Ashley Olsen is really into Pilates, does a lot of planks

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Just to start, I love everything about what Ashley Olsen is wearing in this header shot.

Ashley, you may remember, split with her most recent 50+ boyfriend last year. At the time, it was reported that she needed to shed the relationship so she could focus on work. Turns out that’s not all Ashley was focusing on. According to her trainer, Jessica Schatz, Ashley spends much of her time doing a yoga/Pilates combined workout. For her, it’s a daily thing, regardless of what coast she’s on.

The fashion designer and former actress works out regularly with her trainer, Jessica Schatz, in Los Angeles.

“She is extremely strong and works incredibly hard,” Schatz tells PEOPLE.

The trainer comes up with workouts that are a mix of Pilates and yoga, with a focus on core work.

“While the work is rooted in Pilates, I combine all of my expertise to offer her an incredibly strong workout based on core strength, core stability, and core control,” Schatz says. “I also combine my expertise in yoga and biomechanics to keep things tailored to her specific body.”

“We do a lot of planks and variations of planks, like reverse planks, and side body core and leg work,” she says.

“We do solid floor work, whether it be from the classical Pilates mat series or my own methodology,” she says, adding that they work on “full body strength, functional movement, focused on core strength, core stability and core control.”

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Jessica, it sounds, is LA based so when here, Ashley works out with equipment. But Jessica has designed her workout so that Ashley can do it without the equipment when she’s in New York, Jessica also treks to New York to train her sometimes. This subject appeals to me because I discussed Pilates and yoga throughout the holidays. I was with a group of folks who all suffer from back problems and they couldn’t give enough credit to Pilates for strengthening their core and alleviating their pain. I definitely need more strength so I think I am going to check out some programs in my area. Plus, I took a plank challenge over Thanksgiving and was shocked at how hard it was (I didn’t totally finish it). But I remember Cher talking about how it was hard at first and now she doesn’t even think about it, I might give it another go.

As for Ashley, a few things struck me: the first is that I am surprised to hear how strong she is. I believe it, I just made a bunch of assumptions based on her size and how little I know about her. The second is, I didn’t realize she spent so much time in LA. I assumed she was a New York faithful who didn’t venture far from her borough. I wonder if that changed when her sister Mary-Kate’s life became focused on her husband? This is all speculative on my part, the Olsen Twins intrigue me and a lot of that has to do with their intense privacy. I love trying to figure them out. Although we did get a rare sighting of Ashley when she attended the Scleroderma Research Foundation’s Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine fundraising event (OMG that name is a mouthful!) That appearance made headlines because she took photos with her TV dad, Bob Saget.

But again, Ashley is famously private, which begs the question: is she cool with her trainer releasing her workout information? She’s made it perfectly clear she’s not interested in acting anymore and you don’t need to be in peak physical form to creatively consult on your fashion line so what is this Jessica selling? Because the whole article sounds more like a promotion for her program and less of an Ashley Olsen check-in.




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  1. Happy21 says:

    I really like these girls. They’re super rich, super successful and manage to keep it, for the most part, on the DL.
    And because of that, I don’t know how long this Jessica will be her trainer…

  2. j says:

    can’t help but love these two. they’re such mysterious women. they’re doing celebrity right – we want more but they never give it to us which makes us want more which keeps them relevant.

  3. crazydaisy says:

    Wow – Little sister Elizabeth is so much taller!

  4. Nev says:

    icons of fashion. love them.

  5. lascivious chicken says:

    Love pilates. Best workout ever. Nothing but positive.

    And I disagree that this wasn’t sanctioned by AO. When have you ever heard someone call one of these girls strong? Best press they’ve had in some time.

  6. Red says:

    I wish I was rich enough to have s personal trainer or personal sessions. Part of my workout laziness is my anxiety of being with others in a gym setting. Also, in just mentally checked out from working in an office all day. I need motivation!

    • mary says:

      i know the feeling. i do group classes (yoga, boot camps, orange theory, pure barre) but i have to time them such that I wake up and go straight to a group fitness class before work or I must go to a class on the way home from work or with a very short break at home. Once I’m planted on the couch after work, I’m not getting up.

      Having to pre-pay for group fitness classes motivates me cuz I’ll lose $20 if I don’t show up.

      It also helps always traveling with a gym bag with fresh work out clothes and shoes, and shower supplies/bath towel so I can even work out on my lunch break if I have access to shower facilities.

      It’s tough working full time and trying to maintain a fitness routine. If I had kids, I have no idea what I would do lol

      • Crimson says:

        @Mary… you will find a way to make it work just as you are doing now and as I did when I was in my 20’s right up through my mid-50’s. (Lol, I even incorporated the same tactics as you so I’d have no excuse.) When kids came along my workouts began quite early each day.

        Fitness must become a way of life – like eating, drinking enough water, brushing teeth, changing underwear, etc. – if you want to thrive. Once you incorporate it you don’t let it go, because its value to your wellbeing is undeniable. The saying, “Only the strong survive,” is around for a reason. People who can find a way to keep challenging themselves, especially when they have illness or disability to contend with, will experience a better quality of life as time goes on and be able to cope with most of what life throws at them (without padding the pockets of big pharma). It’s not easy, but neither is life.

  7. Lucy says:

    That is one fantastic outfit, I must say. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about taking Pilates…

  8. whatever says:

    The twins used to look so pretty, healthy and vivacious when they were younger. I feel so sad every time I see a picture of them now 🙁

    They looked so beautiful here …

    and here ….×3024/105332579_master.jpg?resize=980:*

    • Lexter says:

      It’s true but they were also children and corporate slaves. Now they can live how they actually want to. Being out of the limelight now tells you that perhaps those smiles in the past were fake

    • Crimson says:

      @whatever… in reply to your first sentence, didn’t we all? Everyone ages.
      Kudos to Ashley O. for staying true to herself (and keeping up her core work!).

  9. lightpurple says:

    I liked both yoga and pilates and they do really strengthen your core but I had to stop both. Due to surgery for breast cancer, I have lymphedema issues with one arm that has caused nerve issues with a shoulder blade and my neck. I can’t do plank position (doctors’s orders and they were right) or downward dog (the latter is the easier of the two for me and I’ve tried doing it with one arm) and pilates really aggravates the problems with my neck. I’ve tried multiple times to find a trainer that would work with me around these problems but to no avail. I’ll sit out the exercises I can’t do and then they’re all upset that I’m not keeping up with the class. So, I had to drop both. I really miss yoga and do the stretches I can do at home but I prefer a class atmosphere.

    • karen says:

      wow, im so sorry to hear trainers are upset when you sit out parts of the class, that’s nuts! i’ve always been to classes where they encourage you to go into a restful pose or something if what’s being done isnt up your alley for whatever reason. and they still are upset if you’ve told them it’s doctor’s orders? madness.

    • Ocho says:

      I am so sorry to hear this lightpurple. This shouldn’t happen in a yoga class (or any fitness class) but I have experienced yoga instructors who were not open minded about different physical abilities. I wonder if there might be a fitness studio specific to rehabilitation — not that you are looking for physical rehab — but maybe those trainers would listen better. Of course, one of these kinds of studios might not be near you and they tend to be pricey. All the best.

  10. raincoaster says:

    I am always confused by smokers who are dedicated to fitness. Pilates doesn’t really do much to make you thinner, so she can’t be doing it for that. If she wants to do something for her health, she should quit smoking instead (or, best case, in addition to). Nobody ever died of not doing Pilates.

  11. KiddVicious says:

    They look so different when they’re actually smiling with teeth showing than their usual pucker lip half-smile.