Lin Manuel Miranda is bringing Hamilton to Puerto Rico to help with tourism

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Lin Manuel Miranda has devoted much of his time, money and effort of late to aid the people of Puerto Rico, who lost so much in the wake of Hurricane Maria. The 37-year-old recently enlisted the aid of fellow entertainers, including Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan and Rita Moreno, among others, for the charity single “Almost Like Praying.”

Since its release on October 6, the song has hit #1 on iTunes in 17 countries. Lin told CBS News that, as far as how much the tune has made, “I don’t know yet! You know, I know that we’ve sold over 150,000 copies on iTunes. That’s $1.29 each. So that’s minimum $150,000.” All the profits go to a fund to help the Caribbean island recover.

Lin went to Puerto Rico on Tuesday to not only see the sites he spent many summers visiting (his parents were born in PR and his grandparents lived outside San Juan), but to announce that he was returning to the role that shot him into theater superstardom, Alexander Hamilton, in the musical Hamilton. Lin is bringing the show to the University of Puerto Rico’s Teatro UPR from January 8 – 27, 2019.

The actor, who won a Tony for the role, shared his excitement with Twitter, sharing, “I have a year and a bit to remember the words.”

Lin told CBS’ David Begnaud that he hopes the show will bring tourists back to the island and shared that locals would have the chance to attend, revealing, “We’re also going to be pricing hundreds of tickets that will only be $10 so that people on the island can enjoy the show.”

When asked by the reporter, “What is expected of you, as a Puerto Rican?” Lin replied, “Well, it’s complicated, because I didn’t grow up here, so it’s this weird mix of I will do anything to support the island, but I also don’t for a second pretend I know what’s best for the island, because I don’t live here. My job is to amplify the concerns of Puerto Rico.” He went on to add that his biggest concern for the island was “the immediate needs of the hardest-hit towns. It’s those towns in the mountains, and the hardest-hit towns that we are still struggling to get aid to.”

I think it’s awesome that Lin is doing this for the people of Puerto Rico. I’m also glad I have a year and some change to save up some money to head to the island to see the show. Who’s with me?
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20 Responses to “Lin Manuel Miranda is bringing Hamilton to Puerto Rico to help with tourism”

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  1. Sullivan says:

    I’m in! Puerto Rico, here we come!

    • mia girl says:

      Count me in too!

      I am U.S. born Cuban and like Lin Manuel, as a kid I was lucky enough to spend a few summers in Puerto Rico with my aunt & uncle who made a life there after leaving Cuba.

      Also, I was lucky enough to see the original cast of Hamilton.

      Happy to say, both PR and the musical are worth the trip. Let’s go!

    • delphi says:

      I’m in! My mom lived in PR for 2 years as a child (her dad was an engineering professor and taught classes in an exchange program at University of Puerto Rico), and she has always maintained a love of the island and its people and culture.

      Hell, I’ll take up collections from my fellow theatre folks to subsidize tickets for the citizens. This is beyond amazing, and Lin is a glorious soul.

    • shlockOftheNEw says:

      I have been looking for an excuse for my whole life- was adopted & maternal grandparents were born in PR!

  2. greenmonster says:

    Lin Manuel Miranda is one of the reasons I still believe things can get better.

    Also, I’m in. January 25 2019 will be my 40th birthday and seeing LMM performing as Hamilton would be amazing. Havet o text my partner now, so he starts saving money ;)

  3. third ginger says:

    A shining light in dark times!!

  4. Nicole says:

    Lin has been nonstop for PR along with his entire family. It’s great. I’ve donated to his foundation twice alone and to some of the other local orgs his dad promoted.
    Also he didn’t win a tony for playing Hamilton he lost out to Leslie who played Burr. He won the Tonys for writing and producing the show. Just clarification.

    • NotoriousMCG says:

      Another small clarification to the story – Lin got superstardom in the theatre world from In The Heights first. I worked at a theatre festival where Hamilton workshopped and Lin was already royalty before anyone heard a beat of music from Hamilton.

  5. momoffour says:

    That guy is awesome. I hero worship him. If you haven’t seen Hamilton yet, there are no words for how awesome it is. No wonder it’s creator is such a great guy.

  6. CFY says:

    I’m there. We live in Florida, have friends in PR and were already planning on visiting… this just gives us a timeframe!

  7. Patricia says:

    Yes Lin!!! This makes me so excited! My husband grew up in PR and my little son has only been there once, and I wonder when the island will be in a good enough place for us to bring both of our little ones to. This gives me such hope that it will be soon! Lin is wonderful and even though he didn’t grow up in PR he certainly embodies the spirit!

  8. Lama Bean says:

    I’m in. No doubt. I’m graduating with my PhD and have considered taking a position on the island just to devote a ton of time to rebuilding efforts.

  9. Boston Green Eyes says:

    I saw an interview last spring with Lin (on 60 Minutes, I think?) and remembered thinking, “what an awesome guy!” I was just blown away by him. When I heard he was doing this for PR, I was like, gotta get down there and see this!

  10. JRenee says:

    A feel good post. He has been relentless with his efforts to help PR. Absolutely wonderful!

  11. nikzilla says:

    I’m definitely going. I’ve been wanting to spend tourism dollars there ever since the hurricane, since it’s their only export. As a PR that didn’t grow up on the island either, I applaud Lin for all his efforts. That song is fire too