Emily Blunt in cutout Prabal Gurung at SXSW: cute or bizarre?

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Emily Blunt and her husband, John Krasinski, premiered their upcoming horror/thriller A Quiet Place at SXSW on Friday night. On the red carpet, Emily wore a light blue dress from Prabal Gurung. The dress was a mish-mash style-wise, giving off a kind of “naughty librarian” vibe. It had a conservative neckline and hemline and ruffles on the shoulders with jarring side cutouts showing a lot of skin. Emily accessorized the ensemble with Christian Louboutin shoes, a Michael Kors clutch, and Azlee jewelry.

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I like Emily, but I don’t get this dress at all. It’s kind of like the casual equivalent of the Schiaparelli gown she wore at the Oscars. Maybe her stylist was in a quiet place and didn’t tell Emily that this wasn’t the best look. But, hey, they can’t all be winners, right? On Saturday, Emily continued the blue theme by showing up at the Deadline Studio event in pastel-hued flared highwater pants and a top that would be at home in one of the Brady kids’ closets. I grew up in the 70s and I don’t look back on that era’s fashions warmly. She’s so lovely, and is doing herself a disservice in this get-up. I hope it’s comfy at least.

The film is a lot more promising than Emily’s outfit. The story revolves around a family (John, Emily and young actors Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds) who are terrorized by spider-like creatures who have taken over the world. These creatures are blind and only able to hunt their prey with sound. Dialogue is sparse (the family uses sign language to communicate at the dinner table) and sound effects and music cues create a lot of the drama. The movie got a warm reception from the SXSW audience and pretty decent reviews. Much like Celebitchy, I’m looking forward to seeing this as well.

A Quiet Place is the first movie the couple has worked on together, unless you count the 2017 animated film Animal Crackers. While introducing the movie on Friday night, John gave a shout-out to his wife, gushing, “The one person I can’t even talk about without crying, so I won’t look at her, is my wife. She’s the best collaborator.” The crowd cheered and John addressed Emily, who was in the audience, adding, “I didn’t even say your name and they clapped. That’s pretty good. It was the best compliment of my career when she said that she would do the movie, and I’ll never forget it.”

After the screening, Emily talked about wring on a film with her husband, confessing, “We were both a bit nervous going into it,” explaining that, “You don’t know how your processes are going to align themselves. And we were sort of terrified the night before my first scene, hoping to offer each other the same diplomacy we would to any other actor or director.” She then did a little gushing of her own, saying of her hubby, “it was so exhilarating working with him and realizing how aligned we were creatively and how much we truly valued each other, in a different sense outside of our marriage.”

It can really be a test of any marriage to work together, and it looks like Emily and John passed this one with flying colors. They really seem to be in love and have a strong bond. Emily just might want to break up with her stylist – or at least see other people.

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26 Responses to “Emily Blunt in cutout Prabal Gurung at SXSW: cute or bizarre?”

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  1. gentleorange says:

    She’s stunning whatever she wears. John is a lucky man, but then he always looks like he’s well aware of that!

  2. V4Real says:

    It’s not fitted properly. It looks to big which turns it into a sack dress.

  3. Lexter says:

    In the thumbnail photo… something major is different about her face but I cant work out what…

    • Livethelifeaquatic says:

      Botox a while back around the eye area, making one slightly droopy. Too much lip filler as well. I’m a fan of well done Botox, but I refuse to get it in that area until much later in life, as there are too many instances of wonky eye!

  4. lightpurple says:

    I’ve decided her stylist doesn’t like her.

  5. Una says:

    That dress is bizarre. I don’t get it at all. Who designs these weird dresses?

  6. magnoliarose says:

    They are a lovely couple, and I like both of them. I look forward to the movie.
    Her stylist is doing Emily a disservice. These eccentric styles don’t fit her at all and aren’t tailored well either.
    Still, they are cute together, and it overcomes any fashion missteps.

    • laulau says:

      agreed. She does a sort of sporty glam so well. Jennifer Lawrence should take notes from that style.
      This movie almost sounds like an analogy for paparazzi.

  7. Jayna says:

    This dress looks like something Kate Hudson would wear, which is not a compliment. It’s a tacky dress.

  8. LittleWing says:

    Wow that is one ugly dress. Shoes don’t help.

  9. Mar says:

    That dress is awful. I can’t even comprehend wtf she was thinking

  10. Lucy2 says:

    Cut outs are usually an automatic NO for me, this dress is no exception.

  11. Chaine says:

    Wow, Little House on the Prairie goes to Vegas. It took some imagination to design something this hideous.

    • Esmom says:

      Ha, great description. I can kinda see what the designer was going for and it really is not pretty.

      I love the black sleeveless/floral gown on her, though.

      The movie kids are so cute. I love how giddy they all look.

  12. JustJen says:

    I like her, but the blonde hair has to go. It doesn’t fit her at all.

  13. minx says:

    Looks like something a rebellious Duggar girl would wear…if there were such a person.

  14. LadyT says:

    The dress has a hint of Western Wear with the chambray blue and ruffled shoulders. Please don’t tell me that’s what the stylist thinks is worn in Austin, Texas.

  15. Teebee says:

    That trailer is awesome. Just enough to give hint of style and theme but not so much that you feel like you’ve already seen the movie. Like that they didn’t reveal the creatures. Looks tense as hell! Love movies like this!

    As for that dress. That one definitely needed to be left on the editing floor. Too bad women feel they need to wear “fashion” even when casual would do just fine. I mean look at all the other actors, as well as her husband. They look comfy as hell, and Emily has to wear cutouts and heels?

  16. supersoft says:

    My kidneys hurt just from looking at that dress.

  17. Sillygirl says:

    Emily Blunt used to be the most luscious woman. I don’t know what happened to her. She’s lost all her juiciness. She seems painfully thin and the blond hair makes her look sick and tired. I hope she is ok physically. One never knows what drugs she may have to take for some condition that make her thin (or make one gain weight). She’s young! She looks run down. She seems happy and succeeding in her craft and in her personal life. I wish her well. I’ve always thought she was lovely and smart with a good heart whenever I’ve heard her in interviews.

  18. Jess says:

    Emily is a beautiful, classy, wonderful actress. That being said, she needs to fire her stylist and burn that dress, ASAP.

  19. ladida says:

    I am very vanilla so forgive me if I have no fashion sense, but I am not a fan of all these weird patches of skin showing and cut-out dresses. They make no sense to me, aesthetically.

  20. sunshine gold says:

    That dress is trying too hard.

  21. Scarlett says:

    This is what happened when Nelly Olsen came at Laura Ingalls with a pair of scissors.