Diane Kruger & Norman Reedus became red-carpet official at the Critics Choice Awards

23rd Annual Critics' Choice Awards at Barker Hanger

Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus made their “red carpet debut” as a couple at last night Critics Choice Awards. To be fair, Reedus and Kruger have been on red carpets together before, when they worked together several years ago, in what was likely the beginning of their affair. But ever since Diane and Joshua Jackson broke up, Diane and Norman have been together and they’ve been easing their way into official-coupledom status. I think this was probably smart, to make their first red-carpet appearance at a low-key awards show. That being said, Norman Reedus really brings out the worst in her, sartorially. This Vera Wang dress is bad. Every part of this dress looks like an afterthought.

The 23th Annual Critics Choice Awards Arrivals

The 23rd Annual Critics' Choice Awards - Arrivals

Kate Bosworth in Brock Collection. This dress is a nightmare, my God. It’s like the ugliest wedding gown in the world had a baby with the biggest doily in the world and that baby had a stupid ruffle.

23rd Annual Critics' Choice Awards at Barker Hanger

23rd Annual Critics' Choice Awards at Barker Hanger

Speaking of ugly-ass doilies, check out Allison Williams’ Dolce & Gabbana gown. First of all… at some point, actresses need to stop wearing Dolce & Gabbana. They are problematic people/designers. Second of all, what the hell was her stylist thinking???

23rd Annual Critics' Choice Awards at Barker Hanger

Yara Shahidi in Giambattista Valli. Ugly dress, beautiful girl.

The 23rd Annual Critics' Choice Awards - Arrivals

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  1. OSTONE says:

    Sea of fug dresses and horrible styling.

    • INeedANap says:

      I actually like Shahidi’s dress. She looks like a hippie mystic in 1978. She is young enough to make it work.

      Everyone else needs to throw their dresses in a trash fire (although I love the chainmail detail on Bosworth’s dress, only because I love chainmail).

    • Amy says:

      I went “oh no!” when I saw all the dresses. I don’t like being such a negative Nancy in all my comments, but I hated everything here again! Diane’s skirt looked like a terry cloth beach cover-up.

      The middle two were bad—just too much extra crap tacked on, especially with dress #3, which seemed to be like a sampler of all the possible techniques one could use on a dress: sheer, mismatched colors, random embellishments, lace, extra crap tacked on.

      I liked the color of Yara’s dress. I generally love her fun, youthful, risky style. I didn’t hate her dress like I hated the other three, but I didn’t really like it either.

    • velourazure says:

      That was one painful ugly dress post.

  2. SM says:

    Ugh. I just can’t with Reedus. I feel like if I was sitted close to him (like there is a chance i hell I ever would, but) the evening would be ruined for me. I would be overwhelmed by urge to try to brush his hair.

  3. Babs says:

    Diane’s dress is not so bad, seeing the rest of the post. Kate’s dress… I don’t even have a word for this.

  4. LizLemonGotMarried says:

    The gowns are terrible and Norman Reedus just looks like the kind of guy who is derogatory about all his exes. Not saying he IS, just… that’s what I pick up from him.

  5. Hh says:

    That description of Kate Bosworth’s dress is hilarious and on point.

    And I don’t dislike Yara Shahidi’s dress, but I wish there was more playful and youthful styling of the overall look. Perhaps a top knot bun?

  6. Truthful says:

    She looks miserable with him, like something is off.

    And dude should ditch the hair dye this is starting to look crazy ridiculous

  7. Unmade_bed says:

    We may all disagree on ideals and such, but can we at least agree that Norman Reidus is heinous looking? Anyone who thinks otherwise has definitively bad taste. I’m taking a stand on this!

  8. Renee2 says:

    Can men please stop wearing turtlenecks under blazers??? I hate that look. Stylists for Norman Reedus and Colin Kaepernick, take note.

    I don’t mind the style of Yara Shahidi’s dress, I just hate don’t like the colour or the material.

  9. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Lmao at these dresses. The Bosworth mess looks like it comes with its own baby sling for those ambitious new mommies jonesing for red carpets and copious amounts of lace.

  10. lightpurple says:

    Was there a Refashion an Ugly Tablecloth challenge on Project Runway?

  11. MostlyMegan says:

    When men like Norman Reedus have a grey beard and perfectly brown hair (without even a streak of grey) it is so obvious that they dye their hair and I just imagine them in the hairdressers chair with all that foil on their head and it’s so not sexy.

  12. Who ARE these people? says:

    Why doesn’t she look happy or at least happier with Reedus than with Jackson?

  13. dttimes2 says:

    Diane looks like she would after i attack her for touching my man…..her dress looks like it fell down ?? #DarylForever

  14. DiligentDiva says:

    I still can’t believe she left Joshua Jackson for Norman Reedus, what a downgrade. He’s so ugly and just has such a bad track relationship wise (Didn’t he date that 19 year old at one point). I believe it took him forever to really commit to her, he claimed they weren’t seeing each other when they truly were.
    I don’t get why women leave decent men for a-holes like Reedus.

  15. NOLA says:

    I can’t with them. All I can think is “poor Joshua Jackson.”

  16. Tat says:

    I look at Norman and always thinks he is needing a shower and that has to comb his hair.

  17. Lucy says:

    Diane’s dress is definitely not great, but I don’t think it’s tragic, either. It’s simply…meh. I do love her styling, though, and have been thinking about getting a similar haircut.

  18. Mia4s says:

    Critics Choice Awards are so funny. A B-level that all the A-listers are forced to attend…and the C-listers manage to score tickets too. Some of the fashion last night was D-list at best. Hilarious.

  19. L84Tea says:

    Kate Bosworth’s dress looks as if she is wearing a slim dress and tried to put a toddler’s fancy party dress over her and it got stuck at her waist.

  20. Anastasia says:

    OMG those dresses. My eyes hurt. Williams’s dress is, I think, the absolute worst. GRAY AND BROWN?

  21. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    He’s not too bad here – have seen him look worse. His party lifestyle has def caught up with him, he has that ‘rough party’ look about him that’s not very sexy.

  22. susiecue says:

    How does Alison Williams still manage to look twee wearing that? LOL

    Norman Reedus’ hair/hair dye situation really irritates me. Dude needs to at least switch to Touch of Gray or something because the sharp, bright brown against his rugged face/gray facial hair just isn’t selling. Also the way he always has it so carefully framing his face…just no.

  23. Nikki says:

    ” It’s like the ugliest wedding gown in the world had a baby with the biggest doily in the world and that baby had a stupid ruffle.” KAISER, you are the pithiest, most hilarious writer. I love starting my day with your observations, thank you.

  24. Valiantly Varnished says:

    The reason why Diane’s style has taken a plunge is because of Reedus. Think about it: Joshua Jackson was into fashion and he always looks natty and well tailored and groomed. Now she’s dating a guy who looks like he never washes his hair and whose suit is ill-fitting. Couples often match each other’s sartorial vibes.

    • Bluenoser says:

      Diane is the one who got JJ into fashion. He matched her level of style, with her help, obvs. They’ve both told stories about her throwing his pre-Diane clothes, sneakers, etc in the garbage.

      Norman’s been in the fashion world for decades, and still looks like…well this. Maybe she decided he can’t be fashion rehabilitated, and decided to go grunge. It’s not a great look for her, doesn’t fit. She needs to be a fashion goddess please.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Norman was a model and with 90s supermodel and Nylon co-founder Helena Christensen. I do not know why he chooses to look like this. He can still be in character and clean up for the red carpet, and his hair doesn’t have to look like it was marinated in milk chocolate. I am sure it isn’t in his contract.

  25. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    I will never understand Reedus’ appeal. Diane looks okay, but the dress is somehow messy. Maybe it’s her hair? Her posture? I don’t know, but she definitely looked better with Joshua.

  26. Oh. My. God.
    He looks like LeeAnn Rimes slipped on a cheap black wig to sneak onto the set of one of Eddie’s shoots.

  27. Sarah says:

    Kate’s dress was definitely the worst, it’s too much for my eyes I can’t even look at it properly without trying to decipher what’s going on over there.

    I liked Diane’s dress, although I still think she lost her mojo. I liked Norman’s style too, it’s just that he’s not handsome anymore so it doesn’t matter what he wears, it’s always weird. About the couple, I just can’t buy it. He took ages to come out with her, denied her when they were obviously together, and still seems as if he doesn’t want to fully commit and I wonder why she settles for that. I don’t understand women sometimes.

  28. Monsy says:

    I’m sorry but everytime i see this couple i can’t help thinking: why would anyone would leave joshua jackson for norman reedus?!
    I guess i’ll never get it. Probably the sex is great.

    Also, Diane is the living proof that #fashionkarma is real. 😜

  29. Ginger says:

    I am not loving this sparkly prairie nonsense that we keep seeing on the red carpet.

  30. Bluenoser says:

    You know, I thought when Diane and Joshua Jackson broke up, he’d be the one to move down a level in style. Looks like it’s Diane, surprisingly. Her non red carpet look these days is grunge, and that’s putting a nice spin on it. Matching Norman I suppose.

  31. themumy says:

    Her fashion choices have been really bad lately, but I’m loving her hair. It looks great on her.

  32. ReturnoftheMac says:

    You know I’m pretty disgusted by the comments on this post. If men were making these types of comments about an actress y’all would be up in arms. Because it’s a guy that somehow makes it ok? Disappointing.

    Sometimes I really agree with this community and sometimes y’all are the worst.

  33. NEENA ZEE says:

    Diane’s fashion choices used to be untouchable, unparalleled… and she looked great in everything. I think she’s lost her style mojo.

  34. Dissa says:

    I actually like Diane Kruger’s dress as well as Alison Williams!

  35. A Fan says:

    Facially, Diane looks better here than she has in awhile. She should wear a side part more often. She looks rested and relaxed. The dress is strange though – it’s like two unrelated dresses in one? I don’t particularly like it.

    One thing stands out to me. She has bare arms/back/shoulders/chest and he is completely covered up (including a turtle neck). I see often on the red carpet. How do these women not get cold???


  36. Kelly says:

    I was hoping that Joshua Jackson would hook up with co-star Ruth Wilson after the break, but I was disappointed. They have wonderful chemistry on screen.

  37. Sara says:

    Diane looks amazing IMO. Why are Normans eyes always so puffy?