Duchess Kate repeats a blue Seraphine coat in London: super-cute?

The Duchess of Cambridge visits The Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute

Man, I have not been keeping up with the Duchess of Cambridge’s schedule. Usually, her schedule is so sparse that her events are announced a month in advance, and they’re spaced out to, like, twice a month. But Kate is actually doing more work in January than she’s ever done in before. And I can’t keep up! Today, Kate was in London for two events highlighting postpartum mental health for moms. Her first stop was the Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute, and her second stop was the Mother and Baby Unit at the Bethlehem Royal Hospital.

As she rounds the corner into her third trimester, Kate Middleton is highlighting an issue that affects millions of mothers. The royal mom, 36, stepped out in London on Wednesday for back-to-back engagements focusing on postpartum illnesses — the day after she gave a rare speech highlighting the need for children’s mental health support.

Today’s schedule kicked off with a visit to King’s College London, where Kate — wearing a blue Séraphine coat and the same floral print Séraphine dress she has worn twice before — stopped by the Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute. Her agenda included visiting the on-site laboratory to receive a briefing on its work on perinatal research before meeting with experts conducting research in perinatal psychiatry.

Kate’s next stop is set for the Mother and Baby Unit at the Bethlehem Royal Hospital, part of South London Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. The unit specializes in the treatment of postnatal depression and postpartum psychosis.

[From People]

Sometimes I have great recall for Kate’s clothing, but this was not one of those times. I completely forgot about this Seraphine coat, which she’s worn before. Looking at the old photos, it feels like Kate took an off-the-rack piece and had it awkwardly tailored, and she definitely moved the hemline up. I still think that she did that in these new photos? Then again, all of Kate’s Shades of Blue coats have all started to blend together for me.

All that being said, I think she looks super-cute here. I love it when she wears a ponytail, and I always think pregnancy “softens” her so much. She’s one of those women who will look “suddenly” pregnant too – like she’s barely showing for months and then all of a sudden, she’s waddling around with a sizeable bump. She’s got months to go though!

The Duchess of Cambridge visits The Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute

The Duchess of Cambridge visits The Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute

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  1. Alexandria says:

    She likes sports so I don’t have a hard time believing that she thrives on competition. Anyway it’s for the good of the British taxpayer? Or maybe it’s a January thing.

  2. CynicalAnn says:

    I know it’s yet another blue coat. But still cute-and the ponytail is great.

    • Imqrious2 says:

      It looks a bit tight now, but she looks fabulous: young, chic, professional. Love the fact she wore a ponytail (probably to beat the rainy frizzies), but for whatever reason, it looks great.

      She is definitely one that pregnancy favors. She just glows after the first trimester.

  3. Hh says:

    Praise be to the ponytail! Haha. She looks good here. The hair is sleek without looking too “done.”

    And yes, she’s working quite a bit isn’t she? It’s either the arrival of Meghan or a vacation is coming up. I don’t know if there’s any other way to slice it at this point.

    • Imqrious2 says:

      I think it’s more that the elders are stepping down/back, and they were told in no uncertain terms to get their backsides in gear lol. Also, I think after the Scandinavian tour, Kate doesn’t have much going on, and will pull back to nest in March for the April birth. Then she’ll be gone till fall (save TQ’s bday in June & the Trooping of the Colors (isn’t that the balcony thing with the fly over?)

    • pleaseicu says:

      I think her working more may be a combination of factors hitting at the right time: Phillip forcing William/Kate’s hand by retiring from public duties, both kids off at school, Meghan mania, getting some numbers in now since she knows she’s disappearing from March to September/October once baby #3 arrives, and Catherine Quinn arriving to turn the ship around.

      • Lorelai says:

        How would Catherine Quinn influence things at all? Isn’t she basically just Kate’s assistant/secretary?

  4. Ccg says:

    I dunno… It’s a coat. She always looks like a child going to church to me, I just can’t get excited about any if her outfits.

    • Basi says:

      Agreed!!!!!!! A child going to church.

    • No One Knows says:

      It’s been the plan for over a year for them to pick up more work. They announced last February that they were relocating to London to increase their public duties. Not all of their work is publicized.

    • Boudica says:

      A child going to church! A perfect description.

  5. littlemissnaughty says:

    She looks so good here, that coat is perfect and yay for the ponytail! I wish I could make coats work like she often does but it’s a different look when you’re short and curvy. More often than not, off the rack coats make me look like an extra from The Matrix. And not in a good way.

    • Citresse says:

      Yes indeed, yay for the ponytail. Catherine looks best with her hair pulled back from her face. She should try stick-straight blow outs with no part, meaning just brushed back, away from her face. I wonder if the Cambridges will take a holiday in February in St. Bart’s or Mustique?

  6. Kitty says:

    We all know she does this every year where she finds work ethic and after a while forgets about it. It’s an endless cycle. Also Kate is not getting as much coverage on her solo engagement and the crowds are tiny for her. How is that possible for a future Queen consort?

    • sparrow2 says:

      Oh Kitty…I am sure you are perfectly lovely. Try an Equestrian type coat with fit & flair style.

    • CynicalAnn says:

      Usually her workload picks up before their numbers get tallied, right? To work so much now is unusual. I still attribute it to Prince Philip forcing their hand and retiring.

    • Beluga says:

      I think it’s a combination of things. Upcoming maternity leave, Catherine Quinn’s influence, PP’s retiring and possible subsequent kicks up the backsides from the Palace and, yes, new competition.

  7. another kate says:

    I kinda hate this coat. Not a fan of the icy blue shade on Kate (or most people). For some reason, it just seems very old ladyish to me (especially in a coat). Not sure why. I do love her ponytail though. Sometimes her updos look so matronly, but I really like the ponytail. Her face looks good and she seems happier lately.

  8. Tiffany says:

    Those two visits are on point. They make sense and fit for Kate.

  9. minx says:

    Love the coat and LOVE the ponytail!
    But as one tall woman to another, I want to tell her to stand up straight! Throw those shoulders back.

  10. JaneDoesWork says:

    Remember the other day when we were all like “I forgot she was pregnant, she’s not really showing!” Well never mind! She looks fantastic, I love her hair, good for her.

    If you look at the Daily Mail comments on this they read my mind, its AMAZING that after years of doing the bare minimum to the point of being renowned for laziness, now that Meghan has come along Kate has decided to actually do her job.

    So if you do nothing else, Megs, thanks for finally getting this poor sausage off a chaise lounge and into her role!

  11. Squirt says:

    Her and Wills seem to really focus on mental health. As someone with depression and anxiety, including social, I’ve always speculated about her…I think there’s a reason she’s so protected and coddled. And why she “goes dark” and then pops up again.

    • OriginalLala says:

      I’ve been wondering the same thing as well lately

    • HoustonGrl says:


    • AmyLue says:

      Actually, I have wondered this more about Will than about Kate. Isn’t there a history of royal consorts being the stronger partner than the “blood royal”? Wasn’t is Mary who basically ran things because her husband was quite dim? There is always a piece of me that has wondered if Kate’s performance (work numbers included) have been as a way to bolster William. It seems as if there are a few pictures of them in public where she is quietly soothing him through a touch of her hand on his leg. I don’t think we will ever know…I just have wondered.

  12. Becks says:

    I think she looks really nice here. Her outfit isn’t going to set the world on fire but everything about it looks nice and works. She doesn’t have to be a total fashion plate, but sometimes her outfits verge on boring or dated, rather than simple and classy, which I think is usually her goal. Here her whole outfit is very pretty.

  13. Maum says:

    I thinks she looks good there- coat and accessories.
    Good professional pregnant outfit.

    Sloanes have very conservative ‘work’ wear- a friend of mine dresses just like her and has done since graduation.

    I like the red umbrella too- I’m amazed it wasn’t navy blue. Considering if it such a miserable London rainy day the touch of colour is very welcome.

    • Imqrious2 says:

      It wasn’t her choice, it was given to her by the college. It has their name on it. But yes, the red and blue are nice 😊

  14. Cher says:

    Finally, her hair is out of her face. The coat is not the greatest, but it works. And, she is working…thanks Meghan…lol.

    • Olenna says:

      Agree. I like the ponytail; the coat is meh. But, she does look more confident and she’s working, so it’s all good!

  15. Mumbles says:

    I agree, pregnancy suits her, her face softens and she looks younger. If you see photos of her from University she had a fuller face and I think it suited her. Of course as we all get older we lose that softness but I think with her, she got very slim and it hastened that process.

  16. Adele Dazeem says:

    Wow, she has really turned over a new leaf in 2018. As part of my positivity new year plan, I am going to refrain from mentioning the coincidental nature of it all, but in short,
    —the hair is better
    —the recycling is happening
    —the smile is more genuine
    —the speech is improving
    —holy cats she’s working a lot more
    —she even wore a scarf, aka an accessory,

    I’m beyond pleased she’s been listening to us here at CB!

  17. Lala says:

    So many of the coats she wears makes me hear “Here we go round’ the mulberry bush” when I see her in them…LAWD! I need for Mama to have more style than her daughter, who is always…ON POINT!

  18. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    She totally being competitive about the new girl on the block, these 2 are never this visible at this time of year. This is usually when they go off for a sunny vacation with the Mids.

  19. Laura Dawe says:

    Catherine looks beautiful 😊 On a side note, I miss London and it’s rainy weather (I love, love, LOVE London’s weather!) 💂☔

  20. HoustonGrl says:

    I’ll take it! Let’s give credit where it’s owed: she’s working, she’s wearing a pony tail and she’s giving much better speeches. These are the things we’ve been harping about for years.

  21. Guest says:

    Kate looks good with the extra weight. Hopefully she’ll keep some of that weight on her.

  22. LizB says:

    As a person who has had PPD, I want to thank Kate for doing this.

  23. vava says:

    No, no, and NO. The coat doesn’t fit. She waited too long in her pregnancy to wear it.

    • CrystalBall says:

      I agree. On numerous previous occasions this outfit would have been better. She seems to be fuller in figure at this stage than the first two pregnancies – what worked before isn’t working now!

  24. seesittellis says:

    Very 1960s Jackie Kennedy, I think. I’m a fan of most shades of blue and I like the low-key elegance. However, it does look as if it’s just about past its sell date as a maternity coat for her at this stage of the pregnancy. She’s at the stage where the bosom suddenly starts to bloom and you move into another range of clothing for the last three months.

  25. Starlight says:

    Nice colour but a bit tight she must have some flowing ones in her wardrobe or is she trying hard to give the blue boy message

  26. Lobbit says:

    Cute ponytail! She’s been a busy bee lately – it’s a good look for her.

  27. mela says:

    awful shoe game

  28. themummy says:

    She looks great. Pregnancy looks so good on her. Her face looks so good when she’s pregnant. I’m loving the ponytail.

    I don’t quite get the comment that she definitely brought the hemline up. That feels like a dig? But who cares? It’s a coat, not a dress. Who cares where the hemline is on a coat?

  29. Lorelai says:

    I wish I could pull off a ponytail like that! She always looks so great with them. They also make her look so much more youthful.

  30. Anastasia says:

    You can’t tell me all this sudden work isn’t in reaction to Meghan. It might ALSO be because of other factors, but M about to enter the royal family is DEFINITELY the tipping point.

    But she’ll definitely lay off a lot when the baby gets here.

  31. CrystalBall says:

    I think they are fighting over the umbrella!!!

  32. Jayna says:

    I was very moved by seeing where she visited, the specialist mother and baby unit at Bethlem Royal Hospital where moms who have suffered severe mental illness in late pregnancy and early motherhood stay with their babies as they are receiving treatment. This is really a good thing, shining the spotlight on this and spending time talking to the moms there. It’s great they are not separated from their babies. .

  33. Honey says:

    But what is that look on her face about? Photo where she is standing beside the car.

  34. KicktheSticks says:

    She completely changes for the better when she’s pregnant. She seems so much more relaxed and happy. It’s almost like she knows the pressure is off and people will give her a pass. I do like the coat. She looked good today.

  35. carolind says:

    I am sure Kate is nearer 7 months pregnant than she is 6 months. The Cambridges had “holiday time” in August and there were rumours then Kate had been in hospital for a few hours or even a night, possibly in Aberdeen when they were at Balmoral.

    Harry is getting married on19 May so if the baby was due end of April and she was a week or two late as I think she has been, she would be running quite close to the wedding.

  36. Inna says:

    She forgot to wear her bra.