Melania Trump: All I want for Christmas is a trip to a deserted island

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When the time comes for the Trump family’s fall, I will not feel sorry for any of them… except Barron, he’s just a kid. But the rest of them can rot, Melania included. Until they are all hauled into federal prison, I do enjoy the fact that Melania continues to be so bad at First Ladying. She’s like a ghost haunting the Christmas festivities at the White House (after she insisted on creepy holiday decorations). She can go weeks without being seen. She is openly miserable when she is seen. And when forced to do First Lady activities, she tends to breeze in, Kardashian-style, with a coat uncomfortably worn over her shoulders, her high-waisted skirts looking ridiculous. Just think for a moment what the reaction would have been if Michelle Obama had done a fraction of that.

Anyway, Melania did something nice on Thursday: she visited the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, where she did a photo-op with sick kids, read them some books and did an impromptu Q&A session. The result was amazing.

First lady Melania Trump paid a visit to a pediatric hospital to read Christmas stories and visit with the children — and revealed that if she could spend the holiday anywhere in the world, she’d choose “a deserted island.” While mingling with the young patients at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, a 10-year-old boy named Andy asked her, “If you could spend the holidays anywhere in the world, where would you go?”

“I would spend my holidays on a deserted island, a tropical island,” she replied, “with my family.”

She also disclosed that her favorite Christmas song was “O Holy Night.”

A girl named Olivia then asked about her favorite holiday meal. “My favorite thing to eat is some healthy food. And you feel very good after. Not too much eating. But we all enjoy,” the former model replied.

A boy named Sammy wanted to know what she asked Santa to bring her.

“I asked Santa for Christmas peace on the world, health, love and kindness,” she said.

The tradition of first lady visits to Children’s National dates back more than 60 years to Bess Truman.

[From The NY Post]

So festive. All Melania wants for Christmas is a trip to a deserted island, where no Christmas indictments can be served. She also wants “kindness” for Christmas… because her husband is a sexual assailant who bullies everyone and everything and thinks it’s “low class” to own pets. Much kindness. So health. I do think Melania enjoys healthy food though, and I think she’s the only one stopping her husband from destroying Michelle Obama’s White House garden.

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  1. Tate says:

    It would be a gift to us all if you took your husband and idiot step children to a deserted Island. Please make it a one way trip.

    • ELX says:

      I can’t hate Hooker Barbie; she’s just a Slovenian “model” digging for gold. Cheeto Mussolini and the 3 adult children from Ivana, however, are just common or garden variety criminals. Mueller will roll them up like Gotti was rolled up because the government does not have a sense of humor about the mob and money laundering.

      • Tate says:

        The sooner the better. These grifters are destroying America in record time.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Her oligarch might want her back after all these years.

      • milla says:

        How is her being from Slovenia relevant? Its the same as people talking crap about Markle not being British…

      • SoulSPA says:

        I wish her nationality was not used against her. And not next to ‘hooker’ either. It’s plain wrong.

      • lisa says:

        she became complicit when she went on tv and said obamas birth certificate didnt look right to her

        because she’s an expert on that and her opinion is important

      • lucy2 says:

        Melania promoted the birther issue with Obama. That will always been enough for me. I’m sure her life sucks in ways we don’t even want to imagine, but those were her choices, and she chose to hitch her horse to this…whatever you want to call him.

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:

        She’s not Eastern European, tho, she’s Southern European.
        Know your Slavs!

      • whatWHAT? says:

        you forget that she was a strong supporter of the whole “birther” narrative?…and how her First Lady cause is bullying but she doesn’t ever call out her own husband’s bullying?

        she’s not an “innocent” in all this. so, yeah, she can rot in hell/prison for all I care.

      • Kata says:

        Not really. Slovenia is Central or Southeastern Europe ( if you group them with Croatia for an example). They’re not really southern.

        That’s why I wrote Eastern European(ISH). To most westerners we’re all Easter European.

        She may not be innocent, but xenophobia and sexism are always wrong, and comments about her are always full of both.

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:

        I’m Slovenian. We’re most certainly Southern, except in a few instances (like economical) when we’re sometimes placed Central. We’ve never been considered Eastern in any way, the only possible exception being if you count every country ever under the communist regime to be Eastern (not an uncommon feat, but an odd one), but even then our communism was much different from the one in the Soviet Union). By origin and linguistically, we’re South Slavs.

        I sometimes describe myself as Eastern to foreigners because people think Slavs = East, but that’s not correct, it’s just meant to shorten the descriptions of who/where/when.

      • Kata says:

        Well I’m Croatian ( pozdrav :) ) and we’re never described as southern. Maybe Dalmatia, but the whole country usually gets put into Southeastern Europe, very rarely Central. And we’re more to the south than you guys. And I know we’re not Eastern European and that our communism was different, but as I said, to most westerners, we’re all eastern European, so the stereotypes usually apply to us aswell.

        I love how in most threads about Melanija there is at least one discussion about the placement of Slovenia :D

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:


        Dunno, it depends on what criteria you take. We’re normally put into the Southern group (culturally, linguistically, by origin) if we’re described by outsiders, sometimes Central. But if you take Croats away from the Southern group, you can’t place us there either, obviously. (BTW, does that get political in Croatia? Because it sure as hell does here. The more conservative you get, the further away from the south we are.)

        It doesn’t help that Slovenia rests on a spot where so many different criteria meet and the borders were moved constantly (language groups, vegetation groups, cultural groups, borders of historical kingdoms …). So we’re all over the place, really.

        We’ve got very little to do with Eastern Europe, tho, except that we’re all ex-commies and that they too are Slavs in origin, albeit a very long lost distant cousin. But as I said in my last paragraph, I describe myself as Eastern too, because people often equate Slavs with East. That’s where I agree with you completely.

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:

        Sorry for double post, but I just remembered something sad.

        Here, too, Eastern Europen women (especially Ukrainian) are associated with sex workers. EE women really have it hard as soon as they move only a bit further towards the west.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Unfortunately for the poor exploited girls from Russian and Eastern Europe, they are targeted by no fault of their own. I don’t blame the girls. I blame the ruthless “modeling” agents who go into poor villages and find pretty young, often 14 or 15-year-olds and promise them they will be like the Russian supermodels and become rich.
        In the modeling world, it is a stereotype steeped in truth, and you see it at nightclubs and shady agencies. Trump was in trouble by providing problematic visas to Russian “models, ” and that is one of the reasons they couldn’t walk the VS show.
        Backstage at the fashion shows, you see these beautiful, 15-year-old girls who can’t speak English with sketchy older boyfriends and then you never see them again. Unfortunately, the reputation has hurt models from Russia and Eastern Europe who just want a chance to make money for their families.
        These girls are victims and blameless and never intended to end up in the hands of human traffickers. Some women make a choice themselves, and I have no judgment there either.

        There is a movement to clean up this side of the industry, but it is hard because organized crime is involved and they choose the poorest most vulnerable girls who are then too ashamed to go home or hooked on drugs or lost. They are all over the globe.
        Some strong women used it to their advantage and made a new life and caught on quickly and turned the tables to their benefit.

        The stories would make you sick and enraged.

      • SoulSPA says:

        @Nanny, I think some people need some intellectual kicks. What if you say you’re from Slovenia, Europe and let people figure out by themselves. So much information at our finger tips. Sigh. I’d be able to say at least 5 things off my head about Slovenia and Melanija would not be one. I’m not bragging!

      • Whoopsy Daisy says:

        So because some girls from Russia are exploited, which is horrible, every woman from the whole of Eastern Europe must be an uneducated poor prostitute/model/mail order bride? Stereotype steeped in truth?

        Explotations in the modelling industry is not limited to Russia.

      • Milla says:

        Urgh…i just say Europe or Yugoslavia cos i was born in Yu.
        Because i hate comment like do you have trains, which is what people ask you when you mention Serbia and Croatia. Then they think i am a hooker, cos how could i have education if I’m from hookertown? Things need to change, seriously. Those ignorant comments just help the situation called number 45.

      • Doc says:

        I didn’t know how to reply to a comment, I sincerely hope I’m not threadjacking. This is a reply to Nanny:

        Slovenia is geographically in central Europe and the boundary starts between Slovenia and Croatia. Croatia, BH, Serbia, etc are southern Europe. We all also belong to the South Slavs based on linguistics and regionalization of Europe can and has been made on an ethno-linguistic basis and the ex-Yu region can be grouped according to that.

      • jwoolman says:

        I routinely have to correct people in various forums who claim Melania is Slovakian or even Russian (guess they all look alike), and that she must be a Russian spy because her father was in the Communist Party. So I also have to point out that Yugoslavia actually went its own way with Communism and wasn’t really taking all its orders from Moscow. After explaining that Slovenia used to be part of Yugoslavia…

        Don’t ever underestimate Americans’ ability to mix up geography and history. I’m actually an example myself – despite playing with a wooden puzzle of the United States as a child, I was surprised to find that Ohio and Indiana were right next to each other (when I moved from Ohio to Indiana and there was nothing in between). My sense of geography is rather weak, but I know how to check google. Also another kid from Yugoslavia explained how the country was set up to me when we were about ten, her family had emigrated to the US but was going back two years later (about 1960) because they thought conditions had improved enough. Her mom and dad started speaking the language of their region to her again – she spoke English like a native-born but had forgotten her first language by that time. It was coming back quickly, though. He would walk past us and say something to her in her first language, which fascinated me because I couldn’t understand a word. As an adult, I have known colleagues from Slovenia also (from Ljubljana) both in grad school and later.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I didn’t create that problem in the industry, and I didn’t create organized crime connected to the government. I am talking about ONE industry. I worked in Eastern Europe but more often in Russia. My grandfather is from Russia as are other relatives and they are highly educated sophisticated people as are millions of other men and women in those countries. So I don’t see the leap to ALL of anybody. I know what it is like there far beyond what is on television.
      I joke around, but I don’t think of any groups of people as monoliths or stereotypes. That is just one small segment of people in one industry in the entire scope of Eastern Europe and Russia. I never thought of it as stereotype only a problem that needed to be addressed in relation to THIS conversation.

    • jwoolman says:

      My Christmas wish is also that Trump and and all his family and cabinet and other minions go to a deserted island with no cell phone service. Melania can tell him it’s just for a three-hour tour, arrange with the captain of the ship to fake an accident, and then after dark quietly leave with Barron and the captain and any possibly useful communications equipment via submarine, after everyone has been sworn to secrecy concerning the location of the island. Then off to NYC for life as a happy single mom, followed by a trip to the animal shelter to acquire a couple of cats, a couple of dogs, a bunny, and a turtle for Barron. Plenty of room in Trump Tower to keep them all happy.

  2. Lucy2 says:

    Kindness starts at home, Melania.

    Can we send her husband to the deserted island instead? With no way of returning?

  3. Annabelle Bronstein says:

    Please, someone watch the whole video of this Q+A. Not to be a conspiracy theorist but I swear Melania breaks character at least once. Her accent just totally fades during one of her answers, then the next second she’s back to sounding like she just got off the boat from Russia. I can’t be the only one who noticed 🤞

    • Kata says:

      Her accent is much stronger and more Russian like than the accent of most Slovenians.

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:

        What surprises me in her expressing herself, is how her grammar is still distinctly Slovenian, only that she uses English words – assuming these are direct quotes (“but we all enjoy”; “I asked Santa for Christmas peace on the world”). Granted, I probably insert Slovenian grammar into my writing here, but I’ve never lived in an English speaking country. You’re supposed to pick up basic phrases, no?

        ETA: I just saw Reef below mentioning that she has the same speech pattern as her husband. And he really can’t speak properly, so if she’s really mostly picking her language from him, she never stood a chance in learning English anyways.

      • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

        Re @NTTR observation: why doesn’t she hire a tutor and a vocal coach? It’s not that hard, she has the resources. There are companies that have their staff take courses/trainings in communication techniques – speech, body language.

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:

        That’s a good question. I believe that she never thought she’d need one. It’s not like she was ever required to speak (except for the basic fluff), probably not even at her own home. Can you imagine DT ever caring about what she thinks?

        So even if they hired one for her now, when she’s forced to be FLOTUS, it’s a tad late. She’ll perhaps improve a bit, but that’s it.

      • Annabelle Bronstein says:

        Exactly. Her accent, personality, and mannerisms are totally “central casting Russian beauty. “

      • Esmom says:

        I think by keeping or even turning up her accent, she has a bit of a shield to hide behind. Like she can claim not to understand what’s happening around her and/or FLOTUS obligations because of the supposed language barrier. F&ck her.

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:

        But she didn’t just make up that accent now when she’s FLOTUS. She had her own “business” of jewelry designing (the kind only a wife of a billionare can have) and she was giving interviews or statements every now and then for fashion outlets. She sounded just as “Russian” as she does today.

      • Christin says:

        I remember watching a couple of her appearances hawking watches on a shopping channel, and I don’t recall her accent being as strong as it is now.

        Maybe she had more public practice then, and reverted back to native language in recent years.

      • Jerusha says:

        Hmmm, could she really be a Russian plant who wasn’t trained well?

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:

        @Christin: Maybe they did 75 takes of every shot for her to get it right?

        But you might be right that she’s now using Slovenian more often. Barron speaks Slovenian, plus her parents moved to the US some time ago to lend her a hand.

      • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

        She’s married to an ignorant buffoon who, although born in the USA and put in experience private schools, can barely string two sentences together. Her English is not going to improve in that marriage situation.

    • Beth says:

      I don’t know how long she’s been in the US, but sometimes accents fade and she’s been faking her thick accent.
      Maybe it’s just loose dentures causing the accent to change
      #fake accent

    • C says:

      I’ve noticed too, that was weird.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Where is it? I can’t find it.

    • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

      @NTTR/ That makes sense, but still, it’s been a year already (I won’t cry, I won’t cry). She knew she’d have to make appearances and SPEAK. Whatever, she can do what she wants. Speaking with an accent is not a crime, and so do many people in the US. I am going to OTT with this thing.
      And no, I don’t think Drumpf **cares** about her at all. Not about what she thinks, says, feels.

    • anon says:

      so liberal and progressive of you to make fun of her accent. i’m an immigrant and will alway sound fob to you. you might think that’s shameful but i am not ashamed of my accent and neither should she be.

      • Cran says:

        I’m born and raised in the US. Have lived in four different states. People commented on my accent and pronunciation. I said soda rather than pop (when people said aunt they pronounced it ‘ant’ and I kept wondering why they named insects, lol.) when I moved from east coast to mid west as a child. When I moved back as an adult people made comments on my accent and enunciation. Apparently I had a mid western accent and my enunciation because I didnt ‘sound’ black. I continue to pronounce aunt as ‘ant’ and say soda rather than pop.

        My enunciation has been noted several times. I finally asked someone why and was told I ‘speak like a teacher’ to which my response was while there are teachers in my family I speak like everyone else in my family.

        Thanks for the geography background on Slovenia and Croatia and the reminder that communism has different forms. You’ve given me stuff to google.

      • Christin says:

        Did anyone ever hear elders call a soda pop a “dope”? I grew up hearing that in the 1970s, realizing my wonderful elderly relatives had no idea that word had another meaning!

      • jwoolman says:

        Cran – my history is similar. Back East, the relatives claimed we had a strong Midwestern accent. Back home in the Midwest, they said we had a strong East coast accent. As an adult, my accent keeps changing depending on where I live. I’m in an area where the natural accent has a bit of the South in it, so now I do too. So much so that a colleague thought that like her, I was from the South…. Never even visited.

        I remember an Indiana woman who had lived in Kenya for many years with her Kenyan husband. She had completely lost her original accent and spoke with that British-like African accent.

        Interpreters and language teachers try to travel to countries where their language is spoken at least once a year or so, to help preserve their accent and fluency. A friend said his Russian immigrant colleagues (who were teaching Russian in the US) would lose the rhythm and intonation of their native language first, making them sound too American. He said it could take as little as two years for their Russian to become contaminated.

    • Amelie says:

      It’s interesting how some accents fade over time and some accents remain as strong as ever. Portia de Rossi, Ellen Degeneres’s wife, totally speaks with an American accent. Maybe because she’s lived here so long, she’s done so many American roles, but I think she can summon her Australian accent if she has to.

      My father is French and he’s lived in the States since 1980 so close to 40 years. He’s lived longer in the States than he did in France and to be honest, I can’t really hear his accent at all because I grew up listening to it. He definitely has one but it’s not that strong typical French accent like the chef in the Little Mermaid (and there are plenty of French people who retain that accent). Most people can tell he’s from somewhere else but they can’t pinpoint France. It’ s hilarious when we go back to France though because my father’s Normandy accent then comes out full force and I’m like “Where is this coming from? You don’t speak in French like this in the States!”

      • Annabelle Bronstein says:

        I admit to being fascinated with accents. I have one myself, that slips in and out depending on the setting. For example, when I speak professionally I no longer have one, but if I’m drinking and relaxed it comes out big time.

        Maybe that’s what struck me about the video with Melania… there are a couple of slips where her accent is more American, and they happen when she’s speaking spontaneously. But when she speaks intentionally her accent is thick as mud.

      • SoulSPA says:

        Foreign born actors who work in the US usually get voice or dialect coaches to be able to get more roles not only for foreign characters. Likewise US born for characters with specific regional accents. Can’t see JLo playing a Southern bell with NY accent and even there in NY there are several American English accents.
        My fave is Renee doing Bridget Jones!

      • AMA1977 says:

        My parents are from New York (we’re in Texas now, and have been for all of my 40 years) and my mom’s accent has largely faded, but my dad’s is more pronounced. It’s hilarious to hear him say “y’all” in his Yankee accent! His is especially apparent when relatives who still live in New York come to visit; he reverts back almost immediately to a really thick accent. Something that I find excessively funny is the fact that my five year-old has picked up his pronunciation of certain words (“mirror” springs to mind) and it’s absolutely hysterical to hear her say “meee-rah!” just like her pawpaw.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Both of my grandparents have thick accents, and my Louisiana clan have very thick accents, and my Memere isn’t a full English speaker. French was her first language. I like accents, but I don’t have one in America.

      • Jules14270 says:

        Wow just like your father i came here from Normandy, almost 20 years ago… I also do not have that typical French accent

    • Doc says:

      How does one get from Slovenia to the US on a booat? Surely you mean ship?
      The ignorance is strong with you.

    • Shijel says:

      I speak English freely but I have an accent. On good days my accent’s almost non-present and I sound like your generic RP-speaking kid. On bad days my accent is very thick and almost impossible to understand. And I’ve been speaking English since I was 13. It happens. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get rid of it. Or my grammar for that matter, native English speakers still laugh (in good humour) at my syntax or awkwardly translated idioms.

      I’ve actually considered consulting a dialect coach myself because Estonian (and Finnish too, sorry) accent in English is just embarrassing.

  4. Melibea says:

    We’ll pay for your whole trip but you have to take all your family and it has to be permanent!!!

  5. Lolo86lf says:

    By all means Melania, please do take your husband and Kelly Anne and SHS and DT jr. away to another planet where we can’t hear from them all.

  6. Lila says:

    Is there a Go Fund Me page for her? I would be happy to contribute and she can take the Donald with her.

  7. Beth says:

    If the entire family went, stayed forever, and threw all of their phones, computers, etc in the trash before leaving, that would be a Trump trip I wouldn’t mind paying for

  8. Reef says:

    lol, so she and her husband have the same speech pattern. This is the happiest she’s ever looked being FLOTUS. Yes, yes she’s awful but….that coat though.

    • lightpurple says:

      And she won’t need that on that tropical island and she’s barely worn it, seeing that she can’t be bothered to put her arms in the sleeves, so she’s probably not too attached to it. She should leave it for you when she goes.

      • Christin says:

        Maybe she bought or received a size too small to accommodate her bust, and that’s why she won’t place arms in sleeves (same with that jacket a couple of weeks ago).

        I would think jackets and coats require tailoring for her measurements. Maybe this one was more off-the-rack. Just a theory other than she’s trying to start an odd trend. I can’t understand why she does it, otherwise.

      • jwoolman says:

        Kim Kardashian does that a lot also. Maybe it’s a fashion thing? Or maybe it’s what people do when outside it’s not that cold but inside it might be with air conditioning, or in cold weather they are usually in heated cars and only walk a few steps to get into a heated building, or they just wear it for the fashion and want to be able to take it off quickly.

  9. LadyMTL says:

    She wants peace in the world? Well maybe she should tell her moron of a husband to stop throwing lit matches into powder kegs?

  10. Natalie S says:

    That’s a grumpy Santa.

  11. Nancy says:

    She’s an idiot. Fact check you moron, remembering Pearl Harbor as November 7th, dumb as a rock. @Lila above, lol….Go Fund Me…Ha! It would be a gift for us all to have these people go to a deserted island, and unlike Gilligan, the Skipper, the millionaire and his wife, the Movie Star, professor and Mary Ann NEVER RETURN!!!

  12. grabbyhands says:

    Trust me, Mel-most of the country would love it if your entire family went to a deserted island and never came back. Except for Barron. Barron deserves a chance.

    Her answers are just so…joyless. Even Santa and the kid look like they don’t want to be there.

    I’ll give her this, I’m not a religious person but O Holy Night (as sung by Nat King Cole, natch) is one of my all time favorite Christmas songs.

    • Alix says:

      @grabbyhands: Yes, joyless — that’s the word. She wants to get away from all of us and eat food that won’t make her fat. I don’t doubt that being FLOTUS has its challenges, but by God, she sucks at this job.

      She makes Kannot (in a different job, but still) look like a well-oiled, unstoppable, PR charm machine, which is saying something. I’d compare her to Michelle, but the chasm is too great.

  13. queenE says:

    When Trump is out of office (hopefully sooner than later) the divorce between these two is going to be epic. She didn’t sign up for all this. She wanted a sugar daddy not a POTUS

  14. Hella says:

    Does she not understand that arms are supposed to go INSIDE sleeves? Just curious.

  15. Anastasia says:

    Watch, after Christmas, she won’t be seen for months. It’s really a shame–the position of First Lady can be used to do so much good and to set a great example for others, and she’s wasting it.

  16. Anastasia says:

    The guy playing Santa is practically screaming with his eyes. “GET ME OUT OF HERE.”

  17. cindyp says:

    Why does she always wear coats over her shoulders. Such a strange look; how does the coat stay put? Are there attachements? Also hate the high waisted skirts with the tucked in tops

  18. Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

    I watched the Q&A part, I really liked the way she interacted with the children who asked her questions – looking in the audience when she did not see where the child was, asking that boy what his favourite Christmas song was. The “deserted, TROPICAL island” answer was uber-lame, how does the majority of Americans relate to that? She could have answered: it doesn’t matter where I am if I’m together with my family and loved ones.

    I won’t fault her for the “peace, love, kindness” answer. We all need that, no matter where we are.

  19. Green Is Good says:

    It’s hard to be a classless, ignorant gold-digger.

  20. I think Alcatraz is available for their vacation.

  21. Jayna says:

    Why would she get to go to a deserted tropical island for a vacation? Donald didn’t even take her on a proper honeymoon. They stayed at their Palm Beach home, Mar-a- Lago, because he said there was no place better than there. And she smiled like she agreed back then in the interview. What a bore he is.

  22. MissMarierose says:

    What a coincidence! All I want for Christmas is for her and her family to go to a deserted island.

  23. adastraperaspera says:

    How about Guantanamo? Seems to fit the occasion.

  24. robyn says:

    She wants to be on a deserted island with Trump? She IS complicit. I think she should pack up and take Trump with her, removing her husband’s mean spirited, misguided, dangerous, careless, and treasonous acts from the rest of the world. Now that would be lovely.

  25. Who ARE These People? says:

    Saw that headline and thought, “You and me both, honey. You and me both.”

  26. Nibbi says:

    “Much kindness. So health.” Muuaaaa ha haaa :)

  27. hnmmom says:

    I think someone’s been reading a little Napoleonic history. We don’t exile people anymore, Mel. You won’t be packing a swimsuit when they come to drag you away. All you’ll need is a nice jumpsuit and some slippers.

  28. Shannon says:

    I can’t help it, I feel kind of bad for her. I identify with her & Kate Middleton in that it’s my worst nightmare to be in front of a lot of people all the time. I could never pull a Michelle Obama – as much as I adore her, I couldn’t live up to that. But unlike Kate, assuming she really loves William, Melania’s husband wasn’t born into this. He did it probably without her approval or consent. I think it’s clear she likes being private, which is merely a personality trait that is not wrong or right. Some people are more extroverted and others more introverted. I think the orange turd screwed her & Barron over royally, so I refuse to have beef with either of them. I hope she escapes with Barron & money and the rest of the family just rot in prison.

    • Shijel says:

      I feel like Melania has done a lot on her own to be irredeemably repulsive, but I also don’t doubt, especially after reading how violent Trump can be (a violent rapist, hello) that saying ‘no’ to Trump will get you some serious ill will from him, if not outright a beating or sexual violence. Hence why I feel uncomfortable with people acting like she should be responsible for reining in her husband’s behaviour.

  29. ANTI Vogue says:

    She won’t leave him. I am in the minority but I honestly think Melania loves him, but more like a mother “cares“ for her unhinged son. in that way I find her extremely Eastern European traditional in a good way: private, stoic, caring.
    I am even sure she wears the pants in that relationship.

    Hail her coats and shoes.