The Rock and Lauren Hashian are expecting their second baby: a girl!


Dwayne Johnson and his girlfriend, Lauren Hashian, are gracing us with a sequel to their daughter Jasmine, who turns two this weekend. The couple stepped out for the Jumanji premiere (header photo) on Monday just hours after Dwayne posted the happy news to his Instagram:

Honest to Christmas, can that little girl be any cuter? We already know that Dwayne will do anything for his kids, like dress as Pikachu to chase Jasmine around the house. So, congrats to the new little baby – she’s getting a fun dad.

Jasmine wasn’t the only Johnson daughter gracing their father’s Instagram Monday. Daddy Dwayne gave a shout out to this year’s Golden Globe Ambassador, Simone Johnson, who showed up bright and early Monday morning for the nomination announcements:

Not to be outdone by all the women in his life, Dwayne has been turning it up sartorially for the Jumanji premieres. So much so that GQ put him on their Ten Best-Dressed Men of the Week list:

Window pane is usually my weakness but I’m not feeling it here. I dislike the tailoring too. It looks like it was the suit wasn’t just altered to fit but remade to adjust to his physique. And I disagree with the choice to do varied shades of grey so, and this something I rarely say, I disagree with GQ.

He looked great for Monday’s premiere, though. The maroon shade is gorgeous on him and the cut of the suit is much better. Plus I love the suede oxfords but wtf is on his sleeve? I am also loving Lauren’s dress – the velvet, the color, the asymmetrical hem and the neckline. But I think the exposed seams cheapen the dress. I’d have preferred a light lining to cover them. And the off-center, diagonal seam bifurcating her mid-section has almost a Frankenstein feel to it. Otherwise I love it.

Anyway, congrats to the Johnson family. And with a new baby coming, Dwayne might as well get used to having a mess on his burping arm.


Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Photo credit: Instagram, WENN Photos and Getty Images

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9 Responses to “The Rock and Lauren Hashian are expecting their second baby: a girl!”

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  1. Lora says:

    Holy sh!t, this little girl is gorgeous!!!

  2. Winter says:

    His little girl is the cutest child I’ve seen in a while. She inherited the crazy beautiful eyes from her mother and her father’s skin tone. The contrast of the clear pale green eyes and the caramel skin tone is striking.

  3. Astrid says:

    I wish them all the best. The Rock seems like such a great guy.

  4. Singtress says:

    The eyes are photoshopped to look brighter and glossy, but it is clear they shouldn’t have bothered. That girl is adorable and photogenic.
    (I’m a part-time family and wedding photographer, and no ones eyes are that bright unless you mess with them in post.)

  5. justcrimmles says:

    Surely daughter #3 will be just as lovely as her big sisters. Super cute family 😍

    The pants on the window pane suit look fine, but the arms and shoulders of the jacket seem too small. And the pattern/sheen on the fabric may be accentuating the weird fit. Burgundy suit looks great.

  6. elimaeby says:

    I mean, they are both gorgeous people, but I cannot believe how beautiful their daughter is. Dear god. Nice to wake up to so much happy news today.

  7. Mar says:

    This morning has been a good news morning!!!

  8. TyrantDestroyed says:

    Congrats to The Rock! Both daughters are beautiful so I am sure the third one will be too.

  9. Pandy says:

    Adorable little girl. I’m kind of anti Rock thanks to his aspirations towards the presidency. No more actors please?