Did Mary Elizabeth Winstead dump Ewan McGregor after he left his wife?

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Last October, the world learned that Ewan McGregor had pretty much left his wife of 22 years, Eve Mavrakis, after having an affair with his Fargo costar Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Ewan is 46 years old and Mary Elizabeth is 33. It was widely believed – as in, I believed it – that Ewan and Eve had sort of an open marriage. They never confirmed as much, but there were long-standing rumors (and photo evidence) of his affairs with multiple female costars over the years. He always went back to Eve… until he didn’t. Until he decided to file for divorce from Eve in January, and set himself up with Mary Elizabeth. Except that now it looks like Mary Elizabeth is tired of people calling her a homewrecker?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead cut her passionate love affair short, just four months after she and Ewan McGregor were caught making out.

“Mary hated being labeled as a homewrecker and the embarrassment it causes her,” sniffs a source. “Ewan might not care about how this all looks, but Mary has always been super self-conscious. It’s sad because a year ago, Ewan and his wife were in great shape, and then he decided to throw it all away from Mary. Now it looks like he’s lost them both for good.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

The Daily Mail asked Eve if she had picked up her copy of Star Magazine to read about the split, and she told them “No, I hadn’t heard” if Ewan and Mary had split, and “I really don’t know. Sorry.” Eve also made a few public statements last month, when the divorce filing dropped – she said she did not like his Golden Globes speech where he thanked both her and Mary, and that the divorce has been “disappointing and upsetting.” Ewan’s teenage daughter hasn’t seemed to handle it very well either – there were some social media posts that seemed to reference Ewan’s affair and his mistreatment of Eve. All in all, this is a huge mess. I don’t know if Mary Elizabeth really dumped Ewan or what, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was like “you know what, no, I think I’m done here.” It’s all sexy and fun when you’re the secret mistress, but when he actually leaves his wife for you and there’s a huge scandal? Yeah, sh-t got real.

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  1. Girl_ninja says:

    Damn. Life comes at you fast.

    • INeedANap says:

      Mavrakis’ response is super classy.

      This all brings to mind Liberty Ross and how fabulously she handled the public split. Miss Eve, get yourself a fabulous set of outfits, a great therapist for you and your daughter, and ride off into the sunset.

    • isabelle says:

      Especially when you are an “old” man dating someone half your age.

  2. Other Renee says:

    She didn’t like being called a home wrecker because it was bad for her image. But guess what, lady? You ARE a home wrecker. And so is the loser whose home you helped wreck. I hope the wife doesn’t take him back when he comes groveling. But you know she will.

    • MostlyMegan says:

      Hm. I think the only person who can ‘wreck’ a home is the person who is part of the home – ie Ewan. No one forced him to divorce his wife. I can’t abide disloyalty but levelling the blame always on the ‘other’ woman is an outmoded concept.

      I’d say Ewan is a handful to deal with in a relationship – he was probably cheating already on Mary Elizabeth (just as he always did with Eve) and expected her to put up with it.

      • Umyeah says:

        I agree that only Ewan could wreck his home but she engaged with a man that she knew was married. She is culpable at some level bc she knew he was married.

      • Cee says:

        I don’t agree. If you date someone who is married, and you are aware of this marriage, you are BOTH wrecking a marriage and a family.

      • T.Fanty says:

        I agree. Everyone has choices. You can choose not to be a part of someone else’s bad decisions. You can choose not to hop into bed with a married man. Will that save his marriage? Probably not, but it won’t make you the straw that broke the camel’s back.

      • DiligentDiva says:

        She literally had dinner with his wife and daughters, all the while she was going after there father and husband.
        From his daughter’s instagram it’s super apparent she’s been damaged by this. This type of damage is irreversible. That girl will never be able to have a relationship without questioning if her man is cheating on her or going to leave her.
        While Ewan holds the majority of the blame for the consequences his children will suffer, Mary holds blame as well. She actively played a part in hurting his children.

      • Ytbtet says:

        Thank you

      • Jess says:

        Disagree with ya there, if she had full knowledge of his marriage and f*cked him anyway she’s just as much of a home wrecker as he is. I don’t like when women get all the blame either though, it’s just as much his fault. I understand that some people lie and say they aren’t married or are getting divorced but if you know for sure someone is married with children and you still go after them you’re a pretty shitty person, and just as responsible even if it isn’t your “home” that’s being wrecked.

      • lsb says:

        mostlyMegan, I agree with you completely. I, too, dislike how quick society is to blame the female in these situations – but this was HIS family and home and if he had no respect for them, why should the “other” woman? Yeah, this is all on Ewan – hate to say it because I am quite a fan of his.

      • Idk says:

        She was also married so you could consider it as they were both both definitions of homewrecker lol

      • CatFoodJunkie says:

        @MostlyMegan YES. no one can wreck a home but the people sharing that home. the thing that we forget to consider, is what he TOLD her about his marital status. sure, the world knew he was married, but if he had carte blanche to ‘date’ or was in an ‘open marriage,’ then that’s a whole other story.

    • Merritt says:

      Ewan was also a homewrecker in this situation. She was married too but separated from her husband months before he separated from wife.

    • magnoliarose says:

      She didn’t wreck his home. He did. But it doesn’t mean she is an innocent either. She knew he was married with children and didn’t care. She was his accomplice but not the cheater.

    • minx says:

      People split, have affairs, marriages end, etc. He bears the responsibility for his marriage. But MEW was really foolish to go along with public appearances before he was divorced.

    • Hmm says:

      Wait a minute wasn’t she married too? Her husband was all over social media for a minute hating on Ewan. So I think that makes Ewan a homewrecker too 🤔

      • ParlerBleu says:

        Yes, people forget that Mary Elizabeth was married as well and left her husband in May to be with Ewan, so they both suck.

  3. Goats on the Roof says:

    I won’t weep for her. She involved herself with a married man. What did she expect, if not a scandal?

    • Pia says:

      But many have thought that Ewan and Eve had an open marriage. So, if Ewan made Mary believe that too, what exactly did she do wrong here? Now, that she found out, that Eve actually did consider their affair as cheating and it wrecked their marriage, and affected also their teenage daughter,Mary doesn’t want to be involved with Ewan anymore. Maybe Mary feels like Ewan lied to her about the open marriage and that’s the reason why she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore?

      • Goats on the Roof says:

        If he was duping MEW into believing he had an open marriage, why did both of them leave their spouses around the same time? No, they were planning an actual relationship, but Mary ran off when she started being known as a home-wrecker.

    • Div says:

      @Goats on a Roof

      IMO cheaters are ultimately responsible for wrecking their own home although the other man/woman who helps them cheat certainly helps with the destruction and is also being a scumbag.

      That said, she destroyed her own home and aided Ewan in destroying his so I’m not quite sure what she expected. Even if Ewan had an open marriage, he still left his wife for her which implies cheating was going on despite the marriage being open. Did she really believe words like homewrecker, however ugly and sexist, or worse weren’t going to get thrown around, especially in a society that tends to go overboard when criticizing women who cheat? Unless she was the world’s biggest idiot (and she’s a grown ass woman, not 18), she had to know that public figures, especially women, are going to get lambasted for this behavior…look at how people bring it up about Angelina Jolie ten-fifteen years later.

      Anyway, I’m not particularly sympathetic because shitty actions have consequences, although I have a bit of empathy that she’ll have to deal with this reputation for the next several years while Ewan gets a free pass in the press.

      • magnoliarose says:

        She should have asked Sienna Miller what that feels like. Her career has never recovered from her mistakes.

      • Andrea says:

        Is it because of her mistakes or personality? I heard her personality is AWFUL.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Substance abuse issues and she messed with the wrong married man’s wife. She was pissed and has some connections. He went racing back to his wife, and they are still together.
        Add that to Sienna’s issues and messiness not to mention her mediocre talent, and she was doomed.
        She has a high unlikability factor, so there is no push to bring her back. She also has a history of chasing married men, so it doesn’t make her a favorite for any wife who hears her name connected to a project.

  4. SM says:

    Looking at their photos side by side it looks like Ewan was trying to make an updated younger, taller version of his wife

    • TurkeyLurkey says:

      Exactly. I was thinking some men really do have a type. I remember a cheater at work who I saw out in real life with his wife and she looked just like his work honey with whom he was having a long term affair. Same height, hair color and style. Similar build. Quite freaky.

      • Andrea says:

        My friend’s husband left her for his coworker. She has the same build, hairstyle, clothing style, etc as my friend—they are nearly identical, like her optimal doppleganger. The sad thing is he has two children with my friend whom he rarely sees or talks to (the youngest doesn’t have much of a clue who he is since he left her when the youngest was 7 months old) and now has two children with his mistress/now second wife. My friend has not found anyone significant since and it has been 6 years now.

    • Léna says:

      Mary really looks like she could be Eve and Ewan daughter haha

    • megs283 says:

      Yeaaaah thought the same thing. Awkward. Doesn’t he own a mirror, and doesn’t he know he’s aged?

  5. Bee says:

    She will find this reputation very hard to shake, because this is literally the ONLY thing anyone knows about her.

  6. Digital Unicorn says:

    If true karma is a b!tch. As for her, what did she expect when she got involved with a married man. Regardless of whether his relationship with his wife was ‘open’ or not they were still together.

  7. Maria F. says:

    well the source is Star Magazine, so i will need more confirmation than that.

    But i agree that it is different having a passionate romance on set than everyday life where a lot of people are judging you and having a stressed out partner because his kids are suffering and probably rightly giving him grief or taking sides……

  8. Nicole says:

    Welp can’t say I have any sympathy here

  9. minx says:

    Tiny violin, etc.

  10. tracking says:

    Please let this be true, ha.

  11. Miss M says:


  12. Zapp Brannigan says:

    It’s all fun and games until the harsh light of day hits. So whatever to cheats.

  13. The New Classic says:


  14. Peggy says:

    There is a picture of Ewan, this weekend, teaching his youngest daughter to ride a bicycle, and his wife is there.
    The wife’s car had the two bikes attached to it, that Ewan and the child used.
    He came in a separate car, so who knows if he is back home.

    • DiligentDiva says:

      If the wife takes him back after he publicly humiliated her like this then there is no hope for her.

    • Veronica says:

      I mean…at the end of the day, he’s still their father. Just because their relationship fell apart doesn’t mean she can really justify keeping them from him. She’s not the first ex-spouse to have to put on a happy face for the sake of the children, and I’m sure she won’t be the last.

    • Jayna says:

      I think they met up and exchanged the child, and the bikes were for Ewan and his daughter. He put them in the back of his SUV I thought. His bike may have still been at the family home after he left. The photos only show Ewan and his daughter bicycling together.

    • Elaine says:

      Desperate PR to repair his reputation before the new Obi Wan Star Wars movie comes out.

      Good luck with that.

      • Veronica says:

        You’re assuming way too much about the ethics of Star Wars fans. It will not stop us from seeing it. 😛

      • Candion says:

        Way to fund that integrity Veronica. And no original true Star Wars fans even acknowledge any of the newer movies.

      • CatFoodJunkie says:

        @Candion. Um… there are SO MANY ‘true’ star wars fans who acknowledge the newer movies. they may not LIKE them, but they are certainly acknowledged, and WATCHED. i don’t know what faction you’re a part of, but believe me, there are OTHERs. so. many. others. is your position that the newer films’ record-breaking attendance is comprised of first-timers?

        and PS – get over yourself. ‘fund that integrity”? cheeses.

        @veronica – i hear ya. if we had to vet every actor before we saw a movie, well… not many people would be going to the movies! LOL

  15. Tig says:

    I wonder if Mary E realized she would have to deal/cope with his teenagers, and SHE decided life is too short? Bet Ewan wishes he was on a motorcycle in Siberia about right now! A big mess for sure, tho one of his own making.

    • JustJen says:

      I could see that. Teenagers can be a pain when they’re yours, when they’re not and they hate you for breaking up their parents? Eek.

    • Candion says:

      Yes real life hit and it wasn’t the pretty fake fun they had on set.

  16. Juliette says:

    This story is so messy. Not a good look for Ewan and Winstead.

  17. Shelly* says:

    I have read a few blind items about Ewan McGregor and his open marriage, but it always struck me that the “open-ness” was very one sided. I.E. he slept around and she put up with it.

    I think he deserves a bit of humiliation for that tacky speech he made recently at an awards ceremony, praising both his Wife and his new love. It must have been very hurtful to his Wife and kids to hear that, and for that alone if he is feeling bruised and humiliated, I for one, am glad.

    • tracking says:

      +1 I read EM’s wife was asked about the speech, and flatly stated she didn’t like it. Yes, tacky as hell. He exudes horrible narcissist fumes.

    • Deering24 says:

      Ugh. Folks like this always overplay their hand, don’t they?

  18. Natalie S says:

    My theory is she didn’t realize how entwined Ewan’s life is with Eve even without the kids. And Ewan may be entitled enough to want to keep all parts he liked about his life with Eve and join that with his relationship with Mary rather than make a clean break except for coparenting. A lot of charming people are actually incredibly needy and entitled in private.

  19. Who ARE These People? says:

    I read somewhere that the problem with an open marriage is that it pours out through the opening.

  20. DiligentDiva says:

    This feels good, I’m glad Ewan has to deal with being publically known as someone who was dumped. I’m sure his ex-wife is laughing right now.
    But Mary is a homewrecker, yes Ewan played his part but women who knowingly go after other women’s husbands are equally just as trashy. I’m sorry I don’t get why we aren’t allowed to hate both of them anymore? Mary knows the man has a wife, and has children (who will be affected for life because of this) and doesn’t give a shit about them? It makes her trash like him.
    Both of them got the branding they deserved. Ewan’s always been an a-hole to his wife and now it’s publically known. And Mary is a woman who homewrecked and cheated on her super hot young husband for middle age man with a reported cheating problem. The BI had said Ewan was already cheating on her.
    She comes across as the most dumb in this situation in my opinion. I think we all suspected Ewan’s situation would eventually imploded one day. But Mary… damn she gave up a good man for a repetitive middle-aged cheater. Now her reputation is ruined, and she’ll find it hard to get this branded of “woman who steals husbands” off her.
    Women need to be smarter.

    • Sal says:

      Take a seat Dear, all that woman hating preaching must be exhausting.

      He’s a KNOWN slut of gigantic proportions, always has been, theres pics all over the Internet, yet SHE was ‘going after him’ as if somehow he’s a slave to his libido and every woman who crosses his path?

    • CatFoodJunkie says:

      @DiligentDiva How on earth do you know ME’s ex was a good man? Wow. that’s some psychic ability right there. get an 800 number.

  21. Reef says:

    “sniffs a source” WOW! lol.
    What an odd thing to be embarrassed about after you had a prolonged affair? Truth is having an affair isn’t as fun when the other person leaves their spouse and you have to deal with their entire life not just the small bit you saw when you were together.

  22. JaneDoesWork says:

    If you don’t like being called a home wrecker don’t knowingly have an affair with a married man. I think the most fucked up part is that she went to his house and had dinner with his wife and kids.

  23. Christine says:

    Huh. A married famous person who got caught out with a mistress led to a scandal? I find it interesting that the narrative is that she didn’t like the scandal, vs. she actually realized that dating a married man, open marriage or not, is a morally indefensible position. She literally doesn’t feel guilty that she did it, according to the narrative, she is upset with the consequences to HER. SHE is labeled a homewrecker. She doesn’t feel bad for actually having an affair.

  24. Veronica says:

    Sounds like everybody got exactly what they deserved – except for, you know, the ex-wife and children who suffered needlessly. I had such a flame for him when I was younger. What a boner-killer of a move.

  25. KBB says:

    I’m wondering how one source knows that “Mary has always been super self-conscious” and that a year ago “Ewan and his wife were in great shape.” It starts off sounding like someone close to her and ends up sounding like someone close to him. I guess I believe the story, but surely that quote is made up.

  26. gentleorange says:

    Two days before this announcement, CDA N were reporting that he had been hiring escorts while working away. Maybe Mary Elizabeth is a CDAN reader?

  27. stinky says:

    Why is the narrative that his side-piece left him …
    I’d bet it all that he wants his old life back!

  28. Cupcake says:

    Welp he always seems to have his pick of the ladies so he’s probably already banging someone else as we type.

  29. holly hobby says:

    Well Mary I don’t know what you expected when you had fun with a married man. Of course the knives will be out for you when said married man left his wife for you.

    Ewan got the ending he deserved.

  30. Jayna says:

    The public response from his children probably did it. Many people have affairs and move on in Hollywood. The spouses probably don’t say much because they don’t want the public drama of it all to affect the kids. Not every wronged spouse wants the family to be thrust into the public glare regarding a painful situation you can’t change anyway. His two daughters are older, though, and have come out on social media about it. So it’s messy in that way. His idiotic GG speech and the wife’s response was another hit.

    I think Mary Elizabeth probably realized this relationship was doomed because the older kids would never accept her, and he comes with the children. If she realized down the road this would never work because of the animosity of his kids, she probably decided to get out and protect her career. Their TV show and working together was over, so that closeness, seeing each other every day was gone. They both will be off working on other locations now. And I do believe the older daughters would never have accepted her for years, if at all, after witnessing the pain their mom was going through.

  31. Patty says:

    Here’s a thought, Ewan and Mary were probably never anything more than what they were supposed to be. I think both of them were already struggling with their marriages and bonded over that when they met on the set of Fargo. Maybe they were the kick in the pants each needed to pull the trigger on their marriages but did anyone really believe they were going to immediately get into a long term relationship with each other? No.

    Also I think people need to realize that just because someone divorces a spouse while with a third party, it doesn’t always mean they specifically want out of the marriage for that person. Believe it or not sometimes cheating while it may coincide with the end of a marriage, is not always the cause of the divorce. Considering that Ewan was known to always have flings and side-chicks, I think it’s a stretch to say he left his wife for Mary. No, he just happened to leave his wife while Mary was the current side chick. There’s a huge difference. He’s probably already moved on to the next in line.

    I think we try to apply our morality to others and that’s not how the world works. I doubt Ewan is regretting anything or crying in his cereal.

    • Jayna says:

      I don’t think he will go back to his wife. I think she would take him back with marital counseling.

    • Izzy says:

      Except you know what? If you want to leave your marriage, do it the right way, like a decent human being. End the marriage first, don’t screw around behind your spouse’s back. One way is the decent way to do it, the other way is heartless and speaks to a lack of moral character.

  32. Dee says:

    God, I hope this is true.

  33. Sarah says:

    Slightly off topic but I follow ME’s ex husband on Instagram and he is GORGEOUS (@rileystearns). Why she would want someone as seedy as Ewan when she had him is beyond me

    • Jayna says:

      He seems very hipsterish to me. He doesn’t do anything for me, especially with those selfies of himself staring into the camera. I get turned off by that type of use of social media by men. But they had a lot in common as far as their love of the indie film world and seemed supportive of one another.

      I guess she worked with Ewan over the course of that season of the show and they began developing mutual feelings and attraction. It’s not the first time it’s happened. An example is The Americans. But if Mary Elizabeth left her husband that easily, maybe the passion wasn’t there anymore, but she loved him, not in love. Who knows? Maybe Ewan’s Scottish accent swept her away.


  34. Andrea says:

    I don’t get the bashing of ME. She wasn’t married. Yes, she knew he was but trust me when I say this, some men are CHARMERS, telling you everything you want to hear. I am sure some of you ladies have met someone like that and gotten swept up.

    • Jayna says:

      She was married. They started an affair on set at some point. She left her husband. He quietly left his wife a little later. You don’t actually believe that nothing happened before she left her husband, do you? Now that’s naive.

      But I don’t bash them.

      • Andrea says:

        If that’s the scenario, then no I am not naive. But I will say this: I think this gets people upset because deep down, everyone knows that there is someone out there that could cause their partner to stray and they simply don’t want to think about it (male or woman). It may be someone extraordinary to the other person who that person may never meet, but it still COULD happen and that bothers people to the core.

      • LearningtheSystem says:

        Marriage is fundamentally about mutual trust and allowing yourself to be vulnerable and willing to risk that the person you are committing to is committing themselves to you equally.
        You can’t have trust and mistrust at the same time. That’s why betrayal is so wrecking. I’m sure (especially among women) there is some level of fear that their trust will blow up in their face.

      • magnoliarose says:

        @Andrea I trust my husband.

        He had seen how an affair devastates a woman up close so he knew before his first marriage that he would never do that to a woman. His first marriage ended because he didn’t love her anymore and wanted out. If he had been a cheater, I would not have even dated him.
        We fought for our marriage and went through some raw, painful places to get here, but it did not include cheating. It was hard truths about ourselves and our flaws. We had to learn how to love each other despite societal programming and wounds from the past.
        We are closer than ever and very happy together. He’s my BFF.
        I would not jeopardize this, and there is no man worth it. I will never meet another man I love as much as him, and I will never meet a man who loves me as he does. What for? Sex? Lol, that has never been our problem. *blush*
        Cheating is an act of selfishness.

    • Ange says:

      But she socialised with him and his family, it’s not like him being married with kids was a surprise?

  35. schmootc says:

    People is saying an ‘insider’ says they’re still dating:


    Side note: Who names a human being Jamyan?

    • Fanny says:

      Jamiyan is a common Mongolian name, which is where Ewan’s daughter is from. I think it’s a cool name regardless.

      • schmootc says:

        Well, that’s much better than Jamyan and actually makes sense (There’s no ‘i’ in the People article.)

  36. marianne says:

    I will say that we dont know what each other’s marriages were like. Maybe they were both on the verge of divorce when they got together anyway. Maybe one of them or both made it out to be worse than it really was. For all we know ME’s spouse could have been controlling and she was looking for an escape. I mean, we just dont know how or why they got together and it doesnt necessarily make them evil. Plently of people do a bad thing and I dont think it necessarily makes them bad as a whole. ANYWAY, I dont think ME is that naive to not think she would be spared a homewrecker title for getting involved with a married man. As soon as she got together with him she must have known that would be a possibility.

  37. Taxi says:

    He wears the same ring in his arm-around-the-waist pics with both women.