Us Weekly: ‘Cheating was not the reason’ for the Theroux-Aniston split

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have separated

Even though we’ve gotten a pretty clear picture of the last months of Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston’s marriage, I guess there’s still some debate about whether Justin was really fooling around. I mean… I’ve been assuming this whole time that he was fooling around. Maybe with photographer Petra Collins (who shot him for an international edition of Vogue), maybe it was with someone else, maybe he was cheating with many different women. But are there really people who are like “oh, he wouldn’t see his wife for months at a time and he wouldn’t check in and he would stay in the guest house when he was in LA, but he totally stayed faithful to Jen the whole time”? I guess those people exist. And those are the people buying this story:

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux split earlier this month, but the pair remained faithful to each other during their marriage. A source exclusively tells Us Weekly that cheating was not a factor in their decision to call it quits.

“The split is very mutual. They truly want each other to be happy and wish the best for one another,” the source explains. “Cheating is not the reason for the split and did not happen.”

While fans may have hoped that Aniston’s split would lead to a reunion with her ex-husband Brad Pitt, an insider explained in the new issue of Us Weekly that a reconciliation is unlikely.

“Jen wouldn’t consider being with Brad in a romantic way,” an Aniston pal told Us. “But there is always a spot in her heart for him.”

[From Us Weekly]

“Cheating is not the reason for the split” – I mean, I believe that. Whatever happened between them, it probably wasn’t a case of “someone cheated and that means the marriage is over.” This is the part that I’m catching on: “[Cheating] did not happen.” Come on. We’re all adults here. Mr. Edgy Rugged Urban Hipster was fooling around. A month from now, maybe a few months from now, we’ll have a more complete picture of exactly what went down, but these kinds of stories are just dumb.

Justin Theroux gets bundled up for a walk with his pit bull

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, WENN.

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  1. Maya says:

    I wish they had stayed together only because I’m sick of death of the boring articles about them.

    • SilverUnicorn says:


      And then everybody knows that it was edginess that killed this marriage.
      Case closed.

      (We don’t even need to hear who got custody of jorts, we already know that too).

    • C says:

      Lmao 😂

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      Well I say good on Jen for getting divorced. Glad to see that she’s woke now. Like any Cool Girl, she may have once said that getting married was a ‘choice,’ but ladies, is it really? 🙂 Or is a woman’s submission to the patriarchal institution of marriage just patriarchal conditioning taking over a woman’s mind and body? Remember, this shiz Does Not. Exist. In A Vacuum. Even if it was her ‘choice’, it sure as hell was not a feminist choice. Getting married is not feminism. Feminism means women don’t have to get married. It makes me sad and so concerned every year to see women- especially celebrity women, who have young girls paying attention to them- doing this, and I just wonder what kind of message is being sent or how many of these women were forced or coerced into becoming wives. Clearly most, if not all of them. I just can’t respect women making personal decisions for themselves that aren’t my own. I just can’t. That is not empowering.

      • megan says:

        “Lighten up Francis” 😉

      • Pandy says:

        Ooh a Stripes reference!!! Well said!!! So your way or the highway Otaku Fairy? You should change your name to God.

      • SilverUnicorn says:

        Mine was.

        There are zero legal advantages in UK to be married, so one either does it out of love or it is not worth it.

        Feminism also means to allow women to express themselves as they see fit, including believing in marriage (or not).
        If a woman wants to marry an edgy arse**le, she is free to do it 😂😂

      • Jaded says:

        You sound like a dyed in the wool fascist.

    • citney says:

      Amen. Two literal nobodies that no one cares about except for the Aniston crazy super stans.

      I knew they were boring, but this is beyond ridiculous.

  2. aida says:

    “We desperately need to include Brad again in this story.”

  3. JMO says:

    This Jen/Justin thing is getting more ridiculous but not in an amusing way. More details all the time, the details are upping the ante every time, but it’s still SO BORING.

  4. Amide says:

    At this point all the mags, yes even the ‘respectable’ ones 😔 are throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks.
    Until the next big story comes to mind.😪
    #boat of salt.

  5. Kate says:

    But cheating is the reason why they got together.

  6. lilly says:

    Well they both started dating while he was still in a relationship with Heidi, so who knows what he’s doing…

    • JR says:

      He wasn’t married though… it wasn’t the right thing to do, but it happens.

      • Cara says:

        Oh no you don’t! Do not even think about trying that bs on! It does not matter at all if he was married or not. He was in a relationship for 14 years, an apartment, a relationship, a life together. That is far more married than a marriage of 4 years. This is 2018. Marriage does not matter, so don’t even think of using that as a get out of jail card for her. In fact them being together for fourteen years makes it WORSE than if they were married for a few years.

      • ines says:

        @Cara: +1

      • magnoliarose says:

        Cheating means cheating on a commitment. Marriage is a legal one but has nothing to do with emotional commitment.
        That is an excuse.

    • ike says:

      Well if it turns out that Justin and Jen aren’t really married, then it’s perfectly ok for Justin to “cheat”, or Jen for that matter. . Amiright?

      • MoAnne says:


        I find the logic that cheating is okay because someone isn’t married SO nasty. Bad behavior is always bad behavior.

      • WMGDtoo says:

        no cheating is only cheating when it is supposedly done to Jennifer Aniston. These people defended Justin and Jennifer and twisted themselves in a knot to spin her getting with this man when he was in a relationship. Or at the least one that he was leaving when he met her; and didn’t tell his girlfriend. She saw loved up couple shots of him and Jennifer. But they weren’t married so his relationship with Heidi was less somehow. Wrong is wrong. Even if you are a fan of someone.

  7. minx says:

    Hopefully it dawns on Huvane and magazine editors that this split isn’t going to be the tabloid bonanza of 2005.

  8. Elena says:

    Sure, Jan.

  9. HK9 says:

    I know it’s a news item because it’s Jen but this is boring AF. Just leave them alone to get divorced in peace.

  10. Lightpurple says:

    Having absolutely nothing in common was the reason for the split

  11. SKMAN says:

    Looking at the pics… their body language was never good/convincing.

    • Rachel in August says:

      This! You are right one about this. It was contrived and “trying,” but never genuine. Not at all convincing. He always looked mildly irked and “why do I have to be here?” And the bored looks, I don’t think it’s an act. Just not a very warm person at all.

  12. Beth says:

    Please let this divorce go fast and smooth so the millions of boring stories about them end soon

    • Lightpurple says:

      And then we can wonder which magazine will score her special 50th birthday nude cover.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Oooh. Well done and very on point. I am impressed.
        Glad you are ok btw.
        I posted to your comment the other day about the neighbor and the gun, but it went to cyber heaven.

    • Christin says:

      When will the bikini, butt-in-the-air Cabo photos show up? That’s what I remember from the Brad split.

  13. Gisele says:

    And of course he has a pitbull with a thick chain collar (just surprised it isn’t a chain link leash as well). Because that is so edgy and street and Justin is all about being street. He is soooo cool. In his own head. As other commenters have noted, this type of man is fun for a one night stand or some casual sex but they are lousy boyfriends, partners and husbands. Right up there with the “hanging with my bros” guys who are really into their craft or sport whether is ice wall climbing or kite-surfing, roasting their coffee beans, making craft beers or building tiny homes–they are all about hanging out with like-minded male friends for hours and hours at a time. Run away from these men.

    • Erinn says:

      Or maybe he just rescued a dog that needed it?

      There’s a lot to tease the guy for – but I’m not going to give him hell for adopting one of the most misunderstood breeds out there. So many people refuse to even consider a pitt because of the misinformation that has been spread that I’m just happy whenever someone adopts one.

    • Chickenlittle says:

      My issue is the prong collar being used with a retractable leash—talk about mixed messages. Get thee to a different dog trainer, Justin!

      • TitusPullo says:

        Yes! I loathe prong collars especially with a retractable leash. There are far more humane ways to train a dog, even a “power breed.”

        But that dog is cute as hell.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Don’t like the collar at all. My husband had an Amstaff that was our baby boy. I loved him so much. *sniff*

        Justin has issues, but he is an animal lover for real. His neighbor doesn’t think he is responsible, but now I am wondering if the dog is a rescue who had some issues. Who knows.

  14. PoodleMama says:

    The only way I believe there was no cheating involved is if the whole thing was just a total sham from the beginning.

    • Pajala says:

      Poodle, there is one reason I am certain this was not a sham relationship. If it was set up as PR, there is no way in heck Jennifer would agree to that ridiculous engagement ring.

  15. GreenBunny says:

    In the header photo, it looks like they split the outfit and she got the top and he got the pants.

  16. larry says:

    With all the talk you people are doing about these two won’t somebody please god think about the children! Oh wait a minute, ok never mind.

  17. Elena says:

    I believe someone in his camp is feeding this stuff to the press. All of these stories minimize his involvement with Jen, which must be what he wants. If he didn’t want these seeds out there, he would come out with a “None of these are true ” statement.

    FWIW I do think he cheated.

    • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

      This one seems to be from her camp. Brad is name checked which seems to be her PR man’s thing to do. Also it is implicitly saying she was too hot/desirable for THIS husband to cheat on her. But she’s still “poor Jen” with the reminder that her (still loved) ex-husband Brad Pitt left her for another woman.

  18. KiddV says:

    People actually believed that Brad didn’t sleep with Angelina until he split with Jen, so maybe they thought that narrative would work this time too.

    For all we know it was Jen cheating on Justin. If I had her life, I’d have cute pool boy stashed in the pool house. 😉

    • WMGDtoo says:

      well Jennifer told Brad to basically go and sleep with Jolie and get it out of his system. Then come back to her. Brad said he couldn’t do that and be married. He needed to be divorced first. Perhaps she mad the same offer with Theroux and he said sure Jen… but ended up liking and missing his single life. And you she could just enjoy dating and her life. But she chose this.

    • Hmm says:

      Gmab Brad was sleeping with various models back then. He couldn’t get Jolie out of his system and be married because he actually wanted to be with Angelina… Knew she was adopting a daughter and wanted to be part of that process.

  19. Arabella says:

    He could have been fooling around, but he gives me total non-sexual vibes.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Nope. In person, he doesn’t at all. He gives a can I hump your leg vibe. Can I see you naked vibe and finally Can I get all up in your junk vibe.
      With her he gives an I am an opportunist vibe.
      I heard he knows what he is doing so that might be why she chose to lock it down.

    • WMGDtoo says:

      Jennifer gives off a Non sexual vibe too. so in that they fit.

  20. momoland says:

    This cheating thing would only be interesting if she would have been the one who cheated ;D

  21. Sarah says:

    How can there be so many articles about this. They weren’t even together long enough for people to care about them. Every celeb site is going on about like its so devastating that this relationship ended. There is no gossip. Two people who wanted two different things went their separate ways.

  22. LittlefishMom says:

    Boredom for $200 Alex.

  23. CityGirl says:

    I’ll take the pitt bull!!!

  24. mela says:

    Cheating was not the reason but I’m sure it happened. So many reports of him being seen with other women, hitting on other women etc.

  25. Cara says:

    I have absolutely no doubt he cheated on her – more than once possibly several times. His reputation is a cheater, and what he and her did to Heidi was evil. Once a cheater always a cheater. How you get ’em is how you lose ’em and Aniston knew all far too well what she got herself when she set her sights on him and determined to take him from Heidi.

    • mela says:

      Me too. Hearing they went days without talking while he was partying with other people, other women in Manhattan tells me his time and attention was occupied with SOMEONE else during their marriage.

  26. WMGDtoo says:

    He seems over it and done. Already moving on with his life. That happens when you checked out a long time ago.

  27. Bread and Circuses says:

    I honestly think they just burned hot (hot enough he left his girlfriend of 14 years) and then fizzled out normally, because there wasn’t any “there” there. I suspect they only got married because Brad and Angelina finally got married, and it nagged at Jen, just a little.

  28. JazzJazz says:

    He only married her to further his career! Sad but true.