“The gender-reversed ‘Overboard’ remake still looks really bad” links

I agree, the gender-reversed Overboard remake starring Anna Faris still looks absolutely terrible. They should be ashamed of this mess! [Pajiba]
The return of Leo DiCaprio’s struggling dance moves. [LaineyGossip]
Stop sending weird or bad sh-t to Don Trump Jr. and his wife. Let Robert Mueller deal with them, okay? [Dlisted]
Wait, they’re going to do *another* Willy Wonka movie?! [Looper]
Danielle Herrington is the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model. [JustJared]
Cardi B is the darling of New York Fashion Week. [GoFugYourself]
Elizabeth Hurley is still posting scandalous selfies. [Moe Jackson]

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  1. psl says:

    I love the original. LOVE it.

    This is a travesty.

  2. supersoft says:

    Ok i admit it. I like the trailer. (and i absolutely love the original, too…)

  3. nikzilla says:

    the original is so great and I hate that they keep remaking movies but, i’m surprised and impressed that they went with a more diverse actor for the male lead! I was expecting Channing Tatum lol

    • jenn says:

      If I’m not mistaken, that dude is basically the most famous comedy actor working in Mexico today?? (It is SO weird that I know that; at most, I’ve seen him in the *trailer* for Instructions Not Included.) I recognized him in this trailer and, I have to admit, I grinned. Hope he gets the stateside breakout success he deserves.

  4. Dulcinea says:

    Liz Hurley should play Melania in the Trump movie.

  5. Stacy Dresden says:

    I’d give it a shot.

  6. starkiller says:

    I’m tired of all this gender reversed. Why don’t women rate their own, original material?

    • ElleC says:

      They do, but dude-bro producers prefer to finance unimaginative gender-reversed remakes of dude-bro movies to cynically cash in on women’s buying power without actually having to engage with women’s thoughts/creativity/voices.

      Don’t blame women for the dearth of stories by women for women, blame the men who hold captive the means of production.

    • marianne says:

      They do but they arent given as many chances as their male counterparts. For example Edge of Seventeen was a pretty well recieved coming of age flick (from both critics and audiences) managed to score a Golden Globe nom as well as a Critics Choice nom for Hailee Steinfeld. The writer and director was a female. And yet, despite the success has done nothing since and doesnt even seem to have any future projects lined up. So why hasnt she been able to do more original pieces of work? Or look at Patty Jenkins. She directed an oscar winning performance in Charlize Theron (Monster) and yet the next feature film that she directed was last year’s Wonder Woman. That was about 15 years a part.

  7. Betsy says:

    I don’t get Anna Faris. At all.

    You know, the Trump Crime Syndicate lies so much and so freely that I half believe they created the white powder themselves.

    And I’ll never get an Alexa. It’s bad enough I have a phone that can “listen,” I’m not paying for the privilege of a corporation to listen in 100% of the time.

    • Neelyo says:

      I more than half believe they created the whole thing themselves. The whole thing reeks. And the fact that it’s not a bigger story makes it even more suspect.

    • Lightpurple says:

      It’s all very strange. They all would have had mail opening procedures explained to them by the Secret Service months ago & that’s for the rare instances when they would be opening mail. Under no circumstances is it imaginable that any of them would open something from someone they didn’t know. And she opened something addressed to him. Did he tell her to open it? Did she open it because she’s suspicious of him getting mail from other women? And of course, Nagini has to horn in by tweeting that she wishes she was there. Oh the missed photo opportunities!

  8. Happy21 says:

    Nope. Just nope.
    Maybe it’s because I can’t stand Anna Farris in anything but I more just think nope. Why remake a movie? Because the original was so well loved that maybe they can top it for today’s movie goers. NO. Just no.

  9. huckle says:

    I love the original but I think a lot of it had to do with the chemistry between Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn in that movie. There’s a lot of circumstances that worked in Overboard’s favor that I don’t think will translate for a remake. I don’t know why they have to ruin favorite movies by remaking them anyway.

  10. Bee says:

    Anything with Anna Faris looks really bad.

  11. LittlefishMom says:

    She’s not funny. At all. She always looks drunk.

  12. magnoliarose says:

    As if a woman who looked like this guy, unconventional and not everyone’s beauty standard would ever in a million years get to play the romantic lead with say I don’t know anyone ever. The only time they do that is in a comedy making a joke of her looks or she is a pathetic loser, and we are all supposed to have faith in the goodness of hot guys by the end.
    Keep it Hollywood. #never change

  13. matahari says:

    Anna Faris used to be one of my favorite actresses early on.. anyone else see May (2002). Now she just annoys me playing the same dang role every time.

  14. slowsnow says:

    The film looks pretty fun (I never watched the original). And Faris not being likeable kind of suits the role because what she does is pretty terrible.
    I’d watch it on Netflix for sure.

  15. Dolkite says:

    I think it’s safe to say in the remake, none of the kids will insist on speaking like Pee-wee Herman.

  16. kimbers says:

    I wouldn’t even illegally stream or download. Not for me. I like the actors in the original better.

  17. marianne says:

    I dont necessarily hate remakes, sequels, re-boots…whatever. I think if it can bring something new to the table, brings us some new insight into that world, or if its a classic story that works in all eras (like a Romeo & Juliet does) , if technologically the film itself could use an update or its based off a book and they want to make a more faithful adaptation or if the original concept was great but it wasnt a success (maybe not the right director for that vision or simply the marketing wasnt good and no one saw it)…those I think can warrant a remake, sequel etc. Now whether they get a good director, writer, cast to execute them is another. Some films I think are perfect on their own. They still hold up by today’s standards. Or they said all they really needed to, or there isnt much lore to explore or expand on. I’d be pissed if like Schindler’s List got remade for instance. It would just be unnecessary. And some are lazy cashgrabs as well. I remember when The Hangover came out it was such a breakout smash. So of course studios decided they could make more money and yet the sequel was basically the SAME movie as the first except it takes place in a different country. As for this Overbpard remake, I suppose there might be a different insight we take away from it since its a single mom and not dad but overall it looks like its the same as the first except their hair isnt as big and they probably all have cell phones now. I dont know, it just doesnt seem that necessary.

    Yes, I would like to see more original content being made. But I do understand it can be a risk for studios rather than choosing something that already has a built in audience.