Sally Field is trying to set her son up with Adam Rippon: ‘he’s insanely pretty’

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Figure skater Adam Rippon, the first openly gay skater to win a medal in the Olympics, has won lots of hearts. Along with admiring his incredible skill, people love the fact that he performs to non-conventional skating tunes (like Rihanna and Coldplay) and has spoken out against Vice President Mike Pence’s support of gay conversion therapy. The 28-year-old athlete has been getting lots of attention – and he’s also got a celebrity eyeing him as a potential suitor for her son.

Oscar-winning actress and national treasure Sally Field is also a damn cool mom, but she may have overstepped her bounds when her son, 30-year-old director Sam Greisman, told her that he had a crush on the skater. Since it is February, Sally tried to play Cupid, giving her son some advice. Apparently, she didn’t think Sam was making the right moves, so Sally took to Twitter to get the word out.

Sally, who is considerably more tech savvy than my parents, retweeted her son, who had posted part of a text exchange with Sally. Sally wrote of Adam, “he’s insanely pretty. Find a way.” Sam shared the screenshot, adding, “Just some really helpful advice from my mom on how to deal with an Olympic crush.” When Sally shared the tweet, she tagged Adam. Crafty, Sally, really crafty. No one is sure if Adam’s seen the tweet, but Sam sure did, simply tweeting “Yikes.”

Has a parental set-up ever been successful? Speaking from personal experience, I have to say no. My parents’ pickers are way off. I remember getting set up in my 20s with a son of a friend of my Dad’s who looked exactly like Jason Alexander as George Costanza. We were going to a fancy event, and when he picked me up, he announced there was no a/c in his car – in Florida in the summer. Needless to say that was one and done, but my Mom fared no better. Of course, Sally Field is a legend and anyone would be delighted to have her as a mother-in-law. I hope she can make a love connection between Sam and Adam.

Sadly, those of us who aren’t looking to date Adam aren’t going to see more of him on TV. After it was announced on Sunday that Adam was going to join NBC as a correspondent for the rest of the games, he later tweeted that he turned down the gig, wanting to be there for his teammates and participate in the closing ceremonies with them. Aww. How sweet. Go get him, Sally.

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  1. AnnaKist says:

    Aaaahhh, mothers… 👏

  2. Maum says:

    Embarrassing mum alert! 😁

    Cute though.

  3. Beth says:

    Mothers can be so embarrassing!

  4. Insomniac says:

    Haha, that’s cute. I keep seeing a rumor that Adam is going to be on Dancing With the Stars, which does like snapping up high-profile Olympians, so we might be seeing him again pretty soon!

    • MellyMel says:

      If that’s true, I’m going to have to watch the show for the first time lol! I adore him so much.

  5. Nicole says:

    Someone asked him and he said he loves Sally field and found her tweet bold

  6. Snowflake says:

    So I read the article in the link and i agree with Adam. How can Pence as a Christian support Trump ? Or any other Christian for that matter? My mom and brother are devout Christians and they support trump too! I guess they think the end justifies the means. My mom hates Obama and Hillary. Other than that, she’s a great mom!

    • Coco says:

      @ Snowflake

      It’s all about abortion. Many of of my older family members are devout Catholics and abortion is their #1 priority. Everything else, like illegally holding up a Supreme Court seat for a year, or an immoral, racist, sexual assaulter, and criminal Orange Baffoon as president is fine by them as long as they can stop legal and medically safe abortions from happening 🙄

  7. lisac says:

    So adorable. Actually, all three of them are adorable, though I would cringe if my mom did something like that. lol

    Perhaps we will see Adam on our screens one last time at the Olympics. The figure skaters always do an exhibition of medal winners after competition is over. He did win a team bronze medal with the US team.

  8. SMDH says:

    Sally’s son has been so out there in advertising his crush on adam that I hardly see how Sallys encouragement was embarrassing. It isn’t as if she publicly exposed a secret crush.

  9. KiddV says:

    Adam is insanely pretty. And his skin is prefect. I want to know his skincare secrets.

    I love that Sally is doing that. It’s cute and embarrassing.

  10. Gabbygirl2 says:

    I am not a fan of Adam. Besides being a major narcissist, something about him strikes me as being “off”. I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe he reminds me of one of those cute boys, who years later we found out that cuteness doesn’t necessarily translate into good character development.

  11. Ozogirl says:

    She’s so beautiful and has aged so well.

  12. Jaded says:

    If you’ve never seen Sally Field’s speech of acceptance at the HRC Ally for Equality Award dinner here it is. It will make you love her even more, she’s EVERYTHING: