“Karlie Kloss worried the Snake Army by swish-swishing on Instagram” links

People think Karlie Kloss & Taylor Swift might have “broken up” as BFFs because Karlie wrote “Swish Swish” on IG – as in, she’s pro-Katy Perry! It’s pretty clear that it was just a basketball reference and Taylie (Karlor?) is fine. [Buzzfeed]
Lainey wonders if Louis CK’s bro friends are clearing the way for his return too. I think Louis CK will attempt a comeback this year. [LaineyGossip]
Donald Trump celebrated the new year by being deranged. [Pajiba]
Did Kylie Jenner already give birth? Ugh. [Dlisted]
GFY’s top twenty posts of 2017! [Go Fug Yourself]
Amanda Bynes will make her big return to acting this year. [The Blemish]
Recap of Vanderpump Rules. [Reality Tea]
An African-American reality star has a swastika tattoo. Huh. [Starcasm]
Start getting pumped for Black Panther right now. [Looper]

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  1. Eribra says:

    My son is so excited for black panther. We watch the trailer all the time!

  2. Jillian says:

    I wish Black Panther and FSF came out on the same day. BP would crush it.

    I watched What A Girl Wants. Good luck to Amanda Bynes. I’ve heard some rumors about what happened with nickelodeon.

    I’m over Taylor Swift

  3. Jeezelouisie says:

    I wish someone would explain the appeal of Karlie Kloss to me. So bland.

  4. Nicole says:

    They have a 4 hour cut of black panther and I’m like GIVE ME THIS VERSION. I’m ready. I gotta narrow down my outfit options but I’m ready.

  5. yikesyikesyikes says:

    *looks at swift fans freaking out over simple thing on karlie’s instagram*

    I know it’s mean to say get a life, but yo, these posters need to get one.

    anybody notice that her fans have been buying multiples of Reputation, keeping it at #1 in albums, but not a hit song in sight on Top 100? You can buy dozens of Swift’s albums, but sorry, you can’t buy a hit ;)

    • no no says:

      And multiples ticket for one person :) BCS at the end stadion will be still half empty. And about albums – it was what people here said before – her fans bought 10-15 copies of her album, but they can’t do it with songs. And her album is discount now in so many countries (in UK proce s lower that some older albums, like Ed S. one). In my country I saw he album in discount bins 2 weeks after relieas :)

    • magnoliarose says:

      I can’t see her having staying power. Young fans grow up, and the group of young fans usually discover their new group of entertainers.

  6. Margo S. says:

    I am so pumped for black panther. Opening weekend here I come!

  7. JEM says:

    Wow, Dave Chappelle. His comments are so disgusting. Louis CK’s victims should just suck it up? They didn’t want a career in comedy enough? Getting raped by Brad Pitt would be better than getting raped by Harvey Weinstein? Is he fucking serious?!? Spoiler alert: he’s fucking serious. Now all the dudes that are his fans are going to grab on to this bullshit flag and fly it proudly. Great.

    • yikesyikesyikes says:

      what is so disturbing to me is, if you look at the comments today on the celebitchy article solely about Chappelle…SO many commenters are saying ‘this is irresponsibly out of context’ or ‘don’t judge it until you watch it’ and ‘he’s very intelligent w/complex issues, you should watch’

      Yes, cause I’m sure I need to understand the context of Chapelle saying a victim of CK has a ‘brittle ass spirit’ SMH
      Why are there so many women defending him in that comments section? It’s disgusting. We’ll get nowhere if that continues.

      • Erinn says:

        I’m against ignoring context in all cases. The thing is – context doesn’t always make things better. Sometimes it sheds a light on how much worse something was, sometimes it just leads to a better understanding of the comment as a whole. I honestly think it’s dangerous to throw context out the window and go with sound bites / headlines only – and I think we should all look at a whole conversation/quote instead of just taking a small piece of it at face value. Especially in the times of ‘alternate facts’ or wahtever bullshit is being shilled.

        That being said – what he said was disgusting. He can be incredibly intelligent, but Chapelle is also hella problematic and context isn’t going to magically make it okay. It was AT BEST incredibly insensitive and dismissive of the pain these women went through.

      • Sky says:

        Their are many female C.K fans that were defending him here and other places. It was the same with Cosby and Johnny Depp it’s really just sicking.

  8. Alix says:

    I don’t know why I’m blurting this out here, except I have no one else to tell: my mom just got scammed out of her life savings. She’s in denial, still thinking some dickhead from publisher’s clearinghouse is coming with the millions. and my mom is sharp as a TACK. but now she thinks WE think she’s crazy, and can’t admit that she’s been had. the cops have been called, etc., the money’s gone. my heart is breaking. thanks for reading.

    • spidee! says:

      Oh no, I am so sorry. There are some barstewards about.

    • Imqrious2 says:

      So very sorry, Alix! It’s such a sad state of the world that these scum target our parents. Sending hugs!

    • Rosalee says:

      I am so sorry for the stress you are under in regards to your mother’s finances. But remember your mother is a adult. She is responsible for her life, not you. My grandmother was taken in by Jimmy Swaggart and my mother by a younger man. They lost everything, my mother lost the family home. She was reduced to living with me for a few years. You are still in shock, be gentle with yourself. I know you feel responsible for her. Stop, and breathe. Her life maybe altered but your life is still the same. I wish you well.

    • mira belle says:

      Alix – glad you shared this here. In general, this is a smart, supportive community. Your situation would freak anyone out and I am so sorry, this is awful. *hugs* to you. Not sure where you live, many places have free law clinics (ie: drop in at the library 1-2x a week), so you can see a lawyer for free. Many cities also have free/low cost clinics so you can see a therapist or social worker and unload/have a neutral party to speak with. *finger crossed* and hoping for the best outcome for your family.

    • Jayna says:

      @Alix, her mind probably isn’t as sharp as you think. My co-worker’s mother, always so sharp about her money, retired, got pulled into a scam. Her son happened to be visiting and saw or heard something suspicious while there, and began investigating. The bank had been concerned with the large amounts that kept being pulled out, because it was out of the norm for her mom, but her mother assured them it was all right. So much money gone, and it was a lot of money. The family is still stunned how their mother could have been scammed for that long and not questioned it since she was very thrifty with her money, except for her expensive car. The cops were also called, but no way to trace the scammer. The story was so ludicrous. I can’t believe anyone would believe it.

      She also can’t admit she was had, and, at first, she was angry at the intrusion by her children. At least, some of her money is left, but the bulk is gone. She still owns a nice home which she owns.

    • Alix says:

      Thanks, everyone. I appreciate your kindness, advice, and good wishes.

  9. Bliss 51 says:

    JFC am I old! I remember when $20 was a lot! I saw Fleetwood Mac, B52s when Ricky Wilson was still alive, REM, U2, The Police, Sting, Robert Palmer (such a beautiful man + his suit!), Foreigner, Alabama, the Judds, George Strait, Rush, Prince . . . so many more. Old, I’m so old!

  10. Nick says:

    God, I forgot how much I love Dlisted. “You realize you could fly on Spirit to Vegas, stay at a roach-infested downtown hotel, play the penny slots, and just watch a talented drag queen dressed as Taylor for less than even the 1989 tour prices, right?”. Pure gold right there