Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton at the ‘Tomb Raider’ premiere: chintzy-fab or fug?

Tomb Raider Premiere

Here are some photos from last night’s London premiere of Tomb Raider. The turnout for the red carpet was not great, which makes me wonder if the studio sort of overestimated the demand for a Lara Croft-franchise reboot? We’ll see. In any case, Alicia Vikander was the star of the carpet. She has had a Louis Vuitton contract for years, and LV dresses her for most of her biggest carpets, for better or for worse (mostly worse). This gown is LV, and I surprisingly (?) don’t hate it. Does it look sort of dated and chintzy, like drapes from the ‘70s? For sure, but they were CHIC drapes. And this is one of the best LV looks I’ve seen on Vikander in a while.

Tomb Raider Premiere

The European Premiere of 'Tomb Raider' held at the Vue West End

I’m generally annoyed when people get judgy about a once-handsome actor “losing his hot.” Sometimes it’s just normal aging, sometimes it’s shade directed at who the actor’s current partner is. But in Michael Fassbender’s case… my God, there’s been a steep decline in the past few years, right? He went from the wild-haired Irish-ginger rogue to… whatever this is. Is it just hair loss? It just feels like he completely lost his mojo.

The European Premiere of 'Tomb Raider' held at the Vue West End

Tomb Raider Premiere

Kristin Scott Thomas went from playing Winston Churchill’s cardboard-cutout wife in The Darkest Hour to playing Lara Croft’s mother in Tomb Raider. Hey, everyone does what they need to do to make their mortgage payments! As for her ensemble… I would have loved this when I was a 14-year-old goth.

The European Premiere of 'Tomb Raider' held at the Vue West End

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Rose says:

    RE Fasbender: I still would

    • lannisterforever says:

      Me too. He’s still very attractive to me.

      I really like Alicia’s dress too!

    • heh says:

      yep. still very much smashable.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      I think it’s just that his hair is slicked down/back and that ages him.
      While the colors in Alicia’s dress aren’t my favorite, I still think it is very pretty.

    • Huckle says:

      Me too! He looks really good in men’s breeches too. Anybody seen him in Jane Eyre? What a packed lunch, lmao

    • Gretchen says:

      Yup, I’ll join that queue. I’ve never really found him hot in still photos anyway, but in movement? Ye gads, his mojo is doing just fine.

      • Slowsnow says:

        Oh thanks, I keep saying this.
        He’s hot hot hot in motion because he has a sort of raw charisma and sexual presence.
        It’s not about being pretty at all.
        BTW pretty boys are never very hot to me.
        And photos do not get me excited at all. It’s lost on me how men look at ads with models and get turned on. The same does not happen to me neither with women or men. It’s very rare.

      • Bellagio DuPontg says:

        @ Gretchen

        What queue? I’ll knee you in the back, toss your body under the nearest table and unrepentantly take your place in the queue. 😀

    • Jamie42 says:

      Yeah for me too! Attractive man.

    • citney says:

      I’m really surprised Fassy didn’t become the star everyone thought he’d be. I do like him with Alicia, they look good together.

  2. Bucketbot says:

    She doesn’t wear much makeup, does she? I mostly remember her as very bland on the red carpet. Does she refuse to put makeup? Does she have an ‘ all natural always’ mantra? If so, I respect that. But i feel like she has some makeup on but they haven’t got it right.

    • Mmg says:

      If her skin is this even-toned and glowy with no make up, I’m envious. But I think he does wear it, just not much around the eyes/colors?

      • Tom says:

        She is using make-up that looks natural not overdone especially shimmering powder, blush and foundation here and there.

  3. Josephine says:

    I actually love the fabric but the cut of the dress is blah and I hate the wings. Would love to see this print on a more interesting cut of dress.

    • LilLil says:

      I agree. And I also think the dress would look better on someone paler or darker than her. It doesn’t work with her conplexion.

  4. Lala says:

    I think Alicia looks GLORIOUS! The color plays perfectly against her warm skin…and she looks happy…and Fassbender…LAWD…you’re either hot or you’re not…he is SO THE FORMER!!!! I generally don’t do action movies like this…but I’m interested in this one….

    • minx says:

      I love it too, everything about it.

    • ZGB says:

      Alicia is GLOWING! She normally doesn’t wear much makeup but the one she’s wearing is very good on her. And this is the most bright and lively I’ve ever seen her. I like the colour of her dress but the cut could be better.

  5. Mia4s says:

    Yes Fassy’s aging but to be honest the more he moves away from generic leading man roles to more character work the better. Whatever else anyone may think, he’s a FANTASTIC actor.

    OK what’s the deal with this movie? What’s it tracking? Big remake but I get zero sense of anticipation for it (this and poor Pacific Rim 2). I’m just not seeing any excitement.

    • Giddy says:

      I think he’s a great actor also. But…in these particular pictures, he looks like a banker. The one who turns you down for a loan.

    • not a real think says:

      Well his next movie is such a character work – some kung fu sh*t movie with Hasselhoff and arnold schwarzenegger. What a flop for a serious, oscar nom actor. Fas apparently has a big problems apart no good projects – she is a havy smoker, drinker and some said he like drugs. And sorry, but his looks is a mess.

      • Sunglasses Aready says:

        HA HAHA. That a joke right? – Kung fu movie. How sad. If that flops………He does not look well. He needs to go off grid for 2 years and sort himself out so that people may or may not miss him.

    • Coz' says:

      But the problem is that his work has been suffering too. I can’t remember when was the last time he was in a good movie.
      I love him so much as an actor, but he has been making really bad choice.

      And my god, he used to do it so much for me. I really had a Michael Fassbender problem: not anymore !
      But I agree with Kaiser, he really lost his mojo: both physically and profesionnaly

    • MindlessContemplations says:

      Fassbender is still hot but he is only 2 years older than me at 40 but looks like he is closer to 50 🙄

  6. Sullivan says:

    I think Alicia looks very pretty. I can’t quite make out what Kristin is wearing, but I like her hair.

  7. littlemissnaughty says:

    This is … fine? A bit boring for her. But she generally looks fab.

    It’s pretty easy to see what lead to the decline. The man partied hard. Smoking, alcohol and possibly other substances will screw your skin and body overall. Especially with that complexion.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I think this is the best that Alicia has ever looked.
    That dress has to be custom made and I love the way hits the floor perfectly.
    She does always seem to do the ‘natural look’ but I think makeup is gorgeous here and has a nice flush of colour for once in her lips which really compliments the colours in the dress.
    Oh and to whomever it was that posted that video link on here yesterday (thank you) of Alicia winning the T.V competition as a young child back in Sweden – my God you can really see that she does have the exact same face here in these photos.

  9. Carmen says:

    I love the dress on her. It’s well made and it fits her perfectly.

    I haven’t seen Scott-Thomas since Gosford Park. I love that movie.

  10. Seraphina says:

    First, I don’t like AV because she has Fassy in bed with her. That said I shall begin 😉

    I love this dress but her hair is all wrong and she looks uncomfortable. But the dress is a win.

    And Fassy, yeah I still would but just for some fun. My love of being with him forever is gone 🙁

  11. Cky says:

    I think she looks beautiful. I love her body language.

  12. FredsMother says:

    No matter what they put her in, she always looks like she is wearing someone else’s clothes. And I could never muster up the interest to see anything she is in. She just has no presence. Bland. I’d rather see Danai or Lupita as the Tomb Raider.

  13. Lana says:

    Fassbender looks exactly the same that he always has. I’ve never liked him or found him attractive. He’s always looked gross with his yellow shark teeth and boozey aura. So to claim he somehow “lost his hot” recently is hilarious.

  14. tracking says:

    I think she looks fabulous, love the whole look, but would have preferred something less floral and a bit edgier in keeping with the movie.

  15. sunnydeereynolds says:

    Does this new reboot have a lot of fan boys wanting to actually see a movie though? Video games turned movie haven’t been making money for the last few years plus I’ve read a lot of comments everywhere where people are disappointed with her casting.

    It’s lucky it’s not going to be released this weekend because Black Panther is still reigning in the box office plus this new Disney movie will premiere in the theatre which will probably take the reign over BP.

  16. Play it Again says:

    I love the style of the dress, but I’m lukewarm on the fabric. The flowers take away from the styling of the dress. I’d like the fabric better on another dress.

    And Fassy is still hot.

  17. OriginalLala says:

    oh Fassy, my forever hollywood BF! his hair is too short and too dark now. Also, too-short scruff, the man needs more facial hair!

  18. Hoping says:

    I absolutely love the dress and the earrings. The hairstyle could be better, less plain, and her face looks sleepy 🙂
    I agree on Fassy’s mojo losing.
    I would have loved Thomas’ dress in another color, like dark purple.

  19. Wellsie says:

    I am full on conspiracy theory-ing these two. I feel (ie no proof, totally imagining) like they have a fake marriage of convenience and she has some chemical dependency issues…

    But anyway… In real life, love the dress.

    • Lana says:

      Sounds like too many blind items have infected your brain.

      If anyone has issues it’s 100% HIM.

      • PoodleMama says:

        I think they seem fake too. Kinda remind me of JenJusten. But I don’t necessarily seem like a marriage of convenience. Probably some real affection/friendship there as well as some explicit awareness of how the relationship benefits both of their careers.

        That said, he totally seems like the one with the substance issues. He looks horrible.

      • Lana says:

        “explicit awareness of how the relationship benefits both of their careers”

        It’s done literally nothing for either of their careers though? She was an Oscar winner already, and he’s a flameout.

    • minxx says:

      I don’t know about the marriage but neither looks happy and I bet they BOTH have chem dependency issues. I can’t believe what happened to Fassy’s career. He’s hugely talented, she’s average, Oscar or no Oscar.

    • PoodleMama says:

      But no one would even mention Fassy AT ALL without her.

      I don’t think he has done any movie since X Men that has made money. Just a series of flops. He doesn’t appear to have enough of a fan base to carry a movie. He doesn’t really have the initial female fan base he had because he looks bad and has DV allegations.

      He doesn’t do quite as much for her. However, she seems kind of boring and being married to him gives her something to talk about when she is promoting things. Has she said anything particular memorable while promoting Tomb Raider? Compare that to how J Law, as much as people hate her, can say outlandish things to stay in the headlines while promoting Red Sparrow.

  20. Cate says:

    I actually love this dress on her. Not everyone could pull it off.

    Kristin Scott Thomas is about to turn 58 and she looks amazing! Her dress or whatever she’s wearing doesn’t do it for me but I love her hair and makeup.

  21. Gaby says:

    She looks really beautiful, I love her styling.

  22. poppy says:

    The dress is divine.
    I don’t even mind the “natural” makeup that is washing her out because THE DRESS.

  23. Other Renee says:

    This dress is beautiful. Really gorgeous. I just don’t see her carrying an action film in terms of public interest.

  24. Moon says:

    Love the color of this dress, it looks good with her skin tone.

    I’m excited to watch tomb raider just because I was such a huge fan of the original, but keeping expectations low.

  25. lucy2 says:

    Kristin looks very elegant. I’m always surprised to see her turn up in commercial films.
    I don’t hate Alicia’s dress. I would never choose it for myself, but it’s not as terrible as most stuff LV puts her in.
    Fassbender doesn’t look that different to me, but I never paid that much attention to him, so maybe I’m not seeing it.

  26. Katherine says:

    That dress is amazing!!! It’s one of my favorites from this week (Oscars included!)

  27. SM says:

    I don’t think it’s hair loss. Look at his hairline from years ago, the hair was nover his best quality. I think for me it’s been the change in his behavior. As soon as he dod not get that Oscar for Shame, it seems like he got so pissed and offended, he hardly bothers to promote his movies. Like he is above all the promo aspect of the work. Whatever you feel about Hollywood and it’s rules, it seems to me it is common decency to talk about your work, especially if that work includes public, such as movie goers.
    As for Alicia – she looks nice here, though I have no interest in seeing this movie

    • Addison says:

      He’s done plenty of promo for all of his movies although some more than others because stuff like X-Men usually requires lots of press.

      And he doesn’t care about winning awards. His pal Steve McQueen thinks the work is all that should be looked at in order to win the prize.

      I agree. No one should have to kiss up to anyone. It’s ridiculous. In the future his movies will still be great because of his performance not because he won an award.

      • SM says:

        I don’t think that promotion is done only for the sake of awards. And yes, good performance or a good story is not measured by the amount of awards. However, as someone working in humanities, I believe that the work we do researching the societies would be meaningless if not discussed and presented. And I feel like art, including books and movies are the same in a way. If they reflect on some issue in the society, the failure to facilitate the discussion is a failed opportunity. I like hearing what the story is from the storyteller’s possition and hearing about their plot, aesthetic choices because it helps the stories from different perspectives. And he did zero promo for such movies as 12 Years a Slave.

      • detta says:

        Yeah, sure, TIFF, SAG-AFTRA and various interviews and red carpets in the US and Europe equals zero promotion. He might have done more for other films, BUT 12 Years is an ensemble piece and his was classified as a supporting role, so rightly a lot of the promo put other cast members in the spotlight (like Lupita and Chiwetel). There were/are also written interviews with him in print and online editorials. To claim Fassbender did zero promotion for that film is ridiculous and plain wrong. But don’t let facts get in the way of a narrative…

  28. Madpoe says:

    So is that from the Carol Brady kitchen table collection?

  29. Ytbtet says:

    Fassbender looks so old compared to her… from the very beginning they don’t look great together

    • mannori says:

      I find it quite disturbing that he looks way older than his 41 and she looks like a teenager. seeing them together, specially in candids where they’re not glammed up makes me feel like looking at a douche abusive stepfather creeping on his sweet teenage stepdaughter

      • Sunglasses Aready says:

        He looks old and tired. A combination that never works together well. Going forward he will struggle to get decent roles. At this point he is not an asset and appears to have longstanding issues.

  30. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I like that. Chintzy fab. It is!

  31. Penelope says:

    Love Alicia’s dress! She’s wearing it very well, too.

  32. Sal says:

    I feel like they have drained all the charisma out of each other

  33. mannori says:

    The photoshop work they did to her Vogue japan cover is outrageous. I mean it looks like it was done by a 19 year old intern using a free app. They literally tried to open her eyes and the result can’t be more horrendous. what’s up with these fancy magazines and their outrageous photoshops mistakes?

  34. Addison says:

    It’s called a haircut…

  35. Tom says:

    Why is everyone saying he looks bad? I don’t get it. He looks in shape, presentable, well-dressed. What’s wrong with you people?

    • minxx says:

      I agree but look at his skin and droopy eyes 🙁 He used to be so exuberant, full of life

    • Addison says:

      Right! He looks the same as he did 5 years ago. There are some pictures he looks older and more tired when he was younger so…

      Some people took offense he got married. I think. Weird. Or maybe specifically whom he married so now he is no longer attractive because of that. Eye roll…

    • Julia says:

      And his teeth are not yellow either? Fassbender is a smoker but he’s definitely whitening them periodically. HIs smile is still one of his best traits.

  36. Iknowwhatboyslike says:

    Fassbender has aged considerably. But I still find him attractive, yellow teeth and all, God forgive me. His character in shame has always stayed with me.

    As for Alicia, she is very pretty and seems like a nice person. The first movie I saw her in was A Royal Affair and thought she was a pretty, bland girl. I felt her presence on the screen seemed flat and I continue to see it in other movies. I don’t think she has the presence to carry an action film on her own. I’m sure she has her audience and some like seeing her on film. I just don’t find her inspiring. Im trying not to get resentful of the Alicias in the industry. It isn’t her fault that she’s been given chances while actresses of color and LGBTQ people aren’t looked at. I some times wonder what a true reboot and reimagining of Tomb Raider would have been like with Danai Gurira as the lead. She is an action star and has proven herself as such for years. It would’ve killed at the box office.

  37. Ankhel says:

    I like the dress, touch of sofa fabric and all, but the fabric is overwhelming her a bit. She’s tiny. It would be better with a stronger lip and less fabric. Tea length or knee length maybe? Then it wouldn’t bulge because of stiff fabric catching the floor either.

  38. Kate says:

    LV is so overrated it’s unbelievable… I don’t understand why stars and celebrities so often wear this brand… There is so many better brands, maybe not as known as LV, but their clothes are MUCH better looking… Alicia is such a pretty girl, she could have looked divine, instead she just looks… dated and unnoteworthy.

  39. minxx says:

    Fassy is not only losing his looks but his career is in a nose-dive. I don’t know what’s going on with him, but he looks terrible. What a waste of a great talent!
    Alicia is forgettable, as always, but I like this dress on her, it’s a different look and the colors work well with her skin.

  40. detta says:

    I rarely like her dress choices, but this looks nice on her (though not at all my kind of dress).

    Speaking of careers, Fassbender’s may be in a nosedive or maybe he’ll be fine. Maybe he is taking some time looking at and deciding about new scripts, maybe he has no offers – honestly, how would we know?

    Sometimes I miss the old days, before the internet. Actors would vanish for one, two, three years and you might read about rumoured or confirmed projects every now and again in the monthly movie magazines or the trade papers. Other than that you waited and got happy (or not) once some ‘filming now’ tidbits and then new release dates appeared on the horizon.
    These days people hit the refresh button on IMDb filmographies every damn day and scroll through blogs and gossip sites 24/7 and speculation and hyperbole galore ensues. But sometimes actors can go away for a while and come back with great work, sometimes not. The wheels of the entertainment industry keep on turning and that’s it.

  41. Julia says:

    Her face looks gorgeous in the close-ups. I hope it does well because she has done a lot of work for this role,probably much more than what she was required to do. I think she will be the best thing about the reboot.

  42. Megan S says:

    I love the dress, it is fitted to perfection and lovely with her skin. That said, she puts me to sleep, I could have loved the dress on a mannequin just as well and with just as much personality.
    Fassy needs some fluff to the hair, the greased look makes me want to ask him about his certified pre-owned fleet.

  43. Ce2495 says:

    He still very hot! Alícia looks very pretty.

  44. trh says:

    Somewhere on the gulf coast, a sun room is missing its window treatments and matching dinette seats. Somehow she looks incredible anyway, wings and all.

    I like Mr. Fassbender’s suit — he looks impeccable.

  45. Poopsicle says:

    Not the real Lara Croft…