Hugh Jackman credits Jerry Seinfeld with his decision to quit Wolverine


As the ramp up for the Oscar campaigns, Variety is releasing its annual roundtables. As a part of the Actors on Actors series, Hugh Jackman and Willem Dafoe sat in a stylish room, looking lovely in all black ensembles while discussing their current Oscar offerings (The Florida Project for Willem and Logan for Hugh). During their chat, Willem asked Hugh why he decided to hang up his claws after 17 years. Apparently, it was all Jerry Seinfeld’s fault.

When Jackman asked the famous comic how he decided to end his hit series “Seinfeld,” “He said, ‘I’ve always believed, you should never spend everything creatively because it’s almost herculean to start up again. You should always have something in the tank,’” Jackman recalled. “Leave the party before it gets too late kind of theory.”

Jackman decided on the way home from that dinner that his upcoming film, “Logan,” would be his final in that role. He then came up with the idea of treating the character as a human being (instead of a superhero) who’s lived a life of violence.

[From Variety]

Technically, Hugh is currently promoting The Greatest Showman but I think his shot for any award this year is going to be Logan. I would love for Showman to be a fun film and successful but as I’ve said, I have some doubts. As for Seinfeld’s advice, I agree completely about walking away while people still want more. There’s no need to drag out a franchise well past its sell-by date. Personally, not only would I like to see roles/films go out on top, I’d prefer they don’t come back. I’ve been disappointed in many of the “returns” of late.

Hugh also said in the discussion that on the very first X-Men film, which was released two years before Willem’s Spiderman film, Kevin Fiege was the assistant to the producer. 17 years seems like a while ago when it comes to a film opening but in terms of Fiege’s career, it seems like a blink. You can watch Hugh and Willem’s chat here – there a many nice moments and they are so down to earth, which is refreshing for two very talented and very accomplished men.

In the current revelations about how far-reaching sexual harassment goes, many of us have made up a list of people we desperately hope to never read about in that context and I know Hugh is on many of your (our) lists. So far, both Hugh and Willem remain the good guys we hope they are. At another Envelope Roundtable, Hugh addressed the sexual harassment that’s comes to light.

I just have unbelievable empathy and am so inspired by all the people coming out. I think the amount of shame and guilt that is attached to this entire subject, and the courage it takes to step forward is humbling to me. I don’t think it matters if you’re a man or a woman, it’s a human issue. On some level, it’s really a great opportunity, beyond just our industry, really among society.

[From LA Times]

I really do think Hugh is who he purports to be. I think he has a marvelous partner in Deb who seems to have helped him find a balance between his personal and professional life.

Last note – at one point, Willem and Hugh agree on dancing and decide to make a musical together. They shook hands on it. Let’s hold them to it, folks, a Willem Dafoe Hugh Jackman musical might just save the world.

Here’s the clip of Hugh talking about walking away from Logan:



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  1. teacakes says:

    Logan was fantastic – it’s not awards bait, just a really good action movie with a cracker of a performance from everyone but especially the little girl who played Laura – and a final shot that made even me tear up. Hugh really went out on top, in more ways than one.

    (full disclosure: I hadn’t seen any X-men or Wolverine movies before this and I have zero investment in the comic books).

    Also worth noting – superhero movies CAN do postapocalyptic crapsack world portrayals without lapsing into joyless grimdark (take note, DCEU).

  2. mia girl says:

    Logan was one of the best films of the year…but I don’t expect it to get award recognition.

    Hugh is one of my absolute favorites… I recently traveled to Atlanta to attend a fundraiser for Puerto Rico relief – It was a live read of the Princess Bride where Hugh read the part of Wesley. He was so lovely, charming and entertaining.

  3. manta says:

    Yeah Jackman is always the object of a total lovefest. Funny how other actors who worked with Woody Allen are always grilled about it but others remain unscathed.
    Good for him.

    • teacakes says:

      It might have something to do with the fact that his Woody Allen movie came out in 2006, several years before Dylan came forward about her abuse.

      And afaik he hasn’t worked with him since/knowingly worked with a sexual predator.

      • manta says:

        And several years after the Soon Yi scandal ,the custody battle and the judiciary mess .
        Everything was out and often on this site comments eviscerate people who worked with him after this.
        Scarlet Johansson was in the same movie (so also before Dylan came out ) and doesn’t benefit from such goodwill .

  4. ichsi says:

    Logan was amazing, I cried, which is something that hardly ever happens. I’m also a huge X-men fan and I LOVE Hugh, so this thought pains twice, but when the Bryan Singer accusations come in, and it’s a when, not an if, he will have to do a lot more than give a general statement like this one.

  5. FHmom says:

    That final shot made me cry, too. It was a very well made movie, and I hate that it’s his last, but I do understand. Hugh is a great guy. My favorite cameo of his is in the last Night at the Museum film where Cousin Matthew thinks his name is Huge Ackmen. Makes me laugh just thinking about it.

  6. Penfold says:

    Hugh looks amazing in that top photo! Wow.

    He’s had me hooked since Swordfish in 2001 and I’ve only ever heard good things about him–I’m hoping he really is the decent guy he appears to be. I believe he is.

    Love Willem, too. A Hugh/Willem dance movie is something I’d definitely see!

    I ordered something from Amazon a few weeks ago and the box they shipped it in was The Greatest Showman themed. So of course I’ll be keeping the box. Haha.

  7. Ozogirl says:

    I would love for Hugh to get an Oscar. He’s underrated because of his hit/miss box office career. What a massive talent though!