Matt Lauer sexually assaulted a woman to the point where she lost consciousness

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I covered the Variety article on Matt Lauer in a separate post – go here to see. NBC was clearly playing dumb when they claimed that this week was the first time ever that they heard about Matt Lauer’s conduct with NBC employees. Even if they were somehow unaware for YEARS of his conduct first-hand from simply working with him, NBC was aware that both Variety and the New York Times had been working on exposés for months. So, here’s more info: the first woman to come forward told NBC executives that Lauer harassed and assaulted her at the Sochi Olympics when she was just an intern. He sent her sexts and lewd photos, which she kept and showed to NBC. She also has a high-powered attorney, but apparently she only asked that NBC fire Lauer, and she’s not suing NBC… yet. After this young woman came forward, two more women went to NBC (and the New York Times) with their accusations against Lauer. This one account made me sick:

A married NBC staffer claimed she woke up in Matt Lauer’s office with her pants halfway down her legs after having sex with the anchor until she passed out. The woman told The New York Times that the longtime Today Show host’s assistant had to take her to see a nurse after the alleged encounter in 2001.

The former employee, who was in her 40s at the time, said Lauer first made advances towards her while covering a story away from their New York headquarters in the late 1990s. She described moving away from him during a car journey to the airport because he was sitting ‘uncomfortably close’, to which he apparently replied: ‘You’re no fun’.

Then, in 2001, she claims the married Lauer summoned her to his office at 30 Rock in New York to discuss work. She says he then used a button under his desk to lock the door and then told her to unbutton her blouse. She said the veteran broadcaster then stepped out from behind his desk, pulled out a chair, bent her over, and started having sex with her until she fell unconscious.

The woman told The Times she woke up a while later on the floor of his office with her pants halfway down her legs, prompting his assistant to take her to seek medical attention.

[From The Daily Mail]

This victim says that she “felt helpless because she didn’t want to lose her job” and she didn’t report it to management because she thought/knew nothing would come of it because of Lauer’s status at NBC. You can read her full account here in the New York Times. Early this morning, Lauer finally released a public statement on his termination and the accusations against him. Here you go:

“There are no words to express my sorrow and regret for the pain I have caused others by words and actions. To the people I have hurt, I am truly sorry. As I am writing this I realize the depth of the damage and disappointment I have left behind at home and at NBC. Some of what is being said about me is untrue or mischaracterized, but there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed. I regret that my shame is now shared by the people I cherish dearly. Repairing the damage will take a lot of time and soul searching and I’m committed to beginning that effort. It is now my full time job. The last two days have forced me to take a very hard look at my own troubling flaws. It’s been humbling. I am blessed to be surrounded by the people I love. I thank them for their patience and grace.”

[From Variety]

“Some of what is being said about me is untrue or mischaracterized, but there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed.” F-k your embarrassment. F–k your shame. Imagine the shame and embarrassment the women have felt for literally decades as you used your perch to humiliate, abuse and assault them. And now you’re saying that they’re probably lying about a lot of it too. A–hole.

One more gross thing – here’s Lauer harassing Meredith Vieira in October 2006, telling her: “Keep bending over like that. It’s a nice view.”

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  1. Elle says:

    EW. Just ew. That is horrifying, what kind of weirdo has a button to lock his door>!?! So terrible.

    • Cannibell says:

      Quagmire on “Family Guy?”

      On a more serious note, {shudders}. And his “apology?” He’s sorry he got caught and called out and fired and publicly humiliated for it. I believe he’s sorry for all that. The rest? Not so much.

      • Sabrine says:

        The innocent faces the rest of them are putting on is a joke. They knew what was going on but of course now they’re pretending they’re shocked and dismayed by it all. They’re not going to be on their buddy’s side now that it’s out in the open. Going forward, he’s dead to them.

      • Beatrice says:

        Agree. He’s scum that is only sorry he got caught. I predict he’s headed for rehab pronto just like all the other celebs that get caught doing something wrong or illegal. Maybe he and Harvey will commiserate about the unfairness of it all in that fancy Arizona rehab.

      • Ally says:

        Regarding that kind of rehab, this recent Tracey Ullman sketch is on point:

    • Ninks says:

      I think the buttons are usually installed as a security measure to prevent people getting *into* the office (an active shooter situation for example). It’s not uncommon for top executives and high profile people to have them apparently. It’s entirely possible that NBC installed it in several offices as a routine security measure and Lauer later took advantage of it to trap women in his office so he could abuse and assault them. He also could have realised the potential of it, and asked for one to be installed under the guise of a security measure. Either way, it’s surely his turn to be locked up for a while.

    • crazydaisy says:

      What a bunch of BULLSHIT. This is the worst apology yet. He suddenly realizes? Now he’s sorry?

      Sorry he got caught, maybe. F him.

      • Mari says:

        People who do what he did aren’t sorry they did it. He’s sorry he got caught and even sorrier he might have to answer for it. Fired? He ought to be serving life in the pokey. F him.

    • AnnaKist says:

      VOMIT. That was my first thought. Then, he needs locking up. Now.

      • Raina says:

        He always gave me a creepy vibe. So he just walked over and raped Her? Omg. And no one could hear her yell? I get she was afraid of losing her job. So glad he lost his. Wish there was jail time

      • Athyrmose says:

        THANK YOU.

        I really have a problem with this narrative, “after having sex with the anchor until she passed out.”

        She didn’t have sex. She was raped. RAPE.

    • senna says:

      Yesterday I overheard on the radio some caller complaining that the Matt Lauer debacle shows we’re now in the era where an accusation against someone was enough to get them fired. As if Matt wasn’t essentially confirming there was truth to what happened, and as if no one had any proof whatsoever. It made me absolutely furious.

      • holly hobby says:

        I’m beginning to believe that those who are making those kind of statements (there were several on Facebook – some from women) actually never worked in a job before. HR and corporate attorneys do lengthy investigations before they can people. They just don’t up and can them.

        Based on the reports, the victims had copies of text and photos. That’s enough proof right there.

      • Lucy2 says:

        I keep seeing that too, that there are
        “so many now, it’s ridiculous and the slightest accusation get someone fired”. The people who say that sort of thing, don’t they realize that obviously these companies have some sort of proof? They wouldn’t just fire their high ranking people for nothing. And also, the problem is not that so many women are coming forward, but that so many assaults and harassments have taken place!

    • palmyrra says:

      Jerk. I Hope he rots in hell on the same burning stack of embers with Harvey Weinstein .
      Matt has been a bully for years. I hated the way he behaved during the Presidential debates He was an ass and totally rude. I hated the way he treated Ann Curry when she was on the Today Show. I am glad he has been exposed for the Creep,. he is and was FIRED!

    • erbs says:

      What corporation would allow you to install something like that? This stuff is so far from the norm it’s frightening.

      • Dutch says:

        It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Lauer got into wardrobe in his office, so the remote lock was installed to keep people from walking in on him while he was changing. It’s a legit reason for the lock, and a completely terrible application of it.

      • Ally says:

        That’s a legit reason, but based on these incidents they need to add a big red emergency exit button right by the inside of the door so people can’t be locked in like this.

  2. grabbyhands says:

    LOCK. HIM. UP.

    Seriously though, if this were your average guy, he’d be in jail right now. If he were a POC, he’ d be on death row.

    • LadyMTL says:

      Honestly, I have chills running down my arms right now. That poor woman! Let’s call him what he is – a rapist. He would for sure be locked up if he was anyone other than Matt Lauer.

      • PunkyMomma says:

        Yes. He’s not a harasser; he’s a rapist.

        His behavior is criminal. I wanted to vomit when I read this woman’s story.

        LOCK HIM UP!

      • perplexed says:

        That’s what I thought too. This sounds exactly like rape. But the media is using “softer” words to describe what happened. Are they not allowed to call it rape?

      • cindy says:

        That video of him talking to Meredith V. made me physically sick. Something about the arrogance and entitlement with which he said that was scary. And no one in the room said anything. What a dangerous, revolting horrible human being. And some of the accusations are “mischaracterized” Matt? F you, you belong in prison. I will stop before I lose it, but I am so angry and sick to my stomach.

      • Gretchen says:

        Yes. Thank you. What is all this trash about “having sex with her” til she passed out. He RAPED her until she passed out. All of this ‘soft’ language and tip toeing around the word is only slightly less gross and evasive than these sh-tbag rapists.

      • Khymera says:

        I’m here wondering if this lady realise she was rape. This is so sad , he should be charge.

    • INeedANap says:

      If he were an average guy he still wouldn’t necessarily be locked up. Despite what MRAs screech, conviction rates for rape are quite low and many convicted rapists do not get jail time (community service, house arrest, etc).

      • Sixer says:

        I just watched a TV show here in the UK, which was set up to show the genuine stories of rape victims in a way proportionate to the numbers.

        They started off with ten people – nine women and one man. Then two were eliminated because they didn’t ever report. Another two went because they reported years later and historical cases are hard to prove. More went because even though they reported, the evidence threshold couldn’t be met to bring charges. Another one went because they couldn’t face the court process and were being harassed by the perp’s supporters. More went because the perp was acquitted as not beyond reasonable doubt.

        Of the ten, ONE got a conviction. ONE.

      • AnnaKist says:

        It beggars belief, doesn’t it, Sixer? A few years ago, my daughter had to do jury duty on a rape trial. It was the third try, as the perp had managed to have two previous trials aborted. The trial lasted 4 weeks, and after the second day, the rapist’s supporters had banded together and began harassing and threatening the jurors as they arrived in the morning, and left the court in the afternoon. It became so bad that each day, the jurors were given a secret location to go to the next morning. From there, three unmarked police cars picked them up and took them to court.

        It was a harrowing month. My daughter would come home extremely upset after hearing some truly horrifying things, but her determination to get justice for the victim gave her comfort. She said she kept staring at the victim, trying to send her strength and a message of “I’m with you”, and that very often they’d make eye contact and give each other a Mona Lisa smile. This time, they convicted him, and when the verdict was handed down, he shat himself, literally. Of course he appealed, but the conviction and 14-Year sentence were upheld. I’m thinking this girl was the ONE from the ten.

      • Wren says:

        How many of us have shrugged off even low level sexual harassment because the price of reporting it is too high? I can’t even imagine trying to get a rape conviction. Having to go through the whole process, telling and retelling and knowing there are people who do no believe you, and that’s if there’s enough evidence to even get to court in the first place.

        That guy who shat himself when convicted? GOOD.

      • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

        My question is why the nurse did not report it. Even if the victim says it was consensual, medical personnel are mandated reporters of sexual abuse to the police on based on medical judgement without the victim’s consent. They can be fined or possible taken to court. A woman is brought to your office after losing consciousness and you don’t do a full physical exam or ask what lead up to the event!!? And who are these “assistants” who took her to the nurse’s office and kept their mouth’s shut? So many enablers to monsters. Especially the head of the company.

      • The Original G says:

        @OTC, I work in a corporate environment that has a nurse. She’s not equipped to do exams and the like. She reviews workers comp situations and develops and maintains employee wellness programs. But you are dead right, that in this situation they would be mandated to take a further look at circumstances. Although, it’s hard to say what they would have been told or if they knew the true origin of the situation?

      • Sixer says:

        Anna – I’ve done jury service gladly but my worst nightmare would have been to be assigned a rape trial.

    • Lizzie says:


    • Kitten says:


      Also, “troubling flaws”?? “TROUBLING FLAWS”?!?!?!? THESE ARE NOT “TROUBLING FLAWS” FFS!!!! You RAPED a woman in your office, you piece of sh*t!!!! You had a PATTERN of using your power to intimidate and control women. You harassed and assaulted women who should have been able to look to you as a mentor!!!! F*cking piece of shit this guy is.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        Go get ‘em Tiger Kitten.

        “Troubling flaws” is about as minimizing and self-excusing as it gets.

        He will never, ever understand what he did or why he did it. And that means he will never, ever understand the damage that he did to his victims, and they range from this women whom he raped to actors like Anne Hathaway whom he tried to humiliate to former co-workers like Ann Curry.

      • Wren says:

        Troubling flaws are things like bogarting the cupcakes at the office potluck or keeping your blinds closed so the Man can’t spy on you. This guy is a criminal. He has committed crimes. I have zero doubt that this woman is the only one he’s locked in his office and raped or assaulted.

      • Beatrice says:

        You are right, but I think he chose the words “troubling flaws” to set up his escape to some posh rehab, like all the other celebs who get caught, where he can overcome his “flaws,” become a new person, and stage a comeback. He may as well stay home–that scum’s career is toast and he’ll be lucky to escape jail.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Thank you for reflecting my rage. It is cathartic to read!

    • swak says:

      Wonder though (and I wish there wasn’t one) if the statue of limitations has played into him not being in jail. Sad that all these women (in all cases) will not get the satisfaction of these low lifes (I refuse to call the men because they aren’t) getting what they deserve.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        It’s time for a mass movement of women and men to demand, in their legal jurisdictions, an end to the statute of limitations for sexual assault. There is no reason for it. It is a shield law for abusers of children and adults.

        Canada does not have a statute of limitations for cases of sexual assault.

        It is not needed. Cases remain hard to prosecute, for multiple terrible reasons.

      • Giddy says:

        Since this was his pattern of behavior for years, perhaps there will be a victim whose rape is recent enough for him to be charged. I hope so!

      • K (now K2!) says:

        There isn’t one in England and Wales. We’ve jailed a lot of ex teachers and children’s home workers, decades after the fact, when their abuse histories became known. We’ve also jailed people when random DNA checks have caught them years and years after crimes. There is no end to liability if you commit a serious sexual offence. It’s very strange, from this perspective, that other countries have them.

      • jwoolman says:

        This is why the change in environment is needed. If Lauer had stolen a coworker’s paycheck, it would be normal to report it. The same has to become true for these nominally sex-related crimes, although it’s really all about power and bullying and plain old assault. (We don’t need a separate word. Assault is assault no matter which organ is involved.) It needs to become safe to report right away. This is the benefit of the dam breaking right now.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      Yes! If she passed out, how does anyone know he hadn’t dosed her with GHB, the so-called date-rape drug. I think a thorough police investigation is called for after hearing this one.

    • erbs says:

      Wouldn’t have made it to death row.

    • Ksenia says:

      @grabbyhands: While I do get and agree w your point–that POC do FAR more time for the same crimes than whites do—I don’t believe he would be on Death Row for rape, no matter his race. Rape sentences are unaccountably and unjustly light, and not a single person of any race has ever been on death row for alleged rape.
      As for Matt: Appalling. His “flaws?” Oh okay, like being a sadistic sociopathic sexual predator is a mere “flaw?” A “mistake?”

    • Rev says:

      If he were a POC he’d be playing in the NFL.

    • the Spiral says:

      Thank you! If any of these nasty Hollywood sickos were “truly sorry” they’d go straight to the nearest police and turn themselves in for the CRIMES they committed. Fire him? Throw his ass under the jail!

  3. Goats on the Roof says:

    Jesus, this is sickening. Matt Lauer is scum of the earth.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      I am so happy for Hillary linton. Lauer was a complete as***le to her last year, but one at atime her enemies are getting bitten in the ass by Karma, example: Manafort, Papadopoulos, Flynn was fired from FBI, and now Lauer, soon it will be Donald Trump Jr and Trump Sr I hope.

  4. Nibbi says:

    … what?
    just… what?
    this is a horror show. what does that even mean, “having sex til she passed out”?
    i mean… what?!

    • Tweetime says:

      Yeah, exactly, I’m not a fan of the story repeatedly writing “had sex with.”
      Being raped is not “having sex with someone.”

      • phaedra says:


      • PPP says:

        Fucking right. When I read the story I actually thought they had a relationship and it was rape within a relationship BECAUSE OF THE USE OF THE WORD ‘sex’. It wasn’t until this comment to make me realize, oh, yeah, standard rape.

      • Louise says:

        But she did have sex with someone

      • I Choose Me says:

        Sing it again. I was like wtf? What’s with the softball language. Call it what it is, RAPE!

        Know you not supposed to wish ill on people but can Matt Lauer get hit by a bus please?

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Yes, she didn’t “have” anything except a recurring nightmare.

      Also, what about the assistant who helped her get medical attention?

    • Abby says:

      THIS. Coming down here to say this. “Having sex with till she passed out” against her will is RAPING. RAPE. RAPE. don’t call it “having sex WITH.” What the hell.

    • Wren33 says:

      Very confused too. Maybe the woman is having difficulty saying “raped” but WTF? The journalists should clarify that.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      I think it might mean he used GHB, the date rape drug. Who passes out from sex unless they’ve been dosed with GHB?

      • Tiffany :) says:

        He could have been choking her. She could have been so traumatized that her blood pressure went wacky. All options seem pretty terrible. Sigh.

      • Louise says:

        Or they just had sex like she said and she just passed out

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “Sex” is short hand for the act of intercourse, it doesn’t reflect consent. What DOES reflect consent is the fact that she calls it “sexual assault”.

      • Shelly says:

        And f*ck off Louise with “she did have sex” She didn’t “HAVE” sex she was RAPED or SHE would not be calling it Sexual Assualt

  5. Nicole says:

    Oh my goodness. I just can’t

    • Sixer says:

      I just want to curl up into a ball and wait until it’s all gone away. Just as you think it can’t get any worse, it does.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I’ll join you and bring blankets so we can hide. We are in the abyss, and there is no bottom. I realize this now.

      • Sixer says:

        There isn’t a bottom, is there? We are in total free fall.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        Well, Sixer, since we over here in the US have a president who has in the past copped to sexual assault (and who has now got 13 women accusing him of various sexual violations–he says they’re all liars), I think that, sadly, we will be in freefall for some time to come.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      I know. I saw this headline and had to tear myself away for a while.

      NBC knew and NBC helped create the Trump dystopia. This isn’t only the entertainment – Jimmy Fallon rumples Trump’s hair (“humanize him, Jimmy, will ya?”), Mark Burnett locks up The Apprentice tapes. This is the news division.

      The same news division that rejected Ronan Farrow’s Hollywood reporting.

      The whole bleepin’ system is rotten.

  6. Mia4s says:

    Well he can die now. Slowly…painfully.

    I hope the survivors can find peace and solace now. My sympathies to his humiliated children. His wife? Either she’s filing for divorce right now or she can burn along with him for all I care.

    • Giddy says:

      I sincerely hope that she has a bad ass attorney filing her divorce papers by next week.

    • K (now K2!) says:

      She filed for divorce against him alleging abuse a decade ago. He talked her around, but I very much doubt his behaviour changed.

    • jwoolman says:

      His wife’s solution to his abuse seems to have been an informal separation. He might just visit the kids and at best sleeps in his own room. She may have threatened to definitely press charges if he came near her again. We really don’t know and it’s not fair to accuse her of anything without proof.

  7. Capepopsie says:

    Disgusting, makes me want to puke! 🤮

  8. D says:

    “A married NBC staffer claimed she woke up in Matt Lauer’s office with her pants halfway down her legs after having sex with the anchor until she passed out.” They really need to stop calling this “having sex” this is not sex, this is rape – she was raped until she passed out. I’m so angry that I’m struggling to even type this.

    • HelloSunshine says:

      Thank you. The phrasing “have sex” implies consent, there was no consent given in this situation and it was rape. The media needs to call it what it is. If it makes people uncomfortable then good! If only they’d be as uncomfortable with the actual actions of these monsters as they are with the word rape.

    • Purplehazeforever says:

      The staffer referred to it as intercourse so Variety magazine repeated her account as she relayed it to them. Don’t attack Variety or New York Times or any media outlet how they are reporting this. They are repeating her words. We can infer by her account what actually happened though.

      • tracking says:

        She may have been so terrified she froze and may have been afraid afterward that her passivity would be interpreted by him as consent (in his account). In a he said-she said, with his power, she was surely scared no one would believe her or take her side. But, yes, she was so damn terrified, she passed out. Yes, rape and yes, he’s a monster.

      • HelloSunshine says:

        My bad. I should’ve taken a breathe before writing and sending my comment lol I’m just so angry and sad and exhausted by all of this. But I’m grateful women are still coming forward and they get to use whatever words they see fit when telling their story. Thanks for the correction folks :)

      • D says:

        No one is ‘attacking’ any news outlet, just pointing out that they shouldn’t call sexual assault ‘having sex’ because news outlets so often do this.
        Unless the New York Times article is talking about two different women in 2001, she does call it sexual assault -
        “One complaint came from a former employee who said Mr. Lauer had summoned her to his office in 2001, locked the door and sexually assaulted her. She provided her account to The New York Times but declined to let her name be used.
        She told The Times that she passed out and had to be taken to a nurse. She said that she felt helpless because she didn’t want to lose her job, and that she didn’t report the encounter at the time because she felt ashamed.”

        At one point in the article she calls it ‘intercourse’, but she never specifically says ‘having sex’. That’s the news outlets interpretation (DM for example) of what she said (unless I missed something in the article).
        “The woman said Mr. Lauer asked her to unbutton her blouse, which she did. She said the anchor then stepped out from behind his desk, pulled down her pants, bent her over a chair and had intercourse with her. At some point, she said, she passed out with her pants pulled halfway down. She woke up on the floor of his office, and Mr. Lauer had his assistant take her to a nurse.”

    • Kaiser says:

      I worded it this way because the New York Times worded it this way – the NYT and the victim who spoke to them didn’t use the word “rape.” But yes, this is rape.

      • LAK says:

        It makes me angry that women have to keep giving men some sort of security by using nicer words or in some cases apologising for what those men did to them. It’s not the women’s fault. It’s societal indoctrination.

        NYC and the victim should call a spade a spade NOT dance around it. And dare Lauer to sue them. He raped that woman.

      • D says:

        I know, my comment was about the DM article and the wording in it.

      • Rachel says:

        LAK, I saw an account on the news this morning which included an interview Katie Couric did on Watch What Happens. When asked about the most annoying thing about Matt Lauer, she said he pinches her ass a lot. The Matt Lauer story was followed by the Russell Simmons story and his apology, which was basically him saying he’s not a horrible guy, and he didn’t realize how his actions might be interpreted by the women. It really got me thinking about how much our society has fostered this idea that women exist for a man’s pleasure, and we should somehow be flattered by the inappropriate comments, the groping, the sexual assaults. And if we’re not flattered, there’s something wrong with us or that it’s “not a big deal.” No woman should have to deal with a co-worker pinching her or touching her in any way. And yet this went on for years. Because we live in a world where a guy feels entitled to inappropriately touch a female co-worker and the woman is made to feel like her discomfort is invalid.

        I don’t feel I’m expressing myself well. I just believe all these stories coming out are symptomatic of problems with our society. But I’m hopeful the fact that they’re coming to light now evidences a shift in our societal norms.

    • crazydaisy says:

      She may have been drugged, we don’t know. Bill Cosby style.

      • tracking says:

        She was terrified and traumatized. That’s enough of an explanation for her passing out. (she ‘willingly’ unbuttoned her blouse, under fear of losing her job, was probably frozen with terror in terms of what happened next). All of these stories are horrifying, but this one made me feel physically ill.

    • Veronica says:

      I know. I had to read it twice before I realized what the hell was going on, and then o saw red.

    • WakaDoo says:

      Thank you! We’ll keep running in circles until we call it what it is RAPE.

  9. emma33 says:

    That’s not ‘having sex’, that’s rape.

  10. aims says:

    Why isn’t he in jail? When I first heard about the button to lock the door I thought it was a joke. He was holding these women hostage. Then to hear that he forced himself on a victim and had sex with her until she passed out is rape. My GOD! ! The brutality of that is sickening! He needs jail time. He is a risk to society.

    If any of his colleagues say”he’s a friend.” Then they’re complicate. This is horrifying and shocking. I am so sorry that these women, his victims had to live through this hell. Nobody deserves this, ever.

    • Purplehazeforever says:

      He’s not in jail because she never reported it. She didn’t file a complaint with NBC or with the police.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      YEs, still stuck on his boss’s “sadness.” On the women he worked with having to be “sad.” This is not some kind of personal tragedy and rape is not a regrettable mistake; it is a violent crime.

      If I were a woman working at NBC, I would be retroactively terrified, and if I were anyone working at NBC I’d be enraged that the boss knew about this predator and let him work unfettered in our office, all because he’s a cash cow apparently.

      Well, now he’s a cash pig for lawyers.

      NBC used to be a proud network. Now it’s gutter filth.

    • CooCoo Catchoo says:

      She fell UNCONCIOUS and NEEDED ASSISTANCE to seek medical care when she woke up. That is chilling and frightening. Whether she was choked or anethestized,
      sound like her “alleged” rapist was determined to complete the crime with minimum noise or resistance. That is some scary, psychopathic behavior right there.

      • Lindsey says:

        Shock, fear, trauma can cause a similar reaction. She is not alleging that he drugged or choked her. Her account is bad enough.

  11. Meme says:

    what an awful place to work!

  12. Indiana Joanna says:

    Just horrific. He clearly should be prosecuted.

    What is about these men who have achieved everyhing our Western society considers great but they must debase, cruelly assault, and inflict their own demons on women?

    And regarding Meredith Viera, he always seemed sneering and dismissive of her on air. She was clearly more talented than he is–smarter, quicker, and funnier. Of course, he would have to debase her because he was so inferior in every way. I have always found him to be a bully and snivelling creep.

    • Pinetree13 says:

      That video clip was chilling. The tone of his voice with so much animosity. Like he wanted to make her feel bad. Ugh scum

  13. phaedra says:

    The wording of this story is SO bizarre. “had sex with her until she passed out.” Isn’t that … rape? Are they afraid to use the word rape? and the assistant “took her to the nurse?” Like, the school nurse? This story just sounds made up. Before you attack: I believe this happened. 100 percent. But this reads like it was written/reported by a third grader. I don’t read this paper so I don’t know if that’s how all of their articles are written? To reiterate: I believe this happened. And probably more than once to more than one woman. It’s just so oddly phrased, all of it.

    • Neelyo says:

      I thought maybe NBC had a nurse on staff. My partner worked for a big entertainment agency and they had a staff nurse, so it wouldn’t surprise me if NBC did too.

      • Justwastingtime says:

        Re: the nurse. I worked at GE Capital back when GE owned NBC and yes, there were nurses in our offices. PS it was well known back then that NBC was a total bro co.

      • Christin says:

        Some larger companies would have a nurse on site, in case of injury or small medical issues. Probably serves as an added layer for the corporation, in event of workers’ compensation claims, etc.

    • magnoliarose says:

      It is oddly written like someone took pains to leave things out and use benign language. Perhaps lightpurple or someone would know if this could be the case.

    • ann says:

      Yeah, I thought so too. Awkward phrasing.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      They can say it sounds like an allegation of rape. They can even define what rape is, in criminal terms. They could even say that she alleged that he forced her into intercourse, or that he penetrated her. By making it sound like consensual sex that simply “went too far,” they dilute the impact of the story and undercut the validity of her claims. For shame. This is why it keeps happening.

      Also, can’t help but wonder … did he, uh, “have to” keep going because… oh, I don’t want to go there. And yet I just did.

    • Sky says:

      Yes the phrasing “had sex with her until she passed out.” makes it seem like she was a willing participant when in fact she was not. They need to stop down playing rape by using words phrasing “had sex”.

  14. Vex says:

    I hope he is hit by a bus. Sickening.

    • Juls says:

      That would be nice, but too good for this scum. How about: thousands of paper cuts head to toe, doused in salt, then dipped in a vat of lemon juice.

      • magnoliarose says:

        And then thrown in the middle of the Sahara in the morning and never seen or heard from again until archeologists in the year 2600 find his weathered bones.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Hit by a bus, but survives in chronic pain, with cognition fully intact and able to attend his court hearings and go to jail.

      • notasugarhere says:

        “To the pain” as he says in Princess Bride.

        My best friend was raped at age 18 in the college dorms. University staff “advised” her not to file charges because it would ruin his life, and gee she didn’t want to do that, did she? Convinced her it was her fault she opened the door when someone knocked. She never filed. Turns out her mother had been date raped and never reported either, didn’t tell her husband until 25 years later.

  15. Meme says:

    i want to wipe that stupid, cry baby fake concern face off of Laurer’s ex misstress Savannah Guthrie as well.

    • Iknowwhatboyslike says:

      Yes! In the past, I’ve had no feelings about Savannah. But I just wanted to punch her in the face this morning. The holding back tears for that predator just made me mad. Hoda, seemed like she had to practice some real self control to not cackle at this jerk’s demise.

      • Meme says:

        YES. Well at least she isn’t his mistress..that we know of. Her apologetic and “shocked” expression made me mad as hell too!

    • CynicalAnn says:

      Savannah Guthrie is NOT his ex mistress. The rumors were Natalie Morales.

      • katie3 says:

        Did you see the statement from Natalie vehemently denying the affair? I wonder if there is any truth to it.

  16. Iknowwhatboyslike says:

    These guys…. I have no words. Like Harvey Weinstein, a lot of us Gossip lovers knew about Matt Lauer’s penchant for women. Like Weinstein, I thought it was consensual affairs. At worse, I thought he was guilty of a multitude of unwanted propositions — which should have gotten him fired a long time ago. But they have been raping (and that’s what this was) women! Like WTF? Screw him and all those complicit jerks at NBC who enabled and ignored his behavior. Stop the shock. Stop the outrage. screw all of you! I can’t stand Savannah holding back tears like she’s his wife. You all knew something wasn’t right about him. Look at the Anne Hathaway video. The first thing this grown man said to a grown woman, who was there to talk about her film, was that he’s “seen a lot of her.” His first instinct was to embarrass this woman for someone invading her body. He asked her if she’s learned her lesson. His message was that she was a dirty slut and SHE caused the photographer to take a picture of her crotch. I HATE HIm!

    • Meme says:

      YES she was OVER REACTING! and SO unprofessional. Her fake cry baby face and feigned shock over her colleague getting fired over such horrendous accusations is WEAK. Can her next for expressing a sympathetic attitude toward a philandering, sexual predator! rapist apologist! women like her make me so disappointed!

  17. Lucretia says:

    “It is now my full time job.” — Because this POS earned $20 million A YEAR and can afford to go pretend he’s sorry, healing, etc. And you don’t get to use the word “grace” in your statement, rapist.

    • Neelyo says:

      I hope he’s not getting a big payout but I’m sure he is.

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      And he’s only been made to take a hard look at his behavior in the ‘past two days.’ Ha! Wtf was he thinking months ago when reporting on Harvey? How about Cosby for crikey’s sake. He doesn’t think he did anything inherently wrong the vicious piece of petrified sh&t.

      • Juls says:

        Oh I guarantee that he has been thinking about his behavior for months. Not from a perspective of shame or regret; he’s been watching the mighty fall and shaking in his boots, wondering when the microscope was going to land on him.

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        Exactly Juls. Good. Months of shittin’ bricks.

    • the Spiral says:

      His “full time job” should be picking up trash from the highway on a chain gang. Throw him in prison!

  18. teehee says:

    I call it rape, not assault.

    • Venus says:

      Yes. He didn’t “sexually assault” someone until she passed out — he raped her until she passed out. JFC, I hope he burns in hell.

  19. K (now K2!) says:

    What’s the statute of limitations on rape there?

  20. Goodvibes says:

    Rapist. Low life scum.

  21. The Original G says:

    And yet – they sent Savannah out yesterday to read that mewling apologetic announcement bemoaning the sadness of NBC and the team?

    Repulsive how NBC used her shocked feelings to cover their complicity. They made her look like a total fool and they think they’ve put one over on us. It’s still a terrible place work. Sorry.

    • MinnFinn says:

      I disliked her statement — ‘I am heartbroken for Matt as well as the accuser.’ Her feelings about Matt are irrelevant plus it drew attention away from the victim.

      • The Original G says:

        I believe she was reading off a teleprompter. They deliberately used her personal confusion as a cover and exploited her.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I am not sure there is a way to make a good statement, but hers lacked a lot.

      • The Original G says:

        That story needed to be reported by a journalist unconnected with the show as a real news story, not an HR announcement. They exploited her.

      • Christin says:

        I still remember how Anne C was emotionally raw, as she was still having to appear on air, after learning she was being terminated. Ole Matty just gets to stay home and count his millions without facing the public.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Yes it’s not “equal sides.” NBC fired him, but way too late, and now they’re playing it poorly. Management has a lot to do with this situation and they should be fired, too.

    • LadyT says:

      I’m with you OG. It was a very poor statement focused on “our sadness” and the delivery by Savannah was off the mark. Lauer wasn’t killed in a car wreck, he was taken out belatedly by his own crass behavior. I am not blaming Savannah- it was clear she was reading a prepared statement and was put on air in an emotional state, purposefully by management for sympathy.

  22. Myhairisfullofsecrets says:

    Lock him up and throw away the key.

    The button to lock his office from the inside *screams* premeditation. Lock. His. Predatory. Ass. Up.

  23. minx says:


  24. Margo S. says:

    Disgusting, gross, evil, pathetic excuse for a human. Go rot in jail.

  25. tracking says:

    These poor women, this is horrifying. I hope they sue the sh*t out of him and NBC.

  26. Rookie Commenter says:

    Is it just me or do Matt and Charlie Rose’s statements try to excuse their behavior while offering an apology? Now that I *realize* the hurt I’ve caused…. Parts of the stories are accurate…. As though they were previously of the impression everything was consensual!

    • Kitten says:

      The apologies are just white noise at this point.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      It’s not just you. Probably one part shock that they were not supposed to do whatever the f**k they felt like with women, one part lawyer/crisis manager advice to limit legal liability by casting as much doubt as possible on aspects of the victims’ stories.

      To me it only underscores their garbage characters. Did they ever stop to think about the fact that many men, including many successful men, manage to get through life without harassing, mauling and raping women?

      • Kitten says:

        I doubt their arrogance allows for that level of self-awareness. I assume they get a thrill out of testing the limits of what they can get away with. As we know, this is more about power than it is about sex.

    • Wren33 says:

      I read it as actually apologizing and not flat out calling people liars but leaving just enough wiggle room that they aren’t legally confessing to rape.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Also, I’m tired of the public apologies that lack any kind of connection with their victims. Matt Lauer doesn’t owe me an apology. He owes his victims multiple apologies. ***He should also be in jail.***

      • Kitten says:

        Exactly. All these generic form-letter apologies ring so hollow precisely because they are so devoid of any emotion or humanity or personalness.

        Honestly, Franken’s apology was the only one that seemed genuine to me. And part of that is because he communicated directly to his accuser, took ownership and apologized. I’m in no way trying to mitigate what he did, just pointing out that if you’re going to apologize at least do it right, assholes.

    • Wren says:

      Well yeah. What else would they do? They’ve obviously felt free do these things (crimes) for years, decades even, so why now would they suddenly be sorry? They’re only sorry they got caught. They’re only sorry that this is now a problem. They’re only sorry their power and doing whatever they please is at an end. I expect no true apology from them because if they’ve been fine with this arrangement for years, then they don’t care about the harm they’ve caused and I don’t expect them to change.

      I don’t want apologies. I want consequences.

  27. katie3 says:

    Was his co-host so self-involved and self-infatuated that she failed to notice anything over the years? Nothing? Or is this a case of wilful blindness Part 1,00000

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Maybe she sees an opening for #1 host slot. Though I’d love it if the entire cast of TODAY, women and men alike, staged a mass “quit” on tomorrow morning’s show. Take that, NBC!

  28. Betsy says:

    WTEF. What a clucking monster and millions of us had him in our living rooms daily. Blorch. That poor woman. I’m so so sorry, whoever you – and your fellow victims – are.

  29. Eveil says:

    Can we stop shitting on Samantha Guthrie and instead start putting that vitriol where it belongs – on Matt Lauer, NBC’s pet star rapist?

    • The Original G says:

      Actually, my beef is with NBC that have used her as a shield for their complicity. F them.

    • Pansy says:

      With you. And are we sure we wasn’t keeping it together bc she was so happy? Maybe she was struggling so she wouldn’t show her glee!

    • Moon Beam says:

      Agreed. She wasn’t in the best spot yesterday and I think we all think we would have reacted a certain way on air, but no one knows for sure until they were in that same position. My vitriol is reserved for Matt. I’m sure they knew the man was not a good person, but how much they knew is not certain.

    • CynicalAnn says:

      Absolutely agree.

  30. HK9 says:

    Jesus this is bad.

  31. Mina says:

    So this guy is really Harvey Weinstein level or worse. Some of these stories sounds a lot more recent too, so hopefully one can catch legally. It’s about time one of these creeps get actual jail time!

  32. Lenn says:

    You don’t just pass out while having consentual sex. Something had to have happened for her to pass out. Violence, fear. Right?

    • Sky says:

      They weren’t having sex he rape her to the post of her losing consciousness.

    • phaedra says:

      Right! There seems to be some critical information missing here. Or maybe the strange wording distorts the picture. In any case, it was clearly NOT a consensual situation. It makes me wonder if the Guardian has ties to NBC? I know the Guardian is UK but they seem to go out of their way to not call the crime by its name. It’s rape.

    • Aren says:

      Exactly. They almost made it sound like she enjoyed it so much she passed out, then he helped her by asking others to give her medical attention.
      They are trying to protect him and it’s horrible.

  33. Whatever Gurl says:

    Kathie Lee Gifford’s rants about having to forgive him and texting him that she adores him. Saying no on is perfect. Is this person insane?

    You don’t get to dismiss the victim by saying one has to forgive.

    What is wrong with Kathie Lee?

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      There was always something wrong with Kathie Lee. Remember when she took back Frank?

      • Christin says:

        I do! She made such a big deal over their perfect life, then that hotel photo surfaced on a tabloid cover. It was also shady how he may have left his ailing first(?) wife. He seemed no prize, yet she wanted to convince the world of perfection. I think she is a person who is able to distort reality to fit what they want to believe.

      • Jayna says:

        Why was that wrong? They had children, a life. It took a lot of work and effort to put their relationship back together, and by all accounts, he was a good husband after that. Many couples survive infidelity and go on to have a long and happy marriage until the day they die. Kathy Lee’s faith is very important to her and not to be made light of. She took her vows seriously and a family unit seriously, and if he could do the work on himself and their marriage, her goal always would be to put the family back together.

        My ex-boyfriend’s father cheated on his mother with his secretary. His mother was a strong, career woman from Norway. He was a highly respected man in town. She kicked him out. But eventually half a year later began counseling, worked through everything, and stayed married and had a strong marriage, leaned on each other after the death of a child in college. They were together until twenty years later he died of cancer.

        People and marriages aren’t perfect. You have to look at everything you have together and figure out if this was a pattern or was the bulk of your marriage good and worth fighting for.

  34. Close to a nervous breakdown, says:

    You ned women to come forward to realize that RAPING AND SEXUALLY ASSAULTING THEM IS WRONG??? THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH YOU??????

    I am SO TIRED of men treating sexual assault like a mysteri that rivals quantum physics. Don;t insult my intelligence. You knew this was wrong, hurtful and disgusting all along. I’m truly closer and closer to a nervous breakdown.

    • Kitten says:

      Oh I feel you so much. Also so tired of men on social media saying that women are to blame too because we witnessed and did nothing. Because I don’t have the energy for yet another rant about this I’ll just keep it short and sweet: F*CK. YOU. MEN.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        A jerk I went to high school with said on FB that he is “afraid” of females now. I unfriended him, lest I give him something to REALLY be afraid of.

        Has he ever had to give a fake phone number to someone out of fear that they will hurt you if you reject them? Does he have to make sure that he doesn’t go certain places alone? Has he ever had someone swing a fist in his face because he turned someone down? Has he ever had his employment threatened because he wouldn’t get sexual with a co-worker? Has he ever had to PAY MONEY to cover a person’s bill at a restaurant because the customer didn’t pay the tab in full because you wouldn’t show your breasts to them? RAGE INDUCING!!!!

  35. skyblue says:

    That clip of Matt harassing Meridith made my skin crawl.

    • InVain says:

      His face, his demeanor before, during and after he made those comments are chilling right? I can’t even begin to imagine the horrors that occur after a criminal like that locks you in his office, helpless. If he felt like he had the right to talk to her like that out in the open …. I just can’t imagine. These women. I hope they find some solace or some peace. No amount of karma will make this right.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Yes. It was the voice of an entitled predator. It sent chills down my spine.

    • the Spiral says:

      Yes, totally bone chilling to hear the contempt in his voice. What a horrible person.

  36. Char says:

    Let’s be honest, society in general doesn’t want to talk about or believe that these men are actually rapist. Even with Harvey, there are at least 3 stories from women who flat out say he raped them, 2 of them he forced his way into there homes! But what I keep hearing about is how he asked women to his hotel room & was in his robe when they arrived; how he asked them if they wanted to join him in the shower, which is all gross & an abuse of power, but that seems to be the focus, not the flat out rape & the same will happen with Matt now. People will focus on the harassment claims, not the rape(s).

  37. Ally says:

    It now seems pretty easy to conclude that NBC didn’t want to run the Weinstein story either because they knew they had the same issue in-house or because they are basically okay with this kind of “droit du seigneur”*.

    The stories make clear that Lauer focused his sexual pursuits, consensual and not, on NBC staffers precisely because he knew they would feel pressure to keep it quiet. Again, strategic predation. At a rate of $25 million a year. SMDH.

    * droit du seigneur: supposed legal right in medieval Europe, and elsewhere, allowing feudal lords to have sexual relations with subordinate women regardless of consent

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Yeah, the use of the word “stable” confirms it, doesn’t it. Women are not barnyard animals.

    • Moon Beam says:

      That whole thing of shutting down Ronan Farrow’s story makes them look really bad. Terrible optics.

  38. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Embarrassment? Shame? No, ‘honey,’ those aren’t the words you use. Those are far-fetched words your victims felt during your pre-assault grooming phases. Those words are a pale, homogenized misrepresentation of horrific behavior impaled upon who knows how many women. There’s no ‘shame on you.’ There is, however, “Bend over sweetie and pick up that bar of soap,” launched from a group of gang rapists in prison. Eye for an eye and all that. I know… never happen.

  39. island_girl says:

    I haven’t liked Matt Lauer for several years now, ever since the Ann Curry situation I’ve been side eyeing that man. I find that video of him leering at Meredith insightful. He comes off so dark and lecherous and THAT tells me this is who he is. He is an awful man who has no regard for women and he should suffer all of the consequences.

  40. rachel says:

    What in the hell?!!!

  41. adastraperaspera says:

    What @tracking says above in a comment is likely true of the woman raped in his office–”freezing” often happens to abuse victims. They disassociate and either remain completely still in a kind of paralysis, or pass out. Although I have not been raped, I have been sexually harassed, and each time I froze also. Friends and HR later told me that I should have pushed the men away and said “stop,” but when you are frozen, this is not possible.

    • InVain says:

      I think we forget that “freezing” can often occur due to the physical threat that men introduce in any of these situations, whether it’s intentional or not. It’s not just the words but the physical threat as well. It’s not that alone, it’s so many things… I’m ready to throw up.

    • Ally says:

      There’s also denial. For a moment you want to believe this isn’t happening, that your normal life isn’t being derailed. You’re trying to wish it away. Then there’s calculating whether your justifiably strong reaction (yelling, pushing away) will be perceived as excessive and that you will be deemed hysterical and punished/penalized by the perpetrator/organization, especially in a workplace culture where men are right by default while women have to constantly prove they deserve a seat at the conference table.

      Regardless, it’s the person committing the crime that is at fault. It is not on the victim (who is AT WORK and not expecting to be a victim of crime at every moment — it’s bad enough women have to live with that half the time as it is) to react “perfectly” and with perfect alacrity.

  42. Reef says:

    Nooooppppe. Should’ve never clicked on this. Jesus.

  43. Wren says:

    I’m not surprised or shocked. I’m just…. sad. It’s been well documented throughout human history that those in power often abuse that power for their own personal gratification. The longer they are in power, the more power they have, the sicker they usually are. We’re now seeing it play out in real time. In OUR time. The crimes of the past don’t feel real in the way the here and now does. We have a tendency to look up to those in power, and thus we’re shattered to learn that said powerful/famous person is terrible. It shouldn’t be shocking but it is. Honestly at this point I’m just assuming every man in power is a rapist or harasser until proven otherwise.

  44. Anilehcim says:

    I’m just as disgusted by the fact that everyone seems to have known and was perfectly OK with it. Former co-workers who’ve left the network have always been vocal about what an absolute monster Lauer is. His current coworkers playing stupid, and WORSE: DEFENDING HIM (!!!!!) only pisses me off even more.

    Anyone here watch KLG and Hoda? Kathie Lee Gifford needs to be taken off the air. I don’t understand why the network allows her to carry on with her religious drivel all of the time, but she went off on a tangent DEFENDING Matt Lauer yesterday before she even knew any details and proudly stated that as soon as she heard she texted him to tell him how much she “adores” him. She also likened his sexual assault and harassment to her husband cheating on her, and told viewers that “we need to forgive him and have sympathy for him because none of us are perfect.” I will never watch the show again and I wish Kathie Lee would get fired because she’s a piece of shit. I hope that she feels like the absolute fucking moron that she truly is now that the details have come out about just how lewd he is, and he has pretty much admitted to it.

    Women who don’t support other women are complete trash. Women who want to perpetuate and support the “old boys’ club” (that the rest of us are doing our best to get rid of) are the most disgusting of all in my opinion.

    FUCK YOU AND OTHERS LIKE YOU, KATHIE LEE. Would she have this much compassion for a man who did this to her daughter? I guess other women don’t count. Sorry, but I’m writing this on every platform that I can because I am so fucking angry.

    • jwoolman says:

      They may not have known the full extent of what he was actually doing. They may have thought he was just engaging in “socially acceptable though annoying” harassment. Until people with names come out and say what happened to them, I can see why people would assume the best and dismiss anonymous rumors.

      This would include women who did not have such experiences with him. Or who actually accepted somebody who liked to pinch them… That is such a weird thing. What are the guys doing, checking the tenderness of the meat?!? Do they like the thrill of getting kicked or punched where it hurts? (Which will happen some day.) Women really should get more into mini mobs to deal with the office creeps — not that I’m promoting gratuitous violence, but what the hell are these guys doing? Do they pinch other men? Do they pinch dogs and cats? What a weird way to assault someone.

  45. Zondie says:

    NBC has been arrogant for years. I’ve stopped watching anything on NBC for a while now, including The Weather Channel which they ruined when they took over it. NBC always gave off a smug, we-know-better-than-you vibe to me. And now to find out that not just abuse occurred on their watch but outright crimes doesn’t surprise me.

  46. Renee says:

    His lack of empathy makes me sick but is not surprising. What a POS!

  47. Sparkly says:

    This is horrifying. I’m glad it’s all coming out, though I wish they wouldn’t white-wash it the way they’re trying to. We need a cultural shift. I can only hope that we’re moving towards a world where this kind of systemic danger and blatant misogyny are no longer tolerated.

  48. Savasana Lotus says:

    I work in employment litigation and family law. All I know is, the timidity of reporting against powerful men in the workplace will NEVER PAY OFF. Civil and criminal laws are in place to report harassment or, in this case, assault, and there will be far more of a pay off, an empowerment, than some c r a p p y job or part In a movie. These men are left to continue the behavior over decades and statutes for prosecution run out. Don’t call my post victim blaming…it’s taking responsibility and empowering your life to hold them accountable. There is no other message to send to all other women. The complicity in this story is mind boggling. If the assistant taking this poor woman for medical assistance didn’t blow the whistle then and there, they are a POS. I would have called the cops, reported through HR, GONE TO THE NY TIMES TO REPORT AND MAYBE GONE INTO HIS OFFICE AND SAID OVER THE PA…I QUIT YOU FILTHY RAPIST. REPORT TODAY!!!

    • Sky says:

      Well your statement is victim blaming while hiding under the cover of “empowerment”. Funny thing is for all your talk about what these ladies should have done not once did you mention what HR and the network should have done to make a safe work place environment.

      You can talk all day about what you would have done, but until your in their shoes you don’t have a leg to stand on.

      • Savasana Lotus says:

        I have been in the position they are in #metoo. I have litigated 100 s of sexual harassment cases and have cried with many victims in deep compassion for their pain having lived it. It’s MY JOB TO MAKE SURE HR COMPLIES WITH THE LAW OR THEY WILL PAY. Believe it or not, cases that went far beyond rape and harassment. Predators that are so heinous, you would cry too. At this point my only position is to empower. To encourage no tolerance for harassment in the name of future victims. The tide is turning as I have hoped. Women coming out of the woodwork. Not reporting needs to be a part of our past. #CHANGETHESTATUSQUO. #GetInTheSolution. How presumptuous of you to assume I haven’t experienced sexual harassment and assault…rape. You were dead wrong.

    • Sky says:

      You are not empowering anyone by judging how and when they choose to speak out nor are you empowering anyone by judging them because they didn’t react how you did. Once again you have not commented on the Network or HR who failed the women when they did report him.

      You may be a survivor, but your also victim-blaming.

      • Savasana Lotus says:

        Aren’t you doing exactly what you are blaming me of doing? Judging me because I didn’t react the way you did? This is called projection. BTW thank you for your compassion regarding my sexual harassment by a co-worker while young and pregnant, my assault on a train in Los Angeles where I was blugeoned and thrown on the track resulting in torn ligaments and broken bones in my face, and my rape by a family member at age 19 forever changing my life for reporting it. I will keep my opinions and share them here while you spend time contradicting and judging them. Enjoy!

      • Sky says:

        Nice try, but no. I’m not telling you how you handle your assault was wrong nor am I judging you on how and when you choose to speak out about your assault.

        What I am doing is sharing my opinion about  how you choose to judge other women on their actions after being sexually assaulted or raped. There is no wrong or right way to handle these situations, every victims does what’s best for them.

      • Savasana Lotus says:

        At no time did I judge how women report. I simply said reporting changes the situat And saves the next victim. The truth is the truth. The fact that some do not report comes across my desk more often than those that do. They get my love and support too. You are just seeking an argument. I’m seeking change and a solution for an epidemic of abuse toward women and most here understand that. Seek counseling. It’s helpful. I’m being sincere. You have a lot of anger and I’m the wrong person to direct it toward.

      • Sky says:

        So your saying I should seek counseling because I spoke out against a comment I perceived as victim blaming? Then all most all of the posters here should get counseling too. You call me angry, but I’m not the ones who using capes in their statements. It takes two to tango, and I’m not seeking a argument I just gave my option on your comment.

        People who speak out against victims blaming are also are seeking to change things. Just like when people speak out against the notion that if your not coveted from head to toe you are asking to be assulted. Just like the people who are speaking out against those on social media who blame the victim/survivors in all these high-profile cases for not speaking out earlier so it must be untrue. Just like people who call out Johnny Depp fans for trashimg Amber Heard because she not the “perfect” victim.

      • Savasana Lotus says:

        Without reading your most recent post I will maintain that you are obsessed in a weird way with me. Any other responses from you will also go unread. I hope others here read this interaction.

      • Sky says:

        You keep responding to me, but I’m the one obsessed with you. Ya ok. 🤣😂 I don’t believe I ever commented on your post before so where is the obsession? Im sorry if you can’t handle a conversation or feel you have to have the last word.

    • Christin says:

      Looking back on my own working life of nearly 30 years, I agree that timely reporting has to happen. I understand the fears of retribution that victims experience, but someone has to go on record.

      Before these stories started breaking, I had the chance to finally say something to the top exec who was hearing a new wave of “uncomfortable” accusations about his second in line (who is ready to retire, but still being too friendly with young women in his workgroup). My best friend experienced similar behavior while working for the guy 20 years ago, and rebuffed it. There had been rumors (“open secret”) for years about him. If I could dial back the clock, more of us should have spoken up earlier instead of trying to assess what his behavior was (he never attacked anyone). Enabling any type of inappropriate talk or behavior is wrong.

  49. Lala says:

    I just keep thinking of the millions of women…children…men who have had their souls taken from them because of sexual rape and molestation…in a country that dosen’t want to provide BASIC healthcare…let alone the mental health care that’s so necessary to approach stability…While the rich and powerful who perpertrated these crimes can live in relative comfort…There’s no mercy…NONE!

  50. Jennifer says:

    This made me sick to my stomach.

  51. Jayna says:

    One, two, three…………….Breaking news! Matt Lauer’s spokesperson has announced Matt has now joined Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey at The Meadows clinic in Arizona, but is staying at a five-star hotel nearby.

  52. Mina says:

    I’m really bothered by the Daily Mail calling it “after having sex” and the NYT saying “intercourse”. This was rape. Call it for what it is. It leads to way too much confusion when you use words that imply consense in a non consensual relationship.

  53. Louise says:

    So they had sex then?

  54. Jayna says:

    Oh, man, that comment by Matt to Meredith was like deja vu.

    I was out of state for a week as the court reporter on a huge case. It was of the person being sued for a major ponzi scheme. So we would fly up once a month for a week at a time of his ongoing deposition. I was familiar with all the attorneys as the case was ongoing for two years. I was at the end of a huge conference table setting up my laptop. One of our clients, an egotistical, misogynist, came down to me and whispered in my ear that he had instructed the videographer to train the camera on me every time I leaned forward. I was looked at him puzzled at first. He nodded to my chest. , And then I realized the dress I had on was a light fabric,, and I guess when I leaned forward, the top of my dress moved out more open and you could get a good view of my breasts. I just stared at him stonefaced, said nothing, and went back to what I was doing.

    He went back down to his end of the table. I guess he began stewing over my reaction. He came back down to me and said, “Most women would have been flattered by that comment.” I never looked up at him and ignored him. I was much younger than him also. And it infuriated him when the younger attorneys, especially younger female attorneys, didn’t give him the respect he felt he deserved, much less that I would have showed him disdain.

    Another time, he was taking the depo locally of a forensic accountant in the same case. It was hard subject matter, and the witness talked like he had golf balls in his mouth and was extremely soft-spoken also. So I had to interrupt him to get him to repeat some of his answers or to clarify a word. So the attorney told the court reporter who came in the next day that I was having a bad day the day before, so I must have been on my period, and to tell the office not send me to the depos when I was on my period.

    On our out-of-state depos, he had a stripper girlfriend, while his wife was home pregnant. He seemed quite proud of the fact and would have her pick him up at the airport when most of us were arriving.

  55. katie3 says:

    Feel sorry for his kids. I think 2 of them are teenagers and it’s got to be tough for them to deal with this at school.

    • JRenee says:

      Yes, 2 teenagers and a preteen.
      Just sickening.
      The powers that be, covered for him!

    • Jayna says:

      Yeah, poor kids. I agree. They probably got a watered-down version before the onslaught started with more info coming out.

  56. Ozogirl says:

    why in the world was he (or anyone) allowed to have a secret door-locking button?? That right there is shady and unprofessional.

  57. HeyThere! says:

    He is a horrible, awful, disgusting human.

    The video of him talking to MV is chilling. No smile, no nothing. Total psychopath.

  58. Meme says:

    It would be one thing if I was in a consensual work place affair with Laurer and he said “nice view” comment to me. But that was unsolicited and most likely offensive and unwanted to Meredith, who is married. If some pig at work said that to me out of the blue, I would have cursed him out on the floor.

    What is frightening is the fact that women did not report this. This company fostered and encouraged a hostile and harassing work environment. Its pretty obvious women feared retaliation if they reported the CRIMES committed against them. I hope everyone woman he slept with or touched, whether consensual or not, sue the hell out of this company for allowing this all to happen under their roof.

    • Jayna says:

      Meredith’s husband has come out and said Meredith was not offended by his comment in that video, and that she and Matt had that kind of relationship where such comments were not off limits. I can believe that. I remember once that Meredith said that she had a bawdy sense of humor. I remember Matt fought to get her on as his co-host because they had a great chemistry as co-hosts. It seemed like he had to fight for her because NBC wanted someone younger. I think they genuinely liked each other and working together.

      Things shouldn’t get off kilter and not focusing on the real sexually aggressive behavior by Matt that offended and harmed women who worked beneath him.

  59. Fleur says:

    TBH, I’ve been side eyeing his today show hosting style since his interview with Anne Hathaway years ago, the one during the Les Miserables press run where he seemed grossly inappropriate in the way he brought up her semi nude photo scandal. It’s been years and I still remember it. Poor Anne had to sit there and take it. Every beautiful female actress who came onto the Today show for an interview ended up having to sit in front of Lauer, which is another thing I always noticed over the years. Watching his actress interviews always made me uncomfortable.

  60. Deeanna says:

    Can someone of a younger generation please inform me: What is it with these creep-o guys that they all want to “show their penis”? They are displaying their junk in person and in photos they send out. Does this mean that each of them has an extremely large penis that they are extremely proud of, or what? (I am assuming if a guy has a small penis he would not be sending out photos of it. But I could be wrong.)

    And are they making these displays in order to drum up business? Does it work, I wonder?

  61. Jeanette says:

    How does someone come pick a person out of the floor, that has just been raped, pants undone..just drop them off at the nurse and not say a damn word? Are we really gonna use that my job bullshit to skirt the issue of pretending they didnt know a serious crime just occurred?

    All these jackasses keep job my job my are just as bad as the offender and like another poster said, if it were an average joe and the assistant or the looker on were there, they should be hauled in too.

    “MY JOB” is not an excuse. “I saw” “I heard” and did nothing are ENABLING.

    I would go work at McDonalds before I would watch another human being suffer in silence.

    • Mina says:

      Well, we don’t know if the assistant was aware a rape had been committed. The way it’s described it’s a little vague, but it doesn’t seem like the assistant found her, just that they took her because she’d passed out. Maybe the assistant thought there had been some wild binge or something. The things these people must see within the industry, I’m sure nothing shocks them much.

      But if they knew, I definitely agree with you. But seems like the victim didn’t tell people at the time and Lauer sure didn’t call it rape.

  62. mina says:

    I don’t know why, but I feel like I have a predator radar. I never really liked watching him on TV, it felt like he was always coated with slime, quite disgusting really.

  63. heather says:

    How did this woman pass out, actually?