Chrissy Teigen in Yanina Couture at the Grammys: cute or over-the-top as usual?

Chrissy Teigen was in a silver metallic Yanina Couture gown at last night’s Grammy’s with draping that kind of camouflaged her pregnant belly from the front. She kept cradling it, which often looks ridiculous in photos but you can’t always tell from certain angles when a woman is pregnant. Chrissy is hyper-aware of her image, so she probably doesn’t want photos when she’s pregnant to ever be used of her when back to model shape (two months later). Ryan Seacrest asked Chrissy and John Legend about Chrissy’s post complaining that their contractors made them go for a day without a toilet. (They were getting their plebe manual toilet taken out and a Japanese toilet/computer bidet put in.) Chrissy is pregnant so she probably needs to go immediately and it must have been a hardship for her to walk a few feet to the next bathroom in their mansion. (I phrased that mean, but it’s true.) Chrissy confirmed this to Ryan by saying that she peed herself. That’s Chrissy, that’s her schtick and I imagine that’s how she landed that McDonalds commercial we kept seeing last night where she got burgers for people at a fictional celebrity awards ceremony. I kept thinking that John Legend must have been too expensive to hire for that too because we never see Chrissy at events alone. She wouldn’t be going if it wasn’t for John, which she knows and admits. Also, she confirmed on social media that she’s having a boy. I’m sure we’ll hear lots more about that soon. Also, as annoying as Chrissy can be, she’s kind of perfect with John and I would be so upset if they ever split.

Chrissy wore Jonathan Simkhai to the Clive Davis party. This is a little tacky with that pattern and those cutouts, but for Chrissy it’s not bad.

Here’s Hailee Steinfeld in a white Alexandre Vauthier column gown with killer purple boots, also by Vauthier. You know how everyone was freaking out over those $10k YSL crystal boots? I think that these boots are hotter than those. The Fashion Court has a photo of the boots as intended by the designer with that same dress. Gorgeous! Her makeup was lousy though. I kept thinking how beautiful she looked on camera and how much better she would look with more conventional makeup.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Presenter Sarah Silverman looked silly with that giant hair in a black prom dress by Maggie Marilyn with 90s tights and boots. The theme of the night was nostalgia though (Bruno Mars and Cardi did it best!) plus she’s a comedian, it works.



Miley Cyrus looked amazing in a black velvet Jean Paul Gaultier jumpsuit featuring a little half capelette with some tassels and crosses. This is beautiful! Check out her shoes though. Those glitter heels are to die for but her toes are hanging off the sides. Miley performed Tiny Dancer with Elton John, which was one of the more memorable performances. The Grammys are like The Oscars, they’re bloated, they’re more industry-focused than entertaining, and it’s hard to watch the entire thing.



Here’s Alessia Cara all cool and casual in a black pantsuit with a white t-shirt and white Converse. I wear my white Reeboks with so many outfits and I thought this was so cute. Her styling is really the star here. Alessia won Best New Artist (she’s new?) and she also performed with Logic and Khalid to raise suicide awareness. You can watch a clip from that performance on JustJared. I was asleep by then. Logic gave an incredible message to the sh-thole countries about how we’re a nation that loves and celebrates immigrants. All credit to these artists for showing that we care and that we’re not going to stop caring. Sometimes I get overload and just want to shut news about our orange overlord, but when artists use their platform like this it makes a difference, and it’s heartening.

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  1. Lilith says:

    I am loving Alessia’s pant suit. I’m wearing my version of it to lunch tomorrow. Hailee looks fab.

  2. SM says:

    I hate those pregnant belly rubbing gestures from partners. In public and/or on camera. I am so happy I am married to someone who would never and never did attempt that in public. It’s fine when you are lying on your sofa or when the baby is kicking. However as a pose for photos ….ugh.

    • AnnaKist says:

      I am so with you, SM. A few years ago, I was watching the end of one of those morning magazine shows here in Australia. The newsreader, one of my favourites for many years, was saying her farewells, as she was going on maternity leave. They went to an ad break, and when the show came back on, all the personalities were lined up, ready to present the lady with a huge flower arrangement and other gifts. When I spotted her, she was standing there, very elegantly. I said out loud, “Oooooo, please, Sharyn, please don’t rub your belly in that smug, possessive way! Please don’t even cradle it! Please Please Please!” She. Didn’t. I was so moved that I emailed her, thanking her for not doing it, not expecting a reply. But she’s a lovely person, and within half an hour she’d replied, saying, “Ugh. I cannot stand it when women do that! And a man doing it is even worse! Rub, rub, rub – it’s not as if a bloody genie is going to appear…” It still makes me laugh.

      • Slowsnow says:

        Honestly?! That is insane.
        You sent an email to thank a woman not to have cupped her belly and she replied that she hated it??
        How self-hating of everything womanly are we programmed for?
        I am not a fan of staged family photos of any kind, and I am not particularly fond of said pose, but do we have to give women one more thing not to do?

      • eto says:

        oh geez, when my sister was pregnant she was constantly rubbing her stomach because it made her feel better.

    • Veronica says:

      I think it’s kinda gross when it’s obviously posed on the carpet with the father, but I’m fine with it in candid shots or even when women do it by themselves. My friend always had hugged or rubbed her stomach during her pregnancy. It wasn’t intentional – just kind of an anxiety/security gesture.

  3. cleveland girl says:

    The best part of Chrissy Teigen was her Mcdonalds commercial that aired in the middle of the Grammys

    • Erinn says:

      I was flipping through instagram last night and saw a video of her in a makeup chair or something then *pop* up comes a drink and a cheese burger. I have to say I laughed – the woman has really grown on me in the last year or so.

  4. Nicole says:

    I love Chrissy and the story about the toilet was actually hilarious (because she came home to find it gone). The silver dress was much better than her white dress.
    Hailee looked glam. She’s really evolving.
    Alessia is great but SZA was robbed for BNA. Like beyond robbed. Geez.
    Got nothing to say about Miley. Meh

  5. deets says:

    Cannot hate on Chrissy. Words are cheap, but actions and 200k are not.

    Love the boot and dress combo, but H needs better makeup. Maybe it was an 80s call out with that colour shadow and shape?
    Those YSL boots look like a more boring version of Carols bedazzled boots on Last Man On Earth.

    • MissMarierose says:

      Yeah, I was kinda meh on Chrissy Tiegen but she’s shown herself to be someone who puts their money where their mouth is. It was wonderful that she offered to pay McKayla’s fine and then donated all that money in honor of the USA Gymnastics team.
      I bought her cookbook the other day and it’s actually really good.

  6. Nancy says:

    Chrissy looks beautiful. John looks like he’s petting his creation and I’m not into it. If it were genuine, maybe, but he’s doing it for the photo op. He’s creeping into her territory of TMI. I don’t get Sarah Silverman, she looks as if she just doesn’t give a crap. Maybe, like a lot of the audience, she doesn’t. *Just noticed Miley isn’t sticking her tongue out, she’s taking baby steps, but maybe she’s growing up??!!*

  7. AnnaKist says:

    I don’t know who Alessia Cara is, but looking at her photo here, she’s inspired me to not be such a slackarse, tidy up my act and get back to dressing as I used to – just like her. Miley Cyrus looks great; it’s like she’s over her [insert whatever] period, which is good to see. Or maybe it’s all that time in the Australian sun in Byron Bay. I clicked on the Fashion Court link. That model looks horrendous. ScarySkinny. The pose she’s in makes her look even worse.

    • Erinn says:

      I like Alessia. I am a little partial to her because she’s Canadian – but she seems to have a good head on her shoulders as well. I heard her song “Stay” everywhere for a while – I’d even catch my husband humming it haha. She also taught herself how to play instruments – which I appreciate from someone with a great voice. She was doing covers on youtube at 13 and just worked herself up from there. She’s determined, and I dig her style: never overdone/over managed – it looks effortless.

  8. Lana 234 says:

    I didn’t any of Chrissy Teigen’s dresses but she’s pregnant so it must be hard to find something that looks flattering. I actually liked Miley’s outfit. Alessia Cara looked good. Hated Sarah Silverman’s dress and I appreciate what Hailee Steinfeld tried to do with dress by wearing them with purple boats as apose to strapped heels.

  9. minx says:

    Please don’t bring 80’s shoulder pads back.

  10. magnoliarose says:

    I have always loved jackets and pants.
    I hate Chrissy’s dresses, and she has messed with her face. She should stop before she Wildensteins herself.
    Love the boots and the dress is cute but it falls short on the styling so it takes away from the possible throwdown she could have had. It looks like whoever styled her hair just gave up and left the ends unfinished.
    Mylie whatever.

  11. Lylia says:

    All the girls look cute and fit their personality. I love Chrissy. Yes, she has every right to freak out finding the toilet gone. I would have lost it.

  12. Lucy says:

    I can never stress enough how glad I am that someone like Alessia is around. When I first listened to Here, I was like…this song is me in a nutshell. An unconventional yet super catchy pop song which talks about NOT having fun nor throwing my hands in the air for once. Also, I do love her whole attire and styling.

  13. Veronica says:

    I mean, it’s Chrissy Teigen? When is she NOT over the top? Whatever, I can’t hate on her. She’s pretty much harmless, even at her most dramatic.