Mary J. Blige in white Versace at the Oscars: impressive or staid?

I’m not going to lie, I only watched half of Mudbound. The acting was superb, particularly from Mary J Blige and Rob Morgan, who played her husband, but it was hard to take. Mild spoiler – there’s a scene where Morgan’s character injures himself and it was so viscerally rich that it made me sick to my stomach. I regularly watch violent horror movies, but this just felt real. I guess that’s the hallmark of a great film though. (Also I’m a white lady and I realize I am still struggling with my prejudices.)

Mary J Blige made history for being the first person nominated at the same time for both Best Song, for Mudbound’s “Mighty River,” which she performed, and for Best Actress for her role in that film. She didn’t win in either category but she made it there and I have a strong feeling that we’ll see her again. She’s gone through a lot in her personal life with her contentious divorce and I hope this year brings her more financial and professional success. (Note that after I wrote this post I found these quotes by Mary defending Ryan Seacrest. I’m going to use a mom line. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.)

On the red carpet Mary was in Versace, in a white sequin and chiffon dress which had some similarities to Jennifer Garner’s Versace. It was an amazing gown which fit her perfectly. During her powerful performance, a segment of which you can see on Just Jared, she wore red Vera Wang. Both gowns were perfect for the Oscars.



Dee Rees cowrote Mudbound with Virgil Williams, it’s an adaptation of a Hillary Jordan’s 2008 book. At the Spirit Awards she went on too long during her acceptance speech for the Robert Altman Award, but she wanted to thank everyone involved in the movie. Last night she was in a cool black and white Thom Browne suit. Her shoes are crazy and look like hooves. Dee was nominated in the Adapted Screenplay category, which went to James Ivory, the oldest Oscar winner in history at 89, for Call Me by Your Name.



Andra Day brought the drama in a puffy tiered floral Zac Posen gown. She was nominated for Best Song for “Stand Up for Something” from Marshall. Her performance with Common was one of the highlights of the night. They had activists standing on stage with them including Janet Mock and Tarana Burke and it was powerful. I don’t even care that this dress looks like a Victorian fever dream she is working it.



Also in Zac Posen we have Leslie Mann. This is too big and princessy for her and the print is ugly but she looks like she loves it. I don’t like this gown but she’s so cute in it anyway.


photos credit: WENN

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  1. grabbyhands says:

    I actually love Lesley Mann’s gown. Both Mary J and Andra Day looked better in the gowns they wore for their singing performances.

  2. EMc says:

    The white gown is beautiful but I don’t care for the execution of the one strap up, one down.. At first I thought it just slipped off her shoulder until I really looked closer.

    Andra Day.. Yikes…

  3. Jussie says:

    Ick at those Seacrest comments. ‘Fighting for his life’? Seacrest is fighting for his career, a career that’s already earned him hundreds of millions. I think he’ll somehow survive if he loses a few jobs.

    • SKF says:

      Yeah I love Mary J. but her support of Seacrest pisses me off. I noted everyone who stopped for him and I’m not impressed.

      And that is some rank hypocracy from Common and Andra Day to have the founder of #metoo on stage with them when they both stopped for Seacrest. Why?? I just don’t get it.

  4. Cher says:

    I did not care for Mary’s dress especially the top of the dress.

  5. Morning Coffee says:

    Why, oh why is Audra Day laying down? I love her, but why?

  6. Darla says:

    I’m starting to suspect that it’s an open secret in Hollywood that Seacrest is gay. We chat about it, but if they KNOW it, then that explains a lot of this. I believe his accuser, whether or not he’s gay. She told too many people at the time it happened. But I think that’s what is going on here.

    • Krill says:

      I get that sense too. That they all think he is gay and are therefore more ready to lineup behind him.

      And yes, gay men can sexually harrass women. In fact my worst sexual harassment experience was by a gay guy who thought that being flamboyant gave him permission to cup our breasts and constantly make nasty comments about bodies, clothing, hair etc. I dont know why people think it hurts less just because the guy isnt liable to seek you for consensual sex. Sexual assault and rape are about power so gay men can and have raped women. As have bisexual men which he may very well be.

      • Darla says:

        Yeah I haven’t seen anyone talking about the possibility he’s bi. I agree. I have to say I learned a lot here about gay men harassing and even assaulting women. I’m sorry this happened to you.

  7. Adorable says:

    Love Mjb’s dress,I’m just not crazy about the hair.Wish it was in a pony tail or a bun.

  8. Spikey says:

    I only came here to shout about HOW F-CKING AMAZING DEE REES’ tux is! IT’S F–KING AMAZING! omg omg omg! She looks like a million bucks!

  9. Audi says:

    Way to go for Mary J. Love her.

  10. Ozogirl says:

    She looked amazing in the red dress! I’m proud of how far she’s come..she’s had a tough life. The hits just keep coming unfortunately.

  11. sadie77az says:

    Leslie Mann is my spirit animal, for the past like ten years. Love her. Not in love with this dress color-wise, but the style is true to her. Dee Ree’s ensemble is fantastic. I loved her speech at the Ind Spirit Awards- really powerful in terms of linking the intimacy of a film with its many creators. Never heard one like it before.