Donald Trump threatens nuclear holocaust, brags about the size of his ‘nuclear button’

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I really wanted to see how long I could go in 2018 without having to look at Donald Trump’s bloated pumpkin face, and the answer is… not even three f–king days. Again, it’s never the case that Trump isn’t doing newsworthy and deplorable sh-t every single day, it’s that I can’t bring myself to write about him every day. He spent the Christmas and New Year’s holidays in Florida, at Mar-a-Lago, where he golfed every day after Christmas and tweeted out random insults and conspiracy theories. Then on Tuesday, Trump decided to threaten nuclear war as a way of bragging about his bigly “button.” These are two tweets from Bigly from last night:

Pathetic. Gross. Deplorable. “I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!” When the nuclear holocaust comes, you can tell your children that it was all for the glory of our dear leader’s penis envy. I doubt that Trump’s 71-year-old, KFC-fueled “button” even works, just as I doubt that it was ever big or powerful. His button is tiny and vulgar, just like his hands.

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  1. Neelyo says:

    Every Republican needs to be asked about these tweets. I want to hear them justify this on the record.

  2. Shambles says:

    I wonder who’s being indicted this week. Since the insanity + stupidity of these tweets is at a different level than usual (he’s having a d*ck measuring contest with Kim Jong Un, for Christ’s sake), I say it’s Jared. Happy New Year!

  3. Alissa says:

    it’s alarming how often I wish his tweets were faked.

  4. grabbyhands says:

    In case anyone was having any lingering doubts about this being nothing more than a dick swinging contest between to bloated, insecure manchildren using nuclear weapons as game pieces.

    People can scream about the 25th amendment all they want – it will never be invoked. The GOP was silent about this latest embarrassment and his supporters think it is hilarious because in their heads, this is what strong leadership looks like.

    About the only hope this country has is that we make it to the next election before these morons kill everyone. Assuming voting rights haven’t been completely dismantled by then.

  5. Jojo says:

    OH MY GOD. How did we get here? What the hell is this? WHO TALKS LIKE THAT??

  6. Nicole says:

    Haha I would like to thank every asshole republican and white person that voted for this monster because of jobs or something.
    Meanwhile PR still has no power and are dying but sure let’s have a d*ck swinging contest.
    I honestly hate everything about our politics and if I could move tomorrow I would.

  7. Neva_D says:

    There’s nothing like seeing a tweet taunting a nuclear armed nation to immediately burn off the last of the holiday spirit. Happy new year.

  8. CharlieBouquet says:

    I’ve decided to live in altered reality in 2018. 2017 damn near killed me. I can’t let this piss monger control my emotional status and be a whole, well person.

    • Luna says:

      I left Facebook and Twitter in 2017, to preserve my sanity and emotional well-being. It has been incredibly pleasant to have, almost exclusively, real-life relationships and conversations without worrying about getting troll-flamed. People are nuts when they get on a keyboard. IRL? Not so much.

    • minx says:

      CharlieBouquet, you have to do what keeps you sane. IMO If it means eliminating certain news sources or social media or people, so be it. I’m fortunate that my husband, siblings, kids, closest friends and co-worker are informed and sensible. I frankly don’t care what anyone else has to say and if they are a Trump voter I don’t want to know them.

    • mary says:

      yes! i have been on the road traveling with my boyfriend for the past 8 days and haven’t been following news until today. politics can be a fun discussion topic but honestly it’s all just so depressing what trump is doing and it’s way better being in a bubble when you don’t hear about it or think about it. Because in all seriousness, the past 8 days have been wonderful and whatever Trump wrecked in the past 8 days hasn’t actually effected us in any meaningful way

  9. toni says:

    Barron looks like he has given up on life. A child that young shouldn’t be looking that depressing.

  10. Annabelle Bronstein says:

    Hey #notallmen: this is what feminists mean when we say “Toxic Masculinity.”

  11. Rapunzel says:

    I don’t wanna hear anymore “Pence would be worse” arguments. Anything has to be better than this reckless lunatic playing at badass, macho man, dictator.

  12. Nancy says:

    Well there you go. My obliterate the world button is bigger than yours. Button envy. And you all thought this year would be different. Mother effer…

  13. IMUCU says:

    Mike Judge was right about “Idiocracy” becoming reality eventually, but I was hoping it was at least a few decades off….

  14. PlayItAgain says:

    If we make it through the year without getting burnt to a crisp because of this dickless moron in the WH, it’ll be a goddamn miracle.

  15. Beth says:

    OMG! When will someone remove him from the Oval Office? Taunting a madman about button size isn’t something a real president should ever think of doing. He’s gotta stop playing games and realize he’s not a private citizen in Trump Tower making these tweets, he’s the president

  16. Selma says:

    “My P#nis is bigger than yours” in political language. What a crybaby…

  17. Indiana Joanna says:

    That baby fists tweet is deeply disturbing on so many levels.

  18. B n A fn says:

    I’m so exhausted with this man, whenever I see him on the tv 📺 I turned the channel. I told my friend I need a few mental health days from his nonsense. I have a feeling this year he’s going to work himself up so much he’s going to have a heart attack. There is no way this can go on for another full year.

    I was watching cnn and they are saying he has written 16 tweets yesterday. When is he going to get the time to do the business of the country. Also, the news is saying he tweeted that his red button is bigger than Kim’s nuclear button. God help us. It appears that he might blow us all up in order to silence Mr Mueller’s findings. I’m praying 🙏 for all of us, because the republicans are not trying to stop this unhinged man before it’s to late.

  19. elimaeby says:

    The only thing I can add to what everyone has already said is, my god, do I feel bad for Barron. He always looks so miserable. You can see in his eyes that he’s smarter than the rest of Trump’s kids combined, and he always looks like he just wants to GTFO.

    • Nancy says:

      Don’t be fooled. All the trump spawn were children at one time. Won’t dare say a word about him now, but wait ten years if his father doesn’t kill us all first.

    • B n A fn says:

      “You can see in his eyes that he’s Smoother than the rest of the Trump’s kids combined…” I can see depression or something else in his eyes not sure it because he’s smarter. I wish him good luck with the rest of his life.

    • Louisa says:

      Barron is the same age as my son, and I do always feel for him every time I see a picture of him. Not once have a seen any contact or connection of any kind – never mind affection – between him and his father. It’s like Trump doesn’t even acknowledge him. I really do hope there is someone in the boy’s life showing him love.

  20. BJ says:

    So the Idiot in Chief has BIG hands and a BIG nuclear button.SMH
    God have Mercy on us all.

  21. Louisa says:

    Has he removed that tweet? I reported it last night, but went back this morning because I wanted to see some of the comments (I know.. I know…) and it was gone. That has to be first? I don’t remember him deleting any of his tweets before.

  22. Lilith says:

    There was something different.. more desperate, reckless and combative than his previous idiotic tweets. He sounds, if it’s possible, even MORE unhinged. It’s terrifying.

    Trump should be impeached based on this tweet alone, It was a blatant abuse of the power of the office he holds (illegitimately)

    It should be abundantly clear to any person with a functioning brain that the Orange Emporor is dangerously unwell. He is endangering and playing with the lives of millions.


  23. Snowflake says:

    Remember when Trumpeters laughed when we talked about him having access to the nuclear button? Thought we were being overly dramatic? Wonder what they’re saying? I want to look but i dont want to look

  24. Monsy says:

    As a not US person all i want to say is that i don’t want to die because some white dudes from the south of the United States decided to give another try to facism. The President of the USA is a liability for the entire world.
    Calls and letters to congressmen won’t do it. Take a page of South Korea or Rumania, in which massive pacific protests achived big political changes last year.

  25. Aang says:

    Hopefully the button is too big for his tiny hand to push.

  26. Lori says:

    There is literally nothing he can tweet that will shock his supporters and put his job in peril.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I’ve said before and it’s still true.

      Drumpf could kill one of his supporters’ children in front of them and they’d say “eh, the brat deserved it.”

      that’s how far gone they are. drunk on power since they “vanquished the libtards”…they don’t care what their guy does, as long as HRC isn’t in office. it’s much more about “pissing off the lib’ruls” than it is actually being happy about what the GOP is doing.

  27. DeE says:

    But, but… corduroy has no button.

  28. Rosey says:

    He really can’t help himself. Who brags about the size of your nuclear button. It’s horrifying that countries feel the need to have one at all.

  29. Swack says:

    Can someone please tell me what work Trump is doing, other than tweeting? According to Politico he has his briefing at 11:30 and lunch with Pence, Mattis, etc and that is all.

  30. Christin says:

    R Painter has been consistently calling out this fiasco, and he was the ethics lawyer for a GOP president.

    As he said in an interview not long ago, if Congress would do their job we’d not be talking about this.

  31. Boodiba says:

    The fact that this man can have a job & I cannot… I just cannot understand.

  32. robyn says:

    Time to go Mr. Trump. Justice is closing in … soon, soon.

  33. happy girl says:

    Me thinks the Mueller noose is tightening around orange Hitler’s neck, and the thought of exposure and global humiliation is sending him to the highest level of terror and crazy.

    I read this morning that Steve Bannon has come right out and said “They’re going to crack Trump Jr. like an egg on live tv.” Bannon also hates Kushner and Manafort. Omg, the creepy devil is going to pick their bones clean.

    Look forward to it…..

    • Olenna says:

      Agree; the trump train is running scared and now it’s every lil’ man for himself. Apparently, Manafort has filed a lawsuit against the Special Counsel, stating the criminal charges for his Russian ties and $$ laundering were outside the scope of the investigation’s authority and the 2016 campaign time period. His charges are for 2014 and before. In his way of thinking, I guess the counsel is suppose to overlook these jackasses’ crimes if they were committed before the 2015-2016 period.

  34. Sparkly says:

    I fear for our nation. And so many people are still supporting him! How can anyone think this kind of behavior is okay?

  35. CharlieBouquet says:

    Thanks guys, you rock as always. I take two ADs and they just can’t keep up when my mind is a political hamster wheel, human suffering etc. Crikey. Turmoil all over the globe, in all forms. Natural disasters etc. It feels like there is this crescendo of epic proportions. Please stay warm for this deep freeze. We live next to the Niagara River and the wind is tearing ass. Anyone driving, keep a full tank of gas and warm gear in case you get stuck. And your car charger.

  36. why? says:

    Last night Rachel Maddow broke the story that the owners of Fusion GPS wrote an article in the NYT about their testimony to Congress and they called out the GOP for pursuing fake investigations in the dossier and selectively leaking information about their testimony to mislead the public. It resulted in calls for Grassley to release the transcripts like he promised. Now all of this being overshadowed by the fake Bannon Trump war. Instead of focusing on Fusion GPS, the press has completely focused on this brewing Bannon and Trump war. I wish the press would start thinking smarter. Now that everyone is focused on the fake Bannon and Trump war, Grassley is back to doing the Dotard’s dirty work. Instead of releasing the transcripts like he promised, Grassley demanded that Fuson GPS have another hearing before Congress, but this time making it public. Fusion GPS wrote a letter in response to Grassley’s attempts to obstruct justice, they asked him to release the transcripts so that the public isn’t getting a one sided story about the dossier from the GOP(Gowdy, Nunes, and Jim Jordan).

  37. Tiffany :) says:

    OMG, this article is hysterical and soul crushing at the same time. Trump didn’t want to be President, didn’t think he would be president. No one on his team thought he would win.

    WHY DID MY FELLOW CITIZENS ELECT HIM?!?! It was clear as f*cking day that he didn’t know what he was talking about, that he didn’t care enough to LEARN about the job. That should have been a warning sign, Trump voters!

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Wow. I think we all knew this, but it is terrifying to read in print (from NY Mag article linked in my comment above):

      “Here, arguably, was the central issue of the Trump presidency, informing every aspect of Trumpian policy and leadership: He didn’t process information in any conventional sense. He didn’t read. He didn’t really even skim. Some believed that for all practical purposes he was no more than semi-­literate. He trusted his own expertise ­— no matter how paltry or irrelevant — more than anyone else’s. He was often confident, but he was just as often paralyzed, less a savant than a figure of sputtering and dangerous insecurities, whose instinctive response was to lash out and behave as if his gut, however confused, was in fact in some clear and forceful way telling him what to do.”

      • happy girl says:

        O. M. G.

        And I 100% believe he can’t read. A few years ago he was deposed, on camera, (some lawsuit) and he was handed a brief to refer to. He visibly freaked out saying he didn’t have his glasses with him (have we EVER seen him wearing reading glasses???), fussing, fidgeting, then clearly pretending to read the document. It was shocking and painful to watch.

        How is any of this even possible? F**k.

  38. Marianne says:

    He should be removed from office and from twitter.

    You’re not comparing dick size with your buddy in the locker room. Have some tact and take this situation SERIOUSLY!

  39. Moon Beam says:

    Welp, Manafort is suing Mueller and Trump sent out a deranged statement to slam Bannon. So tomorrow will be a fun discussion guys!

  40. jwoolman says:

    Oh, Donald. There isn’t actually a nuclear button on your desk. You have it confused with the button you use to summon another Diet Coke.

    Wait, I take that back. Yes, Donald, that really IS the nuclear button! When you decide to start WWIII, all you have to do is press THAT button. Nothing else. The guy following you around with a briefcase is just a big fan. Those codes in your pocket are actually coupons for a free case of Diet Coke! Aren’t you lucky?

    So when the mood strikes for a nuclear strike – just hit that button cleverly disguised as a Diet Coke button and then skipperdee down to the basement of the White House, lock the door behind you, and don’t come out or else the uranium deals will get you. Don’t let anybody else inside, either. If someone knocks on the door, it’s just Crooked Hillary and she’s trying to steal your Diet Coke.

  41. U.S and them says:

    His hair looks better in that photo.

  42. Bread and Circuses says:

    Barron looks so bored in that photo. But then again, he is a very young teen out with his parents, so that’s quite normal.