Taylor Swift’s current relationship is: amazing, sizzling, very normal & respectful…?

Taylor Swift seen leaving secret performance in NYC

Here are some increasingly rare candid paparazzi shots of Taylor Swift from the past few days, mostly as she’s been coming and going from various promotional events for her album, which dropped last week. As for the album… it’s still selling well, and it’s already surpassed 1 million in just a handful of days. It’s a special kind of gift that Taylor has, that the album which probably isn’t her best or most sonically cohesive effort is the one that moves the most units the fastest.

Full disclosure, and I’m sure this isn’t a surprise, but I haven’t heard the whole album. I’ve never bought an entire Taylor Swift album, because I don’t give a sh-t. In my head, I imagine Reputation is just a lot of snake hissing in between off-tempo hip thrusts and lyrical allusions to Kanye. Apparently, there is one song (at least!) about Tom Hiddleston: “Getaway Car.” The lyrics seem to be about how Taylor was looking for a reason to dump Calvin Harris and Hiddles was her getaway car from the Calvin relationship and that’s why they were doomed from the start, because she used Hiddles as a jumpoff. She also lyrically implies that she was drinking heavily throughout the entire Tiddles mess. Which is funny! Because The Glorious Tiddlebanging made me feel like I was drunk too.

This “Getaway Car” thing is just another reminder of the shady way Taylor creates two narratives around her relationships: one narrative is being told in real time, through the press around her relationships as she’s dating a guy, and then there is the after-action narrative in her music, the post-breakup, hindsight-is-20/20, “retelling of the relationship” narrative. The real time narrative of Tiddles was that it was all giddy swan pastries and worldwide love tours. The after-action narrative was that he was a means to an end, an excuse to leave Calvin, etc. If that makes you wonder how she’ll write about Joe Alwyn when all things are said and done… well, me too. Speaking of, here’s Taylor’s latest real-time narrative:

Taylor Swift has spent much of the last year assembling her latest smash, Reputation, drawing passion (and some lyrical inspiration) from her sizzling romance with Joe Alwyn. While the 27-year-old superstar’s global arena tour will take her away from her British boyfriend for much of next year, an insider tells PEOPLE that the couple aren’t sweating it.

“When Taylor tours internationally next year, they will figure it out,” says the source. “This is not anything they are stressing about. Their relationship is amazing, because they are both committed to making it work. It’s just a very normal and respectful relationship, built on give-and-take. Joe is a gentleman and just a great guy to date.”

The insider adds that they’ve confronted scheduling and distance problems before due to Alwyn’s acting career. “When Joe is filming, Taylor flies to see him as much as she can—most recently in Atlanta.”

For the time being, spreading her new music is first and foremost in the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer’s mind. And it’s definitely been spreading—Nielsen Music has announced that Reputation officially passed 1,050,000 in sales as of Monday, putting it on track to become the best-selling album of 2017.

Swift is determined to thank the ones who made it possible. “Taylor spent the weekend in N.Y.C.,” the source continues. “She has been super excited to release her album. She is very proud of it and couldn’t wait to share it — she even spent time with fans over the weekend. Her life is great and she is very happy.” And a happy Swift makes for a happy Alwyn. “Joe shares her excitement. They are very happy together. They are both extremely hard-working, focused and supportive of each other’s careers.”

[From People]

The key word here is “sizzling.” Does Taylor ever really sizzle with anyone? She didn’t sizzle with Calvin, or Tom, and Joe Alwyn looks too much like her creepy Twilight Zone twin to really imagine them “sizzling” anywhere, at any time. In any case, what will Joe’s car metaphor be? The little British lemon? The sleek Jaguar that was always in the garage? The Volvo that enjoyed her baking?

Last thing: snake fans are freaking out about this Buzzfeed article. Beyond the “aggressively white” quote (sooo controversial!), the article makes some very solid observations, I thought.

Taylor Swift arrives to the SNL after party with her pal Martha Hunt

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Just another way she’s a snake. She gets to paint herself as the victim after every relationship when in reality the common factor is her.
    And that buzzfeed article was spot on.

    • blacksheep says:

      what I dont understand is…

      she lied. she said kanye didn’t call her.
      in response to that, kim posted the video of the phone call taylor said didn’t exist (the lie).
      after getting called out on that, and deflecting “well, he didn’t ask about that lyric” (you just said there was no phone call….) people posted snakes on her social media.

      Did she forget that she lied, and people are calling her a snake because she was caught lying? I don’t get it. She seems to have forgotten that part, and how it created the whole snake thing. Everytime I see her w/the snake motif, I go…’wait, so is she declaring she is proudly a liar?’ wut?

      also, I’ve stopped judging the relationship stuff. These are all co-beardings. Genius in a way, ‘we give each other the hetero romance image for the public, I get to write fiction in song to match’ Her fans eat it up, it’s narratives they love. I think if she ever did come out as bisexual or gay or whatever, it would be when her fans are all grown up and don’t care. My cousin had a crush on Ricky Martin so hard…and now, well, she doesn’t care that he’s out lol.

      • monette says:

        She didn’t forget. She is owning the snake and trying to stick another meaning to it hoping that by doing that WE will forget that 🐍 = Taylor = liar.
        She is trying to change the narrative. Logic is not needed. It’s a PR tactic.

      • Daisy says:

        Nah, she never lied about the phone call taking place – she always admitted that. Her rep’s initial statement was:

        “Kanye did not call for approval but to ask Taylor to release his single ‘Famous’ on her Twitter account. She declined and cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message. Taylor was never made aware of the actual lyric, ‘I made that bitch famous’”

        Kim’s tape made it seem like she was aware of that line. At least, aware enough not to give the speech she did at the Grammys. After the tapes, Taylor made it specifically about not knowing he was gonna use the word ‘bitch’ but by then, nobody was buying it.

      • Alleycat says:

        @Daisy that’s bs and you know it. What we know: Taylor approved the song, told him he could use the line about making her famous because that’s his version of what happened, was ok with the line about them having sex, said she would be in on that joke when the media called him out on it. But you still think she had the issue about the word “b*tch”? Her initial denial stated Kanye didn’t call for approval but for her to post on twitter. How are stans still trying to rewrite history?

      • DiligentDiva says:

        This is why the entire album falls apart for me, the songs are lackluster because Taylor is trying to rewrite the narrative, and her stans are just allowing her. She literally has a line “friends don’t try to trick you, get you on the phone then mind twist you.” It’s like Taylor you realize that’s what you did not what Kayne did.
        As much as I hated the “Getaway Car” song at least she was being honest, she used Tom Hiddleston to get away from Calvin Harris and to deflect from the drama.

      • Nicole says:

        Nah that’s the crap she wants you to think because she got caught. She played Kanye because she knew people would villanize him. Add in that “poor white woman/scary black man trope” and you have a recipe of how Taylor overcame the big mean Kanye again. She lied. She knows she lied. She didnt forget…she counted on the public believing her. That narrative is over.

      • Daisy says:

        @Alleycat Huh? What about my comment was BS? No, I *don’t* think Taylor’s issue was really with the word ‘bitch’ and said in my comment that nobody bought it.

        @DiligentDiva It’s really noticeable that she never gives any real explanation for what happened. Just makes vague comments about receipts being edited and being tricked. If that’s what happened, why not explicitly say so. She has no cogent defence of herself.

    • jammypants says:

      I think the bigger issue is that in the call she sounded ok with being referred to as becoming famous through Kanye. And her Grammys speech indicated she wasn’t cool with it after the fact. Then when she got exposed, she changed it to not appreciated being called a B. Imo, Kanye was a prick for even putting her in that position but she handled it incredibly poorly and even worse by exploiting the innocent blonde child/black male predator trope. Just ugh all around to both.

  2. Alleycat says:

    Taylor is fascinating to me because she is so asexual. When she talks about relationships (even in this article), it doesn’t even sound real. It’s like she took what she thinks relationships are from movies or friends, and then babbles her own version of it. It would be perfectly normal if her and Joe were nervous about the long distance thing. But nope, her and Joe are the most sizzling, greatest, happiest relationship that have ever existed in the history of the world. So there.

    • ell says:

      women (or men for that matter) don’t have to be openly sexual though, it’s is their choice how they want to appear.

      and this is why i should stay away from TS’ posts btw, some of the comments are way too male- gazey. ugh.

      • Alleycat says:

        @Ell in what world did I say she had to be sexual? She seems asexual to me and that’s not an insult. Give me a break.

      • Nick says:

        Do you not know what asexual means?

      • ell says:

        i know very well what it means, and yes, everyone is using the term wrongly in respect to taylor.

        taylor not being overtly sexual or sexy has little to do with asexuality, and whether she’s asexual (which is none of our business btw) has little to do with whether she’s into her boyfriends or not. many asexuals are perfectly happy to be in relationships, it’s the sex bit that doesn’t interest them.

    • yanni says:

      Oh, wow. I never realized this before but you’re right. She comes across as very asexual (at least the me as well!).

    • Artemis says:

      She sings about sex with Joe too, and I had to pause and cringe. After the whole ‘trust him like a brother’ lyric, it gave me Flower in the Attic feels…yikes.

      The best thing that could happen to Joe is that she falls in love with somebody else during the tour. She was away from Calvin for a big part of their relationship and got bored when she finally did spend time with him. She clearly goes through phases, she sings so herself, and I doubt she is the kind of person who truly believes in ‘the one’ and commitment seeing as there has been overlap with guys for a long time now and she never had a long-term relationship (1 year is nothing). When everybody is ‘the one’, there can’t ever be ‘the one’.

      We clearly don’t know her intentions, she’s not looking for her ‘prince’, I could see her cheating on Joe if she feels like it. Her image and looks help cultivate this idea in fans’ head that she only breathes for her boyfriends and she’s so loving but this album paints another picture. Girl reminds me of Jlo: in love with love.

      • Hey says:

        Taylor does believe in the one commitment. The problem with Taylor is, she is a good girl, and it very obvious that she is, she doesn’t try to rebel, she never has. Because of that, her taste in men are rebellious bad boy types. Why do you think she wrote IKYWT about Harry and Treacherous, she was attracted to Harry, because she liked what he brought, instead of the “safe” drive road (like she talks about in Treacherous) always goes on, she realizes, the safe drive isn’t worth it. That’s why she went with Harry and allowed her heart to be broken numerous of times. Bad boys are her types. Jake, Mayer, Harry… All bad boys. The ones who are lovely to her, and paint her as an angel (gold), are Tom Hiddleston, Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner, and when they do that, she cuts them loose. Then… She complains that nobody will love her / treat her right. Yet, the men who did, were cut. I remember Zac would glorify Taylor, say she was an angel, and her voice is perfection, while at the same time, comment on her unconditionally sweet loving personality and how much he loved her. The guy would whistle and scream her name during award shows they both attended, then, she threw him under the bus writing Girl at Home about him. Same, with Tom, wrote Getaway Car about him.
        Taylor likes the bad boys, treats the good boys like their her nightmare!

    • Amide says:

      What’s funnier is that IMO, Swift tries hard to be sexy. But it’s like finding a bowl of bournvita sexy!!

    • Rey says:

      I agree @Alleycat. Her every relationship is like a Nicolas Sparks book.

      As for her asexuality, Taylor Swift is a conventionally beautiful woman. Tall, great body, symmetrical face and all that. Yet, she never looks sexy to me even when she is wearing sexy outfits. So yeah. I agree with Kaiser, Swifty does not sizzle with anyone.

    • Wren says:

      She’s always given me those vibes too. Of course she owes nobody her sexuality but she pushes the “romance” stories so, so hard it’s difficult not to think about. There’s this level of unreality that permeates all her relationship narratives, like I’m reading a book written by an overly sentimental recluse whose only exposure to romance is through fairy tales and rom coms.

    • Beatrix says:

      Exactly. No way this shenanigan is real. I get that pop stars don’t owe their audiences any personal details about themselves, but she exploits her fake boyfriends, so this is where things get transparent after 2+ fake relationships. Exhausting.

  3. ell says:

    she’ll dump him soon enough imo, because she’ll get bored of ‘normal’.

    re taylor creating 2 narratives of her relationships: don’t we all sort of do that? several of my female friends seem ridiculously happy in relationships, then they split up suddenly and they talk awfully about it.with TS it’s just all in a larger scale.

    but i’m happy people continue to call her out on her insistence in not denouncing white supremacists. seriously, it’s nagl.

    • MI6 says:

      Actually, no, we don’t. It’s called adulting.

    • Lindy79 says:

      I see what you’re saying to a point. Its something I see a lot of on social media, this need to project a perfect #relationshipgoals or #couplegoals. The difference being is that you can’t maintain that forever and I do believe that truly mature people don’t shit all over an ex partner just because they broke up (abuse, cheating etc all withstanding). You know, all the “I hated him anyway, he was so lame, he was awful etc.”..well why were you with him then? Hurt and move on, but don’t act like he was holding you hostage.

      • ell says:

        i agree with you. i was just pointing out that it’s rather common, like you say, it’s all over social media and something regular folks do all the time as well.

      • Wren says:

        I agree. But remember that trashing after the fact is often a coping mechanism employed to try and salvage some sense of stability. Sour grapes and all that. You wanted this thing so badly and now you can’t have it so you console yourself by saying it was crap anyway. So I get it. It’s not pretty and if it happens over and over and over and over with no self reflection and nothing learned…. well…… yeah.

    • Daisy says:

      I agree. I’ll preface this by saying that I don’t really believe this song’s account is what actually happened, but the narrative Swift creates is believable and something that women do – think a guy/relationship is wonderful in the moment, but when all is said and done, look back and realise it was actually more about where you were emotionally at the time than it was about the guy. That’s a huge reason why she sells – she packages these PR romances into something relatable for her fans.

  4. Lindy79 says:

    Why the feck does she, a grown adult, need an excuse to leave a relationship?? What a stupid narrative to tell and what a f*ck you to the person who you did family pap strolls and European tours with. Just makes her seem even more calculating in all honesty.

    • MI6 says:

      Exactly. Woman up and leave. You’ve got to use someone else and their family as an excuse and mock them afterward? Disgusting. 🐍🤢

    • Josie says:

      These *leaked* stories are hilarious “Their relationship is amazing, because they are both committed to making it work”, overcompensating much?

    • QueenB says:

      To be fair if your entire career revolves around it the fans kind of expect it.

      And the Tiddlebanging was beyond silly so she’ll have to find a narrative that she was the cool player that was above it all and not someone who sells out her love life to divert attention from being called out for lying.

      • Lindy79 says:

        Yes, very true and at least she’s given up pretending she dumped him because he wanted the fame. The man who has pretty much disappeared for the past 9 months haha.
        That narrative wasn’t working and she can;t suddenly claim he was horrible, or that would have come out when they broke up first, so it’s this she’s going with.

    • Cranberry says:

      Tell it girl!
      I think she did need an excuse because Calvin dumped her, not the other way around. He got out because their “arrangement” had come to the end of it’s usefulness. Calvin was probably told through mutual associates of Kimye’s receipts and the sh*t storm to follow.
      It was definitely in his interest to distance himself from her before it happen to not look like a cowardly, sh*thole boyfriend to her fans.

      Taylor’s team then scrambled to find her a new and better honey to distract from how bad Kimye made her look. In the ensuing narrative her team played on Tom’s rep as the “living prince charming”. He’s obviously better than Calvin, after all, he does so many public romantic things with her. He even ‘pap-met’ her parents, and she ‘pap-met’ his mother. True love. It’s a page ripped straight out of the junior high school survival guide.

  5. Milla says:

    She looks good, not too skinny. That’s all i got.

    • blacksheep says:

      Yea, definitely think she put on some weight and that in her particular case she looks thicker a bit in a very attractive way (dare I say..sexy? I don’t associate that adjective really w/her often, lol)

      If she ever comes out of the closet – Taylor, call me!

    • Lauren II says:

      The baggy sweater ensemble makes Tay look preggo. Usually she wears form fitting clothing. Who wears a baggy sweater while playing a piano? Baffling.

  6. MI6 says:

    Kaiser, you are too funny 😂
    This is the precursor to …”the distance was too much and they couldn’t make it work…”
    Rinse and repeat. Methinks young Joe has been gone for some time, but that would ruin Ms. 🐍’s present Luv narrative.
    Why do I feel like I’m watching a bad, scripted reality show set to worse music?

  7. blacksheep says:

    I read that Buzzfeed article. It is GREAT.

  8. monette says:

    There is a parallel to Kim’s 72 hours wedding. They both script their reality, use men, toss them out and act as victims.
    Kim needed a story for the show and she wanted to be married, Tay Tay needed to stick it to Calvin and a distraction from the Receipts.
    They are the same, but still Kim >Tay Tay because of the Receipts Day.

    • QueenB says:

      Taylors men at least keep on functioning in the world, the Kardashian men seem like they are permanently damaged.

  9. Beth says:

    Since this relationship is so amazing and sizzling, it’ll be more dramatic when she dumps him and will leave her with plenty to write ex boyfriend songs on her next album

  10. Paula says:

    “Swift is still absenting herself from the cultural conversation while simultaneously trying to center herself in it.” This sentence sums up why it bothers me so much that she doesn’t take a stand on her nazi fanbase.

  11. Artemis says:

    Why are all these write-ups so cringey?
    And a happy Swift makes for a happy Alwyn.

    TS and TS alone builds the narrative in real-time is right, these men don’t get to speak in real-time or afterwards. They don’t have a real agency over the situation even if they agree to trot out family for PR. They never know what’s coming next, TS might get bored of you or she might think of you as ‘the one’. Either way go with TS and you’re good. Go against her by speaking publicly and get dumped because only TS can speak about TS and her relationships. TH spoke a little bit trying to make the relationship seem legit and not a PR stunt and he was thrown out of her ‘Getaway Car’ LMAO. It’s both diabolical and funny.

    I appreciate TS’s obsession with maintaining control and truly being able to do what she wants and still get rewarded for it (for her flaws and all). That’s very rare for a woman in popculture. That said, Alwyn sharing TS’s sentiment about not being worried because TS is not worried already reveals so much about their dynamic. TS is the driving force in this relationship, I doubt he can say anything else because TS always gets to decide the narrative. I guess that’s the case for any high-profile celebrity. Alwyn is like a puppy caught in a hurricane, way in over his head.

    • jetlagged says:

      All of the gossip articles about Swift’s romances are from her perspective. The only time the guy and his feelings are mentioned at all is to make sure we all know he is hopelessly devoted to Taylor and isn’t intimidated by dating the “most desirable woman in the world”. The catch-phrases stay the same, only the boyfriend’s name changes. Every boyfriend is “a gentleman” and “supportive of her career” and “committed to making it work”…until suddenly they aren’t any of those things and somehow the end of the relationship becomes his fault.

  12. Anna nuttall says:

    Wow, I’m surprised Taylor hasn’t got apeshit over that Buzzfeed article. So accurate with a description of her.

  13. Jo says:

    Without looking, name 3 things you’ve seen Joe Alwyn in!



  14. Tim H says:

    Sorry, but Taylor Swift is about as sexy as a bowl of rolled oats. As a straight male, I can confirm there is nothing sizzling about this woman (not that there has to be! But if this is how she’s being described, it’s obviously her describing herself – the majority would agree that no one else can see anything sexual about her). She is like a cartoon character to me.

    • Fleurucci says:

      You’re right Tim, she really doesn’t have to be. But she’s aesthetically pleasing enough to do her job. Other currently popular popstars: Demi Lovato, Lorde, Gaga, Kesha, Cardi B, Meghan Trainor, Beyoncé, Solange, Katy Perry, Rihanna. Other than Rihanna obviously I don’t really think the others are WAY sexier fitter or prettier than her. Maybe one or the other. Not everyone female or not is going to a natural charismatic sexy pretty it girl like Rihanna.

  15. Daisy says:

    Some people seem to think not finding a person sexy = the person is asexual, which is so far away from what being asexual actually is.

    • Sullivan says:

      @Daisy I noticed that, too

    • Angel says:

      You know people mean it in the scientific way of ‘amaebas reproduces asexually’. People know she is a sexual being and has sexual relationships but somehow, being pretty and all, she is an amaeba.

    • gatorbait says:

      Right. For a group who considers themselves so modern and “woke” they sure do have quite a few of their own issues.

    • Red says:

      I think people know what asexual means. I agree with the above posters. While she’s obviously in these heterosexual relationships and she writes about them, she has no chemistry with any of them. She seems to be going through the motion of these relationships because she has to (for publicity or what have you), but looks so uninterested. Her being very unsexy is a separate issue.

      • Daisy says:

        Being asexual doesn’t mean you’re uninterested in a relationship, though? Some asexuals are in relationships where they love and adore their significant other, because relationships are more than just sex. Implying TSwift is asexual because she doesn’t seem into her boyfriends is not fair or accurate to asexuals.

      • Red says:

        @Daisy the point of being asexual is that you do not feel any attraction to others. Of course I don’t actually know Taylor, so I don’t know who she feels attracted to, if anyone at all. So I’m only going by her body language with others and how she talks about relationships. She does not seem interested in any gender but herself (and fame).

    • Cranberry says:

      According to the dictionary asexual as an adjective means:

      “without sexual feelings or associations”

      Most people calling Taylor asexual are equating “a” = “anti” or “without”. Meaning “Taylor is without sexuality” or rather “without sex appeal”.

      Going back to the adjective definition: “without sexual associations” seems to cover it all. She doesn’t have sex. She’s not sexy. She’s not sexual. She has no sexual feelings.

  16. DiligentDiva says:

    I slightly suspect Joe might be around for longer then people suspect (I’m suspecting a wedding might happen, a divorce as well but…), it’s been a year and no sign of a breakup. Unlike Calvin Harris who barely made it to that year mark. I think she realizes she needs a long-term relationship to start looking legit again.
    Her ability to twist the media about her relationships is fascinating. I remember all the Hiddleswift articles, clearly coming from her camp claiming it was 100% real true love. She literally met his mother, his sisters, and his niece publicly for the entire world to witness. Why would she do that if she was only trying to “Getaway” from Calvin.
    I think if Hiddleswift had gone over well they might have been together for longer. Taylor checked out due to the bad press it gave her. She miscalculated. Her and Calvin were on the outs, she needed guy to play the part of her boyfriend to deflect from the Kimye drama she knew would happen, and Tom Hiddleston was all too eager to get his name out there.
    Taylor didn’t realize how fame hungry they would look together though, and she checked out after realizing that her relationship with him was damaging to her image. Joe is much more suited for her image, a C-Lister British actor who doesn’t really look fame hungry, who will sit there and response “Yes Taylor, of course you’re right Taylor”.

    • Daisy says:

      What’s weird is that she had these high-profile, cheesy pap stroll PR romances with Jake Gyllenhaal and Harry Styles and was mocked for it then as well. And then praised for keeping the Calvin romance *slightly* more lowkey (by her standards). Why did she think another full-blown, pap photos every day-type relationship was the way to go? For someone who has run her career so well from a business perspective, she makes huge missteps when it comes to her image.

      • ell says:

        i think the only reason why with calvin it was low key, was because calvin would only agree to a certain amount of coverage. i’m no fan of his or particularly like him, but he’s not generally a pap-walker. so it’s entirely possible she only got that it was bad for her pr after TH.

      • Miss V says:

        I always cringe when I think about Jake Gyllenhaal taking part in that ridiculousness. Even though it was only a few months, it still looked so awkward and embarrassing. And, a relationship with Taylor Swift haunts you forever. Just ask… every guy she’s ever been with.

      • DiligentDiva says:

        To be honest I think she just panicked, and made a miscalculation. Which is why she dumped Hiddleston like a hot potato and went back right to the “I’m totally private” thing. She wasn’t making a lot of good moves in 2016, everything blew up in her face.
        I think she actually had a chance to be seen in a good light. If she had not gone after Kanye West in the way she did, played along at the Grammys and stuck to what she said she was going to do I think she wouldn’t have had the same pressure on her she did in 2016. She could have broken up with Calvin with the “need” for a getaway car, she wouldn’t have needed Hiddleston as a distraction and wouldn’t have outed herself as a PR relationship person yet again. Her relationship with Joe could have been privately announced and people would have admired it. She could have also gained more sympathy for her sexual assault case if she didn’t have 2016 laying on her shoulders.
        Reputation could have been a better album if she had focused like she did with 1989 on how the media treats her in regards to singing about relationships. But instead here we are with her. So smart that she isn’t smart at all…

    • Scout says:

      Literally no one cares about this kid, though, he is such a non-entity. I’m not even entirely convinced he’d a real person.

  17. Nancy says:

    I laughed reading this b/c sizzle is the word that stood out for me too. Taylor wouldn’t sizzle in a frying pan. Poor woman. The day she stops believing her own hype and gets over herself, is the day she has a chance to be happy.

  18. Plum says:

    Joe Alwyn seems to be very low-key (or at least he’s not famous enough to attract attention without Taylor) so I wonder how if feels with her writing an album where she publicly and openly swoons about him, how “Gorgeous” he is, how he saved her, how the relationship is amazing etc. Maybe a little bit embarassed?

    • Daisy says:

      Everybody who dates Swift knows she’s going to write songs about it. If that embarrassed him, he shouldn’t date her in the first place.

      I am curious about what makes a relatively normal guy date her, though. In 2017, you know that dating TSwift is going to blow up your life. I know love makes people take risks or whatever, but before ‘love’ happens, you’ve got to agree to a 1st date, 2nd date, etc. What makes a guy do that?

    • Hey says:

      No. She asked him if he could write an entire album about him, he said yes. She asked him if he can “run away” with her, he, again, said yes, that’s why she hid in London and went to extreme measures by wearing wigs and all of that. That was her “runaway” days, and what I mean by runaway, she was running from the media, the hate, she was running from the Kanye and Kim drama, her friends backstabbing her drama, and, the Tom/Taylor criticism, while at the same time running from Calvin. She was in a bad mental state, it is obvious, and he was her escape and showed her the other side of life, aside from the life she always knows and loves, which is camera’s flashing to yacht parties with A-lists… She traded it all to have a picnic with actual homemade burgers, to making fire’s with her “man” in her backyard. She says Joe doesn’t care for the fame and it all. Yet, then why did he say yes to having an album about him? Lol? He didn’t want her breaking up with him either, why? Because she is bringing him a career. He would never let that go. He also has her in the palm of his hands, because, she was in a bad mental state (everyone hit rock bottom.) He was the shoulder to cry on, she leans on him for happiness, when before she was strong and independent. It’s kind of sad.

  19. tw says:

    Insufferable, second only to GOOP.
    AND, while they’re both technically attractive, thin, white, blonde women neither has an ounce of sex appeal. I guess that’s why their PR teams try to convince us otherwise.

  20. Cranberry says:

    To me Taylor is all about passive-aggressive whiteness. Or maybe aggressively passive white? Aggressively passive-aggressive white? IDK

  21. Reef says:

    I don’t know why, “Taylor Swift aggressively white” is so funny to me but it is. Whatever folks want from her she’s not going to give it. You want her to speak against white supremacy, she’s not interested. You want her to be a common sense idea of a feminist when it doesn’t suit her, she’s not the one.
    She just wants to give us stale singles and a bland love story with an equally bland boyfriend. That’s it.

    • Daisy says:

      I think it’s so funny that someone who *is* so bland is such a divisive and controversial figure. On other forums, the Taylor Swift threads are always nutso with rabid stans and rabid haters. I’ve been reading the same criticisms about her attention-seeking, PR romances and petty songs since 2010; this is her *sixth* album and it’s still getting headlines. I feel like we’re gonna look back at this decade and be baffled that this woman got so many people riled up.

  22. jammypants says:

    So it’s ok if they are supportive of each other’s careers but not with Her exes? It’s ok if baby Joe who still lives at home spends her dime but not her exes? It’s ok if baby Joe gains exposure for his career but not her exes? Weird double standard she got there. The real problem is she couldn’t control her exes. They were successful men in their own right. With Joe, she could control the entire picture. She does not like being in a power couple relationship. No wonder she’s happy now.

    • Hannah says:

      Isn’t that boy 10 years or more younger than Hiddleston? Also isn’t he a recent graduate? And on top of that not from a wealthy family?totally agree that shaming Hiddleston for free loading is low. But anyone who lives in London knows that rent is ridiculously inflated and the average age people buy their first home is late 30s.

      So thh if my parents lived in London I would absolutely live with them while paying down student debt. Especially if I was also shooting movies and away for months on end.

      Btw I think you are right that this guy might suit someone with a big ego if he’s more chilled and laid back. Calvin and Hiddleston are both much more famous and both seem to be very ambitious and hard working. Someone with a huge ego and massive ambition like Taylor might actually be better suited to someone calmer and more laid back. Like she seems Uber dramatic. And at least Calvin was an equally big drama queen. Get the sense that guy won’t go on twitter to defend her when she does something stupid and make more drama like calvin used too.

    • Cranberry says:

      She might be happy, but it seems Joe is going to have to deal with the same negative effect Tom had to put up with of only being recognized as Taylor’s bf. Fortunately Tom had a lot more work under his belt and an established fan base when the Kimye bomb dropped on him. At this point, even if Joe gets some really good roles, he’s always going to be known as TS bf. He’s going to have to pull off spectacular performance as a compelling character in a very successful movie to shed the TS label. I just don’t see that in him. Even if he’s a good actor, he’s no Ryan Gosling which is what he’d have to pull off.

      • Hey says:

        If you watch his Ang Lee movie, and or even take a look at clips on YouTube, his performance is actually very mediocre, the ones who are overly praising it, are Taylor stans. That’s why his movie was never talked about, also the reason why he was never talked about. His acting is dull and, lifeless, it’s kind of like watching Steven R Mcqueen act from Vampire Diaries and or Daniel Radcliffe, he’s very weak.

  23. Fleurucci says:

    She looks gorgeous. Love her hair colour, and wavy bangs are so much cuter than curly bangs on her. I wouldn’t wear most of that but she’s pulling it off

  24. Cinderella says:

    I had a laugh at the grocery store checkout line yesterday. The bagger was telling the cashier how excited he was about Taylor Swift’s new album, with no response from the cashier who just kept scanning. Then the bagger repeated himself until the cashier finally said, “Sorry, dude, I’m not really into Taylor Swift.” The bagger’s face looked shocked. I needed to get my bags before they got dropped.

  25. Lily T says:

    The only sizzling I can inagine for Taylor and Joe is when they step into the sub together, a la True Blood.

  26. Sparkle says:

    She truly is one absolute despicable human. Can’t even be truthful in a relationship to not even to tell Calvin that things aren’t working out, and to split up.. She literally USES Tom Hiddleston and the media to do that for her.
    Yet to flip reverse it, if a man done that to a woman, then all hell would break loose, the man would be hated, called nasty things… (All the more so, if the said men were celebs)
    But nope, when Taylor Swift does it… She’s the “angelic” one… Stupid little snake needs to grow the heck up. To use a man, to get rid of another man is just a pathetic way to do things.

    So glad I’m no fan of hers, because after this, she deserves absolutely zero respect from me. She’s seen as a “role-model” to some people… She needs to realise this. Jumping from one man and onto another, gives her a whole new…. reputation …. A Kardashian type of reputation also..
    Which is a bad thing.

  27. virginfangirl says:

    Some would say I’m just being petty and sensitive like Taylor, but Taylor’s behavior can be very mean. Working in a school full of immature & mean behaviors, we are taught to stand up against bullies who are mean to others, and stick up for the victims. I fear for Joe. History has shown that he’ll get insulted and humiliated in a song, & I’m sure he’ll be as undeserving as all her other exes. Some might say he put himself in that situation, but that’s just blaming the victim.

  28. Scout says:

    She looks absolutely miserable at all times this era.

    • Madly says:

      Her outside is reflecting what is inside. Happy people don’t throw others under the bus, engage in petty behavior, start feuds, need to develop a creepy co-dependent relationship with their fans, and buy positive press about themselves. She is miserable and she is the source of her own misery.

    • Hey says:

      I’ve been saying this too, but hardcore stans come at me when I say this. Her eyes are the tell-all, she looks dead behind the eyes, when, never in my life have I seen her eyes like that, she always has a positive happy vibe, and her eyes are always lit, but from her recent performances she looks dead. Her outfits are not her style, yet she has to wear it, to convey the image she is sending with this album’s style. Her face is strongly bloated. I understand she gained weight, though, she looks healthy. But, at the same time, I get vibes as if she’s taking an Xanax or something. She’s incredibly independent, but this entire album basically exposed that she strongly leans on her boyfriend because when she met him she was in a bad mental state, and everything was hitting rock bottom for her. He’s basically the “shoulder to cry on” now, she leans on him for happiness, and seems off when she doesn’t have him. Taylor never use to be like this. Even when she was seeing Harry, she was incredibly vibrant and happy. Now? No.

      • virginfangirl says:

        And when she is showing happiness, it’s like manic happiness, like I just found my lost puppy happy. That kind of over the top happy is not normal long term happy. Either she’s faking this happy to the extreme, or somethings really off with her mental state. Not to mention the Joe Love Songs. You listen to Miley’s Malibu & feel her love, but with Taylor the song is often comparing Joe to her exes, making Joe look good by making others look bad, or she’s talking sex, but she really fails to make you feel true love in her songs.

  29. bikki says:

    the “aggressively white” buzzfeed article was really good, thank you for sharing.

    regarding swift, well just as an outside observer (not a fan, but don’t hate her; I did buy 1989 and Red yrs ago) all I can say is that her message is very muddled. if she’s such a bada** B & the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now, then why are her latest very public (i.e. not only for fans) marketing ploys harping on and on about how ‘sweet’ she is? which is it.. are you the resurrected villain, or the ‘sweet’, perpetual victim that is always misunderstood?
    …eh she’ll do whatever she feels like she needs to do, but point is that the marketing/PR message is not consistent and is a turn-off, especially to neutral bystanders like me.

  30. Close to a nervous breakdown, says:

    HAHAHAHAAHAHA @ “all giddy swan pastries and worldwide love tours” . THIS is (one of the many reasons why) I LOVE this siteeeeeeee.

  31. Lentils says:

    This woman couldn’t sizzle her way out of a sack! Oy!

    She really has changed and become an awful mess, hasn’t she? Like one of the other commenters said, she always looks miserable these days.

  32. Hey says:

    I know this sounds incredibly ignorant. But, does anyone find her relationship with him sort of odd, and kind of bad that’s she’s already jumping the ship, predicting him as her one, and the one who is going to marry her? The reason I say is, because, when he met her, he was well-aware that she was in a relationship, yet, flirted with her. Secondly, he was a Z-list. He was never a D-list. He only did one film at the time, yet, it flopped, his performance was not praised beside some (it was mediocre.) After, he randomly ran into Taylor again, and then they restart things. He now lands a Prada campaign (just like her other boyfriends, model contracts.) He then scored four roles right away, and back-to-back… Everything has been spiking because of his RS with Swift. Keep in mind, the lad never had a GF according to her PR who tipped that info to People. This guy has never experienced real fame for himself, or hers when she tours and is on the top of the line. He’s never even had a real GF, yet, Swift is the one he’s gonna marry? How does he knows who he likes, how he clicks with someone? He also has her in the palm of his hands because of her bad mental state when she got with him! (Ever since dating Swift, his name is always in the tabloids, his social media following went up, he got a modeling contract and scored 4 roles right away!)

    • virginfangirl says:

      Remember when Tom Cruise jumped on the sofa on Oprah & shouted he was in love. She reminds me of that.