Zendaya’s parents have met her boyfriend Tom Holland and they ‘love him’

Today is a good day my CB peeps! We’re getting closer to turning America blue (I mean it is blue but gerrymandering, voter suppression, the electoral college, lies and treason have let the villains take over temporarily) and we’re coming up on the holidays. That means down time, the best movies of the year and being close to our loved ones. I know you know this but I need a reminder too.

Zendaya is starring in The Greatest Showman, which has been nominated for two Golden Globes. It remains to be seen whether the film will be decent, but this is a positive sign and it looks like a feel-good family-friendly movie. Plus I’m rooting for Hugh Jackman and for Zendaya. This is her second major film role, her first was in Spiderman: Homecoming and when rumors came out that she was dating the star of that movie, Tom Holland, a lot of people thought it was just PR. Plus Zendaya denied that story, saying that she was just friends with Tom. According to US Magazine these two are for real though and Tom has even met Zendaya’s parents. This isn’t just US making stuff up because Tom went to an after party for The Greatest Showman with Zendaya, and her parents were there.

“Tom has met Zendaya’s family and they love him,” a source close to the actress told Us Weekly. “They are still seeing each other, it’s been about a year.”

Though the couple has played coy since the news of their relationship broke earlier this year, they were spotted celebrating the premiere of Zendaya’s second movie ever, The Greatest Showman, at Bobby Van’s Central Park South. An onlooker tells Us that the British actor charmed her parents during the dinner party.

Meanwhile, the Shake It Up actress snapchatted a surprise 3-D cake from the restaurant, which included a spinning circus tent, featured her character in the film, and had her dog, Noon, balancing on a ball as the cake topper.

The two, both 21, met while filming Spider-Man: Homecoming, where they played lovebirds Peter Parker and MJ. Us Weekly confirmed their

[From US Magazine]

I was wondering about the timeline and US is saying that it’s been about a year since these two got together. That would make sense because earlier stories had them dating since they were filming together, which would have been around mid to late 2016. Considering the fact that they were in a blockbuster film and are both quite famous, they’ve been excellent at keeping their romance under cover. We haven’t heard anything about them for months and that’s only after they went to an event together. I’m so happy for them! Here’s to a happy holiday for this adorable couple and for all of us. We deserve it after all the sh-t that’s happened this year.

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  1. bluhare says:

    Is he the guy who did that awesome song/dance in a lip synch battle thing she was on? He was great!

    ETA: He was!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1i5DEipIWh4

  2. Lilly says:

    Best wishes to them.

  3. babykitten says:

    I love that they’re the same age. So many of these girls seem to start dating men in their 30’s as soon as they hit 18.

  4. Jerusha says:

    They were so cute in Spiderman. Best wishes! I’m looking forward to The Greatest Showman. I like Hugh Jackman, especially song and dance Hugh Jackman and I like Zendaya. I’ll be there.

  5. Nicole says:

    I’m not mad at it. Also not surprising they are undercover…Zendaya is really good at keeping her relationships under wraps

  6. Ever says:

    He spent Thanksgiving and Black Friday with her and her mom. They didn’t hide that. There were instagram stories or snap chats.

    I want to believe in Tomdaya, but the fact that they were open about spending the holiday together makes the case weaker. They’d keep it on the low if they were dating.

  7. Becki says:

    I have tween girls, so I know her as KC from KC Undercover on Disney, but the more I hear about her, the more I love her!! Congrats to the sweet couple.

  8. Lucy says:

    But… no they weren’t dating in the Spider-Man movie were they ? I thought he was into that other girl? I don’t remember the movie much I guess.

    • Dixiebells says:

      No their characters weren’t dating. She was sort of the sassy semi -friend who gives him a hard time. He was into the other girl with the big reveal (spoilers! But movie has been out long enough now) that that girls dad is the villain. I think that character and her mom leave at the end of the movie to get away from what the dad had done? I don’t remember that part of the ending. They set it up at the end for zendayas character to be MJ though who is one of Peter Parker’s long term gfs in the comics. They just don’t imply the connection about her name until the very end of the movie.

      It’s possible I’m too into marvel movies 😂

    • bonobochick says:

      Peter Parker was in to another girl, Liz Allan, in “Spiderman Homecoming,” so US Weekly messed that part up.

  9. DesertReal says:

    They’re so stinkin cute! I’m glad it’s for real, when news first broke after Spider-Man came out, it genuinely made me smile.

  10. Squiggisbig says:

    One of my friends swears this is a fauxmance but I want to believe so bad! They’re adorable and age appropriate.

  11. Gogo says:

    They’re my favorite young celeb couple. I love how low key they are and age appropriate. If you’re not a fan of this gem you wouldn’t have any idea they’re together.

  12. minx says:

    So cute! I love that she wears high heels with him.

  13. Michelle Scott says:

    She is so statuesque and mature looking compared to him. He’s a wee little man-child. No way is this legit.

  14. Lyla says:

    What’s a 3D cake? Aren’t all cakes 3D?