Was Meghan Markle lying when she said ‘didn’t know much’ about Prince Harry?

Harry Meghan engagement

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement interview was only 20 minutes long. In those 20 minutes, most of us found Meghan utterly charming. The biggest complaint I had – and this was just a minor thing – is that seemed a little bit too gosh-who-me, in an actress-y sort of way, like Taylor Swift when she wins yet another award. One of those moments came when Meghan talked about being set up on a blind date by a mutual friend:

“Yes, it was definitely a set up. (laughs) It was a blind date. And it’s so interesting because we talk about it and now and even then, I, you know, because I’m from the States, you don’t grow up with the same understanding of the royal family and so while I now understand very clearly, there’s a global interest there. I didn’t know much about him, and so the only thing that I had asked her when she said that she wanted to set us up, was, I had one question. I said, “Well is he nice?” Cause if he wasn’t kind, it just didn’t, it didn’t seem like it would make sense and so, we went and had a, met for a drink, and then I think very quickly into that we said, “Well what are we doing tomorrow? We should meet again.”

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Some people side-eyed the “I didn’t know much about him” comment. I thought I understood what she meant though – she clearly knew who Prince Harry was, and anyone who was alive in the 1990s (Meghan would have been a teenager) remembers Princess Diana’s popularity, and everything that happened after Diana’s death. But she didn’t feel like she knew anything about who he really is beyond the images. Or was that a lie?!?! One of Meghan’s childhood friends claims that Meghan was always obsessed with royalty:

Meghan Markle “was always fascinated by the royal family’’ — and hopes “to be Princess Diana 2.0,’’ a close childhood friend said Tuesday. Markle coyly claimed while announcing her engagement with Prince Harry on Monday that she “didn’t know much’’ about her blue-blood fiancé or his royal family before she met him, but old pal Ninaki Priddy said the pair traveled to London as teens — and the American actress was obsessed by the royals, the Daily Mail said.

“I’m not shocked at all’’ by Markle’s engagement to Harry, Priddy told the Mail. “It’s like she has been planning this all her life. She gets exactly what she wants, and Harry has fallen for her play. She was always fascinated by the royal family. She wants to be Princess Diana 2.0. She will play her role ably. But my advice to him is to tread cautiously,’’ Priddy said.

On the then-15-year-old girls’ trip to London, they posed for one photo sitting on a metal railing and beaming in front of Buckingham Palace.

[From Page Six]

For the love of God. I’m a 30-something woman and all of you can attest to the fact that I’ve always been interested in royalty too. It’s something a lot of women grow up with, first the Disney princesses and then the soap opera dynamics of royalty, because royal families were the original reality shows for the peasants. There are millions of girls and women who fantasize about becoming princesses and enjoy talking about the hot eligible princes. My guess is that Meghan was no different – she had, and perhaps still has princess fantasies. Did she need to play dumb about Harry in the interview? No. But I still maintain that she was just talking about how she didn’t know much about him beyond the image, the tabloid soap opera.

Harry Meghan engagement

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  1. Jessica says:

    The childhood friend hasn’t seen her since high school and almost every girl goes through a royalty phase.

    Most people don’t know that Harry’s real name is Henry; so guess what the average person doesn’t know much about him.

    • Squiggisbig says:

      I consider myself a bit of a royal gossip aficionado and I didn’t know his real name was Henry either!

      • Jessica says:

        I went through a BRF phase back in 2007 with all the hoopla over the 10th anniversary of Diana’s death. It was summer and I didn’t have anything else to do. I actually learned a lot about British culture because of a passing interest in the royal family. I’m American but I think the Royal Family does more good for the economy through tourism then not having them.

      • Jabberwocky says:

        I think that’s more a “moron American” thing. Most Brits are aware that Harry is a nickname for Henry.

      • Jessica says:

        I wouldn’t say ‘moron American’ thing at all regarding Henry/Harry. It’s simply not a common name in the states so the average person doesn’t know a Henry or a Harry.

      • Coco says:

        I love the name Henry but we decided not to name our son that because my husband has “cock” as part of his last name. I could already see the Harry C*ck jokes.

      • Liberty says:

        “Moron American”? Really?

        So when a native Brit asks me how to get over to the V&A, they’re a moron for not knowing that natural thing every Brit knows?

        Education corner: I have worked with two Americans called Harry who were each a Henry. A Jambo who is a Jim. I work with a Jippers who is born Justin. Our NYC office has a client called Will, was born Wolf. I think we can assume Americans can parse the rocket science of nicknames, and that this is perhaps more like “I didn’t know Meghan’s mother named her Rachel.” Or, “I didn’t know Jabberwocky was still in pony camp, studying hard to take her O levels someday.”

      • StartupSpouse says:


        Oh hell no to your “moron American” comment. I have a relative named Harry, which is not a nickname for Henry in his case.

        People in glass houses and all that.

      • FuefinaWG says:

        Jabberwocky: The “moron America” is, well, a bit moronic, in itself. I find it odd that you use that phrase because many Americans don’t know that Harry’s formal name is Henry. Most Americans don’t care what Harry’s real name is or who Harry even is … or who someone named Diana was. There are many people in America who are highly educated and there are many who have no education, at all. I guess that happens when a country has 320+ million people compared to, what, 65 million? (if you count all of the UK.) Most American’s don’t give a rat’s ass about royal families, let alone, what their real names are. America gave Britain the old heave-ho 200+ years ago and we haven’t looked back. (We may have a complete moron for a President but not all of us voted for the POS, and we’ll definitely oust his ass.) Harry’s a handsome guy, a grandson of the Queen, and with a royal family, thankfully, on the other side of the pond.

      • wendy says:

        A more common nickname for Henry in the US is Hank….as for being a moron, eh, I have my moments, but damn lady.

      • LT says:


        Henry was the 22nd most popular name for baby boys in 2016, so most Americans actually do know a Henry if they know little kids. My son is named Henry and we used to live next door to two Henry’s. It’s a VERY common name in the US now.

    • WTW says:

      I was somewhat of a Princess Di fan, and I still didn’t know much about Harry and William. And, I too, have visited Buckingham Palace during a trip to London. It’s like if someone went to D.C. and posed in front of the White House in the 90s. It wouldn’t mean they knew everything about the president. Her friend sounds like a hater, just like Meghan’s half-sister. When will people like this realize they come off looking much worse than Meghan.

    • island_girl says:

      Actually that childhood friend was friends with Meghan up until 2014. Meghan has tweets constantly praising and showing her love. That life long friend is shady af and sucks. I wonder how much money DM paid for that sad story and pic?

    • galexhkg says:

      Interesting about the “friend” not seeing her since high school–what comes out of the woodwork, eh?

      I mean, I shudder to think what my friends from high school would say about me if they based my motives and interests on that time in my life.

    • Louise177 says:

      Doesn’t seem like much of a friend considering she ran to the tabloids to trash Meghan. Besides even if she read every article on Harry doesn’t mean she knows a lot about him. There’s a big difference between the image and the actual person. Weird that people think she’s a liar.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Seriously. I will never squeal on my childhood best friend over her crushes on David Cassidy or, later, Jackson Browne.

      I hope mine will never squeal on my early crush on Bobby Sherman.

    • KiddVicious says:

      Back in the 80′s I was a Princess Di fan (I was teenager/early 20′s) , but I knew only what People magazine printed, so I didn’t know much, but I knew Harry’s name was Henry. Once his name was announced I remember thinking it was an old man’s name, then at some point Diana said he’ll be called Harry, and me thinking it was worse than Henry. LOL I can’t imagine him being named anything else now, though.

    • Casey. _. says:

      There’s a special place in hell for nasty jealous meangirls. Ninaki Priddy reeks of bitter envy so much it’s almost like caricature. Why do some women always go there, i.e., the same ugly calculating and manipulative stereotype of ‘woman? ‘ it’s disgusting. The need to make every action of Meghan’s a ‘scheme.’ if that’s the case, that Markle ‘had been planning this all her life,’ doesn’t her 8-9yr long relationship and marriage show the opposite is true?

      Best part of this page six shite show is seeing Meghan’s natural kinky curly hair and pre nose job. She was cute as a bug’s ear. Hope she goes back to natural at The Palace. Lol

      • Princessk says:

        Ms Priddy, Meghan’s ‘childhood friend’ must have waited for the moment to release that picture for maximum financial gain. She warned that Harry should be ‘cautious’ about Meghan. I think the person to be cautious about is Ms Priddy herself, as all the people who have been selling photos and stories for financial gain have been proved to be gargantuan liars.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Truly. She also sounds like a spiteful Bitter Betty- much like MM’s half – sister. Not one to be taken seriously, in any case.

    • Carol says:

      I must admit I side-eyed the whole “I didn’t know anything about him” and the “I just asked one question: is he kind?” comments. I think they are in love and am happy for them, but thought she laid it on a little thick in that interview. Looking forward to the wedding! Her friend seems . . . unpleasant.

      • Sticks says:

        Agree with you, Carol. I eye rolled that narrative also. This is my annoyance is that they are trying too hard. Trying to distance themselves from the impression that she’s just marrying him because he’s a prince. They don’t need to try so hard it just invites opportunities to try and dispel what they’re saying. It’s too much. But i get it. They know what some are saying and are trying too much. They’ll figure it out I’m sure and settle in. Looking forward to the wedding also!

      • Addie says:

        I eye-rolled those comments too. All a bit too try-hard in the interview and starts to look disingenuous. They just need to relax. Harry wants an attractive and sexy wife (tick); Meghan has always been an upwardly-mobile networker who’s hit the jackpot (tick). That’s who they are and that’s fine. Let’s not pretend. Wish them the best – they’ll have a good and easy life ahead of them.

  2. Kdlaf says:

    Ughh i really think people are reading too much into her interviews…i dont think she’s into gossip or the hollywood game (she moved to and was based in toronto for christ sakes) so i highly doubt she knew much about the tabloids or gossip surrounding Harry. Most americans and people who dont follow gossip know very little about harry other than he’s a prince. Also I would take this random “friend” coming out of the woodwork being interviewed with a grain of salt…

    • Starfish says:

      Agreed! I am just thrilled to have something fun and happy to look forward to with their wedding. They are a beautiful couple and I too wish them a lifetime of happiness.

    • Beth says:

      She doesn’t follow Hollywood gossip because she moved to Toronto? She’s an actress on a TV show, which is kind of a Hollywood job. I’m American and not that interested in the royal family, but it’s not like Harry became known last week and nobody knows anything about him. I’ll never forget seeing him in tons of articles dressed in a Nazi uniform for Halloween a few years ago

      • Kdlaf says:

        There’s a difference between being an actress and being “Hollywood”. Toronto is more laid back/normal than Hollywood. She seemed more focused on her blog and charity work outside of acting so I believe her when she says she didn’t know much about gossip/tabloids surrounding Harry. She’s not saying she didnt know anything – shes saying she didnt know much.

        Also the Nazi uniform incident was 13 years ago when he was 20, not a few years ago. Youre well within your right to think he’s irredeemable for that (especially in this political climate, totally understandable imo). But he has apologized for that, and has shown he’s a good person over the past several years.

      • Milla says:

        Well his grandpa was friends with the Nazis, maybe Harry was just trying out his old clothes…

        I know enough. I still have a soft spot for lady Diana. And her boys got away with lots of crap cos of her death.

        Meghan was talking out of her behind, but it’s ok, she’s not hurting anyone. And it’s very different to know someone and to know of someone.

      • Saucy says:

        Yep it’s the republican one who isn’t drinking the Meghan kool-aid: she is a networker, she’s also a B list (is that being generous?) who managed to get royalty. The reality is by all accounts Henry/Harry is thick as the proverbial porcine excrement and stubborn to boot. To say she didn’t do her homework and randomly hung out in London at Soho House and private members clubs he’s known to frequent is also the proverbial porcine. If it’s the real deal, good for them; god knows it’s hard to find and keep love. But we need to get rid of the entire concept of royalty; it’s inherently offensive. Also: her faux-naivete is irritating and she’s another mouth to feed. The shtick about the royal family paying for the wedding means I, a woman of colour, immigrant, taxpayer with no offshore structures to avoid paying tax, will be paying. The French had the right idea is all I’m saying..!

      • Charlie Canada says:

        Kdlaf, could you please explain to me the extent of Meghan’s charity work? She went to Africa once to be photographed with some brown children — I saw it as little more than a photo op. Then she made a UN speech. I don’t get all the hype over her so-called charity work. To me, she did these two things (maybe a few days’ work at most) to boost her career, like many Hollywood types do. Maybe I’m missing something, so please, someone, explain to me how she is such a great humanitarian.

      • Tina says:

        His grandpa was NOT friends with Nazis. Prince Philip fought in the Royal Navy and was a war hero. (And his other grandfather John Spencer was a Captain in the Royal Scots Greys).

      • Kdlaf says:


        A quick google search will show you she’s been involved with World Vision, the UN, One Young World, and the Myna Mahila Foundation. Before she shut down her blog she talked about it quite frequently – I don’t think it was just a photo-op. I’m one of the few people that have followed her career since Suits so I don’t think its all an act.

        She’s either not involved with much and the humanitarian title is a sham OR she has been putting in the work but its all part of her master plan to get to Harry. I don’t think she can win honestly.

      • Casey. _. says:


        I think you mean it’s the bitter and envious self loathing ‘woman of color’ (in this case, Indian or Pakistani) who hung out with Meghan mostly so she wouldn’t have to feel inferior to the white girls she idolized.

        We see you grrrrrl.

        Just my speculative take. ‘East Asia/India we have a problem,’ some times. The subtleties of meangirling is a favorite past time and both of y’all have it down.

        Just to clarify for you and others being deliberately obtuse just to lash out at Harry’s bethrothed: she said in the States you don’t ‘grow up with the same understanding of the royal family…she didn’t know much about him,’ meaning his personality: his interests, goals, his exploits and who he might be as a person. Which is why she asked the friend that did know him, ‘is he nice, is he kind?’

        As an American, and an Afr Amer woman I know OF the royals, have even read a tabloid tale about them once or twice, but it’s not like i know of them like I know of Tom Brady or Steph Curry. Likewise, I’m sure the British have heard of our superstar athletes too, but in the same way Meghan didn’t know Harry’s personality, they wouldn’t necessarily know that Steph seems a great husband and dad, likes cooking and dancing and is quite funny with the jokes.

        Calm down, it’s not that serious. Something tells me if he had chosen a white Brit you would have been quiet as a church mouse. Stop the self loathing

      • Princessk says:

        Meghan HAS done a lot of charity work, the one that impressed me was how she drew attention to the problem of schoolgirls who lack access to water and sanitary ware and often stay at home when they are on their periods.

      • homeslice says:

        Eh, I cry foul on her story too. She sort of cheeses me out. But I think he loves her and she loves the idea of him and his status. She wouldn’t have taken a second look if he wasn’t a royal. JMO.
        Wish them all the best, I hope I’m wrong, but MM seems thirsty as hell.

      • FuefinaWG says:

        It was Edward who was friends with Nazi’s; not George VI.

      • Tina says:

        And George VI was his great-grandfather; Prince Philip (no friend of Nazis) was his grandfather.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      A-freaking-men. I read about Harry all the time, but I know little or nothing about the man he actually is. And this “friend” who hasn’t seen Meghan since childhood is an opportunist who probably made a lot of money peddling this baseless, nonsensical sh*t.

    • perplexed says:

      She moves in high society circles in Toronto. She knows the well-connected people.

      I don’t think she plotted to get Harry, but I don’t think she would have been oblivious as to who he is. either. Like, when her friend mentioned she could date Prince Harry, I’m pretty sure she would have have said “Yes” straight way. I don’t think there would have been a hesitancy. Yeah, I’m sure she hoped he would be nice. But I’m also pretty sure she was willing to find out on her own as to how nice or not nice he is. I don’t think she would have needed her friend’s confirmation of it. I’m saying this based on how I believe most people would think, not just her.

      I probably would have made up an answer like that too. Hey, it’s a naturally human thing to do, especially when the eyes of the world are on you.

      • Nessa nessa says:

        No…I’ll go with I don’t think so. She was asked flat out in 2015 “Prince William or Prince Harry”

        Meghan: IDK…
        Host: say Harry
        Meghan: Harry? Sure…

        Yeah…no…she is a biracial woman from American that worked amongst dignitaries since university. She may have had a fascination with royalty as a international relations major…like anyone else. But that doesn’t mean she wanted to date one…she have never been shy about crushes. Some of which are brit…Prince Harry wasn’t one of them. Likely never considered him as someone to date or knew much about him to be attracted as she eventually was by his kindness, humor, and confidence. All qualities Meghan have said she looks for.


      • Saucy says:

        @Casey._. Please sit down and allow me to respond by making wide sweeping generalisations about your background and your ‘because MM is a woman of colour, it makes her a saint and immune to any critical thinking’ vibe. You can check my posts here: I even explicitly state in every post that I find the very idea of monarchy abhorrent. My loathing is for what the institution represents – look up your history and the chances are that those related to the British monarchy you appear so willing to cheer on were likely slave-owners and/or colonialists in Africa and the Caribbean. Maybe apply some of that vitriol to some intellectual thinking about what the institution represents: they are better than you because they are the sperm that made it; that is literally the “merit” by which they sit atop society. I am an equal opportunity hater when it comes to the monarchy: I loathe Kate Middleton for being a bland, charisma blackhole and dumb as a box of frogs and she’s a white Brit…

      • perplexed says:

        “No…I’ll go with I don’t think so. She was asked flat out in 2015 “Prince William or Prince Harry”

        Meghan: IDK…
        Host: say Harry
        Meghan: Harry? Sure…”

        At that point, dating him wasn’t an actual reality. When it became a possibility, I could see her going, “Sure, why not? What’s there to lose?” I never stated she had a crush on him; I simply stated that I don’t think she was unaware of who he was.

        Although now I’m wondering if she actually was dating him by that point, and had to pretend not to show it. The date on the interview shows October 2015 in the caption, and in the engagement interview she said it’s been 2 years or more since they first met. (Harry corrected her and
        said it’s been one and a half years, and seemed firm about not deviating from that answer).

        Like, I said, I don’t think she actively plotted to date him. I just don’t think she was oblivious to him either, considering she lived in Canada. That video shows she’s being asked about Harry and William, and I notice it’s from Hello Canada.

        I do think she comes off as more charming and natural in that old interview than she did during the engagement interview.

    • Seraphina says:

      Agreed. People are trying to read between the lines or make something out of nothing.

      And I’m offended at the “Moron American” comment. There are plenty of ways to express your self so you don’t slap people on the face. And there are derogatory terms for every ethnicity and race. We were voted top educated commenters, so let’s try to keep it clean and classy.

      • CardboardBox17 says:

        First I would like to say that I’m a huge fan of Harry and Meghan. However, I find it ironic to say the least that Harry is getting married to someone who is half-Black.

        Why? Harry has only redeemed himself in my eyes over the past 3-4 years because I vividly remember a statement he once made in Chelsy’s defence… “she’s not Black, or anything”… yes, he said it… my reaction was, what?! It was at a time when her father was under fire for being either friend/business associate of Robert Mugabe and that was how he defended her… look it up, its out there online…

        “13 Jan 2005 – With Prince Philip, she will also attend the Holocaust Memorial Day national commemoration at Westminster Hall on 27 January. The gaffe is not Harry’s first. At a society wedding he was reported to have said about his new girlfriend Chelsy Davy: “She’s not black or anything, you know.”

      • runcmc says:

        This is $$HTTY. I’m afro-latina, look black, and I remember my best friend (frustrated her mom didn’t accept her boyfriend at the time) was like “UGH it’s not like he’s black or something.” We had a HUGE talk/discussion about it (a few days later- at the time I was shocked and didn’t say anything) but remained friends. She understood where I was coming from, listened to me, and has been incredibly vocal about small microagressions like that since then, which she never noticed in the past. She ended up marrying a Mexican man.

        People can change.

      • perplexed says:

        I think people can change, but how many times has Harry made this kind of mistake? First, he wore the Nazi uniform. Then he called the solder a “pak-” (a racist slur against South Asians.) And now this? I do believe he has changed and genuinely loves Meghan, but dude really knows how to stick his foot in his mouth. Huh.

    • dlc says:

      Absolutely agree. I am really the only gossip hound among my friends, and most of the others in my life only know the basics about harry, like who his immediate family he is.

      I bet Meghan went on a hs trip and was all “ooh, princess ” and never thought about it again. The “friend” sounds like a jerk making up some plot. Really? Meghan was plotting gor the last 20 years to marry harry? Including when she was married to someone else and working in Toronto? Giant eyeroll.

    • Helen Smith says:

      A lot of American TV shows film in Toronto. It is cheaper. I know that sounds weird but it is. So to say Meghan got away from Hollywood because she didn’t want to play the game is inaccurate. To go from Compton to meeting Harry by scaling society’s greasy pole means you have mad skills at the networking and social climbing game. No shade just an observation. Let’s keep it real and accurate. The whitewashing is going on now that Meghan is in the royal fold.

      • Dally says:

        Baldwin Hills is not Compton, it’s a pretty upscale neighborhood, and she went to good private schools. But even if she was from Compton, the accusations of “social climbing” are pretty gross: so what, you’re either born poor and know to stay in your place, or you’re a scheming social-climber? It’s an idea spread by those in power to try and keep their power by making themselves out to be better or more deserving of that power.

      • Kdlaf says:

        Where did I say she got away from Hollywood because she didnt want to play the Hollywood game?? I’m just saying she lives in Toronto/has made a name for herself there as opposed to Hollywood and seemed more focused on her blog and charity work (did you even read my comment?).

        Also the comment about scheming – really? So if you had access to successful people who could introduce you to other interesting people/expand your circle professionally and personally as she has over the years, you wouldn’t take advantage of that?? Highly doubt that. If you call that scheming then so be it.

        I always thought the whole, ‘haters are just jealous’ thing to be an overgeneralization but I’m starting to get that feeling literally every Meghan post. You guys are REACHING to find something you don’t like about her…

      • FuefinaWG says:

        Baldwin Hills is not Compton and not everyone born in Compton is in a gang.

  3. msw says:

    Much ado about nothing, IMO. It’s easy to not know much about the royals if you don’t pay attention to that stuff.

    • Harla says:

      I so agree msw! almost everyone I know knows next to nothing about the royals and many couldn’t name one if their lives depended on it (excepting the Queen). I think that because some of us are great royal watchers it’s hard to believe that everyone doesn’t watch them.

      • Ksenia says:

        Yeah, I’m one of those “everyone who doesn’t watch them.” Simply cannot and never will worship a group of not especially talented/special/admirable human beings with extraordinary earthly inherited wealth. I have never gotten the allure of a single member of the so-called Royal Family, though I did feel sympathy for the little I know of Diana’s life, and had the compassion for her sons I’d feel for anyone at their mother’s tragic early death. But then, I never dreamed of being a princess even when I was young, it simply never held any appeal for me. I don’t know what the “princess dream” even is about, what is appealing about it? That you’re rich, that you get to wear multiple expensive clothes, that the whole world judges your persona? That marriage to a “royal” means the marriage is magically insured to last “happily ever after?” I really don’t understand the psyches of those who worship these people. I am not judging anyone for being worshipful or awed by them, I just never could comprehend it myself.

    • Liberty says:

      This, and even if you read enough about someone to know basically who they are in modern life’s flow chart, you don’t know them in real life (even if they are not celeb-level people).

      From the time I was 20, doing internships in communications and fashion and entertainment, I would meet or help PA celebs. I learned immediately that what you read about is often not at all the person you meet and work with. And after a few days, more layers peel away.

      In her entertainment industry life, I assume she would be very aware of the gap between fame’s fantasy waxwork and real human being, so I get her question, definitely, and think it was smart of her to ask.

  4. Nicole says:

    Eh I won’t put stock into old friends. Let this play out and see how it goes.
    They will either sink or swim. Just like any other couple.

  5. Beth says:

    I think she was fibbing when she said she ‘didn’t know much ‘ about him, but it’s no big deal

    • Gia says:

      I agree. And I also think there’s no way her good friend didn’t tell her she was hooking her up with Harry. Any friend would tell you if she was setting you up with a celebrity or royal family member. Why would the friend keep it from her?? Another note, I don’t really think this was a blind date. In London, celebs and royalty mix at very exclusive bars/lounges/clubs. I think they definitely met on a night out, he noticed her, thought she was hot, struck up a convo and asked her to get a drink with him one on one next time. But saying “we met out at a bar while drunk” isn’t a good look which is why they are telling people it was a “blind date” via “mystery friend”.

      • Jessica says:


        They definitely didn’t just randomly meet; they were set-up. I don’t know why you think they are lying about that.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        Sounds like confusion over the term ‘blind’ date. It means that a third party connects the 2 parties. It doesn’t mean you don’t know who they are when you meet them. It’s ‘blind’ because you have not met them before, not because you don’t know who they are. That would be a ‘mystery’ date.

        Of course she knew she was going to meet Prince Harry. That’s why she asked if he was ‘nice,’ because she was hoping not to have a blind date with an a–hole, like anyone would hope. It would be especially awful to meet a ‘royal’ and find out he’s a jerk. What do you do with that knowledge?

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        Now it may well be that he saw her at a bar and they decided it’s better for public consumption to have a ‘cover story’ of a blind date. But that’s different. Though there’s no shame about meeting at a bar. Happened to a lot of folks I know
        and they’re all happy. I mean – it’s one reason people go to bars: To meet people!

      • Mimi says:

        Did you watch the interview? Because Meghan knew that it was Harry she was being set-up with and doesn’t pretend otherwise. You’ve created a whole scenario of how they met that you’ve decided is a better reality than what they actually stated based on nothing more than your imagination. Okay then.

      • Ksenia says:

        I met my husband in a bar/club, and we’re still together almost 12 years later. We had a tiny, unspectacular wedding too–I was never one of those girls or women who dreamed about the “perfect day” of their wedding. (It *was* perfect, b/c I got to marry who I loved; why would I need or want any added ornaments, planned décor, or designs?) I find nothing shameful about how we met, though people *have* looked a little embarrassed, when they ask about our meeting place, to be told we met at a club called “The Oar House. ” Said aloud, that apparently sounds to some like the “Whore House!” And, yeah, THAT would be an embarrassing “first meeting” story.

    • Princessk says:

      Lol!😂…..Meghan Markle didn’t know anything about Prince Harry, the world’s most eligible bachelor….yeah right!

      I also love the way in which after two back to back dates she flew to his tent in Botswana for 5 nights under the stars. The docu drama on their romance will be really good. In that 20 minute interview Meghan has given me enough material, with some great scenes, for a full drama. This is definitely one of the most romantic of royal love affairs, full of passion and excitement. Harry said that they have been ‘all over the place’ without people knowing. I also bet that they will continue to do some things under the radar, since they have a successful formula.

      • Karen says:

        In America he is not considered the world’s most eligible bachelor. We know him as Diana’s son. A tech guy like Evan Spiegel is a billionaire and considered high on the list-but just recently married Orlando Bloom’s ex wife.

        I would say my interest and knowledge increased on Celebitchy. I hardly knew a thing.

      • perplexed says:

        I think Harry is more famous than Evan Spiegel. Both William and Harry have been featured on the cover of People magazine a fair amount of times. I don’t know if Harry is considered the world’s most eligible bachelor (or was), but I think more people are aware of his existence than Evan Spiegel’s is (who is, yes, richer and more accomplished). From a purely fame standpoint, I think Harry is well-known, which is why he’s stated he’d rather be in a war zone. Whether people actually care about his existence is debatable. But I think they know OF it, regardless of whether they’re British, American, Canadian, or Australian (the countries where they’re most likely to be featured on magazine covers)

        Various American magazines don’t mind putting them on their covers. Ditto for the kids like Prince George.

      • Karen says:

        Yes Harry is more famous. Evan is richer and all young people know Snapchat.

        In the US an actor or musician would be more well known to that age group. The average age of women reading People magazine is 42. The cover stories on the Cambridges attract a different population. They know he is Diana’s son.

  6. sqss says:

    If you compare her to the Middleton scheming then I agree, she hardly knew anything.

  7. Aerohead21 says:

    If you are printing exactly how she spoke it, holy moly girl needs to learn how to speak. Her grammar is terrible! It’s right up there with Kate’s posh accent. Girl, do it right and stop playing.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      That applies to most people. We regularly have to clean up minutes of meetings just to make sure someone who reads it years later knows what’s even happening. I wouldn’t want my conversations to land on paper, I’d sound terrible.

      As for this article, this friends sounds salty. And yes, during the interview she was definitely “on” but if you watch some of her speeches from a few years ago, that’s just how she speaks in public. And in interviews. She’s ambitious but that doesn’t mean she’s the scheming witch this “friend” paints her as. Ambition is good.

  8. Bea says:

    I think she meant she didn’t know a lot about him outside of the tabloids. To elaborate more than what she said would’ve been unnecessary for the interview. She probably realized early in the relationship that tabloid Harry is nothing like the real Harry.

  9. A Croatian says:

    Tbh, the one thing that was super cringe to me in the interview was when she said: “Awww that’s so nicely said (or put, idk)”. The way she said it to Harry was almost… condescending and coy. And too much.
    Just my opinion!

  10. perplexed says:

    Since he’s friends with Jessica Mulroney and the Trudeaus, I think she could have been aware of Prince Harry on some level. Her crowd seems like they might be into celebrities, even Trudeau. He looked so excited to be on Kelly Ripa — it was a little strange, considering he’s Prime Minister.

    To be honest, I wouldn’t have known how to answer the question.

    What kind of horrible friends and family does she have? Is anybody sincere to her at all (besides her mother)?

  11. melissa says:

    Pretty sure she meant it. It’s like how we know vague things about brad pitt or meryl streep, but unless you’re a diehard fan/obsessed with gossip, you probably won’t care and won’t know much about their lives. It makes sense, i know tons of people who know harry and william in a general sense but could care less about their dating lives, details, etc.

  12. Sixer says:

    The Fail is going to dredge up one of these every day until May, isn’t it?

  13. PettyRiperton says:

    A prince, Princess Diana’s son, he has a fine older brother who is also a prince and his grandma is the queen in the UK. That’s all I knew of Harry for the longest of time. I don’t think she was lying She said I didn’t know much about him” the woman didn’t say I didn’t know who he was at all. Two different things. Not everyone is interested in celeb gossip like that so it’s pretty plausible not to know everything about him.

  14. rose says:

    Her friend sounds bitter.

    Anywho I thought Meghan meant she knew of him through media etc but not who he is as person. Technically she didn’t knew who he is.

  15. Rhys says:

    Soooo… Who was this “mutual friend” who set them up on a date? Was Meghan really in those circles at that point of her career? I thought she was just a not very well known actress at the time. How everyone was like “who?” when these two started happening. I have to say, if she did indeed dream of becoming a princess (as a lot of women do, let’s be honest here!), she really played it well! This is a major accomplishment all things considering!

  16. Sushi says:

    I am a republican ( but had liked Diana) and I had my fotos taken in front of Buckingham Palace. I means nothing. It is one of those places that you have to visit when you are in London the first time. And the Prince Harry from the press is completely different from his friend. By all account, all the things printed so far by the press are proved to be fabricated.

  17. Jayna says:

    I believe her. She had a busy life, was American.

    And what is she going to say, “What I did know about him was he was papped naked in a Las Vegas hotel room partying, and it garnered so much attention.” LOL Past a few headlines like that and the princes mentioned during articles about Diana, she probably just knew him as one of Diana and Charles’ sons, the princes, but not much about him as a human being.

    • MousyB says:

      Right. I’m sure she googled him once she was set up on the date – but since their mutual friend actually knows him outside of the tabloids (unlike us!) so she went with that and got to know him organically.

    • Falum says:

      Being American means you don’t know anything about the son of the most famous woman on earth whose blanket coverage of her death occurred when you were 17 abd very able to watch tv and read papers??

    • perplexed says:

      I actually think Americans are more into the royal family than the British are. When Diana died, every American media network was doing 24/7 coverage with theme music and all. I’m sure the British networks too, but America was doing wall-to-wall coverage as well. Tom Cruise called into CNN. George Clooney had that press conference. Madonna did some kind of tribute thing at the music video awards. And on and on and on…

      She’s around the age range where she would have been aware of Diana, at least, on some level. If she were 26 rather than 36, I’d believe her. But given her age, she’d know about Diana, because if Diana so much as sneezed Tom Broke would make sure to let everyone know.

      In fact, if someone had said she had a little far-away crush on William when she was in her 20s (when he was hot), I wouldn’t be shocked. Mind you, I’m not saying she did actually have a crush, but if she did as most girls her age did, it wouldn’t surprise me. I feel she’d know about William through Britney Spears. Just kidding.

  18. slowsnow says:

    Honestly, if I hadn’t moved to London I would know nothing about the British Royal family, let alone the one who isn’t going to be king. I knew of their existence but was never interested. And I know no one who had a monarchy/princess phase when growing up. Must be an anglo-saxon thing.

  19. Mimi says:

    There is an old video where she is being interviewed as part of Suits promotion in Britain and she is asked a series of random questions, including her choice between Harry and William. She has a total WTF look on her face as if it is not something she has ever spent a moment contemplating. While I know her many detractors no doubt now believe she somehow deliberately engineered that exchange as part of her longterm plan to infiltrate the BRF and use her black magic to capture Harry’s attention, the rest of us can take it as evidence that she didn’t have any great interest in either brother.

  20. Lucy says:

    Honestly, it’s a non-issue to me. All I got from the interview is that she was beaming despite all the nervousness. I’m more bothered by the childhood friend. As fas as I’m concerned, she has no f*cking right to talk about Meghan.

  21. Belle Epoch says:

    Minority view here! I believe the friend. In her own way, Meghan was doing an overseas Kate-like stalking. “She gets what she wants” is a characteristic that is evident pretty early and doesn’t usually disappear. I assume Harry is easy to love, especially if you want to reinvent yourself as a Princess. Previous girlfriends have loved Harry but not the job. Now here comes an American who wants the job – and since she is a professional actress, we can’t really know if she’s snowing Harry to get it. She is not Diana, a 19 year old kindergarten assistant. Meghan’s got a lot of mileage on her.

    • MousyB says:

      How was Meghan doing overseas Kate-like stalking? Because she visited London a few times??

    • MrsPanda says:

      I share that minority view Belle Epoch! I think she really wants to be a Princess and overdid the ”Aw shucks, little old me, I’m so coy and sweet” :) I think she’s confident and ambitious, and the working aspect of the role is very appealing to her. She put herself in those circles and wanted to be set up with him. I can’t fault her for that and God knows, I’d find it unbearable (even though you’re set for life). But I do totally agree that girl has some game! She reminded me of how I behave in job interviews. I think they do like each other though and hopefully it works out well for them both, part of me doesn’t see it lasting long term but I think they’ll be just fine whatever happens, and Harry will be very happy to be a Dad.

      • BrandyAlexander says:

        Seriously – I tried to watch that interview so many times, and couldn’t take more than a few minutes of the cloying “we’re SO in love” stuff. As I’ve read all the comments on this sight saying she’s so poised and articulate, I kept wondering if I was watching the same interview. She seemed a nervous wreck to me, in the interview and photocall. She was clutching to him whenever she wasn’t speaking. And that’s not a knock – who wouldn’t be?!?

        And I do hope they have a long and happy marriage. But I don’t understand the way this site is putting her on a pedestal just because of the hatred for Kate, even to the point of praising the same attributes that they knock Kate for. Kate’s hair is too long, but Megan’s (who has longer hair) is gorgeous. Kate has to tuck her hair back, so she’s hiding behind her hair, but Megan is poised and confident even though she had to tuck her hair back quite a few times in that interview. Yesterday, people slammed Kate for using her hands expressively when she answered the question, but Meghan did that the whole interview and it was fine. And it’s been clear to me that Meghan had marriage on her mind since their first date, but the Middleton’s are the schemers and Meghan is just in love.

        Honestly, I don’t mind either, and I hope the two ladies do get along. I read a ton of biographies this summer on Diana and Charles, and the one thing clear to me was these two ladies need each other as allies, because they are the outsiders in the Firm and they will both be thrown to the wolves at some point.

      • KLO says:

        @BrandyAlexander thanks for your whole post. Every sentence was spot on, especially the last one.

      • Sticks says:

        100% agree with everything you said, Brandyalexander.

      • Tina says:

        Say what you want about Meghan, but she was infinitely more articulate and well spoken in her engagement interview than Kate was in hers. She was physically all over Harry, but I wouldn’t call it clinging, at least not in a desperate way. Her body language was confident, not nervous. I do agree that it would be better for her and Kate to try to get along. If she is truly playing the long game, as you suggest, she’ll try to make that happen.

    • Sushi says:

      In the process got married for 2 years to get Harry’s attention?

    • Wow, what a shitty comment, especially the part about her having a lot of mileage on her.

    • IlsaLund says:

      Yeah, cause women of color scheme and manipulate their way to marry into a European royal family….smdh. Get real. Meghan is a confident, ambitious, educated and well spoken woman of color. She’s also a 36 year old t.v. actress with no illusions of grandeur about winning an Oscar. Looking at things from her perspective, if I met a guy like Harry and we clicked, yeah, I’d probably do the same thing she’s doing. Move on the next phase of my life. No harm in that.

    • Addie says:

      Yep, the friend points out the personality trait ie getting what she goes after. You join clubs such as SoHo to increase your net worth and rub shoulders with those who are in positions of power or aspire to them. The tone of the SoHo PR is one of douchebags and gilded slackers on the rise. For sure, MM is thirsty but Harry gets the better deal with an intelligent woman. She gets stuck with a thicko who has a title, no-one near her intellectual equal or who has her level of ambition.

  22. Snowflake says:

    Some friend! Sounds like they stopped being friends and she’s jealous. Jmo

  23. Becks says:

    I mean, I think I knew what she meant on the one hand, which was “yes I’ve seen him in tabloids but I’ve never really heard anything about him from anyone who actually knows him,” the same way a lot of us on here “know” things about Prince Harry but don’t actually know anything, ha.

    On the other hand, the whole “in America we don’t follow the royals” was kind of silly.

    But finally, since she’s my age, I’ll attest to the fact that we all wanted to marry a British prince when we were growing up and teenagers. But it was William. LOLOLOL.

  24. Bella Dupont says:

    Two words completely shatter the credibility of that little excerpt for me: “Daily Mail”.

    These lying liars have spent the last 18 months with one mission and one mission alone for this couple: Break them up. Or at the very least stir up as must sentiment against her as they possibly can.

    I bet that whole quotation was fabricated out of whole cloth. Liars.

    I think perhaps the point she was trying to make was that she got to know the real guy, Harry, as opposed to the tabloid created caricature.

    Harry was extremely nervous yesterday and I just KNEW that one of the main things he was so nervous about was the knowledge that every single thing she said and did would be picked apart, atom by atom until they could find something to hit /attack her with. This is probably the first of many more to come.

    • Princessk says:

      @Bella…..’one of the main things he was so nervous about was the knowledge that every single thing she said and did would be picked apart, atom by atom until they could find something to hit /attack her with.’…..You are spot on, that was the main reason for his obvious nerves, very unusual for Harry. He kept shooting looks at the interviewer, as if to say, are we not revealing too much. Meghan kept going on and on like a roller coaster, using her probably one and only ever opportunity to set the record straight on all the lies, and she was determined to have her moment , even if it meant talking over Harry. I was gasping! I never expected her to talk so much and so openly and freely, and the look on Harry’s face was priceless. It made my day, and I really do not think she has been damaged by it because it is obvious they adore each other.

      • Bella Dupont says:

        @Princess K

        Re you gasping….me too! Lol……she really hasn’t been reading her own press here, otherwise, she’d have learnt her lesson by now! The one thing I have noticed about her though is, this is actually who she is. If you see her older, pre-harry interviews/videos, the word that still comes to mind to mind about her is “effervescent”. She just always seems delighted with her lot in life….excited by what she has. But the world has now become so very cynical that that is now a questionable trait, which is such a shame.

        Still, she did really well to not have a serious, major scandal on her hands by now, which is what the daily fail is clearly itching for.

        Did you notice though that in the second half of the interview he relaxed a little and at that point, his entire body is pointing towards her and he’s crossed his legs and touching her leg with his crossed leg. Very tactile.

  25. Becks says:

    Also, I wish people would stop saying “she’s an actress! Of course she could convince him of anything!”

    She’s not effing Meryl Streep people. I really don’t think she’s been playing a long con here for the past 18 months. Maybe she did want to be a princess, maybe she’s been trying to leave Suits for a while and no other offers were forthcoming, maybe she did want the royal lifestyle. But I have a hard time believing she is such a highly skilled actress that she’s been faking it with Prince Harry for the past year and a half.

    • Bella Dupont says:

      When it suits the critics, she’s a terrible, z-list actress with zero prospects left in life. At other times, she’s a conniving, old actress/con artist with the power to hypnotise grown men into proposing marriage to her against their will.

      A lot of these critics are aghast at the way she’s managed to con three, eligible white men into dating/living with/marrying her………..the absolute, ultimate con artist!

      :D :D

  26. Madame de Stael says:

    Dear god, the “friends” who come out of the woodwork. SMH.

    And “On the then-15-year-old girls’ trip to London, they posed for one photo sitting on a metal railing and beaming in front of Buckingham Palace.” GASP! Somewhere there’s a picture of 14 year old me beaming in front of Buckingham Palace. I must be a terrible manipulative social climber, too.

    Pretty sure the Daily Fail is going to be passive-aggressively going after her for years.

  27. Brandi says:

    What a crap comment from her old “friend”!!

  28. perplexed says:

    I think she might have been aware of the royal family’s diplomatic role because she has a degree in international relations.

    That said, I don’t think the friend should have run to the media. That’s weird for a friend to do.

  29. IlsaLund says:

    I’m sure Harry and Meghan are now prepared for the onslaught and negativity that’s coming their way. If anyone thought once the engagement had been announced and date set, that efforts to bust them up and denigrate Meghan in any way possible would end, well now you know. These tabloids are just getting started. It’s going to be a long hard slog to May. I’m waiting for the topless photos to surface next (sarcasm).

  30. Falum says:

    I must be the only one who cringed throughout the interview, it was so rehearsed. I don’t get the fuss over her. She seems bland af. A huge feminist yet she gives up her job and moves her entire life and changed religion etc for a guy.

    People need to come bk down to esrth. The gushing over her is nauseating. All because she is biracial? Whoop de do!

  31. HoustonGrl says:

    She’s outright lying. First of all, we all google and facebook-stalk potential mates. Second of all, there’s no way she was immune to the hoopla around W&K’s wedding, which happened to be the same year as hers. Plus she lived in Canada when they went on tour. She knew damn well about Harry and all that goes along with it. There’s no shame in this, but stop playing naive! We all love a fairy tale.

    • Helen Smith says:

      Meghan is so full of it if she claims she knows nothing about Diana, Charles and their sons. Meghan was born in 1981. She was alive when Diana was married to Charles and they divorced when Meghan was a teenager and when Diana died. Basically, Meghan grew up with Diana and her sons. Anyone who was alive then knew about Harry because his mother couldn’t be avoided in the press.

    • Bella Dupont says:

      @Houstongirl……not everybody on the face of the earth is a gossip monger (like us!)……some of my friends could give 2 sh@ts about celebrity culture and constantly skip right over the royals. Some of them can barely pick Harry up in a line up….Its one of the reasons I come on celebitchy so often….to get my fix of the gossip.

      Clearly, they are wrong and we care right, but still……… Not saying Meghan was as ignorant as they are, but not everyone cares enough to keep a detailed running score of their lives.

      Just saying :)

    • Dally says:

      There’s a difference between knowing who Harry is, and the info you’d get from flipping through People magazine once in a while, and the totally relentless narrative offered by the U.K. tabloids about his daily life, his friends, his girlfriends and what they are wearing and who they’ve dated before and after and how much time they spend together etc.

    • Mel says:

      “First of all, we all google and facebook-stalk potential mates”

      No, we don’t. There are some of us who are fabulous google-searchers, but prefer to learn about the people we date from them and them alone. It’s a matter of principle.
      (I must say, though, that learning a potential date even has a FB account would be a serious turn-off.)

  32. Lorelai says:

    Pretty much every tourist who has ever gone to London has a photo like that. Give me a break 🙄

  33. Adele Dazeem says:

    She needs to prepare herself for this—every word, every phrase, every sentence is going to be dissected and analyzed and searched for hidden meaning and critiqued. I take it as yes she knew of him and had seen pics, maybe heard about the partying but didn’t have first hand information (aka never witnessed his partying) and as we know tabloids can be unreliable. As an actress she’s probably especially skeptical of tabloid journalism. Not to mention he’s not the first born heir and is there a lot to really be known about him? He’s an alleged party boy? He was in the military? Red hair? I don’t feel like he’s been the tabloid fixture over here that Diana, William, even Kate have been. He was always viewed as the less attractive one until recent years, remember?

    And as far as the ‘is he nice?’ Question, I think it’s apropos. You can swing a purse and knock down twenty wealthy attractive entitled asshole men. Title doesn’t equal good social skills (looking at you William!)

  34. Bianca says:

    Bitchy thought: She googled him and found out everything she needed to know about his emotional vulnerabilities. She is much more experienced and she knew what was the best tactic to get him :)
    She tried too much during the interview, she didn’t seem authentic. I know she’s media trained, but still…
    Sorry MM fans, I don’t like her very much. She was too clingy both during the interview and the photocall, the clothes&shoes didn’t fit the occasion but she wore them anyway, and she is crazy for attention, even if it means taking the attention from Harry.

    • Helen Smith says:

      Harry has been desperate to marry the last few years. That is why I wished he would wait a while before marrying Meghan. You are too vulnerable when you are desperate to marry and start a family.

      I’ve also heard again and again that Harry bombards women he wants to date with messages like his mother did with that married athlete. I forget the man’s name. In his mother’s case the wife had to tell her to back off this one is taken. It seems Harry has inherited this part of his mother’s personality along with her warmth and enthusiasm.

      • Sophia's Side eye says:

        Omg you act like you know him personally and are worried for him? This is such a creepy comment. lol

      • Addie says:

        The athlete was Will Carling. No, it’s not a creepy comment. Harry has been reported on many occasions – and also by recipients of his attentions – of acquiring women’s details and bombarding them with texts to meet up. He did that not respecting that some of these women were in relationships. Because, you know, prince. So it’s a reasonable comparison to draw between Harry and Diana: both emotionally needy and demanding, dismissive of other people’s established relationships.

      • Carmen says:

        For Pete’s sake, how much longer did you think they should wait? They were dating for over a year already. They’re not a couple of teenagers, they’re both in their thirties. It’s not like they don’t know what they’re doing. My parents met at a New Years Eve party and married six months later, and were very happy together for 35 years before my dad passed away.

  35. Zondie says:

    I’m just happy that two seemingly nice people found Love.

  36. Ella says:

    The whole “I’m American thus I didnt know much about the Royals” was unnecessary and disingenuous. She didn’t have to say this at all. The fact that she made a point to mention this is what made some viewers cringe. In the past years her friendships show a pattern for high heeled, well connected people. And these friendships seem for most part fairly recent. Misha Nonoo had gravitated for a long time in circles close to Prince Harry. He attended her wedding if I’m not mistaken. Which is why it can seem slightly fake to play it like she didn’t know about him at all.

    • Bella Dupont says:

      Only problem is, she said she didn’t know “much about him”. She didn’t say she “didn’t know about him at all”.

      There’s a difference.

    • curious says:

      I wonder how you manage and hustle to get a date with a prince?
      Know the right people – from the princeling’s social circle?
      Work hard to get to know the right people – who can get you to parties (see above)?
      Dump people once you have risen on the social ladder – aka “climb alone”?

    • Princessk says:

      I think it was just Meghan’s way of trying to tell us that she was not chasing after Harry and she was certainly not scheming to marry a Prince.
      However, since Harry had never heard of Meghan Markle, what is really interesting is the thought processes of the mystery matchmaker, who must have known both Harry and Meghan very well. I also think that there may have been a small team of matchmakers working on this particular successful project. It has been very difficult for William and Harry to meet genuine women and they have had to rely on others to help them out. Imagine trying to chat up a woman with everyone’s eyes on you or your protection officer hovering around. Beatrice and Eugenie have been very helpful in this regard, and I do believe that one of them may have had an indirect hand in this match.

  37. I'mScaredAsHell says:

    Sounds like people are already suffering Fromm Meghan Derangment Syndrome. Hmmm…..wonder why….

  38. Sushi says:

    What has gone wrong in just 1 day?. The Interview was greeted enthusiastically yesterday. Today, the same interview is dissected and virtually got attacked for every single sentence. Just because you are obsessed about the Royal does not mean everyone else must be. She had a blog, did she ever discuss anything about royalty in her blog?.

  39. ickythump says:

    I’m in love with both of them just now so am not going to take any negative vibes on board – cant wait til the wedding!! LOL

  40. Aud says:

    This “friend” sounds delightful. I believe her. I don’t know much about Harry either and I’ve watched pretty much every televised major royal event during my lifetime. But beyond knowing that harry was in the military and plays polo I couldn’t tell you much about him. I didn’t get the feeling she meant she had no idea who he was, just that she didn’t know much about who he *really* is.

    PS: judgy people suck and reek of bitter grapes.

  41. JaneDoesWork says:

    I side eyed that comment too until I remembered that she’s famous in her own right. Not prince Harry level famous, but she knows what its like to have your privacy invaded and have false stories printed and have people THINK that they know all about you based on what they’ve seen in magazines. I feel like because of that, anyone with some level of fame would say that about him.

  42. Aud says:

    ALSO, I think people who are unlucky in love find people who are deeply in love to be annoying and fake because they haven’t experienced similar feelings. As someone who is still deeply in love with my wife of over 10 years I recognized the genuine feelings between them and I got all the warm fuzzies. I’m just so happy for them.

  43. Keeks says:


    I think it’s great they are getting married, and he is clearly smitten with her, which is fantastic because at least the marriage stands a chance for a long marathon. Harry did point out when she said that comment that she didn’t know the “real person”. So, everybody takes what they want to take from it. That being said, when I say that journalists don’t purposely pick pictures, this one says it all. I’m sorry for all you nay sayers, but a picture speaks a thousand words. The girl has hustle.

    • graymatters says:

      That’s my least favorite photo from the photo call. If you watch the video, you see her arch her back a little as she shifts her weight. This picture got her at peak-arch — a millisecond of posing — and it does make her look like a star-struck wannabe on the red carpet.

  44. Ella says:

    Well nobody knows a person’s real personality before meeting them. The way she phrased this was different she said that she didn’t know much about the Royals because she is American. Which is vastly different. One of her best friends had direct links to the young royals for years so it’s a bit exaggerated to put her ignorance on her Americanness. That’s all. Of course if she had just said that she had heard of him like everybody but really got to discover the real him it would seem more sincere. They seem in love and good for them. A pity that one cannot say one thing that’s not sycophantic without being attacked for jealousy.

  45. Jayna says:

    I hope my 15-year-old school friends, who I never saw after high school, don’t come out of the woodwork to explain my psyche as an adult to people, someone who has no clue as to who I am as an adult. What a crock!

  46. Shannon says:

    I can believe it. I didn’t know much about him either, still don’t really except for what I read on this site. I mean, I knew who he was and what he looked like – that’s about it. I don’t pay much attention to the royal family tbh. I think I went through a brief phase as a kid when I was fascinated by princess Diana, but don’t we all go through about a million phases growing up? This friend sounds like … kind of a b!tch, tbh LOL

  47. curious says:

    There is a lot of stuff on the Royal Family on the internet. On Harry, too.
    I doubt that Markle didn’t google. Anybody does google their love interest nowadays.

    And yep, most women in the western world have some kind of cinderella dreams at some point. It is caused by all those cinderella movies and these romantic cinderella-like-plot movies.

    What came to mind when I saw Markle’s and Harry’s engagement interview is this: Madonna’s and Guy Ritchie’s marriage and divorce. Allegedly she divorced him because of his stiff upper lip / emotionally unavailable / cold behaviour.

  48. Jaded says:

    I knew it wouldn’t be long before the muck-rakers came out from under their respective rocks to have their 15 minutes of fame and make an easy buck. There will be more of them looking for cracks in her armour, hoping to get some notoriety by hurting or shaming her out of jealousy or simply an immature need to feel important.

  49. whatever says:

    This wasn’t the thing that stood out to me in the interview…it was MM’s fraudulent slip that they met earlier then they want people to know….

    REPORTER: ….and this (the engagement) is how long after you first met?

    MEGHAN: It would be a year and a half..2 years…a bit more than that?

    HARRY: No its about a year and a half

    hmmm.. so 2 years would mean they actually met in late 2015 but the ‘official’ timeline states they met in Spring 2016. What is the point of trying to hide this?

    • perplexed says:

      Oh yeah, that part was a little funny.

      That they had different answers to that question was kind of odd to watch.

      Harry seemed firm about the answer he wanted to stick to.

    • Ellaa says:

      Its weird because the VF article was amended too, there is a mention at the end saying they changed the date of when she and Harry met to July 2016 after Markle said July. In May of that year she still was with her bf the chef. Who has been remarkably elegant in his silence in all this compared to the ex husband. That is class.

  50. Helen Smith says:

    I doubt Meghan knew nothing. Earlier reports that are being contradicted now say she was a British royalty watcher as a teenager.

  51. K (now K2!) says:

    Someone makes malicious comments about someone as they supposedly were as a teenager, 20 years ago. And they are taken seriously.

    Man, I would not like to be famous.

  52. perplexed says:

    Well, regardless of whatever opinions we might have privately, I think the friend wound up making herself look bad in the end. Did the friend run to the media? I don’t think it’s possible for the media to have sought her out.

    The friend does sound hilariously jealous. I suppose I might be too if I were her, but I’d try my hardest not to share that jealousy with the world. Yikes.

  53. Nessa nessa says:

    Lord jesus some of y’all are dumb. If Meghan was really trying to bag Harry based on google searches, she would’ve dyed her hair blonde & gotten a boob job. Since that’s what the tabloids keep saying…he loves the society blondes. Cause she physically wasn’t his type based on the stories online. They never got into what he liked personality wise…just blonde.

    But run on & twist theorize as if ever word written was ever true. As if she is leaking things even though nothing written was actually what happened. Starting with that 2 year old crush prince harry had.

  54. A says:

    They seem happy, and it sounds like Harry was into her pretty quickly.

    OF COURSE she knew as much about him as at least the average American would. And if her friend was setting her up to meet him, I sincerely doubt she wouldn’t have asked any questions or googled the guy. The “I ONLY cared if he’s nice!” bit was a little….twee.

    I think she was really focused on the image she wanted to present in their interview, and her comments definitely felt phony at times. On the one hand, yes you’re on TV being scrutinized, so you would prepare beforehand and have some talking points. But still…

    I think she’s attractive and did well enough for herself to be on a steady show, though I’m pretty up on all things celebrity related, and when these two started dating, I only mildly recognized her from her Reitman’s commercials (a somewhat lower end Canadian clothing store), but didn’t even know that she was an actress.

    I read something she wrote about her charity work and it seemed….like there was a lot of humble bragging, along the lines of “I don’t know why I’ve always been so generous, my Mom says I’ve just always been this way!”.

  55. themummy says:

    It’s amazing who comes crawling out of the woodwork after years and years with nasty things to say. People are often delighted to try to bring someone down or smear them. This is a friend from almost 20 years ago, when they were young teens. I hardly think that person has a clue about who Meghan is as a person. I know I am nothing like I was 20 years ago.

    I agree with those who have said here that they think she meant that she didn’t know much about him beyond the tabloid stuff, as in she didn’t know anything about him as a private person.

  56. Chisey says:

    LOL awhile ago I found a notebook from a middle school game where I said my goal was to marry Prince William and make special effects for movies. I have zero memory of ever feeling that way and have most definitely not planned my life around those notebook game goals. Any comments made around this “friend” were probably similar – everyone has a vague crush on a tragic prince, right? If MM is the strange case who has been playing an extraordinary long and calculated game, I doubt anyone would have advised her to marry someone else, get divorced, and become a b-list tv actress as the best way to hook a prince. This whole drama is bizarre to me.

  57. Nikki says:

    And so it starts: anything she says will be blown out of proportion, analyzed, judged, commented upon at length, etc. It’s like the Coliseum: thumbs up or thumbs down? And THAT is what I give Kate props for, just surviving the incessant snarky 24/7 world wide scrutiny. I truly wish Meghan the very best of luck…

  58. Redgrl says:

    I was more irritated by the roast chicken. Didn’t the press used to say that Kate was roasting chicken back in the Anmer Hall days? Is this some “relatable” thing? Does anyone even roast chicken anymore? (I don’t have time – wish I did!) Or maybe…just maybe…the roast chicken comment is an inside joke and means something entirely different! Like chandelier-swinging sex or drunken hooliganism! Joking aside I thought they seemed very happy and in tune with each other, which was very nice!

  59. LittlefishMom says:

    I love Princess Diana but truth be told I knew NOTHING about the boys. Never inquired. Not every girl has a prince fantasy. I don’t think she would lie. I like her.

  60. Ellecommelejour says:

    - The friend is bitter as fvck
    - The interview was cringy, like she was trying too hard, waaaaaaaay too hard…but at the same time I can understand her being nervous.
    - She made her way up, the girl has mad skills but who can blame her? I’ll do the same withiut any hesitation.
    - Wishing them a long life full of love and happiness.

  61. Sam says:

    I can believe her.I live in the UK and the last time i paid any attention to the royals was during Harry’s Vegas stuff. It’s not like she denied knowing him,she said she didn’t know MUCH about him so she’s probably heard and read something’s about him.And what’s wrong in asking the friend if the guy was nice,loads of A hole rich guys and guys in general.

  62. Goga says:

    I am more interested in whether he’d known her before they met, as it is claimed in the documentary he watched the Suits and was obsessed with her and looked for ways to meet her, whereas in their interview he said he’d never watched the show.

  63. Burdzeyeview says:

    So we are supposed to believe a mixed race American actress who went to a catholic school and got married and divorced has been scheming since she was a little girl to marry a prince from th BRF? No way. They look madly in love to me and i wish them all th best.