Bryan Singer sued for raping a 17-year-old boy on a yacht in 2003

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We all knew it was coming. Honestly, I thought it would come for Bryan Singer in the form of a New York Times or LA Times exposé, but it didn’t. Instead, it came in the form of a lawsuit announcement. One week ago, the trade papers announced that Bryan Singer had mysteriously disappeared from London, where he was in the middle of filming Bohemian Rhapsody, the Freddie Mercury/Queen bio-pic. The studio was very publicly throwing him under the bus – if someone else had gone missing, I doubt we would have heard about it. Singer was in the wind, and the studio very publicly fired him just days ago, claiming that it was because of his disappearance and unprofessionalism. Singer claimed he was taking care of a sick relative. Still, we knew what was about to happen. And here it is – Singer is being sued for rape.

Famed director Bryan Singer is being sued for allegedly forcing a 17-year-old boy to perform oral sex on him and then raping him, but Singer categorically denies the allegations. According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Singer was on a yacht in the Seattle area back in 2003 … a yacht owned by wealthy tech investor, Lester Waters. The suit claims it was a party populated by young gay males, including the plaintiff, Cesar Sanchez-Guzman.

The suit claims Singer offered to take Guzman, who was 17 at the time, on a tour of the yacht. When they got to one of the rooms, the suit alleges Singer thrust his body on Guzman, forced him to the floor, shoved Guzman’s face against his crotch and demanded he perform oral sex.
The suit claims Singer pulled out his penis, smacked Guzman in the face with it and forced it into his mouth. Guzman claims he pleaded with Singer to stop, but he kept going … causing him to choke. The suit goes on to allege Singer then forcibly performed oral sex on Guzman. Guzman says he again pleaded with Singer to stop, to no avail. He says Singer then forcibly anally penetrated him, all while ignoring Guzman’s pleas.

The suit, filed by attorney Jeff Herman, claims Singer later approached Guzman, said he was a powerful Hollywood producer and he could help Guzman get into acting as long as he kept silent. Guzman says Singer warned him no one would believe him, and Singer could hire people to ruin his reputation. Guzman says he suffered emotional distress, mental anguish, and physical and mental pain.

A rep for Singer tells TMZ, “The lawsuit was filed by the same lawyer who represented Michael Egan. Those claims were dismissed by Egan himself, and he later went to Federal prison for lying in a fraud case.” The rep also says Herman was sued by other defendants related to the Egan case for malicious prosecution and he settled and acknowledged Egan’s claims were provably false.

Singer’s lawyer, Andrew Brettler, had some additional comments for TMZ … “Bryan categorically denies these allegations and will vehemently defend this lawsuit to the very end … When Sanchez-Guzman filed for bankruptcy only a few years ago, he failed to disclose this alleged claim when he was supposed to identify all of his assets, but conveniently, now that the bankruptcy court discharged all of his debts, he is able to recall the alleged events.”

Brettler adds, “The attorney behind this lawsuit is the same lawyer who represented Michael Egan, the convicted felon who sued Bryan Singer in 2014. In the end, Egan was forced to dismiss that case once the facts came out and his story completely fell apart.”

[From TMZ]

In case you missed those comments by Singer’s lawyer Andrew Brettler, Singer’s side wants to make it clear to Cesar Sanchez-Guzman and ALL of Singer’s victims that Singer has kept a list of all of the boys he’s assaulted and raped over the years, and he pays a lot of people to keep tabs on all his victims. What does Sanchez-Guzman’s bankruptcy have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing. It’s just a power move by Singer, to intimidate the victim again. I believe you, Cesar Sanchez-Guzman.

In case you’d like to know more about the Michael Egan case and how Singer’s reputation as a Hollywood predator was built in the 1990s, go here to The Hollywood Reporter’s lurid historical account from a few years ago. Singer spent much of the ‘90s cozying up with Marc Collins-Rector and spending a lot of time at those “parties” where there were a lot of teenage boys. From THR:

Singer long has been known to have an affinity for a certain type of man. “Bryan’s always had a reputation of being with guys that look young,” says a high-level studio executive who oversaw one of the director’s big comic-book movies. “Whether they were underage or not, I have no idea. [But] for 20 years he’s had young guys around him, whether they’re assistants or friends. However they were described to you, they were always around.”

But as several industry observers note, Singer is hardly the only Hollywood figure, gay or straight, with wealth, power and an eye for pretty young things. “Come on — that’s a time-honored tradition in this town,” says a producer long acquainted with Singer. He adds that the allegations are nearly impossible to believe, saying, “I’ve only seen a very gentle side of Bryan.”

According to Singer’s attorney, Martin Singer (no relation), his client consistently has been careful to avoid entanglements with underage partners. “Any time Bryan has a party, he makes certain and is very careful that there is a strict guest list,” Martin Singer tells THR. “He checks IDs, no minors are drinking, and there are off-duty cops as security.”

[From THR]

Marty Singer, who are you kidding??

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  1. Seraphina says:

    So sad and depressing to hear all of these stories coming. Everyone who remained silent out of fear. Makes me want to turn off all media and just watch my favorite Christmas shows. Kudos to those in high power positions who did not abuse power. They are few and far between.

  2. raptor says:

    I hope he takes everyone down with him.

    • Justjj says:

      I agree. Sadly, I think there is a large and far reaching network of money and powerful predators behind Singer. Similar rumors have followed Dan Schneider and other prolific network executives for years and there are rumors of lots of Hollywood players and powerful people in their circles. I hope their empires burn to the ground and they all get found out. Surely this is enough to investigate him and his history?

      What I am confused about is why the FBI isn’t involved with people so rich and influential. To me, there is more than enough there with DEN, the documentary An Open Secret and all the other big names to launch a full scale investigation by at least the LAPD. Why aren’t they following this to it’s source?

      The hope is that for all of this trauma we are working through as a nation and as individuals, our compassion for each other and our dedication to progress is stronger than hate and more powerful than money.

      I believe we will come out of these times better people with a lower tolerance for abuse, oppression, assault and violence towards our neighbors, our mothers, our children. Just remember when these guys are being outed they’re losing their power, don’t give it back to them. Take care <3

      It makes me sick Singer's abuses have probably been known to countless Hwood people for years.

      • Imqrious2 says:

        Like you said: widespread and very high up. I’m sure there is a LOT of backdoor payouts/payoffs etc. it wouldn’t surprise me if there are some very high echelon law enforcement that are part of that circle of inclusion that keep it from going anywhere. Saddens me to have become so cynical, but time can be a cruel teacher sigh…. now I AM going to make a cup of orange spice tea and put on “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and hope my heart can grow back to size. This year has been so disheartening.

  3. Nicole says:

    Called it. Singers Time is up and I look forward to him finally seeing some consequences. Lord knows that if half the things I’ve heard is true he’s one of the most disgusting people in this world.

  4. Maya says:

    Hallmark Christmas movies are the only thing saving my sanity right now.

    Listening to these stories makes me depressed and sad for those poor people who suffered and still suffering.

    PS: Terry Richardson- you and your best buddies are next…

    May god give them peace and justice.

  5. Sixer says:

    Finally. I hope the current climate means the intimidation tactics will no longer fly and Singer gets his just deserts.

  6. Starfish says:

    Wasn’t Marty Singer also Charlie Sheen’s lawyer? We did hear the stories for years. It has all come to a boiling point now.

  7. Well this sounds eerily familiar… from what Bryan and His lawyers have released via a statement , it’s almost a carbon copy smear campaign they leveled at Michael Egan. I believed Michael then and I believe Cesar now.

  8. frisbee says:

    This is overdue, I live in a big city in the U.K, miles away from any contact with the film industry and I knew what a vile human being Singer is, many others like me did. That makes a mockery of the idea nobody knew in HW. They all knew. That place must be the cess pit of the world where all the sewe rats like Singer congregate, it needs clearing out, actually it needs burning to the ground in a cleansing fire and starting again.

    • starkiller says:

      Point taken, but in light of the fact that Los Angeles literally IS burning to the ground as we speak, that’s a pretty distasteful comment.

      • frisbee says:

        Well I apologise but I wasn’t referring to the ordinary citizens of Los Angeles but the abusers and their enablers which I would have thought was pretty clear from my comment . I would also have thought it was obviously a figure of speech, generally used. Still you go ahead and nit pick if you like and if it makes you feel better about yourself. Personally I have better things to do and concern myself over than misinterpreting and jumping all over internet comments. I imagine most of us right now have better targets for our anger and distaste.

      • Kitten says:

        Los Angeles isn’t “literally” burning to the ground.
        Ventura County, Beverly Hills and San Fernando–areas surrounding LA as well as the San Diego area are the ones that are being slammed with terrible fires. I have family out there in SoCal–Simi Valley, Agora Hills, Santa Barbara, and further south in San Diego so I’ve been keeping an eye on the fires. Very scary for people living down there, but Frisbee was merely using a common figure of speech. No malice was intended I am sure.

      • frisbee says:

        Thank you kitten, no malice was intended at all and I would be mortified if that was the impression I gave.

  9. Justwastingtime says:

    Apparently long overdue. I just hope that his victims get more justice this time.

  10. Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

    “He checks IDs, no minors are drinking, and there are off-duty cops as security.”

    So it’s OK to have minors attending sex parties, it’s just that they are not allowed to drink alcohol? And certain drugs can be ingested via any medium, such as a soda or water.

    I am very worried about this “off-duty cops as security” issue as well. It’s not a public event. And as if money cannot motivate them to keep quiet?

    I won’t start on IDs.

  11. Miss Gloss says:

    Yep, I’ve been waiting for this shoe to drop. There has always been something about Bryan Singer that has creeped me out. Look at those soulless eyes…they’re dead inside…evil and sociopathic looking. And he always seems to have a smirk under there. Pure evil.

  12. my3cents says:

    I believe him.
    That monster and all of his enablers and accomplices need to be brought down.

  13. Brittany says:

    YES!!!! I hope he’s done and faces criminal charges

  14. littlemissnaughty says:

    Is there a pervert handbook or something??? How do these f*ckers all have the exact same MO? Can they take a class “Abuse and Intimidation 101″?

    They all need to suffer in the seventh circles forever.

  15. Jegede says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

    The shoe always seems to drop on this SOB, but it never seems to touch him. How?

    The rumours have floated for years and years and the lawsuits have come and gone, yet he seems to float by!.

  16. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Called it! I hd a feeling something would be dropping this week about Singer and I was right. He knew it was coming. As did the studio and his PR – which is why they both dropped him. Singer’s behavior was not a secret. Just like Harvey’s wasn’t a secret. It’s why they knew to cut him loose before it went public and they had to defend working with him. Which they all STILL have to defend since they’ve all known for years.

  17. island_girl says:

    I thinks we were all waiting for this trash human to go down. I hope this is what does it.

  18. QueenB says:

    Good riddance. Hopefully his circle will be closely examined too.

  19. Neelyo says:

    There are so many more of these about to come for Singer, I’m sure. Now he’s really going to disappear.

  20. Anna says:

    Ugh, what a horrible, horrible person. Glad he is taken down. Since the victim is a man justice will probably be done.

  21. mint says:

    My heart goes out to all of his victims. I believe you. Stay brave. Stay strong

  22. trollonthelosse says:

    I was just reading about a former county official in Georgia that performed sexual act on drunken men and he video taped it. Neither wants to press charge because they are humiliated, ” extremely embarrassed and didn’t want it to play in court”. So in this case of Singer (allegedly)and co , how many men who were barely of age want to remain anonymous and rather want to be left alone? 9yet would love to have their rapists/predators in jail) People who were abused rarely really move on but many rather not have their names out there. Some are husbands/wives now, parents, got jobs and have to find ways to cope with their traumas.A body is a private property, a self-ownership. the most sacred thing out there and i am disgusted that predators have no care about the impact of their actions.

  23. Miss Gloss says:

    Marty Singer tends to represent the bad guys. I’m waiting for Terry Richardson to be brought up again in this conversation. And, rumor has it John Travolta is next. They just cancelled the release of his new film 10 days before its release. Hmmmmm.

  24. Spike says:

    Dan Schneider/Nickelodeon next.

    I’m also waiting for Charlie Sheen to be exposed too. Another open secret. There’s a reason Denise has full custody of the kids. There has been rumors that she found out that kiddie porn on his computer.

    Remember – in our lives & Hollywood there are a lot of great guys. Hollywood players take advantage of the vulnerability of these children.

    • Miss Gloss says:

      Yes! Dan Schneider needs to face his crimes too. And Charlie Sheen! That account of the incident with Cory Haim and what he did to him is just awful! And when all of that came out a few weeks ago, I went to Charlie Sheen’s Facebook page and he was posting random stupid shit. He knew that info was out there and he clearly didn’t care. I’m sure he just assumes that his family will bail him out of trouble once again. These people have felt entitled to victimize people for too long. All of this is vile and they need to fall!

  25. DiligentDiva says:

    The pedo ring’s about to fall guys. Singers gonna take a lot of people with him, so many people were involved in the stuff he’s “alleged” to have done. This isn’t over by a long shot.

  26. SlightlyAnonny says:

    “He adds that the allegations are nearly impossible to believe, saying, “I’ve only seen a very gentle side of Bryan.””

    Eyeroll. Are you, by any chance an old? Or at least not a young male? Of course you who are not his type have never seen that before. YOU’RE NOT HIS TYPE.

  27. Juliaoc says:

    Oh, my god. What that young man went through at the hands at Singer is just heart-wrenching.

  28. Margo S. says:

    Singer has always looked creepy AF, with his beady eyes. Geez. We’ve been hearing about him for years.

    The case that got thrown out doesn’t mean shit. So what, one case gets thrown out so any future case must also be fake! What?! WHAT?!?!

    And how dare they bring up the fact that Cesar went bankrupt. Stressful times make you reflect on life and think about what could have caused it. He probably had a flashback of that time on the boat. My sexual abuse surfaced during my first stressful year of college. Happened when I was in grade 7 and again in grade 10. Completely blanked out until I turned 18.

    EFF YOU MARTIN and all people like you. Just wait. This week we are going to be witness to more and more victims coming forward.

  29. magnoliarose says:

    I am glad this has finally happened. Thank you!

    Superficial-His face is weird. Everytime I look at him he looks like he is a person in disguise or a melting mannequin.

  30. Savasana Lotus says:

    He LOOKS like a demon. That is all.

  31. Kri says:

    Off duty cops as security?? Oh damn.

    • Sky says:

      What do you want to bet that these off duty Officers and security come forward to say that nothing Shady happened at these parties.

    • mannori says:

      you mean off duty cops that more than actually guarantee security and safety for the boys who attend they guarantee (via $$$$$ Singer’s paycheck) that nothing wrong happens to SINGER? and if anyone dares to claim being victim of a crime they’ll make sure to bury the story? Of course the LAPD is, just as in Masterson’s case, the most pristine example of being well know to be on the right side of the law.

  32. Ac18 says:

    I recently read this article in Vulture called, “What happens when you accuse a director of rape”, where Michael Egan was interviewed about Singer. It is really a sad story. I believe him and I think he still deserves justice.

  33. mannori says:

    I’m not quite sure why rapists keep hiring Marty Singer as their lawyer. Sure he is well know for being an aggressive, bully, threatening POS and that might be very appealing to them and he also harass the victims until is so unbearable that many of them they drop the case. He is also great at planting his client’s side fo the story on trash media like TMZ, noted misogynists always ready to give a helping hand to the scum. But then, with such a disgusting list of clients as Ratner, Cosby, Singer and Masterson among others well known POS who mostly certainly are guilty, then, what’s the point of hiring a lawyer that immediately will make you look guilty and put your name side by side of the lies aforementioned? seriously this Marty Singer is pure trash just as his clients. Whenever one of this abusers announces Singer as their lawyer I know for a fact that they’re guilty.

  34. isabelle says:

    Anyone read Less Than Zero? Think of that book often especially since the scandals have broken out. When it first came out, even though its a fiction book, their was gossip it was very similar to what actually happens in that underground world of Hollywood. Think that book was written to expose what really happens in thioe circles. Singer is that gluttonous person where rumors have swirled for years and deep in that seeded world of Hollywood. No doubt even younger people (unless he has under the table settled with them) will come out on him.

  35. Deleted User says:

    Looking forward to seeing where we are in a few years time when all the allegations that have been made in 2017 have reached their conclusions.

  36. makermaker says:

    David Geffen allegedly writes the checks for all ped0philes that are in trouble.

    CDAN released a blind earlier saying that mini-interview a TMZ pap did with Bryan Singer today in LA? Yea, Geffen called up TMZ, told Harvey to get a pap where Singer was. It was allegedly ALL planned.

    David Geffen really is an idiot if he thinks he can keep allegedly buying peoples silence, or killing them if they dont accept the offer.
    ped0philes protect their own. one goes down, they all do. hence, ‘ring’

    Goddard, Ancier, Singer, Neuman, Huffington, Diller, Geffen…..

  37. Mia C says:

    Whoa. I couldn’t read the story because I already heard a lot at TMZ and it’s so monstrous. So I don’t know if you have the monstrous, graphic details but this one is really sad as hell.

  38. Justjj says: I have no words. So disgusting. The APA agent at the end. W.t.f. We peasants really know nothing. These people have everything and not a shred of humanity.

    • Mia C says:

      I just came here and was going to post that as well. He’s out of control.

    • FF says:

      Seen it and read it. He needs to be fired immediately from FOX (maybe after Disney buy it). His calling card lure is: I’ll give you a part in X-Men. He needs that franchise – The Gifted included – taken out of his hands.

      All the people he is associates/d seem to be molesters too. Back in the day it was Brock Pierce and that Marc Collins-Rector of DEN (convicted paedos who fled to Spain); recently Gary Goddard (who Anthony Edwards outed as a molester and rapist); Tyler Grasam, former agent, (also outed molester, harasser who sought to exchange sex with his young male clients for jobs – recently fired); and Kevin Spacey (serial pedator, molester and more than likely worse).

      Male actors and shadiness is his MO. Let’s not forget how the original Pyro disappeared, Alex Burton (who began a civil suit), and Brandon Routh.

      He uses the X-Men franchise to hook young men/boys, it enables a lot of his lifestyle, and that can be easily remedied by terminating his contract immediately.

      Also he is obviously in league with bigger players (David Geffen being one who is strongly suspected). That TMZ interview was clearly set up, and Gabriel Byrne should read him to filth the next time they cross paths.

      What a creep.

      • Justjj says:

        Yep. It’s heartbreaking. Who is the widely recognizable 80s/90s movie figure that is always brought up in connection with Schneider? A few actors are as well, Ian McKellan being one of them the rumors have followed. I hate how they’re excuse is “I’m gay.” Nope. You’re a psychopath. In that article, Singer is essentially prostituting that young man in addition to sexually assaulting him himself. That is truly a pedophile ring. That is the definition of human trafficking.

        Why isn’t the FBI involved?

        Doesn’t it seem like this could possibly be connected to much darker, bigger money than even Geffen and international crime?

        IMO, the part that’s so creepy is the total silence of law enforcement. Also, wtf he brought these poor children to his sets all the time and no one knew??? Ok.

  39. FF says:


    The attitude from law enforcement and feds seems either:

    These kids know what they’re doing and only complain when they get dropped, and go out for looking for legal “revenge”.


    It’s hard to prosecute as teenagers are seen as complicit, or a legal grey area.

    Singer knows what he’s doing, much like Weinstein: that element of complicity undermines those who speak out. Singer seems to aim for unknowns and party boy types who’ll be considered less credible should stories eventually get out.

  40. Ennie says:

    “No minors are drinking”…