Prince Harry & Meghan Markle release two hot, smoldering engagement portraits


It’s been an awful year for everybody except Taylor Swift and neo-Nazis. There were few bright spots in 2017. Basically, I can only think of a few: Beyonce announcing her pregnancy on the first day of Black History Month (#BossMove) and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement. Meg and Harry give me legit hope for the future. The fact that an American woman of color is joining the stuffy and cloistered ranks of British royalty is, well, nothing short of amazing. Meg and Harry give me a light-headed, drunk feeling in a good way. These photos make me feel the same way.

Kensington Palace finally released Meg and Harry’s engagement portraits and OH MY GOD. They are HOT. Like, is it okay to feel turned on by engagement portraits? They were shot by fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski at Frogmore House at Windsor. (I’m glad they didn’t ask Mario Testino to do the photos, aren’t you?) The portraits were apparently taken earlier this week. HOT. These photos are so hot. Is it just me or has Meghan made Harry hotter? Like, he was also cute in a scruffy ginger way. But now he seems to be smoldering, like suddenly he’s the royal Clive Owen or something.

Anyway, these photos are Harry and Meghan’s Christmas gift to the world. Take a moment and just enjoy them. I swear to God, it will lift your mood.

Update: Kensington Palace just released a third image!!


Photos courtesy of Alexi Lubomirski, courtesy of Kensington Palace.

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  1. QueenB says:

    She looks great. Harry is ageing like an english man.

    • Nancy says:

      Ok Queen B, lifetime Yank here, how do Englishmen age??? I’ve know how William and Charles have aged, but Harry looks like a lovesick puppy, which is cute.

    • Hotsauceinmybag says:

      *Ageing like a fine Englishman, lol. They both look wonderful though I’m not a fan of her dress in the first shot.

    • Nancy says:

      Gotcha Queen B. They are rather pasty looking. However, not all of us white folk get wrinkly, genetics and taking care of the skin helps, particularly avoiding too much sun time! It does also depend upon your heritage, what part of Europe your ancestors were from. I do have to say I’ve noticed the English tend to neglect the teeth……at least I see a lot more crooked, yellowing teeth compared to the good old USA. Is there a reason for that?

    • Nicole says:

      There’s a reason they say black don’t crack. We don’t age

    • Oliphant says:

      What a ridiculous comment. Good thing all white people are the same eh? And all POC are the same yes? Smh

      • magnoliarose says:

        No one said All.
        Besides, it is a scientific fact that in general this is true. There are other factors like genetics and lifestyle, but science is science.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        Yes, that is exactly what she said. Good Lord.

        I’m definitely worried how I (white) will age which is why I’m slathering on spf like it’s going out of style (even right now). My family has aged/is aging wonderfully on both sides but I do have those Greek genes. Um … women in the Balkans do not age the best, I have to say. *expects to be yelled at*

      • Nancy says:

        littlemissnaughty: Hurray for Greek genes. You have the genes of the Gods! Scots have good skin as well, thank you mom and dad! It is kind of mind blowing how some people assume all white or light skinned people age so horrifically and then in the next breath blast the women who get work done. I’ve seen people of all colors with great and not so great skin. It is who we are. We are all beautiful……..I hear Christine Aguilera singing in the background….lol.

      • Squidgy says:

        @littlemissnaughty – don’t know about “women in the Balkans” but Greek (as well as Italian and other dark Mediterranean women) have never been known to age beautifully. They turn into hooked-nosed skinny mean grandmas or fat and oily, with a mole on the chin ;) Thats a fact.

      • Ytbtet says:

        It’s ridiculous.. if a statement was made about how white genes are superior in some way people would be up in arms. To be far I’ve seen a lot of white people age slowly and a lot of black people look older

      • A says:

        Good grief, some people are so damn sensitive.

        Melanin does help with aging. That’s the truth of the matter. This doesn’t mean that white people CAN’T have good skin, but the truth is that a number of people don’t really look after their skin the way they should.

        Besides, in a world where skin bleaching and brands like Fair and Lovely continue to make bank, I honestly don’t think white people are being put at a disadvantage at any point. Regardless of how bad some of them might age. Just saying.

      • Kitten says:

        In terms of aging, skin (and melanin) is very important but so is weight and general health (exercise, healthy diet).
        Wanna look 20 years older than you are? Eat shit and get diabetes. No amount of SPF will restore your youth in that scenario.

      • SoulSPA says:

        Kudos for the Greek genes, but no Viking genes? Or is it that Harry’s grandfather PP’s Danish heritage is actually German blood. I like Germans too. No pun, this is an honest question.

    • Rhys says:

      He’s ageing okay and they look stunning. I wonder how their marriage will hold. She is such a high-spirited and American woman in the best sense of the word. Yesterday I was reading an astrological report of the two of them online and it sounds like they were better off long-distancing forever, giving each other space. Harry can be paternalistic and the family apparently has all that Water and Earth against her fire (Harry,the Queen, Wills&Kate, Charles&Camilla). As much as they are in in love and Meghan is the sweetest person I’ve seen amongst celebrities, it’s not going to be easy for someone so vivacious and open-minded to deal with all the Firm will throw at her.

      • Kiki says:

        He looks great and he is happy. And I am happy for the both of them. I wish them the very best throughout their lives.

      • whatever says:


        You forgot Prince Phillip in your list he has Earth in is natal chart too Capricorn Rising like The Queen and Harry . It’s really weird that nearly senior members of the BRF have elements of Earth or Water in their natal charts. The only two members that had Fire sun signs in their charts (Leo like Meghan) were The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret and they were both known to be vivacious but also very opulent, snobby and a real pain in the ass. Time will tell if Meghan’s Leo characteristics will get the better of her with the unlimited wealth and the regal lifestyle she is about to step in to but I hope not.

      • Kaz says:

        I think Megs should run for the hills. She is marrying into one screwed up family. Stifling hierarchical and public expectations and Megs won’t even be able to express her own opinions. Hopefully they can escape to the States frequently and have greater freedom.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I don’t get the fear for her. She’s getting the prime spot IMO. They will live in the lap of luxury, spend their lives doing charity work which they both seem to enjoy, and not have the political expectations of being the next monarch and consort. Joachim and Marie enjoy that position in Denmark.

        Kind of like how Edward and Sophie live in the massive Bagshot, do a combined 600 engagements a year, and get plenty of foreign tours and visits thrown in. I also suspect Harry will take over Andrew’s role as trade ambassador, which means lots of travel opportunities. Anne recnetly stepped down as long-time president of Save the Children UK after 30 years, which might signal a big patronage for Meghan to take on.

      • Squidgy says:

        @notasugarhere – I get what you are saying about it being a charmed life but it only works well if you as a person, have some kind of leverage. Meghan has none. She is moving to a very different country, takes on a different culture and a new, submissive role. She is not even rich enough to put her foot down about anything.

        They, the Firm, which includes Harry who regardless of how sweet he seems is one of them, are in complete control. Meghan has no upper hand in anything and it will become obvious to her very soon. She is giving up life where she was the captain of the ship and could make her own choices. Now ALL will be dictated by the royal family. Even Kate was never in the same position. She is from the UK and grew up with British values, she has (or her very generous parents do) her own money and a very close-knit her family to support her. Meghan is a strong and experienced woman but this is going to be tough for her.

      • SoulSPA says:

        Meghan does not have any leverage unless she’s got a good prenup. She *had* a career and in case their marriage failed for a reason or another she’d be limited as to what she could do afterwards. Good former spousal support, not for the exact standard of living. Acting work a big fat no. Maybe speaker for pre-approved charity work. Several scenarios considered. They said the third couple WK did not have a prenup. My gut feeling is that Harry and Meghan have already made one. She is an educated woman, she knows of her parents’ divorce, she has divorced once, has signed who knows how many contracts workwise, and comes from a culture known for their litigious nature. She’s well taken care of just in case, unknown variables apply. I am sure she’d do good whatever life brings to her.

      • Squidgy says:

        @SoulSPA – but the prenup only gives you power after the divorce not WHILE you are married. I’m sure she wants to stay married too. What, is she going to wave the prenup in front of him every time she disagrees and/or feels things should be done differently? And those things are often a daily occurrence. Just imagining that you have to agree with everything you told to do and your displeasure or simply different view MIGHT be taken into consideration (and probably discarded), makes you pause. That’s not an easy thing to deal with. Marriage only really works when both partners have the same level of power. Meghan is giving up hers.
        I’m actually not worried about what she might do IF they end up divorcing. She’ll have money and fame, she could do whatever the f she wants. It’s while married is when she can’t do or say what SHE wants.

      • SoulSPA says:

        Squidgy, I hear you and let me tell that I am not worried for Meghan at all. I’ve said it before, she wears the pants in her relationship. Not Harry. I like both of them, mostly as compared to their counterparts say W and K. Both Meghan and Harry have their own merits but the comparisons are inevitable. I have expressed criticism of both H and M and I stand by it. It does’t take from the good overall them, at least for me. The bar *is* low so only time will tell.
        Meghan benefits greatly from the optics of their relationship. She knows it. The BRF knew it shortly after the engagement became a reality in their own private sphere, long before the public knew about it. Whoever believes otherwise is naive. We’ve seen it with the former Princess of Wales and Duchess of York, and more recently with the Duchess of Cambridge. Enter American actress (check her credits not only academic degree and charity work), divorced and mixed race in no particular order. Big fat red flag if only as compared to the previous or current holders of said titles. And she’s in. It’s all on Harry’s choice, let us not fool ourselves, because he is blood and she marries in. It’s been approved in high places with all political and strategic minds the best money and loyalty can buy. Meghan has the upper hand, before marriage, while married and probably if you think of history repeating many times over, after marriage. I am not worried for Meghan, I like her overall, and let them have a hopefully happy fulfilling marriage.

    • AG-UK says:

      Also for a lot as it’s not much sun when it is people go crazy I am black so hot for me is 85 upwards but here it can be 75 (scorcher they say) and they are all red the next day as many still don’t use a lot of sun cream with high sun factor. so wrinkles and just genetics. I sit out in the sun my English hubby under the umbrella hat on and long sleeves. I make him go to warm climates for holidays as not hot not a holiday for me.

    • ria says:

      lmao at all these white people feeling sensitive about aging badly. At least you guys get loans!! haha

    • isabelle says:

      Think he looks dang hot. If that is how English men age, sign me up for one.

  2. Lucy says:

    Oh my god????? Mood = LIFTED. That second one is absolutely beautiful (and co-sign to the Testino thing. There are other photographers, people!)

  3. tracking says:

    Don’t care for the first, but the second is just lovely.

  4. LAK says:

    I’m distracted by that top in the first picture. Why?

  5. Talie says:

    So glad they didn’t use Testino! These are very glamorous for royal engagement photos…I’m pleasantly surprised.

  6. Toot says:

    They look good as hell. Harry knows how to smolder.

  7. Alix says:

    DAYUM. Especially the top pic — Harry’s about to burst into flames!

    Not sure why the ring needs to be front-and-center in every shot, but whatevs. (The second pic could be a diamond ad — perfection!)

    Well played, you two crazy kids!

  8. Naomi says:

    The republican in me is internally screaming but fuck they are HOT, the Meghan factor kicking in for ok’ Harry

  9. Nicole says:

    The first was just fine and I was thinking it was cute. Then I saw the second tweet and I swear I let out an “awww” seeing it. The black and white shows their connection. I love pictures like that.

  10. Bianca says:

    The black and white photo looks too intimate for an official release. The first one: she sure loves her sheer tops.

    • Nancy says:

      Right?! It is obvious, being an actress, Meghan has had time in front of cameras, which I suppose gives her an edge in posing. They’re good. Happy Solstice everyone, now is the time for the sun to start shining again, literally and metaphorically.

  11. Nic says:

    He’s clearly giddy. She’s quite a bit less natural. Very beautiful woman though. My goodness.

  12. jeanne says:

    beautiful BUT my only complaint – it looks like her face is too posed in the close-up. Harry looks so adorable and sweet and honest and her smile looks rehearsed. it’s a photo. i get it. she was going for a certain look. i’m sure it was rehearsed but he just looks so happy and in the moment. in that photo and in the interview her happiness seems more studied and doesn’t come across as completely natural. but she’s nervous. she wants to do everything right and for this transition to be perfect. i’m not hatin!

    other than that, i love them. great photos. very cute

  13. Sushi says:

    Love it. They will be a it couple.

  14. TeamAwesome says:

    That second one made me tear up a little bit. Honks for love!!!

  15. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    Lovely pics – I like how natural they are and the love does shine through.

    My fave is the 2nd one where he’s wrapping her with his coat.

  16. Emily says:

    I love the black and white one. I’m not a fan of the dress in the other photo though. Something about the fabric on the top part makes it look like Meghan is topless or something. *clutches pearls*

  17. AnnaKist says:

    Gosh, I didn’t realise how much Harry looks like my best friend’s son. He’s the same age, and also an English ginger with the same sort of beard. These are nice photos of two nice people. I think they are going to be a great team for the Royal Family.

  18. Right says:

    I’ve been binge watching The Crown and got very emotional over the second picture. For a family that is historically known for its soberness in expressing feelings, this PDA is just ground breaking in many different levels. 😍

  19. smcollins says:

    Wow! Gorgeous photos and a gorgeous couple. They really do seem happy & in love. Best of luck to them!

  20. Louise177 says:

    I don’t like the color photo. It looks like Meghan is wearing an evening gown and Harry is just wearing a suit. It looks odd. The second photo is really nice.

  21. aquarius64 says:

    The pictures are great! Let the Pearl clutching begin for the black top Meghan is wearing and the comparisons on what Kate wore for her official engagement portraits with William.

    • Bella Dupont says:

      Let me begin then, by confessing (even as an avid Meg + Harry fan), I prefer Will and Kates pictures…..

      Yes, yes….I know I fully deserve to be banned from this website for saying that, (with maybe even a short spell in a minimum security prison), but if I’m being honest, I think theirs is just better done.

  22. bluhare says:


    My dear Kaiser,

    Imagine their reaction when our photos are released.


  23. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Their kids are going to be…. wow.

    • Princessk says:

      You can never be sure how kids will turn out. It is all about how the genes work out. The kids might end up looking like great grandparents or aunties and uncles. Their kids might look like William or Meghan’s grandmother. I have a daughter who looks nothing like me at all, nothing at all, she is completely like her father’s side of the family but we are terribly close to each other, which is what really matters.

      • Mel says:

        Yes, I never could understand why people go by the parents’ appearance. Not to mention that genes can skip a LOT of generations. I had a great-aunt who was the spitting image of a *distant* relative who lived more than 300 years ago.
        Their children, if any, may be physically very attractive, or very much not so.
        Like everyone’s children.

      • Aurelia says:

        We have approx 50,000 years of possibilities when a baby is formed. Gene expression can literally draw back into the files that far back. It is a lottery how genes will choose to express.

  24. perplexed says:

    She looks pretty, but I’m a little surprised at how weird his face looks. In general, I’d say he looks handsome but not so much here.

    Not sure how I feel about the dress. It’s contemporary, I guess, but at the same time it kind of reminds me of a….figure skating costume.

  25. Chrissy says:

    Wow, so nice to see Harry look totally smitten in the first photo. Like he’s about to sob because he’s so happy. They’re a beautiful couple. The chemistry is palpable. I wish them much happiness and want a Royal visit to Canada soon do I can see them in person.

  26. Enough Already says:

    The second one gave me all the feels. The first one seemed amazing at first then gradually less so although I’m not sure why.i do love Meghan’s American Girl Samantha smile :)

    I needed these photos today!

  27. K2Squared says:

    Gorgeous! I LOVE the daring black dress.

  28. Lee says:

    LOVE these photos and love them. They are the real deal and a bright spot in a pretty dark world.

  29. Lora says:

    I‘m waiting for all the comments about meghan’s hair…

  30. whatever says:

    The first pic is lovely the second one is odd. In the second shot they were just trying to get the ring in the picture and it looks awkward.

  31. monette says:

    These were worth waiting for! I love the dress and both portraits.
    They are hot as hell and will make beautiful babies. Bring on the babies!!!

  32. mannori says:

    this is so extra! never thought Harry would let himself get caught into this cheap and so overly staged photo ops, so he must be finally accepting and embracing his role as part of the royal family souvenir for tourists now.

  33. hnmmom says:

    Thank you, Kaiser, Harry and Meg. I really needed this today. Harry looks so adorable and they both look so happy. Nice to start my day with a smile before the news wipes it off my face.

  34. SoulSPA says:

    I don’t like the first picture. Just Harry in the second one, he oozes happiness. Meghan looks too stiff. I was expecting more. I actually liked more WK’s engagement pic.

    Are those ferns on Meghan’s top in the top picture? A subtle clue they’ll visit NZ and Aussie on their first official tour?

  35. Canadian Becks says:

    She doesn’t play it safe, does she.

    She has strayed pretty far from the usual classic look most would expect from such a photo, of such a couple, representing The Firm.

    One of the reasons for classic peices is that they look timeless. In the not-too-distant future, that outfit will look very dated.

    The bottom part of that dress has an odd, odd, odd silouhette.

    • Ponytail says:

      But looking back at other, more ‘traditional’ engagement photos, they all look dated anyway, even where the clothes are more boring than what Megan is wearing. I think these look lovely for now.

      A look back : (Diana’s green dress is the only one that I think is timeless – I love the shade !)

    • Rhys says:

      Yeah, in the beginning it’s cute. She will be allowed to be a novelty and herself and the “Sparkle”, looked on with a kind smile. Oh, a figure skating dress, how nouveau, how fabulous! Then, it’ll be “not again” and second Fergie or Diana, or whoever tried to be different ( herself/himself) within the Firm.
      I’d say, enjoy while it lasts, Meghan. Once you are married and installed behind the Firm’s walls, it’ll be a different kind of ride, for sure.

      • A says:

        @Rhys, I’ve seen the Fergie comparisons pop up more than once in these comments before now, and honestly? How is Meghan in any way comparable to Fergie? Fergie was tacky as HELL. Can you honestly see Meghan doing the sorts of shenanigans that Fergie did?! The only similarity between the two is that they are with the spare. That’s it. As long as Meg isn’t getting her toes sucked by some lover by the pool, let’s hold back on the Fergie comparisons, okay?

      • SoulSPA says:

        Fergie’s toe plus daughters frolicking in a pool nearby. Young daughters, pool for children. Let us not forget that.

      • LAK says:

        The comparisons are coming up because every description about MM in relation to the royals is almost word for word how Fergie was described during her engagement and first year.

        Breath of fresh air. Check.
        Relaxed. Check.
        Fun. Check.
        Accepted easily and quickly by the family. Check.
        Someone who can handle herself and the family.check.
        Perfect match for the prince.check.
        Feel the love. Check
        Much warmer than moody, icy SIL. Check.
        Enthusiastic. Check
        Appears to know what she is doing without need for guidance.check

        Etc etc and so forth.

        If she was tacky at that point, you wouldn’t know it from the breathless media worship.

        The question remains on whether MM will react as badly as Fergie did to the royal life and will the press turn on her like they did Fergie.

      • Tina says:

        @LAK, good question. I suspect not. Mostly because Fergie had been living off Paddy McNally for a long time and thought that her life with Andrew would be similarly pleasant and luxurious. Going to Hull to open hospitals was not what she had in mind. I very much hope that MM will be going in with both eyes open as to what she will be expected to do.

      • LAK says:

        Tina: lol. The classic bait and switch. Can you imagine?! You receive the golden egg that represents your heart’s desires and more. Until you open it and find….must visit the back of beyond at least once a week!!

        And no one told you how dull and boring it would be. Or that your life belongs to the people from the moment you take that ring.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      I didn’t even have engagement photos, but my reasoning on H&M is a bit different – maybe it’s okay to pin the engagement more to the time at which they got engaged, maybe they’ll want to remember themselves as they were in this period of time. Weddings seem to require more timelessness.

      Maybe the photographer picked her dress because it’s sparkly and has nice lines – maybe Harry wanted it because it looks sexy. It’s something my husband might have picked, too. Who knows? I thought it was a little “off” too but I’m a woman looking at different things and she sure looks pretty.

    • isabelle says:

      Which matches Harry. Its a good match.

    • Cranberry says:

      Agreed. Aside from looking dated in the near future, I have a hard time understanding why she’d pick this outfit at all for a photo shoot. It’s a bit of an odd choice. Also his outfit doesn’t compliment hers at all, and the setting is too bright and white for her dress imo. It seems like a miss to me, but she looks good still, and if they’re happy with it then great because I really don’t care anyway.

  36. blogdis says:

    I will say, I am not that invested in Megan or the Royal family but they do appear to be genuinely happy and in love.i think Diana would be very happy for him
    Personally I can’t imagine willfully going into that lifestyle if you weren’t born in it but if that’s what she wants then best of luck to her and Harry as well.

  37. Abby says:

    Cute cute cute cute. I LOVE THIS. Thanks for the gift of a lighthearted post!

    No need to compare with Will & Kate though, their engagement photos were cute too.


      I have no love for W&K, but I liked their portraits a lot more than H&M’s. It’s one of the only times I’ve thought they exuded warmth.

      • Mimi says:

        I have to agree unfortunately. The second picture is lovely but the first is awful. Meghan is stunning but that dress, while perfect for a red carpet event, is such an awful choice for an engagement photo, given your fiance is a member of the BRF. She must be trolling her haters with these sheer illusion tops, that’s the only thing I can guess. As far as Harry, he needs to burn every blue suit he owns. If he were wearing black or charcoal gray, Meghan’s outfit wouldn’t be so jarring. As it is, they looked like they are dressed for two separate events. Also, the first photo highlights her beauty while underscoring his basicness. I’ve done family photos with a professional photographer and she gave us clear instructions on what we should and shouldn’t wear and it was quite helpful. I’m going to assume no such advice was given here.

      • Natalie S says:

        I agree. It’s the nature of thing. These pictures are for a specific purpose tied into Harry’s public role. They can have whatever private engagement pictures they want but the public ones do have to fit into certain parameters. I think Will and Kate ‘s pictures expression wise are more stiff but aesthetically more appropriate.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I wonder if Harry showed up wearing one suit and the stylist for the photo shoot had multiple outfits for Meghan to try.

      • Princessk says:

        I agree I think the choice of dress was very odd, considering Harry is wearing day wear…rather peculiar, But maybe there is a story behind it that we do not yet know. Maybe the dress designer is going to auction it off for charity or something, which then makes it worthwhile.

  38. Tamaris says:

    Wow, cheesy and very much Hollywood. Im disappointed. They look lovely in general but the pics are not good to me. The top in the first pic is totally wrong for this occasion ( i think its great for the golden globes etc.) and the second is like from a lioniel richie lovesong video. For my taste it’s too much but it’s their right to do so if they like it. I hope her love for him isn’t just staged like these photos.

  39. Rhys says:

    They are gorgeous and those are gorgeous pictures.

  40. Laur says:

    I’m not really a royal fan but I love these pics! So informal, and such a drastic difference to the stuffy Cambridge Christmas portrait. I get it’s a totally different occasion but these pics actually portray a sense of real people with real emotions who enjoy each others company. Love it!

  41. xena says:

    I love love the second pic in black and white but somehow the first picture doesn’t convince me and I don’t know why. Maybe it is less royal than I expected it.

  42. Betsy says:

    You forgot a picture of the photographer. Lubomirski is hotter’n hot.


    I must be the only one that loves the first one. Meg looks stunning. I don’t get the fuss about her dress. The akward hand placement ruined the second one for me. Lol @ Harry’s smizing.

    • Bea says:

      I like the dress Meghan is wearing, too. I don’t care that it’s not classic or may not stand the test of time. She looks gorgeous in it and it’s not boring or predictable. Everything about their engagement so far shows they are doing everything their own way and that gives us something interesting to look forward to.

    • magnoliarose says:

      No, I am with you on that. I prefer a risk than boring, and people do wear formal dresses like this during that day at formal luncheons, cocktail hour, charity events, Kentucky Derby.

      • Nic919 says:

        The first one makes an impact and you see the affection they have for each other… that is the sign of a good photo. I didn’t even notice the top until I looked at it again.

      • Liberty says:

        I like it too, LOLA and magnolia rose. They are expressing what they wish to express, they look lovely and very much illuimnate by love. And I for one think wearing what one likes and feels comfortable and happy in is part of “girl power” too. Good comment about the wearing of dresses like this at many day events, magnoliarose. I happened to go to the Oaks and the Derby this year with clients, and lacy dresses were very much in evidence even up in Millionaire’s Row.. I prefer a risk too.

        (I often think women of the 1960s would be totally shouting “WTH?” about the way people are reverting back to rules and regulations and we adamantly must see certain garments of a certain cut, color, opacity, and cut to precisely there, today as if we’re all struggling to have our wardrobes made by the same shop in Bath in 1812, or face social isolation. Loosen the hell up!)

        Nic919, I love your observation, and agree.

    • Karen says:

      I love the dress. It is going to be memorable. Who would remember a photo in a boring suit? I think they are the “modern” royals.

      There are so many dresses of Diana’s that we remember- and are iconic. Sorry I can’t think of any of Kate’s dresses that are memorable but I have only recently followed the BRF due to Meghan coming on the scene.

      They are adorable!

    • isabelle says:

      I like the first one the best. Its a smoldering picture of them.

    • SlightlyAnonny says:

      I love the dress! I think it’s pretty and glamourous and also, fully lined. I wish Harry would have worn a black suit, but the Ginger Prince loves the blue. Her hand placement in the second photo seems a leetle photoshopped to me but I like all the photos. And these two people are clearly hot for each other.

  44. Alexandria says:

    Wow wow wow I see Harry in a new light. Hurry up and go for the honeymoon lol

  45. The Original Mia says:

    Love both photos. Meghan is stunning and Harry is clearly besotted.

  46. a reader says:

    Not a royalist or anything but…. seeing these pictures made me choke up. They’re so clearly in love and in this nasty nasty world, that’s a beautiful thing to see.

  47. Starryfish says:

    These are beautiful. It’s impossible not to be happy for them, Harry has really never looked happier (or hotter).

  48. GD says:

    I just read that her dress is worth 56000£

  49. Cali says:

    LOVE these so much! They are stunning!

  50. Sassback says:

    Light years away from Kate and Will’s pics! They looked like professional photo frame models in their’s and Kate looked catalogue perfect (and they did very casual dress, sweaters, etc.) These are so chic and fashionable, very glamorous. They also look more loved-up. Kate and Will’s was more comfortable and this is definitely more sexy.

  51. perplexed says:

    I saw the bottom of the dress. Er, okay.

  52. LittlefishMom says:

    They are so stinking cute. Love everything about these pictures and them. Love love love!

  53. annna says:

    These photos are beyond cheesy. And that ice skating outfit she is wearing is awful.

  54. bread says:

    I’m not crazy about the hand in the B/W pic. It’s a little too big and overpowering.

  55. K2Squared says:

    Thanks for the updated pic! I.want.that.dress.

  56. Bea says:

    Harry’s looking like a snack in the new third picture.

  57. Valtoo says:

    Ugh I can’t deal! These are just too beautifully for words.

  58. Avery says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I was not expecting this! Why does she make Harry look so good? Their attraction jumps off the screen. Just gorgeous.

  59. Maria F. says:

    The first one – I agree about the dress, especially as all we see is the top
    The second one – the closed eyes – too cheesy

    The best one is actually the candid one. It is much more natural and they look genuine happy.

  60. JaneDoesWork says:

    If Kate had worn that gown she’d be ripped a part. Yes, I understand their roles are different, but as someone who has been critical of Kate I am very aware of what I’d be thinking if it was her in that dress.

    Otherwise, I love these photos. They look so happy and I love that they are more candid than posed.

  61. sus says:

    $75000 for an ice dancing outfit. Tax money well spent.

  62. Becks says:

    I love these. I don’t get the complaints that the dress isn’t “timeless.” Sometimes pictures don’t have to be timeless, because you are capturing a moment in time. I like looking back and knowing that a picture was taken in a certain year. Besides, “timeless” outfits only go so far and pictures look dated by other means – hair styles, etc. ]

    I love these pictures.

  63. Valiantly Varnished says:

    I literally squealed when I saw the photos. And that black and white close up candid? Stunning! Maybe it’s because the world is going to s*it but I am all in on these two. They are so in love and it’s refreshing to see. And yes these photos are SEXY. Harry has definitely come into his own since being with Meghan. Their sexual chemistry is palpable! PS – I know some hate the dress but I love it.

  64. Monsy says:

    Tbh i feel pretty meh about royal gossip but i’ll admit they look super cute, happy and in love. Good for them.

  65. Cranberry says:

    The second pic is really cute, and Harry looks very cute giggling in it. Harry looks a bit awkward to me in the first pose. The first pic she looks sexy of course, she usually does, but I just can’t go as far to say Harry is that sexy – He’s no where near Clive Owen sexy to me. Sorry.
    An another note is the see through top a bit racy for wedding pics?

  66. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    Wow. Just…wow. Amazing photos of a beautiful, clearly in love couple. They look so hot together too, which is a lovely bonus.

    (Goes back to gawk at photos again)

  67. Donna says:

    Not a fan of the dress, but they look beautiful together – so happy and in love.

  68. Jayna says:

    The second and third one look like such acting pose,s to me, contrived, by Meghan. Not feeling it. Harry looks natural. I like the first one of them.

  69. Catherine says:


  70. AideVee says:

    Wowzers!!!! 😍 Gorgeous, heartwarming photos!

  71. Sparkly says:

    I think they look gorgeous! You can obviously see the love between them. I’m happy for him.

  72. Rachael says:

    Wow, these photos are pure awesomeness – their happiness just radiates. Honestly, the clothes are beside the point, but I like the dress too. I’m glad she’s not afraid to wear something sheer – it’s an indication that she’s not going to play it safe-and-boring to the point of dowdiness, like some other royals tend to do!

  73. KiddVicious says:

    Damn. I forgot how hot Harry could be. Meghan is gorgeous and I love all of the photos. I didn’t like the dress at first, thought it was a huge faux pas, Meghan’s first misstep, but now I think it works really well. The photos wouldn’t have the same steam if she were in a peplum suit, or anything casual.

    The last photo, the b/w, is my favorite.

  74. Hazel says:

    Enough with the fashion ‘rules’! A woman can wear whatever she wants for her engagement photos! Sheesh! What a bunch of Mrs. Astors!

  75. Reece says:

    They are killing me! So gorgeous!

  76. island_girl says:

    Ugh. That extra photo release is a killer! They are so hot.

  77. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Out of my engagement pics (when dinosaurs roamed), mom chose, for local publication mind you, pics of me only lmao!

    These are lovely.

  78. Kri says:

    Oh my. I will have what she is having.

  79. ORIGINAL T.C. says:


    I do agree some of the initial comments about White people aging bad was poorly worded. Yes scientifically Melanin slows down the aging process so lighter skin ages more rapidly. But good skin care (moisturizer and sunscreen) can help slow down the process for Whiter skin.

    I think you might have misinterpreted your physican friend. Belly fat or obesity is not genetically associated with any race or nationality. It’s more lifestyle based. However, the *consequences* of having belly fat in specific races like Black, Native-American, Hispanic comes with greater cardiovascular risk factors. That’s what your friend was saying.

    Also post-menapause, for some genetic reason, some Asian cultures have Woman age rapidly with weight gain, hair loss and wrinkles. Someone with more knowledge can educate us I’m sure.

    Various aspects of Hair are also genetic with many Asian and Indian groups having the straightest, heavy and strongest hair strands with Blacks on the opposite ends having the most curly and thus most fragile strands. Each curly is a potential breaking point. Most everyone’s hair grows at the same average rate per month, it’s the breakage and retention rate that varies based on the fragility of your hair type within your race. Again this can be helped with conditioner, protective styling like braiding, and non-heated styling.

  80. IlsaLund says:

    Love the photos. They look happy and in love. Hoping Meghan is strong enough for what she’s signing up for.

    Lainey has an interesting article about Princess Michael of Kent’s broach which she wore to the pre Christmas lunch where she met Meghan: “There’s history to that kind of jewelry. Click here to read about it. These kinds of pieces depict – and fetishise – Africans in subservient roles. To put it bluntly, this is a piece of jewelry made out of slave imagery. And a woman who once told black people to “go back to the colonies” at a restaurant decided that would be what she would wear to the Queen’s Christmas lunch, where the Queen’s grandson was introducing his fiancée, who is biracial, to the extended family for the first time.”

  81. Squidgy says:

    The first picture made me think of the morning after the prom :) The evening dress in the daylight, the pose, the two youngsters :)

  82. Beronica says:

    I don’t see the hotness. Meghan is lovely, harry is someone most people wouldn’t look twice at if he were your neighbor. Cute, but not handsome, unemployed, lazy.
    And as for wrinkles, I’m white, mostly Swedish and envy my Italian friends who used to have to wash their faces 3 times a day to remove oil. They look great still. Me, not so much.
    Hey, it’s just wrinkles.

  83. april says:

    Amazing photos! Thanks for posting.

  84. oh oh ah says:

    Thank you Jesus, it’s been an awful day then this. I teared up so much love. I need more of this

  85. CeeCee says:

    I love their energy and honest emotion. But his navy (daytime) suit doesn’t match her black/sheer evening dress. They look like they’re going to separate events. I’m not a fan of that gown. The sheer fabric and sparkles aren’t my favorite.

  86. llamas says:

    The photographer is also incredibly attractive so there’s that.

  87. FuefinaWG says:

    Kate and Carole are probably staring at these photos, fuming. Kate has been thrown under the very old and dusty rug. LOLOL

    • SoulSPA says:

      Almost seven years and counting. I am unsure they are really fuming. At least not literately, of course (don’t mind the “r” like from “royal” and please add the loong “o”). But yes to a tea or wine or any beverage of choice party AND marshmallows with Pips and that fail horrible person and some “minders” (not from the Windsor’s court) to think of strategy and mitigate. Le/la/ der die das/ deep sigh. This was a full on joke. Disclaimer: any similarities were purely coincidences.

    • Aurelia says:

      Ma Midds as a momanger must be feeling all stabby. People will forget dowdy willie the plumber and waity very soon. Nobody is even interested in pippa, her endless house reno, and the moderately wealthy, pencil neck, Meer cat, husband James. We will all be too busy on bump watch for Meghan. I doubt even much fuss will be made for kate’s 3rd kid when it drops.

    • Veronica says:

      I think they may be chuckling. A sheer gown with a $75,000 cost. How will that hurt Kate and Wills? Seems like bad press for Meghan and harry.
      And why pit them against each other? SMH

  88. robyn says:

    Beautiful photos. I’ve never seen Harry look quite like this. Meghan lends Harry an air that in some mysterious way reaches for him to be more compelling and handsome.

  89. Lady Rain says:

    Lovely pictures, lovely couple!

  90. liriel says:

    She looks stunning and it’s clear she knows how the camera works, how to pose. I love the close up, the chemistry is definitely there but I get that she knows her best angles, facial expressions so this pictures looks like straight out of in Vogue. I mean it in a positive way. She looks way more confident than Harry does. He looks like a puppy-eyed guy in love and she looks both in love with him and with herself :D If I looked as gorgeous as her, I’d too.

  91. Hollie says:

    Do people think these weren’t approved by the palace? Like …. if her dress was such an issue it would’ve never happened to begin with. Much like her VF cover, everything surrounding this has had the palaces approval and orchestration. So stop your pearl clutching

    • Veronica says:

      In my view, the cost of the gown is way more damaging to them than the sheer fabric. On twitter and other comment sites, people are very put out about that. As I would be if I were British and paying for this. $75,000 for a gown, and I read it was purchased. It didn’t say by whom.
      That is just stunningly tone deaf. Stunningly.

      • whatever says:

        I agree, $75,000 IS outrages for a dress and so is spending approx $1,000 for a Victoria Beckham sweater (used in that close up shot). KP says it was it was bought from private funds not loaned. If Prince Charles bought it for her he is going to have to drastically increase Meghan’s clothing budget because chick has really expensive taste!. It wouldn’t surprise me Meghan out spends Kate when it comes to clothes.

        If Meghan bought it herself well that it just plain dumb. She’s not going to get the same pay check as a royal as she did on ‘Suits’ so why waste $75k on a dress that you are only going to wear once?

      • Maria says:

        Kate is criticized when she spends $200,000 in a year for clothing. At this rate after 3 dresses, Meghan will already passed that amount.

      • Olenna says:

        Geez! Lot of personal, emotional investment being expressed and assumptions being made here about who paid, why they paid, and when they paid for a past-season gown. No one here, at the DM or the royal gossip sites knows when or who *privately* purchased it. But, I guess when you already have issues with her, it’s convenient to forget that she’s still a private citizen with no obligation to account for how much her wardrobe costs. Princess Katie certainly doesn’t worry about being accountable.

      • Princessk says:

        The dress did not cost the tax payer a dime, and I very much doubt Harry or Meghan paid for it either.

    • Squidgy says:

      It’s expensive but it was probably supplied by the photographer (or his assistants) as it usually goes. They bring you a whole wardrobe to choose from and you will never see/wear the same thing ever again. Happy model, happy designer.

      • Lorelai says:

        @Squidgy: but that makes no sense in this particular context…Kate’s clothing in her engagement photos was her own, and in fact she rewore the white Reiss dress on the Canada tour after the wedding. A royal engagement photo shoot isn’t a typical photo shoot for a magazine like Vogue, in which your logic would apply.

        I love all of these photos! Just gorgeous, and exactly what we needed during such a sh!tty time.

  92. Cinderella says:

    I can only imagine the joking and cutting up those two were doing during this shoot. Bet they had a fun time.

  93. Bianca says:

    The dress is too expensive, she could have bought a 5000 dollars dress and give the rest to charities.
    Also, the way she always holds his arm or touches his hand shows she controls the relationship.
    I hope she realizes that royals are more like public servants than celebrities. It is obvious that she wasn’t familiar with UK history and lifestyle before she moved there.

  94. Lol says:

    They look great together. The dress is overpriced but if she bought it then it’s her money and her right. If the tax payers bought then they have the right to complain. I’ve seen many people on Twitter scratching their heads at the dress and I’ve seen many people loving these pics and really like Meghan and Harry. I don’t really use royal blogs and dailymail as the be all for people’s attitude. Dailymail hates everyone and lol don’t get me started on royal blogs.

    • Mel says:

      It’s not about rights – nobody is questioning her RIGHT to buy (or take on loan) whatever she wants – it’s about PERCEPTIONS. The majority of the British public seems to be perceiving this obscenely expensive dress (that’s not even appropriate for the setting and the time of day) as flaunting wealth. Flaunting is never a good look.

  95. Karen says:

    I am sure that Meghan did not pay for the dress. Her stylist probably has a relationship with the designer and may have even paid her to have Meghan wear their dress. That is how red carpet dressing works. People are naive to think she actually paid for it.

  96. Nikki says:

    My favorite post of the entire year: GORGEOUS photos of an adorable couple indeed looking hot and in love!!! <3 Happy holidays, fellow Celebitchyites! :)