Kirstie Alley is so concerned for accused men: ‘people lose their jobs without proof’

Kirstie Alley is a Scientologist, she tries to convert people to Scientology, she shills and lies for Scientology, she cuts out and mean girls anyone who leaves the cult and she’s generally an awful person. Just know that going into this story. Also know that Scientologist Danny Masterson is being investigated for raping several women, that Scientology officials blamed and silenced the women who reported the rapes to them, and that, according to Leah Remini, the LAPD has deep ties to Scientology and is covering for Masterson. That’s all preface to Kirstie’s tweet expressing concern for the men losing their jobs for being rapists. (My words obviously). The tweet below was widely assumed to be about Matt Lauer given the fact that she posted it yesterday afternoon.

Then when Kristie got called out in it she claimed she wasn’t tweeting about Matt Lauer and called it “misduplication.” I’ve never heard that word before but sure.

Kirstie never mentioned Matt Lauer because all men should be protected and coddled until women pass the impossibly high burden of proof that they were raped by acting like perfect victims, reporting it immediately and often paying the consequence of losing their jobs, prestige and livelihood as the men face little to no repercussions, right? Kristie is so concerned for the poor men who violated women for their entire careers. The ones we’re hearing about now are multi-millionaires who are likely getting golden parachutes from the companies who excused and covered for them. But those dozens of women coming out against the powerful men are just ruining their careers without proof! Won’t someone think of the Weinsteins, Ratners, Pivens, Spaceys and Tobaks?

I hate this talk of “real victims,” it just sets up even more barriers to reporting and being believed. Scientologists don’t even consider child victims “real victims”, they cover for the abusers.

And in case you think Kirstie is on the attackers’ side, she tweeted this. Classy.

The candid photos of Kirstie are from January, 2017 and the event photos are from December, 2016. I can’t find paparazzi photos of her after this January. I bet she gained weight again. There’s no shame in that, unless you’ve made your career out of shilling cult medicine disguised as weight loss products.

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  1. I, pet goat, 2 says:

    “Run a muck”? What an idiot

  2. Bridget says:

    Well, here’s one dick that I hope we don’t see in a Workplace.

  3. Maria says:

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for Matt Lauer now?

    • Pandy says:

      Right? Earning $25 MILLION a year for the past how many years???!!! Yeah, forced to hide his head in shame in five star luxury anywhere in the world for the rest of his life … yeah, sucks to be Matt.

      • Sigh... says:

        Hell, it might not even be for the rest of 2017-18, depending on if charges are filed and the handling of his going dark, cooling off period. We all know he & his ilk are QUICK to close ranks to protect their own, so he could just as EASILY, quietly pop back up somewhere else (diff network, book deal, apology tour), as they have been prone and known to do. 😒

  4. Margo S. says:

    She’s crazy as hell. And you can’t reason with crazy.

  5. ell says:

    who are ‘real victims’ kirstie?? do you get to decide?? she’s horrible.

    also every time someone says that people who are accused lose careers etc, i’m baffled. name me one who lost anything prior to weinstein.

  6. Kealeen says:

    Danny Masterson still hasn’t lost his job.

  7. blogdis says:

    How does she know there is no proof? Does she really think the legal team of these corporations are going to allow them to fire these bigwigs all willy nilly without doing thier homework and risk major lawsuits?

    God she is stupid

  8. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    I’m trying to discern which issue is at play here:
    1) anything for a little face time, or
    2) what are you hiding/for whom are you hiding info?

  9. third ginger says:

    Ah, the double edged sword that is social media. People can speak out for great causes and against social injustice. However, this moron also has the same space in which to both make a fool of herself and offend others.

  10. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    What really drives me crazy about this type of response is that these idiots are conflating corporate decisions to fire with a formal legal charge of assault and due process in the rule of law.

    Shut up.

  11. Scarlett says:

    On behalf of the MeToo, sit down and shut up Kristie, your cuckoo for Scientology is showing!!

    I have just started reading a great book about the level of assault that goes on under the guise of “auditing”, appalling!!

  12. lunchcoma says:

    Worried about her Scientologist buddies, maybe.

  13. swak says:

    Does she really think that Lauer, Weinstein, Spacey, et al would be fired without significant proof? Does she even believe these women? Also, Kirstie, MISDUPLICATION is not a word (yes I went and googled it).

  14. magnoliarose says:

    Masterson is in trouble, and now they are scraping the D list celebs to get one of them to talk. John Revolting has his own messes to clean up.

  15. holly hobby says:

    She belongs in an oppressive religion/cult. She is not the one to talk about this. I think she did something to her face because it doesn’t look good. She looked better in the event pictures (where she wasn’t shot up with stuff).

  16. dumbledork says:

    Maybe she’s referring to her scientostupid buddy Masterson and not Lauer? Either way, she’s a few nuggets short of a happy meal.

  17. M&M says:

    I’ve heard the terms “bandwagon” and “trending>”
    Both by women.
    This is the first time I have had an open dialogue with men about this and they are the ones starting the conversation. My brother in law started talking to me about Louis CK because he knows how much I loved his comedy.
    I cant’ believe women are talking like this.

  18. Christina says:

    I don’t like what she’s says but she’s not alone. I’ve seen many people (yes people, Women too, mostly older women) defend the rapists and say “innocent until proven guilty”. I absolutely hate that rhetoric. If a man comes and shoots up the place, I guess to them he’s innocent too until he’s proven guilty? I have physicial evidence someone raped me, but that’s not good enough? Does she need a to see a video before she’s convinced? I just hate it when I see people, women especially, not defend other women. It just makes the whole process of reporting even more shameful. Sorry we don’t accept being abused and harassed. It might be okay to you Kristie, but not to Women who actually have an ounce of self-respect.

  19. Samantha says:

    1. It’s crazy that people seem to think a trial is needed before someone faces professional repercussions for “inappropriate behavior”, that has never been the case.
    2. When someone says “I’m only worried this could hurt the REAL victims”, you’d be safe to assume they’re aching for the abusers only.

  20. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Right. Random women are phoning in assault claims, and management is all, “Omg, you’re kidding! Thank you! (Calls receptionist) Honey, send in what’s-his-name. What’s your name… Got a phone call today so… You’re fired. Okie dokie then, back to work people, nothing to see here.”

  21. Whatever Gurl says:

    CLassic DARVO. From the abuser’s playbook.

    REVERSE Victim Oppresser

  22. phatypopo says:

    A lot “fewer” dicks, Kirstie!

  23. aang says:

    This commercial from a Michigan woman running for Michigan Attorney General is priceless and gets right to the point of the issue.

    • jwoolman says:

      She definitely has a point. There are some women who sexually harass others, but that’s a drop in the proverbial bucket compared to the men.

      And the argument that they shouldn’t have an all-female ticket (governor, attorney general, Secretary of State) is easily countered by asking the question: Were you bothered by an all-male ticket? Those are very common. Women are half the population, and as we become better represented in political life, of course all-female tickets will become more common just randomly.

  24. ilove6kies says:

    Ugh…go away you troll hag

  25. Lorelai says:

    In that last picture, I honestly thought she was that Real Housewife— I don’t know her name, but the one who was in jail (and now her husband is in jail 🙄).

  26. mannori says:

    I have no doubt that she’s not referring to Lauer or any other creep ousted but just to her own fellow Scientologists. Mostly Masterson. They had all the Scientologists close to Masterson signing affidavits supporting his version and contradicting and sh*tting on the victims. I’m guessing Micheal Pena, Laura Prepon, Ben Foster (the godfather of Masterson’s daughter) his siblings Chris, Alanna, Jordan and people like celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati, all of them Scientologists, all of them close friends of Masterson and all of them mostly certainly guests of Masterson’s parties when is said he drink drugged and raped these women. I guess all of them are among the ones supporting his version. This case has all Scientology alert because the Masterson clan, lead by Mama Masterson are among the most important recruiters of minor and vulnerable Hollywood people, so if one of them goes down, they will bring down all the church. Also I’m pretty sure given how sexual abuse and victims are blamed by the church when they report a case, I’m sure there are other cases, maybe other Scientologists used the cult and its powerful ties with the LAPD to cover up more abuses and they’re fearing the LAPD will drop their ass*s

  27. Brandi says:

    This just confirms my dislike for her.

  28. Themummer says:

    I understand what she’s saying only in terms of we are a country that supposedly has to process and where people are innocent till proven guilty. But she is completely missing the point of all of this. This is not a normal situation and these are not people who are being accused by only one person without any corroborating evidence. All of these women who have been accusing men of sexual assault and sexual harassment have all come forward with the receipts. Lots of receipts. They are coming forward with so much corroborating evidence that it is absolutely the right thing to do to remove these people from their jobs, especially when there’s so much evidence that they used said jobs and their professional status and their positions of power to assault and harass women. She doesn’t seem to be understanding the concept that the court of law and due process apply to people charged with crimes, whereas what is going on now is simply cleaning house professionally. Not only do these men need to be removed from their job is to protect women, but these companies have a right to protect their images and themselves from legal fallout. She has no idea what she’s talking about.

  29. KiddVicious says:

    I liked Kirstie for years even though I knew she was a Scientologist. Her crazy always entertained me. I like her shows too. But in the last few years, it seems after DWTS, her meanness has gotten so much worse. Probably too much Scientology. Not a fan anymore.

  30. Gisele says:

    Scientologists are circling the wagons for Danny Masterson. He’s accused of violently raping FOUR women and Scientology has protected him from any repercussions, all while harassing and abusing the women he assaulted. This cult protects it’s rapists, child molesters and physical abusers, because they don’t want any bad PR for the church. They will lie and lie, just to protect their insane cult. Kirstie Alley and all of the other idiot Scientology celebs can go straight to hell. There are audio tapes of L. Ron Hubbard gleefully talking about a scenario of someone wanting to sexually abuse and kill a young boy. In their bible, Diabetics, he writes that a seven year old girl should not have a problem with being passionately kissed by a grown man. This is the ‘religion” that she, John Travolta and his beard/wife, Catherine Bell. Michael Pena, Laura Prepon, Jason Dehiring, Jenna Elfmann, Tom Cruise etc, want to defend to the death. They don’t care about the victims, just protecting the cult. It’s unbelievable.

    • H says:

      Catherine Bell isn’t Travolta’s wife, Kelly Preston is. According to posters on Tony Ortega’s site, Catherine left the CoS. She’s happily living with a woman now, and since we know Scientology hates gay people, she’s out. But she’s not speaking out for fear of repercussions.

      • Gisele says:

        I did mean Kelly Preston as his beard wife. I just didn’t name her because she’s just a beard for John and a shill for her cult.. I feel like she and John are one entity now as they’ve been living this charade for so long. Catherine recently posted an essay Bodhi Elfmann wrote about how Scientologists are targeted by bigots and about religious freedom and other garbage defending the cult. She also claimed that Scientology has no problem with gay people on her Facebook and she’s never seem anything about it, which as you know is a lie. I realize she’s in a relationship with a woman, but she’s a celebrity and I think that they are not held to the same standards. If she has left the cult, I’m sure you’re correct and she doesn’t want to end up being targeted by them, so is not speaking about it publicly. They all lie and say Scientology has nothing negative to say about gay people, yet their beloved LRH labels them the lowest life form on his moronic tone scale.

      • mannori says:

        beware of the ones claiming they have left the cult or even denying ever been part of it. It’s the new approach for them celebrities in the cult: they’re allowed to deny and claim they have left in order to save their careers and take the heat off. Because all the bad press that the cult has been getting after the documentaries and Leah’s show start to have really a negative repercussions on their careers, and thus ultimately in their ability to generate money to keep paying the cult. So they’re allowed to say they’re not anymore. Its’ called “acceptable truth” which is nothing more and less than openly lie and deny deny deny. Jason Lee said he left and is a lie. As far as November he was being photographed happily with hardcore Scientologist as Ethan Suplee and the Mastersons. Super hardcore people who would never hang out with an ex scientologist. Giovanni Ribisi’s daughter also said she left and she still is very close to all her Scientology family, which would be totally impossible had she really left the cult. Jada Pinkett said she’s not a Scientologist but she has studied and likes to study Dianetics. And has been outed as a liar by Leah herself, who repeatedly saw Jada at the Celebrity Center in LA. And expect more and more other celebrities to lie and deny being in the cult, but happily still hang out with other hardcore Scientologists instead. I’m expecting others who had been lowkey about it and know the negative impact of openly say they’re scientologists like Ben Foster or Elizabeth Moss would deny at some point too. And others who could see their careers jeopardize by being in the cult, They’re allowed now to lie and say they’re out.

        Long story short: they’re allowed to lie. “Acceptable truth”. Even Leah explained this. Google it.

      • Rose says:


        It always surprised me how people brought Will and Jade story about not being Scientologist when their actions proved otherwise. I mean like most cults Scientology are very protective of their material you can’t just go to the store and buy the book on their teaching. You have to be a member of the cult that’s why they charge thousands of dollars for them. So there is no way Will and Jade were going to open a school of Scientologist or raising their kids with Scientology beliefs unless they were members of the cult.

  31. MM says:

    F**k her and that psychopath David Miscavige.

  32. Aerohead21 says:

    Are we discriminating against truly anonymous and those who report directly but wish to keep their names out of it?? People have the right to report and keep their names out of it. In the workplace, if we needed to report something they kept our names out of it when they investigated and decided what action to take. It has nothing to do with anything other than protecting the victim. What is the obsession with people putting their face out there?? Do they not realize how much shame comes with being sexually harassed and/or assualted? It’s a horrifying experience and I’d be humiliated just retelling my experiences to my nearest and dearest of friends let alone to the whole world.

    • jwoolman says:

      When the investigators know the face and the name of accusers, they aren’t really anonymous except in the sense that their name and face isn’t blasted all over the media. But anonymous blinds/rumors are a whole different matter and I wouldn’t expect a company to take those seriously.

      I am wondering about companies that have clearly paid out big bucks multiple times to buy the silence of accusers who did come forward to them, though. Once, I can see them thinking he might be innocent but it’s more cost effective to settle. But multiple cases that can be corroborated point to a real problem. This was definitely the case with Weinstein and O’Reilly.

  33. Ozogirl says:

    Who exactly is she talking about? Many of the accused men have ADMITTED to being inappropriate with women. And how does she know the others don’t have proof?

  34. Estelle says:

    That girl has so many issues – her issues have issues.

  35. JRenee says:

    The brain washing is complete. No turning back for her. People like her are why victims don’t come forward.

  36. Chris Christie's Belt says:

    “DJ Donkey Punch Masterson” respects women.

  37. jwoolman says:

    We do have to be aware of other motivations for accusers, especially of political figures. Look at the failed sting operation by a right-wing operative trying to peddle a fake story of her abuse by Moore (as if he didn’t have enough real accusers…) to the Washington Post. She failed because they were careful to check out such stories before publication and wouldn’t be pushed into speculating about the effect on his campaign. She was hoping to prove the media is biased and politically motivated in pursuing such stories and is reporting false stories about Moore especially. Too bad, so sad. But it is not outlandish to expect that some accusations will surface that are designed to neutralize a political figure for political reasons, and we need to be prepared for that and realize that this will not diminish the impact of the others. The Post shows that it is not impossible to properly check such stories and ask the right questions.

    For Members of Congress, an ethics investigation is always appropriate. Get everybody under oath and try to figure out what exactly happened and how serious it was based on Congressional official standards of conduct. This should be done with Moore if he is elected and will be done with Franken. Ted Kennedy went through this after Chappaquiddick. His own constituents encouraged him to stay in Congress. If Moore’s constituents feel likewise, so should Moore (gaaaa, where’s that bucket?).

    But most of these situations involve companies deciding to keep or fire or push for resignations of rich guys. They’re not going to do that on a whim or in response to one unsubstantiated accusation. These guys tend to not engage in one-off abuse but rather are repeat offenders. Once the dam breaks, other accusers step forward with their own stories and the sheer numbers become impossible to ignore. Plus the degree of corroboration increases with each report, with more chances to find witnesses to the accuser telling them about it at the time. So wait-and-see is an appropriate response to the first accusation, and nowadays the wait will not be long of the accusation is valid. The companies are not putting them in jail, just deciding it’s more cost-effective to cut them loose.

    Kirstie is just protecting Scientology and Scientologists. She is not known for being a deep thinker. An important question will whether Scientology is powerful enough still to prevent firing of one of their own.

  38. Heat says:

    I guess I missed the memo that said that people were actually listening to Kirstie Alley again. She is an idiot and always has been.

  39. Luci Lu says:

    As she’ll soon find out, nobody really cares what Scientologists think. It’s true. And, ‘Big Ups’ to Leah Remini!

  40. Megan says:

    Let’s focus on the countless innocent women who were fired or forced out their jobs for reporting harassment. Far more men have lied to protect themselves against harassment claims than women have lied about being harassed.