Brad Pitt flirted with a blonde in LA & he introduced himself as ‘William’

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Towards the end of 2017, the tabloids were in a tizzy about whether Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were fighting about whether Brad would spend time with the kids on Christmas, and they had every variation of those kinds of stories, like “Brad’s Christmas wish is to get back with Angelina” or “Angelina’s villainous leg calls Brad for Christmas.” I have no idea what really happened, but I suspect that they figured out some sort of divorced-parent thing where she got Christmas morning with the kids and he got the afternoon. At this point, I’m not even worried about Brad – Brad will be fine. Brad is moving on. Brad is flirting with random women and introducing himself as “William,” which is his first name.

Brad Pitt uses his given name when chatting with adoring women. We’re told Pitt flirted with a woman and introduced himself as “William” on a caffeine run at Coffee Commissary in Los Angeles.

“He arrived by motorcycle, wearing sunglasses, jeans and a leather jacket,” a spy tells us. Pitt struck up a conversation with a blonde in line: “She was acting overly bubbly and looked a little like Kate Bosworth, but it wasn’t her,” our spy says.

When the woman said, “I’m Lydia,” Pitt “put out his hand and said, ‘Hi, I’m William.’ She replied, ‘Oh, you look like a Bradley.’ And he responded, ‘Well, that’s my middle name’ and smiled and winked at her.”

As Lydia exited she said, “‘Nice to meet you, Bradley . . . I mean William.’ He laughed to himself, then got on his bike.”

[From Page Six]

Is that Brad Pitt’s pickup line? “Hi, I’m William”? It always made sense to me that he used Bradley instead of his first name – he doesn’t look like a William or a Will. He looks like a Bradley/Brad. In any case, this is your 2018 update on William Bradley Pitt: he flirts with Bosworth-looking blondes in line for coffee and he’s making 2018 the Year of William. *wink*

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  1. Ferdinand says:

    He is a William after all.
    Perhaps this is the case where he goes by Brad for SAG / Artistic purposes but st hole he goes by William?

    Or he was just playing with being one of the most famous and identifiable men in the world so he just wanted to come across different by introducing himself as Eilliam. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. DiligentDiva says:

    Maybe he does go by William? IDK but he shouldn’t be shocked that people think he’s Brad given his level of fame.

    • Milla says:

      Girl? He’s 50 something. Hopefully she was a woman. Full on grown up mature woman.

      • Lyka says:

        Well this is a weird reaction.

        Women refer to other (grown, legal) women – as well as themselves – as “girls” fairly routinely in our culture. “Lucky girl” is an especially common term, one that I’ve never seen used to indicate that the object of the phrase in a context like this was literally a child.

        I get if you’re taking issue with the term “girl” being used in place of “woman” – but then you should just say that instead of making strange insinuations regarding this coffee lady’s “maturity” and Pitt’s age (much less the OP’s intent in their rather benign comment).

      • LadyT says:

        Lyka- You said that so well.

      • Carrie1 says:

        I understand and agree with @Milla
        @Lyka this is the current standard elsewhere. There’s a bit of gap between current social changes and comments here, which is fine. For example, on twitter, Milla is speaking to current opinion and it’s a good one especially if we want MeToo to take permanent effect.

        I get your view too Lyka but if anyone said that on twitter right now, the pushback would be strong.

        Having trouble keeping up myself.

  3. LadyT says:

    Cute story. Mild attempt at being incognito while grabbing a coffee.

  4. Rose says:

    God I hope that didn’t really happen, it sounds like the most toe curling exchange.

  5. crazydaisy says:

    If that’s a recent picture, he is definitely looking less gaunt these days!

  6. Izzie the other says:

    Lol that’s sort of cute. Can’t really see Brad as a William though.

    In before the Stans come here with the “ He BOUGHT coffee!! He SPOKE to a woman!! He doesn’t love his kids!!!!!!!!”

  7. Snowflake says:

    I would do him in a heartbeat. Still fine.

  8. NayNay says:

    Hey William, I’m available.

  9. Louise177 says:

    Why is it that anytime people of the opposite sex talk to each it’s claimed that they are flirting? There are some celebrities who are known by one name but use their given name in private.

  10. Jayna says:

    It sounded harmless and cute. Bouncy, cute girl introduces herself to him, and he gives his other name. She knows who he is and shoots back with he looks like a Bradley to her. He handled it in a cute manner. It’s better than all the surly celeb stories or celebs surrounded by bodyguards to even go shopping in high-end stores when they are alone, It must be a slow news day for Page Six.

  11. Carol Hill says:

    If he ends up with a 20-30 something, I’m done with him.

  12. Sofia says:

    Whatever his name.I’d say yes.

  13. Savasana Lotus says:

    I’ve seen him around town on his bike a few times over the years. His vibe is very “please don’t notice me”.

  14. mll says:

    Another Brad and a Blonde story. Predictable.

    But seriously though does Brad only see his kids indoors? He was seen at a football game yesterday, plenty of parents with their children, but he couldn’t bring a kid along to enjoy the game with him?

    • KiddVicious says:

      Can you imagine the chaos if he did have one of his kids with him? The photographers would have been going crazy. I don’t recall if there are any photos of him with his kids since the breakup, it would be the money shot if someone got one. I don’t think it would be safe for him, the kids, nor the people around him.

  15. Shuki says:

    He is with his father watching football game and he is single.he can flirt or date
    I think the kids are very happy with Jolie
    So you don’t have to bring he doesn’t see the kids thing up

    • Casey__. says:

      Let me start by saying, I think he sees his kids plenty. At least most of them. I think he is avoiding being seen as sad single Dad as that might mess with his ‘image,’ so either he, or his PR, are going out of their way to avoid public snaps. Also, if his visits are still supervised he wouldn’t want some guy or gal tagging along with him and his kids.

      That said, there are a lot of women out there who are fine with Brad being an awful parent and not seeing his kids (if true – and to be clear I don’t think it is) as long as the kids he’s not seeing are Angelina Jolie’s. No really. They’re just that awful.

  16. NYCgal says:

    I thought it was a cute flirting story. He totally knew she recognized him but played along anyway while waiting for coffee. She did too. Hey I am married and I would have totally flirted with him that way because it is pretty harmless. I don’t even think it’s flirting with imtention to date or pick up someone. More like passing the time while waiting.

  17. BJ says:

    I guess he uses “William” when flirting with young blonde women because I just read a tweet last week from a guy who claims he introduced himself as “Brad”.

  18. Katherine says:

    Ok, so turns out I didn’t know Brad Pitt’s name, now that’s a start of 2018 I didn’t expect (but I’ll take it).

  19. lucy2 says:

    I can’t decide if this is kind of cute or cringey.

  20. yikesyikesyikes says:

    I’m in my twenties and none of my friends (including me) find Brad Pitt attractive. We look at him & leo and, maybe its our age and the fact that they were at their peak before a lot of us even hit puberty, but they look like not-that-great-looking older men. I guess better than average but if they approached us at a bar/club we’d say ‘thanks but no thanks’

    maybe 30+ somethings think he’s hot more than 20-somethings? pretty sure every gal I know my age and younger thinks Dicaprio is gross (and irrelevant/borderline hasbeen) and Brad Pitt seems like a ‘Cool Dad’ but nothing more. Actually, a lot of my friends kind of laugh and suspect Dicaprio is on the downlow and the model stuff is cover. I wonder if he really believes my gen and the next will fall for his facade – he shouldnt count on it. It worked in the 90s and early 2000s boo, good luck convincing us…we know what beardings are ;)

  21. LittlefishMom says:

    I would have said, oh I thought you were Brad Pitt. ;)

  22. Nibbi says:

    meh. to me he just seems/ looks grizzled and washed-up now. i’ve always been ok w him, while vastly preferring angelina, but now there’s something sort of pathetic about the aging, solitary, single dad-w-nary-a-kid-around buzzing about town on a bike in leather still eliciting buzz about ‘how good he looks’ or whatever. i dunno, it’s just all so sad really.

  23. Candion says:

    I could have sworn I read that Angelina has a William tattoo so I think he does goes by it.

  24. Truth hurts says:

    No one wants BP anymore? Lol
    No young women unless they are looking for a come up. Right now that ole facade is on the outs. Those thirsty 40 plus Botox filled, fake HW heifers may be interested. He has not aged well because of his toxic vices. He may be cool and a good guy when not intoxicated.
    Real talk, I don’t even think the paps would even go crazy of pics with him and the kids anymore.

  25. shuuuki says:

    Jolie stans need move on
    Stop your hatred towards Brad
    Everyone move on