Nina Dobrev on having bangs: ‘It definitely is a lot more work’

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I’m sure many of you have made New Year’s resolutions and some of you may have decided to change up your look in 2018. If you were planning on chopping off your locks, you might want to listen to what Nina Dobrev has to say about her experience with bangs before booking your appointment at the salon.

The 28-year-old actress talked beauty with PEOPLE to promote her #LikeNina workout program in collaboration with a new activewear collection with Reebok x Les Mills. When asked about her ‘do, she confessed that the bangs are a “lot of work”, cautioning anyone pondering adding a little fringe to their face that if they do, “that whole ‘get up and go and get ready’ does not exist anymore.” She added that, “I have wavy hair, so if I shower, it turns into quite the wave…you could surf on my head…they’re big waves.”

The haircut, which Nina’s stylist Riawna Capri dubbed the “Nob,” was for a movie role. Nina is starring in Lucky Day, directed by Pulp Fiction’s Oscar-winning screenwriter and director Roger Avary. In the movie, Nina plays Chloe, a French artist married to a con man, played by Luke Bracey (who attempted unsuccessfully to fill Keanu Reeves’ shoes in the 2015 remake of Point Break). Crispin Glover plays a contract killer targeting Luke’s character to avenge the death of his brother.

Nina debuted the “Nob” at the premiere of Flatliners back in September, and it didn’t seem to go over well around these parts, if the comments are any indication. I don’t dig it myself in the premiere photos, but, when paired with her natural waves, they’re slightly more tolerable, don’t you think?

I will admit that I’ve been weak and cut bangs into my long locks a few years ago. They were cute for about a minute, and then I couldn’t wait for them to grow out. It sounds like once production has wrapped, Nina will be doing the same. And, for any of you still in the market for fringe, take my advice and try some clip-ons before making that commitment. Trust me…and Nina.

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20 Responses to “Nina Dobrev on having bangs: ‘It definitely is a lot more work’”

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  1. yanni says:

    Bangs are amazing – if you have the right face to pull them off! I’ve had bangs for 10 years and I find the work involved to be minimal.

    • Sabrine says:

      I love my long and wispy bangs and they’re hardly any work at all. They don’t suit her so they’re not for everyone.

  2. H says:

    I love the bangs and the flowy dress. Thanks, CB, I have a hair appointment this afternoon, just found my new cut!

  3. Liberty says:

    Everything she said. Never again. My thick wavy hair was a fringe killer too.

  4. grabbyhands says:

    I feel like bangs are like the pixie cut – it can be cute, but the number of people who can carry that look off successfully is so small. Unfortunately, it ages her. I do like the profile picture, though.

    She reminds me of Carrie Fisher in the maroon dress picture.

    • Esmom says:

      I think bangs are less drastic than a pixie cut, way less painful to grow out.

      I think this hairstyle is really cute on her. I periodically get the urge to try bangs again after 15 years but thankfully I have a stylist who discourages me, saying I don’t want the work involved, lol.

  5. ell says:

    i think very few people can pull off a fringe, because you need a certain face shape. nina looks amazing in this haircut though.

  6. wheneight says:

    The other thing they don’t tell you about bangs is how often they need to be cut. Once they get the teeniest, tiniest bit too long they start poking you in the eye, so you better clear your schedule NOW and get to the hairdresser.

    I often get tempted to get bangs again, but then I remember how annoying and expensive they are.

  7. Chelsey says:

    Oof, they really age her. I don’t feel like that cut is super flattering on her.

  8. Nancy says:

    It’s kind of cute, trump has his pudgy little fingas on the button, and she’s worried about bangs. Gotta live our lives I guess. I like bangs myself, on the right hair style. If she’s looking for an example of fugly bangs, just look to Miss Taylor Swift, who should lose them or straighten them. The end.

  9. Gretchen says:

    I have a five-head and every once in a while get the urge to cut a fringe to minimise it, but then I remember all of the upkeep- the trims, having to blow-dry or straighten it every morning, how ick it isif I wait til a third day to shampoo, how awful it looks when humidity or rain happens and nahhh too much maintenance. She’s a beautiful woman but it makes her look a bit dowdy, which is not something I ever thought I’d say about Dobrev.

    • Gabbe says:

      I have a five head too! Whenever I look at photos of myself and see my huge forehead, I get the urge to get bangs, but always regret it afterwards.

  10. Sway says:

    I hope she gets rid of them soon.

  11. chlo says:

    I think she looks great! Let’s focus on who really needs to get rid of the bangssssssssssssss.

  12. Bishg says:

    Just once in my life my hairdresser got the right type of bangs that I wanted. ONCE. They were long, full and thick and messy, I could sling them back if I wanted to. I loved it.
    However, for one successful attempt, there have been SEVERAL disapponiting failures. It seems to be quite impossible to find someone who can cut and style the bangs just like I want, even though I always show them a picture beforehand. Right now I’m in the middle of waiting for my dreadful bangs to grow out and disappear. I went to my hairdresser in September with a photo of Nicole Richie from 2008/2009 (hers and Rashida Jones’s are my two only desirable example of bangs) and he did a completely different thing. I ended up with a super short fringe that I wasn’ able to handle for weeks!
    I hated it so much that I came out of the place in tears!
    Every time I decide to have bangs I end up regretting it like crazy. I’ve changed several hairdresser’s throughout the years but nope!
    I hope someday I can find the true great hairdresser that can give me what I want! *sigh-*

  13. z says:

    I love bangs and I think they make every woman more beautiful. I’ve never seen someone who looked better without bangs and it’s not that hard to maintain them.

  14. perplexed says:

    Bangs are easier to handle now that flat-irons are around. I think it’s easier to flat-iron bangs than the long, flowy hair she used to have (which nonetheless was very flattering on her).

    She has a great physique she obviously works on and is also part of her whole package, but it’s amazing what long hair did for her face.

  15. Peanut Gallery says:

    She’s one of very few people who can pull of bangs. Every time I’ve ever got bangs I’ve regretted it. I’ve had them on and off for a lifetime and after the last time I got them two years ago, I decided never again. Go with clip in bangs. There are some great ones out there and you can have them dyed to match your hair.

  16. Newyorking says:

    Something in her face seems off and it’s not just the bangs. The new hair ages her but close-up her aging is from something in her face too. This is not how she used to look. Sad because she is pretty and doesn’t need any work.

  17. Juju says:

    I think a lot of people can pull off bangs, they just need to be cut and styled appropriately to compliment their face. In the first photo that you linked, it was just too straight and severe. Her face is very thin and her smile is very tight (almost like she is clamping her lips closed). I think her face favors styles that are softer, which is why it looks better with a bit of wave. I don’t think the cut was made with a wave in mind though, so in my opinion it looks off in this post.