Is Brooklyn Beckham planning to drop out of college or is he just deferring?


I don’t know how I feel about Brooklyn Beckham. I like his family and by extension, just assumed I liked him too. But I think my feelings about him are more accurately stated as: he doesn’t bug me too much. I do get a heavy waft of entitlement from him, though. I was really encouraged when he made the choice to go to college to study his craft of photography. Even though he’d already been placed on the nepotism track by booking ad campaigns at the age of 16, his going to school was a statement on the importance of learning your trade. If I’m being a jerk, I’d say he desperately needed training as a photographer and he’s just not that good. Well it looks like the whole college thing isn’t working out for him. According to Star, Brooklyn might be dropping out his first year.

A school insider tells Star that [Brooklyn Beckham] is dropping out of [Parsons] because he didn’t end up Big Man on Campus.

“He blew into Parsons with a massive ego. The diva act didn’t fly with other students and they ostracized him,” snipes a coed, adding that Brooklyn only made things worse by acting too cool for school. “Brooklyn spent a lot of time bragging about his famous friends all the A-list parties he gets invited to. No one was impressed!”

Now the surly 18-year-old, who’s currently dating actress Chloe Grace Moretz, will likely put a face-saving spin on dropping out. “He’s telling people he’s leaving school for these incredible, far-better professional opportunities,” [laughs] the insider. “But really, he’s just mad because no one worshiped him like he expected they would.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, March 5, 2018]

I know this is from Star, but I could totally see this. I bet Brooklyn went in with his Burberry campaign and famous last name and thought he’d be the cream that rose to the top. Once he realized you are only as good as your effort, college looked less appealing. Gossip Cop said this isn’t true, that Brooklyn is only considering deferring his placement. There are many good reasons to defer, personally I just don’t think ‘nobody’s worshipping me’ is one of them. His camp said that everything is fine at school, but that he has been offered so many internships with top photographers, he’s deciding his best option. I’m not sure I believe that.

I believe that maybe he’s not loving being away from his family and girlfriend, Chloe Moretz. I remember finding all kinds of reasons that college wasn’t for me while my boyfriend went to school 300 miles away from mine. Then we broke up and college became much more interesting. To me, it sounds like Brooklyn got a taste of being held to his own merits and he didn’t care for it so much. At least he’s deferring – fingers crossed he’ll return.




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  1. Lela says:

    Celebrity children always fascinate me, there’s very few that try to leave the limelight, most end up wanting what their parents have.

    • SKF says:

      I don’t know if that’s true. There are loads of celebs whose kids are not in showbiz – the difference is that we don’t hear about them.

    • Talie says:

      Yeah, and once the parents drag them onto red carpets, what choice do they have? Everyone knows their face, so they have no privacy to conduct a normal student life. One great exception I can think of quickly to this, is Julia Roberts. I don’t know anything about her kids or what they look like.

      • Lela says:

        that is a very good point, I do think the parents play a huge role in it as well. Denzel is another one that I think has kids who were kept out of the spotlight and went to college.

      • Maria F. says:

        I do not agree in this case. Brooklyn Beckham was supposed to go to regular school, work Saturdays in a coffee shop and just be a normal kid. But some of his choices are not forced upon by his parents. He could have not published a book or go to all these high profile events.

      • Tan says:

        Ti be honest, his parents made it easier for him to publish the book. They bought him the career he wanted with their money and connections, irrespective of his talent and hustle.

        While I understand parents would always want their children to do better, spoilING them just mkes it difficult for them to face reality at some point later,

      • magnoliarose says:

        The Beckhams are attention lovers and he thinks he is special by extension. What he learned is the in the states the Beckhams aren’t a big deal. New York isn’t a celebrity worshipping city, children with parents with more money and status go to Parsons and “child of” isn’t impressive.

    • PoodleMama says:

      I went to college with Denzel’s youngest son. He was incredibly down to earth and nice. Although I think that he is going into entertainment as well.

    • Taxi says:

      Oliver Stone’s older son is very down-to-earth, well-behaved, and graduated from Princeton.

    • thaliasghost says:

      He took the spot from somebody more deserving so hopefully he doesn’t return.

      A couple of weeks ago I read the instagram post of a minor British celebrity celebrating her 18 year old niece passing the tests/exams to become a firefighter at 18 years old. Since we live in an age where even being the best friend of the babysitter of a celebrities niece offers an opportunity for stardom for nothing and nepotism, THAT is what these kids should strife for. They are all a ridiculous wasre of space. Call me when one of those celebrity kids becomes a doctor for the uninsured, a social worker, a teacher for underprivileged children, a scientist. When they don’t become ‘actors’ or model’s they nearly all become ‘photographers’ or ‘producers’ meaning jobs in the industry where their nepotism serves them well.

    • Scal says:

      i think it depends a combo of the parents and the kids. Look at Elizabeth Taylor’s children/grandchildren. Nary a peep from any of them and she was THE it star. Audrey Hepburn kids didn’t go into the business.

      And then sometimes it just depends. Half of Diana Ross’ kids have stayed out of the industry. Same with Demi Moore, Robin Williams, and Tom Hanks.

      It’s when the parents actively push them into it that I think problems come up.

    • Pekoe says:

      There’re, because ‘there is very few’ sounds really ackward.

  2. Penfold says:

    If he leaves, I highly doubt he’ll go back to finish his degree.

    He will get an internship somewhere and by the end probably think he’s a ‘photographer’ who has learned all he needs to know.

    I can also believe that most people at the school weren’t impressed with his famous last name and that cheesed him off. Oh well.

  3. Jussie says:

    His photography book didn’t show one ounce of talent. Not even a little raw talent you could build on. It was just embarrassing. For him and for the publishers. The media was actually pretty kind in their mocking of it, but work like that would be thoroughly evicerated at Parsons, so I’m not remotely surprised he’s backing away.

    • minx says:

      I would guess the students at Parsons and the general public in NYC didn’t give two sh*ts about Brooklyn Beckham. Must have been a big comedown.

  4. Tiffany says:

    I honestly think he just misses his family. It would not surprise me if he goes to school in Florida to be closer to them when they make the move down there.

  5. Hazel says:

    I thought ‘deferring’ was putting off starting college after you’d been accepted, but starting college & then leaving after a year is called ‘dropping out’.

    • Keepitreal says:

      I work in higher education; your assessment is absolutely spot on. He has either officially “wiithdrawn” in which case he may return or transfer to another college; or he has simply “dropped out”. No shame in that, but I hate word jumbles. Btw, he looks like a chav in these photos.

  6. pia says:

    He needs to be in the US on a student Visa, otherwise, how else could he be in the US?

  7. Taxi says:

    He looks so much like his mother! I never paid any attention to him before, or noticed any ads in which he appears.
    Yes, there’s a difference between “deferring” & “dropping out.” Maybe flunked out?

  8. Maria F. says:

    He is constantly travelling, so he might just not put enough work into his classes.

  9. Sequinedheart says:

    Maybe he realizes working for something is actual effort and grit. Having people other than mummy’s fashion friends tell you their opinion wasn’t so easy to handle, I’m sure.
    He strikes me as someone who has a good heart but has entered the misunderstood douche-bro phase.
    I am optimistic he will come out of it fairly unscathed, and leave those terrible cropped trousers with it.

  10. Maum says:

    What’s with the tucked in Tshirt and the too-short trousers?

    Is he a hipster hybrid? He dresses a bit like Rocco Ritchie. Maybe it’s the new thing.

  11. Nicole says:

    Welcome to NY where everyone hustles to make it and not a whole lot of people are impressed by fame or money. Or I guess bragging about fame and money

    • Keepitreal says:

      Very true….many students in colleges and universities in New York (especially places like Parsons, NYU and Columbia), do come from well established families with a few bob to their names….they are very hard to impress.

  12. Pandy says:

    It’s hard to have any kind of real drive when you’ve probably already made a comfortable amount of $$ due to your family name …. eventually though, the opportunities dry up if you can’t back them up with real talent. He’ll be left comfy in the will. shrug.

  13. ABC says:

    I won’t tell my opinion of B.B. other than to say I always read the DM articles on him because the comments are absolutely hilarious. 😂😂

  14. elle says:

    Poor thing. He looks like he thinks he’s good-looking.

  15. Aggie says:

    I used to go to a different college of the New School, and my dorm roommates were Parsons students. That program is incredibly rigorous, and students must be devoted 100% and perform highly to stay. All-nighters are the norm. My roommate ended up getting sick and was out of class a week or two, and had to withdraw for the semester as a result because she was already too far behind. I wouldn’t be surprised if he couldn’t hack it, and this “deferral” is just to save face before they kick him out.

  16. Sensible says:

    So entirely average in every way.