Halle Berry broke up with her boyfriend during their Bora Bora vacation

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Well, that was quick. Romance comes, romance goes, and I guess Halle Berry was serious about distancing herself “from the the bulls—t.” The 51-year-old actress recently went on an exotic tropical getaway to Bora Bora with 35-year-old British music producer Alex Da Kid, whom Halle had been dating since July. According to In Touch, the actress broke up with her beau in the middle of the trip. Ouch.

A source told the magazine that, after dumping Alex with the backdrop of the beautiful French Polynesian scenery, she had her assistant book her a flight home. I guess if you’re not feeling it, and you’ve got the means, skedaddle while the skedaddling is good.

The source went on to say that “Halle decided [Alex] was too young and his communication skills were terrible. She said she needs someone who can think for themselves and is mature, smart and all-around adventurous. The last thing Halle needs is to be in a long-term relationship with a man who doesn’t express himself well.” Talk about adding insult to injury, huh?

I guess the clues were there. There weren’t a whole lot of pics of Alex on Halle’s Instagram, just lots of those “feet selfies” (can that trend officially be over now?) – and there were no shots of the two together. Halle’s photo of some yummy-looking tropical drinks with the enigmatic (yet delighfully punny) caption, “Cheers to pour decisions,” seems to make more sense now.

Cheers to pour decisions 😂

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Halle, who just a few months ago promoted taking some time for herself, seemed to bounce back from the breakup just fine. On Sunday, she posted a selfie to Instagram, sipping a coffee and looking pensively towards the horizon with the caption, “There’s no place like home.” That same day she was spotted shopping in West Hollywood with her kids, four-year-old son Maceo and nine-year-old daughter Nahla.

There's no place like home

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As much as dumping someone during what was supposed to be a romantic getaway sucks, at least Alex could nurse his wounds with a beachside piña colada or something. We are only getting one side of the story here, but, as someone who dumped her younger beau for somewhat similar reasons, I can totally identify. Life’s short and you should spend your days with someone who makes you happy. Maybe work on your timing for next time though, Halle.

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37 Responses to “Halle Berry broke up with her boyfriend during their Bora Bora vacation”

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  1. runcmc says:

    I dumped someone in the middle of a trip to India and did NOT have the means to get away, but it was still the best decision ever. It’s really hard to do when you feel trapped, so I’m glad she did it *and* got home.

    Good for you, Halle.

  2. Ploptu says:

    Does she plan on aging or no?

  3. greenmonster says:

    I don’t mind the timing – when you’re done, you’re done. The source basically calls him dumb and dull, right? That has to hurt.

  4. smee says:

    There wasn’t another hotel on the island?! That flight is too long just to up and leave. Shhheeesh.

    What kind of saloon-girl-costume-made-of-scraps is she wearing in that last pic?

  5. queenE says:

    he should consider himself lucky

  6. IlsaLund says:

    She looks wonderful. Hard to believe she’s 51 years old. Absolutely beautiful.

  7. jferber says:

    He’s also not her type in that he’s not an extremely pretty man, which she loves (can’t knock it).

  8. Donna says:

    She’s toxic and a few sandwiches short of a picnic. The guy should be grateful she dumped him.

  9. OOOHH! says:

    Blessing in disguise – for him! Lol.

  10. Lala says:

    If I were a male human being…I could NEVA with Halle…that information she had her “source” put out about that man was cruel…and so unnecessary….

  11. Beth says:

    Ouch! She doesn’t sound like she’d be fun to vacation with. Why didn’t she do the break up before the trip, not wait until they’re on an island in another country?

  12. Ankhel says:

    She made a comment earlier this year about wanting to be single for a while, and focus on herself. Or something to that effect. I guess she suddenly realized that she’d been a little forgetful when she looked at the man sitting next to her on the plane to Bora Bora. Not to worry, Halle, it happens to the best of us. You’re back on track now!

  13. TheOtherViv says:

    He probably didn’t know what hit him. I think poor Halle is a textbook borderliner and she makes life hell for herself and those around her. Very telling to make those comments about him- when have you ever read an Academy Award winning actress give such a statement on a short relationship breakup? Oh Halle. I bet she can scare the hell out of guys with whatever issues she comes up with. I don’t know anything about him but he looks like a very calm guy who didn’t see it coming. They never do. Thise borderliners are beautiful and sweet and then so so miserable and vengeful.

  14. Carol says:

    Rumors that he is an abusive racist start in 3…2…1…

  15. Her Higness says:

    this made me day, she is such a boss. #goals #stepupyagamebros

  16. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Halle really can’t stop herself from being messy. In your early twenties that would be fine. At 51? Not so much.

  17. JA says:

    She’s a mess and that guy got off easy! Hopefully he hooks up with a cute island girl before he gets home…dumping someone on vacation is similar to breaking up with someone on their birthday, just wait or don’t agree to go on vacation if you’re not feeling it.

  18. CityGirl says:

    She needs to work on her inside pretty

  19. Joannie says:

    I think she’s absolutely gorgeous but she looks 51. A great looking 51 but still 51. I’ve always liked her as an actress and have no comment on her personal life however I do think its important to be on your own for awhile after a breakup. Otherwise one tends to bring into the next relationship the garbage you never dealt with in the previous one.

  20. FF says:

    She should just stay single, she seems to sabotage every relationship shes in and/or just pick awful guys.