Kim Kardashian dyed her hair pink, says the best part of fame is the ‘free sh-t’

Kim has pink hair! I love it! (Posted 2/25/18)

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As you can see, the big news in Kardashian World is that Kim Kardashian dyed her hair pink. It felt like she had been that dumb shade of white-blonde for years, but in reality, she went blonde last fall and she just refused to give it up. A few days ago, she announced that she was “over” the blonde, and now she’s gone pink. At first I thought this was a wig but there are photos of Kim arriving in Tokyo where her new pink hair looks especially unkempt, so I’m tempted to believe she really did dye it. Meanwhile, Kim spoke at a conference over the weekend and she chatted about the best and worst parts of being Kim Kardashian:

Being Kim Kardashian West has its perks — and its downfalls. Just ask the reality star herself. During a keynote conversation for Create & Cultivate‘s Los Angeles conference on Saturday, Kardashian West admitted to best pal Allison Statter and the gathered audience at City Market Social House, the one thing she dislikes about fame.

“When I just look like s— and want to go outside and eat a churro and not have anyone up my a–,” Kardashian West replied when Statter prodded her to name her “least favorite thing” about being a celeb. Yet, there are still some definite perks. When asked her “favorite thing about being Kim Kardashian West,” the 37-year-old said, “The free s—.”

After some laughter, she elaborated, “No, the free trips. Free trips, free planes, free everything! I do love to share. When I get free stuff, I give it to literally everyone, family, friends.”

And those trips also mean an escape for Kardashian West.

“Trips are usually what I do for gifts now,” she shared. “Material things don’t make me happy anymore, but experiences do. For my birthday, my husband [Kanye West] took me away to Utah to this hotel for two days and we slept the entire time. I think that was so much fun, and everyone just mentally needs to take a break.”

Kardashian West opened up about a variety of topics, also revealing the reality show that made her want to share her own life on television.

“The Real World came out, it was like 1989,” she said to Statter of the long-running MTV series. “And we were at your parents’ house in your room and the Real World came on and I was like, ‘This is it, I have to be on the Real World.’ And I was like, ‘Allison, let’s make audition tapes when we turn 18 and let’s send them into the Real World and you can be my manager.’” Continued Kardashian West, “It’s all full circle because my production company is the same production company that produces the Real World, so it’s pretty cool.” She later added of the series, “I was obsessed. Something in my soul — I know this sounds cheesy — but I just wanted to be on a reality show,” said Kardashian West.

[From People]

In all honesty, I think it’s difficult for the youngsters to understand how groundbreaking The Real World was to people my age and Kim’s age. I was pretty young when the first seasons aired, and I remember being SO obsessed with the banality of their lives and even though they were just normal people, they seemed so glamorous. Of course, I never wanted to be on a reality show like that, I just thought their grown-up, young-adult lives were incredibly cool. Now that reality programming is the default, it’s hard for young people to understand how groundbreaking it really was. As for the best part of Kim’s life and the “free sh-t”… God she sounds so vapid. But it’s a little bit funny that Kanye flew her to Utah and they just slept for two days, right?

This is what Kim wore to the conference, before she dyed her hair. This ensemble is so dumb and unflattering.

Kim Kardashian shows major cleavage in an oversized blazer at the Create & Cultivate Conference

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  1. Snowflake says:

    Is she still going to be acting like a teenager when she hits 40? Yes, probably! She’s 5 years younger than me, I can’t believe she does that stupid video and filters.

    • Lilith says:

      Haha, my first thought! She’s morphing into Kylie!
      My brain just melted watching that.

    • Kitten says:

      So freaking embarrassing. My 31-year-old BF uses that thing–I always call it Chatsnap.
      It’s such a silly app but I admit that I like some of the Chatsnap vids he’s made of my cats lol.

  2. Who ARE these people? says:

    Barbie had more natural-looking breasts.

    (And I don’t usually say things like that.)

  3. grabbyhands says:

    Man, she is really struggling with not being the center of the Kardashian universe these days, isn’t she? Also, no one really believes you “don’t really do wigs” Kim.

    The total lack of awareness of a multi millionaire bragging about how celebrity is great because of the free stuff is just gross. None of them need or deserve anything to be handed to them free, and I’m pretty sure none of their close friends do either. Maybe she could donate some of those free trips to groups like Make a Wish-THAT would be kind.

    • Loopy says:

      No chance! Even when they auction off their stuff on eBay they only give a way 10%. These people are grossly materialistic and money hungry. It’s So funny they act like ‘new money’ didn’t they grow up very affluent..they are so tacky. Say what you want about Ivanka but atleast she has this air of class about her.

      • jwoolman says:

        I think that 10% is the minimum that has to be donated to qualify for special deals on eBay fees. So I’m sure she makes it back on fee savings. Plus she tends to donate to the family charities which also employ them on their boards…. I don’t think Kim likes to give away money. So the freebies are very likely her most favorite thing.

        Remember she didn’t return the wedding gifts or refund the money from her two month marriage. She hadn’t even had most of it delivered from the store where her outrageously expensive registry was. She got the money out of the store and apparently bought expensive watches (Rolexes?) for herself and her family. In response to complaints, she claimed she was donating to charity but again, it was the Kardashian version of charities.

  4. Nicole says:

    I was too young for the early seasons of the real world but they had a marathon for the 20th or 25th anniversary and aired the first 3 or 4 seasons. Groundbreaking stuff. Probably one of my favorite shows to watch besides true life which was also moving depending on the subject matter.
    Now reality tv is stupid and scripted and it’s sad.

  5. African Sun says:

    It’s weird. I am a Kardashian apologist for most of the time, but it’s strange how arrogant she sounded here with the ‘up my a–‘ comment. You are famous, people will be interested to see you. That doesn’t mean they are up your ass or they don’t have lives to lead.

    She sounded really full of herself there and normally in interviews and conferences, she doesn’t come across arrogant. Maybe it sounded OK when said in person – but written down it makes her look bad.

    Never thought I’d say this but I think KKW’s days of being so famous are wrapping up and not because she wants them to the way she is trying to highlight.

    • Kitten says:

      By her own admission, she’s wanted to be a reality TV show star since she was a kid but please get those damn cameras out of her ass. *eye roll*

      I mean, this is literally what she signed up for: for cameras to be up her ass 24/7. And NO, you don’t get to complain about that–it’s your damn job, it’s how you make a living, and nobody forced you to sign up for it.

      • greenmonster says:

        Yes! She is famous for being famous. So, please stop complaining Kim.

      • jwoolman says:

        Kim calls the paps. She stays inside until they arrive. That’s been well established. She even gets a commission on their pics. What’s worse, she was doing that to her toddler when Nori really didn’t like it – we would see pics of the distressed child all by herself because nannies were ordered to get out of frame and let the paps get good shots of just Nori.

        Kim could be unbothered if she wanted to be. Just remember that Kim lies. She’s a pathological liar. She lies about big and little things and it’s really hard to know when she is accidentally telling the truth. That’s going to cause her problems with her kids once they are old enough to know that she lies to them and about them. It’s such an ingrained habit with her, she probably does it without thinking much about it.

      • Chaine says:

        Exactly! It’s not like she has an actual talent, like acting and singing, her whole schtick was built off of “let’s show the family life of this woman who had a sex tape with a D list celebrity.” If it were not for ongoing public interest in her tacky day-to-day activities, she would have to make money touring the strip clubs of America the way most other washed-up porn stars do.

  6. lower-case deb says:

    that’s true though, isn’t it? the richer and famouser you get the more free perks, you get?

    • gatorbait says:

      Which never made sense to me. They can afford the shit. The rest of us can’t. They are so vapid it hurts.

  7. greenmonster says:

    Real World – oh how I loved it. First season I followed was San Francisco and it moved me so much.

  8. minx says:

    Vapid trash.

  9. Elena says:

    I remember when she didn’t return any of the gifts from her wedding to Kris Humphries.

    It’s not her fault that others struggle financially, but she sounds so tone deaf here. When you have to choose between doctors visits, utilities or gasoline, free stuff would be nice.

  10. me says:

    She’s the one that calls the paps so they show up where she’s at. If one day, NO ONE shows up and no one wants a selfie with her, I think she’ll lose her mind. She’s pretending she doesn’t care, but it’s obvious she does. She’s trying so hard to compete with Kylie it’s hilarious. Oh and about that part where she says she’s not into “material” things anymore. Does anyone believe that?

    Some of the free clothes she gets she sells on Ebay and only gives 10% to charity. If it’s FREE to her, why not donate 100%?

  11. Swack says:

    To me the pink hair looks like a wig. I see dark hair (not the roots on top – which I despise) on the side of her head. Looks like what we called a “fall” that was the precursor (I think) to extensions).

  12. Ozogirl says:

    The early days of TRW were awesome. Then Las Vegas happened and it all went out the window and it turned trashy. Is it even still on the air? Reality TV did fuel the fame hungry wanna-be celebs like Kim.

  13. Chelly says:

    I was never into the real world like that but I recall the earlier days of reality tv & the initial explosion. A friend of mine was on the real world & he didn’t like it at all. At the time he was struggling actor & thought this would be a great way to get his name & face out there…not so much. He regretted it then & ever since. But it seemed to work all too well for Kimmy…even if she claims she “hates” she can’t even eat a churro w/o a camera being up her diaper butt

  14. EscapedConvent says:

    Well, there is a lot of space for things to get up her butt. She could avoid that if she didn’t call paparazzi, then act annoyed when they show up. Remember when poor little North was shielding her face and saying “No pictures!”?

    Also, she has some nerve saying anything about getting “free sh-t.” Celebrities, even when they’re not multi-millionaires like this dummy, are given “free sh-t” hand over fist. Just the gift bags that Award show presenters are given are shocking. I don’t know what they’re worth now, as those gift bags’ value was downsized and reined it a bit because they got too excessive. Hollywood really doesn’t operate in reality; those swag bags were worth as much as $150,000 or more the last time I heard about it.

    My point is, these are people who can easily afford all these goodies themselves. They don’t need free sh-t. I’ve heard Ben Kingsley and George Clooney talk about their donating these things to different charities and I applaud them for being able to think of something besides themselves. Kim ought to try that. Her greed and tone deaf-ness about free sh-t is shocking, and if I knew where my pearls were, I would clutch them.

  15. Cine says:

    Must ALWAYS COVER that a** Why buy it then.