Lindsay Lohan’s dad to visit her in rehab, get own reality show

Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael, who conveniently found God during the two years he was incarcerated for multiple charges including assault and DUI, wrote Lindsay several public letters urging her to turn her life over to the Lord. Once he got out, he never hesitated to talk smack about her and her mother, telling the press that she was addicted to Oxycontin, that she got started drinking and drugging at an early age, and that her mother Dina even took cocaine when she was pregnant with Lindsay, a charge she denies.

After not seeing his daughter for three years Michael is finally going to get the chance he doesn’t seem to deserve and will be visiting her this week at the country club rehab where she’s staying in Utah. This was said to be Lindsay’s older brother’s idea, and Lindsay’s mom agreed. She had the restraining order against Michael lifted so he could visit his daughter. Lindsay’s dad won’t get any alone time with her, though. She will be accompanied by a counselor at all times. Maybe they’re afraid he’ll slip her some drugs in a hollow bible:

Lindsay Lohan and her mother, Dina, have decided to allow Michael Lohan to visit his eldest daughter at her Utah rehab. “It was actually her older brother, Michael’s, idea. It’s a part of the healing process,” a friend said. “Lindsay will see him later this week, but she will have counselors with her. It will not be alone.” Michael – whose divorce from Dina is likely to be finalized soon, now that they’ve resolved most issues between them, including custody – hasn’t seen Lindsay in years due to his abusive temper and violent behavior. In order for him to be allowed to visit, Dina – who has a restraining order out against Michael – had to get it lifted. “Dina thinks it is a good idea,” the friend said. “Lindsay needs to deal with this and needs closure.” Michael has said he’s been sober and found God since leaving jail earlier this summer. A rep for the Lohans said, “Yes, he will be seeing his daughter.”

[From Page Six]

And, just like Lindsay’s other parent, Michael is rumored to be getting his own reality show.

Lindsay Lohan’s nightmares might be coming true. That is, the nightmare about her chatty father Michael getting his own reality show. Michael originally pitched the scenario of a “Lohan Family” series but naturally his exwife Dina and kids vetoed THAT idea. But Michael didn’t give up – he had reality cameras follow him through his divorce court battle with Dina and he’s got some entertaining footage. Insiders say that ex-jailbird Michael is an interesting enough character to have a show without the other Lohans. (Although he’s likely to drag them into it, somehow.) The show’s being shopped around as you read this.

[Janet Charlton’s Hollywood]

Dina’s show “Momager” is already a go and will air on the E! Network in 2008. Since Michael is still shopping his around maybe it won’t get picked up and we’ll be spared that piece of pop culture trash.

I bet that the only reason that Dina agreed to let Michael visit Lindsay was so that she could get some good footage for her reality show. There will probably be two sets of cameras there, one for Michael’s planned show and another for Dina’s in the works. Lohan will talk in her 60 year-old voice about how great she’s doing in rehab and it will be the highlight of both shitty reality shows, hyped to death in the commercials for each and shown in the last episode to great disappointment. People will be asking themselves “Why did I watch the whole thing? Is that it?”

Maybe that’s why LohitneyParis continue to top themselves daily. They know we want drama, dammit, and they’re willing to sacrifice themselves for our entertainment. Their families are also assumed to be worthy by extension, but that remains to be seen.

Thanks to user the_bat1 on ONTD for these pics of Michael Lohan in a see-through shirt.

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