Meghan Markle wore a Stella McCartney coat in Cardiff: stunning or goth?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit Cardiff Castle

You know what I keep thinking about Meghan Markle? She’s a quick study, and she seamlessly adjusts midstream. She’s figuring out what works and what doesn’t work very, very quickly. There have been missteps – sartorially, superficially – but she’s adjusting very quickly. It’s good. These are photos of Meghan and Prince Harry in Cardiff today. The photos came in sort of late because their train was late! They first did a little meet-and-greet walkabout and they have an afternoon full of scheduled events.

For the day in Cardiff, Meghan went for an all-black look, royal protocol be damned. It’s believed that most royal women are encouraged to NOT wear a lot of black, because all-black looks seem funereal. Meghan doesn’t care – she thinks all-black looks chic and modern. I agree with her, by the way – I much prefer seeing her in black and white than shades of baby-poop brown. Meg wore black skinny jeans by Hiut Denim (a Welsh brand), boots by Tabitha Simmons and a coat by Stella McCartney. The purse is by DeMellier London.

Here’s what I like about the outfit: Meghan quickly adjusted to a more streamlined look for public appearances, because she learned that those f–king slouchy boots were not good. She seems to want to make it her “signature” to wear coats that tie in the front like bathrobes, which is a choice I still question but I’m okay with (for now). I also appreciate that Meghan’s signature look generally involves a pop of a brighter color. This time, it’s the green purse. Overall, this a cute look.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit Cardiff Castle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit Cardiff Castle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit Cardiff Castle

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Nick says:

    Her style is just so…bland, I guess? Nothing about it excites me.

  2. Midigo says:

    much much better! Glad to see her in a fast learning curve.

  3. Merritt says:

    I think she needed a colorful scarf.

  4. Lora says:

    The jeans and the boots look a bit weird… slouchy boots would have looked better imo

  5. Lucy says:

    Good lord she’s pretty isn’t she ? And I love her style , very simple and elegant.

  6. Lucy says:

    Very smart and modern look. Love the all-black and her little purse.

  7. Girl_ninja says:

    Stunning and not even close to goth. Love that she went hair up again.

  8. Ophelia says:

    Nothing to say about such a “safe” ensemble.

    My gripe with Meghan (and Kate, as many of you already know) is: STOP TOUCHING YOUR HAIR!

    Good gracious. Call it an anxiety tic, a love-me-love-my-hair gesture or whatever, it is gross and so unprofessional.

    And it’s not about tying or not tying your hair either… I’m in no way implying that they should all adopt the strict scraped back style favored by Crown Princess Victoria. Crown Princess Mary often lets her hair untied, she never once touched her hair excessively during public engagements, ditto most ofther Queens and Princesses.

    Lalla Salma has amazing thick beautiful hair that she lets loose, and she never touches her hair as excessively as these two…

    In the name of all things great and Goddess of Hair… why?

  9. Annie says:

    how can I get this messy but polished updo hairstyle? :(

  10. Deedee says:

    I love the belt on the coat, the boots and the purse. I’d be happy to own all of it.

  11. KatieBo says:

    I never like her purse choice…

    • seesittellsit says:

      I agree – the purse looks like it belongs to a different outfit and it’s still a bit too big. I just can’t get past how very New York she looks, which is odd because she’s L.A., not NY. But every time I see her she reminds me so strongly of thousands of women I used to ride the subway to work with in Manhattan. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with her maintaining her American look – any more than there’s anything wrong with Kate sticking to her English look. They are who they are, maybe they shouldn’t try to be anyone else or each other.

    • Milla says:

      Yup. It’s very boho compared to her minimalistic outfits.
      The bag is very Chloe.

      Belted coats are her buttons on coats.

      She does look great, but fashion wise, she should have more attitude by now. But she never said she wants to be fashionista. It’s just our idea of her

  12. Citresse says:

    Would’ve liked grey slacks with a scarf featuring Welsh colours. The purse is ok. I’m amazed by how casual Harry looks. Can you imagine Charles showing up so casual?

    • Plantpal says:

      Hi Citresse, I was just thinking…Charles is meant to be King one day, yes? William is meant to be king one day, also yes? Chances of Harry being king are exceptionally slim, yes? So why would they (Harry and Meghan) need to dress as formally as Will and Kate? That said, I really like your idea there could have been grey slacks (softer) with the Welsh coloured scarf. That would have been a brilliant combo, agreed!

      • Citresse says:

        Hello Plantpal I’ve noticed William dressing more casually too. I think it’s a generational thing and perhaps the younger generation of royals want to relate better to the people by not appearing so formal and stuffy and some credit for that no doubt goes to Diana. Charles was raised with so much formality, I guess it’s hardly surprising he wears suits for what’s viewed as more casual settings such as the photo calls when his sons were young.

    • Princessk says:

      Well Meghan’s top is in Prince of Wales check, so that shows that she has thought very carefully about putting all this together, very subtly but very effectively her attire reflects Wales.

  13. bonobochick says:

    I think she looks great. Also, she’s still glowing – great skin regime – which adds to her looking stunning.

  14. Kiki says:

    She looks nice but the outfit is rather…boring..I guess? Idk. Her and Kate have both been looking amazing this week. Im having a lot of fun watching them.

    • Dj says:

      So many ‘boring’ comments. I am surprised. I find this outfit chic and minimalist which would be functional. She is petite like I am so a belted coat gives her figure a waist. Lovely. It would have been nice to have a pop of color with a scarf or something but it really is closer to NY style with all black. I love her and she does make Harry sexier somehow!

  15. Beth says:

    She’s definitely quickly becoming a boring dresser. Some colors would look better on her instead of the blah browns and black she’s been wearing. I don’t like the color or style of the purse much either

  16. LILAG says:

    Eh… I don’t know about the coat but she seems to be feeling more comfortable now. But it bothers me a bit how they are always holding hands or she is holding Harry’s arm. I hope that with time they will stop doing that everytime. Leaves the impression (for me) she’s insecure and I bet she can do fine by herself. Wish her good luck

    • KellySunshine says:

      I love the fact that they touch or show affection in public. I wish that Will and Kate would do it more often.

      • Veronica says:

        It makes them look unprofessional and clingy. Like 14 year olds. They are two adults there to do a job.
        I don’t want my married lawyer friends who work together holding hands and clinging onto each other when working, and I think these two should cool it. We get it. You are in love. You don’t have to act like 14 year olds.
        And wear a shirt with fabric over your shoulders, Meghan. You are there working at a daytime event. I love the shirt, but it is too nightime/date shirt.

      • Tina says:

        She isn’t an official royal yet. Give her a break.

    • Amy says:

      That used to bother me too and I thought it was Meghan clinging to him, but in these photos, it looks like it is mostly Harry reaching for her. And they are not as clingy in this set of photos. Like sometimes it is hard to find one picture where they are not holding on for dear life to each other, but today, in these, they look more like two confident adult people in a serious relationship who do not feel the need to constantly hold hands or arms as a way to reassure themselves and the world that they are super mega in love. It used to look quite juvenile to me.

    • Beth says:

      Maybe they won’t always be clinging and holding each other so much after they’ve been married for a while. I can understand them being like this in public after getting engaged so recently

  17. LizB says:

    She looks nice! I like her more modern style. I also appreciate the actual trousers.

    Her top under the coat is a peplum in a plaid print with the most delicious neckline.

    Btw, Harry looks great in that brighter shade of blue!

    • Senabar says:

      I never noticed before how strategic Harry is in wearing browns and blues (except the occasional tux). I wonder if he had his colors done at Color Me Beautiful? :) They do suit him but it does make his look seem more casual even though each piece individually is very nice.

  18. Senabar says:

    Stunning! So polished yet accessible. I love the all black, but she wrecks Harry’s coloring by looking so vibrant in comparison to his blues and browns. I love how proud he looks though.

    I think the bathrobe style coats are sexy. Much sexier than buttons!

  19. whatever says:

    The coat looks nice and would look nice on her – if it fit. It just seems too big. A lovely fitted tailored coat would look really nice on her. I’m waiting to see what her spring/summer fashion choices will be because her winter style has been bland.

  20. perplexed says:

    I think this looks nice. Did she change her stylist? I feel her BFF stylist is kind of lame.

  21. Nancy says:

    I’ll give her a C+. Vast improvement over her Christmas fiasco. I don’t like the ginormous bow at her waist. She loves this purse, seen it before, but that’s her taste. I want to say she’s a pretty girl, but she is my age or close to at 36. I suppose that’s a compliment to her, she looks much younger, probably because she is so tiny. Keep up the good work MM!

  22. bread says:

    It’ll be interesting to see her choices when the weather turns warmer but for now she seems to be going for the same silhouettes and muted colours. It’s already becoming boring after 3-4 appearances.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      But you know, if she had rapidly moved to a brighter or more flamboyant/more attention-grabbing clothing, she would probably be skewered for trying too hard/ trying to outshine/ not being true to her former self. It’s a no- win scenario in this respect.

      • seesittellsit says:

        @NotSoSocial – well, I think the thing is, royals are supposed to wear things that make them easy to see in a crowd – as I understand it, that is part of the rationale for the tradition of 1) the bright colors, and 2) the hats . . . the hats the hats the hats. That’s what is going to be interesting to see after it’s official. So far, the one hat has been a disaster – and I liked the hat itself, I just didn’t like it on her or the outfit. It was oddly Retro and she’s so very . . . modern. But once she starts attending those “thanksgiving” and “memorial” services at places like Westminster Abbey, the hats are going to have to come out. Will be interesting to see how she swings on those.

  23. Beluga says:

    Her trousers are by a local Welsh brand (Huit Denim) and the company her bag is from funds vaccinations for orphans. Excellent use of platform!

    I get why she’s sticking to neutrals tbh – it can’t be claimed that she’s wearing ‘look at me’ bright colours. Better boring and safe until she’s established in the Firm.

  24. MellyMel says:

    Yasss all black! I love everything about this outfit! But like 70% of my closet is black, so this is literally something I would (and do) wear. I try to wear more color (it’s a struggle) as the weather warms up & I have a feeling she’ll do the same.

  25. Lauren Vail says:

    Sash coats > Buttons. Maybe she’s doing it because she also knows people mock the buttons.

  26. Maum says:

    She seems to love those bathrobe coats doesn’t she?
    Even when they fit they always look too big.

  27. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    I like the look, esp the coat but a splash of colour on her outfit would have been a better look IMO. She’s keeping up the theme of wearing trousers – it has been cold here in the UK with some parts having heavy snow and gale winds. I like her casual, chic look.

  28. llamas says:

    I saw some videos of her speaking today. She’s changed her accent to a more British one. Why can’t she and Kate talk normally?

    • Beth says:

      Was it as bad as Madonnas immediate and fake British accent? Funny when people are so obviously faking their accent

    • Fallon says:

      Maybe because she’s surrounded by it 24/7? I don’t think Meghan’s is intentional. I used to travel frequently for work, and after spending a week or so in a new location, I’d pick up some terms and sound a little more like the people I was interacting with. It happened naturally.

      Kate, on the other hand, I still don’t believe that her “public” voice is her real voice. I think she’d be so much better at public speaking if she wasn’t measuring every word against her posh put-on accent.

      • Nick says:

        She lived in Toronto for how long? She never developed a Canadian or French accent.

      • Masamf says:

        In all honesty, Canadian accents are not all that different from American accents-well except for US southern accents that is. A Newyorker and a Torontonian would be very had to differentiate if they speak. On the other hand, a Londoner is very easily differentiated from a Torontonian or Newyorker and their accent is more easily pickupable if you live with them long enough.

      • Hh says:

        Not all, but many Canadian accents are similar to the American accents you hear on TV. Only certain words sound different. As far as a “French” accent, you would not find that in Canada. It would be Québécois. And you’re surrounded by it if you spend your time in Quebec. The rest of Canada is not as bilingual as one would think.

      • Redgrl says:

        @masamf – I disagree – there are many regional Canadian accents that are distinct in their own right. Newfoundland has varying accents – some of which are very influenced by Ireland & Scotland – but still unique. Other maritimers have varying accents influenced by French (parts of New Brunswick for example), or Scottish/Irish influences in Nova Scotia. Quebec is 85% French and there are regional accents there too. English Quebecers have differing accents depending on region and cultural background. An English Montrealer will sound different from someone in the Quebec side of Ottawa valley – which has its own accent too. Alberta had a large influx in he early 1900′s from the Ukraine & Germany, which likely has influenced regional dialects. I’m sure fellow Canadian celebitches from the Prairies, the North & BC can comment about regional accents there too.
        @nick – While there is a small French speaking minority in Toronto, you wouldn’t get a French accent from living there. And there are other French minority communities outside Quebec across the Canada – with larger ones in Ontario, Manitoba & New Brunswick. Just as there is a 15% anglophone minority in Quebec.
        So no, having lived in various cities across Canada and traveled extensively in the US, I disagree that Canadian & US accents are indistinguishable.

      • DM2 says:

        Redgrl — exactly. There are many, many dialects just within Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and indeed, New Brunswick, a bilingual province, and N.S. itself has its own conclaves of les Acadiens. There’s a whole lot of Canada outside of Ontario! There’s no such thing as a “Canadian” accent — an accent from where, exactly, in this huge country?

      • Masamf says:

        Redgrl and hh, Im not gonna contest any of your posts, they are all very accurate. Matter of fact, the only places I’ve lived in in Canada are Ontatio and BC, so I really didn’t know that Newfies or Bluenosers spoke differently, thanks for that.
        My argument however was about the comment that since Meghan lived in Toronto for 7 years, she would somehow speak with some differs “Canadian accent”, and that’s why I said Torontonias and Newyorkers are almost similar in accents and so I wouldn’t expect Meg to speak any different that her Californian accent. OTOH, her picking up a Londoner accent wouldn’t be unfathomable as Englishmen and American don’t sound similar at all.

    • Guest says:

      Maybe she is starting to pick up the accent?
      When you live around it, you will start to pick it up.

      • ABC says:

        Oh my goodness yes, I can’t speak in the company of Irish people because they will think I’m taking the p*ss. (Nearly said ‘taking the mick’, see what I mean?!?!)

        Apologies to all Irish people, now and in the future. I think you’re wonderful.

    • Veronica says:

      Are you kidding? I thought I heard that last week. I get it, she is an actress, and she probably has an excellent ear. I always find myself imitating accents, too, without thinking about it. But a pretend British accent is certainly not going to endear her to the British people who are already annoyed at supporting a divorced American for the rest of her life.
      She needs to lose that fake accent ASAP!!

      • Masamf says:

        Oh my goodness Veronica, you are way out of control, calm down!! You don’t speak for the entire British population to know who is annoyed or who isn’t. Nor do you know what will endear Meghan to who or what won’t, why not speak for just yourself?

    • Tina says:

      We would see it as her losing her American accent, rather than picking up an English one. For you, the American accent is the default, but for us it isn’t.

      • Addie says:

        But losing your 36-year American accent in just a few weeks? That sounds improbable. I have lived overseas and acquired elements of accents but it does take a long time. And I have a good ear too, as a professional musician.

        There’s nothing Meghan has to be but herself, accent and all. It’s the quality of her character that will matter most to Brits.

      • Tina says:

        Oh, I certainly agree that most people here won’t care at all about how she speaks. I have friends from the US and Canada who’ve lived here for years and still sound very North American to me, but they say that people tell them they’ve picked up an English accent when they visit home. I think it’s all relative.

  29. Carey says:

    Am I reading too much into this or is wearing all black some subtle shade thrown at the UKIP “model” who sent the racist texts about Meghan polluting the Royal blood line?

  30. HoustonGrl says:

    I really enjoyed her Christmas outfit, and I thought references to poop were just immature. She looks nice here, understated. The pics on DM just show how much of a crazy world she’s entering into. Was it that crazy with W&K?

  31. Kelly C says:

    I love it. It’s cool, modern but still classic. Geez, if we are micro criticizing her for this look I hate to think what the haters are like.

  32. Susie says:

    No to the pants and she needs to do something with her hair.

  33. Really says:

    Too much black, needs some color. Not getting it right. She needs to consult with Queen Letizia.

  34. Deanne says:

    This is much better than the brown/beige ensemble. I love the purse and boots. I don’t like the front tying coat that much, but in general, I think she looks great. She’s new to this and this is much improved from the slouch boots from last time. She’s going to be critiqued no matter what she wears. I know some people don’t like it, but I think that she looks really lovely with her hair up. It shows off her happy, pretty face.

  35. Anastasia says:

    Kate is all buttons and Meghan will be belts and bows!

  36. Lainey says:

    Underneath the coat she’s wearing a houndstooth blazer so the complete outift isn’t black so she’s still following royal protocal by not wearing an entire black outfit which is reserved for times of mourning. Loving the coat which is something I never find myself saying about Stella McCartney. Also money from the sale of the bag goes towards vaccines for children. And the jeans are a Welsh brand so she is learning quickly as well as using her influence to bring attention to small local talent.

  37. minxx says:

    I like everything about this look, it’s fresh and modern. I’m so glad she’s not afraid to wear pants to public engagements and her purses are, so far, fantastic.

  38. Sequinedheart says:

    I think she is trying to look professional but still wear something that makes her feel comfortable and confident. I wear black all the time and it is my safe color. I’ll usually spice it up with a bright scarf or a striped top, but still, she is in her infancy of this role.
    Give her a break! At least it’s not victorian-era cosplay (doily, anyone?)

  39. graymatters says:

    She looks good to me. I like that the bag was part of a charity appeal. Part of the proceeds went to children’s medical treatments in Somalia. She also wore matching, yet different earrings in each ear.

    When I first looked at her, she looked good, but a little boring. When I looked closer, I liked it more.

  40. Surely Wolfbeak says:

    Houndstooth at the cuffs! Houndstooth! Why is no one discussing the houndstooth?!

  41. Sage says:

    I don’t like her style yet. She looks like she’s swiming in her oversized coats. She’s too petite for that bathrobe style of coat.

  42. Karen says:

    And her choice of pants/jeans have significance…very well played!

    Cardigan is a small town of 4,000 good people. 400 of them used to make jeans. They made 35,000 pairs a week. For three decades.
    Then one day the factory closed. It left town. But all that skill and knowhow remained. Without any way of showing the world what they could do.
    That’s why we have started The Hiut Denim Company. To bring manufacturing back home. To use all that skill on our doorstep. And to breathe new life into our town.
    As one of the Grand Masters said to me when I was interviewing: “This is what I know how to do. This is what I do best.” I just sat there thinking I have to make this work.
    So yes, our town is going to make jeans again.

    • hkk says:

      I thought I couldn’t like her even more – thanks for sharing!

    • Pip says:

      Hurrah for lovely Ceredigion – where OH & I hope to retire to in a few years time. Thanks so much for sharing your great story – really good luck & I look forward to being able to buy a pair of locally-made jeans very soon :-)

      Oh & despite being a republican (small r), I have to confess to a bit of a girl crush on Meghan Markle – I think she’s a tremendous addition to the Royal Family & I hope they have a very long, happy life together.

    • Cee says:

      This information makes the whole “fashion does matter” conversation pointed and significant in a non-superficial way. Thank you and I wish prosperity for your town.

    • PiMo says:

      Thank you for sharing that information. Now I love that she wore jeans. I find black jeans to be a casual formal look that is acceptable for most office environments.

      I thought all black is not the best look for her, a bit of colour would brighten her up. Love the top inside the coat, beautiful neckline.

  43. Pinar says:

    Queen rania and spains letizia are amazing and the best styled royals i know. But meghan will grow in and learn i think…
    I like her
    At least she has not a granny style

  44. annie says:

    i hate the purses she carries. they look really cheesy. she should either forgo the purses, or carry small clutches. these tiny purses serve no purpose.

  45. hkk says:

    And the hair! She kept the updo and off the face look but gussied it up a little – love her so much! She is indeed a quick study. This silhouette works for her. I’d kill for her legs, I hope she keeps with this fitted pant styling.

  46. Starryfish says:

    I’d kill to have this coat in my closet, I never thought I’d say that about anything Stella McCartney designed.

  47. Penelope says:

    I think she looks both chic and comfortable. And what a gorgeous smile.

  48. Hmmmm says:

    I don’t think it’s boring at all. She is a simpler dresser of which I am too—so I could be self-serving. She isn’t out there with too much color because she has Carolyn Bessette’s style—which I love.

  49. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    She looks nice (I like that she isn’t into superfluous buttons like some other woman who I won’t name). And I don’t mind the “tie in the front” look when it’s a sash like this one. What I can’t stand are the ones who tie their coats in the front, and the “tie” is actually a belt with a buckle on it. Many companies advertise their coats like that — WHY? If it’s meant to tie, why put a freakin’ buckle on it? Was it MEANT to be buckled? All it does is make the wearer look like she is too dumb to know how a buckle operates.

    Ok, rant over.

  50. Malako says:

    Did anybody notice that Kate did recently wear under-500-Pounds clothes only? The single pieces costing less than 500 each, obviously.

    Not a fan of that coat. Black boots and black trousers and black coat and black scarf and black hair. That is a lot of black. Did somebody die?
    At least the handbag is green.

    Messy hair/buns still going on?

  51. Guest says:

    A lot of great video and pics from this event.

    • Karen says:

      I just saw some of the videos and I think she is adorable. She thanked people for waiting for them due to the late train. When shaking hands or talking to the crowd she always asks for the person’s name. Prince Harry told the kids to give her a group hug. It was very cute.

      I think she is a breath of fresh air for the RF. Based on the few times we have seen her I don’t get all the hate. She is very upbeat, has a smile on her face and seems like she is enjoying herself.

  52. Sophie9 says:

    Meghan is dressing beautifully for her body, and creating her individual style. She has a tiny waist, so wide, tied belts (instead of BUTTONS) works for her. Her legs are very thin and straight, so trousers are more flattering, too. Queen Letizia is a style super-nova, but give Meghan time! Her look is sophisticated, and we know she can do dramatic – from the royal engagement photo. Right now, nothing beats that megawatt smile and glow, and the happiness and comfortableness together that is shining off them both.

  53. liriel says:

    To be honest I thought she would be prettier. I’ll never trust Hollywood and its retouched pictures. I like all black but I’d add a colourful accent, like someone suggested a scarf. I think Harry and Meghan will be happy, good-looking couple but nothing straight out of a fairy tale. And I’m ok with it. Let them be quite ordinary.

  54. bikki says:

    seems like harry will probably go bald too

  55. AmandaPanda says:

    I love the outfit for a weekend brunch, but I hate it as a work outfit. She looks too casual for my taste – combination of the slouchy coat, jeans & boots, and messy hair.

    She’s a beautiful woman but I’m afraid the longer her rollout goes on the more the whole royalty thing just sticks in my craw. WHY are people queuing up to see a no doubt perfectly nice, but very modestly accomplished woman? Because she is marrying someone who was born to a guy who was born to the right woman? Nope. Can’t get on board.

  56. ellaa says:

    I I believe her friend and stylist Jessica Mulroney has a clear guideline which seems to be “Carolyn Bessette-inspired/neutrals/elegant in a young stylish way/big and small Brit brands with emphasis on brands from regions they visit”. It doesn’t quite work yet because of the fitting and her petite frame. Bessette was very tall and striking and could wear such coats without being drowned. Meghan does look cute though and is indeed a quick study and got the message about the long hair constantly in her face being unpractical. She does her homework and she reads about herself obviously (not believing one second that she doesn’t) and adjusts accordingly. She is smart and is media savvy. She also knows how to wear her make-up in a subtle but flattering way thanks to her years in the hands of professional make-up artists. If Kate were to do the same style, make-up and hair wise she would look striking. She is tall and has nice features.

  57. Jessica says:

    People need to calm down over her having a perceived slight accent. You can pick up an accent on some words after being immersed in a culture in about 3 months. That’s all it takes. I feel like if Americans traveled and lived out of the country more this wouldn’t be a shock.

  58. Cee says:

    I love the whole outfit. The fact she is wearing trousers/not jeggings made me smile.

  59. Reece says:

    I like it. It’s not stunning but it’s not bad either. She has a plaid peplum off the shoulder top underneath and it works. It’s a good everyday work look. She’s not playing “Duchess”.

    Hate the the bag tho. Hate it, It’s needs to be iced. You’d need a stronger, richer color than that military green to go well with the super dark black shes wearing. Plus I just hate the style.

  60. Rachael says:

    Her outfit is on point again! Keep it up with the trousers! And yeah, the black coat is relatively simple, but the blouse underneath was the real outfit, and it was exciting (to me anyway – the neckline is unexpected and sophisticated!).

  61. Vanessa says:

    I like both of their outfits individually but not together. The combination of navy and black is somehow wrong to me.

  62. Adele Dazeem says:

    Another idea that occurred to me: there is a movement these days to have a ‘work uniform,’ whereas, the focus is in what you do, not what you wear. (google MMLafleur, they are doing this incredibly well). While her engagement photo indicates otherwise, maybe her goal is to be the anti-fashion plate, go with quality neutral basics and make it all about her work, her charities, or (on a more shallow note!) perhaps her face. She’s got the looks to pull off that simple look, that is for sure. Some people need all that extra to distract. She definitely doesn’t.

  63. liriel says:

    I love she wears her hair up. She looks chic and less actressy. More modern.

  64. KicktheSticks says:

    She isn’t royal yet so she may be taking advantage of her options before they make her wear things more in line with their ‘protocol’. She looks great. She has a very casual and easy style but seriously she has the TINIEST legs I have ever seen. They are like pin thin and I think she’s lost weight. Kate also lost weight when the spot light turned on her after the engagement. I hope Meghan doesn’t become emaciated like Kate did back then. I’m sure it’s not easy to live under the microscope. Anyway, good for her, she’s present and involved with the people in a way Kate never is. I have no Kate hate but Meghan clearly has more charisma and natural charm.

    • Princessk says:

      Yes, my worries too. Meghan needs to start putting on some more weight now because as the wedding gets closer the pressure will increase and she will inevitably lose more weight, so this may be a good time to eat a bit more. I hope her friends can pass this message on.

      The minute analysis of everything she does and being made headline news for any little reason must be taking its toll, no matter how strong she is and supportive her team around her are. Meghan is pretty much on her own. Kate had a lot of protection from her parents. Friends are helpful but can never replace the strong presence of good loving parents who have been with you all your life.

  65. Helen Smith says:

    I could see myself wearing this outfit with that hair and liking it enough to repeat the look again and again.

  66. seesittellsit says:

    So, er, I guess Glasgow and/or NI are next?

    • Princessk says:

      I think Liverpool, Manchester or Newcastle or Leeds first.

      • seesittellsit says:

        @Princessk – you may be right at that. I would like it to be Newcastle, as I have a peculiar fondness for it – it reminded me strongly of Pittsburgh, from where I have some close friends. Pittsburghians show the same fierce identity thing about their city and also almost have their own dialect, and something about the former steel and industrial architecture and the bridges seemed similar. It was the only time when I visited the UK that I looked around and saw such a strong parallel to a US city. Anyone else here remember that fantastic series set in Newcastle, “Our Friends in the North”? Wow, that was something. I think that gave me a feeling for the area, too.

        So, by all means, Newcastle next!

  67. Kelly says:

    Why does it so often look as if Harry is clutching his chest? If it’s to restrain his open coat, why doesn’t he simply button it?

  68. NOLA says:

    Finally! A coat that doesn’t swallow her! Anyone else notice that her purses this far have a country western theme feel to them? I do like the pop of color, but don’t love the theme feel.

    Hate the top she wore under it though — not a fan of the off-the-shoulder / boatneck style.

  69. Alexis says:

    She is a quick study for sure. I love this girl. Harry did good. What I thought was so telling was in the video when they were going to Church weeks back, she was looking at Will and Kate for security in a way in how to react. I’m sure they love her. She is too cute.

  70. Masamf says:

    I am more bothered about negative comments about Meghan’s body and about things that she can’t change!! I find it very disturbing when people say “she’s not as pretty/beautiful as i thought” or “she got spindly legs she needs to quit wearing this or that” or “she too dark to pull off that colour” or “she has no curves so this pants look ridiculous on her” etc, these kinds of comments are very disturbing. Body shaming is a form of bullying and its very cruel to body shame a person. People self harm many times as a result of negative comments about their bodies of how they were created; these are things they can’t change and so negative digs at a person about their body just because one doesn’t like the person should be a no no. If comments are about Meghan’s hair style, or clothes or shoes, or purses, etc, you know, things that she can change or do soothing about to improve, then that’s cool. But comments about Meghan’s body? I don’t think so folks!

  71. Vicsy says:

    OK so I died when Harry told the kids to group hug Meg.
    They look SO in love and in their full prowess when together in public.
    Gives me joy.

  72. AideVee says:

    She could wear a binbag and I would still think she looks lovely- they are just so massively and obviously besotted with one another and that just makes me so happy – in such a dark world, what’s not to love 💕

  73. Kaz says:

    Thank the gods for this woman’s preference for real handbags with handles! How refreshing. So tired of those incy little clutchy things. Go Megs!