says:

    in the name of all that is holy – please, please let paris move to madrid so we never have to see her again.

  16. spaniard says:

    Please Paris, don’t come to Spain, stay in LA and far away from us.

  17. Rafa says:

    Its obvious Ronaldo just wants people to stop saying he’s gay. Because HE IS GAY! Hello-o! Anyway, his PR person probably thought “we have to link him to the filthyest whore in the media, so people say he’s not a fruit”. Who better than Paris-full-of-DST-my-vagina-is-anyones Hilton?

  18. Eden says:

    Does she need money for her airline ticket? I’d be happy to contribute!

  19. yasmin says:

    @ Bobby : You. And Paris, still. Sure, she is in an ideal situation, but she’s still dumb as shit.

  20. momo says:

    Why is she wearing a figure skating costume?

  21. Ashley says:

    I’m not totally convinced Ronaldo was interested in her. Anyone remember last year when she tried to hit on him at a club and he shut her down? If anything he was probably “talking to her” for the publicity and he was only at her house for 1 hour here, 3 hours there.

    We shouldn’t all jump on Paris for being a disease ridden who-or, Ronaldo like hookers. While she’s certainly his type in a sense (and by type I mean skeezy girls because he has dated a lot of nasty money hungry chicks or hookers), she’s blond and white and he doesn’t go for that type. If you’ve seen any of his exes you know he likes Spanish/Brazilian looking women (from a recent interview he also added East European women to the list). He dated Gemma Atkinson, who’s blonde and English, but that was probably a boob thing, the rest have all been dark haired/dark skinned.

  22. Jag says:

    The other thing that led people to believe she has herpes is a series of photos that were taken of her when she wasn’t wearing underwear. I warn y’all to not search for them because they were so disturbing. I wouldn’t touch any guy who had been with her with a 10 foot pole. (She’s also been photographed with a cold sore on her mouth lips.)

  23. Anoneemouse says:

    Please vapid woman….just go.

  24. Anoneemouse says:

    “But what about the guys who think Paris and Lindsay are some kind of quality girlfriend?”

    What makes you think any guy wants or thinks Paris or Lindsay would make a quality girlfriend? I think guys get what they can from them because they are oh so very very easy. At the end of the day, they both come home alone.

  25. Enonymous says:

    Eastern Europeans are not dark skinned. But Ronald was linked to an Indian actress as well as his preferred choice of Spanish and Portuguese ladies. That man certainly has a reputation of being around the block too many times, especially for such a young age.

  26. sizzle says:

    i hope paris your hooker vagi** gets stuck up in that gay ronaldos dick and u both die of being unable to piss.

  27. Magsy says:

    Go away Duchess of Skank!

  28. Hunter says:

    He’s just as bad with his liking for prostitutes. Mutant Ninja new pox strain on the loose, so potent could it have actually freaked your American hooker out ??

    Or was it, little boys grow up to be like their mommie pic


    If it doesn’t show up, dailymail etc & Dolores Aveiro search.

    See he also goes by a fake name, Ronaldo- mY ass, no he isn’t getting anywhere near it either lol !!

  29. Ashley says:

    Enonymous: But the ones he dated (some married mail order bride afew months back) are dark haired.

    You can have some dark people from Eastern Europe, they’re not all white and Russian looking.

  30. Enonymous says:

    Having dark hair does not mean they are not white, it means they are brunette. I have been to Russia and most of the Russians are very dark hair white skinned people and that’s what most of Eastern Europeans looked like too when I traveled around Europe. Don’t confuse hair color with skin color.

    I too remember reading about the “mail order bride” you mention and she was Russian actually who was married to a rich British guy.

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