Andy Cohen had to chime in on the Sarah Jessica Parker-Kim Cattrall fight

Sarah Jessica Parker co chairs the Ballet Gala

True to form, Sarah Jessica Parker is not commenting directly on Kim Cattrall’s bridge-burning Instagram post from the weekend. This is par for the course with SJP – all of her dirtiest work is done through third parties and anonymous sources, and then when she’s asked about anything directly, she does her breathy-little-girl routine and acts so innocent, like Kim Cattrall is crazy, like Kim is the one with the problem. Kim has been dealing with that sh-t for two decades and she finally had enough and said so. That should be the end of it, in my opinion. Kim Cattrall clearly doesn’t want any part of SJP, so just leave Kim alone and stop with the third-party bullsh-t and the anonymous-sourced bullsh-t. But SJP can’t help herself. Which is why one of SJP’s closest friends, Andy Cohen, is speaking up on her behalf to do her dirty work.

Andy Cohen just doesn’t understand the drama going on between Kim Cattrall and his close pal Sarah Jessica Parker.

“I thought it was fake,” Cohen said on his SiriusXM radio channel “Radio Andy.” “There was no way Kim Cattrall has posted this on her Instagram.”

After Cattrall announced on Feb. 4 via Instagram that her brother had passed away, her “Sex and the City” co-stars Parker and Cynthia Nixon expressed their condolences in the comments section, with Parker writing: “Dearest Kim, my love and condolences to you and yours and Godspeed to your beloved brother.” Afterwards, Cattrall thanked her “SATC” family for their support. However, come Saturday, Cattrall changed her tune and blasted Parker, declaring on social media, “You are not my family. You are not my friend.”

Cohen was still confused by Cattrall’s outburst come Monday.

“She expressed her condolences on the post … I would not call that exploiting a tragedy,” Cohen said. “What was she supposed to do? Say something bad? I don’t understand.” He then quipped, “I also don’t like it that people are characterizing this as a fat catfight. There’s only one person fighting here.”

[From Page Six]

“What was she supposed to do? Say something bad?” It’s like it doesn’t even enter into their heads that maybe Kim is deeply grieving and that if you’re not particularly close to her, you should probably just shut up and leave her alone. I mean, SJP spent the past six months belittling Kim and Mean Girling her and it was very clear that Kim wanted zero to do with SJP. But it’s just like Kim said in her Instagram: SJP is trying to “restore her ‘nice girl’ persona.”

Met Gala 2016 - 'Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology'

Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Holmes

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  1. Alix says:

    He’s not helping.

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      He is actually throwing fuel on the fire…

      Best move was to shut up altogether.

      • C. says:

        That’s what he does. SJP and him suck!!!

      • Mumbles says:

        Exactly. This is what he lives for. Ever see him on a Real Housewives reunion? (I don’t watch but used to see them on the late, great The Soup). He sets up those mentally ill women to fight each other, pours gasoline on the flames, and snickers while the “magic” happens.

        He is a loathsome person and, I suspect, someone who really hates women.

        I really question the people who hang out with this toad. Now that I think SJP is a mean girl, that makes sense. And Kelly Ripa doesn’t really surprise me. But Anderson Cooper? He seemed too smart and decent to stoop to this level.

      • ElleC says:

        If SJP actually cared about “dearest Kim,” I could understand her reaching out privately… but even with a sincere, complete apology for all wrongs past and a hefty private donation in memorium, I’m still not sure it would be in good taste.

      • holly hobby says:

        Yep that man is besties with Ripa too. Your friends are a reflection of you. So no thanks.

    • BlueSky says:

      Yeah, SJP, get your C and D list friends to do the dirt work for you. I can’t stand Andy Cohen. He’s one of those that purposely says inflammatory sh@t just to get a response. Anderson Cooper once said that he likes to throw parties and invite people who hate each just to see what happens.
      I’m not surprised at this at all because birds of passive aggressive feather……..

    • Nicole says:

      Right you were just dragging her on WWHL. So shut up.
      Andy is one of those people you despise because he’s into other people’s messy drama.

      • CooCooCatchoo says:

        SJP, Cohen and Ripa – all three of them are 50ish-year-olds who never moved beyond the Mean Girls High School mentality. Unattractive as an adolescent. SUPER unattractive as a middle-aged adult. I can’t even watch any of their TV projects because they irritate me sooooo much.
        I am in the same age group as all three, so I’m not being ageist – but,DAMN… grow up, y’all! Don’t you have more important things to attend to, like kids and jobs and such?!? Why do you need the extra drama? That drama exhausts me.

    • Loopy says:

      How did they become so tight?I remember he had a little role as a shoe salesman in the last season.of SATC

      • BlueSky says:

        @Loopy, he probably puts her on a pedestal and kisses her a$$. I think they both get along because they are both catty and petty.

      • magnoliarose says:

        He is actually a behind the scenes person who put himself in front of the camera. He is a producer and TV exec as well as a host.

      • Krill says:

        They discussed this on her last appearance on his show. Before she ever got STC she was scheduled to appear on NBC(?) for a promotional interview to sell some film. He was a production assistant there, this was before Bravo. She arrived late and was flustered so he calmed her down. They connected over that and became close enough friends that he was around when she was handling the nerves from scoring the SATC part.

      • holly hobby says:

        Well from the pictures he has been her escort to a lot of these parties. I guess Matthew doesn’t care for this stuff.

    • jessicarabbit says:

      Oh Andy, if you can’t act like a man, at least be a LADY! He is stuck in middle school and looks to be passed 100 years old. I was a huge SJP fan and once I read about the whole mean girls thing they did to Kim for the last 3 years on SITC. I’m TEAM KIM ALL THE WAY! How dare you SJP!?

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      So true. I agree with every word Kaiser posted above. Every word.

    • Danniegirl says:


  2. Livethelifeaquatic says:

    Can’t stand this guy. So petty.

    • Seraphina says:

      Never understood how this man became so important. He seems very catty and petty. So I guess birds of a feather do flock together.

    • Erinn says:

      Petty makes money. I mean, we all sit around commenting on celebrity stories – some more petty than others. I’m not saying it’s “right” or whatever, but the man knows what makes money, and he knows his audience.

      • CooCooCatchoo says:

        I have enough real-life drama in my life, both good drama and bad. In other words, I live a real life. I don’t need other people’s drama. What I need is a vacation.

    • Pix says:

      I used to think he was fun, but now I think Andy Cohen is a misogynist who built his career and fortune by pitting women against each other for his own amusement. He doesn’t strike me as a positive person. And you know what they say, like attracts like.

    • jessicarabbit says:

      I AGREE!

    • happy girl says:

      AGREED. He is a petty bitch. And Asskiss. Stop talking.

  3. Runcmc says:

    That heavy liner look she’s fond of makes her look like a Disney villian.

    Yeah- SJP should just go away and quietly eat this one. That was the only way to handle this and like you said…she couldn’t help herself.

    • Wurstfingers says:

      I don’t understand her. She is like a child who throws a tantrum because the adults in the room don’t do what she wants. Like, girl let it go. Tell your friends to let it go. Call Giselle Bundchen’s kid and have her explain to you that sometimes other people win. And sometimes people have their own lives that you are not part of. Gosh.

      • SoulSPA says:

        “Call GB’s kid …”. Major LOL! This comment is winning for me.

      • ParlerBleu says:

        Agree with @SoupSPA, winning comment for the day!

      • holly hobby says:

        That comment made me laugh!

      • LoveShoes says:

        I had read on another website that the treatment by SJP to KC during SATC was appalling. She forced the other cast to cease from speaking to her, KC sat alone at lunch everyday since they froze her out and all others types of mean girl behavior. I was appalled by their behaviour towards KC. No wonder she said no to a third film, why should she subject herself to this behaviour. She had been telling them for years, “thank you but no”, to a third film. She was truly put through hell during all of those years.

    • minx says:

      She looks ridiculous in those photos. Someone–probably one of her friends–must have told her she was a style icon.

    • Flan says:

      I just wanted to say something similar. She looks like a villain from an eighties sci-fi series.

  4. Yawn says:

    Bruhhh… how about say nothing at all? Come on man… she just lost her brother… he DIED! The last thing or person Kim wants to hear from is the bully who got her band of merry-men to trash talk her into oblivion for the last few months… gimme a break….

    • BengalCat2000 says:

      This^ I cannot wrap my head around the insensitivity of it all. My god, let KC and her family grieve! This is probably one of the worst things to ever happen to her and she has to put up with these little bitches on top of that?!
      F*ck SJP and F*ck AC.

    • Shambles says:

      Right?? This proves that she is SUCH a damn narcissist that she cannot even fathom that maybe… just maybe… her words were not called for, at all. That she was not welcome in the space, period. But no, she and her minion are such children that they cannot wrap their minds around NOT being included in the conversation in some way.

      • BengalCat2000 says:

        @Shambles, the elementary school kids I teach have more maturity than these two. I used to really like SJP despite Carrie (always loved Samantha), but she has shown her true colors and I am over it!

    • noway says:

      If she wanted to say something you send her a private note, not on social media. I’m sure her people could get a note to Kim’s people. Social media for public personas is just to get attention and publicity. It’s one thing if an interviewer asked her, she could have said her heart goes out to Kim, but you don’t need to bring it on your feed. It’s not appropriate for a tragedy.

    • jessicarabbit says:

      YES!!! You know it was plotted by SJP. I can’t stand what a brown noser he is.

    • Lilly says:

      Saying nothing would be the kindest and most supportive thing. My uncle passed away suddenly and at a young age (60) and he had a certain standing, so some people he didn’t even care for, and had actually done hurtful things, showed up at a service completely for show. It was done for their reputation, and like I said for show, so it was very disrespectful and not comforting to us at all. My point being if you really care about someone’s loss you find a good way to show it that’s not all about you. It’s not too late for SJP and her Mean Girls to shut up.

  5. Talie says:

    I’m shocked he stepped into this considering the mess he’s still dealing with in regards to Kathy Griffin. I thought he would want to avoid it, but maybe SJP told him he had to or she would pull his Met Gala invite.

    • Merritt says:

      Andy Cohen lives for drama.

    • MissMarierose says:

      No, this is a person who created several tv shows that are all about creating and sustaining catty drama between women. He lives for this shit. He will happily keep stoking the fire unless or until his bestie SJP tells him to stop.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      Actually, I’d think he’d be the first person to volunteer as tribute. He needs to stay out of women’s relationships ffs. It’s interesting that he doesn’t seem to get in the middle when it comes to men. He seems like such a slimeball.

  6. CharlotteCharlotte says:

    Andy Cohen is toxic trash.

  7. Adele Dazeem says:

    He’s the meanest of them all. An exploiter, who has a career based on other people’s arguments. Gross.

  8. Liberty says:

    SJP is his petty narcissistic pot-stirring spirit animal. That’s all I get from this.

    • Flan says:

      Really don’t see why he has to get involved.

      The classy thing would be absolute silence in public and apologizing in private after a week or two. And then never take Kim’s name in vain again.

  9. aims says:

    Kim was direct and there was no grey area here. She doesn’t appreciate Sarah exploiting her brothers death. I fully understand where Kim is coming from. Everyone else’s opinion is background noise and if there was ever a time to shut up, now would be the time. It is unimaginable to me that people could intrude on someone’s tragedy. It has nothing to do with you, so butt out. Period.

    • Mtam says:

      100% Exactly. Unfortunately people like that will always find a way to make it about themselves.

  10. BaronSamedi says:

    I love how he obviously thinks we are all stupid? I have read with my own eyes the comments SJP has made about Kim during the last six months. SJP was the one who started this whole thing and he’s trying to tell me there is only one person fighting?

    SJP should finally show some sense and just do as Kim asked. Leave her alone.

    • Gisele says:

      Well he’s correct in one way. Kim is the only one fighting her OWN battles. SJP has to have her petty gang of sycophants and “sources” do it for her. That way she gets to keep up her phony ass, nice girl act. She isn’t going to drop it either. After years of mean girl antics, she still going to try to vilify Kim while she’s grieving the loss of her beloved brother. All because she couldn’t bully Kim into doing another ego driven, horrible SATC movie. With all of the gaslighting and “who me, I’m such a wondeful person, fiddle dee dee” crap and her obvious narcissism, I’m starting to think she’s a sociopath or at least bordering on one. Andy Cohen fits right in with his mean girl bestie. He’s a petty, little pot stirrer.

    • holly hobby says:

      Well he did drudge up the word “fake.” He, Kellyanne CONway and Sarah Suckabee should be best friends. They live in the world of denial.

  11. Escaped Convent says:

    What is that red flame-throwing headpiece on Sarah JP’s head?

    I think I like it better than the parrot’s nest she tried to wear to her wedding in the first movie.

    • Scal says:

      Met gala where the theme was Chinese design and art. All of these looks are met gala theme looks.

    • Wurstfingers says:

      “What is that red flame-throwing headpiece on Sarah JP’s head?”
      Nothing, just her true persona revealing herself.

  12. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Keep talking. Talk. Talk. Talk. Keeping in the headlines is the only aim here, and it’s sad and pathetic.

  13. minx says:

    He used to be sort of fun but he has turned into a complete sh*t stirrer.
    What I love, though, is that SJP can have her minions make catty statements and Kim Does. Not. Care. She’s done. She’s in her 60s, her career doesn’t depend on the SATC audience, she just wants to do her thing and be left alone.

  14. A Croatian says:

    You know. I am sure SJP said something else to her, not just on IG. Because Kim seemed really annoyed with the amount of it all, but I am sure she doesn’t feel the need to explain it. She put the statement very publicly, very to the point. This “what was SJP supposed to do” argument… well, yeah, but the IG thing is the only thing we know of.

    • merrit says:

      I heard that SJP was heckled at her church on sunday and had to leave in a hurry. Lol. Maybe you should re-evaluate your life when you get heckled at church.

  15. Digital Unicorn says:

    SJP will never let this go – she has to have the last word. She will spend forever now blaming Kim for her not being able to use SATC as another stab at being a ‘movie star’. SJP was always a 3rd rate actress who got very lucky with a TV show.

    They should all just leave Kim alone – how many times does she has to say ‘no’ and ‘stay away from me’.

    • Christin says:

      Does anyone else remember Sarah as a geeky ‘80s teen actress? Molly Ringwald she was not. SATC was when Sarah became more known/legit.

      • holly hobby says:

        Yep Square Pegs! She and another actress played the geeks. Tracy Nelson (Ricky Nelson’s daughter, ex-wife of Billy Moses) played the cool girl. Gosh I am showing my age for reciting all that.

    • Pix says:

      Exactly, she will never let it go and that is why she has that perpetual sucking a lemon look on her face.

      • minx says:

        As many have said, after a certain age you get the face you deserve. Look at SJP’s expressions, particularly in the bottom two photos. She just looks unhappy. I don’t know why, she’s rich and has 3 healthy kids AFAIK. I don’t know why she wouldn’t just take the high road with KC…you know, count your blessings and all that.

  16. Valiantly Varnished says:

    What was she supposed to do? How about not say anything at all and not exploit someone’s loss as an opportunity to center a conversation around herself. Why did she feel the need to post something on social media?? If this were really about expressing condolences why didn’t she do it in private? Send Kim an email or phone call or a card?? PS – Andy needs to say out things that don’t concern him. He reminds me of Chelsea Handler. How Jen used to send Chelsea out as her bad mouth ambassador to trash Angelina. SJP uses Andy the same way.

    • SlightlyAnonny says:

      I keep coming back to this because my mind is just boggled. The woman thought her brother was missing, asked for public help, then found out he was dead within the space of week. Instead of privately expressing genuine condolences or saying absolutely nothing, which is always an option, SJP and now her minions were so concerned about their PR that they harassed a grieving woman until she lashed out and they still can’t see what the big deal is. Her brother is DEAD. Like, they have not factored that into their equation at all. A person is dead.

      SJP spent six months of her life painting Kim as a villian because she turned down a job offer and now that public sympathy might be against her, she scrambled to try to right the ship and can’t accept that it didn’t work and that Kim is still grieving. I mean, is her brother even in the ground yet? Did SJP even wait for that before sicking her attack dog Cohen on Kim whose only sin is turning down a job?

  17. Barry Iris says:

    Say “no comment”


  18. Nancy says:

    She got to him pretty fast. He’s a douche. Drama Queen.

  19. LittlefishMom says:

    She morphed into Carrie Bradshaw and never looked back. She’s as narcissistic, self serving, vain and selfish as Carries character was. Her “cutesy” trying to be funny BS on the show used to make me sick. You’re not Carrie and you’re also not a style icon. Save it. Can’t stand SJP, never could. You are so spot on about how her friends do all her dirty work and she pulls the doe eyed deer look. Such crap. Team Kim. She made the whole show.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Actually i think it was the other way around – Carrie became SJP. I have several friends who said that Kim’s Samantha was their favourite and was the only reason they watched the show – they also said that they grew to hate Carrie and the way she treated the other characters (in the later series you could see that the friendships between Carrie and the others had become somewhat toxic).

      • minx says:

        I think you’re right that Carrie turned into SJP. Superficial, adolescent, whiny. The other SATC characters grew and developed over the course of the series, Carrie got worse.

      • Beatrix says:

        Wow, this is interesting. I loathed Carrie more and more as the seasons passed. Samantha was warm, complex and had more agency than Carrie ever knew, she was my favorite. The show started as a revolutionary vehicle for women’s lib and turned into a satire of itself. I now realize this was mostly due to choices SJP made that aligned with her own character instead of considering what her fictional character should have grown into.

      • Mtam says:

        @Digital Unicorn
        OMG YOU ARE SOOO RIGHT!! I can’t believe i didn’t realize that. Carrie totally became SJP. I had always wondered why Carrie became the WORST as the season passed and now i know! haha. Honestly, just thinking about those scenes where the girls would talk about their troubles or triumphs and immediately you’d see Carrie barely responds to it then turns the conversation to herself. I actually think SJP thought that’s what fans wanted, Carrie and her problems 24/7. Also, for her and Andy to “recreate” (as in downright mock) that scene with Samantha and the delivery guy. That was not innocent fun. That was deliberate. Thinking back to that episode and how judgemental Carrie was to Samantha—that was all SJP. i wouldn’t be surprised if SJP was way more conservative than she lets on, and honestly thinks women like samatha are pathetic and vulgar, and or because SJP wanted fans to also judge Kim’s character and take her down a peg. I still get bad feelings watching that ep, and now i know why, there’s an underlying agenda and cruelty to it. Just as there was when they “re-enacted” it on Andy’s show.—Otherwise why pick that scene as a sketch? It was deliberate.

  20. Zapp Brannigan says:

    So they are just going to continue coming for a woman grieving the loss of her brother? SJP and her cronies are trash. At this point they are being deliberately cruel.

    • the_blonde_one says:

      Yes, i was coming down to comment that for someone who claims not have flying monkeys work on her behalf, Andy sure did come in very quickly, deliberately and in a VERY nasty manner. Continuing to harass a woman that lost her brother literally just a few days ago will DEFINITELY convince people that Parker is the innocent party here.

      Trash. they are TRASH. even if Kim was fully 50% or more at fault originally (I don’t think she was, i’m just ‘what if’ing’) a classy person would tell her minions ‘no, absolutely do not poke that bear at this time’. and a classy minion would say ‘I am not going to further a situation of someone in great pain right now no matter how much of an ass they are’.


  21. Victoria says:

    I want Ryan Murphy’s next Feud to be based on these two.

    • minx says:

      I’d watch it!

    • Alexandria says:

      I know we are invested into this gossip but I’d rather not see Ryan Murphy milk this. I don’t really want to be reminded that amongst all these, Kim’s brother died, and I can’t imagine if she or her family switches on the tv and has to be reminded of this tragedy amidst dramatised bullying…

  22. Indiana Joanna says:

    It really is strange how SJP won’t let it go. Doesn’t she see that the continued disparaging comments from her and her friends are torturing Kim?

    I never watched SATC, but just reading about this unfolding saga makes me question SJP’s emtional stability.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      She doesn’t care – all she cares about is getting what she wants and she wants a 3rd SATC movie and that won’t happen without Kim.

  23. Reef says:

    Jesus Jerome Christ. Just leave Kim alone. None of SJP’s friends had to speak on it. This is turning the corner to being cruel for cruelness sake.

  24. Mrs. G says:

    Because what someone needs when they’re grieving their brothers death is people bullying them even more .

  25. JaneDoesWork says:

    If SJP really wanted to express her condolences she should have sent a card or reached out privately. Blasting it out on insta for the world to see that she’s supposedly being nice to Kim isn’t the way to do it. Kim is going through enough and didn’t need the pressure to respond to SJP piled on top of it.

    • Censored says:

      I am not too invested In this but was more pro Kim if anything
      I get that she is grieving and that there may be things behind the scene that we don’t know about but I found her response to tweet to SJP to be distasteful and shows that maybe there is more than one mean girl here and nobody is a complete victim”

      I don’t know if it’s how I was raised but when people you know have a death in the family even if you don’t particularly care for them, it is just plain common decency to send a basis condolences which is what SJP did. ( the bereaved can chose to ignore or accept those condolences ) Now if someone goes on and on as if they and you or the deceased were besties, shows up at your house or the wake with a brisket and is completely over the top or hypocritical well that is a different thing

      But here Kim announced her loss via SM which is public and SJP responded via the same medium with very basic condolences, KIM response kinna makes Kim look bad despite her grief which would be a shame if SJP is the real villan here. Dunno I kinna went from team Kim to team no one .with this Sorry

      • Sam says:


        It seems that there was and is an ongoing problem between SJP and Kim.
        I have no idea who did what to whom and when, but it doesn’t really matter.
        If SJP wanted to express sympathy and it was genuine why not send Kim a nice card with some lovely flower arrangement in PRIVATE and in public when anyone asks just say : I’m not commenting, because I want to respect Kim’s privacy.
        The reason Kim went on social media is to ask for help finding her brother before he was found dead. After that she announced his passing also on social media, because she asked for assistance from the Canadian public in the first place and wanted to let everyone know that there is no more need for their assistance.
        That doesn’t give permission for SJP to comment on any social media about Kim’s terrible loss.
        It’s tacky, wrong and insensitive.
        SJP made it about herself.
        This is about SJP’s ego and her ridiculous need to do another SATC movie when the first movie was awful and the second one was outright embarrassing.
        Move on, produce something else, you have the money, connections and experience.

      • Censored says:

        @ Sam
        I hear you but what guarantee is there that if SJP had reached out privately that KIm would not have had the same public response.
        There seems to a time lapse between SJP tweet and Kim response initially KIm basically sent a generic thank you to the SITC team then sometime after blasted SJP who knows if it’s not the SJP private ” reaching outs” coupled with the tweet that really pissed her off.? LIke I said I have been side dying SJP through all of this but KIms response is actually making her look KIm bad too despite her grief

      • siri says:

        “…But here Kim announced her loss via SM which is public .”

        She first asked the public for help finding her missing brother, so it makes sense she thanked them, and at the same time infroming them he was found dead. It wasn’t really a public ‘announcement’.

      • Sam says:


        There are no guarantees in life.
        Only Kim and SJP truly know what’s going on between them and what happened in the past.
        I have to say, if I would have received the “Dearest Kim” from SJP after the trashing SJP did on Kim in the media, blaming her for the SATC3 movie not happening, I would have snapped even worse.
        It comes off as very passive aggressive from SJP and her supporters and truly not authentic.
        I think, Kim just had enough and let’s be honest the timing is horrible.
        Her brother died very suddenly, no illness, I’ve heard whispers of possible suicide.
        I don’t know who would be calm and collected after such difficult and sudden news.
        Kim certainly deserves a pass in my opinion, grief will make you do things that are unimaginable.
        If I recall correctly, Kim’s dad passed away not too long ago.

      • Nick2 says:

        It doesn’t matter what you find “distasteful”. You’re not the one grieving. I’ve been in Kim’s EXACT shoes and of lashing out at someone who has treated you like sh*t helps, do it. Especially if that person is playing emotional tourist with your pain.

      • Purplehazeforever says:

        I’ve not commented on what’s going on between SJP & Kim Cattrall because I really don’t care about it. However, I wouldn’t have even known about any of this if not for Kim’s comments on Instagram. She’s grieving & can grieve however she wants. What I take issue with is people assuming SJP didn’t reach out privately first…how do you know she didn’t? Yes, I understand full well her comments on Instagram were not going to be well received. That’s where you accept the condolences privately, if sent, and shut her down publicly afterward.

      • Censored says:

        @ Sam
        You may have a point. As I said I am def not pro SJP, all I am saying if SJP us the real villain here and she may very well be .Kims response despite her grief may well do the opposite as in engender some empathy for SJP with well see they are both mean girls you know ? that’s all. Anyhoo I’m done my condolences are with Kim at this time regardless
        @ Nick 2
        My heart does goes out to Kim In her tragic loss and I have been there as well .
        You are correct it doesn’t matter what I find “distasteful” in fact on a gossip blog none of our opinions about people we don’t really know and circumstances where we may or may not have all the info truly matters including yours
        Peace out

      • merrit says:

        I love the both side-ism that SJP supporters are trying to sell to save face for her lol. Not buying it.
        @nicki2 “emotional tourist” made my day

  26. Jenny says:

    Congratulations to SJP! She singlehandedly and completely ruined SATC for me these past six months with her bullying and manipulative mean girling of KC. I’ll never be able to rewatch a single episode of that series that I used to love so much, thanks to her. The only upside to me of this whole mess is how thoroughly SJP exposed herself for who she really is so that I now know and can boycott her completely after this. I hope everyone does, so that her career is destroyed for good.

  27. HK9 says:

    I love the fact that Andy thinks his opinion matters to Kim. Bless his heart.

  28. Margo S. says:

    I hate Andy Cohen. I think he’s a terrible narcissistic human. Plus, the whole, “should she have said something bad?” No Andy, she could have done it in private if anything and if she didn’t get a response, then leave it. It’s the fact that she commented publicly so we would all see and be like “wow that sjp is so sweet…” Yeah, didn’t work…

  29. damejudi says:

    Put your b*tch claws away, Andy.

    Go stir the pot with your Real Housewives.

  30. Yawn says:

    I fully expect SJP to drop whatever receipts she thinks she has on the negotiations between Kim and the SATC3 movie folks… this fight isn’t over by a long shot, we all know SJP is a petty little narcissist, she will not let this go… I hope Kim spills all the tea

  31. TurkeyLurkey says:

    I cannot stand Andy Cohen. He needs to shut up about this. I have seen first hand the well meaning coworker who shows up to a funeral to make it look like they care when all they want to do is gossip about it back at work. You do not use that terrible time in someone’s life for your own attention.

    He is friends with Kelly Ripa so there’s that also. Look how childish she was over Strahan leaving.

    Good for Kim for standing up for herself. She should not have to deal with this crap while grieving. Any one with any sense of decency would shut up right now. Just shows what an idiot Cohen is.

  32. pwal says:

    Only one person is fighting? Why am I seeing Beatrix Kiddo in her yellow and black?

  33. Krill says:

    SATC always seemed like a show for vapid white ladies to me and Andy produces even more vapid tv shows, so none of these people are important to me.

    That said, I disagree with the commentary on this beef. Kim is the villain here. That dumb show is written in SJP characters perspective, she even narrates. And even though Kim became an urkle like breakout, she was never at SJPs level who became a fashion darling and is clearly still a big enough name to greenlight a show in the US. SJP was clearly the star and is still the bigger name. Fact.

    Why Kim would be miffed that a bigger star is able to score a non nudity clause or negotiate higher fees is beyond me. Why she would be pissed that SJP didnt negotiate with her when the other two dont hold a grudge, is even further beyond me. Why didnt she join up with those two (who earned less than Kim) and help raise their salaries up to her level if she is so about sisterhood?

    As for the movie, I do believe that she toyed with the producers holding out for a movie production deal. I have no problem with this kind of hardball tactic, I mean its not like she was pulling a Wahlberg. But I can see why they would be pissed, movie financing deals are precarious because theres always another movie script elsewhere ready to go. You keep financiers waiting too long and they catch the next bus. I dont for even a second believe that she and her reps delivered a clear unadulterated “no, write me out” until after the story leaked.

    Finally, this brother thing. SJP was trying to either mend a fence or to appear to mend a fence. But I do agree with Andy here, if you put something like that online you are kind of inviting the public to grieve with you. If you dont want self serving condolensces from all your frenemies then just dont post it.

    Anyway back to the top. Enough with the shows and movies about 4 vapid generic Beckies. This shows audience already had that milquetoast Fifty Shades trilogy of films, its time to stop pandering to dumb white women.

    • minx says:

      lol nice try.

    • SoulSPA says:

      Team Kim all the way.

    • Tiffany says:

      Hey, Andy Cohen reads Celebitchy.

    • Missy says:

      Whenever someone states an opinion and follows it with, “Fact,” they lose all credibility in my eyes. Also, what’s with the unnecessary hate for white women?

    • Sam Louise says:

      Andy Cohen, is that you?? Please disappear. And take SJP’s eyeliner with you!

    • Giddy says:

      Good grief.Let it go!

    • Coco says:

      Dearest Sarah Jessica Parker, Andy Cohen, Molly Shannon, and SJP’s PR people…JUST STOP! Read the room! Leave this woman alone while she is grieving the death of her brother. She is making funeral arrangements while you’re all running to the press about how wonderful SJP is to work with or how confusing Kim’s post was. This is not a cooked up drama on Housewives. This is literally the loss of life of a family member. FACT.

      • Christin says:

        When people show you who they are, believe them. These are middle-aged adults who should have more empathy and common sense than to pile on. Time and place, people.

    • Imqrious2 says:

      Hey Sarah! nice try, don’t buy it. Go back and crawl under that rock you and Andy slithered out from. TEAM KIM.

    • Censored says:

      Could a PR Insert be any more obvious LOL and the bashing of white women Also a give away as I bet this poster is also white
      Team no one but still someone is doing way too much here

    • Lady D says:

      Krill, SJP has the money to make the movie if she really wants it that bad. Kim or no Kim, she could still make her movie if it means that much to her. Why doesn’t she? She can prove once and for all that she is indeed the bigger star who needs to be lauded and kowtowed to.

    • LV487 says:

      “SATC always seemed like a show for vapid white ladies to me and Andy produces even more vapid tv shows, so none of these people are important to me.”

      It was important enough for you to write a 300 word essay on it. You sure seemed to know an awful lot about behind the scenes drama going on to be so uninterested.

    • anne says:

      SJP PR is so trash “vapid white ladies” GTFOH

  34. JCZ says:

    This is terribly insensitive to Kim and her family and he has nothing to do with this so be quiet! I have always liked SJP but she has behaved very badly and now I tend to believe she was the one with the issues on set not Catrall. Even if KC could be considered difficult if rumors are true SJP handled it terribly , like a high school mean girl .Yes Carrie did become annoying but I retained an affection for the show .. She is probably starting to kill that feeling for fans and needs to accept no third movie will happen nor should it ..

  35. nyc2020 says:

    Andy Cohen is so fake and classic narcissist. Saw him out in NYC walking his dog while I walking my dog and when I said, “Hey how are you” like a normal human being when our dogs were doing their thing, he just glared at me like how dare I speak to him. Get over yourself.

  36. Neelyo says:

    Andy Cohen never grew past high school and will still do anything he can to remain in the good graces of the popular crowd. Andy, they still don’t like you and make fun of your wonk eye behind your back.

    The whole Andy Cohen/SJP/Kelly Ripa/Anderson Cooper clique is horrible.

  37. DansoRoboto says:

    You’d think the theme for the Met Gala where SJP wore that red head piece was “Disney cartoon sidekick” because it kind of made her look like Mushu the dragon from Mulan.

    That said, Andy Cohen had no business commenting on this and should just shut up.

  38. trollontheloose says:

    he was the first to throw Kathy Griffin under the bus all because of “people outrage.” He’s a hypocrite who will stand by you only if it serves him. Kim doesn’t benefit him . Kim doesn’t even live in N.Y anymore because of all this interlocked entourage where everyone kisses everyone as. But I think people saw thru SJP shenanigans.

  39. Svea says:

    Agree. Agree. Agree. STFU Andy. The unmitigated disaster that was New Year’s Evenwith Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper was a glory to behold. Cohen all jacked up trying to be entertaining while Cooper was apparently in a complete state of shock over it all. (Where was the war correspondent?) It only made it clear that Cathy Griffin had carried the show all those years.

    A very connected and decent Broadway person I know cannot stand SJP. I haven’t asked why. It has now become abundantly clear.

  40. Jess says:

    Am I the only one who thinks they both need to just stop? I am team no one. They both need to let it go and stop planting stories or sending people out to comment. It’s sad as hell that the memory of a decent show about friendships has come to this.

    • Huh says:

      To answer, maybe. Because it seems Cattrall isn’t guilty of anything.

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        This ^^ Also Kim has not sent anyone out to speak for her, SJP has had Andy Cohen, Willie Garson and Molly Shannon speaking on her behalf to date. Also Kirsten Davis too.

      • Jess says:

        I’ve seen a ton of stories about how SJP is a diva and demanded more money, and wasnt there a story out just yesterday about how she was jealous of Kim’s on screen charisma? Which is laughable to me, both of them were way over the top with their acting, Cynthia and Kristen were much more believable. SJP isn’t the only one planting stories. I personally think the truth is likely in the middle here, that’s all.

    • Censored says:

      @ Jess
      No you are not the only one , prior to this I was leaning more team Kim and I am still giving SJP the side eye regardless but now I am kinda team no one
      Enough Already

    • starkiller says:

      Up until this article I would have agreed with you—I didn’t think either of them were coming off particularly well—but this article has made me come down more on Kim’s side. I don’t entirely agree with the way she’s handled this either, but sending out Andy Cohen as attack dog is a BAD look.

  41. Kita says:

    There is something that has not been spoken of in articles yet, and I think this is important in this story. If you check Kim’s Instagram, which I did when this story broke, the night after SJP and Andy Cohen were making fun of her on WWHL, Kim had posted an Insta saying she was marking the 6th anniversary of her father’s death — the next day her brother went missing, because the day after she asked social media to help find him. The next day after that, she posted that he has been found and was dead.

    Two days after, she posted a thank you to everyone who had sent condolences, and said at the end something like “including my #SexandtheCity colleagues” (Cynthia Nixon had left a comment on her Insta, like SJP did). THEN four days later, Kim posted the “Leave me alone hypocrite” message, and to say stop reaching out and trying to make this your thing. THAT is one hell of an awful week and a half. I think it adds even more depth to a story that some in the media have tried to pass off as “Wow, that mean bitch, all poor SJP did was say one little nice thing, and it got blown up” instead of, Kim did thank colleagues, and something happened in the days after it. I would venture a guess that SJP would have tried pushing a public reunion and from that on to make the damn movie again. What do you all think?

    • MissMarierose says:

      I agree. I didn’t see the Insta comment but I did see her post on Twitter about her dad the day before she went public with her missing brother. It’s clear to me that Kim is in a really raw place emotionally right now … and for very good reason.

      Anyone with an ounce of sympathy would just let her be.

    • Savasana Lotus says:

      Yes. I saw them act out the “blow the overnight express guy” skit. It was like SJP lost her mind…and they also spoke of the feud referring to Kim as ‘people’.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Plausible. Something set Kim off, and she asked to be left alone.
      I just can’t understand their behavior and it for some reason thinking about it made me cry. Just thinking about having one of my beloved brothers go missing and then found dead makes me cry because I love them so much but then to think of my parents and family’s pain it is overwhelming. This is just from thinking about it. Now imagine having these truly despicable garbage people acting like this with no empathy or compassion.
      Imagine if someone was driving your mother who is grieving over her CHILD’s suicide being bothered with something so unimportant. Her brother probably had some struggles, and they struggled along with him. Anyone who has a family member of a loved one with mental illness knows what I am talking about. It hurts to watch them suffer. You would do anything to heal their brain and make them happy. You are always waiting for a disaster or something like this to happen to them.
      On the anniversary of her father’s death just to be extra vile they ramp up their nonsense.
      My God.
      This is unforgivable. I rarely cancel, but these two are canceled. Forever. I don’t want to see or hear about either of these repulsive people after this whole thing dies down.
      This isn’t petty. This is cruel.

      • Gisele says:

        Yes, it’s really hideous cruelty. It’s also purposeful. They can play innocent but they both know exactly what they are doing. They were both literally insulting and mocking her the day before and then she gets a “Dearest Kim” message on instagram and when she calls SJP out for her insincerity, SJP has yet another minion slag her. With all that’s gone on over the years, SJP “reaching out” with a saccharine, insincere, message of condolence, isn’t going to mend any fences. She probably is so narcissistic that she thought she could exploit Kim’s emotional pain into a PR coup for herself. They are literally kicking someone when they are down and then gaslighting them with the whole innocent act.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I agree Gisele.
        It took a day or two for me to gather all the background on this and I was appalled already and then today with Andy chiming in it just went past insensitive and petty to cruelty.
        I can’t look at SJP with anything but disgust at this point. There is nothing Kim could have ever done to warrant this. Nothing. Her brother is dead.
        That is all that matters in this whole thing. I just can’t fathom what makes someone behave like this and not stop.

  42. JA says:

    Little lap dogs do as they are told. Andy is a shitty person so no surprised

  43. Betsy says:

    Tacky, SJP, tacky and transparent sending your minion after a former colleague that, by most accounts, you treated very poorly. Trash.

  44. Gisele says:

    The photo of SJP in the red headdress with her petty, little mouthpiece beside her is very fitting. She literally looks evil and he looks eager to do her bidding. One of her loyal pals needs to bite the bullet and tell her to quit with the heavy eyeliner. If they’re willing to attack a grieving woman that she’s bullied for years, surely they’re brave enough to tell her that her eye makeup looks awful and is incredible aging.

  45. Alexis says:

    I don’t understand why SJP couldn’t have just sent flowers with a note of condolences and leave it at that. I agree with the poster above that something else must have happened in the days following the thank you that KC sent out on social media. When you are grieving like Kim and her family are right now, it’s best to be very very careful with what you say to said grieving family. You are not yourself when you are that heartbroken.

    • Christin says:

      This is clearly a close, painful loss for Kim. Add to that, her mother has outlived a child, which is awful for a parent to endure.

      Some losses are just so personal and deep, you definitely don’t want to be seen as insensitive / grandstanding for attention.

      • Nello says:

        Agreed. I have had to watch my mother grieve the loss of my own brother and it is HEARTBREAKING. AC and SJP should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Mumbles says:

      Yes. Years after Johnny Carson cut off Joan Rivers, his son tragically died in a car crash. Joan quietly sent flowers and a condolence note in which she expressed her sympathy implored Johnny to let bygones be bygones. Johnny didn’t take her up on it. Joan never told this story until Johnny had passed away himself. That is how it is done when you really mean it.

      A similar story is when Dean Martin lost his son in a helicopter crash, he hadn’t spoken to Jerry Lewis in decades. During the funeral service, Dean looked at the back of the church and saw Jerry quietly sitting by himself. This led to a reconciliation.

      I was agnostic on the SJP/Kim fight until this. SJP showed her true colors.

      • lucy2 says:

        Even the Joan thing sounds wrong- it made it about her and their problems. Just give condolences and leave it at that – and be open if the other person wants to reconnect at some point.
        SJP and her cronies need to just leave Kim and her family alone. She should have just said “I’m very sorry for your loss” and ended it there. Everything beyond that is self serving, and now petty and cruel.

  46. Plantpal says:

    I think that by starting her condolence note with “Dearest Kim” – as we know beyond a shadow of doubt they were not feeling very dear to each other by then. I hear the shade in “Dearest Kim” never mind the whole rest of anything said or done by either/any party. By publicly “Dearest Kim”-ing her, she dug herself into the hole, and Kim simply threw the dirt over the hole…..we hope, never to see the light of day ever again…..we can only hope…….

  47. Frosty says:

    He’s egging SJP on. Andy Cohen is a hateful little troll, the end.
    I read SJP’s post to Kim’s instagram – it’s obvious to me why it set Kim off, since SJP had dragged Kim yet again on tv, like, the evening before. SJP is fully capable of offering her condolences through other channels than Kim’s instagram. Directly and privately, if she cared, which she doesn’t. So commenting on Instagram was NOT for Kim, but for the public. Also Cynthia Nixon also commented on Kim’s instagram and Kim didn’t say anything about that, because you know why? SJP is a gaslighting, insincere, thug in a dress. Over her.

    • Savasana Lotus says:

      Actually she wrote back to Cynthia thanking her.

      • Frosty says:

        That makes the point even more emphatically then. It’s not surprising SJP’s golly gosh persona is just cover, what’s even more grating is the entitled wheedling to get her way.

  48. Savasana Lotus says:

    We all know Sarah’s mean girl click includes Andy and Kelly Ripa. Vipers. Kim held her tongue until the current environment made it safe to share that she had been abused by a person with power in the workplace and now she can spill it all. Sarah makes her deplorable treatment of Kim worse by fronting that fake nice-girl persona. Be real for once you hypocritical phony.

  49. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    Clearly her motives were focused on PR. If she truly cared enough to offer condolences, she would have considered their history and reached out in a non- public fashion…send flowers, make a brief phone call, or DM for god’s sake. She is so transparent and her behavior is grotesque.

    Andy is loathsome.

  50. The Original G says:

    I’m going to say this again for my own pleasure……

    It doesn’t matter whether Kim is grieving, difficult, a diva or not. She doesn’t want to hear from these people. Why can’t they respect any boundaries?

  51. Melanie says:

    Honestly, if you are her close friend or someone she works with that she loves, why would you ever see the side that apparently Kim Cattrall was unfortunate enough to experience? Of course she is going to be nice to you and appear to be caring, fun, etc. Sorry, but I believe Kim.

  52. Adorable says:

    Why are people already demonizing SJP?There are two sides to every Story..My Goodness!..Regarding SJP sending her a message,naturally if she were to be silent some of you would be coming for her,about her being an Evil B**** were she not aknowledge the passing of Kim’s brother.They aren’t Buddy Buddy as for her(SJP)to send a private message,kim went overboard by her response cause other co-stars did the same..she’s grieving but still.

    • bikki says:

      Nope I personally wouldn’t have called SJP evil for giving her ex-costar space after such a tragedy. I honestly wouldn’t have even thought about her, unless she was somehow connected to the brother’s death.
      What you seem to ignore is how SJP the evening before was on camera lambasting Kim and basically saying how SATC 3 can never be because of Kim’s ‘selfishness’ – also the MONTHS of her pestering her via articles/PR for not signing up to do the film.

      I wouldn’t put my neck out for someone like SJP — not sure why you are.

  53. MoAnne says:

    Let poor Kim grieve in peace! Stop getting your minions to pester her. Sarah Jessica Stalker can’t stand looking bad, and she wants to right the ship at all costs. More worrisome, though, is that SJS is displaying a serious lack of empathy. If you cared about Kim at all, you would stop. It’s not about you. Let it go.

  54. Adorable says:

    Kim felt left out as the other co-stars were more closer(Big deal),She should’ve talked to SJP privately about it,instead of airing they’re dirt laundry.

  55. The Original G says:

    Fact is SJP and Cohen won’t STFU because they need some publicity.

  56. Nello says:

    Jesus! SJP and her minions just won’t leave Kim alone, even while she is grieving for her brother! SJP is proving to be just as mean and bullying as Kim said she was during the production. I guarantee you Andy would never speak publicly about this without SJPs permission. What nasty human beings…look how smug they both look I’m all these photos! So pleased with themselves.

  57. Mtam says:

    I just can’t with SJP, Andy, and her team. “What what she supposed to do…” or the commenters saying “oh but if she said nothing publicly the fans would call her a B***, etc…” These staments are great examples of how self-serving she is. Right now Kim and her family are going through something traumatic and here Andy, SJP, and her supporters are all just worried about how it would have made SJP appear had she said nothing. Once again making it about her, trying to sympathize with her, cause SJP always has to be the center or attention and also the victim.

    My opinion is, even if accepting condolences is the “decent” thing to do, no one should feel they are owed that acceptance. Specially if you are the person that’s gone out of her way to vilify and mock the grieving person in public. Fuck that SJP, Kim was right to no accept them, and no one who is grieving should feel obligated to be cordial to others offering condolences, honestly how can you even ask that of someone going through that. It’s not about you and if you feel bad or humiliated because they didn’t accept your condolences then too bad!!! deal with those feelings and walk away from the grieving person if they want nothing to do with you. THAT’S the decent thing to do.

    I honestly think SJP did try to reach out to her privately, and Kim and her team did not take her calls. And instead of just leaving it alone and realizing this is not about SJP, she started running her mouth in interviews about how she feels bad for Kim and her fam etc.. and after Kim rejected her privately and ignored those two other public comments, then came SJP again and posts a ridiculously insensitive, and tone-deaf condolence publicly, not because she was considering Kim’s feelings, but because she could not stand people thinking she’s mean and insensitive for not doing it. It was selfish of her to think about herself and her image then, and it’s the same now with Andy’s comment trying to gain public sympathy for SJP because someone she’s been fucking with for years didn’t appreciate her fake ass.

    They should all just leave Kim alone.

    • magnoliarose says:

      You would think they could catch a clue, but it seems they can’t.

      • Mtam says:

        @ Magnoliarose
        yeah seriously. Ironically enough I doubt people that self-involved could ever be that introspective about their own behaviour.

  58. Jennifer says:

    Bad makeup and bad styling do not = a bad person, but in this case it does.

  59. Shannon says:

    Ugh. SJP and this dude need to grow tf up. It was an A/B conversation, Andy, C your way out of it. SJP is classic high school bitch and she’s older than I am. Sad.

  60. Helen Smith says:

    Block SJP on your social media.

  61. usagichan says:

    So SJP is basically an older Taylor Swift? Got it.

  62. Lorelai says:

    No matter whose “side” one is on in this whole thing, it is disgusting that Andy would comment BEFORE Kim has even buried her brother. Jesus Christ, that is just so wrong and heinous.

  63. holly hobby says:

    Well Andy, what she could have done is not say anything at all. That usually works.

  64. Kelly says:

    What did SJP do that was wrong again? Offer her condolences to someone on social media like many people do? Umm I don’t think she needs to restore anything, she will be fine. Andy Cohen is an adult, we don’t know that this was something he was “put up” to and he isn’t necessarily wrong.

    • Mtam says:

      It’s not the act of offering condolences that Kim supporters find wrong. It’s the motivation behind them. every time contract negotiations started, ever since the show years, SJP and her team undermined Kim’s negotiations publicly, calling her difficult and a diva, tarnishing Kim’s reputation. SJP throughout the years has gone out of her way to make sure her fellow castmates have been underpaid compared to her. She is no ally. And not two days before SJP offered those condolences she was out there on Andy’s show mocking Kim’s acting and one of the most humiliating plot points of her character in the series. Then she goes on Kim’s ig and offers highly disingenuous condolences because she could not deal with people judging her because she had been trashing Kim all this time and would have apperantly (though that is arguable) seemed cold or like a bitch had she said nothing publicly . The wrong is not in the act but in the intention, and SJP’s intentions where completely selfish and given the context of their relationship, downright cruel.

  65. Mtam says:

    This reminds me of the episode where Carrie could not accept that Charlotte (recently divorced and with no job) didn’t want to bail her irresponsible ass out when Aidan dumped her and she had no money to buy her apt back.

    Like Carrie was actually offended, and felt entitled to her friends’ money, and was “hurt” when her friend rightfully thought her irresponsible and frivolous and didn’t want to keep enabling that.

    And the reason why i compare it to this situation, is because SJP as an exec producer (with power over storylines and characters) actually had the story play out as if Carrie was in the right and Charlotte was being inconsiderate.

    Seriously guys this is exactly how SJP is. Right now in SJP world Kim is being inconsiderate and rude for not accepting her condolences and she’s “heartbroken” all the time because Kim didn’t want to do another movie, and is “confused” as to why she’s being seen as the “mean girl” instead of Kim. This is how SJP thinks life works.

  66. bikki says:

    Wow, if there was any doubt before of SJP’s mean-spiritedness towards Kim…
    I am not surprised she’s recurring to her ‘friends’ to try to sully Kim. Thing is because of the internet and how everything is recorded and can’t ever actually be deleted, we (audience / outsiders) get to see everything – the whole picture.
    Horrible, super annoying behavior from this woman. It’s like the elementary school bully who for some reason clings to you every. single. day.
    Seriously SJP’s publicist: please have her BACK OFF.

  67. Neelyo says:

    SJP is Damoning all over the place. She needs to get her PR in place, stat. Andy Cohen speaking out first reminds everyone of their skit and the fact that she’s been riding Kim for several months. Any of her other flying monkeys (shout out to The Blond One for that, hilarious!) would have been more appropriate. It’s too bad she debuted the new bangs last week, that could have worked as a distraction.

    And the show is really over now. I think it can be safely said that SATC 3 is dead.

  68. Trying Again says:

    DONE with Andy Cohen. I kind of thought he was funny, but after reading the comments, no need for me to think about this anymore.

    I am so sorry for your loss Kim, and for anyone else who has lost someone who held your heart in their hands. There is no right or WRONG way to mourn.

  69. damejudi says:

    SJP= b*tch
    Andy Cohen= SJP’s b*tch

    I think I’ve got it now.

  70. Jayna says:

    I only popped on here to mention something I read regarding her brother. Kim was giving an interview to The Times UK five days after her brother went missing. She was promoting a TV project. The interviewer mentioned in the article that hours later Chris was found dead. At the time, she didn’t know he was dead, of course. She did mention her brother being missing.

    “That morning, when he had been missing for five days, she told me that she had invited Chris, who was 55, to spend Christmas at her house on Vancouver Island, but he had declined the invitation. “I don’t know what’s happened, but of course you think . . . you should have called more, emailed more.”

    She then requests, with a touch of Samantha-esque bossiness, that we change the subject to talk about her role as America’s first female president in the Swedish psychological thriller series Modus, which starts tonight on BBC Four. “I think in times of extreme stress it’s important to stick to routine,” she explains. “Work has always been a great anchor for me.”

    This interview was done after SJP on Andy Cohen’s show said she was heartbroken by some of the comments Kim made to Piers Morgan, which was probably about being friends with none of them and toxic. I can’t really remember what was said.

    Kim responded to that when asked about it. “She’s playing at being a victim, which I think is quite extraordinary,” Cattrall says.

    “Speaking about her refusal to do a third film, she continues: “I feel at peace with my decision, which I made a long time ago. I played the hell out of the role, but I am done with it. “

  71. winterforever says:

    Andy Cohen is CANCELED. I wish The Real Housewives franchise would flush down a toilet along with all the mean girls, including him.

  72. Actually, says:

    Kim Cattrall and Kathy Griffin have done us a great a publice service by exposing Andy Cohen, SJP, Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa for who they really are: fake af mean girls.

  73. Bee says:

    SJP and her sidekicks just to need to go the hell away. Stop talking. Accept it’s OVER. Move on. Spare us, and most definitely spare Kim Cattrall from dealing with this utterly pointless self-absorbed rubbish.