Olivia Munn shares text message to prove that she’s not dating Chris Pratt

I wanted to title this story “Olivia Munn shares text message to Anna Faris to prove she’s not dating Chris Pratt,” but that’s too complicated. Maybe I’m overthinking this. Regardless I suspect Olivia shared that message for a reason other than to refute the rumors, since this is the first I’m hearing about Olivia and Chris – who are, unsurprisingly, not a thing. ET reported that they had a “romantic dinner date” at Craig’s in Hollywood last Friday, but that story didn’t get much traction. To the five people who heard about Olivia and Chris – they’re not dating, really! Olivia posted this to Twitter to prove it.

Moving on to something more interesting, Anna and Olivia used multiple emojis in a row and they seem like the type, right? There are the no-emoji to-the-point type texters (those people who type “ok” all lower case, no exclamation point), the single emoji-using types and the multiple emoji-using types. These two are the multiple emoji-using types because they’re doing it here and that seems like their style anyway. I’m one of those single emoji users but if I’m texting or emailing with a multi emoji-user I’ll do that too and get more animated.

Meanwhile did you see Olivia’s red carpet interview at the SAGs? She was talking about meeting Oprah in the bathroom at Soho house. Olivia was so excited that she tried to be cute and make conversation. Instead of agreeing with her story, Oprah shot her down, but mildly. It was funny.

“When I met Oprah I freaked out too,” she said to Parker. “Oprah is amazing.”

Munn… told the story about how she was using the ladies room at the swanky spot SoHo House—and she spotted Oprah coming out of the stall while she was washing her hands.

“I’m washing my hands and I see her in the reflection and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, that’s Oprah,’” she recounted. “So I’m washing my hands and I’m not saying anything and she looks up and says, ‘Oh, it’s a full moon.’”

Munn continued, “And I think this is my in to say something, so I go, “You know they say during a full moon crazy stuff happens and it’s funny because all my friends are breaking up and maybe that has something to do with it?”

Munn then explained that Oprah immediately shut down the idea, “No, it is not a full moon. Your friends are breaking up.”

[From E! received via email]

That sounds just like Oprah. Munn also gave a speech at the Women’s March in LA on Saturday. It wasn’t personal like Viola Davis’s speech or Halsey’s speech but it was still powerful. You can read it on her Instagram. Munn has previously spoken out about being assaulted by Brett Ratner.




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  1. Clare says:

    My main question is – when you date someones ex, does that make you ‘sisters in law’? Interesting concept and I don’t hate it. The narrative that new partner hates former partner and vice versa has got to go. Quit pitting women agaisnt each other.

  2. Snazzy says:

    All I could see is the 58 unread text messages … who has 58 unread messages? would drive me bonkers

  3. HeidiM says:

    I don’t know why anyone would date Chris Pratt.

    • Linabear says:

      I don’t either and am baffled as to why Hollywood is branding him as a hearththrob. He’s not handsome, or charismatic, or a good actor, and seems really smug and brags about killing animals. Why is he a thing?

  4. Loopy says:

    No one really heard this rumour she is now bringing attention to it herself.

    • Louise177 says:

      She probably said something because ET did the story. People usually ignore rumours when it comes from Star or National Inquire.

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s what I thought too. No one was talking about it, there was no need to make the messages public, other than attention.

  5. AngieB says:

    +1 re word choice

  6. Shirurusu says:

    Haha I just automatically assumes this was about Chris Pine, not Pratt, since they actually used to date! Got really confused with the Anna Faris connection there for a bit, like what does she have to do with this?? Lol lord my brain needs sugar :D

  7. Sarah says:

    This smells a little bit like a doth protest too much but I think it’s just an attention grab.

    • Sarah says:

      Oh, and it’s also a way for her to get out her narrative re: ex-bfs, considering her ex (Aaron R.) has been pap’d out and about with D.Patrick. Particularly her first point, “not every woman is scorned”. Seems like she wanted to prove a point – hey, everyone I’m over that football player!

  8. Pandy says:

    Rolling eyes … nobody cares Olivia! Go eat a Japanese potato.

  9. Clairej says:

    This ‘news’ made it into the New Zealand Herald facebook page a few weeks ago. I was waiting for it to show up here. Obviously in NZ nothing much has gone down recently