People: ‘The separation was very dark’ for Brad Pitt but he’s ‘healthier’ now

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Brad Pitt quietly attended a handful of low-key, barely-any-press events during the awards season. He attended Sean Penn’s Haiti benefit during Golden Globes weekend, he attended a pre-Oscar party for Gersh Agency, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he stopped by CAA’s annual Oscar party too. Brad’s whole deal these days is being quiet and lowkey (and to be seen occasionally being quiet and lowkey). So what’s going on with him? People Magazine has a Pitt Update.

Brad Pitt is venturing back into the spotlight. The 54-year-old actor made a splash when he dropped by a pre-Oscar party thrown by talent management firm the Gersh Agency on Thursday. Armed with a smile and a salt-and-pepper beard, Pitt mingled with favorites like Sam Rockwell and Allison Janney, who both went on to win at the show on Sunday. The party was a rare outing for Pitt, who has been keeping a low profile since his September 2016 split from Angelina Jolie.

Pitt and Jolie are still negotiating over the terms of their divorce and custody of their six kids—Maddox, 16, Pax, 14, Zahara, 13, Shiloh, 11, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 9. Lately, the actor “seems to be in a better place,” says a source. “The separation was very dark for him, but lately he looks healthier and happier. He seems excited about life.”

Pitt is also revving up his acting career: He signed on alongside Leonardo DiCaprio for Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming (and controversial) film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, about the 1969 Manson Family murders. The production will feature DiCaprio as Rick Dalton, the former star of a western TV series, and Pitt as his longtime stunt double Cliff Booth. Rick lives next door to Sharon Tate, the actress and model who was brutally slain by followers of the cult leader.

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All that just for a few quotes about how the split was a “very dark” time for him. Duh, of course it was a dark time! After years of tabloid reporting that The Leg of Doom threw him out of the house and that Brad had to stare at the ocean, weeping profusely, it turned out that Angelina actually did dump him, move out, refuse to speak to him and he was left crying as he stared at the ocean. It’s one of those unanswered gossip mysteries of the past decade: will we ever know exactly what happened on the plane in September 2016? Whatever it was, it was bad. And Brad’s “very dark” time was at least partially – if not completely – his own doing, by his own admission.

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  1. xboxsucks says:

    he was in a dark place ! well i imagine how it was for angelina who was left with 6 hurt kids in the aftermath plus they have to leave their main house in los angeles ,living in temporary loactions while brad stayed stayed put in their main house, sitting there burning wood and shit?!

    • Peg says:

      Six children and don’t forget three dogs, and no whining, what a woman.

    • Remi says:

      So if it was dark for Brad, then what about his 6 minor kids and Angelin and their feelings> do they not count? Are they emotionless and so cold-hearted? Why isn’t People looking at their feelings they have been in therapy due to Brad, but let us all feel sorry for poor Brad Pitt, whose actions caused to destroy his own family of 7 people.I’m sorry but there is so much sexist misogyny going on here by the media? Poor man boo hoo let us all vilify the evil women and throw in the kids as well. I get it media hates Angelina but there is no need to keep kicking her down and accusing her of hurting Brad the guy who was at fault with drink and going nose to nose with his kids, even if he is cleared why are he and his actions been given a pass and praise, yet emphasis on blaming all of it on a women who only have dared to protect her 6 minor kids. Kids who are in therapy due to their own father.

      • LetItGo.. says:

        +1 Remi, thank you.

        It’s Brad’s planted little missives like this one, designed to paint him in a better light at the expense of his wife, is what makes him look like a weak punk azz b* who’s probably destined to NOT stay clean & sober.

        I’ve said from the start, if he owned up to what he did, how he failed and fcked up (no details FINE, just own whatever it is as your problem) – and in a ‘big , clear no mistaking’ way UNLIKE this blurb in people ragazine….

        ..but more in which it was plainly stated that his addictions/alcoholism was to blame – that way, weekly crap rags like People wouldn’t write blurbs about the vagueries of his…*dark time due to the split* once again like his lame tv sitcom hacktress ex before him…setting the whole thing at Angelina’s feet. It’s clear he’s taken a page out of her CAA book. When in doubt indirectly blame Angelina.

        If the shoe was on the other foot and Angelina had OD’d, lost custody, was shown to be a white hot mess who was in rehabilitative therapy while Brad, stalwart single Dad was primary custodian of the kids while she attempted to get it together…

        ..does anyone think for one red hot second, any publication would write a piece on Angelina and NOT mention her own messes and travails that her addiction caused. Can you imagine them writing ‘Angie’s been through a sad break up,’ story and is still recovering without even once mentioning her bad behavior??!!

        Yea. Me neither.

    • Andrea1 says:

      Thank you so much you all said it better than I could have. On the long run Angie is better off without this man child. She is such a strong woman and the kids deserve better than a mess of a father who is always acting like a whinny child and throwing their mother under a bus at every little opportunity he gets because he knows he is much loved by the media and she is hated. For his own good I hope he cleans up his act and become a better dad to his kids.

      • Remi says:

        At least now Brad can get on with the life he so craved for many years without any burden of childcare and whining wife. He is stress-free now, who needs a family when you have the adoring media and fans loving only you.We can see how much his family had held him back now he is free to be an artist and reconnect with all his friends whom he wasn’t allowed to see. I hope he has a good time in Amsterdam today with his friends and lets his hair down with a drink or two, after all that dark years of depression with his wife and kids.

    • magnoliarose says:

      The article is about Brad and his PR not about Angelina and her PR. It is a good PR move right on brand for Brad, the good guy. He hasn’t said one nasty word about her.
      Unlike Edgerson Theroux.

      • Remi says:

        He hasn’t said one nasty word about her.

        I will disagree he allowed the same publications to attack Angelina and Maddox for months until the truth came out in GQ Interview that he was at fault, but even then he threw shade at Angelina and only owned up to his side of the street ownership.He kept quiet about his addictions and what led to his meltdown on the plane and let his poor family take the blame in the media, in the meanwhile he enjoyed standing ovations at Golden Globes like he was a hero.

      • KBB says:

        What publication attacked Maddox?

      • Carmen says:

        No, he’s just ever so subtly throwing Angie and the kids under the bus. “Look, everybody, see how relaxed and happy I am living the single life! See how much better I look since I shed the extra baggage!” Not a word of concern about how the kids are adjusting. I was hoping they might find their way to a reconciliation, but now I realize Angie and the kids need him in their lives like they need a hole in the head. Meanwhile Angie has spread her wings and is flying high without him, while his publicist tries to spin to the tabloids how great his life is now. I thought Brad was a better person but I realize now it’s all about him.

      • LadyT says:

        Agreed Magnolia. Someone better call 911. He’s no doubt choking on all the words being put in his mouth.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Again. He hasn’t said a nasty word about her. It isn’t his job to protect her image after they split. He has chosen to say nothing. He doesn’t have to discuss his children if he doesn’t want to and he doesn’t have to live the rest of his life about her. He isn’t connected to her romantically anymore, so his actions have nothing to do with her now.

        You have no idea how much time he spends with his children. None. Not being papped doesn’t mean they cease to exist. 90 percent of their lives aren’t reported or seen. He doesn’t owe anyone a pap stroll with the children.
        He is responsible for himself and his relationship with his children. Not her image and not her career. She can do that well enough herself.

        That is a lot of projection. Being photographed looking happy in an adult situation is not a crime. He’s moved on as people do and should. I don’t see what the big deal is and saying children don’t need their father is false. He is single. ??

        I have a hard time understanding what is driving these assumptions. You have no idea what the children said in their therapy sessions, and you have no idea if they have some issues with their mother too.

      • KBB says:

        Agree with everything you’ve said, MagnoliaRose.

        It seems like some people won’t be happy unless every story about Brad includes him explicitly saying that he was a violent drunk who abused his kids and the divorce was completely his fault and Angelina is a perfect mother and his kids are better off without him. Anything short of that and they accuse him of throwing his children and Angelina under the bus.

        @Carmen Him living is life is not akin to him saying he is better off without his family. It doesn’t make sense to me why you think he would ever try and imply such a thing. If he cares so much about good PR and public opinion, why would he imply his children and Angelina were baggage? That doesn’t make him likable at all. That makes him look like a heartless monster.

      • smcollins says:

        Very well said @magnoliarose. I couldn’t agree more.

      • Joy says:

        @Magnolia, yes let’s pretend “no self regulating mechanism , someone is exaggerating to get custody, Maddox is a spoiled brat, the two witches ” and I could go on didn’t happen. And let’s further pretend that in documents filed by Wasser Angelina didn’t say Pitt was impugning her character, because you know he said nothing nasty about her. Nope not him , nor his lawyers or ” sources” didn’t happen.

        You’re right though, he’s entitled to his PR just as Angelina is and It’s not his job to protect her image. But it was his job not to throw his kids and their mother under the bus for whatever he did on that plane that brought several authorities into their lives.

      • Carmen says:

        Oh good lord, you think Brad doesn’t know what the tabloids are reporting about him? How “happy and relaxed” he is and how “he’s in a much better place now”? You’ve got to be hopelessly naïve if you don’t think Brad has been in a PR war with Angie since she took the kids and bailed, and he’s out to win at all costs. What matters most to Brad is Brad. This is a guy who has the emotional depth of a mud puddle. It’s all about his image. Angie is well shut of him. End of story.

      • LetItGo.. says:


        You seem to be deliberately missing the point in an effort to proclaim Brad is “not about HER” anymore. Maybe you want to re-read this thread topic, because Brad is whining once again, not about the mess he made of his life and what led to it…but of ‘the breakup with Angelina.’

        How’d you miss that? That’s what most of us are disgusted at. He seems he hasn’t moved on, and this is an effort to once again try to pass himself off as a woebegone victim.

        As if Angelina, had she been the one who had purportedly gone apeshizz on a plane supposedly attacking the kids due to longstanding addictions, then had the kids removed from her primary custody agreeing to rehabilitative therapy, AA & family counseling…could have ever had a piece written about her that wouldn’t fail to mention it 24/7/365.

        When it comes to Brad however, CAA MAKES sure their outlets and gossip columns have very short term memories.

        Nothing to see here folks! Why, it’s just a normal split y’all – AJ just inexplicably blew up their family and left poor pitiful Brad in a “dark place.”

      • magnoliarose says:

        Of course, he is aware of his PR and so is AJ and so is any celebrity. She has made similar statements about having a hard time, but this was acceptable. Don’t you think her pap strolls are intentional?
        You refuse to be unbiased. You want to paint the situation as completely one-sided and paint Angelina as a victim. This makes no sense. At what stage of her life has she ever presented herself as a victim? Never.

        There is nothing to support what you all are saying. He was cleared of any wrongdoing. So obviously it wasn’t like you are trying to make it out to be.

        So if you accept the rumors about him should we accept them about her? How can you get upset when others paint her a certain way, and you do it to him? They believe just like you do.

        I stand by my words.

      • Joy says:

        @MagnoliaRose , but it’s not about ” accepting rumours about Pitt” We know there was an incident , we know the authorities were involved , we know he was investigated for for an “incident.” You say he was cleared, I say DCFC never actually used those words but rather that they were satisfied with the guidelines in place. I don’t think it’s fair for people to accuse Pitt of child abuse etc. Or those who act like he’s an irredeemable drunk that should be kept from his kids, if he’s putting in the work and making an effort then good for him

        I’ve seen a lot of your comments and similar to lady T you get pissy when people make unfounded or nasty comments about Pitt, but have no issues repeating nasty stuff about Angelina. You’re just as biased as the rest of us and projecting too, only you claim not to be. But again read all your comments on this topic, just like I sound like an AJ fan you sound like a big Pitt fan.

        You’ve even defended him dating an underage Juliet Lewis by applying bs logic more than once , so you’re just as biased as the rest of us going to bat for someone you’re a fan of. You’re smart enough to know that the worst is believed or said about women while men get passes. It happens everyday on this site and in the world, so please spare us with your should we believe nasty rumours about her too, like you don’t know page 6 , star/ the NE , the FF crowd etc have been making up nasty stories about her for years? Angelina is flawed , messy , imperfect and human like the rest of us, just as Pitt is too . But it doesn’t make it okay for people to make up nasty or repeat nasty ugly stuff about either of them and that includes their kids, like you have here about them being badly behaved , when no one but stupid lying tabloids have ever said that.

        You think you’re fair on this but in reality you’re not, there are lots of neutral unbiased people on here that have been commenting on this story since it broke, you’re just not one of them and neither am I and that’s okay. As for ” pap strolls” should Angelina hide away in her mansion, use underground tunnels and never visit a shopping mall, flea market or take her dogs for walks because it makes Pitt fans uncomfortable to remember that he can’t do that? Due to the fact that he clearly has no real reasonable custody as per his own sources , and the custody deal agreed to in October 2016 is still in place 18 months on? And privacy my butt, private people don’t leak woe is me tales like Pitt has been doing every few months or give us updates, again PR and like you said that’s allowed . I hope you spent the previous 12 years before the divorce making similar complaints about Pitt , Angelina the kids and ” intentional pap strolls ” and red carpets too.

      • Carmen says:

        Thank you, Joy, and spot on.

  2. Ally says:

    Choosing to star in a Tarantino movie is a great look coming out of abuse allegations.

    • Esmerelda says:

      Not to mention that a Tarantino movie starring DiCaprio and Pitt is sort of Peak 90s. Do they know they’re no longer heartthrobs? Or are they hoping for a combined nostalgia effect?
      Also, I look forward to DiCaprio out-acting the h*ll out of soulful Pitt…

    • lucy2 says:

      Especially that particular movie, which is controversial, and completely unnecessary.

      • citney says:


        If anything could put a person in a “dark place”, it would be the Tarantino Sharon Tate murder film. What an unnecessary and exploitive film for a man who was an abusive father to his own children to make. This shows just how stupid Pitt really is.

    • India Rose says:

      I’m not defending Brad Pitt, but sincere question: wouldn’t his contract for the Tarantino film have been negotiated long before the news came out about Quentin’s crappy, abusive behavior toward Uma Thurman? I can’t imagine when that news was released a few weeks ago, Brad immediately said: “Sign me up!”

      • magnoliarose says:

        Yes. These things are negotiated well ahead of time. Sometimes years of back
        and forth happens and scheduling conflicts to overcome.

      • KBB says:

        It’s still a bad look for Brad. I think Tarantino announced Brad’s involvement for cover from all of his recent bad press. Like “Look! This likable movie star will work with me, I’m not so bad!”

        Tarantino doesn’t want any of that bad press to stick to him, so he is replacing those headlines with headlines about Brad and Leo. Brad and Leo look tone deaf, at the very least, in my opinion. I’m surprised they didn’t request he hold off on announcing all these details about the movie.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Because as we have learned with 45, no one will care by the time the film is released. There are enough fans who won’t care at all.
        It will most likely make a boatload of money because of the headliners.
        It is cold, and I agree it isn’t what I would have done. I probably won’t see it, but I think we are in the minority.
        QT is for sure trying to change the story. But I haven’t forgotten.

      • citney says:


        Brad could have backed out if the Sharon Tate film had been negotiated before Brad went psycho on his own wife and kids.

        You certainly are wracking your brain trying to defend the indefensible Pitt.

        Funny how so many said Angie was “through” in HW, in fact, it will be Pitt who is through eons before Angie.

  3. minx says:

    It’s too bad, he had it all. Hope he’s staying sober.

  4. Samantha says:

    It is good to see that he is in a much happier place and has done the work to get there.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I wish more people did that.

    • Carmen says:

      Methinks he doth protest a little too much, but that’s just me.

    • Agent CAAnapop says:

      Some couples tear each other apart and should separate. The antics of both of these parents is legendary in Los Angeles. Both stepping out, both drinking too much; while one hardly ate the other stopped being present. One with an ego that screamed “I’m the greatest and I walk over others” the other with an ego that whimpered, “I’m too weak to divorce you”. What happened on the plane had been happening for years between these two. They are both better versions of themselves since splitting. She’s far more likeable and a better parent, he’s a better parent and far more present.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I heard it was a very volatile relationship full of horrific fighting and arguing by both parties and that the kids were out of control. I read it somewhere too.
        There is a whole other narrative out there but whatever the details, it is better for all involved they split.

      • LadyT says:

        I think this is the closest to the truth.

      • tracking says:

        When your kids feel the need to insert “you should say sorry after you fight” into your wedding vows, it’s possible there is too much fighting in the home. I hope all parties involved have more peace and stability in their lives.

      • Carmen says:

        Nobody except the tabloid writers ever said the kids were out of control. On the contrary, there were many reports of how well behaved they acted in public.

      • Green says:

        I think magnoliarose is right. Also I think he enjoyed eating out a lot, if you catch my drift. He just isn’t into monogamous relationships but he did it very, very discreetly.

      • LetItGo.. says:

        That’s odd @Green

        You’re literally saying the opposite of what has always been said/known about Brad, that he’s not unfaithful, and doesn’t cheat. The closest you might come is that he’s a serial monogamist. He has girlfriends that he’s with faithfully until it’s over. Then he’s with another person long-term. That’s his rep. You can try to create a new Lothario middleaged Brad if you like, but that just wasn’t the case, ever. In fact Angelina got tagged more as a cheater than Brad, and that was equally preposterous.

        We know from all three horses mouths At the height of the triangle that he never cheated with Angelina (or on his previous girlfriends) yet you somehow think (or NEED to believe) he was out there cheating on his one and only, mother of his children, Angelina?

        Wow, I bet the crazy Cotillard rumors going bust really laid you low.

    • Pandy says:

      Agree Samantha. This site keeps on about him being an A hole … but it’s not fair to continue to do so if he’s admitted to alcoholism and has been working on sobriety. I’d be all over him if he was out partying, but he’s not. Can’t be easy in that “yes” culture.

  5. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    “The separation was very dark for him, but lately he looks healthier and happier. He seems excited about life.”

    Oh good, I’ve been so very worried about him. 😒

  6. Maya says:

    A fine example of a man who had everything – a wife he worshiped, children he adored, award winning career and praiseworthy charity work but ended up losing most of it due to alcoholism.

    Every relationship has issues and in most cases both sides are to blame. But in this case, it seems that Angelina and the rest of the family tried as much as they can to help Brad but it didn’t work.

    On a plane with no place for Angelina to shield the children, Brad’s alcoholism finally crossed the line and the family broke.

    In the early months of the divorce, I wanted to know what happened on that plane – what damage did Brad due to his 6 children that they needed therapy and refused to see him for months. But now, I don’t want to know it for the children’s sake. They don’t need to go through the trauma again just because the media and rest of us wants to know for gossip.

    I hope he has indeed gotten rid of his addition and that he is slowly repairing his relationship with his children.

    Angelina has moved on and I hope she finds someone who will be good for her and accepted by the children. Someone like Keanu Reeves (I know it won’t happen but I can dream).

    PS: a very bad move signing on the movie with QT. Not cool Brad not cool.

    • Remi says:

      Did you not know it is all Angelina and the kid’s faults to make Brad an alcoholic and depressed. I’m glad he is now out of the dark place and out of their lives, he must be so pleased to be able to do what he likes now. Afterall he got what he wanted his freedom and adoring media and fans.No one cares about the broken 7 lives he left behind, as long as Brad’s no longer in a dark place and his feelings are intact all is well. He will go on to make a new family that he might be able to love and cherish, after all, he got bored with the one he had.Like everyone says “Brad don’t look back”

      • Andrea1 says:

        Exactly guys he loves his precious golden boy imagine. Never missing the opportunity to always give update on how happier and at peace he is now.
        @Maya you know he is a media darling and no one’s going to talk about it. If it were a woman who signed onto Tarantino’s movie all hell would have been let lose.

      • BostonStrong says:

        I don’t think Brad ever accused AJ or the kids for his alcoholism. Being an alcoholic, isn’t a choice. It’s a progressive disease, that no one wants. Oftentimes, an alcoholic, has to lose everything and everyone he loves, to realize how bad he has become. I do feel bad for Brad, because, I think he truly loved AJ and his kids. I feel bad for all of them, that it had to get to the point, that AJ had to leave with the kids, for Brad to finally face up to his alcoholism. I do applaude AJ for being strong enough to take the kids away from a bad situation.

    • ElleC says:

      All aboard the Jolie/Reeves ship! So wrong but so right!

    • Green says:

      I speculate it was more complex than just his alcoholism. They apparently fought like crazy and had amazing post-fight makeups. Very volatile relationship. He was a drunk the whole time they were together, by his own admission in the GQ interview, but she was declaring him to be a great father just several years before the nuclear holocaust. And he, from his comments, enjoys sampling outside his main relationship but does it discreetly but at some stage she found out about his extracurriculars, I suspect. In the last year or so before their breakup they were barely together, at least in public, and he was travelling alone.

      • Joy says:

        @Green Anything to claim Angelina was serially cheated on hey. If Pitt was so discreet then how the hell do you know?? I’m not saying he never ever stepped out on Angelina once in 12 years , because unlike you Green I don’t know them so don’t know things as surely as you do, and if you know so much , you should have given us this tea years ago.

        Also why are some of you bending over backwards to defend Pitt, by his own admission he’s the one that’s been drinking since college. Why is that on Angelina, whatever issues they did or not have in their marriage? He drinks and blows up on a plane , yet here we are applying bothisisms. We don’t know what happened exactly in their marriage because they never told us , but both have leaked enough and we’ve seen enough from the court documents and lawyers letters etc to fill in the gaps vaguely about what’s been happening since Sep 2016. You know after that plane incident where Pitt got drunk , blew up and invited DCFS , the FBI and the LAPD into their lives and Angelina felt the need to file for divorce just days later.

        But no let’s talk about how Angelina was wild growing up, or ” their out of control kids” this btw from @MagnoliaRose who upthread when excusing why Pitt doesn’t have custody like his own” sources ” have leaked several times, claims we don’t know 90% of what goes on in their lives, but yet she knows so so much at other times.

        But let me bow out , I have a John McCain and Angelina Op ed to read in the NYT. Toodles

      • LetItGo.. says:


        You probably won’t answer this, but you’re now claiming Brad said he enjoys ‘sampling outside of his main relationship?’ What’s your source for this gem? Some tabloid? Got a link or a footnote to that assertion? I’d like to read it, as it sounds the opposite of Brad Pitt.

        Oh and just to clarify, Brad implied he’s had an alcohol and substance abuse problem since he was barely an adult (not just while he was with Angelina)- he and Aniston were notorious for toking and not venturing far from the couch.. It seems it finally caught up to him in his late middle age, as the body begins to break down.

        As for them being barely together the year before the incident- that’s also false. They spent time together traveling, and filming and hitting the red carpets for films Brad produced that year, as usual. They were constantly together including living together in the same home like partners/husbands and wives do ( unlike that other couple) and it was that way through almost all of their 12-13 years together.

      • citney says:

        Hey Green, according to the GQ interview Brad Pitt admitted he had not known a completely sober day in 30 years. He admitted he had used some form of substance every day since college. It wasn’t Angelina who “made” him an alcoholic, it was his own weakness.

        Yeah, I know alcoholism is a disease, but there is help for those who really want it. Apparently Brad Pitt enjoyed being high and did not want help. I’m surprised Angie didn’t kick him out years ago, more than likely the only reason she stayed was the hope that one day Pitt would grow up and get help.

        Brad Pitt will never get help, he thinks he’s the “injured” party and is feeling sorry for himself. He will be boozing it up till he dies.

  7. Remi says:

    So if it was dark for Brad, then what about his 6 minor kids and Angelin and their feelings> do they not count? Are they emotionless and so cold-hearted? Why isn’t People looking at their feelings they have been in therapy due to Brad, but let us all feel sorry for poor Brad Pitt, whose actions caused to destroy his own family of 7 people.I’m sorry but there is so much sexist misogyny going on here by the media? Poor man boo hoo let us all vilify the evil women and throw in the kids as well.

  8. Hazel says:

    I like Brad and Angelina. I hope they keep their relationship civil for the kids. It was really ugly at the beginning with all the mud-slinging she-said-he-said thing in the press.

    • Carmen says:

      Angie has been slowly and carefully excising Brad out of her life. She’s moved on with the kids and never looked back, leaving Brad to party hard to fill up the empty space in his existence.

      • BostonStrong says:

        Where and when, has Brad been partying hard???

      • magnoliarose says:

        He hasn’t. Another fan fiction.

      • Joy says:

        He attended at least 4 Oscars parties this weekend, was at Frank Oceans birthday party last year & some concert of his , has attended several events where he’s been seen ” partying”. So yes he has been partying for a while now, let’s not forget his Glastonbury trip last June amongst others . Again his right to do so , just don’t understand why his fans dispute it

      • LadyT says:

        What!? Plenty of people that don’t drink attend parties, birthdays and concerts. That’s proof of nothing. And it doesn’t require being “a fan” to realize it.

      • KBB says:

        @Joy “party hard” as Carmen said implies drinking or drugs. Are you saying the same thing? Or just that he went to parties and concerts? Of course he socializes, but there is no evidence he has given up his sobriety.

      • Joy says:

        But @lady T you’re a fan though aren’t you , so of course YOU do realise it. I don’t know to what extent Pitt has been partying the last 18 months, what I do know is that I have seen several pictures and videos on fan sites of him at parties/ events that don’t always end up on gossip sites . I did not say he drinks at these parties, but there was one comment about him accepting a blunt (not sure if it’s the correct word I’m using here) at an event last year from someone who worked the party etc .

        Just like I’ve seen several pictures of him holding a glass in his hand (or slightly behind his back) at several of these events, and when such pics emerge it always inevitably fairly or unfairly becomes a debate whether he’s been drinking or not. It could be water like the press release his manager Cynthia was very quick to send to Eonline etc after the Gersh Party of course. Again he has every right to live his life as he sees fit, and if he’s sober good for him. It’s just always odd to me the number of times I’ve heard he was at certain events and parties considering his situation.

      • LadyT says:

        There are rules around here about using numerous aliases. Isn’t it odd that you “know” me as LadyT which I’ve always used per the site guidelines but I’ve never heard of you, Joy? I’m on to you—-again.

  9. Adorable says:

    Gosh🙄,”Brads ok”🙄🙄….What about the kids??i expect an annual “life after divorce”from wittle Brad “pitty”…

    • Remi says:

      People Magazine are so good at doing Pitty covers they did it with Sad Jennifer life after Brad , so they will carry on doing Brad pity covers for him “his great gappy life after Angelina dark years” But plesae don’t mention teh kids, his PR doesn’t want to remind people he is father of 6 kids who he forced into therapy, as far as medi ais concerned it is only single Brad they should pity for. not the 7 people he hurt as they have no feelings and their feeling never count.

    • Andrea1 says:

      Yes Brad’s okay. Thanks for the support I remember him thanking people for the support he’s been given while he was on the red carpet of the movie he did with Marion barely two weeks after Angie filed for divorce Never minding the feelings of his children who have had to undergo therapy because of his behavior while on a plane.

  10. Darla says:

    I just don’t care about him. He can’t get me to go see a film. Even if the film wasn’t this messy Tarantino lump.

  11. kate says:

    Well, I’m glad to hear HE is doing well, that’s what I was really worried about. I’m sure it was very dark for his six children as well, especially his eldest son.

  12. Patty says:

    Life goes on and only the best is ahead. You have to be an optimist.

  13. serena says:

    Again, who would care about the neighbours of Sharon Tate? If you’re gonna tell the Manson horror story, do it properly.

  14. Shessy says:

    Brad is looking great now. The nightmare will be over soon, they will definitely finalize the divorce this year.

  15. KBB says:

    He looks good lately. I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button the other day, he is so good in that. Great movie.

  16. roses says:

    This has been repeatedly put out there that he’s happy and healthy like every 3 or 4 months since the split. Perhaps this go around he really is just that, but it’s strange how it’s blasted to the media each time like it’s some fresh start for him. I honestly hope its the kids are the ones in the better place which is the priority in my view.

  17. barrett says:

    I saw a report on news that top killer of men in U.S. iis alcoholism. My dad currently won’t seek help and he is 71. My husband also often struggles and makes steps forward and then back. He comes from a family of “strong cocktails” at 5pm.

    It’s amazing you can have everything and be addicted. It’s so strong. I read alcoholism becomes illogical. It’s maddening if you love someone and they don’t get help.

    • Lady D says:

      It’s going to get so much worse than just maddening. I’m sorry, but ask anyone who has loved and lived with an alcoholic. The ride is hell for everyone.
      Speaking of living with an alcoholic, can I ask how many of you on this forum have had a success story when dealing with an alcoholic? I don’t mean being an alcoholic, but married/attached to one. Mine wasn’t a success story. He was dead at 56.

      • tracking says:

        A female friend has been in recovery for more than 15 years now, is doing great. A close male relative drank himself to death at 42. I’ve seen both sides.

      • tracking says:

        The female friend’s husband stuck with her through recovery, and they are going strong. The LT girlfriend (decade+) of my relative suffered for a long time, and finally broke up with him a little more than a year before his death because she couldn’t take it anymore. He was in and out of recovery for a decade, but, for many reasons, never remained sober for very long. I am convinced he was self-medicating for mental illness, and was never treated properly for it.

      • crazydaisy says:

        Sorry for your loss, @Lady D. Mine suicided at 49, 8 years ago this week.

      • Shiba says:

        So sorry, Lady D.
        My partner has 8.5 yrs sober. He did an in-patient detox, out-patient rehab for about a year, relapsed twice and has found support in A.A. since.
        Both of my parents were alcoholics. I appreciate his freedom from addiction every day.

  18. Yuka says:

    He looks happy and relaxed, good for him.

  19. Remi says:

    Is this Brad’s PR thanking Angelina for allowing him to be happier and healthy now? Who cares about kids health and wellbeing as long as Brad Pitt is all right that is all that is needed. My heart bleeds for all that he had to endure, poor lamb.I hope he enjoys life now and catches up on all the things he had missed doing with his friends.

    If Brad was so unhappy not seeing the kids that much he and his lawyers always can go back to court and dispute it, no one is stopping Brad Pitt for doing that, if he wants to.

  20. Tulia says:

    Brad has had the guts and follow-through to get sober. Give the guy a break for at least trying to improve. These are all flawed people doing the best they can, just like the rest of us. When they screw up or reveal any flaw though, everyone knows and kicks in their 2 cents about it and them. Few of us would like that scrutiny or judgement.

    • Tulia says:

      They have enough to deal with.

    • Dulce says:

      Give Brad a break??, Really??, Why??
      Yeah, in a public front… He was NOT concern, about how the media, tabloids and people attacked Angelina and his childrens; especially Maddox!! He was MORE concern about his image and people not finding out; what he did on that plane!! Okey, I can go on and on about Brad’s cowardly behavior… BUT I think, it will be best to agree to disagree about Brad’s post-divorce behavior. But NO!! I really don’t think he deserves a break for his cowardly behavior post-divorce!! 😐

      • Person3514 says:

        He wasn’t magically cured in those first few months after Angelina left either. He was a drunken mess and I’m pretty sure her leaving with the kids was his rock bottom. Yea, he acted like an asshole. He was angry, drunk and not accepting the blame or situation. Then he calmed down and started getting help. He seems to have started getting things turned around. He took ownership and responsibility after the fact when he started getting help. I’m not going to hold that against him, I’ve seen what addiction does to people. I still think he was an asshole, but I also realize he was still deep into his addiction at that time. I’m sure he feels guilty enough over what happened. I’ll give him some credit for trying to get sober and turn things around for himself. I hope for his children’s sake he can get completely sober and stay that way.

        I don’t get why everybody is so angry over this article and complaining about how Angelina or the kids felt. It’s really not his place to state how they felt.

    • lucy2 says:

      I think he needs to stop these Sad Brad PR stories, but overall, I am glad he’s gotten help and is healthier. I hope he can repair his relationships with his kids, and that the kids continue to get whatever help they need. It’s a sad situation, and I hope it gets better.

    • Lady D says:

      I hope he makes it too. I don’t like the guy but props to anyone trying to quit that insidious disease.

    • Pandy says:

      Yes! And while Angelina has cleaned up HER lifestyle earlier than Brad …. she was a hot mess herself for a while. Not throwing stones at her either, but she didn’t just exit a nunnery because she met Brad Pitt.

      • Joy says:

        But she cleaned up her act before she became a parent, no one is saying she lived in a nunnery. Are people not allowed to have youths, to grow , learn and evolve and mature and become the people they are meant to be? She did all this before she made the decision to have kids. Pitt has issues like we all do, and good for him if he’s getting help. l I just don’t understand how bringing up what Angelina did or did not do more than 17 years ago helps though? Can’t you defend him without bringing up old stories that aren’t a secret?

      • Wisca says:

        She entered a relationship with an addict after she battled her addictions and while becoming a parent. Before you lash out in Celebi-rage, think about that. Recovery teaches people to seek healthy people for partnership. We are all human–though–and flawed. We all make mistakes. What I find intriguing about these people is how human they are with their cruel or loving mothers, absent or present fathers, low self-esteem hidden behind gloss, their generosity, fearlessness–all of it.

    • citney says:

      Tulia, Brad has been seen with a drink in his hand more than once. Don’t get too excited about his “recovery” just yet.

  21. hey-ya says:

    …good…its only a divorce & the laws are in place for him to get access to his kids if thats what he wants…

    • Carmen says:

      Key word: if. I honestly don’t think he wants to be bothered. Brad the Doting Dad was so 2014. He couldn’t wait to shed that stale image. It was no longer working for him. Now he’s busy embracing his persona as Brad the Newly Liberated. My respect for him has hit zero.

  22. Chaine says:

    We will know what happened on the plane some day. Six kids, one of them is eventually going to be That Child that goes rogue and does a tell-all book or article about growing up Jolie…

  23. Lexa says:

    Happy for him that he is doing good

  24. Fa says:

    What about the children? They are the one their life change forever that day.

    • SJhere says:

      Agreed! The kids are the ones to be concerned about. Period.
      IMO, if Brad had any class he would shut up.
      As if he needs more PR. He could retire from acting and publicity and just produce films. Or, do charity work with all his time and money.
      Stop behaving as if he deserves a frigging medal. His addiction makes him responsible for getting clean. With 6 kids he should be doing everything and, I mean everything he possible can to be a decent and caring Dad.
      And again…his PR team needs to shut up.
      I can’t wait for him to age out of leading man roles. I’ve always thought he was overrated as far as talent goes, and younger Fella are coming up quick with the good looks. :)

  25. Sage says:

    He’s been happy , healthy, casually dating and reconnecting with old friends for over a year now. I wonder when his PR team will change the narrative.

  26. Nadia says:

    I liked his hair shorter. Looks like he is growing it out again. The shorter hair is my personal favorite.

  27. Candies says:

    What’s the problem? I’m sure this was dark period for him as it was hers. Obviously he can only talk about himself. There is no baby at home and he/they are wealthy to have social life even with demanding situations…
    I hope it all behind them and no more depressing news :) its over two years ago enough time passed to start new beginning.

  28. Carmen says:

    O.T. (Sort of): Very nice op-ed piece in The New York Times today written by Angie and Sen. John McCain. Great to see Angie getting involved in this issue.

  29. Pam says:

    He was amazing in “12 Monkeys.” Whatever happened on the plane was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  30. Truth hurts says:

    I’m late to the party but Brads PR should give it a break. They see and know what is being said. This is the reason you see all the bad comments on some sites, interns creating havoc and trying to drive the narrative. Angie does not employ a publicist or and agency. Therefore some things work against her.
    But she has gotten volumes of good words and praises this past year. Has been seen out and about looking glorious and happy with those kids and what does he have? That is why they are planting these stories.
    Yes Brad has his fans and people who want to believe he is perfect and Angie is the devil who made his life miserable with her clan of kids.
    I feel he wanted that and after a while it was a bit much and he ran from it and poured himself into his work. There was a reason we saw Her brother with her a lot in 2016.
    Things were getting worse and I think she felt safer with him there, maybe to keep the arguments down. Those kids had to be affected by all of that.
    There is a reason why two of them refused to see him. We don’t know which two. Why?

  31. ORIGINAL T.C. says:

    It’s weird that People Magazine is acting like a grown man who had an abusive confrontation with his teen son is the victim in this story. Maybe if Maddox was an Anglo kid with angelic blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes he would be treated as the rightly person to protect instead of infantilizing a middle aged man. And I like Brad but this is really selfish and wrong. History is not going to look foundly on this.

  32. d says:

    I think the story was put out there to counter criticism for being in the Tarantino movie.
    But i don’t think t really helps . It would have been better to say nothing at all.
    I also wonder if these brad is good stories come out of I counter any possible stories blurbs whatever of him actually not being good, eg if someone actually saw him drinking. Because otherwise, why? Who cares? You already told us this. Why repeat now? It is like someone who insists something over and over out of nowhere…and you are like wtf where is this coming from. They are up to something. I mean, we didn’t really need to know this.
    Honestly, am more sick of this guy than ever now.

  33. Melky says:

    Good God he’s gorgeous. Gets better with age.

  34. Tashiro says:

    Agree with @magnoliarose. We know nothing about these peoples lives and to act like he’s the only one at fault or has issues is totally incorrect. It generally takes two to make or break a relationship.