“Jim Carrey’s portrait of Sarah Huckabee Sanders is realistic…?” links

All the Deplorables are so butthurt about Jim Carrey’s portrait of Sarah Huckabee Sanders but am I the only one impressed by his skills? It looks so much like her! [Dlisted]
Serena Williams breaks ground on the new stadium for the Miami Open, a tournament she basically partly owns. She looks amazing here. [LaineyGossip]
Vivica Fox & 50 Cent are still sniping at each other. [OMG Blog]
Khloe Kardashian gave some perfectly reasonable money tips. [Wonderwall]
Yes, I think TAG looks like a perfectly silly & funny movie too. [Pajiba]
Chelsea Clinton is on a book tour. [JustJared]
People still watch Grey’s Anatomy, apparently. [Seriously OMG WTF]
Margot Robbie & Elizabeth Debicki are still promoting! [GoFugYourself]

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  1. HelloSunshine says:

    I still watch Grey’s *ducks head*

    I hate watch it. I’ve put so much time into it I feel like I can’t stop lol my guess is season 15 is the end of it though. The show desperately needs to be ended and even my friend that was a hardcore fan just sets it to record and is weeks behind lol

  2. CariBean says:

    I don’t get why everyone is up in arms about his depiction of her – it’s dead on. I guess the ones that are bitching about it are conveniently forgetting the artist(s) who drew Obama like a monkey. Something about turnabout and fair play….

  3. Dulcinea says:

    You’re not wrong Kaiser, it looks just like her!

  4. Sigh... says:

    His rendering of The Wicked Witch of The West Wing & His Flying Monkeys is pretty spot on as well.

    (NGL: he was actually…”generous” to her in the eye area. Quite generous. There. I said it.)

  5. Rachel says:

    On a purely physical level it’s actually flattering, when compared to photos of her. I don’t want to body shame but she is not an attractive woman by any conventional standard. He could have painted something emphasising her weight or other physical attributes she cannot help (not that I would agree with that, but it would still be physically accurate). Instead he focused on her facial expression and drew her with her mouth open to indicate shouting or speaking lies. The intention of the portrait was clearly to say “what an ugly personality” not “what a physically ugly person.”

  6. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    He should hold a public auction… that could be fun!

  7. StormsMama says:

    I love Greys
    I just started watching it on Netflix and binge watched 13 seasons in 3 months. Love it. Want. More.

  8. BitingPanda says:

    Real question, how much to you think Sarah Huckabee Sanders hates herself? I don’t see how any person sleeps at night, working for this man, but to have to justify his bull$h!t on the daily, must be emotionally exhausting. There must be some deep self loathing to align yourself with such people and call them your peers.

    • HK9 says:

      Sarah Huckabee doesn’t know enough to hate herself. She’s what the Christian establishment has turned out over the last 40 years-people who outwardly profess certain values but practice none of them and are devoid of any moral compass. (I think Jim’s likeness of her is on point.)

    • minx says:

      I don’t think she hates herself, I think she has that smug pseudo-Christian sureness that allows her to defend someone like Trump. Evil libruls must always be slapped down.

    • naomipaige says:

      She clearly doesn’t have a conscience.

    • MoAnne says:

      She doesn’t seem to have enough self-awareness to hate herself. She operates on a single track: “I AM RIGHT. The sinners must be beaten back if we are to prevail.” In this train of thought, there’s no room for doubt, reflection, humility, compassion for others, understanding of different opinions, etc.

      Closet diagnosis: I’m going to speculate & say that she may have been brought up in an abusive household, too. That would explain her working for an abusive person like Trump. Her father & brother both sound like peaches. They may have set the stage for her to see working for Trump as normal & just like home. The expression on her face speaks of a deep sadness…I don’t envy her at all.

      • Chrissy says:

        I don’t know how she can look her children in the eye after spending her day working and justifying the evil coming out of her mouth and the WH. I guess she’s an especially talented disgusting hypocrite.

      • DrunkNachos says:

        MoAnne–I agree about the abusive home theory. She was certainly raised in an authoritarian home, which to me is baseline abusive, since kids raised like that are never allowed to fully develop as people; they live to serve a dictator (the patriarch). Thus serving Trump is another day at the office rather than a plainly dysfunctional horror show.

  9. stinky says:

    She needs to fire her makeup artist.
    Although, in fairness, it would appear that she’s perhaps fired several.
    They just cant get it right with her… shes absolutely sallow-yellow from the chin up in the pic above.
    (and yes I realize makeup is the least of her problems – shes heinous)

  10. Giddy says:

    The pictures of Sarah HS from South Korea were particularly bad. I’ve never seen someone look so bored and miserable while watching the Olympics. She also seems to have given up on makeup since Hope left.

  11. Crowhood says:

    I have been having issues with this website loading on mobile devices (I have tried two different devices). It automatically takes me to an advertisement for amazon. Is this something my celebitchy community can help me with?

  12. Pandy says:

    Her portrait is pretty accurate. Only thing missing is the Marge Simpson strand of pearls. I’m not the only person who wants to rip that off of her am I???

    And TAG looks like stupid fun. Totally up my alley.

  13. tealily says:

    Two whole days… can we talk about that picture of Renee Zellweger as Judy Garland?? I think she looks spot on and I’m SO EXCITED.

  14. CrazyCatLady says:

    It comes with job. I assume she has thick skin.

    I don’t feel the need to vilify her for her career choice, We’ve all spent some time in jobs that were difficult but served a purpose as a means to an end. But yes, she has really accepted an untenable one.

    I would imagine that Jim Carrey’s portrait is the least stressful thing in her week. So there’s that.

  15. Shasha says:

    I mean, it accurately looks just like her. He didn’t draw her ugly or distorted. No matter who she was, it’s a very accurate drawing.

    What I’m wondering is did he do it in magic marker??? It looks like that’s the medium??

  16. Dhavynia says:

    I’m not bothering with the Vivica Fox piece here but I did click on the Time piece about her and Quentin Tarantino during Kill Bill and it was….interesting. I think she’s promoting a book so that’s why there’s an article, either way, she gives high praises to Uma Thurman and I thought that was nice

  17. Insomniac says:

    Carrey is a good artist. I remember seeing this little sculpture he did of Nicolas Cage a long time ago, and I was really impressed.

    As for deplorables bawwwing about how sexist and mean Jim is, cry more. After the mountains of attacks they unloaded on Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, they can have ALL the seats.

  18. themummy says:

    Wow…he managed to capture her eyes dead-on. The whole thing is really accurate, but man…he really got the eyes SO right! I feel like I’m looking into her.

  19. Mimz says:

    I love celebitchy but every.single.time. you guys mention Greys you guys say the same “people still watch it apparently” – yes we do! It has its highs and lows but it’s still great TV. It’s been on for 14 seasons for a reason. complain about other irrelevant shows like 2 broke girls that ran for 7 seasons (i still dont get HOW as it was horrid) , Big bang theory, and so many other shows that should have never aired.
    Greys is fine.

  20. Lilith says:

    The portrait really does capture her Essen doesn’t it?

  21. JosieH says:

    Carrey has been lashing out in some very ugly ways over the past few years. I think his depression is starting to overcome him. I really hope he doesn’t end up doing something horrible to himself (although, sadly, that’s what I think is likely to happen).

  22. Miss M says:

    Yes, I still watch Grey’s. The storylines now are getting ridiculous. Maggie and Jackson?! No thank you!
    But I still watch it…

  23. jana says:

    She is just such an objectionable looking woman, overweight, with bad teeth, a wonky eye and a serious case of resting bitch face. She looks like the evil witch in a Disney movie, set in Alabama.

  24. Sarah says:

    I think this is disgusting! Although I don’t agree w her politically, as a fellow woman I admire any fellow woman in a powerful position while raising a family.

    • MuttonChop says:

      I’m sorry, but no, she gets no accolades from me. As a human being, she disgusts me. What kind of example is she setting for her family? That duplicity and hypocrisy are ok when it’s mommy up there doing it? She happily sells Trump’s bullshit and spends day after day helping to erode the public’s trust in democracy while waging a war against the media. That’s my politics speaking. The female professional side of me isn’t giving her any credit either. She is rude, unprofessional, and a liar. Her job is to be a spokesperson, not an antagonist to other people just trying to do their jobs. I would never employ someone as combative as her. The one thing Sanders does excel at? Being a total embarrassment to us all.

  25. Anare says:

    I agree Kaiser! The portrait of Sarah Huckabee Sanders is very good. I have been following Jim Carey and his artwork on Twitter and I think he is very talented. The pic of Trump as the wicked witch is hilarious.