Robin Thicke & April Love Geary will name their daughter Mia Love Thicke, you guys

23! Babe! You're gonna have to swap me out for a younger chick soon!! 😝😝

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I only just now realized that Robin Thicke was nowhere to be seen on Grammy weekend. Makes total sense to me – I sort of believe Thicke has been kicked out of “music” at this point. Of course, it’s also possible that Robin didn’t want to travel to New York so close to his girlfriend’s due date. Yes, remember that? Robin started dating April Love Geary when she was about 20 years old – she’s 23 years old now, and he’s 40. She’s pregnant and expecting a baby girl next month. Over the weekend, they held their fancy baby shower and they ended up revealing the name they’ve picked out:

Robin Thicke and April Love Geary are counting down the days until they meet their baby girl. The singer, 40, and model, 23, celebrated their daughter — who’s expected to arrive in March — with a lavish baby shower in Malibu, California, on Jan. 20.

“We were so lucky to be surrounded by so much love and joy,” Thicke tells PEOPLE exclusively about the day. At the pink-themed fête (planned and designed by Vanessa Michelle Co. and A1 Party Rental), guests sipped on pink champagne, dug into tacos by MH Taco Catering and snacked on Grace and Honey Cakes treats including cake pops, lemon poppy cupcakes, macarons and Oreo gems, plus cookies by Cousin Cookie. Later in the day, the Churro Bar Catering truck also stopped by to serve homemade churros with ice cream along with gourmet coffee drinks.

“Robin and April are two of my favorite people so it was such an honor to give them the shower of their dreams,” says planner Vanessa Michelle, who leveraged a “soft and feminine color palette with a twist.” Using a variety of pink, lilac and plum colors, Michelle mixed and matched vintage rentals from Etablir Shop, velvet textures, florals, balloons and more to decorate the event, which featured tunes spun by DJ Jon B and Salina G.

One extra-special touch was a giant floral wall by Lovesome Blossoms that revealed the baby’s name: Mia. “Julian came up with the name … and I suggested the middle name Love after her mommy,” says Thicke about his 7½-year-old son (with ex-wife Paula Patton).

[From People]

First of all, I have a sweet tooth too but even I think that’s way too much sugar – cake pops, cupcakes, macarons, Oreo gems AND cookies AND churros and ice cream? Let’s name the baby Diabetes Thicke! As for the real name they’ve picked out… Mia Love is impossibly Manic Pixie Dream Girl, but think about how her full name is going to sound: MIA LOVE THICKE. That went from Manic Pixie Dream Girl to a stripper’s stage name in about two seconds, didn’t it? Kaiser Love Thicke out. (Massive sidenote: I actually enjoy the nouveau-hippie vibe of naming a baby “Love” – I’ve met women who go by Love and Lovey and it’s actually very cool to me, or maybe they were just cool girls.)

Today was absolutely perfect 💝

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  1. Naptime says:

    It’s pretty. Not seeing the problem.

    • kNY says:

      I agree. I’m not crazy about the middle name, but holy heck a baby was just named “Stormi.” Why is anyone complaining about Mia?

      • Alix says:

        “Mia” is fine (thought that floral display looks more like M.I.A.), but “Thicke” is just a horrible surname.

  2. PunkyMomma says:

    No, just … no.

    • LetItGo says:

      Is she from Utah? Maybe they are naming her after that Republican woman. Blech

      Can’t believe no one is saying anything about her faux-cutesy ‘you’re going to have to swap me out for a younger model’ comment.

      Considering that’s essentially what he did to Paula Patton, does she realize just how prophetic it might also be for her as well? That was in bad taste. Then again it might be her insecurity talking.

      I’ll give her until mid-late twenties before he starts officially looking around for a replacement seriously. Of course he’s probably always on the prowl unofficially.

  3. Snazzy says:

    It’s quite nice if it wasn’t for the last name. It’s Thicke that makes it so unfortunate

    • Jag says:

      This! The middle name doesn’t work with that last name,

      How in the world would they think that she won’t be teased about “my uh love thick?”

  4. Texasho says:

    I love it thick too!!

  5. CleaK says:

    Mia Love is the Congress Rep from Utah and she is a dingbat. It’s cool that she’s the first black woman Republican Rep ever ( though sad because she was elected in 2014- I think, it was recent.)
    However, she’s a nutbar. That’s all I can think of when I hear this baby name.

  6. deets says:

    Uhhh…. that joke. It’s interesting.

  7. Lucy says:

    The baby’s name is literally the least of her problems. Her dad is what concerns me.

    • pix says:

      Seriously. Plus the fact that she know’s he’s a creeper by saying he’s going to need a “younger chick” soon. She just turned 23. This doesn’t end well.

    • Nicole says:

      Yea she should be worried for whenever he starts looking for Paula 3.0.

  8. damejudi says:

    “Robin and April are two of my favorite people so it was such an honor to give them the shower of their dreams,” says planner Vanessa Michelle,”

    …yeah, they’re your favorite people-once the check cleared.

    Sorry, I’m feeling cynical. Cadet Bone Spurs Bigly Parade news was a bad start to my day.

  9. Nancy says:

    Trying to steal Stormi’s Thunder. Ha! JK, Kylie loves Thicke…

  10. AngieB says:

    She’s beautiful and her caption is so sad.

  11. Crowdhood says:

    Robin Thicke should be cancelled as a human. Forget the music scene all the way cancelled as a part of our species.

  12. MJC says:

    Is it just me or does it seem like she has had the longest pregnancy ever? Like, did they announce before she even conceived?

  13. Pandy says:

    Love sick with a lisp. Stupid name.

  14. Nuzzy says:

    She’ll marry a guy named “Kahk” and insist on hyphenating her name: Mia Love Thicke Kahk!

  15. Littlestar says:

    Mia Love is fine, but Mia Love Thicke…too many jokes with that.

    Wasn’t going to say it but I’m just going to add that it legit sounds like a p0rn stage name. Why god

  16. L says:

    Kris Jenner’s grandkids call her Lovey, you may change your mind about liking it now.

  17. Chaz says:

    Mia Love Thicke sounds like the name of a pornfilm.
    Debbie does Dallas.

    Mia is lovely and much better than a pretentious made up bullshit name. In some countries there are laws in place to stop selfish egocentric parents from naming their kids like they would a dog. There is abolutely no thought spared to what it might be like for that child if they are named something bizarre or stupid.