Gina Rodriguez in Rasario at the SAG Awards: weird or unique?

Presenter Gina Rodriguez had one of the best red carpet interviews last night. She was interviewed by Nina Parker and they mentioned the fact that they were in the same wedding party in Chicago years ago, when Gina was with a boyfriend she didn’t like (not her current one) and wasn’t sure where her career was headed. A lot has changed for Gina (and Nina I’m sure, although I’m just getting to know her). She said she has an action movie coming up and then she got animated and advocated for more movies starring Latino leads. I didn’t catch the whole thing and initially thought she was talking about roles for women, but E! sent us the transcript. She said “Yay Sony for putting a Latino as the lead because barley people do that. I mean, we do make 55 million plus in the country. No big deal. You should throw us in a movie or two. It would make sense. We do buy one in every four tickets, every single weekend.” She’s awesome.

As for Gina’s fashion, I didn’t really like this gown but I think the top is throwing it off. She was in a Rodarte that had a multicolor floral sequin skirt, black ribbing along the bodice and a black bra top. It was unique I’ll say that.


I’m including presenter Brie Larson here because she also had on a multicolor sequin dress, but I like Brie’s Gucci. (Update: Kaiser also covered Brie’s gown here, we had a moment of overlap.) Imagine if Gina’s gown would have just had the same pattern consistently from the top to the bottom like this. It would still be too busy, the floral pattern is too small, but it wouldn’t clash so much. I like the large splotches on this gown as well as the puff sleeves and little sequin ribbon. Somehow it works. (Kaiser covered Lupita here.)


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Note to self: look up every interview that Marisa Tomei has ever done about her fitness, diet and beauty routine and get tips. Tomei is 53 years old. I’m almost ten years younger than her and she looks younger than me. Is her secret hydration, sunscreen, Omega 3s or some perfect combination of a bunch of things? She was in a long sleeve full length Laura Basci sequin gown that was perfect on her. Marisa presented with Rosanna Arquette, in one of the most powerful and emotional moments of the night. They mentioned the #metoo silence breakers by name and you can see a clip on Just Jared.



I really liked Zoe Kazan’s look last night, especially compared to her awful gown and styling at the Critics Choice Awards. She went with sleek long hair and a simple black Miu Miu dress with a floral print. This was understated and pretty.


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  1. Slowsnow says:

    Aaah my pet peeve. The age thing.

    Celebitchy, I am pretty sure you don’t look older than Tomei and Tomei looks her age and is wearing a sh*tload of make up. She is just very very pretty and adorable.

  2. Ytbtet says:

    It is really annoying to see people older than you look younger or heck people the same age look younger

  3. Lala says:

    Zoe, whom is adorable, got my memo about SLEEK HAIR…and she looks LOVELY!!! And I’m gonna root for Gina for EVERYTHANG…not only because she’s a wonderful actress, but also because she’s a homegirl from the Chi!!!!

  4. browniecakes says:

    If Gina’s dress was black from the waist down it might have worked. Marisa and Winona are both stunning. You can throw Gina Davis in there too. She looked great last night. How old is Felicity Huffman? We need an over 50 page for the ladies Kaiser.

    • Amy says:

      Agreed. From the close up head and shoulders shot of Gina, I did not like the black bra top at all. It also looked uncomfortable in her armpits. From further away I like the top but think the bottom needed some black to balance it out.

  5. tracking says:

    Love Brie’s dress. Gina’s dress is so close, but the bodice needed more structure.

  6. ichsi says:

    Brie looks gorgeous and I want Zie’s dress for myself.

  7. Mia4s says:

    I believe the action movie Gina has coming up is the English language remake of Miss Bala; which was a BADASS film. Very cool. It was produced by Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal’s company. Nice to see Sony sticking with a Latina lead.

    My comment from the other thread holds; Brie looked really unhappy overall. I should stop though, could just be flu.

  8. Mar says:

    I hate Gina’s dress, especially the top. Bree always looks so good. Love her look

  9. lucy2 says:

    I love Gina, but not that dress.
    Marisa’s dress is one of my favorites, and I like the others in the post too.

  10. Mary says:

    Is that Drake (from Drake and Josh) with Brie Larson or nah?

  11. Pandy says:

    OMG a sports bra on an evening gown? Wha??? I love Brie’s gown. And I love Marisa’s gown as well. I like that it ends below the knee.

  12. I Choose Me says:

    Gina is a beautiful woman but I dislike what that atrocious bodice is doing to her boob area. Makes her look like she put her bra on over her dress.