Jordan Peele on his Oscar noms: ‘What’s the opposite of the Sunken Place?’

43rd Annual Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards - Arrivals

After so many years of #OscarsSoWhite, I was already moderating my expectations for this year’s Oscar nominations. Like, I thought it would be a miracle if Greta Gerwig got nominated for directing Lady Bird (she did!). But I didn’t expect the biggest story to be the Academy’s complete and total embrace of Jordan Peele. Peele got the “triple crown” for writer-directors: he was nominated for Original Screenplay, Best Director and Best Picture (he produced Get Out as well). Apparently, Peele is the third person in Oscar history – and the first African-American artist – to get those three nominations in the same year. The other two were Warren Beatty and James L. Brooks.

After the nominations came out, Jordan tweeted this:

Which is perfect. He also tweeted this:

I get the feeling that Peele was a lot like all of us, preparing for the worst, preparing for another #OscarsSoWhite, preparing for a wave of bullsh-t. It’s incredible that he made such a brilliant film AND the Academy recognized it as such.

Jordan did an interview with CBS Sunday Morning too. This is a great interview:

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  1. Jeezelouisie says:


  2. Lucy says:

    Bravo, Mr. Peele. No one deserved it more.

  3. minx says:

    Love him for all the hours of pleasure he’s given on Key and Peele and now Get Out.

  4. Umyeah says:

    I think this may be one of the first times a horror film has been nominated ( except for silence of the lambs which im not sure is horror or suspense). So exciting, Peele seems like such a nice guy.

  5. Linabear says:

    Haven’t seen any of his work but I loooove his wife Chelsea Peretti. She’s the best part of Brooklyn 99 and the season she took off for maternity leave was so boring without her.

    • Pansy says:

      I did not know they were married!!! I love both of them, and would love to be a fly on the wall in their living room. Can you even imagine the laughs?!

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      I do to – I totally forgot they were married until I scrolled down

  6. Tiffany :) says:

    :: takes this moment of “people did the right thing” and tucks it in a box to be cuddled later in 2018, when people disappoint me again ::

  7. Onerous says:

    I LOVED this movie – I want it to win it all!!!

    • Rice says:


      Mr Rice and I were very apprehensive about seeing this. Being both black, we thought it would be another run-of-the-mill-movie about racism. But at the end, we actually applauded. Get in, Get it, Get Out!

  8. Insomniac says:

    SO happy for him and Daniel! It’s so rare that a movie I genuinely liked gets that much Oscar attention. Well-deserved!

  9. Nicole says:

    I love it…much deserved. Not sure there was a more layered film that calls out not only outright racism but the carefully hidden racism of supposed “allies”. All while being a comedy, drama, horror movie. Brilliant #BlackManJoy

  10. HoustonGrl says:

    His film was truly a triple threat: funny, serious and artistic, he is a genius.

  11. Meg says:

    So happy for him! Also, I loved his response to that interviewer’s indignant comment of “Can you believe some politicians won’t go to the president’s state of the union address because they believe he’s a racist!” with, “Well, the president IS a racist”.

  12. Madpoe says:

    I’d like to see him go up with Keanu (the kitten) and accept the award, that’d be funny, well to me.

  13. Marty says:

    So, so happy for him and everyone involved in the film! It was much deserved.

  14. Margo S. says:

    Damn, that interview isn’t available in my country…. I’m in Canada! Right beside you!

  15. Bea says:

    I finally watched Get Out on HBO the other night and I thought it was just okay.

    • gatorbait says:

      I did as well. I have felt scared to voice that opinion. I saw it in theaters. There was so much more they could do with the film in my opinion and some parts didn’t completely make sense. But I am glad to see a great man getting an opportunity to shine. He seems to be truly grateful and that goes so far to me.

    • Frosty Flakes says:

      On my goodness thank God – me too. An important movie for many reasons and I hope it paves the way for greater opportunity and more inclusive, more representative content…. but the movie itself was just ok. Then again – how many ‘just ok’ movies by white men have been nominated for Oscars over the years – so why not? I do think the writer/director is talented.

      And Daniel Kaluuya will always be ‘tea leaf’ to me

      • gatorbait says:

        Right. It was a good movie for sure and to be original in a see of remakes is something to commend. You’re absolutely right though. If mediocre movies by white men can win why can’t a good/ ORIGINAL movie win too?

  16. Loopy says:

    The movie was great,very unique and well deserved, but many well deserved movies and actors have been overlooked in the past. I hope they didnt just hand these noms because Hollywood is in the crap house right now and they couldnt afford another Oscarsowhite at this moment.

  17. isabelle says:

    my favorite movie this year. I’ve seen many of the Best Picture nominations and Get Out is still my favorite movie of the year. Hope it wins.

  18. Shaboo says:

    This is one of those nominations that I just don’t get.
    The film was average at best…

  19. smcollins says:

    I’m so happy for him (and Daniel, too)! I’ve seen Get Out twice and absolutely love it. I’m definitely going to be rooting for them come Oscar night!

  20. supersoft says:

    He was the best thing in “Life in pieces”. It became boring without him.

  21. adastraperaspera says:


  22. bikki says:

    get out is a fantastic movie, highly recommend it. kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time :-O

  23. Severin88 says:

    Smartest movie of the year.