Of course Kylie Jenner received a $1.4 million Ferrari as a ‘push present’

New parents Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott leave Nobu on her "push present"

Many women and men hate the idea of “push presents,” gifts a father gives a new mother soon after she gives birth. Traditionally, push presents are gifts of jewelry, at least that’s what I’ve always believed. But in the land of celebrities, anything can happen. A “push present” could be anything from a post-baby nip-and-tuck to a spa vacation to whatever. In Kylie Jenner’s case, her baby daddy gave her what every new mother truly wants: a two-seat sports car with bucket seats in which it’s probably illegal to put a baby seat.

Kylie Jenner has unveiled her lavish new “push present” – a black Ferrari . The reality star posted footage of her flash new motor – worth around £1.2million ($1.4 million) – on her Instagram Stories last night. As she gave her followers a proper view of the limited edition LaFerrari , she told fans it’s a “push present” for giving birth to baby Stormi earlier this month.

It’s not known who gifted Kylie the plush motor, but several reports suggest the pricey present could be from baby daddy Travis Scott. The couple were spotted out in the sports car yesterday as they were seen together for the first time since welcoming their baby daughter. The reality star and her rapper lover enjoyed a lunch date with friends at Nobu in Malibu.

The pair haven’t been seen together since their daughter was born at the start of the month, sparking rumours they had split.

[From Page Six]

To be honest. I think a lot of new moms would love a new car too, just not a $1.4 million Ferrari. Like, when you first have a kid, isn’t your mind on safety and wouldn’t you want, like, the safest Volvo minivan in the world? But you’re not a social media maven and reality star. I would say something like “oh she’ll never even drive this car,” but I bet she will. She’ll drive this car over to her mom’s house to drop off Stormi.

New parents Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott leave Nobu on her "push present"

Kylie got a new car from Travis as a push present! A Laferrari Aperta (Posted 2/24/18)

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  1. Maria F. says:

    the materialism of this family disgusts me.

    • kimbers says:

      i view women who receive “push presents” as weak people. to some it may seem like a gift of love, but the baby is the gift of love, and the material gift is a supplemental gift to a weak individual.

      • Patricia says:

        Get a grip on yourself Kimbers, what kind of overarching, judgmental nonsense is that?
        I got a push present for my second child, from my husband. It’s a silver necklace with little disks, each one bearing an initial of the people in our family. It’s beautiful and meaningful. It was a beautiful gesture and I cherish it as a symbol of our completed family, which I worked so hard and nearly broke my body to create.
        My baby, there’s no comparing her to any material object. It’s not meant to even compete with the joy and wonder of the baby.

      • reverie says:

        The baby. Hahahahahahaha. Oh why doesnt anyone think of the babies!!! Whyyyyyy. Hahahaha.

    • Trixie says:

      This family disgusts me and just the name “push present” disgusts me. What if you have a C section? Is it called a “Cut Present”? The whole idea just grosses me out. It is also so sexist, to get a present for pushing that baby out for the big Daddy.

  2. Sarah says:

    These people are the most vapid, materialistic, waste of space. Thought once they had kids they would be more socially conscious, but they seem even more shallow & tone deaf than before.

  3. Anna says:

    How does a car even cost that much?

  4. Goats on the Roof says:

    “Push present” is such a tacky term and should be retired ASAP.

    As for the car, tell me again, Kylie, how you are such a hands on mom with your inches-long claws for fingernails and tooling around in your two-seater sports car? I’m over this woman-child and her entire family.

  5. lightpurple says:

    Does Travis know he bought this car?

  6. Nicole says:

    Reasons this kid also stands no chance to be a child with a healthy self-esteem and sense of worth.

  7. queenE says:

    He’s going to go broke getting push presents for all his baby mamas

  8. CeeCee says:

    If it’s her car, why is she letting him drive it? Lame!

  9. Danielle says:

    There’s no way that Travis Scott had the money to buy that. Is he that popular as a rapper? I honestly don’t know!
    I thought the same When Tigga bought her a ridiculously expensive car, that there was no way he could afford that sort of money.

  10. MostlyMegan says:

    The best push present I ever got was a baby.

  11. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    That’s the silliest looking car. And I thought I drive a silly car (Itty bitty Fiat lol). My gas mileage is super though.

  12. grabbyhands says:

    God, I hate the whole “push present” thing and this one is particularly crass. But so is that whole family, so I’m not sure why I’m surprised.

  13. Bee says:

    It really seems like they haven’t learned anything about discretion, even after being robbed at gunpoint.

  14. Beth says:

    How many cars does a 20 year old need? I thought she already had a few Ferraris. It may be a fancy, expensive car, but it honestly looks like a deformed space ship.

  15. Mar says:

    These liars can’t fool us. Kylie probably leased it for Travis.

  16. Dttimes2 says:

    Her nails !! How the hell is she handling a baby and changing diapers with those claws….oh wait never mind ….and Kim just left her 8 week old infant to fly to Japan…and i thought it wasn’t advisable to fly when you’re as far
    along as Khloe

    This family are a shining example of the consumption and need for material things that plagues this earth

  17. EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

    Because I need coffee, I glanced at the headline and thought it said she’d received a $1.4 million ferret, and I had questions.

  18. Va Va Kaboom says:

    Forgive my inner Pleb, but…. MY GOD!!! I didn’t even know there were cars that cost a million or more dollars! How successful is Travis Scott because a 1.4 million dollar car as a “push present” is rather extravagant right?

  19. Cee says:

    The car is ugly and looks like an ant.
    She could have set up a trust fund for her daughter with that money.

  20. Kirsten says:

    If someone offered it to me I wouldn’t decline it I’ll say that much! To each his own, I don’t care.

  21. Swack says:

    In my state it is illegal to put anyone under a certain age, weight and height in the front seat. Children under the age of three may not sit in the front seat. If CA has similar rules then Stormi, even in a car seat, cannot be put in the front seat. Since there is no back seat this is a car meant for mommy and daddy and for showing off.

  22. me says:

    Hmmm a car you can’t even put your child in.

  23. Celebitchy says:

    My only push present was a healthy baby….but I guess I’m old fashion!!

    This family spends money like their 15 minutes will never be up?! He didn’t pay for this car….no way.

  24. Olive says:

    nah, Travis leased an expensive car for Kylie’s photo op, or Kylie just bought it for herself to make her relationship look better.

  25. Green Is Good says:

    The Nanny must be exhausted caring for a newborn.

  26. Tanya says:

    Wow. If she can really drive a Ferrari, I’ll have to give her credit. They’re dangerous if not handled properly. (I used to work at a facility that did skid tests for automotive companies. I do not own one).

  27. Anastasia says:

    I’m sure she bought it. And the baby can’t even go in that car. So dumb. It looks totally uncomfortable.

    And I’m another vote for get rid of that awful phrase “push present.” It makes me cringe!

  28. Igotbiglipsandicannotlie says:

    Good for her! I don’t have any issue with this at all. Their lives, their money.

  29. Anna says:

    They made 499 of this car. When it debuted at a car show, there were 1000 bids on the 499. Many more after. You have to be a previous Ferrari customer to be considered and it sells for much more than the suggested price of 1.4 it was listed at when introduced at a car show. Some say up to 5 maybe 8 million. Travis Scott simply cannot afford this car and would not be considered to purchase one. People pay cash for this car. The car was either lent or rented. This car is not leased. This is all PURE LIES. But, EVERYONE KNOWS THAT. Their lies become more and more stupid and I surmise reflect the IQ of the liar telling them. Krusty Kris is a wily manipulating climber, but she is not smart. You do not have to be smart to climb your way to wealth, and if you are as low IQ as Kris, you only need TO be GREEDY.

    This is a diversion. That baby needs a paternity test or already has and it isn’t Scotts baby. It’s said his net worth is 8 MIL. Kris could double his fortune to maintain this ‘my daughter’s with a famous rapper’ narrative and that is just what she did. Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner ARE NOT A COUPLE!!!

  30. jferber says:

    Here’s an idea: since Kylie has so much pull with young people, why doesn’t she start tweeting about gun control and the need for it? She could help activate this burgeoning movement among kids. Or she can just go on promoting her lip kit. She has a choice and she should let her fame do some good for the world.

  31. Nilber says:

    I didn’t get a push present persay but my hubby bought me a locket with our son’s picture when I went back to work. He knew how hard it was for me to leave him at daycare so that was a sweet gesture. I think the women that expect a gift make things mean a lot less. Those are the ones that irritate me.

  32. A says:

    That is a sweet ride. I’m not even sorry. I want that car. I’d want that car in spite of having a baby. If I’m not paying for it, and it’s a gift, why tf not.

  33. Ksenia says:

    I feel claustrophobic just glancing at that low, little car. I dislike most sports cars, the way they look, and this is no exception: I’d feel like I was in a mobile coffin on my way straight to hell if I were actually driving one… I had not heard of “push presents” and would not care for them—not that I’m judging women who do have or want them. For me the reward/gift was the birth of both my daughters; I had two extremely hard pregnancies/labors and my daughters were such huge miracles to me that any other material gift would have been rendered absolutely meaningless beside them… Ugh, those nails on her! That rigid, plastic face! The vulgarity and mindless self absorption of this whole family never ceases to disgust me.

  34. Jayna says:

    It’s all about optics in the Kardashian world. No one believes Travis actually bought her a Ferrari that cost that much or even leased it. It’s so silly and transparent and just another fake story from the Kardashians. He’s doing all right for his age. He doesn’t have Jay Z money.

  35. Snap Happy says:

    This is obviously not her only car. She has other cars the baby can fit in. I think she bought or rented it herself, but whatever it’s her money. And, while the name, “push present” is tacky, the idea behind it isn’t. If a father wants to buy the mother of his child a gift, why is that bad? Both parents share in the excitement and compliments when a baby is born, but the mother really does all the work in bringing the baby into the world. Even if a father wants to share in the trauma and pain, he can’t. If he wants to get a gift as a nice gesture, who cares?

  36. Diane says:

    That car sure isn’t conducive to toting a baby around. Sure can tell where her priorities are.

  37. Pandy says:

    These people are collectors! Of dogs, purses, cars, children. My artificially-inflated-@ss she was given this …