People Mag’s suspicious profile of Aniston’s new man Bradley Cooper

Jennifer Aniston is thought to be dating tousled hair up-and-coming actor Bradley Cooper. They were spotted out at a romantic dinner in New York last week. People Magazine confirmed their date with a piece about how they were both dog lovers and should get along well. In May, Cooper denied dating his co-star Aniston, saying he’d only met her three times but that his mom enjoyed reading about his fictional romance in the tabloids. The two were first linked way back in August, 2007 before they started shooting He’s Just Not That Into You. Stories in the celebrity press make it seem like things are moving along nicely for them after they got acquainted doing press for their film.

Many of you were skeptical of Cooper and Aniston’s supposed new romance and said it had the whiff of a publicity stunt. Now People Magazine has a strange piece on Cooper that makes him out to be an all-around great catch. It reads like something his manager would put out to raise his profile. He cooks, speaks French, and is a college graduate who loves his adopted dogs. What a man:

The hot star of this summer’s breakout comedy The Hangover is catching the eye of just about everyone in Hollywood, including Jennifer Aniston, who went on a date with actor on June 18. But there’s more to Cooper than just good looks and a sense of humor. Here are five things you need to know about the rising star:

1. He likes a down-to-earth woman: The actor recently took Jennifer Aniston on a late-night date, has been previously linked to Cameron Diaz and was briefly married to actress Jennifer Esposito. As for what quality he looks for in a partner, he has said: “Give me an authentic woman, and I’m happy.”

2. He has two rescue dogs: “I have two beautiful dogs that I cherish. Samson is a 14-year-old German short hair pointer and Charlotte is a 6 or 7 year-old Chow Retriever mix. They are both rescue dogs and they are the best … I’m sort of a hybrid of both my dogs. Samson is stoic and makes me earn it and Charlotte loves me undyingly. They’re my kids.”

3. He graduated from Georgetown University: “I loved the college experience of studying. I was very grateful to be there … I applied out of high school and I didn’t get in, and then I applied as a transfer and got in,” says the actor who graduated from the school’s honors English program in 1997. “I felt honored to be there, so I worked my ass off. The whole time I was there I thought I wasn’t smart enough so I felt like I had to.”

4. He is fluent in French: “When I was a kid, I remember watching Chariots of Fire. And French is the official language of the Olympics. So there’s a scene where a guy was speaking French and I thought, ‘Man, that sounds so cool. I want to learn French.’ ”

5. He’s a master in the kitchen: “I seriously love to cook … My grandmother was an amazing cook. As a kid I used to help her make handmade pasta, Cavatelli and Ravioli. It was one of my favorite things to do. I love the idea of making whatever is in the fridge into something.”

[From People]

What the hell is that? Maybe People runs these type of stories in their magazine with the “sexiest men alive” issues, but this is over the top. I was willing to believe that Aniston was legitimately moving on after her relationship with John Mayer predictably crashed and burned, but it looks like someone’s publicist got a little too greedy. Way to be obvious – first confirm the date to People Magazine and then run a fluff piece about what a great guy your client is. If this is a real romance for these two, and it’s doubtful, it looks like Cooper and his people are milking the situation for as much PR as possible. They way it’s going down makes it all look staged, though. I usually don’t think that way but it’s hard to come to any other conclusion when you read crap like this. The question is – is Aniston complicit in this or is she getting duped?

Why would People run of profile of Bradley Cooper like this? I can’t see them calling up his manager and asking a bunch of personal questions about him to reach some rosy conclusion. The two authors credited with the article, Lisa Ingrassia and Paul Chi, have plenty of other stories on People’s website that seem like regular celebrity coverage. It’s of course possible that there’s a natural interest in Cooper since he’s been connected with Aniston but instinct tells me there’s more to it than that. This is just too strange.

Jennifer Aniston is shown shooting her film Bounty Hunter in Atlantic City yesterday. Credit: Pacific Coast News. Bradley Cooper is shown on 6/2, 6/4 and 6/15/09. Credit: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures

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  1. stellapurdy says:

    Meh, it appears to me that they’re attempting to get the most for their money. He’s in a #1 film and is the new hottie, might as well take advantage of the free publicity while you can. I don’t see it as any overt conspiracy but rather just manipulating the situation to your advantage.

    My money is on Cooper being the next blockbuster movie star – following in the footsteps of Mel Gibson. Wanna bet we see him in the buddy/cop films soon?

    He is a hottie too – YUM.

  2. CandyKay says:

    It reminds me of People’s sister magazine, “In Style”, which has never met a celebrity it couldn’t celebrate.

    If “In Style” got a chance to interview Hitler, it would ask him how he chose the lovely colors for the Wehrmacht’s uniforms, and how he planned to redecorate the Eagle’s Nest.

  3. sarcra says:

    I don’t know, this is pretty par for the course for People. They often do these “5 things you didn’t know about…” It could be People saw that with a hit movie and date with JA, Bradley Cooper is drawing some interest, so they contacted his publicist to get some info to do this little number.

    Some of the people on here have a blind hatred for Jennifer Aniston, so they will believe any conspiracy theory out there about her. I don’t know and I don’t really care — all celebs pull PR stunts at some point or another. Nothing different about BC or JA if this is the case.

  4. diddy says:

    People magazine do articles like this alot esp when they is loads on new interest on the celebrity

    i remember seeing something similar like this when the friends phenomenal blew up and the general public were interested in the profile of the cast memeber… also they have ran similar profile like of many other new hot celebities

    i think they even did a piece like this on robert pattinson and chris pine ; this is the pine one,,20281946,00.html

  5. Celebitchy says:

    I think I just don’t know the print edition of People like the online edition. I did search and found some other “5 things you didn’t know about stories,” thanks for mentioning that sacra. The other “5 Things” stories also look like planted PR to me, like this one about Olivia Wilde:,,20278625,00.html

    Maybe his PR person is just taking advantage of the situation as you guys are mentioning, and this is normal. That story really seemed over the top to me though.

  6. Destiny says:

    It’s not like Aniston’s side is all that innocent.

  7. barneslr says:

    If she’s not dating him, she should. He’s adorable!

  8. Wench. says:

    Candy Kay – Bring on the lolz – that was too funny!

  9. Ursula says:

    I find it also suspicious that celebitchy did not question last week’s issue that carried Brad and Angelina on the cover debunking rumours and giving us syruppy tit bits about the holy family. Be fair, this is showbiz, every one exploits situations for PR. No one is innocent.

  10. Lilou says:

    Ofcourse she is a part of it… She has forgotten how to have a private life that is not ruled by her PR agent… Everything she does in her private life is always staged to promote a movie or to have people talking about her when Brad and Angie are under the spotlight.

    She is unable to have an sincere relationship with a man…

    So I am pretty sure that she is a part of it…

    I am even gonna say that it’s her PR agent that gave those infos (with th e approval of Cooper’s camp)… To make her new boyfriend look like the perfect match…

    Ofcourse he’s not an Dlisted actor or an unknown business man. He’s the new hootie of Hollywood with a new box office success!!!! What a coincidence!!!!

    Seriously, her PR games are so ridicilous!!! It’s so obvious… When she broke up with V. Vaughn, I said here that, next time Angelina would get pregnant, Aniston would find herself a new man… Then guess what happened: Angie got pregnant with the twins, and Aniston found J. Mayer.

    So yeah, when it comes to Aniston, all her private life is STAGED!!!

  11. luna says:

    I don’t get the big deal with Bradley Cooper???

    I thought he was adorable even back in his days guest starring on shows like Jack and Bobby and Law and Order, but after The Hangover everyone’s making him out to be the next big movie star.

    I enjoyed the movie, but to me he didn’t stand out anymore than the other two leads…

  12. Cinderella says:

    It read more like a ad.

  13. geronimo says:

    LOL @ Candy Kay. So true!

  14. Maritza says:

    He’s a great catch but I truly don’t believe he’s into her (JA). It’s all a publicity stunt for their movies.

  15. BlueSkies says:

    Thanks Candy. Too funny. That’s a great pic of Aniston. I find that everyone looks good making that face. This Cooper sounds interesting and a little too “deep” for our girl. Her problem is she doesn’t have any passions outside of herself (like cooking or learning another language) and men find this boring. I mean, when have you ever heard of Aniston and her hobbies? You never do unless it is tanning or buying things. It was all too easy for AJ to swoop in and steal Brad because as crazy as the girl is known to be, she has PASSIONS. You cannot categorize her as boring, even if you despise her. A lesson to be learned here.

  16. selma says:

    There comes a peace on cooper on the people mag website and quess what> offcourse it is jennifer ‘s fault and her pr team

    And other posters here they do know exactly how aniston is because they know her hobby’s, interest, love life (you don’t you only know what she lets you know)

    And yes everything is a pr stunt (i don’t say nothing is pr they do it all) when it comes to aniston because she can’t live her life how she wants it because she has to ask her self how is brangie doing then i have to do it now or not

    Does it accure to you that she is living her life and don’t give a damn about brangie or what everyone else has to say about it

    Let her live her life and don’t compare her to brangie, they have there one life just as her

  17. Because I Say So says:

    Good point, Blue Skies. I just always thought JA was vapid but never really thought much beyond that. You don’t hear her talking about things she enjoys, besides her dog, and it does seem to give her no personality. The bit she does show is boring and so staged, like she’s constantly playing Rachel anyway, that there’s hardly any reason to dig further. She’s not that talented of an actress to be pulling our legs for so long.

  18. Ronnie says:

    of course the anti-Jen team had to arrive..I had been counting the moments before the predictable comments commenced.

  19. dubdub2000 says:

    Ah come on. People is like Hello magazine, it just publishes official PR and nothing else.

  20. BlueSkies says:

    Selma, believe you , me, if Aniston had any hobbies of interest we would know about them.

    Jennifer makes her own pasta by hand.
    Jennifer studying with language tutor.
    Jennifer volunteering (not just parties and TV ads) at hospital, animal shelter, etc.
    Jennifer designs lingerie for charity.

    Nothing. Nada. She’s too busy working out and tanning to be someone she really isn’t so she doesn’t have time to go outside of herself and be an interesting individual and that’s why men tire of her. A lesson for everyone. That’s why she is where she is. She’s a boring personality.

  21. barneslr says:

    Oh, please. You guys act as though you actually know her personally. You haven’t got a clue what her hobbies and interests are, and because of that you just assume she has none. Maybe she just doesn’t talk about them much. You certainly don’t know.

    You can knock her all you want, but she is attractive and popular and I have liked most of the movies I’ve seen her in. That’s all I particularly want from an actress. Ever seen Derailed? That is one underrated movie. If you haven’t seen it, you should because it’s just plain good.

  22. Ursula says:

    Has it occured to you that she may not want to share her hobies with you? She does a lot for charity like that St Jude Charity adn yet she does not publicise it whenever he movie is coming out. And what is with the double standards? You are accusing her of whoring her private life in one sentence and not talking much about her hobbies the next.

    Woe to all of us who are boring and vampid and do not kiss horses or kiss our brothers, we should be ashamed of ourselves, our lives are not worth living.

    So what are you people suggesting? That she gets some hobbies like collecting African kids?

    How come I do not hear any of you BradAngelina fans complaining when people is writing about them all these nice things?

    What do you want? That JA is sad and miserable? Will it make Brad love Angelina more? Will it make their relationship last longer? I don’t understand the attacks on JA, she has never hurt anyone. So what if your precious Brad stayed with her vampid self for all those year, what does that make him? Lets not forget that Brad is vampid himself, he is boring and morphs into the lady love he gets. Wait till he starts dating a Jonas Brother when he goes out with Miley Cyrus.

  23. BOGART4017 says:

    Has he ever made anything serious like a drama. I think he looks like he could play a psycho kidnapper.

  24. Kerry says:

    I don’t see the problem. I get the feeling that she isn’t really all that serious and does probably just want to date. It could be as simple as that. The problem with her is that her personal life is good for business. Celebrities push what sells. For people like Megan Fox, without a brain cell in her head and no discernible talent, it’s the fact that she looks like another, much more famous star who she copies shamelessly. The Brange pushes their holy family doogooder agenda. Look at Angelina herself, she was a really messed up human being. Look what Brad, a horde of kids and all that sugar did for her career. Aniston better pimp her love life if she wants to play in the same league. Bradly Cooper wouldn’t be less than typical if he didn’t do the same. As long as that abuse accusation that his ex wife, Jennifer Esposito, made stays out of the press.

  25. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    LOL @ Candy…that was ace!

    As for Jen – poor cow can’t put a foot right…

  26. Kath Jaynes says:

    I find it hard to believe that two people who are sincerely just getting acquainted with one another would go to a NYC hotspot for their first date. If you’re trying to be low-profile, there are plenty of restaurants off the paparazzi’s radar. And now this peice of fluff? This is purely a fabricated relationship for publicity.

  27. justathought says:

    I think with the type and caliber of movies that these two actors make….they are indeed a match made in heaven.

  28. Feebee says:

    Okay maybe I’m naive but why do Aniston naysayers assume everything she does is in response/retaliation to something the Jolie-Pitts do? Jennifer Aniston likes the publicity for herself, everybody else is kind of irrelevant. The “date” with Cooper had nothing to do with J-P and everything to do with her. Of all the thousands of eateries in NYC, a lone pap found them, pleeeese!

    Not saying it’s good or bad, it just is. This is how she has chosen to live her life.

    As for her not sharing her hobbies cos she doesn’t want to, come off it. She shares how she screams at the ocean to overcome certain feelings and troubles in her life but not her hobbies, ha ha.

    Yes she does charity work for St Judes but so do a lot of celebrities and yes it has been publicised, several times on Access Hollywood.

    For People to do a thingy on Bradley Cooper, it’s an opportune moment because of his movie not his fixed up date. I heard the cooking thing way back when he did “Kitchen Confidential”, the french is new. Maybe trying to live up to Michael Vartan?

  29. aleach says:

    um, hmmm. Just a wild guess here but MAYBE they did this little profile on Bradley Cooper because he was in the #1 movie in the country?
    jesus….get a grip.

  30. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “why do Aniston naysayers assume everything she does is in response/retaliation to something the Jolie-Pitts do?”

    because the brangeloonies are a bunch of bat-shit crazy stalkers.

    they know the time-line of EVERY tiny little event in Brangelina’s world, the “start-filming” date, completion date and release date of EVERY movie either one has ever made, along with their box-office grosses. (what’s funny is that they also seem to track how much money Aniston’s films make so they can compare the two…PSYCHOS!)

    they know the birth dates of all six kids, and when/where each one was conceived.

    they complain about someone being so “invested” in Aniston’s life, but yet are completely obsessed with all things St. Angie. And also never miss an opportunity to take a swipe at Aniston while complaining about the Fanistons doing the same thing.

    they believe every positive story in the tabs about Brangelina, but any negative story is put in there by “Aniston’s PR team”, and is carefully orchestrated to counter any positive news about the couple.

    PARANOID AND BAT-SHIT CRAZY, the lot of them.

  31. Annie says:


    All I gotta say is, I’m glad not to be Jenn.

    My large family scrutinizing my relationships, I can handle (and we’re talking LARGE 200+) but the whole frickin world? Pass.

    I didn’t know he spoke french and loves dogs, he pretty much just found my kryptonite.

  32. hunh says:


    “He’s the new “hootie” of Hollywood”


    Does that make Jennifer Aniston the new “Blow Fish” ?, lmao.

  33. pink says:

    it amazeses me how ignorant some of jen’s fans actually are, after all these years, they still think she is so innocent all the time in every situation, maybe she’s a better actor then i’ve been giving her credit for.

  34. nnn says:

    With jennifer Aniston, wether she triggered the tendency or not, each time she is with a new man, comparisons are sytematically drawn to her ex husband, bets are set up on the viability length of the presume relationship which is bound to die within months, she is most of the time portrayed like a desperate cougar who need a man to compete to the other couple. Whatever her fans say, it often goes down to this, petty comparisons, usually on the physical side with a nack to downplay the dating resume of the new man when it doesn’t suits that agenda.

    I, personnally don’t know how any decent man can put up with that constant pressure. I think her relationships are doomed from the start and even if she is not to blame entirely, her handling her divorce publicly has opened a can of worms and gave the right to the media and the public to get into her personal love life in the most obscene way to the point that some of her fans had the audacity to twitter John Stamos to ask him to go out with her (not even taking into account that she may not be attracted to him)…like she is a r*tarded, underdevelopped woman who has to be protected, has her girlfriends, PR or fans to help her find a date and lead her in her journey of life like she is a little girl. Not to mention the pressure that they unconsciousely put on her.

    That is the most pathetic side of all that triangle exploited to the max with the perverted effects, namely one being Aniston love life and emotional health being a national matter of the highest importance.

    Her fans always point the fingers to the haters but there are no better when they babysit her making her a juvenile kid that everyone has to protect, everyone has to empathy for a divorce happened 4 years ago when they don’t even empathy anymore with the young wife whose husband has been killed in Afghanistan or Irak a week ago.

    All and all it goes back to comparsions to Pitt. Revenge from the golden couple gone bad. Typical highschool stuff when the lady is technically a rich middle age divorcee who live the good life and dates often.

    How do you want that woman to grow and live a mature committed relationship (if she wants one) in that case ? How can a man feel secure enough entering the relationship with her when he is constantly pit to another one, having to live in his shadow.

    It’s just impossible. I don’t see her committed in a relationship within the next 10 years. By the time she will be 50, Pitt 55 and Jolie 44. Hollywood will have moved on to another young couple that cater to its market : the young fans who could care less about an old triangle and the constant whines of people who are as old as their grand parents.

  35. notso says:

    Seems like this story was pulled together a bit out of thin air – I can see why they profiled B. Coop because The Hangover is a number 1 movie – However, I don’t see why that has ANYTHING to do with JA.

    Maybe they were trying to make him out to be a heart throb since the character he played in the movie was a marriage-hating douche.

    (Side note – Freaking LOVED that movie!)

  36. Sarah says:

    Idk if anyone picked up this week’s People but this week is the Hottest Bachelors edition with Chace Crawford on the cover. Bradley Cooper is in it so a lot of the interviews are written in that style that is supposed to make you swoon at what great guys these single celebrities all are.

    Also he is busy promoting the Hangover which is one of the most successful movies right now. This article just didn’t come out of the blue nor is it because he went out on one date with Jennifer Aniston.

  37. emily says:

    This subject is getting so old! Pleaaseee, let’s change for a while. There are so many interesting couples to talk about, why tem? Or, why always this triangle: Jolie- Pitt- Aniston!?
    Is getting kinda ridiculous. People are so obsessed with this three personas and forgetting that they even know them. How can you know such personal things about this celebrities when you just see them in magazines and movies now and then?
    Gossips are fun, and i kinda like to do it sometimes, but come on! This is getting out of control. Brad cheated on Aniston with Jolie and they divorced a long time ago. Period. End of the story. Lots of married men do the same and no one dies because of it. Aniston didn’t die or did she?
    All human beings have the right to be happy or at least try to find happiness with other person, even celebrities are allowed to do that. I bet that some people who commented here on this site have a similar story in their lifes. Imagine what would be if you had millions of fans writting their toughts and inventing shi…ts about your personal life without knowing you at all?!
    Well, speaking for myself, i wouldn’t liked at all.

  38. Praise St. Angie! says:

    writing “amazeses” and calling someone ignorant in the same sentence, eh?

    true brilliance.

    what “amazeses” me is the way the brangeloonies talk out of both sides of their mouth (or their ass…).

    in one post they talk about how St. Angie was named the most influential hollywood star (by Esquire mag?), and in another they talk about how Aniston’s PR team is responsible for every gossip item posted about any of the three.

    if St. Angie was TRULY that influential, don’t you think that HER influence would trump Aniston’s PR team? Or is Aniston actually THAT influential?

    which is it, loonies? because you can’t have it both ways…

  39. hunnybe says:

    Bradley is normally not my type,but when I saw him in the black suit in the Hangover, he made the movie that much better.

  40. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Praise St Angie! – oh yay, another Brange Hater – I love you and I think we should be married at once.

  41. Codzilla says:

    Zoe: Can we make it a threesome?

  42. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Codz – why yes of course. I am an equal opportunities hater and will never turn down an offer from a kindred soul!

  43. Codzilla says:

    Zoe: Hooray! I’ll go pick out my finest pitch fork for the occasion.

  44. HashBrowns says:

    People magazine does this kind of thing all the time. Especially when someone not many people know about shows up out of nowhere and has a really successful movie.

    Bradley stands to gain the most in having this story out there and People will sell more magazines.

    How the hell does this have anything to do with Jennifer Aniston?

    Edit: Totally lol’ed at that face she’s making. Really attractive Jennifer.

  45. whatever says:

    I really think she does use her love life for PR. Showing up at the Oscars slobbering all over John Mayer was a definite give-away. But the crazed Jen fans seem to think she’s as innocent as the Ivory Snow Girl. Pleeze! Look at ScarJo. She actually dated and married Ryan the hottie with almost NO PICS in the TABBIEs. Imagine that–a Hollywood miracle. Jen is in the public eye w/her latest boy-toy b/c that’s what she wants. She doesn’t seem capable of having a non-explotive relationship. Or, if she has had them, they certainly don’t last, that’s for sure. Gee, I wonder why? I guess some men (Vince, cough, Vaughn) don’t like being used for PR. They’d rather have their love life stay on the down-low.

  46. karen says:

    Good points nnn! I agree completely.

  47. blue skies says:

    Agreed. There are a lot of celebs who date w/out having it become insane tabloid fodder: Reese and Jake, Vince and what’s her name, Kate Hudson and every male in Hollywood, etc. Jen is not one of those people, and yes, I do think it’s because she wants it that way. Why would she show up at red-carpet events with someone unless she wanted it to be known? It’s a PR game.

  48. stellapurdy says:

    Codzilla and Zoe (The Other One) – pitchfork – hilarious!!

    Good God I get sick of reading all the JA hate. If people freakin hate her so much why the hell are they in a thread that CLEARLY includes her in the story? And then comment as though they have the exact details of the actual reality of her life and not the made up stuff they read?

    Grow the eff up people.

  49. Lita says:

    @ Ursula:

    “Wait til Brad turns into a Jonas brother when he starts dating Miley Cyrus” (paraphrasing).

    This made me happy – I LOL!

  50. BlueSkies says:

    I didn’t write #47. There’s only room for one BlueSkies in this town.

  51. San says:

    June 23rd, 2009 at 9:24 am Ofcourse she is a part of it… She has forgotten how to have a private life that is not ruled by her PR agent… Everything she does in her private life is always staged to promote a movie or to have people talking about her when Brad and Angie are under the spotlight.

    She is unable to have an sincere relationship with a man…

    So I am pretty sure that she is a part of it…

    I am even gonna say that it’s her PR agent that gave those infos (with th e approval of Cooper’s camp)… To make her new boyfriend look like the perfect match…

    Ofcourse he’s not an Dlisted actor or an unknown business man. He’s the new hootie of Hollywood with a new box office success!!!! What a coincidence!!!!

    Seriously, her PR games are so ridicilous!!! It’s so obvious… When she broke up with V. Vaughn, I said here that, next time Angelina would get pregnant, Aniston would find herself a new man… Then guess what happened: Angie got pregnant with the twins, and Aniston found J. Mayer.

    So yeah, when it comes to Aniston, all her private life is STAGED!!!

    So agree with you. That’s what I was going to say.

  52. PJ says:

    Wait — Jennifer has gone out on a date, but Angelina isn’t pregnant, so your theory doesn’t hold.

  53. sarcra says:

    @Lilou, so glad you know the inner workings of Jennifer Aniston’s mind. Please enlighten us more.

  54. Mel says:

    I love jen aniston , She should date him they make a cute couple (;

  55. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Zoe, I accept your proposal with the utmost sincerity.

    Codzilla, I welcome you to the circle as well!