Meghan Markle’s fur baby Bogart is living with ‘friends’ in America now

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce their engagement

As we discussed yesterday, there was a big press briefing about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for assorted media outlets. From the volume of information that came out of this briefing, it feels like this probably went on for hours. We know that Meghan and Harry will marry in May, at the “small” chapel at Windsor Castle. We know that Meghan will apply for British citizenship after they marry (or maybe even before). We know that it’s more than likely (I say it is certain) that the wedding will be televised. We know that the Windsors – probably Prince Charles for the most part – will pay for the wedding. We also know that Meghan will be baptized and confirmed within the Church of England. It was also pretty much said that Meghan and Harry are planning the wedding themselves, according to what they want, not what the palace wants.

Surprisingly, the briefing wasn’t just about the wedding planning. The press got to ask questions about an assortment of issues, and there were some really fascinating and bizarre confirmations. For one – this isn’t bizarre – it’s now widely assumed that Meghan will spend Christmas with the royals. Palace officials didn’t confirm that, but they didn’t deny it either, and now everyone assumes that Meghan will be at Sandringham for the holidays. Kate didn’t do that when she and William were just engaged (Christmas 2011): she spent the Christmas holiday with her family, although looking back on it, I think that was Kate making a choice to have a Middleton Christmas – she could have spent Christmas with the Windsors if she wanted to that year. As for the bizarre confirmations, here you go:

Meghan Markle has finally found her Prince Charming – but it has come at a huge cost, with the American actress forced to give up on many of her passions. rince Harry’s fiancee had to make the heartbreaking decision to leave behind her dog Bogart after moving to the UK to start her new life, as the pet is thought to be too old to fly overseas.

Kensington Palace confirmed that Miss Markle’s new role would also force her to give up her charity work with the United Nations, plus her role as patron at organisations including World Vision Canada and One Young World.

The American actress has two rescue dogs – a beagle, Guy, and a Labrador-shepherd cross, Bogart – who she would keep in touch with via FaceTime during her long stints away. Kensington Palace confirmed Guy has come to the UK and has legal permission to stay here, but Bogart has been left behind. It has prompted speculation from fans on social media that Bogart may have been left behind because he is ‘too big or too old’ to fly to the UK. Many animal lovers have expressed their sadness online at the pet being separated from Miss Markle.

The Prince’s communication secretary Jason Knauf said: ‘Bogart is now living with friends.’ The Palace refused to speculate as to why Bogart was not brought to the UK and added the decision ‘would have lots of complexity to it’ while confirming Miss Markle remains ‘fond of her dogs’.

[From The Daily Mail]

No one has any idea why Bogart Markle could not or did not make the trip, and from the way Poor Jason talked about Bogart, it makes it seem like there are no plans for Bogart to eventually come and live with his mom. Poor Jason reportedly said he couldn’t “speculate” as to why Bogart hadn’t made the trip, but he did say: “Miss Markle is very fond of her dogs, and any decision about moving a dog over the ocean will have lots of complexity to it.” This bugs me, but I’ll wait and see if there was a legit reason behind the decision. Hm.

I’m also really bothered by the fact that Meghan is ditching her long-time commitments to UN Women and World Vision Global. Royal reporter Emily Andrews expressed surprise, as did several other royal-watchers. Meghan could have easily “grandfathered in” her existing charitable commitments with her new royal role. Those commitments were international and Diana-esque, and it would have been great to see a duchess with an international charitable heart. According to Andrews, Meghan wants a “clean slate” as she joins the Firm, and her first patronage as a royal will be joining William, Kate and Harry’s Royal Foundation. Fingers crossed that Meghan doesn’t start telling the press that she’s “keen” to really think about doing some work.

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Newspaper covers around the world celebrate the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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  1. Susie says:

    I like the “American Princess” title!

    • runcmc says:

      I keep seeing Black American Princess on twitter and instagram …I like that one because it makes me think of that awful but hilarious Halle Berry movie from the 90s.

      for those who don’t know here’s a pic of the movie poster:

    • Rhys says:

      Meghan is practically giving up her life to become an “American princess” – what’s with her distancing herself from her charitable work? She transferred her lifestyle blog to a pal, won’t continue with her acting career and now this? Princess Madeleine husband didn’t give up his Life when he married into the Swedish royal fam! I thought she was a modern, strong woman with 21st century values. This is disappointing on so many levels.

      • Plantpal says:

        I agree, particularly as her work was international. Also, REALLY BAD OPTICS!! I thought she’d be smarter. Man, once the fairy dust gets in their eyes, maybe it’s just too hard to see reality anymore. Just colour me disappointed.

      • Royalsparkle says:

        Waitie didnt spend Christmas at Sandringham afyer engagement – due to her tie at the waist to carol – and engagement had to be celebrayed witj the middletons the history of waitie willnot middleton confirmef – marriage of three. Whiny Willnot keeps a separate Court to avoid the RF witneds the middletons enablers.

        @’giving up her life’ – seriously doubt smart successful P’ess Henry Royal life will far eclipse what she built. Sparkler stated this is another Chapter; that will far exceed her (our) dreams – P’esS Henry is smart, intelligent – educated and wouldnt have made the change to be less than.

      • Annabelle Bronstein says:

        Giving up her charity work was a HUGE, unnecessary mistake. And I would never leave my dog behind, especially if he was old 😢 But that I can maybe understand.

        Giving up her own, longstanding charity work makes no sense. Plus she will no longer act? These are not the actions of a strong, independent woman. Right now it seems that her biggest “rebellion” is about wedding planning. I must say, this is a bummer.

      • mint says:

        But Chris O’Neil refused any Titels so he can be a private man and still work in his job. Meghan Markle will get a Title and will offically represent- so she has to subdue to the Firm.

      • notasugarhere says:

        All those who marry in and are given the role of “working royal” give up their careers. Maxima, Letizia, Mathilde, Mary, Alexandra, Marie, Daniel, the list goes on. You have to be fish or fowl not both; Sophie and Edward proved that.

        Exactly, mint. Chris didn’t join the royal circus, he married someone who was the spare spare and already working her way out of royal life.

        The Swedish royal family is too large of a working family as it is. Politicians are calling to eliminate all funding for anyone except monarch and heir. Chris and Madeleine are doing it right. I’ll repeat again, CP and Sofia are scrounging hangers-on who need to follow their example and get off the royal dole. Go earn your own livings, and if you want to do some personal charity work on the side (using a name stolen from another charity about Dyslexia), whatever.

        If rumors are to be believed, there will soon be only 6 working royals in the BRF. Charles, Camilla, William, Kate, Harry, Meghan. The elderly will retire willingly (Kent, Gloucesters, P&P of Kent, Princess Alexandra). Anne will do what she wants no matter what Charles says; Andrew will be forcibly removed and Harry will replace him in the trade ambassador role.

        There was never any choice for Harry’s future wife to continue her career after marriage, no matter what that career was. Likewise, removing ties to political and religion based charities (UN, WorldVision), had to happen.

      • AV says:

        She isn’t giving up her charity work – She had to resign her specific positions with UN etc. because she is currently working as an American. She will be involved in charities in England, and will doubtless find even more high-profile positions in the future.

      • NJBeachGirl says:

        People warned those who put Meghan on a pedestal about this. That she would be subsumed into Harry’s life and do the same amount of work they do – very, very little.
        Leaving her dog is unacceptable to me. Giving up her own charities shows she isn’t really that 21st century feminist that she claims to be. And why is Harry ok with all of this?
        I’m so disappointed in so many ways, and it is only day 3.

      • CeeCee says:

        Chris O’Neill has no royal titles or role whatsoever. They’re not even living in Sweden; currently they live in the UK.

        The UN work had to go because it’s political. When Diana took on quasi-political work after the divorce, she had to obtain special permission. It was a big deal. Members of the BRF avoid anything political, 100%!

        The World Vision Canada work had to go because she’s living in the UK, and because she’ll be partnering with Harry. She’s not going to be able to give quality attention to Canadian charities. Just speculating, but that’s logical to me.

      • still_sarah says:

        @ NJBeachGirl : I fostered rescue dogs and one was a beautiful 9 year old West Highland Terrier named Snowy. Her family bought her as a puppy in Portugal and then moved to Canada for nine years. When they decided to move back to Europe, they decided to surrender her to a Westie rescue group rather than have her move back with them and stay in quarantine for six months. The owner told me that she cried a lot while making the decision to re-home the dog but felt it was the best thing for the dog. End of story – Snowy was with me for a few weeks and went to a new adoptive family.

  2. A Croatian says:

    You know… I still get a sly vibe from her. She is very impressive, and I like her. But.. she reminds me of Olivia Pope. Once she was all about the white hat and now I don’t even watch Scandal because she is a terrible person. Hope I’m wrong!

    • V4Real says:

      She just lost major points with me. Gave up her pooch for a Prince. Too old to fly my ass, put him on a private plane up front with you. I smell a rat and it’s name is Megan.

      • JustJen says:

        EXACTLY. It’s not like she’d have to put him in the cargo hold (which I personally think is horrible to do to any pet, but that’s just my two cents).

      • EOA says:

        Oh, for God’s sake. Yes, it is perfectly reasonable to give up a pet in order to build a new life with the person you love, especially if you’ve made provisions for that pet to be well cared for. There is nothing wrong with believing people take precedence over pets.

      • lisa says:

        yeah the doggie would be traveling in style and not with the luggage, he would be fine. this is awful. i cant like anyone who would do this. i also cant like anyone like harry would would think this is ok to do for him.

      • CynicalAnn says:

        You have NO idea what you’re talking about it. We moved our ancient cat and took every precaution. And do you know what happened? She died in our hotel room that very first night. If I could go back in time I would have just left her with friends that loved her and would have taken good care of her for however long she had left to live.

      • OG OhDear says:

        It’s probably in the dog’s best interest for him (I’m assuming Bogart is male) to not move – animals like routine and don’t like change. If he’s that old as reported, then it’ll be hard for him to bounce back from such a big change. At least with friends the dog (presumably) is familiar with them so it won’t be such a shock to his system.

      • henry says:

        They have to stay in quarenteen for 6 mths! My friend decided not to take her 2 dogs because they were old and might not live through the quarenteen they don’t just get let into the country !!!!

      • Kitten says:

        Yeah I’m not sure how I feel about this…I’m usually very hard on people who give up their pets BUT if the dog was adopted by loving and trusting friends? Also, Beagles are really high-maintenance and VERY attached to their owners, definitely moreso than a mix, so maybe she felt like she couldn’t give up her beagle but that the shepherd mix would be just as happy with a new owner? IDK…

        @CynicalAnn- That is so awful about your kitty! I cannot imagine the heartache you must have felt. :(
        *Hugs from an internet stranger who loves her kitties*

        I noticed last week when we brought the cats to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving that my older kitty gets crankier every year in terms of traveling and staying in a different place. I’m not sure I’ll bring her back for xmas because I hated seeing her so miserable last week….

      • CynicalAnn says:

        @Kitten-thank you, it was horrible. We had just moved our kids too-who didn’t want to move either. And then to wake up that first morning, after a night of them crying, and then realize our sweet kitty had died, and I had to tell them that too. Ugh. It was awful.

      • Moon Beam says:

        When we moved with my husband (then boyfriend)’s 14 year old cat, the cat died a month after we moved in to our new house. I made friends with a woman who moved up here to New York from Florida and her elderly cat died a few weeks after she moved. My sister in law took in the 11 year old rescue of her cousin after they gave up all their pets when they had children (that was another weird stoy altogether). The dog did fine with their family until they moved from their townhouse and died a couple months later. Sometimes moves can be stressful on an elderly animal. I personally wouldn’t want to leave my pet, but if I knew they were happy and being cared for by people I trusted, it would make it better.

      • Scal says:

        I assumed it was a breed issue-but if it really is about he can’t fly-then why not put him on the QEII? The ship has kennels for dogs (and from what I’ve heard are awesome) If I ever moved back to the UK that’s where I put my pups.

      • Ravensdaughter says:

        But why one and not the other? Breed snobbery?

      • notasugarhere says:

        Cunard has kennels but I wouldn’t call them awesome. The dogs are still strictly confined, you cannot take them around on the ship with you, there is a tiny outdoor space where they are allowed out on a limited schedule, and you’re seriously limited in the time you can spend with them.

        For an elderly dog? Being in a tiny kennel surrounded by other freaked-out dogs for 7-days-and-nights might be as stressful as a flight. He could still end up having a stress-induced heart attack related to it.

        Sometimes you have to make decisions that might break your heart but are in their best interest.

      • YaYa says:

        @cynicalann I’m so sorry to hear about your kitty. The same thing happened with an outdoor cat we cared for who was elderly and ill. We moved him to our new home and he passed within a week. The vet said he would have been stressed out and had the same outcome if he had been left behind. Maybe the same happened with your kitty too. He would have gone to the Rainbow Bridge with or without you. Just wanted to share as my vet’s outlook gave me some comfort. Hugs to you.

      • magnoliarose says:

        That sounds like a nightmare. Your poor children. :( I had a rescue Persian kitten I had taken and bottle fed. Long story. I woke up one morning and she was dead. She was so cute and sweet, but she was born in a breeder hoarding situation and had an undetected infection. It was terrible. Now it is one of my fears that I will wake up and find one of our pets like that. I feel for you. Truly.

        I am not big on rehoming of my own pets if I can help it but sometimes it is the kinder thing to do. I rescued a pair of brothers overseas and brought them home to stay with parents while I had work done on my apartment. They were happy with her pets, and they liked sunning in her garden and playing with everyone. I took them to my place in the city, and they started spraying and wouldn’t use their litterbox. I tried natural vets, medications for anxiety, diet change, Cat Attract litter, plugins and blankets from my parent’s house. Nothing worked. One move was all they could take so after ugly crying for a few days I took them back, and they stopped spraying. They are still there happy and loved and spoiled brats, but I know they are safe.

      • Jennifer says:

        @CynicalAnn, I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved kitty. Like many others here I am also one who is typically hard on people who leave pets behind. However, I will also recognize that there are times when this is necessary, such as may be the case if this doggie is too old to travel. I will reserve judgment on this one.

      • Olive says:

        THANK YOU EOA! I love animals, I grew up with dogs and cats, and I’ve always had pets as an adult. But this trend of acting like pets on are on the same level as people is just ridiculous. Pets are not children, they are pets. And there’s nothing wrong with that! I have pets, I don’t want children, so the idea of treating a pet like a child is lost on me. I know people who bring their dogs EVERYWHERE (even work, and we’re not talking about emotional support animals, either) and refuse to leave them at home alone for even an hour. They project their own feelings on their pet instead of just letting the pet be an animal.

        I’m not judging her. I believe she knows her dogs best, and knows what they need, and will make the right choice, even if it’s personally hard on her. That’s what owning a pet is about, making the hard choices when you know it’s best for the animal. I’ve had to put pets down and it’s awful, but it’s not about how hard it is on me, it’s about easing their suffering.

      • imqrious2 says:

        I don’t know. I give her a pass on this one. I can see why she might not bring a pet that is either too set where he is, or is too old/perhaps infirm… we don’t know all the facts. As long as he’s homed with people he knows (and perhaps loves), it could be the best for him.

        A few years ago, when I moved out of the only place my cat had grown up in, he was NOT a happy camper. Even though it was summer and I had the time off to be with him all day (I was a teacher at the time), he peed all over trying to “mark” the new place, he paced, he yowled…a LOT. The vet couldn’t help (he wanted to give him “Kitty Valium”. I tried it for a week, but it didn’t help). And no amount of cuddles, kisses, reassuring murmurs etc. would console him. He died about a month after. It just broke my heart.

      • JoJo says:

        We moved from the U.S. to Rome/Italy for a year in 2001. I had no choice because it was for my job at the time (poor me!) We didn’t have a good option for leaving our 5-year-old Lab at home, so we made the really tough decision to bring her with us. I was a complete mess, and I worried about it for months beforehand and probably acted like a maniac, reminding both the pilots and flight attendants about her being in cargo when we boarded and several times throughout the trip. I was a mess getting off the plane and didn’t relax until I heard her barking at luggage retrieval. :( It isn’t a choice that should ever be made easily – especially with international flights and even with a younger dog. I would never do it unless I had no other choice. Our last dog was a toughie – she had a strong constitution and was solid, and I knew that. Our current dog would probably have a heart attack, and I wouldn’t even consider it. Ever. That said, it seems Meghan could easily take Bogart on a private jet, avoiding cargo, and also I believe that all of the rabies/quarantine laws have been loosened in the EU. There are still restrictions in place, but now you can get pet passports and if you meet all the criteria, including their rabies requirements, etc. – I don’t think pets need to be quarantined as they were before, but I do think it varies by country, so not sure about the UK rules currently. (That said, if she was able to easily bring Guy over already, then it would appear that quarantine isn’t required.)

      • Scal says:

        @Ravensdaughter- the UK has Breed-specific legislation (BSL) that bans certain breeds (or dogs that look like certain breeds) from the country.

        This sounds more like a senior dog though.

      • Mel M says:

        @Olive. Thank you! Same here, I grew up with cats all my life. I adopted two when they were kittens and had them for 12 and 7 years. Then I had my first child who has significant special needs. Her diagnosis also has a lot of pulmonary issues to worry about and cat hair and pulmonary issues when you live in a two bedroom townhouse don’t mix. We were away from them so much because of being in the hospital for tests or treatments for our baby and they started acting out. They started spraying and pooping outside the liter box they did not take to her and her crying well at all. They were clearly stressed by the entire situation as were we. I loved them like my babies before I had my human baby. I have thousands of pics of them like I do with my children now because they were my fur babies. I did what I had to do and put my human child first though. We re homed them together with an elderly couple who had the calm loving environment that they needed. There was no question of who I would put first, my daughter’s health, and the cats were miserable with all of the change. I did what was best for everyone and if someone says I’m a bad pet owner so be it, it just means you have never been faced with a decision like that and have no idea how you would handle it. People that say they under no circumstances would give up there let have not experienced all circumstances so it’s easy to say. I still miss them a lot 5 years later.

      • bananapanda says:

        I feel like they’re in love with the IDEA of each other. He picked her out of Suits and angled a date. She fell for the Royalty lifestyle.

        I hope I’m wrong but this all feels very rushed.

      • Liberty says:

        @Cynicalanne, I am so sorry about your cat and what you went through.

        As I posted a few days ago, I traveled with my giant Norwegian cat via Lufthansa when I was split between US and EU stay, and I chose them for their amazing Seigfried and Roy ( yes the white tigers Vegas guys)-designed pet travel accommodations. Costly and special booking but well worth it: soundproof, soft music and lighting, passenger cabin air and pressure, vet check in, special info about your pet pre and during flight. I would never have taken him otherwise, but he was glued to me since I found him so that’s what we did.

        Making old pets travel can be unkind though, so I did not travel during my cat’s last two years on vet advice. I could not leave an old ill pet behind but – my cat did bond tightly w German neighbors who adored him and fussed over him and he adored them, like a baby, so I could leave him there two weeks now and then if my BF was also traveling on his own assignment. Meanwhile another neighbor’s dog adopted us and loved to stay in our house, hanging w my cat, true friends, and his family thought it was charming. Perhaps her situation with her dog’s current accommodations is similar, I hope. I just personally could not leave a sick pet or loved one, even for a Prince. I hope she will travel to see him, and assume she will. Otherwise, my side-eye is ready.

      • Va Va Kaboom says:

        Why is everyone so damn quick to assume Meghan leaving one of her dogs with friends was motivated by anything but love for him? Had she left both dogs I could maybe understand the rush to question her motives. But going through the trouble of bringing one to England implies there was something different with Bogart. It’s crazy how quick people are to jump on any hint of negativity.

        And I keep reading people say “it’s not like the dog HAD to be in cargo….. it’s not like they couldn’t have gotten a private jet for the journey” as if having this option and not using it proves her motives were selfish. If the concern was the dog’s adaptability to new surroundings, breed restrictions, or anything other ban the manner of travel; that wouldn’t have made a bit of difference.

        PS, can you imagine the ABSOLUTE F***ING SH*TSTORM that would erupt if Meghan had cajoled Harry or a friend into chartering a private jet to fly one dog to England?

      • swak says:

        @CynicalAnn. Sorry about your cat. We all do what is best for our furry ones. My daughter and her famiily moved to a rented house that would not allow cats so he stayed with me. I live in a very quiet neighborhood and he was an indoor/outdoor cat (mostly indoor) and knew the neighborhood well. When they bought a home I kept him because I was afraid he would run away or get lost at the new place.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        Yes, this is so wrong. They can afford to fly the dog on a private jet. A dog is not an inanimate object, it is a living being that loves its owner. It’s not as if she HAS to choose between a person and a dog, as there are reasonable ways to reconcile the two. This is just too cold and callous. There is nothing but money (the cost of a private jet) preventing her from keeping that dog.

      • Katie says:

        Before you can take a dog overseas you need a vet’s okay that it’s healthy enough. The vet may well have advised that it wasn’t the right thing.

        Also, a lab cross is a large dog. Harry’s cottage is tiny. They may well have decided that it wasn’t a combination that would work Yes, dogs love us. But they are capable of loving other people too. Probably wherever it is now is the people who looked after it everytime she travelled to the UK, Botswana, wherever. So it’s like a second home for it already.

      • Maria S says:

        I have two dogs; one is 8 and healthy as a horse and the other is 14 and over it. The thought of putting the 14 yr-old on a long flight and then through a quarantine that lasts months(?) is distasteful. Perhaps she’s thinking of the dog’s physical and emotional well-being? Nah, let’s demonize her without more information!!!!

      • Natalia says:

        @CynicalAnn: So sorry about your kitty. :( When we moved from SF to LA many years ago it was a long, long road trip where our kitty (a big old calico) held on to the back of the truck seat for dear life, strained all her muscles and claws. Then we moved again a few months later. Then again a few months later. She really liked the third place, so within a few days she simply walked off and we never saw her again. Either she died (was old) or was looking for the former place.

      • NJBeachGirl says:

        Or take a boat over with the dog.
        I would never, ever leave my dogs, not for a prince, not for anything. They are family. But I guess that shiny tiara she will wear for her wedding has a better glow than the eyes of her old dog.
        Funny thing is, people on the DM seemed OK with her, until this story. Now, they want to tar and feather her. Don’t abuse the dog.

      • Sylvia says:

        The people at DM were never okay with her, what kind of nonsense… I can’t believe there’s so much concern trolling and self-righteous indignation over a stranger’s dog being cared for by others. It’s amusing, all this “I would never!” Like she abandoned her actual child or something, smh. I guess it’s a convenient excuse to hate on her without having to examine what the real reason could be. Hmm.

      • Royalsparkle says:

        Off topic: mafia boss carol waitie midleton cant just disappear from hanging on Royal PR… – waitie paps driving carol out from KP (while i am a Prince traveling). Waitie snowflake a huge staff/security –
        What is caro doing crashing potential King Henry Sparkle Couple royal engagement announcenent and wairtie driving around KP
        Cant the mafia boss hangers on crashers disappear from PR to bucklebery.

        If waitie Do Little with near hospitalized HG can be dancing/wearing stilts high shoes/out and about why what is carol doing at KP hogging Prince Couple engagement PR. Middletons staklers are no royals – just cant go away. None of the Royal cousins RF are seen heard and duscreatly celebrating alliwing Prince Henry Couple their time. So should the middleton mafia boss.

      • Patty says:

        Seriously, get some perspective. It’s an animal. It’s not like she’s leaving a child behind – it’s a dog. A dog who may have struggled with a long flight and potential quarantine. She left it in good hands with people she clearly loves and trusts. It’s not a big deal.

        Some people want to treat their pets like people but not everyone is like. It’s a damn pet. Sometimes people cannot keep their pets due to moves, lifestyle change, etc and that’s okay.

        Sometimes people cannot keep their pets because they just cannot handle the responsibility and that’s okay too – as long as they are going through proper channels to allow for the pet to be placed in a new home.

    • Rhys says:

      What do you mean “white hat”?

      • A Croatian says:

        Oh, it’s a thing in Scandal – Olivia Pope wears the white hat = she does many questionable things, but she does them for the greater good of others.

      • LAK says:

        In the context of the show, ‘white hat’ means a good, honourable person doing honorable things. The characters frequently push the idea that in a corrupt world full of terrible people doing terrible things, they are the beacon of hope, determined to do good and where possible correct wrongs.

        Having set themselves up as the beacon of goodness as symbolised by a white hat, and sometime lead character dressed in a white coat or suit, they proceed to be as shady, or worse, as the rest of the inhabitants of their world.

      • Bridget says:

        Symbolically, in (some) Westerns the good guy wore a white hat and the bad guy a black hat. That’s where it came from. And of course Scandal uses the term to describe the hero and the villain.

      • Carmen says:

        When I was a little girl, that was how you ALWAYS distinguished the hero cowboys from the outlaws. The good guys always wore a white hat and the bad guys always wore a black hat. How simplistic life was back then.

      • Ksenia says:

        @kitten: I find your statement that a “mixed breed” dog would miss their owner less than a more devoted pure breed to be absolutely absurd and incredibly offensive. I recently adopted a mix breed dog and she is EVERY BIT as attached to me as my pure bred miniature dachshund, perhaps even a little more. You don’t know what the hell you are talking about with this one, or how insulting and ignorant you are being.

    • Maria says:

      Olivia Pope! Totally hooked on that show!

    • Zondie says:

      @CYNICALANN Oh I’m so sorry for your cat. Of course you would be devastated. You were just trying to do what you thought was best.

    • Traveler says:

      @ EOA, I beg to differ. I know your opinion is commonly held, unfortunately…………….however, I stand as firmly in my opinion that it is not REASONABLE to abandon a commitment to a loving, trusting animal.

    • aenflex says:

      They actually don’t have to stay in quarantine for 6 months. There are a few simple vaccinations needed, and a 16 digit microchip implant. That’s it. We brought our large German Shepherd from America to England and the process was simple. Get the shots, and microchip if you don’t already have one, and book the tickets. We paid a company to pick our dog up from customs at Heathrow and bring her to us. Super easy, and we’re not rich. We flew commercial.

    • Royalsparkle says:

      An article by Glover of DM eluded to this…. for the BRF GB UK CW sake, lets hope she tone down her business commercial manner- (another Diana is not needed) competing for the spotlight over the Royal House of Windsor Traditions- Prince Henry Line- no expecting submission or waitie middleton

  3. Alexandria says:

    I found it amusing a press secretary had to release a statement about a pet. Yes yes pets are precious…but still amusing.

    • AnnaKist says:

      I think a lot of people were asking questions and making comments like, “Didn’t she have two dogs?” “Why did she abandon her dog?” “She’s meant to be an animal lover, but so easily left her dog behind. Watch out, Harry!” “She’s only an animal lover when it suits her.” Mind you, these ones were DM commenters, so…

      • Alexandria says:

        Yea it’s such a minor and really pushing it ‘concern’. Does she have a history of adopting recklessly or abusing pets? Maybe she does have to write a proper long winded thesis on why she left one pet behind. But betcha people would still ‘why I would never!’ It’s odd and reaching, to me. She knows her babies best. Hope she gets used to these type of scrutiny, brush them off and get to work when it’s time to work.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        I’m with you, Alexandria. If she’s been gone so much, I’m sure by now her dog has comfortably settled into a life with her friends. If he’s very old, the long flight could be terribly hard on him. Contrary to what some have said, I think giving him up could be seen as a selfless act, and I’m sure it hurt to do it. She knows her life is going to be crazy in the foreseeable future, and to take an old dog out of his familiar surroundings and then be gone from him a lot — that doesn’t sound like love or kindness to me.

      • NJBeachGirl says:

        @Alexandria, I would love to see what these comments would look like if Kate abandoned her elderly dog to marry William. The people excusing Meghan would be getting the buggy whip out for Kate.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        BS, NJBeachgirl. I’m not a Kate basher (OR fangirl) nd I’ll keep my buggy whip for date night.

      • Bella Dupont says:


        There are A LOT of the DM commenters here right now… can smell them a mile away, casually tossing out lies and judgement like confetti…..

        Case in point, NJBeachgirl. Meghan left the dog with close friends who are looking after it. She did not abandon it. She re-homed it.

    • Emily says:

      Yeah, I feel like Jason has a strange life.

    • Sabrine says:

      Get over it. If her pet is in a good home and being well taken care of, that’s what’s important. It’s her life and she doesn’t need to be criticized for her decisions.

    • SoulSPA says:

      Imagine WK and Carol’s delight! Meghan left her precious puppy behind! Aren’t they behind the spinning of the story about Bogart? Try and make Meghan look bad? Deflect from Kate’s small things and William’s disappearance from public?
      Poor Jason, he’s not worth his money and position at all. Anyone worth their position as royal PR staff should have been able to come out with a proper statement, not that they cannot speculate. The BRF knew Meghan was going to move in and the announcement made. Her love of her rescue puppies was one of her good points. And they couldn’t come up with more than this, given that Meghan talked about the pups in the engagement interview? I shall put Jason at the same level with former and current WH spoke persons during Orange Fists tenure: we cannot speculate on this matter. Therefore BRF equal PR amateurs. What else can we say? Had they been a commercial enterprise they would have been out of business ages ago.

      • Maria says:

        Why would Carole and Kate have anything to do with this story. The fact is Meghan left one of her dogs behind whether it be US or Canada. I can’t understand why people are convinced that the Middletons are out of their minds with jealousy. Kate is the future queen and has produced 2.5 heirs and Pippa is happily settled.

  4. Hoopjumper says:

    I thought the whole point of being a royal was getting all the dogs and charity work you want.

    • milla says:

      Imagine living only to save animals…

      I wouldn’t be able to leave my senior and i know that cos she cannot travel anymore hence i don’t travel. Seniors are something else, it is easy to love a puppy, but with old dogs its more stress and even more love.

      • lala says:

        2 of my three cats are getting to be older (they both turned 10 a few months ago) and while they are healthy I’m getting less and less comfortable being away from them for long periods of time. I don’t know how much time I have left with them and I want to enjoy it and love them to the fullest.

      • dodgy says:

        I know this Youtube blogger says that she can’t really carry her old cat to various places away on holidays because it freaks out and is a danger to itself so… I can understand why Markle has to let that go. The charities though… are a great loss.

      • Olive says:

        @dodgy cats are not animals she should be doing that to to begin with. I’ve heard that cats can more attached to places than people, and they’re stressed if they have to move locations, so travelling with a cat like that is very selfish.

      • Liberty says:

        I traveled with my Norwegian Forest cat because he was stressed without me or my then BF. But we had vet clearance and flew in a special, costlier way via Lufthansa. That said, he weirdly loved travel by car or plane, got all perky in airports, showing off for people and sticking a huge paw out of his mammoth carrier to greet people. The Lufthansa Munchen vet personally told me he had show dogs fly regularly who were a wreck and my cat acted like it was nothing and it amazed them, so much so that his generally regular flight crew and captain gave him his wings and asked me where I got him (found abandoned). In the airport, my cat would beg for people to come over and praise him and would show off for them to the point that over the course of our travels, he had his photo taken repeatedly and a businessman from France we often saw brought him toys. When he got older, we stopped flying. He would run to his big carrier with a favorite toy whenever he saw my suitcase though. Funny awesome fellow.

        That cat was an exception, however. I would never ever fly with our current two Maine Coon rescues, who are totally different personalities….and who are now 13 and 16 years old, though in pretty good perky health.

        So Meghan might be dealing with that on top of her dog being extremely old/ill. I still couldn’t leave him, though, it would haunt me. I have a commitment to the animals I might adopt, but that is me.

    • Zondie says:

      It’s nice to read how dedicated people are to their elder pets on these comments. A reassuring way to start the day! As for Meghan and her dog, it does grab your attention that she is leaving one behind, but we don’t know all the facts about the dog’s condition and history. For this reason I’m inclined to give her a pass.

  5. LizLemonGotMarried says:

    After all the horror stories about pets flying, I can’t really blame her, especially if Bogart had friends he was close to in Canada. I would struggle leaving my fur babies behind, but if it’s the best decision for him, so be it.

    • boredblond says:

      I think it’s safe to say her dog wouldn’t be loaded in a commercial cargo compartment…how do you suppose he got to US from Canada?

    • Eliza says:

      I believe she’s leaving him in the US per the article, so his puppy pals in Toronto would too be away.

    • runcmc says:

      I would have a REALLY hard time with this except for one thing- when she traveled for work, it sounds like she had to leave her doggos behind all the time. For all we know, Bogart was cared for by ONE person who loves him dearly for half the year, and instead of ripping him out of where he is happy, comfortable, and loved to fly him across the world, she made the selfless decision to let him be loved by another family.

      As the ‘mom’ of an elderly dog, that’s what I’m hoping is the case here…

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        I’m with you on this, runcmc, but of course it’s sad.

      • V4Real says:

        If that’s the case then maybe that caregiver loved both pets. I’m sure if they took care of one, they would be taking care of the other but she took one with her. I just hate how it’s so easy for people to pretend they love their pets like family but discard them so easily when a great opportunity comes along.
        The dog would be happy probably just being with her and the other dog. Parents ripped their kids away from everything that they love when they move away. Most parents don’t leave their kids behind because the kids are happier where they were.

      • Plantpal says:

        Dogs are not children

      • Maria says:

        But apparently he is in the US not Canada.

      • Kitten says:

        To some of us, our pets ARE like children. You don’t have to agree but please don’t talk down to those of us who are wholly entitled to feel differently than you do.

      • runcmc says:


        Yes, that’s why it makes sense to me. It kind of sounds like Bogart is watched in the US, maybe even when she works in Canada? For all we know, he was being watched in the US because he couldn’t handle US-to-Canada trips, which means he CERTAINLY wouldn’t be up for a US-to-UK move.

        Simply put- we don’t know. I’d rather give her the benefit of the doubt…and I’m gonna hug my 12-year-old dog extra tight when I get home tonight.

      • V4Real says:

        @Plantpal Speak for yourself , my dog is like my child. You sound like one of the people who goes oh it’s just a dog when one dies or something bad happens to it.

      • eda says:

        @Plantpal, I know it can seem strange to see people so attached to pets if that’s not your thing. But, when you form a bond with an animal, it is forever a part of your soul. My rescue cats, whom I have had for 13 years, are most certainly cared for the same way I would care for a child. They provide nothing but unconditional love and companionship, and they are my primary responsibility in this world. Their comfort and happiness mean the world to me. I don’t care if others find that ridiculous. When I have kids, it will be no different. When vulnerable, living creatures depend on you, you do right by them. It’s not easy to make sacrifices for our pets, but there is always a solution that prioritizes their well being. I wish we understood more about why this dog is getting left behind. I hope he is happy and comfortable with his surroundings.

    • Midigo says:

      There are ships, you know. Cruise lines could arrange a confortable first class cabin for her pet in notime.

      • Jerusha says:

        My first thought, too, a ship. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I just can’t leave my babies. All my travel is virtual now as some of my 13 dogs are too elderly or with medical issues so that I’d never kennel them.

      • Ann says:

        Jerusha, you have 13 dogs?! How do you do it? I adore dogs but I have one high-energy dog and I have my hands full with her and can’t even imagine having two!

      • Jerusha says:

        @Ann. I retired 2 1/2 years ago so I have more time for them. I only had seven while still working. They’re all rescues. Adopt, don’t shop!! When I find a dog, if I can’t locate the owner I keep him or her. I never take a dog to the shelter because I live outside the city limits and the County shelter, unlike the City shelter is fairly high kill. They’re trying to reduce their numbers, but still ….

      • Ann says:

        @Jerusha, mine’s a rescue too, absolutely! I love what you’re doing, that’s great, thank you for your hard work!

      • Cruiselines cannot readily accommodate animals due to international quarantine laws. We looked into dog friendly cruises and found only one. And even that one required your dogs to be kenneled in their kennels.

      • Scal says:

        Exactly! I said this above, but the QE2 has dog kennels. Why not take him there?

      • notasugarhere says:

        Cunard has kennels but it isn’t a luxury dog cruise. See above. They are confined in small kennels (a la the vet), not allowed on the ship proper, there is a tiny outdoor space where they are allowed limited time. You are limited in the amount of time you can spend with them. Basically 24 hours a day in a small kennel for a week, surrounded by other freaked out dogs. And elderly dogs likely couldn’t be sedated because of risk of death.

      • Dixiebells says:

        @kitten sure pets are like children to many people. Like. Not actual children. I mean that’s just a fact. And like it or not the same legal and ethical ramifications are just not there with responsibly re-homing a pet vs an actual human child. It’s not even a thing with children except in the most dire of circumstances and even then some legal entity is usually involved. The same is just not true for animals, regardless of our emotional feelings. I think it’s kind of dramatic to make this comparison of pet parents to child parents.

      • Kitten says:

        @Dixiebells- No, sorry but a subjective viewpoint isn’t actually “fact”.
        And I wasn’t talking in terms of legal/ethical ramifications and I never mentioned it within that context, I simply said that for some people, pets are their children and I meant emotionally and in terms of care. Again, they are not the same as children TO YOU. Cool. Respect the very real fact that some people feel differently than you.

        Honestly, I will never understand why people get so jerky about this subject. Why the hell would anyone else care if some people love their pets as much as others love their children? If anything, with how many animals are treated like garbage in this world, you should WELCOME that. Also, stop pretending that there aren’t parents who treat their children like shit. There are people out there that love their pets more than some parents love their own damn kids.

        Lastly, just because you view human life as inherently more valuable than animal life doesn’t mean that your view is the morally superior one.

    • Erinn says:

      Yeah. This bothers me… but it depends on the dog. If you have an incredibly anxious dog who has someone they’re familiar with to take over his care – I’m not going to give her too much shit for that. It’s a case by case basis thing when it comes to animals, their personalities, and their quirks. I’m honestly not sure if our old lady cat could handle a move if I needed to make one – she’s hyper thyroid and has an enlarged heart – and 17 or 18 years old. That being said – I’m not planning on moving, so it’s not an issue.

      So if she’s doing this just for her convenience – all the judgement. But if she’s doing this for Bogart’s well being, then power to her.

      • Sixer says:

        I left a cat behind when I moved from London to here. Lovely old thing, fond of our neighbours, to whom she escaped when the dogs were getting up her nose (which was quite often). But also quite nervy and anxious. It seemed cruel to uproot her in the autumn of her life, so the neighbours fully adopted her and she lived out her years perfectly happily.

      • Antonym says:

        We had a dog that we loved very much. My grandmother took care of dogs for a living (grooming, showing them, etc.) and our dog stayed with her when she was pregnant so that Gma could handle the puppy delivery (our family had to travel for work at that time). Our dog still loved us, but became so attached to our grandparents in that short time that we couldn’t bear to take her back. We instead kept one of her puppies and visited her at our grandparents as much as we could. We always loved her, and leaving her was hard, but we knew that even though she loved us she was happier there.

        I think this may be something similar. Bogart may be happier where he is and Meghan is choosing his happiness over her own.

      • lucy2 says:

        My cat is the same age and also hyperthyroid. I moved last year and it was stressful on her, though she loves the new house and adjusted very well.

        Meghan seems like a caring person, I think she likely did what was best for the dog, and it’s probably hard on her too.

      • Erinn says:

        Sixer – Our cat was actually left by her previous owner when we bought the house. It wasn’t done in nearly as kind of a fashion though – they’d never met us and were like “well, we can give her away, but she’ll probably just come back to the house” before we’d agreed to take her on. Which to me sounded like “we’re leaving the cat here, deal with it” which bothered me so much that I didn’t care if it’d been the ugliest, most horrible-natured cat in the world – I just immediately became protective of her. She was already about 13 when we got her, and she 100% rules the roost. She’s also an absolute joy, and looks much younger than her old age – which was nice because my husband was convinced we were going to end up with some poor old cat that looked like failed taxidermy or something – and actually had a nightmare of this before he’d gotten a chance to see her.

        Antonym – I hope this is the case for Bogart. Not that I know the woman, but she seemed to genuinely care about her dogs. And if she’s been working long hours filming and living in Canada, I think it’s a good possibility that someone else had been standing in as dog parent for her. The thing that concerns me is that some people are saying Bogart is only 5. She apparently adopted him in 2012 – and she had posted a photo with the other dog wearing a union jack sweater that she said had been Bogarts when he was a puppy. So he really can’t be that old. I’m hoping (and also not hoping) that it might be a mental health or general health issue with the dog. He’s apparently staying with friends of hers- I kind of wonder if he’d spent a bunch of time with them already and maybe they hated to see him go. If they had kids – I could see that being a big issue of having to say goodbye to a dog buddy that’d been living with you.

        lucy2 – from what I’ve heard and read, it seems to be quite common in cats. We never had her old vet papers (if the previous owners had actually taken good care of her) so we’re not even sure how long she’s been hyperthyroid, or if the heart condition had been prior to us owning her, or if it was caused by the thyroid issues. She was pretty bent out of shape after 3 vet appointments in the span of a week last month – we brought her in for what we believed was a bladder infection, and the vet was concerned about her odd breathing pattern (which she’d always had since we’d had her) so she looked into things further and ordered blood work and scans and found her heart was enlarged. She responded well to the thyroid meds when we started them a year and a half ago – she’s a whopping 5lbs 2oz (she’s an overall petite cat – her paws and legs are just like a fraction of the size of our tabby cats’) so we were hopeful with the ACE inhibitors. THANKFULLY she seems to be doing great. She’s settled down after all the vet trips, and is back to her normal, demanding, old lady self.

      • Kitten says:

        Yeah these are all reasonable assumptions IMO. Sometimes doing what’s best for your pet means doing something that you don’t necessarily want to do.

      • Moon Beam says:

        My best friend and her fiance just moved into a house from their apartment with her 15 year old cat. The cat seems to be adjusting ok, but I’m worried I’m going to get a call from her bawling saying the cat died. I just have so many personal stories of older animals not adjusting well to moves.

      • Sixer says:

        Erinn – people are awful sometimes but I’m glad your kitty got you!

      • LokiGal says:

        So happy to hear other furparents’ stories, makes me feel less of a crazy cat lady.
        i have a rescued Bengal retired queen who’s high strung. Haven’t been able to travel abroad in 10 years since we’ve had her, she shuts down and refuses to eat without me. Another rescued stray who has to be kept caged during the day because she only loves hubby and scratches, bites and claws the kids and the other cats to bits if she can. We can’t rehome her for fear she may be abused or neglected. So I can believe Bogart might be better off with those who’ve been caring for him instead of being moved to a whole new place and possibly being miserable from missing his caregivers with whom he may have bonded. sometimes their best interests mean choosing to let them be with those who can BE with them.

        What I can’t brain is the logic of giving up her charities over Harry’s, it isn’t as though she would be working non-stop.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I don’t understand people. My sister ended up with a Doberman because some guy didn’t want the puppies and was going to throw them in the garbage if he couldn’t give them away for free in a damn parking lot. She took them, vetted them and gave them to family or friends. Who does that? Who leaves pets behind? It was fate your kitty found you, Erinn.

        I have human children and furry children. I love them dearly and even when I traveled I tried to bring them along if I could. If not they had loving care and I checked on them daily like I would my human kids. Animals were my only real friends when I was little after hours of bullying at school I always knew they were waiting and didn’t care I was called a freak. I connect with animals and feel like their love is pure and peaceful, and they only want so little in return. Just love and care and cuddles.
        My best conversations are between me and our pets.
        My husband’s cousin lives out near Amherst and has horses and some minis a mini donkey. We spent a weekend there, and I thought I would rather be out here with animals and my family. 45 has worked my nerves, and a simpler life is looking more attractive every day, and I could start a rescue where the animals that weren’t adopted lived out their lives comfortably. They are dependent on us to care about them, and I feel like all this turmoil will mean they are forgotten. Like Erinn’s kitty.

      • KBB says:

        Something similar happened to us, Erinn. We inherited two older outdoor cats with our house. One passed in the first few months, but the other is still alive and kicking. The personality of the second one really blossomed when the other died.

        He won’t come inside, so the first winter we bought him a cat condo for the porch and now we get him to the vet once a year. We’re in Houston and he rode out Harvey in the garage. The water was getting close to the porch, so we put him in the garage where he could jump up on cars or shelves if necessary. We were home the whole time and thankfully water didn’t get in the garage. He wasn’t thrilled with us, but I didn’t want him trying to avoid water in a tree or something.

        My point of saying all this is only to say, even though we weren’t his original caretakers, he is our baby now. And Meghan actually knew the people she left her dog with, so I’m sure she found someone who loved the dog and vice versa.

      • Dixiebells says:

        @kitten. Omg it’s not a “subject view point” It IS a fact. Pets are NOT children. This isn’t up for debate. You’re the one who made the comparison that parents wouldn’t do this and I’m pointing out it’s not the same thing and it’s a dramatic comparison. We can love them equally but the FACT is pets can be responsibly re-homed far easier than a CHILD can. Doesn’t mean people aren’t the same level of emotionally attached but it’s NOT the same thing.

      • Kitten says:

        I don’t understand why you keep making the same point in your replies to me (and replying in the wrong spot BTW) when it has absolutely nothing to do with what I said. I didn’t say that children are easier to “rehome” in my original comment so I’m not sure why you keep coming at me for something I never said or even insinuated.

        “You’re the one who made the comparison that parents wouldn’t do this”

        Ummmmm where did I say that parents wouldn’t do this and what is “this” that you refer to? I think maybe you’re confusing me with a different poster.

        “To some of us, our pets ARE like children. You don’t have to agree but please don’t talk down to those of us who are wholly entitled to feel differently than you do.”

        ^^Literally all that I said.

        I was making the point that for some people who don’t have human family (and for some who do) animals ARE their family. Anyway, I’m out because this conversation was already hella redundant several replies ago. I made my point and I stand by it.

  6. AnnaKist says:

    Aww, I’ll bet Meghan misses Bogart. Growing up, I was never allowed to have a dog. So, obviously, the first thing I did when I got married was to get a dog. He was an adorable golden Labrador, who just melted everyone’s heart from day one. Sadly, after almost two years, he appeared unwell, and the vet confirmed he was riddled with a very aggressive cancer, hence his extremely rapid detoriation. We had to ut him to sleep. His name was Bogart, too.

  7. Clare says:

    Not. Cool.

    To leave a dog behind as you start your new life…especiallyan old dog…no. And to separate the two dogs? Also no.

    Yeah there are horror stories about pets travelling, but surely these people can afford a private plane, if necessary?

    This makes me so sad, and like her less 🙁

    • LAK says:

      Naive question. You know how they transport wild animals from one safari park in southern Africa to more central African countries by tranquilising them and putting them to sleep for duration of the journey, couldn’t they do the same for this dog? Infact, all animals?

      • J. Lynn says:

        Any time you anesthetize an animal you run risks of complications & keeping an elderly dog heavily sedated for an 8 – 10 hr flight would be discouraged by any reputable vet.

        I figure she knows her dog best and for all we know this decision was made after a consultation with her vet about the trip. I adore my fur babies and that means listening to my vet when it comes to making choices for them. And since she brought her other dog, I assume a vet was consulted and the trip was determined not to be in Bogart’s best interest.

      • JustJen says:

        The older the pet, the riskier it is to give them anything to knock them out.

      • xena says:

        It’s not just age, illness can also be a factor. In my dogs case, for example a heavy sedation comparable to anaesthesia could trigger his epilepsy, which means he could get a life threatening attack right away or end up with heavier and worse attacks overall. And being tremendously stressed over the course of hours, days and weeks also leads to attacks. So I wouldn’t even put him in private plane at my feet.

      • m says:

        My cat was tranquilized at the vet’s and she was older, in bad health – end result, she never came out of it and died. It was supposed to be safe, but it just wasn’t. If I had the choice now, knowing the dangers of it – I never would have allowed it. She still is badly missed.

        I would guess there is a serious reason for the dog not being able to come with her. She seemed loving, but wistful when she was talking about him and even appeared to be alluding to that in the interview…

        So, I give her a complete pass on this. I believe she made the choice for a better life for her pet and of course it is a saddening one. As for abandoning charities, she made it clear she was still going to be doing charity work, so for me she gets a pass on that too. I think she is going to be a damn good Duchess – I like her style.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:


        Thank you for this rational and reasonable response. I hope the knee-jerkers will consider it.

        Before anyone jumps at this statement, we had three cats and two dogs- just recently transported one of the cats ( a ten year old) a couple hours away because our college aged child missed her, and the cat missed her person.

        The cat is a different animal now- crazy playful, a gobbler of kibbles, a destroyer of cat toys, and a very effective shoulder warmer. It is a win-win for everyone.

      • NJBeachGirl says:

        If Kate did this, those making excuses for Meghan would be lighting the torches to set her on fire. Really.
        As a dog rescuer, there is no excuse for this. We have transported elderly dogs, pregnant dogs, newborn pups from the south to the northeast, and not in great conditions all of the time. They make it. Dogs are amazingly resilient, and I’m sure her dog would have made it.
        And if it is that her dog is older, why did that Jason guy say it was complex instead of saying that her dog was older and frail?
        Something doesn’t smell right. And then she gives up her charities. So many hopes dashed already.

      • Bella Dupont says:


        Has it crossed your mind that perhaps the decision wasn’t entirely hers to make? That the other co-owner would have had to sign off on it moving with her?

        Your faux rage and judgement when you haven’t got the foggiest idea of what really happened is what doesn’t smell right….it stinks of TROLL.

        But still, please carry on. Drag away. :D :D

    • Buncihita says:

      When I moved from Austria to the UK I used a handler whose job was to fly animals for zoos. Very experienced. My Yorkie was absolutely fine.

    • xena says:

      I am so torn on that point because a part of me is totally of your opinion – my epileptic dog has priority in my life to the point that after two years of desperate searching for a flat for me and a handicaped sick elderly relative we turned down the only offer we had because the dog wasn’t allowed there. It all went well, we found a good place for the three of us but it was seriously stressful because we had to leave at a certain date 8 weeks later.
      The other part of me hopes and tends to believe that she really had a reason for her decision because I do think that if you go through the process with flying and quarantine with one dog then doing it with two dogs is not more stressful for yourself. My guess is the dog must have been taken care off allready during her dating time and when she worked and might have adjusted himself to a stable home. It depends on his condition and personality how he is dealing with it and it can happen that other people can take better care of a beloved animal than the owner. I wouldn’t get over my broken heart of having to rehome my baby and I think he’s too difficult to deal with to be left with others but he is also quite independent, so personalitywise, he might adjust.

    • Sixer says:

      To be fair, she’s an actor. Not always or often at home. And she’s spent the last year being abroad with Harry a lot of the time. Perhaps the dog is happy with whatever virtually semi-permanent sitter it’s had and so the best thing was to leave it where it’s fine?

      • mary says:

        i’m hoping thats the case. Sounds like she only had partial custody of the dog anyways since she travels so much and Bogart might really love Meghan but he might also really love his more stable home life with the family that has been sharing custody of him.

        I share custody of my dog with my parents. I travel, have an out of town boyfriend, work long hours (i use to drop her off every day at 530am and they “babysit” my dog while I work instead of leaving her in an apartment alone all day now i moved in with them so we wouldn’t have to shuttle the dog around so much and the dog is infinitely happier at my parents house) and have an unstable home life (moving a lot and living in apartments) and my dog loves my parents and their borercollie is her best friend. It’s come to the point that if I move out of town to be with my boyfriend, my dog might be better served staying with my parents although it would break my heart. She is never alone because of our arrangement and if I took her full time, she would miss out on her “grandparents” and best friend the bordercollie, would be alone for the first time ever during the day while I work because it’d be too far to shuttle her to my parents for her day care. even though she loves me the most cuz I’m her mommy. It’s tough. I’m trying to get a job I can work from home so I can have her with me while I work and she can split time between two homes.

        Also heard rumors that the ex boyfriend the chef is the one keeping the dog, so she gets a pass if the ex claimed the dog.

        She is giving up a LOT to be with Harry; her dog, her citizenship, her career, her charities and what exactly is he giving up? I hope this all works out for her, she is walking away from her entire life for this man and we’ve all seen how poorly they treat some of the women who marry into the family..

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        Common sense, right? I’m sure the made suitable arrangements for the dog.

        As for giving up her whole life, it doesn’t appear that she will give up her US citizenship – she will be a dual citizen in both the US and the UK.

        With her career, she was likely to run into the “shelf life” issues facing women who act and she clearly always had other deep interests as well; now she can develop her ‘other side’ free and clear.

        Unless he renounced his position, which seems to be a hard thing to renounce for reasons of emotion, family, country and self-interest (who among us could?), she is the one who can more easily make these adjustments. She already made a long-term move to Canada, making another international move, to another Commonwealth country (and the mother ship) more easy.

        I do hope they go to Toronto and California for frequent visits so she can stay in touch with those close to her.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        That’s my take on it, Sixer.

      • Moon Beam says:

        I always wonder how actors or musicians who travel often can have a dog. We always have neighbors check on our cats when we travel, but we had to take our dearly departed dog to my mother in law’s house. Plus I wouldn’t want to put my pet through the stress of traveling or being on the road all the time.

    • CynicalAnn says:

      Our old cat died the first night we arrived after moving cross country. I am not going to criticize her for leaving him with friends rather than traumatizing him.

    • Llamas says:

      I agree. Dogs know when their people leave. I’ve heard heartbreaking stories of people who had to give up dogs or two dogs are separated and the one for becomes depressed and dies. Its really sad and I hooe Bogart doesmt become depressed.

    • SandyC says:

      My family’s beloved dog, who was older, died after a long car trip. It is definitely risky to try to transport older pets, and in particularly, giving them “tranquilizers” to ease the trip. Good for Meghan doing the right thing for her Bogart!

  8. Hh says:

    Dropping UN Women is odd and disappointing. I know Harry has done work with their HeForShe movement.

    Also, there was a bigger fuss than I thought about her dog staying with her friends. The oddest of the engagement interview that I zeroed in on was the little tidbit where she asked her friend if harry was nice. Like, do you have people you call friends that would set you up with douchebags? It was odd.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      When you’re being set up with a Prince it might be different. Probably there’s an assumption that anyone would grab the opportunity for a date because of the status and novelty. So she at least wanted to know if The Prince was nice before committing her time. Bet a lot of people don’t even ask.

      For us non royals and non celebs, of course it’s different.

      I met Mr Who on a blind date myself.

      • Hh says:

        Good point. The novelty factor, so to speak, adds a different layer.

        The “blind date” reasoning isn’t good enough. Perhaps I’m old school, but if someone is setting me up on a blind date I assume it’s because they know me well enough. Thus, if I’m a nice person (and presumably like to date nice people), I would hope my “friend” would follow suit. Obviously, you’d want to know what the person is like. However, I guess it’s odd for me that that was the only question.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        We don’t know if it was her only question. It’s the question that she was willing in public to say that she asked.

        With my blind date situation, my husband thought long and hard about what question(s) to ask about me and all I can say is it made for a funny story.

        I was fixed up a lot and I could tell he was nice from our phone conversations prior. We had a few because I kept being busy on the dates that worked for him. Heh.

      • Hh says:

        She specifically said in the interview that this was the only question she had for her friend. This is why it particularly struck me. I’m sure she was trying to ask what he was like, but it was oddly worded in a way that struck me as contrived. However, I like her and think she’ll do wonderfully in her role. I’d rather have someone care about their answers and how they come off as opposed to not caring at all.

    • Princessk says:

      It was a blind date, perfectly valid question.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I don’t find it that odd. It is one thing to tweet something with the hashtag of #heforshe. It is another to officially take on the UN Advocate of Whatever. It is common with other royal families, but taking an advocate UN position doesn’t happen in the BRF that I know of. My guess is there are politics involved, as there might be with WorldVision as well. Lots of politics around how some in the UK might view the UN.

      Anne worked with Save the Children for years, but it was founded in the UK and it isn’t overtly religion-backed like WorldVision. It might seem strange, but the BRF doesn’t associate that much with religion-based charities. Yes, they’ll show up at the church bazaar or be patron of the “Get the church a new roof fund”, but they don’t tend to rubber stamp religion-based charities. Other royals might (Princess Marie of Denmark and DanChurchAid as an example), but the BRF doesn’t really do that.

      • magnoliarose says:

        It is politics. The UN is controversial, and there have been some unsavory scandals in the last few years that are probably better to steer clear of. I think it is okay for her to start humanitarian work from another angle since her life will be different and she will be representing the BRF. My feeling is that it wasn’t just her making the decision.
        It is smart to get a feel for her new life first and adjust.

  9. Eliza says:

    Bogart getting left behind is sad. Hopefully his new caregivers are the people who’ve taken care of him while shes away and it’s an easy transition for him.

    Dropping the charities and UN post is not surprising. Meghan has been pretty political thus far, and royals are just not political. All charities are run through the grey men first. Clean slate is the only way to go. She may join UN conferences moving forward but not as a celebrity ambassador.

  10. H says:

    While I would never leave my dogs for any man, including Hot Prince Ginger, I do understand if the dog was too old or ill to travel and had to be quarantined for a time. Old dogs really can’t do that amount of stress. In that case, you have to put the best interests of the animal first and rehome him with people you trust. It couldn’t have been an easy decision for her, it seemed like she was extremely attached to her dogs.

  11. Nicole says:

    If he really is too old then it’s the best decision.
    I’m also surprised that she’s not continuing her biggest charitable role as a royal. The UN role would be a great one to continue while she found other causes to support. Guess all that savior talk just took a ding.

  12. Louise177 says:

    I guess I missed the bizarre confirmations. There could be a number of reasons why her dog couldn’t come. Same with her charities. I thought there a specific reason Royals couldn’t be affiliated with the UN. Maybe some of the other charities are US/Canada based and Meghan wouldn’t be as active as she likes. I doubt this is an indication of her becoming lazy considering she’s been doing charity for a long time.

  13. OSTONE says:

    Well she is giving up her pet, her career, her country, her charities and her religion to marry Harry. I hope Harry makes her happy and that they both become workhorses instead of “keen on working.. eventually”

    • Eliza says:

      Don’t forget freedom. Soon she’ll be property of the British people and every move she makes will be theirs to critic. I dont envy her.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Then went no more than two weeks without seeing each other, wandered all over Windsor, met up repeatedly with his friends and different members of his family. And no word of this got out.

        Whether or not this involved injunctions as LAK has written? They have the ability to have extreme privacy. Remember the story about Garner and Affleck’s son being at the same play place as W&K’s son? The only reason we found out about that was Affleck told the story. Otherwise, they often move around without anyone seeing them or being any the wiser.

    • CynicalAnn says:

      What was her religion? It appears she wasn’t raised anything really.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      She’s not giving up her country. She’s adding another country and a second citizenship. People do it all the time; people used to do it all the time too. Immigrants and royals alike. In fact many royals are immigrants due to inter-royal marriage. People adapt.

      She’s obviously going to add new charities and the guess is they will have some that they share, and some that are each of theirs uniquely (his: wounded warriors, most obviously).

  14. Goodvibes says:

    Everything has to be “approved” now. She’s no longer her own person. Reality will set in soon enough.

  15. Talie says:

    Not every dog is fit to move to a foreign country, unfortunately. I’m sure she found him a good home.

  16. Loopy says:

    I was actually surprised at just how much she has ‘given up’….her whole existence basically,is this her choice or is this a Royal requirement.

    • Bee says:

      You give up a lot to marry a prince, even the very crux of who you are. I have a gut feeling she’s taking him for a ride, but only time will tell. Maybe all those “stars aligned” because she planned them to.

      • Loopy says:

        Well thats sad because its not like she is Dianas age when she married or Kate who met William very young and went along with whatever was handed to her..she is a 36 year old woman who had her own life and identity,to just throw that away. Baptism, Citizenship,leaving her dog….she must really want this. I actually respect Chelsy and Cressida more for not wanting to give up their whole lives.

      • Linda says:

        @bee @loopy. Totally agree. She will not be the perfection a lot of people imagined. The tide is already turning

      • Linda says:

        @bee @loopy. Totally agree. She will not be the perfection a lot of people imagined. The tide is already turning. And nobody knows how old the dog was. Maybe the dog was left behind for another reason.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        Again, she’s not relinquishing her US citizenship.

        The baptism thing – well, it’s not for me, but that’s a personal decision for her. If she went to Catholic school or was raised in any kind of generally moderate or mainstream Christian way, I guess she can handle it. It’s not like she’s converting from something very different. And for the royals, it’s more like a job requirement. She’s a big girl. She knows this.

      • NJBeachGirl says:

        @Loopy, me, too. It is becoming very clear why Cressida, Chelsea, and other women wanted no part of this. They no longer are in control of their own lives. Think about that. I can basically do anything I want, if I can afford it. Meghan just gave up charities – some above thought it might be because the UN was too controversial. Really??? With whom?? Trump??

        I don’t envy her. I think the other women made the wiser choice.

      • Bella Dupont says:


        I’m glad you’re making it clear that your objection to Meghan has absolutely nothing to do with Dogs and everything to do with ruining her reputation (using whatever weapon is handiest on the day).

    • Goodvibes says:

      +1. So who is she now?

      What a trade off.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        Right now she’s a newly engaged woman excited about marrying the man she clearly loves and equally excited about starting a new phase in her life as someone of enormous visibility and influence. Unless she ran for public office, it will give her about as much influence as she could hope for in terms of charitable acts and fundraising.

        Her 7 years in Toronto – which until recently felt like a very “British” city, more buttoned up and conformist than, say New York – may have shown her that she can adapt to different settings and cultures. She seems adaptable. That’s a good thing. I hope palace life isn’t too confining.

      • Bee says:

        You could also see it as, she’s an ambitious woman who targeted and locked down the man she set her aim on. She could be a better actress that any of us gave her credit for. Her super messy family are going to be a thorn in her side, is she running from that? At the end of the day, the proof of who she is is in her history, a typical Instagraming, shilling, actress with ambition to be more famous than she is. She got her wish, now she has to face the realities of that. Anyway, an American has already tried to be Diana 2.0, and she’s called Angelina, who is an infinitely better actress and still failed. People never forget who you were.

    • melissa says:

      I would have to disagree. If you read up on her past, starting from her college major to her first job application (she wanted to work as an ambassador/international relations in the UN), it’s clear that her main passion was to be involved in charities/working with other heads of state. She even learned spanish i think while interning/working with the spanish ambassador?
      But she’s stated before that it didn’t work out (might be due to intense competition and not getting a steady offer).

      So i would disagree with her giving up/trading a lot. What she wanted to do early in life, she can actually do now. A UN ambassador/international relations is basically what she will be doing now (minus politics). Plus, she has a much larger reach and influence with her role. I think people shouldn’t just assume that she gave up everything for a man. She’s 36 years old, she knows herself and that would be sacrificing a lot. Meeting harry is just a bonus, she gets love, as well as working on various charities, with much more resources at her disposal.

      • CynicalAnn says:

        This. She had basically reached the pinnacle of her acting career, and international relations and charity were demonstrated prior interests/passions. Why not just do those with the man you’re madly in love with? And with great clothes and housing. Seems like a win win to me.

      • lucy2 says:

        I would think that someone as involved with issues and charities would look at this as a great opportunity – her reach will be far greater as a Royal than not, so I doubt she feels like she’s giving up on her charity work, just changing how she does it.

        Maybe we should wait and see what she actually does post wedding, rather than assuming?

  17. melissa says:

    Her dropping UN women was because it was too political. I heard that her title in the organisation was specifically about the role of women in leadership. Her participation in one vision canada, she couldn’t continue because she’s not in canada anymore. Hopefully she will find similar causes in UK, and then branch out when she’s already followed the proper procedures. Meghan really doesn’t strike me as someone who would just abandon charities she was passionate about just like that. We’ll have to wait and see, but really hopeful that this is the case.

  18. Mary-Elizabeth says:

    You can take dogs on the Queen Mary transatlantic crossing. Takes a week but the dogs get a butler and it’s not like H&M are short on funds. Perhaps he will come in the Spring?

    • SoulSPA says:

      It’s absolutely clear that they are not short on funds. My good will towards them was based on opinions I made prior to the long interview, and I’ve changed by opinion quite dramatically. There is one major reason for that: they stated they saw each other every two weeks or so. For a year and half or so? Who on earth does that, traveling across the pond, given that she was based in Toronto and he in London? Who paid for that? I’ll direct my criticism to Harry in particular. Did he pick and choose royal work engagements so he could go after Meghan? Spending who knows how much time there considering that Meghan had a stable and demanding job in Canada? Not that he had worked a lot more before he met her. And he has the nerve to actually admit on TV that they had seen each other that often? For so long? The nerve. Bad, bad, bad PR for the BRF.

      • Mimi says:

        I am confused by your outrage. From what they intimated in the interview, she did most of the traveling. If he arranged his schedule so that he could try to be available to spend time with Meghan, so what? This is what adults do, especially if they are able. Is he not entitled to a relationship simply because he is a member of the BRF? These are not SIM characters; they are human beings who want the same thing out of life that the rest of us do.

      • SoulSPA says:

        I maintain my arguments. Even if she’s said she did most traveling, I do not believe that. Meghan, unlike Harry, had a full time job working with and around many people and schedules. She was there making money for herself and the show. She’s had far more responsibilities than he ever has. And Harry making time available from his schedule from what? A few engagements lasting a few hours? The optics were already bad with the work-shy royals. With that interview, Harry has shown publicly that he was more interested in his personal life than the commitments he has by virtue of birth.

      • magnoliarose says:

        The kind of job she had meant she wasn’t on set all the time every single day. It is an ensemble show not like it was all about her. People travel and have long distance relationships and flying from Toronto to London is not that long. NYC to London or Paris is around 8 hours. When you are in love with someone you find a way to see them.
        First, her detractors said she had a dumb job on a sublevel show, but now it is like she was an A-list movie star giving up a big career. Women leave careers in front of the camera all the time as they get older and don’t want that rat race anymore. It isn’t nearly as glamorous as it looks.
        They are in love and want a life together that takes some maneuvering, and she is okay with it. I chose to stay home even though I didn’t have to and I work from time to time because I want to. My role isn’t less and I am my husband’s equal. Nothing everything traditional has to BE old fashioned or regressive.

      • Shelly says:

        My husband and I did that for under two years before we got married.
        We have less money so he or I would go about every 4 weeks.
        Except substitute Denmark for England
        We met online, a mutual friend set us up.
        He left his family, job, friends ect to move to California.
        So yes this happens

    • notasugarhere says:

      Cunard doesn’t provide a luxury cruise for dogs. Serious restrictions, kenneled most of the 24 hours every day, tiny outdoor space, not allowed anywhere else on the ship, limited visits with their human. It would be 7 days and nights being in a small kennel surrounded by other freaked out dogs, and couldn’t be tranquilized because of age or infirmity.

  19. ell says:

    i’m mostly bothered by the fact she’s getting british citizenship for literally marrying in the RF, whenever we have a massive issues with people who actually contribute to british society, such as doctors, nurses etc, who are denied citizenship. every day we have a new story of immigrants who’ve been living and paying taxes in this country for ages, but are unable to get british passports. or stories about poc from the commonwealth who moved here legally but are suddenly deported after 50 years because theresa may has changed the laws.

    i know, it’s not MM’s fault. she seems fine, so i’m not hating on her. but everyone in the world should be aware of how unjust and classist british society is. it’s beyond upsetting.

    • AnnaKist says:

      We have similar issues here in Australia, ell. Our current immigration mininister has come down like a ton of bricks on some aspects of residency, never mind citizenship. It means that people who have lived, worked, paid taxes, bought homes, raised families and never broken the law, are lumped in with people who have committed violent acts and been to jail. Very often, they are rounded up, chucked into a detention centre and deported asap. The historical benefits of being from a Commonwealth country mean nothing now. However, I did hear on the news tonight that MM’s British citizenship might take up to 6 years to be granted.

      • ell says:

        i didn’t know australia was also dealing with a similar problem, i assumed australia was doing far better on this front. it sucks.

        re MM: idk, what i heard is that she was going to get citizenship before marrying, which means it will only take her a bunch of months to do that.

    • Princessk says:

      Erm…well…that is obviously, unlike some of us, because you do not believe in the institution of royalty. I do and accept that they have privileges. Going to the top of the queue to get citizenship is fine because otherwise it could disrupt a lot of other legal issues and plans and we know that the royals all have to coordinate their movements, so we don’t want Meghan to hold up the forward planning which can be years in advance. Quite simple really, if you think about it.

      • ell says:

        no, i’m not very fond of the RF but this has nothing to do with it. literally doctors and nurses keep the NHS afloat and our people alive, so many of them are foreigners. if anyone should have privileges of all people, it should be them.

        regardless, the ‘some animals are more equal than others’ is the opposite of democracy, and last time i checked britain was still a democracy (albeit less and less nowadays, unfortunately).

      • SoulSPA says:

        I agree. BRF will be responsible for her legally when she is married. And British citizenship is the only bond that can enforce that sort of protection. With the marriage she will have a royal status. That implies obligations of the UK towards her, and vice-versa of course like it is the case for all citizens. I think she should just be granted citizenship as an exceptional measure. The royals are already living in a grey area with regards to certain political and financial privilege. From what I’ve read so far on this thread the government policy/lack of regulations or incoherent enforcement is the big problem. Meghan is just a pawn in a matter that is controlled only by the government and parliament. The government should get a grip and make sure that the UK has a sound and functioning system for granting citizenship to foreigners.

      • ell says:

        ‘The government should get a grip and make sure that the UK has a sound and functioning system for granting citizenship to foreigners.’

        the problem is that theresa may and her lot have created an incredibly despotic environment for immigrants, that aims at making their lives difficult. for as long as we have these people in charge there will be no getting a grip, i’m afraid.

    • CynicalAnn says:

      She’s going to be Princess of the Realm. Of course she’s going to become a British citizen.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I thought #poorjason made it clear she was going to go through the process?

      Better than the others who have been handed citizenship outright by special law prior to marriage (iirc Mary, Marie, Henrik, Alexandra, Stephanie). Maxima would have been but you cannot renounce Argentine citizenship so she remains legally Argentinian.

      • ell says:

        i looked it up and apparently that’s what they’re saying, yes. which is better than what i thought, but the trouble is that many completely legal and eligible normal folks are being turned away and refused citizenship. and that’s an issue.

        idk who any of those people you mention are, but anyway, like i said this is problematic because of the current climate. if this had happened before brexit and the current immigration situation in the UK, i doubt it would have bothered anyone at all.

      • notasugarhere says:

        ell they’re people who married in to European royal families. Special laws were passed (a la “Mary’s Law”) that handed them citizenship prior to marriage.

      • ell says:

        ah ok, i understand now.

        i think the current british situation is something else though. like for instance, other countries around europe are facilitating brits abroad taking citizenship in whichever eu country they reside, contrary to the UK who’s making immigrants’ lives actual hell on earth, even when they’re legal and very much contributing to society. i understand how people marrying in RF in the EU skipping queues is annoying, but in the case of the UK it’s truly problematic right now.

        i’m glad MM is going for due process like everyone else, it’s just painful that SO many others going through due process are being turned away, or worse deported, sometimes to countries they haven’t been since they were children.

    • TrixC says:

      Totally agree. Even though I’m married to a British person I had to live here for six years before being eligible for citizenship, and for five of those years I wasn’t allowed to claim any public funds. Whereas if you marry a royal you qualify for citizenship immediately and get millions of pounds from the taxpayer to support your lifestyle?

      • ell says:

        apparently she’ll go through due process, which fair enough. i hope it’s actually true, but let’s see.

        and i can sympathise with how hard it is to get citizenship. i’m a EU immigrant, i moved to the UK with my family when i was 11. when i became naturalised in 2008 it was so much easier than it is now, and i’m so glad i did it since it would probably impossible now (and i have a job and pay taxes).

      • Princessk says:

        Oh please! You either have a royal family or you don’t have one. Expecting them not to have privileges and not to be given preference defeats the whole object.
        I also can’t understand people who appear jealous of their ‘lifestyle’, and want them to be just like Joe Bloggs, what on earth would be the point. I would not want to swap places for their goldfish bowl for all the tea in China.
        I escape her form DM online because I get sick to the back teeth of people whingeing about being ‘taxpayers’ and trying to use that to exert a little bit of power over the monarchy. So many far far more important things out there to get annoyed about you know.

  20. Rianic says:

    I wonder if he has a history of heart worms or something? Would that make it harder to move him to another country?

  21. LAK says:

    UN is too political. I’m surprised the royal reporters don’t know she couldn’t stay in an organisation that is a political body given the non-political role of constitutional monarchy in Britain.

  22. Pansy says:

    I love British tabloid covers–so campy and dramatic! Makes me want to read them!

  23. LadyWonder says:

    I feel like two days ago everyone adored her in their interview, and now people are sharpening their claws. Wth? Good morning to ya’ll up there on your high horses.

    I have no doubt that her decision to leave her elderly dog was difficult and, yes, complex. I also agree with the other posters about her previous charity work being more political. She works for the Royal Family now.

    • IlsaLund says:

      Thanks LadyWonder. You said exactly what I was thinking. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, but jeez.

    • HelloSunshine says:

      Right? People are acting like she’s being malicious about this but we have no evidence she’s been anything but a good dog owner. As someone said above, the dog probably has someone he consistently stayed with while she traveled for work and he’s probably a happy little senior citizen somewhere familiar with someone familiar. She didn’t just leave her dog at a shelter or on the street and a flight halfway around the world is hard on humans, let alone an old doggo.

    • CynicalAnn says:

      Exactly. I know I’ve posted twice about this above-but our elderly cat died the first night we’d moved cross country. I would give anything to go back and leave her with friends who would care for her rather than the traumatic move. And Meghan is now going to take up new charity work. People are acting like she walked away from the orphanage she’d been running. Jeez.

  24. Justine says:

    Eh, I read a couple of conflicting reports about Bogart. At one point I thought it was only temporary, and then after reading another article it sounds permanent. I have a fur baby myself that I’m extremely protective of. I would move mountains to move my fur baby with me. But, with that said, her puppies had to go through an approval process to be allowed into the UK. You can’t just plop a dog on a plane or ship and bring it over. From what I read before, it seems like both pups were quarantined. I don’t know if this is permanent or not, but it was likely out of Meghan’s hands.

    Then there’s the issue of their cottage. It could be too small for two dogs. That’s silly to think because it’s a cottage located on palace grounds, but isn’t this the same small two bedroom cottage Will and Kate had? It could be true that it really is small for two humans and two dogs.

    Also, I don’t have a problem with her starting a clean slate with her charity work. I’m not sure why, but it makes a lot of sense to me. She’s going into a different phase of her life and her philanthropy has to reflect that I guess. Why would she continue to work with those agencies?

    I’ll be honest, my opinion of her is growing while my opinion of Kate is quickly diminishing. I was a Kate apologist for so long, and though these women are two separate people, with two different sets of expectations in The Firm, a few minutes of watching the Harry and Meghan interview was enough for me to see a lot of Kate’s Faults many, including Celebitchy have been noting for years. Kate has clearly been work shy for as long as she’s known Will, Meghan on the other hand, is ready to get out there and work, starting Friday. I don’t see her losing that momentum. Kate never had it to begin with.

  25. anika says:

    Worst people to piss off: Mothers and dog owners.

  26. Jackson says:

    Kate Middleton would be getting dragged for these choices.

    • magnoliarose says:

      It would be impossible she didn’t have a life of her own or work or have done charity. Two different people. Kate gets dragged because of her actions and behavior. She had loads of goodwill for a very long time. It isn’t Meghan’s fault she isn’t as beloved as some think Kate deserves.

    • NJBeachGirl says:

      Meghan is getting dragged on the DM with enthusiasm. The comments were refreshingly good the last two days, but after this story…man, the worm has turned already. That was quick. 48 hours of liking Meghan by the Brits.
      The British seem to like their dogs a lot more than they like Meghan.

    • Bella Dupont says:

      @ NJBeachgirl:

      Nah…..the Brits are fine….you trolls have just decided to double up on your efforts, that’s all.

      It seems you’ve decided to bring your ridiculous, baseless attacks here as well. Sadly for you, the people on this board are just a tiny, little bit less gullible than your DM audience.

      But still, good luck with your trolling efforts….lets see how far it takes you….

      :D :D

  27. Kirsten says:

    Oh NO! I have a 12 year old lab. He’s my baby and I would not leave him for any Prince, or king or a billion bucks.

  28. Jayna says:

    I wouldn’t marry into The Firm for anything in the world to give up my independence and everything I cared about, like some of her charities, in my prior life to completely assimilate into their lives. I know Harry is second-tier and it’s not as confining as being married to He Who Will Be King One Day, but still. She’s in love and is doing it for love, but the life would feel so stifling to me. But she’s old enough that she understands what she’s doing and mapping out her life from here forward. But after ten years of it how will she feel?

    And, no, I would never have given up my fur baby in her later years or last year on this earth. There are ships, a cushy private jet. There is sedation for anxiety. If she’s old and needs me in her last years or year, I couldn’t imagine that time being without me. As I’ve posted on here, I’ve gone through this with my sweet fur baby who is now departed, and I could never have been without her those last years. I still cry when talking about her.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Cunard isn’t a luxury cruise for dogs. Look it up. Elderly dogs often cannot be medicated for anxiety or tranq’d because they won’t come out of it. Sometimes you make decisions that are in the pet’s best interest, even if it breaks your heart to do it.

      She is giving up religion and politics-based charity work for apolitical and secular charity work, with a greater platform then she had before.

  29. Adele Dazeem says:

    Guys, I am a certified crazy cat lady and animal lover but come on…this pearl clutching is ridiculous. It’s a dog. I’m sure the dog has spent lots of time away from her with her travels, work schedule, not to mention the last year and a half of dating him. Sheesh.

    • Alexandria says:

      It’s turning out to be like the mummy squad. If she brought Bogart over if he’s old and sick using a private jet or a ship, it still wouldn’t fly. The squad would say ‘oh my God, she chose to uproot her entire life, why subject her poor dog to the same thing? Ohmergerd, does the poor dog feel stressed having smaller or foreign grounds? Ohmergerd etc etc.’ However, I do agree she has to handle these type of scrutiny sooner or later.

      • Millenial says:

        I was just thinking the same thing! This thread is as bad as the sanctimommy threads on my local Facebook moms page. Sancti-puppy owners? Doesn’t have the same flow, but sheesh.

        Like with mothers, every pet owner has to take their own pet’s best interesting into consideration. Unless you see obvious signs of abuse or neglect, trust that folks know what’s best for their own pets.

    • MousyB says:

      Yeah its like people were WAITING for a reason to dislike her and now theyre pouncing and reading wayy too much into things. We dont know the dog’s condition/levels of happiness with her being gone for so long so maybe we should just trust she knows whats best for a dog WE DONT KNOW. Also, seems like she has legit reasons for leaving those charities and now she can start fresh with new ones after she gets married. It will be disappointing if she doesnt but its not the end of the world. However, both she and Harry have consistently shown interest in and put in hard work with several causes for nearly a decade so I’m sure they’ll continue to so with new organizations.

    • Mimi says:

      This response needs to be pinned to the top of the page.

    • Jayna says:

      Meh, people bash people all the time on here about dogs and giving them up for reasons they felt appropriate. I never think they are awful people. I don’t think she’s an awful person for it at all, not even close. But I can state it would never happen with me.

      Maybe it’s just too close to home right now. I just lost my 17-year-old dog some months back, and it’s so raw for me that it’s like yesterday. I was with her until her last breath. And your “It’s a dog” comment I won’t even respond to. We gave up so much in the last few years for that “dog.” I loved her with every ounce of my being and dealt with all of her health problems. I don’t believe there is no way she couldn’t have brought him over in a humane way. She left him with a family. So he’s okay. And that’s fine. Her choice.

      I just said, It would never happen with me, and that was my comment that I stand by. My “dog” was my first child and was my joy, and in her old age, blind and deaf as she was, I still saw that baby puppy I adopted long ago who got me through many dark days over the years with her boundless, unconditional love. She was a part of me from the moment I brought her home until 17 1/2 years later the moment she took her last breath and peacefully left this earth with me beside her.

      • lala says:

        @Jayna – I agree with everything you said. The love we have for our fur kids is deep and undefinable. I am sorry about your pup. <3

      • magnoliarose says:

        Jayna! Oh, my. You made me cry. I know it hurts like someone ripped your heart out and you ache to cuddle and chat with them again. The tears come out of nowhere and they will. 17 years is a long time.
        I am so sorry. I really am. Hugs. I can’t tell you how sad I feel for you because I know the pain and it never leaves.

      • @Jayna – Sending you a warm hug from chilly Paris…I am sorry for your loss and I hope the coming months will ease your grief and the many good memories that feel so sharp now, will bring you comfort in the years to come. I lost my 17-year old dog a few years ago, and it is still hard; as the French say…Bon Courage!

      • NJBeachGirl says:

        I agree with you. When someone says, “It’s a dog, and Harry is the love of her life, so she should not feel guilty,” I just ignore them. Cause love is love and loyalty is loyalty and those who adopted dogs from me and later gave them up – I was so upset for those dogs and felt the people didn’t understand love or commitment.

        And I have done dog rescue for 11 years now. Meghan would NEVER be able to adopt another dog from me. Once you give up a dog, we dog rescuers put you on a Do Not Adopt list.

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      Crazy dog people are the worst. There is zero chance I’d choose a dog over my husband. Zero chance.

  30. melissa says:

    Meghan seemed to love her dogs very much. I’m sure she wouldn’t have left him without a very good reason. Until then, people can just assume. However, it seems out of character for her to leave him for convenience. It might have been his age, medial condition, and temperament. And its not like she gave him back to the pound, Bogart is living with very close and trusted friends of hers. Lets try and not persecute Meghan for something that she didn’t even do.

  31. Ollie says:

    I read the dog is just 6 years old.
    If he is seriously sick why isn’t she with him? Or at least let him live with his best friend till the end! Why seperate these two dogs?

    • melissa says:

      That’s the thing. Until meghan comes out and comments on it, everyone is just speculating at this point. I’d rather give her the benefit of the doubt, since she’s proven to be everything she claims and there’d be no motive behind just leaving him.

  32. LeahMaria87 says:

    Ummm…. I have a HUGE problem w/ this!!! It definitely isn’t my business, but I HAVE NEVER & WOULD NEVER abandon my dog (aka leave it w/ ‘friends’). I’m sure I probably seem insane, but this truly makes me furious. It isn’t as if she’s a poor single mother who’s been evicted… Some people go through homelessness & hunger. This beyotch is getting married & becoming an effing DUCHESS. Like, really — she has to leave ONE DOG behind??? As if she would struggle to provide a life for that dog that most of us would envy. In case you hadn’t inferred this… Here’s a BIG @$$ PET PEEVE OF MINE: PEOPLE WHO GET DOGS & THEN DISPOSE OF THEM WHEN THEY’RE NO LONGER ENTERTAINING, EASY, OR ADORABLE.

  33. Wren says:

    Don’t hate her for rehoming Bogart. I have a 17 year old cat whom I love immensely. But if I had to relocate to England, there is no way I could take her with me. She is too old to survive that flight, etc. It sounds like Meghan actually did the humane thing and found Bogart a loving home. It must have been heartbreaking for her.

    As for her giving up the UN, of course. Her doing work at that level would have overshadowed KAte too much. Imagine Kate doing keen little half hour visits to places while Meghan was at the UN! Also, the UN is a political organization and royals cannot get involved in politics.

  34. Kimble says:

    Every pet from the US has to go into 6 months quarantine. It’s how the UK remains rabies free. Putting an elderly dog through that would be cruel.

  35. IndifferentCat says:

    It rubs me up the wrong way that she will be fast tracked to citizenship whilst long term, tax paying EU citizens are living in limbo and having their world threatened everyday. The Royals should know the same suffering we’re going through.

  36. PettyRiperton says:

    Y’all know damn well y’all don’t care about her dogs. If that’s the dog with her ex then she can’t just move him or he could be sick. There is no need for an investigation. I’m sure he’s living better than most humans relax!
    People are just looking for something to b*tch about.

    • Mimi says:

      So true. It is the same people who were hating on her before who are still hating on her now, although they manufacture new outrage over whatever the topic of the day is.

    • SlightlyAnonny says:

      Thank you. All this concern trolling. Some folks were just waiting for the flaw to latch onto beyond there “something just doesn’t seem right about her/they don’t seem to fit” language. The dog could be old/sick/aggressive/genuinely happier but those wouldn’t be reason enough for some people.

    • Snowflake says:

      Yes, this is ridiculous. Tbh, I wouldnt want to be in her position. Look at all the scrutiny and judgement, not worth it in my book. Poor woman, to me, they are really in love. I couldn’t do it, I’m too sensitive. Then she has the added criticism from people because she’s not white. Of course, they won’t say that but you see all the comments about her being sly, manipulative etc. Guarantee if she was white, you wouldn’t see near as much of that. I think she really loves him and he, her. I wish them luck.

      As far as her dog goes, she rehomed him with friends. My parents flew their dog in cargo one time, they were not happy with her condition afterwards. I personally would think twice about taking an old dog to a country.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I care about the dog a lot. I do senior dog rescue and see how depressed some dogs get when their owners dump them. I got a dog last year who refused to eat and drink and spent all his time roaming in the backyard trying to find his family. I had to give him water with an eye dropper. Just because you don’t care about animals doesn’t mean other people don’t. I don’t care one way or another about this woman and never have, this just upsets me because of the dog.

    • NJBeachGirl says:

      Change Meghan’s name to Kate M and I bet many defending her would be screaming for Kate’s head.
      And I certainly care about her dog. I have done dog rescue for 11 years, and once someone gives up a dog, no matter the reason, we put her on a Do Not Adopt list that gets sent to almost every rescue in the northeast. If she was living in the northeast US, she wouldn’t be able to adopt another dog from a rescue. She could go to a city shelter but no rescues would adopt to her.
      Concern trolling?? No. Not one bit. And love is love and a lack of loyalty is a lack of loyalty and doesn’t put Meghan in a good light at all.

  37. JaneDoesWork says:

    I’ve been thinking for a long time, that Meghan was going to have to scale back her charitable work. The last thing William wants is for Meg to be viewed as the next Princess Diana. Will and Kate love to play into that narrative for Kate, and now that Meg’s around its super obvious how completely inaccurate it is. Harry and Meghan are meant to be a foil/supporting roles for William and Kate and they couldn’t exactly have her out there making Kate look like a layabout.

    • melissa says:

      The recording of Kate commenting on the engagement was really telling. The twitter account that posted it was a reporter/royal corespondent, and they were asked that maybe she wouldn’t be so awkward if she hadn’t spent the last 7 years ignoring the press lol. They also mentioned how its funny she’s just now willing to talk to the press and alluding to the fact that its because of the “competition”.

      Don’t know how much will and kate can suppress meghan though. I mean its pretty clear that she’s hard working and motivated, proven by going on her first assignment this friday. Meghan’s addition to the family is definitely positive for me, especially if it gets will and kate off their asses and doing more charities/work.

    • Mimi says:

      I must be the only one who thinks Kate would be a-ok with Meghan shining. She’s going to be queen regardless so why overextend herself if she doesn’t have to do so. Let Meg get out and mix with the hoi-polloi and do the grunt work while Kate gets to stay home and have play dates with Pippa. Everybody wins!

      • Maria says:

        Kate is the future queen and the mother of a future king. I agree, she probably doesn’t care.

      • SoulSPA says:

        @Mimi: I get your point about Kate – most likely she will be Queen Consort. But!!! Catherine Middleton as Queen Consort will be part of history books. And these days it is very difficult to re-write history. So far part of her legacy is: she’s been with the second-in-line for ten years before getting married, and her nick-name was Waity Katie. She appeared almost naked in a fashion show and flashed her bits numerous times during official state occasions as representative of the Monarch. She as part of the royal couple lied about preparing for an official foreign tour yet she appeared happy while on holiday with some private parts on display. She is work-shy. She is now known as Dolittle and Snowflake. After almost seven years in a royal role she cannot string a few sentences together in a professional manner. Except for washing up stories especially cured to make her look better, all that is talked about her is what I just said plus her mostly poor choices in fashion and the fact that she is a mother. Who I would say, should give a firm example to British and Commonwealth people and to her own children. Also because she is the mother of the possibly the future King of the UK and Realms.
        Whoever the wife of Price Henry would be, the role of the future Queen Consort is outstanding. By virtue of the mere title. The wife of the sixth in line is not that important as it is the role of the Queen Consort. Kate should be her own champion and show she is deserving of her role. And so far she’s done very, very badly. Should she continue like that, history will not wash it up. She may well be known as Catherine the Dolittle.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I think KM is bad at off-the-cuff and small talk. That may be all there is and nothing else to read in to it.

      I don’t think W&K personally would care if Meghan works circles around them, it will be the internal royal politics of how it would look. W&K would be happy to turn all royal duties over to MM and Harry I suspect.

  38. Junebug says:

    Oh my goodness, so much projection going on about Bogart! My bet is that she made her decision based on the vet’s advice. A transatlantic flight is a big deal for any animal and there’s very complicated maths involved about whether it would harm the dog, in this case.

    Any long time fur parent will end up having to make very tough decisions about their fur babies, as I’m sure this was for Meghan!

  39. Karen says:

    Well, it was fast. Giving up personal things and even one of her dogs.

    • Princessk says:

      It is a very modern ‘western’ thing to put personal relationships with animals on a par with human relationships. Most of the world would regard all this angst over Bogart as quite ridiculous. Has Meghan given up a human child for adoption? NO. Has Meghan been accused of animal cruelty? NO.

  40. PettyRiperton says:

    Harry has been told his whole life he has to support Will because he’s the future king and his job is harder. I’m sure Meghan will fall in line with that thinking I don’t think she will ruffle feathers when it comes to doing more. Harry doesn’t do that much now, it isn’t like being with her suddenly turned him into the hardest working royal it hasn’t! Even with her by his side that won’t change. She’s going to do the same as him with better speeches and better dresses than Kate. That’s what you can expect.

    • SoulSPA says:

      William does not do much so there is not much to support. And from what he’s done so far I have low expectations of him to do a good job as a King. There is a whole political and administration system in the British monarchy, the men in grey that Diana was talking about. In my understanding, the apparatus behind the monarchy. Some public servants of some sort. But who are they and what do they do?
      William is safe in his position. He’s studied geography and a bit of agriculture and worked as a co-pilot. That’s a fantastic CV for a future King! Pun intended. He can speak well, I will give him that. But he shows contempt towards the public and the media. That’s obvious. And he seems to be more work-shy than his wife, who is the punch bag of criticism. William is safe and protected.
      I actually have high hopes for Harry and Meghan as a couple. So far both have shown more than William the Ordinary and Kate Dolittle have done so far. I really, really hope they will do more. The Dollitles of Middleton and Lamebridge should do more. Their roles and titles require that.

  41. Kayla says:

    Wow, where did all these crazy animal people come from, their foaming at the mouth reminds me of PETA and we all know how much of a hypocritical piece shit they are so now I am wondering if there are other facets to these commenters like if they’re trolls, b/c if they’re not some of them have past the animal lover stage into the wacko stage.

    • melissa says:

      Yeah i think the majority are definitely trolls. Also, i think some are bitter fans of W&K, after the great week and flawless debut meghan had, they’re probably desperate to find and nitpick any small thing meghan does. Case in point, the hyperbole that’s happening from nothing.

    • NJBeachGirl says:

      Yes, anyone who is upset about Meghan abandoning her elderly dog is a fake dog lover, a wacko and a troll.
      Or maybe they love animals and are loyal people and feel that this shows Meghan in a negative light. Like, she will even dump a dog who would keep her away from the royal life she is being offered?

      • CynicalAnn says:

        And you’re assuming that she dumped the dog because it was inconvenient-that’s not always the case. I think, since you appear to love dogs, you would realize that sometimes because of health/anxiety animals should not have to travel. If she’s found a loving home for him, and he’s happy, that’s should be the end of it.

      • NJBeachGirl says:

        Older dogs have more trouble with change, yes, like a change in owner and losing his best pal. Put Kate’s name in this story and then see how you feel about it? I think people mostly see these women through the prism of who they are, not what they do. Kate can do no right and Meghan can do no wrong.

      • Bella Dupont says:

        A 36 year old childless woman needs to give up her chance to get married, have kids and a family in order to wait for her dog to die of natural causes??! GTFOH.

        Any commenter saying this (and there are a few here), is an outright TROLL.

        If Meghan has taken the time and expense to move and settle one dog and not the other, (a dog that she has doted on for years) it seems clear enough to me that there would have been extenuating circumstances that probably made it impossible for her to move that dog. Like the other part owner of the dog refusing perhaps.

        So until we know the full story, keep trolling.

    • Payal says:

      Wow. ‘Crazy’, ‘wacko’,'foaming at the mouth’. I don’t think the pet lovers here are the ones with issues.Chill.

  42. ANOTHER DAY says:

    Lawd I’m sick of all things MM already. May can’t come and go soon enough. Now her freaking dog is a story, SMDH.

  43. Claire says:

    There is no way in holy hell that I would EVER leave my dog anywhere, with anyone. She is an extension of me and has been for over 12 years. Absolutely non-negotiable. If she was too sick or too old, I would stay home with her until her time came and THEN I would move. She’s my child.

  44. aang says:

    When I go away I have my brother stay at my house with my pets. They are very familiar with him and he treats them well but they still don’t like it. When I get back the dog and one of the cats are my shadows for a week, to make sure I don’t disappear again. The other two cats are angry and ignore me for a number of days as punishment. I’m sure her constant travel was very stressful on the dog and he may be better off in a stable environment.

  45. Amanda says:

    When I had to move from NY to TN I had to leave my dog. Was it hard, yes. But he is with a family member that loves him and he is much happier there. We don’t know the details. Yes, we love our pets and they are amazing but sometimes we have to make choices. Y’all don’t know the circumstances. I can’t STAND the term “animal lover” though bc that usually only applies to cat and dogs and completely disregards the fact that things like pigs are much smarter than dogs or that cows have best friends and become depressed when they are separated. Instead people gobble them up in the name of bacon or a good steak.

  46. mint says:

    But why should Prince Charles always pay for everything? These are two adults, both rich- why can´t they pay for their own wedding?

  47. Kg says:

    Between giving up the dog and Harry admitting at least part of the month we thought he was out saving animals he was using that taxpayer funded trip to go camping with a girl he had been on 2 dates with, I was left less than impressed with these two after their interview.

  48. CharlieBouquet says:

    Unless the dog is with dad, I say she is a shitty pet parent. Foreign country? New backyard. If her dog is so used to not being with her it is unaffected, shitty pet parent.
    Signed sleeps with a 90lb dog with a cone due to surgery. She sleeps under the blankets. Every pet ever in my life, has died with age. I just simply don’t understand people who give parts of the family up.

    • Claire says:

      I’m with you. Even if I had a trusted relative that would be willing to take my dog (she’s a very feisty Maltese with some serious medical conditions and VERY high maintenance – which is my fault), I would be miserable without her. I just couldn’t do it. That’s me of course, and people are different. Obviously.

  49. Justine says:

    Some of these comments about Meghan leaving behind Bogart are mind boggling. I have a fur baby that has moved cross country with me numerous times. Our first move was literally 21 hours in a car and over 2500 miles. These moves are chaotic and take a huge toll on pets. I would never leave my baby behind, but I wasn’t crossing an ocean, and would never put her on a plane. Moves can be traumatic on little ones. I’m sure Meghan thought long and hard about this decision.

  50. OTHER RENEE says:

    My biggest issue is separating bonded animals. My dogs have been bonded since birth. They follow each other (and me) from room to room. They have a nice big comfy bed to hang out in during the day yet they choose to snuggle close together in one corner of their spacious bed. If those dogs of hers have been together for a long time, they’re likely bonded. It breaks my heart to think of them being separated and makes me think less of her. Maybe she’s more of an opportunist than I had thought.

  51. I'mScaredAsHell says:

    Her life….her choices. No one has a say in how or what she does. Everyone wants to project their personal opinion/behavior on someone that they really know nothing about except what’s reported in the media. SMDH.

  52. JC says:

    people are just looking for something to criticize over her leaving her dog. he may be too old; and some animals are just anxious and do not travel well. my mother’s two-year-old cat was terrified for weeks after she moved to a town 10 minutes away. forget about crossing an ocean on a plane/ship/etc with a random butler or staff.

  53. Aerohead21 says:

    Many people have done far dumber things for love. In this case she’s trading up. Granted letting her commitments to charity and her dear doggie go is sad, but she’s going to be (read: should be) taking on bigger responsibilities. When you decide to marry, choices are made together about things. Maybe it was Harry or the BRF wanting her to do some of those things. Maybe it was her compromise.

  54. Cee says:

    We had an Irish Setter (passed away in 2016 at the grand old age of 16 – still miss him terribly!) and the last 3 years of his life we couldn’t even take him to Uruguay (a 45 minute boat trip from Buenos Aires) because the stress was too much for him. Imagine putting him in a crate for such a long flight.

    I believe parting with Bogart is terrible and I’m sure Meghan will miss him terribly, but sometimes you just can’t have it all.

  55. YaYa says:

    I’ll start by saying I’m a super Princess Sparkles stan. However, I was not a fan of the interview and now this. :( She seemed really immature and fake in the interview compared to everything I’ve seen her on prior. Now this with the dog and giving up her humanitarian work. Ugh Princess Sparkles, don’t let me down.

    • SoulSPA says:

      I must admit I used to like Meghan only as compared to Kate. I used to think she was a bit sly from what I had seen in some interviews with her as an actress. That said, I thought she had come across really well in that short interview outdoors, and her humanitarian interests were a plus, at least in my book. But the engagement interview was another matter. I would say she was fake for sure. As compared to the UN speech, well rehearsed of course, she came across very informal and casual. This was the first opportunity to show herself officially as a fiance of Harry. IMHO she did not do it well. Way too fake, casual and clingy. And whoever produced the footage did a bad job too. Some shots focused on Henry and all I could see was the tip of her nose on the right hand side of the screen. Like someone didn’t like her. I still have high hopes for them.

  56. HoustonGrl says:

    The reason she’s not bringing the dog is because a) she shares him with the ex boyfriend she was living with when she met Harry, who remains in Toronto and b) her life and her marriage are more important to her than the commitment she made to this animal, or really any commitments she had prior to this.

    • Jenna says:

      Yes, exactly as HoustonGrl said! She shares Bogart with her ex, the chef who looks like Harry. I actually really doubt that the dog is in the US. The dog is in Toronto and whomever said the US is covering for MM, the messy timeline and all. In their joint interview, she said he was living with close friends, never mentioned the US.

      The WV role ending makes sense, she can’t be supporting an evangelical charity, as many have said. I think her leave of UN Women Ambassador has more to do with Catherine. She can’t overstep the eventual Queen, at the very least, not quite yet. We’re probably going to see planted narratives from “sources within the palace” that talk about how MM likes royal life a bit too much, alongside mum-of-3 Catherine who embraces a neonatal/maternal charity.

    • Maria says:

      I read that too, and that made perfect sense, but now we hear the dog is in the US. The chef is still in Toronto.

    • SoulSPA says:

      There are people who have to or want to make choices and do something different in their lives. I cannot blame Meghan for leaving her career in Toronto and choosing to move to London to be with Harry. Royal marriages aside, there are people out there in the world who follow their spouses. An American expat and a Brit. No big deal as far as I am concerned. I know many, many people who’ve done the same. Changing countries and carriers, some even giving up their careers and uprooting from their countries and families to be with the one they love. Both men and women. I don’t get why Meghan gets such a hard time.
      I won’t comment on her dog as there are too many factors to consider. The timeline re: her former live-in partner and the inconsistencies in the interview about when and how they met is more deserving of criticism. But she would not be the first one to dump her partner (in case it’s true) and we haven’t heard anything about it other than hearsay or made-up stories. None of her former partners – hubby and partner – have said anything unless I am misinformed. I have read about much worse things, for example Diana and Sarah’s mothers divorcing and leaving their children behind. Diana and Charles having extra marital affairs. My criticism of Meghan is based on what I consider a subjective perception of her body language and wording, and Harry’s workshyness. The engagement interview was a hot mess. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they can work well together.

  57. Lol says:

    Lmao, This board looks like royal dish atm. No one knows why she had to leave her dog behind. Sure the dog is fine. It’s not like she had it put to sleep. People have to give up dogs all the time. Whether for work, babies, allergies, etc. Either way it doesnt make them bad people.
    Today people seem to be fighting over the dog or her “friend” basically calling her out on the dailymail. This woman hasn’t done anything wrong, and until she does I’ll keep an open mind on her.

    As for her work for the un i agree with others, it’s way to political for her to keep it.

  58. Karmen says:

    It’s obvious by now that Bogart is NOT old dog. I believe biggest loss for Bogart is losing his “brother” Guy. According to Meghans interview from few years back, “they are thick as thieves those two”… Very weird decision to leave one dog behind

    • Gia says:

      She brought one dog but not the other there have to be reasons why. If the other dog is even a little bit older and has some health issues eve just anxiety, it would not make sense to stress him out on a flight and then he would HAVE to stay in quarantine for at least a month. It doesn’t matter who you are, that’s the law. Some countries it’s 6 months. She knows her dog best. Maybe she really worries he’d be too stressed in a kennel for a month with strange animals all around being quarantine by strangers

  59. Suze says:

    I can see why CB keeps posting Meghan stories. More comments than Matt Laurer getting sh@tcanned? That’s nutty.

    Anyway. She’s not shooting babies, is she? She found a good home for her dog, and she rearranged her charitable priorities. Because she had to. Pretty straightforward and both probably necessary.

    Still think she’s great and a huge asset to the royal family.

  60. Kayla says:

    That’s the thing @LLAMAS Meghan hasn’t done anything wrong b/c we don’t know the reason for her leaving Bogart behind.

    Also, it’s annoying how trolls and people like you always bring up how it’s just “their opinions” to hide behind as if that gets you a pass on being criticised for being an idiot, close-minded, or any other thing that can be concluded from that opinion you felt you had to express.

    And news flash but opinions can be wrong and most of these over the top wacko pet owner trolls are wrong for the simple fact that some are stating things as if they are facts and then you have others who are desperately projecting.

    So please you can keep the song and dance of “people are allowed to do such and such, it doesn’t mean they are trolls”

    I will judge you based on your comments, and most of these comments are too over the top to not be considered trolls …I mean the desperation permeating from them is palpable.

    • Llamas says:

      Your comment was a lot harsher than most of the comments on here…You were downt right mean at some points; I mean, you called me names for crying out loud!

      You don’t even know my opinion on her.

      Opinions can’t really be wrong because they’re based on how each person perceives the world and everyone perceives it a little differently, right down to seeing different shades of a color.

      Once again, people are allowed to not like her. People are allowed to be disappointed by this situation. Differences in opinion is a good thing.

  61. notasugarhere says:

    Alix, my response about biscuit cake on the other thread never posted.

    My links never get through. You can find a recipe for it by searching using the words chocolate biscuit cake with sweetened condensed milk. I don’t do the original version with raw eggs, and it must be sweetened condensed milk not evaporated milk. Use the best chocolate you can afford, and butter cookies that are strong enough to hold up to the chocolate.

    The way I make it, it has to be at room temperature, I warm the big knife, and still have to hack through the “cake” like I’m chopping root vegetables to cut through the solid chocolate and cookies. Really it ends up as a giant slab of chocolate punctuated with crunchy butter cookies for texture.

    @frisbee, I’ll be at the kids table with the biscuit cake, but might snitch a piece of your sacher torte on the way.

  62. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    For anyone worrying about the welfare of Bogart, let me share an anecdote.

    We have two dogs (and two cats). One year ago, we adopted a senior Sheltie from a family who couldn’t keep her anymore. She is adorable and we thought our young Sheltie needed a furry friend who wouldn’t hiss at him.

    For a month, she didn’t bark. Not a peep. She became my little duckling because I am the feeder. Needless to say, she got a lot of loving, positive attention ( and treats!) After that period of adjustment, she warmed up rapidly.

    Now she is a really playful girl who loves walks, romping at the dog park, and wrestling her stuffed hedgehog, as well as our younger Sheltie. She has become quite a watchdog, and fits perfectly in our home.

    Happy transition to a new home in a pet’s older age is 100% possible! 🐾

  63. MellyMel says:

    This comment section is bat*hit! Jeez!

  64. Jessica says:

    I find some of the comments regarding her dog being re-homed and her giving up things for marriage so crazy. I’m in the military and people make these decisions all the time; separations from pets, children, and spouses, leaving jobs, careers, and schools, leaving friends, leaving churches, leaving communities you grown to love, etc. People do things like this for the people they love all the time; even children have to do it.

    • NJBeachGirl says:

      Yup, and people like me have to pick up the pieces of a distraught dog when their military family dumps them. Or when a soldier has to give up his/her beloved dog because they are being sent overseas and no one will step up for the dog.
      Let’s not talk about the thousands of dogs I couldn’t take over the years from southern shelters who are then put in gas chambers or heartstuck. Talking so carelessly about dogs like you did?? It makes me so upset.

      • eda says:

        Thank you for what you do. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt but I cannot think of a good reason why she cannot feasibly take a five year old, relatively healthy, bonded dog across the Atlantic, with plenty of disposable income and resources. This coming from an average person who has a “make it work” philosophy with her two pets and has travelled thousands of miles by car and plane with them. When you adopt a pet, you commit to it for the rest of its life. Full stop. Like a family member, you don’t just dump it when the going gets inconvenient. Pet ownership takes enormous sacrifice sometimes. Sigh.

      • Bella Dupont says:

        @ eda

        You seem like someone with genuine concerns for the dog, so I will say…..that dog apparently has 2 owners. The Chef shared custody of the dogs with her. So there is a distinct possibility he was unwilling to completely give the dog up just because Meghan was getting married to someone else in a different country.

        If that’s what happened, then I can understand her not wanting to bring her ex up in her engagement interview.

        The truth is, she has a long track record of looking after her pets and caring for them. Until we know for sure what really happened, it is incredibly unfair for us to judge her.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Except this article makes it sound like she is leaving her dog behind forever, not just on a temporary basis (like when a military person is deployed). Also, I don’t think a family moving away TOGETHER is the same as abandoning a dog. A closer analogy would be a parent giving up a child for adoption. Which, there are many good reasons to do so, but wanting to get married is, to me, not a good enough reason. Now, she could have perfectly valid reasons for doing so, but we haven’t heard them, so by default all we know is she’s moving away to get married and leaving one of her dogs behind.

  65. Angieeeeee says:

    I’m surprised no one has raised the possibility that dog may not like Harry or get along well with him, or may dislike or be aggressive to children. Living alone, she may have had a good relationship with the dog on her own, but the dog may be unsuitable to bring along because maybe it’s aggressive towards Harry or towards children in general, which wouldn’t bode well for their future, so she left the dog in a better home.
    Some dogs, no matter how much training or care, do become unfortunately aggressive. It can happen in any breed. My dad’s beloved German Shepard nearly tore my mom’s arm off when they were dating. The dog was super possessive of my dad and hated my mother. No amount of training could change it so when he married her, he left the dog with a relative that it loved and all was well.The dog lived out a happy life and my dad could visit it. Similarly my PhD advisor had a doberman for 10 years that he and his wife adored. When their first child was born, the doberman attempted to attack the infant. The consequences were potentially too dire, so he gave the dog to a close bachelor male friend who had no children, and it lived out his life with the friend. He said the decision absolutely broke his heart, but his child came first.
    The dog could be old, or aggressive or anxious. There are many reasons why she couldn’t bring the dog. People love their pets, but sometimes you are faced with a shitty choice. I think she likely did what was best for the dog.
    Secondly on the baptism: The fact that they said she will be baptized and confirmed means she’s never been baptized in the Christian tradition. If she had been baptized Roman Catholic, or Methodist or Presbyterian (etc) she would have converted (there is a process where you meet with the bishop) and been confirmed. For the Church of England, a trinitarian baptism in another Christian denomination means you have been baptized, (you don’t get baptized twice– some low-church evangelical churches will re-baptize after an infant baptism, because they believe in adult baptism only, but the Church of England would accept any infant or adult baptism done in the Trinitarian tradition) and would be official Christian baptism. So she was likely raised what us religion scholars call “unchurched” and has opted now to be baptized and enter into an official denominational affiliation. Lots of people don’t get baptized these days– especially Americans who belong in the “unaffiliated” or “nones” category.

  66. Vinot says:

    W & K were engaged over Christmas 2010, not 2011. And hard agree with the idea that Kate opted (and continues to opt, with William’s encouragement) out of Sandringham and other BRF family times.

  67. Helen Smith says:

    Fake story. Meghan wasn’t all broken up during her photo op and engagement interview at all. She was overjoyed at her new situation. The press will write anything.

  68. liriel says:

    Oh well, well, we all had such high hopes. Ditching a beloved dog, humanitarian work (starting fresh with W&K’s charities). Many women want to find rich/powerful husbands through the right connections. I don’t blame anyone for that. Her involvement in charities was exaggerated and now we act all surprised. I suppose she wants to to work little and she’ll choose the engagements she prefers just like Kate but unlike Kate she’ll love the attention as an extrovert. I definitely think Harry’s PR team is bad.. Here, on CB we’re her biggest fans and yet even WE are disappointed. I wanted her to be active and in the next month prove herself. Instead we’ll get wedding dress stories. Oh well..

  69. mary says:

    I really think the dog is with the ex boyfriend and they don’t mention his name because they dont want the distraction

  70. MP says:

    Elderly pets can find travel too stressful even tranquilized. My husband’s cat would get so stressed he would tear apart anyone that tried to get him out of his cage even with those thick long sleeve vet gloves. There would be lots of blood and he would hurt himself by not cooperating.
    Also my sister’s dog would start escaping his fence and travel across a busy highway. He himself preferred her in-laws farm with their dogs and eventually she left him with them. He stopped ‘traveling’ when he started living there. Sometimes the pet picks his environment and the owner has to do what’s best.

  71. Anna says:

    The engagement was just announced a few days ago, and I am already beyond tired of her. She comes across as really thirsty. Couldn’t stand her in the engagement interview, when she constantly talked over Harry, and seemed really full of herself.

  72. Mar says:

    Wow I’m shocked at some of these comments
    Ok guys- dogs only live not even an 8th if a human, so if she found a good home for her dog, there’s nothing wrong with that- she should give up her relationship for an animal if she found a good home? My husband is wildly allergic to cats and before we moved in together my friend took the cat which is now the love of her life, everyone wins. If you love your animal you will make sure it’s ok if you have to.

  73. Petra says:

    Bogart seems to be living in Toronto, Lainey gossip works with Ben Mulroney whose wife is best friends as well as a stylist for Meghan. She would have inside knowledge of the situation and wrote a post about it. I was so sad for Bogart losing his family but according to Lainey, he is an older dog with health problems. I am sure she made sure that he is with a family who loves him or perhaps he is staying with the chef who she shared the dog with, who seems like a nice guy. Whatever the situation it must be tough on everyone. Even before Meghan became engaged she was away a lot so hopefully Bogart is used to the family/person he is living with now and is quite content and happy but I do think she considered what was best for him.

  74. Sg says:

    lmao this thread is absolutely bonkers. it’s cracking me up.

  75. Liz says:

    My goodness, The Sun’s cover is terrible! Did they really have to zoom in all of their flaws? The balding, Megan’s grey hair….

  76. Patty says:

    Right. There’s a segment of the population, especially in the US, and it seems to be growing who care more about animals than people. I mean damn she’s being pilloried for essentially finding one of her dogs a new and good home. Considering the circles she runs in, that dog will probably have a better life than the vast majority of the worlds people and yet people are screaming “think of the dog”. This year is officially the year of peak bullshit and I’m over it.

    And can we please stop normalizing this fur baby business. If someone chooses to refer to their own pets that way, fine. But an animal is not a baby. Call them puppies or kittens or whatever but they aren’t babies. They are going to grow up to be dogs and cats – not turn into a toddler – child – teen – adult.

  77. Vovacia says:

    You can’t become a British citizen immediately upon marrying a Brit. Unless they are breaking rules for her.

  78. Pretzellicious says:

    I can’t believe this discussion. It’s a dog!
    I love animals and have several of them at home. And yet I say this: anyone who even considers sacrificing the love of their life, future children etc because of an animal that may live for a few more years, are not in their right mind.

  79. Sandra says:

    I am sure Meghan left Bogart with friends who probably love Bogart and will do right by him. I am sure it was a very hard decision but it must be in his best interest to stay in Toronto.