Carrie Underwood in Fouad Sarkis at the CMA Awards: ridiculous but fun?

The CMA Awards were held last night, hosted by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood for literally the tenth time in a row. I’m not going to act like any of us watched it. The Washington Post has a rundown of the best moments and performances along with the winners if you’d like more of an overview of the show. Pink performed, the female and male vocalist of the year awards went to Miranda Lambert and Chris Stapleton respectively, with Stapleton taking album of the year as well. Garth Brooks was the entertainer of the year. Single of the year went to Keith Urban for “Blue Ain’t Your Color” and song of the year (don’t ask me the difference) was awarded to Taylor Swift for the song she wrote for Little Big Town, “Better Man.” (Taylor was in NY rehearsing for SNL/filling out her burn book and did not make it to the ceremony.) We’re just going to talk about what the attendees wore. While I still enjoy looking at red carpet gowns it rings somewhat hollow as we’re hearing so many stories about Hollywood men being horrible predators.

We all need a little superficiality at times though, so let’s look at Carrie Underwood in a Fouad Sarkis Couture gown that Sofia Vergara is so jealous she didn’t wear first. It’s an off the shoulder mermaid dress with got ruffles along the bustline and down the sleeves and it’s very low cut but look there’s a little nude fabric sewn in the deep v-neck to ensure there are no wardrobe malfunctions. I do like the color and at least Carrie didn’t go big with her hair too right? Baby steps.

Also it’s cool that her husband, hockey player Mike Fisher, came too. He doesn’t always show up to her stuff so that was nice.


My girl Michelle Monaghan was one of the only women in pants. She was wearing a black sequin Paco Rabanne jumpsuit and holy crap she looks amazing. The whole side of that thing is open though, go here to see. It also has stirrups! If I had her figure I would wear the hell out of that.



In contrast Kelsea Ballerini chose this awful white cutout Michael Kors Collection dress with gold floral accents. I’m looking at these pictures and grimacing this is so bad.



Pink! I don’t know who did this voluminous tulle gown but it reminds me of Kesha’s Monsoori gown from earlier this year or the Christian Siriano gown that Kasey Musgraves wore to the CMAs last year. Unlike those other ladies, I think Pink is pulling this off with attitude.



Kelly Pickler was in metallic and green feathered Pamella Roland. This is a little too fussy for my taste but she looks like she’s having fun.


This is what thirst looks like. Lea Michele in Zuhair Murad. Maybe if she paired this mini dress with tights like it was styled on the runway it would be slightly better.


Miranda Lambert was in a baby blue Tony Ward gown with a silver firework pattern. This gown is gorgeous and I love the simple metallic belt. It would be cute if it was opaque all over though and not strategically see through.



Faith Hill was in Armani Prive and I feel like she needs to put her hair down because this gown is making her look very elongated, I’ll say that. Over at redcarpet fashion awards they said the same thing, but I swear I thought of it independently. She and Tim McGraw are looking kind of preserved, but maybe that’s just all the makeup. I like that he went with a velvet jacket. Some dudes can pull off velvet jackets.



I’m including Karlie Kloss at the end because she just ran the NYC Marathon! Go Karlie! That slinky red Elie Saab is perfection.


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  1. Whoopsy Daisy says:

    How many country music awards are there? It seems like there’s one every week.

  2. Kelly says:

    I️ can’t remember which is which, but one of those single/song of the year goes to the artist and one goes to the songwriter. Keith writes a lot of his owns stuff so he got them both.

    Mike Fisher a lot of times didn’t go to Carrie’s events because he just retired from hockey in June and he was usually traveling during then.

    The best past of the CMAs was Sturgill Simpson busking outside with his Grammy.

    • Happy21 says:

      YES with Sturgill. Huge fan here. That was freaking awesome. It had something like 79,000 views by the time I went to bed last night.
      “I heard they were celebrating country music down here tonight, so I thought I’d come play some” BHAHAAA!

  3. leskat says:

    I’ll take the fun and frivolity and general extra-ness of all this fashion to give my brain a rest from the shit storm that’s been going on as of late. Looking at this is like a well needed pause for my outrage and disappointment in literally everything.

    • Erinn says:

      Yes. This is a nice palette cleanser, honestly. Country awards are always so extra and over the top – and sometimes it’s just FUN. And they know that most people will be wearing just as over the top outfits, so there’s so few people who tone it down.

      I wish I had the body and occasion to wear a black, sequined jumpsuit, tbh.

      • leskat says:

        Isn’t that jumpsuit incredible?! I’m jealous I don’t have the body to wear something like that and look that cute! It’s nice to see such fun and embellishment and know that no one there gives a hoot about negative opinions on it 🙂

      • Antonym says:

        It’s giving me an irrational desire to wear a pair of stirrup pants….

  4. CynicalAnn says:

    Oh my god-Faith’s face. I hope that’s just makeup.

    • lucy2 says:

      It kills me that someone that pretty ever messed with their face.

    • Sigh... says:

      Altho a pretty woman, I never followed Faith Hill closely, but did her mouth always have such a noticeable…tilt (for lack of a better, less offensive word)? Was that always there, but getting more severe w/ age or because of botched botox/fillers?

      • Jayna says:

        Faith has a lot of lines on her face. I wonder if she’s a smoker.

        I guess I don’t see a face botched from too much plastic surgery. I see an angular face that aged. If she put weight on, her face would probably benefit.

    • holly hobby says:

      Yes she looks totally different! I wouldn’t have known it was her if I didn’t read the article all the way through. Why Faith?

      Carrie looks sort of plastic. Not sure if she had work done or not but something looks different.

  5. ELX says:

    Zuhair Murad is precisely why Marchesa may survive if they concentrate on the right market segments. There is a real market for the pageant/icecapades look out there.

    Also, it’s not just Faith Hill’s hair, the makeup is much too harsh. A softer color would be less aging.

  6. lucy2 says:

    CMA fashion is rarely good.
    I love Karlie’s though! Not surprised it’s Elie Saab, I like so many of their gowns.

  7. OTHER RENEE says:

    Carrie and Karlie look amazing. Carrie doesn’t age at all. Kellie Pickler looks cute. Miranda looks ok (Sometimes I think there are no other female country singers out there because she always wins everything). And no, Pink did NOT pull off that dress at all. (I like her so it gives me the sads to write this.)

    • MandyMc says:

      OtherRenee I agree with everything you said. Kellie looks adorable, Karlie looks hot, and I’ve never seen Carrie wear something low cut so that’s new.

      Faith looks sad. There’s something in her eyes that looks like she could cry at any moment.

  8. Renee2 says:

    There are no people of color at these events. No Latinos, and there are a lot Mexican-Americans who perform country music and listen to it.

  9. kimbers says:

    they’re all nice. none had me salivating.

  10. Feedmechips says:

    Miranda’s boyfriend looks like he could be my dirtbag ex’s identical twin. It surprises me every time I come across pictures of him on the red carpet.

  11. Electric Tuba says:

    Kelsea Ballerini is a name…

  12. Jayna says:

    I really don’t listen to country music much at all, just a few artists if I like the album, like Miranda’s new album, but I actually like the CMAs and the performances. Miranda out on stage with just her guitar performing Tin Man was amazing. I don’t even believe in God anymore, but Reba and some Christian singer did a duet performing a Christian song. And it was so beautiful. I guess I just liked both women’s vocals together. I will always love Reba’s voice.

    And I always love red carpets at award shows for the fashion, good or bad.

  13. Mar says:

    This post makes me happy. I like the fun outfits and the makeup is nice too.

  14. Tiffany says:

    Michelle’s face….ummmmmmmmm.

  15. Pandy says:

    LOVE Carrie’s dress! I’m surprised that I do like all of them except Pink’s monstrosity. Not too keen on Kelli and Miranda’s dresses either. I like the cut out MK!

  16. jugil1 says:

    I barely recognized Michelle Monaghan. What work has she had done?????
    Something nice…..I like her jumpsuit.

  17. Alix says:

    Is Karlie a big country-music fan? Otherwise seems like a random event to turn up for… what was her marathon time, I wonder!

  18. Tallia says:

    Wow, I actually love what Kelsea Ballerini is wearing. Everyone else gets a hard pass, although the purple color on Carrie Underwood is gorgeous.

  19. I Choose Me says:

    So Miranda Lambert wins everything, every year right? Like at this point the awards people have a pre-engraved statue for her?

    P.S. I love her song Tin Man.