Hope Hicks is resigning from her White House Communications Director job

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On Tuesday, Hope Hicks testified before the House Intelligence Committee in a closed-door session. This was not shocking in the least – the House and Senate Intelligence Committees have mostly been doing closed-door sessions for months, because those committees are led by Republicans who openly collaborate with a treasonous president. I didn’t write about Hope Hicks at all this week because I thought it was going to be another nothingburger story. She apparently refused to answer questions about any of her activities in the White House, limiting herself solely to testimony about the campaign. Even then, she ended up making news – she apparently admitted to telling “white lies” on behalf of the white supremacist-in-chief (what about black lies?!?).

The “white lies” story was not good, but it was not career-destroying not-good, at least not for this administration. I mean, Hope Hicks could have walked into that committee hearing in full Nazi regalia and no one would have said that she should resign. But whatever happened in that hearing, it seems it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Or something. Because now Hope Hicks is leaving the White House:

White House Communications Director Hope Hicks, President Donald Trump’s longest-serving aide, announced her resignation on Wednesday. Hicks, 29, has been a longtime member of the Trump family’s inner circle, having served as press secretary for his presidential campaign before being tapped to join the White House staff. Hicks, a former model, previously worked for the Trump Organization and for Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand.

Her resignation, first reported by The New York Times, comes a day after she appeared before the House Intelligence Committee, which is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election, and acknowledged that she sometimes tells “white lies” for the president, according to lawmakers. Her exact departure date is to be determined, but it will be sometime in the next few weeks. Officials said she wanted to pursue new opportunities outside the White House. In a statement, Hicks thanked the president for his “gratitude.”

Trump also issued a statement praising Hicks for her service.

“Hope is outstanding and has done great work for the last three years. She is as smart and thoughtful as they come, a truly great person,” the president said. “I will miss having her by my side but when she approached me about pursuing other opportunities, I totally understood. I am sure we will work together again in the future,” the president said in a statement.”

[From NBC News]

Like rats from a sinking ship. Keep in mind that Hope Hicks is only 29 years old and she literally had NO experience to be the White House Comm. Director. The only reason she had that job was because Bigly trusted her implicitly, and was seemingly very fond of her, as some kind of surrogate daughter-wife. Many political reporters believe that Hicks is in Bob Mueller’s crosshairs to varying degrees, and that no matter what, she’s going to have a mountain of legal bills when all is said and done. Perhaps it simply is about that – she needs to work at a job that pays more so she can afford all of the lawyers she’s going to need to keep herself out of prison for obstruction of justice and collusion.

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  1. lisa says:

    i need to see her birth certificate, OG long form

    • wheneight says:

      LOL I know! Very pretty, but oldest looking 29 year old I’ve ever seen. Then again, she’s probably seen some shit.

      • Lizzie says:

        she could be a judge on drag race with that makeup…

      • Angela82 says:

        She rivals Miller as the oldest 32 yr old and Sanders as the oldest 35 yr old. 😉

      • Anne says:

        OMG, are you serious? Miller is 32 and Sanders is 35? I thought they were at LEAST in their late 40s or early 50s.

      • Jamie says:

        I wonder if she purposely make herself look older so these old white men would listen to her. sadly, there are jobs where no one trusts you if you are not at least 35..

      • yUPtime'sUP says:

        Enough with this Stepford Wife “administration”. They do the cheesiest makeovers on all the women staff. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all start wearing chiffon and bouffants.

      • Jezza says:

        She’s been working with baby fisted cheeto for a few years now…that would age the shit out of anyone. The heavy handed makeup doesn’t help, either.

        Good for her for getting out. She’s not even 30 and she needs to have a less stressful job that won’t age her so much. Look at what happend to Kellyanne, that cryptkeeper! She looks sooooo old now!!!

    • Erinn says:

      I genuinely think it’s the makeup. She puts it on so heavily that it’s aging her. Take that off and I’d bet she looks her age without issue.

      That being said – I’m 27. I still would have guessed she was AT LEAST mid 30s.

      • Darla says:

        Yeah it’s the makeup. I haven’t seen that makeup look since the 80’s. Heavily contoured, foundation darker than the neck, everything very very heavy, plastered on. I have no idea what she is thinking.

      • LadyMTL says:

        Definitely the makeup, and I say this as a 41 year old woman who loves the stuff (though I’d hope – hah – that my makeup job is nowhere near this bad). Honestly, if you had asked me to guess her age I would have put her in her mid 30’s or so as well.

      • Christin says:

        That is definitely ‘80s level, heavy everything (lips, eyes, cheeks). She also liberally applies highlighter, so I guess that’s her modern touch.

      • sunnydeereynolds says:

        Yeah. She looks young but I never thought she was that young. I would’ve guessed she was in her mid 30s.

      • Cate says:

        It’s absolutely the makeup, but I think also the job has been stressful for her. When I see her now vs. pictures from early in the campaign, she doesn’t look older so much as haggard/tired, and I think she’s trying to hide the effects of that under heavier makeup. I went through something similar when I had my first kid–months of poor sleep and worrying much more about the future really took a toll on my skin. I didn’t develop new wrinkles or start breaking out or anything specific like that, but my skin just looked really dead and tired compared to what I had looked like previously, and makeup often made the whole effect even worse! I remember going for a haircut at 5 months postpartum and seeing myself in the mirror for half an hour all I could see was how much older I looked. Good news is that I got my “glow” back once I started seeing a therapist about all the worrying/anxiety! But Hicks may have actual sh*t to worry about so I think therapy might not be enough to de-age her.

      • Lucky says:

        Sarah Sanders is not 35 is she??? If so, that’s the oldest 35 I’ve ever seen. I’m almost 52 and I look younger than her 😱

      • Christin says:

        Normally it’s only the chief who rapidly ages. In this WH, everyone else adds a decade in mere weeks/months.

      • Lady D says:

        Staggered that Sarah Sanders is just 35. A few months ago, I despised this woman. She was foul on camera, despicable to the press, treated everyone with contempt and was a flat out liar and a bad one at that. I feel a little bit sorry for her now. She always looks so angry but is almost oozing desperate at each press event. I wonder how many names he’s called her?

      • Giddy says:

        I find it hard to feel too sorry for Sanders, although she did look totally miserable at the Olympics. But she is so snide and sarcastic with the press that I just can’t like her. As for her looking older than her age, I’m sure stress is a factor, and the heavy makeup look on her also. What is it about this White House that makes the women do that? Is it the Ivanka factor? Or is it that the boss likes women to look look ke escorts?

      • whatWHAT? says:

        “She was foul on camera, despicable to the press, treated everyone with contempt and was a flat out liar and a bad one at that.”

        and she still is all those things. don’t feel bad for her.

        she CHOOSES to go out there and snidely lie for the Orange one. she could leave at any time.

      • TwoPac says:

        I guess it’s a reality tv thing, the women of the white house all started presenting like 1960s variety show chorus members. I anticipate this will all be exaggerated in the “i Donald” biopic I hope to debate when this whole “presidency” has gone down in flames & ashes of disgrace.

    • Maryrose says:

      Rumor is she’s pregnant.

      • Basi says:

        Juicy! Who’s the rumored father?

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I doubt it. I think she realizes what a liability it is to be in Trump’s Administration. That by doing the job the way he wants it done, she makes her self vulnerable to legal consequences.

      • Maryrose says:

        Rumor is her last lover who just resigned. I think he’s married, but she’s Catholic. Supposedly he asked for an abortion and she said no. She’s resigning due to stress on the fetus. Sounds far fetched. Time will tell. She does look old. Stress will do that.

    • Scal says:

      There are pictures of her back in 2014 and 2016 before she got the melania trump makeover (plastic surgery, makeup, clothes etc) and she looks her age. Cute and adorable.

      And then she started hanging out with Trump and all of those punks and now she looks nearly 40. It’s a shame.

      • Jamie says:

        maybe its on purpose, since she has to look older for all these old men to listen to her. or they will just regard her as a kid and ignore her.

      • Carisel says:

        FYI, some of us are in our 40’s, and look younger than Hope Hicks.

    • Iknowwhatboyslike says:

      It’s the dynasty make-up. She wears the same color palette as Alexis Carrington.

      • PlainJane says:

        Exactly @ Iknowwhatboyslike! The 80’s vibe is so strong with this one.

      • BCity says:

        😂😂😂😂 Alexis Carrington in 2020 please!! Campaign slogan….”BLAAAAAAKE!”
        P.s. She could have Krystle as her VP and it would still be less of a shambolic debacle than these clowns.

      • trumptrickle says:

        Dallas? I wish we could wake up and find out the whole Trump presidency was just Pamela Barnes Ewing’s dream.

    • Sunglasses Already says:

      Another one bites the dust

    • BlueSky says:

      She is bringing some ice queen realness

    • Janetdr says:

      So I was puzzling over who Sanders was…. and then I figured it out. We refer to her as Sara Huckleberry Hound dog Sanders around this house. I am so tired of the lies, deceit, and treason. Please let it all be over soon!

  2. Nicole says:

    I’ll put what I posted yesterday on my twitter to express my feelings on this news:

    ‪Opening scene:‬
    ‪Muller walks to a dark board. ‬
    ‪Marks a red X on a photo ‬
    ‪[Camera zooms in on a name]‬
    ‪It reads Hope Hicks. ‬

    • whatWHAT? says:

      you mean you think she flipped? I wonder about that myself. the timing is too suspect. might also be why she didn’t answer too many questions…she’s saving it for Mueller.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I think she flipped and decided to save herself. I think that is her father walking next to her.

      • Nicole says:

        Yea I think she flipped. There were rumors that Mueller was speaking to her for a few months now.
        The thing is with people like this admin is they will toss each other overboard to save themselves. Like rats

      • Wiffie says:

        I remember a blind item with lots of hope Hicks guesses, alluding to her being labeled basically the white House bicycle.

        I have a theory she was blackmailed and it was a smear campaign to dissuade her from coming out with Monica Lewinsky for a #metoo expose, and she has now resigned.

      • lucy2 says:

        I bet she flipped – none of the people there are clean, you know Mueller & Co. has dirt of some form or another on EVERYONE.

      • Christin says:

        Yeah, their e-mails can see the light of day after all (despite what Hopester allegedly said/thought).

      • Adele Dazeem says:

        Agreed. Regardless of her stupidity, she has intelligent, connected parents that probably reiterated to her that the legal bills will keep piling up and she still isn’t going to come out of this intact if she doesn’t flip and run.

  3. Hh says:

    I’m sorry, but she was getting paid 170K+ per year with NO experience. I don’t know how she’s going to get paid anymore than that anywhere else. I’m sure there are communications executives that make more money, but I’m also sure they aren’t the part of a federal investigation and are actually good at their jobs.

    • Wellsie says:

      That’s what I was thinking… what job could she possibly get? If she gets another senior gig in comms somewhere I will fall over.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        So much speculation about what she actually did. She sounds like a lion tamer – her beauty and naive loyalty made Trump feel better. She was also his gatekeeper and went EVERYWHERE with him, like a nanny. Do we think their relationship was sexual? It’s so weird that Ivanka plucked her out of shoe modeling as a present for her father.

      • Brers says:

        Belle Epoch, I’d bet on my life their relationship wasn’t sexual.
        Easy way to smear women, but beyond that, if you think Trump is still having sex? I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

        He’s an old unhealthy incontinent man. His wife hasn’t shared a bed with him in a decade. Maybe 10 years ago he still could but now? Not a chance.

      • Esmom says:

        Belle Epoch, great description. Maybe she can get a job at an “adult daycare center.”

      • Darla says:

        Brers, I think you’re wrong about Trump having sex. He is. Even if your diagnosis is correct, they all take viagra now. Now whether or not Hicks has gone there, no one can say. I wonder about it myself.

      • Christin says:

        Little blue pills may produce Bigly results…

      • Cate says:

        I somehow doubt they were having out and out intercourse, BUT I certainly think part of her job and her power over Trump was being sexually appealing to him and being another piece in his box of arm candy (Melania, Ivanka, etc.). i.e. he might not have been having sex with her but I’m sure he was thinking about it and that in his mind she was super attracted to him and dying to have him bang her. Whether or not she actually found that an appealing prospect, who knows…from what little is known about her romantic life she doesn’t seem to rule out being involved with pretty scuzzy guys.

      • noway says:

        Hope worked for a PR firm in NYC, Hitzick Strategies where one of her clients was Ivanka Trump. Then she worked with Donald, and that is how she met them. Also, she does have a degree and her father has a pretty big job at Olgivy PR, so I think she has been doing something in PR for a while. Granted she really wasn’t qualified for the position, but in Trump’s world where a Neurosurgeon runs HUD, a anti-environmentalist heads up the EPA, a movie producer is Treasury Secretary, Caterers are Managing personnel, and he nominates judges who have never tried a case she was really qualified, cause at least it was in the same field.

      • trumptrickle says:

        Even if Trump has trouble with getting it up after trying various pills, he still might find gratification in voyeurism and groping.

      • Wilder says:

        I started working in corporate communications for a large consulting firm just a few months out of university, when I was 24. I’m a smart girl, and I was good at my job — but at 29, there is NO WAY I was experienced enough to run communications for the White House. Hicks was there because of her family connections and her looks. It’s pretty sickening, really.

    • cr says:

      Fox “News”

      • Snowflake says:

        Next time we see her, She’ll have blond hair and be on there.

      • Brers says:

        Unlikely – she goes out of her way not to say anything about Trump in public that’s attributed to her. Read Olivia Nuzzi’s insane GQ profile of her from 2016.

        She’s not exactly going to go Kellyanne style.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Or the NRA. It will have to be in Trumplandia.

    • Crowdhood says:

      This. You can be a beautiful White House communications director but you shouldn’t be White House Communications Director because you’re beautiful.

      • tracking says:

        +1 It was so obvious that Trump loved having a pretty young face cater to him and flatter him.

      • magnoliarose says:

        That is a problem. She was never qualified for the job and she was working for a predatory egomaniac with a sleazy history.
        But she chose to do it so she will have to live with the consequences.

    • Clare says:

      Right? Who is going to pay her more than THAT – she is a 30 year old with very limited work experience. I suppose a real estate firm or law firm may hire her for her connections?

    • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

      I think shiiit got real when she testified for congress. Maybe the lawyers were lying to her like they do to Trump about how serious the investigation is. There was a report that she had to leave at a question to consult with her lawyers. She was probably sweating bullets. After reality hit, she was like I’m out of here.

      There are reports from MSNBC that everyone was shocked at her resigning so no it was not planned.

    • Teebee says:

      She’s not going to settle for anything less than TV personality. She believes her own hype, you can just tell. She wants an on camera gig, she might already have it set up. She’s got a taste of the life, she loves the attention, no way she’s going to sit at a desk ever again…

    • Reef says:

      You all really don’t think Hope Hicks can’t make 200k somewhere with the connections she’s made and exposure she’s had over the past year? lol If a pretty young white woman who worked directly for the POTUS in a high profile position can’t parlay this experience into another high 6 figure job, there’s no hope for the rest of us.

      • magnoliarose says:

        LOL, I am sorry, but you cracked me up.
        She will have to find a right wing set up because from what I heard the stench of this administration has made the others notorious. A business expert said she has no qualifications and her reputation is not the best. Remember she had an affair with Cory L. and the abuser and whispers about 45.
        I wouldn’t hire her because I wouldn’t trust her. I wouldn’t want anyone from this corrupt group in my business.
        And what are her qualifications and what can she do? I haven’t a clue.

      • Reef says:

        I’m really surprised that everyone is working under the assumption that everybody that has a 6 figure job is qualified for the position. You’re telling me a pretty woman has a reputation for sleeping with her coworkers and that’s a hindrance? That’s only a hindrance in the eyes of other women and sorry to say but most women don’t do the hiring. Look at the people she’s been working with the past year and a half.
        If the NRA didn’t have a pretty white woman spokeswoman already, she’d be in there like swimwear.

      • Giddy says:

        I bet she ends up with a very nice job with one of Bigly’s Republican pals. He’s not the only older man who enjoys having a pretty young thing work for him.

      • magnoliarose says:

        You are right many people making salaries like hers aren’t fit for the job. But it is eye popping to have one in the White House that close to the president. However not this president.
        I guess it will depend on happens to her on the legal front. If she talks then she will be exiled from Trumplandia.
        Maybe marry a corrupt wealthy man who is much older.

    • Pandy says:

      Buh bye. Another fool being handsomely paid for babysitting the orange turd.

    • TwoPac says:

      If Omorasa can get a job, so can White House Barbie.

  4. queenE says:

    Dish TV has less turn over than this administration

  5. Tate says:

    Hicks isn’t going to do any time for grandpa Bigly. Lol @ trump.

  6. grabbyhands says:

    Oh, I’m sure she already has a number of job offers already and I’m sure she can find another wife beater to hook up with until 45 dumps Melania because he’s ready for a younger model.

    That isn’t the face of someone who is worried about her future or going to jail.

    • INeedANap says:

      Yeah, I get the feeling her leaving is more about saving herself and trying to get out of the public’s/Mueller’s focus before sh&t hits the fan. I totally agree about bad picker thing too — I can totally see her married to an older man with a sketchy history by next year.

  7. Neelyo says:

    That is one hard looking 29 years.

    • minx says:

      Looks 49.

    • Brers says:

      Really? Her makeup is heavy but she’s quite beautiful. Not as much as you I’m sure.

      But her eyebrows and legs are to die for.

      • Clare says:

        Hi Donald!

      • Brers says:

        ? I guess that’s directed at me?

        She’s conventionally attractive. Doesn’t mean she’s a good person. She played lacrosse and looks pretty fit, and again, her eyebrows are the stuff of my dreams.

        Doesn’t mean I support anything she’s ever done. I guess I forgot we can only critique women if we’re nasty about their appearance too?

      • Neelyo says:

        @ Brers – I didn’t say she wasn’t attractive, I said she looked hard. Please don’t put words in my mouth.

        I am sure you’ve never written anything negative about someone’s appearance online, correct?

      • Beth says:

        She’s pretty, but such heavy makeup makes anyone look bad and look a lot older.
        @Brers, you’re saying these women here probably aren’t beautiful just because they think Hope looks a little older than she is? Their opinion of how old a person looks is not a reason to personally insult them

      • Brers says:

        I said the opposite – I think she’s attractive and I’d easily say she’s better looking than me. But if someone is much better looking than her, I can see how they wouldn’t be impressed.

      • starkiller says:

        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose. She’s attractive, but nothing special. I see prettier women on the train every day.

      • Jayna says:

        She is pretty. The brown hair is more flattering. She overdoes the makeup, but she is very striking. Some rich, older Republican will hire her.

      • Olive says:

        i’ll have to believe you when you say she’s beautiful, because it’s hard to tell what she actually looks like under piles and piles of dated, heavy makeup.

      • noway says:

        I think she’s very pretty, but I really don’t like her makeup. It kind of reminds me of the 80’s when I first put on makeup, too much, too hard, too loud. The only thing she is missing is the iced blue eye shadow. Seriously, though is this makeup style in, cause it didn’t look good back then and still doesn’t.

      • TwoPac says:

        Are trumpy trolls schlumping under the bridge of CB??

    • tracking says:

      Yes, beautiful face, but she looks easily 39.

      • Adele Dazeem says:

        She even pulled the middle aged brunette move recently of highlighting the hair to hide the grays and change in texture. (i know that move well as I am early 40s, brunette, and struggling with the changes in my hair lol).

      • magnoliarose says:

        She looks a lot older than her age. The makeup is far too heavy. It is like stage makeup.
        She isn’t very elegant looking, but again the makeup doesn’t do her any favors.
        I don’t like her, and I don’t think she is a good person, so I don’t find her attractive. I also don’t know what she really looks like with 17 layers of terribly dated face paint.

      • Eden75 says:

        Shhhh……another middle aged brunette here. I’m finally giving up on the highlights and just having all of it dyed silver.

        Anywho, I didn’t realize she was only 29. I would have pegged her as much closer to my age when I saw the pic here, late 30’s, early 40’s. Going back and having a look, I’m going to go with the highlights, the heavy makeup and a ton of stress are aging her.

      • nicole says:

        Adele, me too, early forties aswell, used to be dark brown black, but now I am going for chestnut goldy brown, much better for covering up the grey hairs.

  8. Green Is Good says:

    Not so smug now, is she? She’s going to prison, unless she throws Cadet Bone-Spurs under the bus.

    • Brers says:

      Happy to make a bet on it. Love when a gossip blog talks law!

      There zero chance she’ll do time in person. Zero. Zilch.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Explain your logic behind your belief, Brers.

      • Esmom says:

        Oh hi Hope, say hi to Donnie Two Scoops.

      • Christin says:

        Oh, I think there is 100 percent chance she’ll do that or anything else in person (unless she has an out of body experience).

        I think you meant “prison”.

      • Megan says:

        If she lied to Mueller she is going to prison.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I think its Miss Bowling Green herself spinning like she always does. So Kellyanne tell us how this is all going to end?

      • Beth says:

        If @Brers isn’t Miss Bowling Green, I think there’s a good chance it could be the other ace spinner, Miss Fake Pearls Sanders trying hard to defend Donnie Two Scoops and Hopeless Hicks

      • Darla says:

        LOL Mangolia, you could be right. I def think it’s a spinner, not sure which one, but I like your pick.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        If she cuts a deal to give up information on the Trump Administration, then yes, she will avoid prison. But others won’t!

      • nic919 says:

        She has already admitted on the record that she would lie for Dump. It doesn’t matter if it was a big lie or a little lie, her admission on the record is forever there for a lawyer to use on cross-examination. Any time in the future she is called to testify, this little gem of an admission will be brought out to attack her credibility.

      • noway says:

        I won’t say 100%, but I don’t think she’ll go to prison either. My reasoning is she really is a glorified secretary, and even Rose Mary Woods of Watergate error didn’t get arrested. (Nixon’s tape erasing secretary) Plus Mueller doesn’t really want her he wants the people who really benefited from this, all Trumps.

    • Millenial says:

      She’s going to be drowning in legal fees she can’t afford on her own (like Gates) and my guess (somewhat based on what Bannon has said about her) is her real daddy finally talked some sense into her about how much legal/criminal trouble she’s already in and how much more she’d be in if she stayed.

      I also don’t think she’ll go to prison — I think she’ll spill whatever beans she has when she realizes she’s looking at prison time.

      • Christin says:

        Since both her parents were once in DC’s political sphere, it’s interesting she didn’t listen to them and Stevie B sooner. The longer she stays, the more risk.

        Maybe she thought some of those inaugural funds might be redirected to pay her fees if she stayed on the family’s good side?

      • magnoliarose says:

        She’s in trouble.
        There is no way she isn’t, and if she doesn’t go to jail, she is looking at least some charges.

      • Sophia's Side eye says:

        Maybe she’s been a mole for Mueller? One can hope.

  9. littlemissnaughty says:

    Who the hell is even running the show at this point? Is anyone governing?

    • Rapunzel says:

      Well they seem to have canceled everything yesterday and the whole place was in total chaos . So the answer is probably nobody. I don’t think too hard about that because it’s f–king frightening.

      • cr says:

        Not sure anything was cancelled but the press briefing. They still had Two Scoops’ televised round table with with members of Congress about guns.

      • Rapunzel says:

        cr- they apparently canceled the briefing and all meetings and executive staff was huddled behind closed doors . This was I believe before the roundtable . But there was some sort of emergency gathering to deal with Hicks leaving. They had to stop and get their sh-t together.

      • cr says:

        “cr- they apparently canceled the briefing and all meetings and executive staff was huddled behind closed doors . This was I believe before the roundtable . But there was some sort of emergency gathering to deal with Hicks leaving. They had to stop and get their sh-t together.”
        I wouldn’t be surprised if they held an emergency meeting because of Hick’s resignation, but the way you are writing, and the way it was tweeted about, with no sourcing, seems to be inflating this into Something Big, where it’s probably not.

      • Rapunzel says:

        cr- fair enough… I may be hyperbolizing because I’ve been tricked by the breathless tweeting.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I’m terrified of what Trump will do without a pacifier there to hold his hand and coddle him. America is vulnerable right now.

    • Brers says:

      For at least six months there have been severe staffing shortages. Not just big name positions – like not having a Deputy Chief of Staff, which is pretty crazy – but the lower level jobs as well.

      Hiring was done poorly, plus people were worried about potential legal fees if they ever had to testify – even if they’d conceivably be joining the WH after any wrong doing.

      Long story short – it’s wildly understaffed and that’s unlikely to change soon. And that’s bad news.

      • Imqrious2 says:

        Could be Kelly jumping soon, too? On CNN he’s quoted on video saying: “Leaving DHS was the last thing I wanted to do, then God punished me”. I don’t think he was really joking. 😱

        And while he’s saying things are “pretty good at the WH right now”, there has been TREMENDOUS turnovers (24+ folks have left, how many are under investigation?), Mueller on fire, and the fallout of all the abusers, and now Kushy’s Tushy’s drop of clearance with the state coming after his banking issues. So “pretty good” compared to what?

      • lucy2 says:

        And not just at the White House – there are tons of unfilled positions throughout the government. I’ve heard a lot of worry expressed over the empty desks at the State Department.

      • tracking says:

        lucy 2, gutting State was specifically part of the plan.

  10. Alexandria says:

    I am depressed! Dotard is coming to Singapore! I have to leave the country during his visit! More indictments stat!

    • Krill says:

      My sympathies. I would ask you to go out and demonstrate along his car route but he would just see that as a warm welcome and tweet how popular he is there.

      • Alexandria says:

        Krill I can’t even look at his pictures (always scroll past furiously) so I shall not want to be within metres of him lol. Bangkok here I come for respite!

    • magnoliarose says:

      It is best to get away from the toxic fumes. He ruins and destroys all he touches so flee and save yourself.
      And eat some delicious Thai food.
      I have never been to Bangkok because I was afraid after seeing Brokedown Palace that someone would sneak some drugs into my suitcase. Lol. We have a show called Locked Up Abroad, and a few episodes have scarred me for life.

      Poor Singapore. You have done nothing to deserve this.

  11. Rapunzel says:

    Hope Hicks leaving is HUGE (YUGE?) news. This is one step shy of Jarvanka leaving. I suspect this was first time Bigly directly attacked her, and she wasn’t having it. But seriously, I thought that Hope was on hello way to be wife number four after Melania left Donald, and I am very surprised at this turn of events. I’m actually thinking this was seriously unplanned chaos, and it does not bode well for DT. Shit may actually be going down.

    In other words, no Hope gives me hope.

    • Imqrious2 says:

      Considering NY State is now looking into Kushner’s banking (not Federally pardonable if he’s found doing illegal banking/loans/borrowing against his properties etc…what am I saying, IF lolololol) Kushy’s tushy’s goin’ DOWN!

      • noway says:

        I know Daddy already went to jail courtesy of Chris Christie, and you know there is money laundering with both Kushner and Trumps companies. Guess what firing Mueller wouldn’t really help as the State Attorney General can go after him for that. This just takes time, but my guess is it will happen first Kushner and then Don Jr. as he is just an idiot.

  12. Krill says:

    He hires all the best people y’all. Only the very best. MAGA

  13. tracking says:

    8 hours before the Intelligence Committee, refusing to answer most questions? Sure, she’s pure as the driven snow. #swampiestofswamps

  14. lightpurple says:

    A key point of the questioning of Hicks, which she refused to answer in her House testimony but probably didn’t have as much leeway with Mueller, involves her part in drafting Junior’s statement about the Russia meeting on Air Force One. Kushner was also part of that meeting. ?BTW, whatever part the drafting of that statement plays in charges of obstruction of justice and conspiracy to commit crimes against the US, it was also an inappropriate use of Air Force One.

  15. RBC says:

    “ I am sure we will work together again in the future” Hope is probably going back to work at some Trump family connected business. Since 45 never really divested or put his company in a blind trust, then technically Hope would still be working with him.
    I am surprised KellyAnne Conway is still working in the White House. For awhile I would have been certain she would have been let go or “ resigned” due to some blunders earlier.

  16. Peg says:

    Trump berated her, after she admitted she lied for him, before the committee. So she quit.
    Prerequisite for anyone working for Trump, you’ve to be a Liar.
    The daily lies are aging Sara Sanders before our eyes.
    Jared is going to rue the day he took this job, I know he want a pardon for his father, but he may end up being the one that need the pardon.
    Ben Carson and his $31,000 dinning table, mother only wanted the best for her dumb husband.

    • Clare says:

      How do we know he berated her? I want to know more

    • Peg says:

      From the same people that leaked, Trump called Countries shiteholes, Trump begging Mexico’s President to say Mexico is going to pay for the Wall.
      Kelly can ban cellphones all he want still not stop the leaks.

    • Tiny Martian says:

      Yes. So once again, he is guilty of felony witness tampering. The list just gets longer and longer, and yet his followers still claim there is no evidence of obstruction, lol.

  17. PunkyMomma says:

    Does this mean Sarah Huckabee Sanders is now in charge of the pants-steamer?

  18. Digital Unicorn says:

    While she won’t see prison she will be tainted – she admitted lying for Trump. She’s looking smug here as she prob cut a deal to throw Uday, Tom Riddle and Cadet Bone Spurs (aka Flambo) under the bus. Flipping her could be what brings the house of cards down.

    • Brers says:

      I only know real names – who’s Tom Riddle meant to be?

    • Indiana Joanna says:

      @DU, but will she have a taint? I imagine she’ll be able to slide into a high paying career and live unnoticed if she survives Mueller’s crosshairs.

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        Depends on what she admitted lying about – plus why would anyone hire someone who lies (both for her boss and married ex’s) but i guess she’ll be looked after by her wealthy, connected family.

      • Christin says:

        There is probably a Russian yacht waiting…

      • magnoliarose says:

        Yes, she will have taint.
        Her affairs were messy and cozying up with an administration full of racists and criminals never works out that well for women.
        Now if she wants to go the oligarch girlfriend route, she may be onto something.

      • Giddy says:

        When DT told Cory L. that Hope was the “best piece of tail he’d ever have”, I didn’t realize that Cory was married. I had thought maybe she was desperate because they were so few single guys in the WH. Turns out she was just plain desperate. So that makes Hope the woman he was arguing with on the street that time? What a classy group DT has assembled!

    • Indiana Joanna says:

      I can see any of the banks who loaned Jailbird Jared millions after he entertained them in the WH giving her a job. Those banks are about as corrupt and opaque as you can get. So Hope’s stench will fit right in with that industry.

    • Another Anne says:

      I was just thinking yesterday that Jared looks like Tom Riddle!

      I think Hope needs to find herself a nice position fronting for a right wing lobbyist, a la Dana Loesch. No legit business in any financial or legal circles will touch her at this point. My money is on her showing up as a new talking head on Fox News. A few more blonde highlights, and she’ll fit right in.

  19. Indiana Joanna says:

    drump surrounds himself with criminal, unethical, unqualified people who believe they are smarter than everyone else. Hicks is exactly the same and is in a heap of legal trouble on behalf of baby fists.

    I wonder if her family planned an intervention to get her out of the WH cesspool.

  20. Rapunzel says:

    But who will wear the inappropriate thigh high boots now?

  21. Molly says:

    One of the plastic daughters-in-law will get the job next. No way anyone with real qualifications wants to be near that mess.

  22. JoJo says:

    Watching Maggie Haberman of NY Times, who broke the story, on CNN. She says that Hope leaving has ZERO to do with what happened in her “white lies” testimony the previous day. Maggie says that although it’s hard to believe, the timing of her departure is 100% coincidence. Really?! I do find that nearly impossible to believe.

    • Jenns says:

      And CNN just contradicted Maggie. I don’t know why Maggie actually believed the BS that she resigned weeks ago.


      • JoJo says:

        Did CNN contradict her? I haven’t seen that. Maggie was on New Day with Chris Cuomo just a little while ago (this morning) saying the same thing – that the timing of her departure was pure coincidence – and everyone seems to be buying into it.

        I don’t see how anyone can believe this for a second. If she truly has simply been wanting to leave for a while, then why was it so critical for her to make the announcement yesterday of all days – immediately following her ‘white lies’ testimony and the same day Trump was trying gain public favor with his public gun control session, etc.

      • Christin says:

        MH is thought to be a direct line for Bigly. She’s probably repeating the “scoop” she was given by Two Scoops and Co.

        Either she suddenly quit or was encouraged to do so. Dear son-in-law was getting a lot of shady headlines yesterday, and she may be a convenient distraction.

      • JoJo says:

        Really?! I hadn’t heard that at all about Maggie. I cannot stand Trump and live in fear that he’ll be re-elected, but as far as journalism goes, it always appeared to me that Maggie tried hard to be unbiased and stick to the facts, which is really what journalists should be doing. But this thing she’s selling about Hope’s departure being a coincidence … I. just. can’t.

      • Christin says:

        JoJo, she’s supposedly one of a few journalists (Schmidt is another) who has gotten direct calls from Bigly and his inner circle in the past. I’ve seen MH shill a bit for him in the past, and became a little more skeptical. Her tweets about HH yesterday were met with understandable criticism by some, because the story isn’t fully believable.

        Schmidt seems a little more balanced, and can speak on TV without ten “umms” a minute.

    • Rapunzel says:

      They basically cancelled everything yesterday. They were definitely not expecting this. Maggie H can suck it . She’s one of the reasons that NYT sucks now.

      Hicks may have been planning to leave after the Rob Porter stuff. But she clearly just decided to leave suddenly yesterday. The whole place was in chaos so there is no other answer . They were not expecting this.

      • Darla says:

        I so agree Rapunzel! Especially about Maggie and the NYT. And yeah, the s hit the fan there yesterday, for sure. Chaos.

    • adastraperaspera says:

      Maggie has a credibility problem. She has soft-pedaled the Trumpkins for years. Some believe this is because her mother has the Kushner family as clients.

      • OG OhDear says:

        She also likes having access to them and is afraid that reporting actual facts will cause them to deny access.

      • Christin says:

        OG – Exactly. Hearing her speak about, umm, whatever line she’s, umm, been fed demonstrates the fear she has of losing, umm, that access.

        She seems more nervous about not being on their speed dial than being objective about the credibility of what is being reported.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I’ve heard that it wasn’t so much about getting yelled at…it was about Russia and the investigation. It finally hit home to her how much she was putting herself at legal risk by being in her position.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Mueller has made some moves that have some of them scared and whatever her issues it was time to get out. Passed time in fact.

  23. Chef Grace says:

    Nothing will happen to any of the Orange white supremacist’s dancing monkeys.
    This is all just smoke and mirrors.
    A show to keep the sheeple distracted.
    I want it all to crumble, to come to an end, but that is not going to happen.
    I don’t know what will become of this country but waiting for Mueller to impeach 45, to jail his minions is a waste of time. We need a miracle.

    • Eric says:

      Chef Grace:

      Wrong! Wrong! You stole fizzie-lifting drink…

      Oops. Different movie. Mueller’s indictments on 13 Rusdians and Russian entities proves that there was a CRIME committed. It doubles as a safety net for Mueller and Rosenstein–they are now untouchable.

      Mueller has everything he needs, and so much more than we can comprehend, to indict/flip everyone associated with Emperor Zero–sans Pence maybe–to nail EZ.

      Do you honestly think Mueller would drop 17 horrifying charges from Rick Gates, let him remove his GPS monitor AND let Gates travel with his family for nothing?

      Gates not only delivered Manafort…he delivered Trump. It’s over for this shitshow.

      • tracking says:

        Please let this be true, but I’m even more afraid of a theocratic Pence administration.

      • cr says:

        “Mueller has everything he needs”
        Probably not, though what he’s got is impressive so far.
        He keeps expanding the investigation, we’re not done yet. And who knows what he’s looking at in terms of what Congress/RN have done.

      • Lady D says:

        Eric, does untouchable mean he can’t fire or threaten to fire Mueller anymore?

      • magnoliarose says:

        I am impressed by his move looking into the Sessions firing conspiracy last summer. Very layered and amps up the pressure and makes it very hard to try to oust Sessions or Rosenstein at this point.
        It is like watching a to the death chess match.

      • Jayna says:

        My brother keeps telling me Trump will end up in jail when it’s all said and done. I can only dream.

      • Q T Hush says:

        I was looking for you Eric. I needed that!! Go Bobby Three Sticks!!

    • Blaire Carter says:


  24. Nanea says:

    By the midterms, this maladministration won’t have any of the players that they started with. The only original thing will be the ‘skull and bonespurs’ flag flying from the mizzen.

  25. Who Are These People? says:

    Mueller can’t impeach but he can indict everyone Trump needs around him and potentially find stuff so bad it can no longer be ignored by the House. Especially if Democrats take the House. Register and vote.

  26. Tiffany27 says:

    She’s 29?? She doesn’t need all that makeup. I mean she may just enjoy a heavy face of makeup and that’s her choice, but I bet she doesn’t need it. Meanwhile, suffer Hicks.

  27. Dee says:

    OOoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! This is getting GOOD!

  28. Jayna says:

    She’s no dummy. She’s getting out now. She is not going to perjure herself in front of the House Intelligence Committee and go to jail and incur massive attorney’s fees to fight it. Trump expects her to perjure herself.

    And by the questions asked, if she knows more, now is the time to get out and/or flip for immunity if she is in jeopardy.

    And Mueller is closing in. The White House knows this.

  29. Clare says:

    Sooo is she the canary who will sing? A rat jumping ship? Or is she the fall guy to take attention away from Jared who now has lower clearance that the WH calligrapher?

    What do we think?

    • Christin says:

      I think the second option (convenient distraction) bears consideration.

      Interesting that the boss stated he’s confident they’ll work together again in the future, and apparently there is no firm leave date.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I think that was just nonsense lies from 45 to make it look friendly. I bet they spent hours crafting it to try to hit the right tone.

      • Christin says:

        All the sappy girl-crush tweets from the inner circle do seem over the top. Not buying the it was planned for some time, buddy-buddy tone they’re selling.

  30. Girl_ninja says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else find it odd and creepy that Hope started out as a brunette and has slowly become a blonde? No? Just me? Okay, cool, cool.

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      Slowly morphing for her future job at Fox News.

    • Fluffy Princess says:

      I noticed that too. Her hair is looks almost exactly like Melania’s now. She went from a dark brown (like Melania, too) to the caramel-ly / blonde she’s got going on…Hmmmmm….

    • Lady Medusa says:

      Yes! It’s creepy and disheartening, plus it’s just a poor choice. She looks so much prettier with darker hair. She’s a beautiful woman, but she ruins it by burying her individuality under sex-doll makeup and the same hairstyle that every other pretty young thing has. I mean, I don’t like the woman one bit, but it’s a shame.

  31. flebel says:

    This gal know A LOT – and she has also been interviewed by the Mueller team for many hours. The 9 hour grilling by the Congressional committee this week was the final straw for her. EACH lie to the FBI or Congress can be worth up to 5 years prison. It was time to get out of that toxic environment, look out for her own interest, and try to salvage the rest of her life. The big question/decision now — turn on Trump, family & associates, or go down with the ship (jail time)?

  32. cr says:

    There was also the weirdness yesterday of Trump going after the Racist Keebler Elf, and then said elf and Deputy AG Rosenstein basically doing a pap walk/dinner last night, possibly as a message to Two Scoops:

    Besieged Sessions dines with Rosenstein, Francisco
    If Donald Trump finally follows through on his rage and fires Jeff Sessions, the image with this story will be printed in history books.

    Tonight at 7:35pm, the Attorney General strode into a high-end Washington restaurant to dine with his deputy Rod Rosenstein and the Solicitor General Noel Francisco.

  33. Amelie says:

    She only got the job because she worked for Ivanka’s fashion line, she was in no way qualified to work on a political campaign or work in the White House but that’s par for the course for a lot of Trump aides. She was probably going to have to leave anyways but her hearing with the House Intelligence Committee definitely precipitated it. The NYT had her saying she had to “massage the truth” for Trump but rumors surrounding the fact she was involved with Corey Lewandowski and Rob Porter, the wifebeater guy definitely did not help. Plus so unprofessional to be involved with people you work with though it happens in the White House all the tim). She’ll be fine though, she is from Greenwich, CT, which tells me everything I need to know about her (I grew up very close to Greenwich in a very similar town and very familiar with the kind of people who live there and that WASPy country club culture).

    • Karen says:

      In what world does a fashion publicist get to be the Communications Director for the White House? Has zero experience in government. Out of college 6-7 years. It pains me that there are both qualified men and women who were capable of doing the job. But the orange turd picks a fashion model so he has something pretty to look at. It is disgraceful how appearance trumps experience. Lol

      Also the rumor she may be his mistress and to keep undercover they setup the Porter romance not knowing his past abusive behavior. So Hope got setup. I think that is why she is leaving. Or maybe Melania wanted her out?

      • Amelie says:

        I also like to think the fact that it got out that she steamed Trump’s pants while they were on his body was also embarrassing enough for her to resign. Lord knows if she and Trump were also having an affair or if Trump just kept her around so he’d have something pretty to stare at. That could be ammunition for Melania to get her to leave, if Melania is somehow behind this. But Melania seems so uninterested being First Lady and being Donald Trump’s wife in general that I think she turns a blind eye way when it comes to Trump’s infidelities. She’d rather not know and is just focused on her and Baron surviving the White House.

    • Korra says:

      Yeah, this is what bugs me about her holding down this title (as well as that stupid “Director of Strategic Communications” title she held previously) – her experience is in fashion PR, not politics. I know some people keep harping on her age, but i know some a few late 20’s/early 30’s professionals who maybe are not qualified for the Comms Director position yet, but could absolutely hold down a respectable deputy position. In fact, Hilary was going to hire and elevate young political professionals into her administration had she won office.

      Hope is young, but not that young; she is, however, unqualified for a role in DC and completely out of her depth.

  34. Luna says:

    This would be the perfect time to release her new perfume, “White lies.” It smells like old cheeseburger wrappers and Depends.

  35. Anastasia says:

    By the way, this was his THIRD White House Communications Director.

    • Christin says:

      Some are reporting fourth, because Spicey had the job twice. That means he’s had more director changes than marriages.

      Spicey1 lasted 46 days, Dubke – 86 days, Spicey2 – 53 days, Moochie, 11 days, and Hopeless for 197 (before resigning — though her end date is TBD).

    • flebel says:

      I have a great suggestion for number 4 (or is it 5) — Stormi Daniels – after all, he knows her inside and out.

  36. Layla says:

    She’s 40 if she’s a day. Two thoughts: 1) she’s secretly a Russian spy sent to infiltrate Trumps world. Or 2) she was wearing a wire for Mueller and hightailed it out of there as soon as Mueller would allow it.

  37. Fluffy Princess says:

    Hicks had better “hope” she’s got the proof she needs for her “get out of jail free” card. We have to remember that she was in the thick of things throughout. She was on Air Force 1 when they were crafting the firing memo, knows about the meeting with the Russians and Jr–lots of pics of her with Bannon (aka Worm Tongue), all the overseas trips — She is not as “innocent” as people want to portray her. She’s 29, not 19. She knows what she’s doing, and she could have left at any time, but she didn’t. She’s also close with Tom Riddle and Princess Nagini, so she has to know about some of their dirty-dirty, as well.

    None of these people are crafty or clever. They are rich and spoiled and have bought their way out of trouble and mis-dealings their whole lives. They just don’t seem to understand that you cannot buy your way out of these charges. They are used to running up court costs against little businesses who can’t afford to fight them. But this is the US Government–we have enough money and manpower to bury them under the jail–it seems the inner circle isn’t quite accepting this yet.

    If Hope Hicks doesn’t have something substantial to give up to Mueller, then I think she could be facing some jail time. He’s already arrested and got two guilty pleas from two people for lying to the investigation. Special Counsel probably has loads of proof about her little “white lies” and how that can translate into jail time. Those two days she spent with Mueller BEFORE she met with the House committee, tells us that she probably flipped. Even Adam Schiff said after her testimony that they got “Bannon’d” by her. And Bannon stonewalled them and then what did he do? Ran straight into Mueller’s arms to give it all up and fly the bird at tRump for firing him and taking away his toys. My money says she did the same.

  38. Jules says:

    I do a double take every time I see a picture of her – she can look like Keri Russell from certain angles. IMO Keri is way prettier, but the resemblance is definitely there.

  39. Lorelei says:

    Ugh that wave in the first picture, I can’t deal with this woman. You’re (presumably) exiting a closed-door session of the freaking House Intelligence Committee where you were answering questions under oath about your lying boss, not doing a pap stroll outside a club! Who does she think she is? Good god have some dignity on behalf of the country! /rant

  40. Ozogirl says:

    Mueller must be onto something good! They are running!

  41. trh says:

    white lies matter

  42. Darla says:

    For the spinner who claimed Hicks is in no trouble, Vanity Fair just broke something:

    Hope Hicks has racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars of legal fees, @GabrielSherman reports. “She’s in immense personal jeopardy,” one Republican says. “This is a sign the Mueller investigation is a lot more serious than anyone of us thought.”

    Oh, dear.

    • Christin says:

      I think “something” finally got her attention this week. Or else she just went into meltdown once the cable news shows hammered her evasiveness and “white lies”, coupled with her boss’ critique.

      I mentioned in another post how I noticed a change among the more veteran legal experts and other guests on evening cable news shows (especially the Watergate era folks). It’s as if they know it’s getting real, and it’s getting closer each day.

    • magnoliarose says:

      This does seem serious, and it does feel like everything is on a brand new level. I believe some of the little minions in Congress have to be sweating right now. Nunes might be one of them. If they get called to testify, he worked on the campaign; he might be in trouble too.
      If this is where we are now, I can’t imagine where this is going in the next several months. Money laundering likely and bank fraud. I have no idea, but it is big.

      Christin, I have noticed the seriousness is different now too.

  43. mela says:

    she sure hides behind her hair a lot.

  44. JRenee says:

    Testify one day and resign the next. Where there’s smoke there’s fire…I hope she’s singing like a canary for Mueller!

  45. Deeana says:

    We really had no idea of the full extent of Nixon’s criminal behaviors at the time of his resignation. Nor at the time of his full pardon by Gerald Ford, which took place quickly thereafter – I think it was about a month later.

    Due to Trump himself plus the low level of professionalism that seems to be rampant with this White House there are lots and lots more leaks now than during Watergate. And there are emails and twitter now.

    I agree there has been a shift in tone within the past week or so. Although Trump himself may still be in his la la land bubble, one gets the idea at least some of those close to him might be beginning to realize there are bigtime legal problems that aren’t going away.

    I still think there is a strong chance that Trump will follow in Nixon’s footsteps, trading a full pardon for his resignation. This is undoubtedly the course of action that will be urged upon him by the Republican party “leaders” – because they surely don’t want to see any messy trial.


    Re: Hicks, Trump and sex
    I suspect she may have provided Trump with bjs when he wanted them.

  46. jwoolman says:

    She seems to have a reputation for having a photographic memory or nearly so. If this is correct, Mueller might be especially interested. She also may be a lot smarter and more capable than some here give her credit for.

    She may have Bannoned the people in Congress, but she might at the same time have been singing like a truthful little birdie to Mueller. The Congressional testimony was something Trump would get all the details about from the Republicans there. But her discussions with Mueller would be inaccessible to Trump. And Congress doesn’t seem to be in the mood for taking contempt of Congress seriously. In contrast, Mueller is very serious about felony charges for lying to the FBI and to him.

    People in the White House do seem taken by surprise by her resignation, so I doubt it was planned. She’s one of the few people who can calm Trump down, and the staff is likely not happy to lose her.

  47. Bread and Circuses says:

    Dated a guy who man-handled a woman, leaving bruises.
    Dating another guy who beat his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend.
    Works for a verbally abusive sexual harasser.
    Wears a shield of makeup despite being gorgeous.

    I think this woman was walking wounded before she ever got attached to Trump.

    Not that working for Trump’s admin wouldn’t make it worse. Not that these predators don’t go looking for women who are already vulnerable to them.